she's making jewelry now


She’s got her life on track!


“She’s making jewelry now” (Carrie Brownstein): “Portlandia” (2x06 ‘Cat nap’)

su otp jewelry update

The 8mm pearl beads I got from amazon are WAY too big for the 8mm stars, so back to amazon. Think I’m gonna get the 6mm ones instead. 

The minimum number of “topaz” (which I’m gonna use for Jasper) stars I could order was 72, so between that and the big bags the pearls come in, I hope a lot of people ship Jaspearl, lol 

But yeah: I also ordered 20 each of the purple and green and blue stars. If there were more colors available I would have gone for more….people are only gonna be able to have combos of Jasper, Pearl, Peridot, Amethyst, and Lapis. No Garnet, no Ruby or Sapphire, no Rose Quartz. HARRUMPH. (Though I thought about buying the sorta opalescent ones for either….well….Opal; or maybe Bismuth?? The yellow ones could have been Steven but without something to represent Connie I wasn’t gonna go there.)

Anyway! Once all the stars (and the smaller pearls) show up I can head to the local bead store and buy a bunch of tubes of seed beads, and some small plastic containers for them, and START MAKING SHIT WOOO. I have the stretchy thread already. 

(Still torn on whether to attempt to just sell them here or do it all official-like on etsy.)