she's my biggest idol


Well, here are some edits of this wonderful show called Glee. Two days ago was its finale, but I have to say this:

This show was everything for me over this last five years, I remember that I saw it for the first time in february of 2010 and inmediatly I was in love. And now, it’s gone, and I’m sad for that, but I’m happy too for all that I’ve learned from it, because big part of what I’m now it’s because of Glee. So, I will never forget this show, it will be forever in my heart and all the people who made this posible will be there too, specially Lea Michele, now she has become my biggest idol. This is just a goodbye to the show, but the memories will be forever in me and all the people who love this show (yes, the Gleeks!). So, the last thing to say is: “ONCE A GLEEK, ALWAYS A GLEEK!”