she's my favorite companion


I cried when she left to go to Kanto. I really hope Lillie returns in the future. She is, without a doubt, my favorite Pokemon companion of all time.


While I overall love the game, I was very disappointed by the contextual dialogue when you have Cassandra in your party. She is my favorite companion, yet, when I bring her, she is basically giving a tutorial for people for whom this is their first Dragon Age game, or never read the codexes at least. Tutorials should be optional in a way that doesn’t involve leaving my waifu at home!

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Piper Wright reacting to Magnolia flirting with her s/o (I frickin love you)

I frickin’ love you too bby~

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She’s not jealous, what are you saying? She’s soo not jealous.
That’s a lie because Piper is totally jealous when she overhears Magnolia start a ‘friendly conversation’ with you. Her flirting is obvious but somehow goes over your head as you compliment the singer, mentioning how much you enjoyed her performance and when she asks if you wanted a private performance Piper chimes in immediately, wrapping her arms around your waist and asking if you wanted a drink. She tries not to be obvious when she sends a small glare towards Magnolia.

Can we all take a moment to appreciate that Lillie gave you her most prized possession when she left for Kanto!! I really hope we get to see her again someday. She quickly became my favorite companion in the Pokemon Series!!! ❤️

Disgusted noise - A Cassandra Pentaghast Story Tale

prismacolor markers on layout bond paper! she is my favorite companion of Dragon Age Inquisition.. look at her! she’s flawless *w*


Jenassa has to be one of my favorite companions in Skyrim. She’s very pretty for a dark elf, she’s sarcastic, she treats the dragonborn like they’ve known each other forever and are really good friends, she’s not rude to the dragonborn, her war paint is awesome, she looks great in Nordic armor, she’s pretty good with a bow, she isn’t constantly in my way and she doesn’t take 2 hours to catch up with me if I’m on a horse or take anyway but the trail (I’m looking at you Lydia)

Whiterun - The Drunken Huntsman


So, Wynne. Originally I thought she was an annoying old woman who didn’t approve of who my Warden romanced. But then, I was doing a Male City Elf, who actually talked to her. I found out she’s actually, possessed I want to say, by a spirit, when she was saving an apprentice. I did the Wynne’s Regret quest where she obtained Vessel of the Spirit, and I was flabbergasted. When I heard banter between her and Oghren, and she revealed herself as an alcohol connoisseuse, I was in awe. As well as her creeping out Alistair with her talk of sleeping with men around his age. She reminds me of a loving grandmother to a bunch of rowdy grandchildren. She has become one of my favorite companions because of this.