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Poison and Lies

Prompt: 1,050 110,111 and 125 with Tim?

Pairing: Tim Drake X reader

110: she grew up on lies. Either it was from her mother’s mouth of from the man who she always thought was her father.


How long have we known each other?

-About fifteen years. Give or take. But that doesn’t mean I trust you.

125: Do I need to tell you everything I love about you?

Word Count: 1,690

TW: none

  Batman looked over at you as you sat on the swivel chair in front of the batcomputer. He glanced over at Robin, Red Robin and Nightwing, waiting for his explanation as to why you were there,“ She grew up on lies. Either it was from her mother’s mouth or from the man who she always thought was her father.

  Batman was analyzing you, like you were some stranger and not a close family friend for a little over fifteen years, a holder of the Batfam secret for five. It made Tim’s stomach twist in anger. Your mother was Poison Ivy, but when she turned to a life of crime, she abandoned you. You were taken in by Bruce for a bit before he found a man claiming to be your father. Everything was supposed to be in order, paternity tests came back good. You had been safe.

  Until Poison Ivy crashed your graduation from Gotham Academy, and kidnapped you. She’d hid you for a good year and a half, and you were both relieved and horrified when you had been with her. Relieved that your mom wanted to be back in you life. Horrified at how she took you away from your life as you knew it.

 Until, your father got involved with Batman…

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I’m having a bad day, it wasn’t going as planed. Just the worst day, my kids are asleep that I promise that I would read them a book. Is this what Gordon was talking about? Missing all the goodnight kisses, helping the kids with homework? If so how did he do it all? It remains a mystery.

I got home late, you must be asleep, dinner in the fridge cold as can be. I open the back door to the house. And there you were, opening a cold beer getting fork out for me to use to eat with me dinner. You must had known something was up.

“How did you know?” I started to talk.

“Because a wife just knows. They’re in our bed waiting for you.” When she spoke about our kids like that I wanted to just hop into bed and hold my babies.

“Asleep I hop?” I sat as she walked away getting water for herself.

“Yes.” She didn’t ask if I was okay, she knew I wasn’t okay. I barley eat what was given to me. I gave the rest to our dog that the kids that just love to death.

We both go to our bedroom but before we got into our bed she stood me. Her warm soft hands on my cheek. “I love you Joe. Maybe today isn’t the day. But just you wait my love. Something better will come along.” She pulled me down to her lips. Hmm her lips are soft too.

I heard my oldest. “Ew!” I chuckled into my kids with my wife. We both pulled away.

“What are you doing up?” My hand went to my hips as I sat on my bed.

“Missed you like balls on fire.” She said it with a southerner twang. I loved it.

“Okay my cowgirl, let’s get back on those dream stars and go to sleep.” I kissed my daughter head. I missed my family.

We laid in bed while my son slept in my wife’s arm. Even though my day was bad, my family knows know to make it better.

me, at work: okay but threads where sigyn gets to express her frustration about how goddamn hard it was being a single mom and dealing with asgardian bullshit while loki was farting around pretending to be odin.


(This is Flaky Friend With Baby so I’m trying not to get my hopes up that it will actually happen buuuuuut butbutbut!)

Elena Ilinykh // she just wants to be like a princess. (Basically, a mini Tessa Virtue)
  • Wes Gibbins: problematic cinnamon roll
  • Laurel Castillo: looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you
  • Michaela Pratt: looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll
  • Connor Walsh: problematic fave
  • Asher Millstone: sinnamon roll
  • Bonnie Winterbottom: looks like a cinnamon roll but is actually a problematic fave
  • Frank Delfino: looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you
Imagine telling your best friend, Hayden, you’re in love with Liam, but a few weeks later, you find the two of them kissing behind the buses

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“Oh my god.” you whisper. Liam jerks his head up, and looks at you in surprise, but you’re not looking at him. You’re looking at your (ex) best friend Hayden, who looks horrified.

“Oh, hey, Y/N.” he says casually. “Look, we’d really appreciate if you didn’t tell anyone about us-”

“It’s none of my business.” you snap, before storming away. You wait until you’re out of range before breaking down. How could she do this to you? She was your best friend, and out of all the guys in the world, she went right for the only one you ever liked.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” You look up and see Lydia and Malia standing in front of you, concerned looks on both of their faces.

“Nothing, I’m fine.”

“I think we all know that’s not true,” Malia says. “You reek of sorrow, and heartbreak.”

“Yeah, well that tends to happen when you find your best friend kissing the guy you told her you loved.”

Lydia gasps, and Malia narrows her eyes. “Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry!” Lydia exclaims. “I know how much you liked Liam.”

“Where are they?” the brunette demands, eyes glowing blue. “I’m gonna kill them!” 

“Malia, that’s not-”

“No, it is, Y/N.” she interrupts. “I can’t let anyone hurt my baby sister and get away with it. They’re going down.”