she's lucky tho

I know most of u hate Halsey for stupid reasons but no offense…. she literally is working her ass off and has been for the past 2 years and it’s paying off and she did a huge fuckin show at Madison square garden this year and she literally came from being homeless and dropping out of community college and being a lost teenager who didn’t rly know what to make of herself to like??? Living her dreams??? And making music that people care about??? And she’s really inspiring no matter what u think of her??? She still struggles w her mental disorder and she uses music as a channel of communication and coping??? and she writes about sex and love and happiness and sadness and all the shit in between those things and she keeps going and producing what she loves and knows and loving her life and recognizing how lucky she is even tho people shit all over her for it and they whitewash her and they pretend like she’s a joke and she’s just like hm … okay anyways …. and idk that’s just cool and she’s cool as hell

How I write fanfics with my friend:

Me: *writing like a madman*
Me: *types the entire fic*
Me: *making sure everything sounds good and works well with our previous chapters and future ideas*
Me: *sighs, taking a moment to appreciate all that I wrote so far* I think this is going pretty well

My friend: *crocheting* yeah, I think we did pretty good

@mcmadrae you know this is the god honest truth lol. I love ya 💜

tobixism  asked:

"------...I... love... you aswell..."

those were the words she’d been waiting for for so long  .  so why did it make her breath leave her in such a rush  ,  panic filling her as she stared at him  .  mouth dry  ,  it took a few moments for her to speak her thoughts  .  ❜  … please don’t lie to me  …  i can’t afford to have my heart broken again  .  ❜  her voice broke on the last word  ,  and she blinked as to push back tears  .  ❜  please  …  ❜  / @tobixism


“Who’s most likely… to pick up a dime off a sidewalk?” (x)

Fan account of a lucky fan who managed to get on the same plane as iKON.

It’s really unexpected that i managed to take the same flight as them (ikon). Knew that i might be able to see them at airport yesterday but i wasn’t there. Suddenly saw them while we are about to board the plane. Yunhyeong was with all smiles walking over! Stood dazed on the spot after seeing my hwanhwan. Jinhwan recognized and even wave at me. I collected myself and wave back. They sat behind me. Jinhwan took off his mask after he got on the plane. His eyes seems a little red and he kept massaging himself. Yunhyeong and B.I didn’t lift up their head. Junhoe had acne on his face so he continue wearing the mask. Donghyuk sat the furthest with his cap on. Bobby kept on looking at the plastic bag that i was carrying and realized it’s because i drew his cartoon avatar on it. Everyone slept in the plane. I do not know what they did on the plane. Despite being on the same plane as them, i’m able to sleep so well. Out of the plane, walk out and saw many cannon goddess (lol) waiting for them. Yunhyeong suddenly walk beside me and gave me a shock. (that long eyelashes and huge eyes). Bobby took the elevator and he recognize me, pointed at the shoe and wave at me. I wave back too. (Bobby is really very warm. I was holding my phone planning to video them but being able to see them up-close, i feel satisfied. I record it all inside my brain!) He did a pose and i show him my screen that i wasn’t recording. He smiled and did a cross action. Seems like he doesn’t like being film at an enclose area! Jinhwan get off the plane and it’s like he was resurrected, kept on bouncing/jumping around while queuing up. Hanbin keeps staring at him (LOL). Jinhwan was actually queuing up at the line beside me but ran over to stand behind Hanbin. But…… Junhoe stare down at them. Seeing Junhoe upclose, he’s really thin and tall. Jinhwan queued behind Hanbin, Yunhyeong was standing in-front of Hanbin. Donghyuk stood at the wrong queue and got shouted by Bobby to come back. Chanwoo stood behind Junhoe. That…. Actually… Chanwoo’s face is pretty small. Hahaha. No idea what was Jinhwan chatting to Hanbin about. Jinhwan was playing around with the crown of Hanbin’s head. Hanbin then turn behind and look at him. Yunhyeong came over wanting to show his passport but Jinhwan hit his hands away, not wanting to see it. Jinhwan and Hanbin keeps leaning on each other. When it is their turn (hanbin and jinhwan) next, Jinhwan subconsciously lifted his legs wanting to go in with hanbin but realized he couldn’t so he stretched/twist his waist. (he have a really flexible/soft waist.) He stood alone outside and stretched twice again before going it. They waited awhile at the exit. Junhoe was following Jinhwan. Jinhwan was sitting down, he (june) was standing beside him. Bobby was squatting at the corner of the wall. JInhwan took my gift, look inside the it and found a bag. He took it out, put his passport and some other stuffs into it and put it back inside the gift bag!!! Thankfully my friend managed to captured this scene. 

Jinhwan ah! Milky skin! What a refine man. iKON! Debut soon! Will continue looking after you all. Faster eat these chocolate!

source: cxpenny
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