she's lucky she's so adorable

Dua Lipa completely makes it worth queuing in the cold (Manchester Academy 10/10/17)

my girlfriend is so stunning, how am I so blessed to get to go dancing with someone so beautiful and fun and sweet? 

bloodbluebat  asked:

Hi :) can i have a sarcastic "You have really cute bedhead" with my apprentice Saara and Julian?

A groan escapes Saara’s mouth as she shifts in her bed. Her hand reaches up to rub the sleep out of her eyes and she yawns. Her arm flops over to the opposite side of her bed and she nearly shrieks when it makes contact with a face. 

His eyes immediately shoot open and he lets out a garbled cry when her hand strikes him hard on his nose. 

“Sorry! Sorry!” Saara sits up frantically, the oversized shirt she’s wearing as a nightie falling over her knees. His shirt. 

“Ow.” He mumbles, squeezing his eyes shut and rubbing his nose bridge. 

“I’m so sorry!” Saara cried, guilt overwhelming her. She moves to place her hand on his shoulder as he sits up and cups his hand around his nose. Her eyes widen. “Oh my god are you bleeding?!” 

He laughs nasally and removes his hand from his face to reveal the small bruise beginning to form. “If you planned to assassinate me while I slept, you might want to choose a more effective manner of assault.” 

She lets herself smile a little at his comment but exhales sharply and runs her hands through her messy hair. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He grins. 

“As long as you still think I’m handsome, I’m fine Saara.” 

She smiles sheepishly and ruffles his hair. “Not with that bedhead you don’t.” 

He beams, “Lucky for me, you have a really cute bedhead.” She feels warmth flood her cheeks. 

“Stop flirting with me whenever I accidentally injure you.”

“Saara as long as I live and breath, I will never stop flirting with you.” Laugher bubbles up from within her and she leans down to kiss him. Once on the nose, then the corner of his mouth, and finally his lips. 

I just want you to be happy, Elyse. I want you to find strength and happiness within yourself and someone who brings those things out of you and if that someone is a girl, who cares. I love you.
—  my mom, when I came out to her tonight
Things my kitten has done just in the past ten minutes that I've had to spray her and yell "No" at her for:
  • Bite the crap out of my leg
  • Jump up my leg, clawing me, and then biting my thigh
  • Trying to jump onto the counter, and hang off a dish cloth
  • Attack computer plug cords
  • Eating my bathroom rug (like literally trying to eat it when she has food she was just eating in her bowl)
  • Jump up and hang from my dress shirts hanging in my room
  • Chew and claw at my boots (not on my feet)

Why tonight must she do everything she’s not supposed to do?