she's my fave heather


…After Heather Chandler’s framed ‘suicide’, the oppressed Heather Duke steps up and wears the scrunchy herself, signalling her promotion to head of the group. At first, she wears this red scrunchy with her allocated green ensembles, but then adds a red belt (at which point she starts a game of croquet with Veronica, echoing Heather Chandler’s words with “I’m red”), and finally dons a full red suit and similarly-coloured blouse as she basks in the sunlight, and in her new power and glory. By wearing Heather Chandler’s colour, she adopts her attitude and her bitchiness.

anonymous asked:

nick, bonner, david, and nancy are still in the competition.... and heather gets eliminated.....

Talent-wise, I don’t think Nancy deserves to be lumped in with the guys to be fair, but I’m so sad that Heather went home last night. She was my fave contestant and I loved her partnership with Maks so much, I love the mutual respect that was there ❤❤❤