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I do know some things. Not enough to build a life together, but I suppose we’ll get there.


everyone’s in love and happy and everything



Moulin Rouge opening, practice


This is a make-up test - Geistermaske as Hal “Otacon” Emmerich from Metal Gear 4.

Pictures taken by me, textualpoacher.

Please excuse me while I cry.

Have you seen our pictures together?



Snake Solo

It wasn’t his fault, honestly. Maybe he was sick, maybe these were hallucinations, maybe Pops had slipped something in his milkshake but truly, it wasn’t his fault.

He was… remembering, every damn time he looked at Betty Cooper he was… remembering. It had started small at first, a smell actually, honey and cinnamon strong and sweet and so familiar it hurt.

He had been at lunch, Betty pressed against his side, leather against lace, when he smelt it, the achingly familiar scent that had nearly sent him into a frenzy.

They were only six when he had smelt it for the first time. Archie had gone away to Boy Scout camp for the summer, jughead would have done anything to go to that camp but his parents just couldn’t afford it. Even at six he understood that he couldn’t have everything the other kids could but still…. that didn’t make it suck any less.

Anyway, Archie had left him all alone that summer and he was bored out of his mind, that’s exactly what brought him to Fred Andrews front yard. It was clean on the Northside, the grass was cut and it always smelled like flowers, not like the Southside where his baby sister was always screaming and there was junk all over the front porch.

“Jughead Jones, you get on over here right now.”

Jugheads head snapped to the big White House to his right, Mrs.Cooper was standing on her front porch, hands on her hips and car keys in her hands a soft smile playing on her lips. Alice hadn’t always been so uptight, it had started when Betty reached middle school, she had been the best mom on the block when they were little kids.

“Mrs. Cooper, I was just playing on the grass, I know Archie’s not home, but Fred doesn’t get mad.

Alice had just smiled down at the beanie wearing little boy and nearly dragged him into the house.

“I’m so glad you decided to pay a visit, now I have to go to work and Polly is watching Betty but it would make me feel so much better if you could just hang out and keep an eye On her, a strong boy like you.” She stared at Jughead with faux pleading eyes.

The six year old puffed his chest out in pride

“Of course Mrs.Cooper, I’ll keep a real close eye on her.” He promised.

“My hero” Alice dropped a kiss on Jugheads head before scurrying out the door.

He knew where she would be

“Juggie!” The tiny blonde with the loose ponytail had grinned, her cheeks covered in flour as she held out a perfect looking apple pie. “Thank goodness! I’m so glad you’re here, I made this and Polly won’t eat it with me because she’s on a.. die….Diet? I don’t know but come on, sit down! My mom let me use the oven all by myself! I’m only six! Cheryl said im too much of a baby but my mom let me, so take that.”

One bite of that pie and Jughead was a goner.

“Betty Cooper marry me,” he had blurted out, mouth covered in whipped cream.

Betty had giggled and scooped up another piece for him.

“Okay Juggie, Whatever you say.”

“Everything okay?”

Present day Betty broke his thoughts, her tiny scarred palm resting on his cheek shaking his face slightly, his eyes fell to her shiny green ones, the same ones he had proposed to when they were six.

“Did you change your perfume?” He questioned, dropping his nose to her neck.

The cheerleader squirmed and giggled

“Juggie! No, still the same one.”

“Hmm” He hummed against her neck, smiling as she wiggled. “You smell different.”

With a shake of her head and a playful roll of her eyes Betty clutched his hand

“Okay Juggie, Whatever you say.”


It happened again two days later. Betty had spent the night after a fairly brutal fight with her mother, he woke up to the smell of coffee and pancakes. A grin on his face as he rose from his bed. They had made love last night, in every way possible they were soulmates, they knew that and nothing else mattered. He found her leaning against the stove in the kitchen wearing nothing but his flannel. Suddenly everything blurred and a different scene was playing out in front of his eyes

“I’m just not good enough, I never will be. It’s always going to be some other girl.”

They were 13 now. Betty with her shiny blonde curls and glossy lips and jughead with his eyes hidden behind a beanie and suspenders dangling at his hips.

“That’s not true Betts, he’s just…confused.” Jughead offered, his homework now abandoned and placed to the side of the treehouse.

“It was the first dance of my life Jug, he asked me. He never showed up and then Midge called and said he was there with Val. I made this stupid dress, sewed it and everything.” Betty sighed, picking up and dropping the full blue skirt.

“Looks nice though.” He mumbled over a mouthful of chips.

Betty smiled weakly

“Thanks Jughead. I’m freezing though” she shivered, rubbing her hands on her arms.

In an instant Jughead had his flannel wrapped around Betty’s bare shoulders.

“Thanks Jug. You’re the best boy I’ve ever met.”

“Right jug?”

Jughead snapped back to reality just in time to focus on his gorgeous girlfriend walking towards him with an oversized spoon and a smile.

“Sorry I was distracted.” His eyes fell on her bare legs with a smirk

Wrapping her arms around Jugheads neck she rolled her eyes playfully

“Real smooth. I said Thankyou for last night it was perfect. It was good for you… wasn’t it?” She questioned nervously

Jughead smiled

“It was more than perfect. I still can’t believe I get to be the guy you love.”

Betty pressed a kiss to his lips

“ you’re the best boy I’ve ever met.”


For @jandjsalmon


You don’t know sadness until you listen to 5sos songs in this order:

1. End Up Here
2. She Looks So Perfect
3. Long Way Home
4. Never Be
5. Beside You
6. Close As Stranger
7. Everything I Didn’t Say
8. Amnesia
9. Wherever You Are

First commission of the season for @transjolynekujo who let me draw their adorable tiefling Candie who I would probably give my life for???? I got indecisive with the background so here are two versions :’D

Thank you again for commissioning me!

commission info here !

Calum's Vocals Pt. 1
Calum's Vocals Pt. 1

All of Calum’s vocals/solo’s on the album - PART 1

She Looks So Perfect: 1:20-1:44

Don’t Stop: 0:58-1:17

Good Girls: 0:24-0:27; 0:30-0:37; 1:05-1:11

Kiss Me Kiss Me: 1:18-1:42

18: 0:24-0:43; 1:00-1:10; 2:03-2:13

Everything I Didn’t Say: 0:07-0:31; 0:52-0:55; 1:02-1:06; 1:46-1:50; 2:30-2:34; 2:41-2:45

Beside You: 0:12- 0:35; 1:18-1:28; 2:34-2:43; 3:24-3:34

End Up Here: 1:14-1:38

Long Way Home: 0:33-0:38; 1:58-2:18; 2:41-3:12

*some clips may contain other band members’ vocals as well as Calum’s

Made using mukenope‘s masterpost

Part 2 (x) Part 3 (x)

masterlist of other vocals