she's my favorite girl tbh


I am not going to lie, I love her so much. May has always been my favorite Pokemon girl but by the time S&M is over Lillie might just surpass her…



It has finally happened. She has overtaken May as my favorite Pokemon Girl of all time :D TBH, it did not take much, just her being her adorable perfect self


20 Days of HOA; Day 15: Favorite Outfit [Patricia’s shirt in House of Goodbye, House of Haunting, and House of Smuggling]

Quinn and her new look. I love it, I hate it, I can’t get enough. This is one of those things that the writers have really done that plucks at my heart strings. Quinn has literally put on this new persona- taken on this new look, new form, new habits, new addictions. It makes me so, so, so sad, because we all know what kind of person Quinn is, and what person Quinn has been. While the other characters - Finn, Kurt, Santana, Tina, Mercedes - have leaped through all of these hoops to find themselves, Quinn’s always taken these drastic, alarming steps to try and find who she really is. And, only a few times during the entire glee club fiasco has she ever really felt like herself, you know? She’s lost everything. Her reputation. Her family. Her boyfriend. Her daughter. Puck. She’s even lost the glee club, now- which, although some will say that it is solely her own fault, is more of an inevitable thing. And here she comes again, taking this huge extreme to try and find herself. Really, all Quinn is is lost. And that’s what makes me so sad, and that’s what makes me so excited for the oncoming season. Quinn is so lost, and her character has been through so much shit. I want to see Quinn find herself.