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This is a make-up test - Geistermaske as Hal “Otacon” Emmerich from Metal Gear 4.

Pictures taken by me, textualpoacher.

Please excuse me while I cry.

Have you seen our pictures together?



Snake Solo


everyone’s in love and happy and everything


“5 seconds of summer” // 5 seconds of summer // 5sos-official

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You don’t know sadness until you listen to 5sos songs in this order:

1. End Up Here
2. She Looks So Perfect
3. Long Way Home
4. Never Be
5. Beside You
6. Close As Stranger
7. Everything I Didn’t Say
8. Amnesia
9. Wherever You Are
The Signs as 5sos Songs That They Go Hard To
  • Aries: She Looks So Perfect
  • Taurus: English Love Affair
  • Gemini: End Up Here
  • Cancer: Independence Day
  • Leo: Just Saying
  • Virgo: Voodoo Doll
  • Libra: Amnesia
  • Scorpio: Rejects
  • Sagittarius: American Idiot
  • Capricorn: If You Don't Know
  • Aquarius: 18
  • Pisces: Daylight
Frame. Calum Hood.

Description: Calum and the reader have been separated for a few months and on one night, Calum finds himself at her doorstep.

Somehow on that eery night he found himself wound outside her apartment. A bottle of whiskey in his hand and a broken frame in the other. He nudged the door repeatedly with his knuckles, being extra cautious not to drop the already shattered frame.

What he didn’t expect was for just seconds later, she opened her door. She looked like a complete Angel. Her hair was in a high, messy ponytail and her little baby hairs cupping her cheekbones and fluttering against her forehead. She was wearing her usual long t-shirt - which originally belonged to Calum. He wondered why she didn’t burn it, like she probably did with everything else he ever gave her or left behind. She was wearing some shorts and high ankle socks. She looked so perfect.

“Calum, what are you doing here? Are you insane? You are clearly intoxicated and in no state to drive. And what are you doing standing in the rain? You’ll catch your death.” She hissed, pulling Into the house and out of the rain. She grumbled to herself, something along the lines of him being a complete and utter idiot.

Calum stood in the hallway as he watched her every movement - from her arm shutting the door to her turning sharply on her heels and marching into the front room, still mumbling.

Calum slowly followed, after placing the whiskey bottle on the small table by the door. He trailed behind her like a lost puppy and slowly sat down beside her on the couch. He looked at her with big doe-eyes. He watched as she practically burned holes into the wall. Her knuckles going white due to how hard she was clenching onto the arm rest.

“What do you even want, Calum? You’re the one who wanted to have a break, you’re the one who left to travel round the world and fuck random girls. Not me. So why are you here? You clearly said it yourself that you envied the other boys because they would go out and party, have sex with groupies, whilst you had to be cautious. This was your doing, Calum Hood, not mine.” She growled, not meeting his eyes.

“I - I broke the picture and it made me realise how much I need you.”

“You realised, after what? 2 months, that you want me back because you broke a picture frame! Wow, Calum.” She snarled.

Calum flinched at her tone. He had never seen her so hurt or upset in his five years of knowing her. He whimpered slightly, before grabbing her cheeks in his cold hands. He turned her head to look at her. Her beautiful Y/E/C filled with tears and they were a lighter shade.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so stupid. I should’ve never made us have a break. I need you in my life more than anything else in this fucking world. You always push me to do my best and without you, I wouldn’t even be in a band and I wouldn’t have any fans. I wouldn’t have a chance to party every night. I’d be stuck in college or working, not touring the world with my three best friends. This is your doing and I’m so grateful. You make me achieve my full potential. Thank you. Please forgive me.”

Y/N was surprised that such emotional words could come out of an intoxicated mouth. She sighed before patting her lap. Calum laid down and laid his head on her lap, something that Calum had always done. He looked up at Y/N and smiled at her. She returned the gesture with a smaller smile. She slipped her fingers into his untamed curls and gently massaged his unruly hair and scalp.

“I love you so much. Honestly.” Calum whispered, his voice raspy from the alcohol and his tiredness, his eyes fluttered close at the sensation.

“I love you too, Calum. But how will I know that you won’t pull a similar stunt like this when you go off to tour again?”

“I promise. I won’t. You can destroy my bass and cut off my balls if I ever do it again.” Calum promised, a small smirk playing on his lips.

“You drive a hard bargain, Hood, but I guess it’s a deal.” She giggled.

“I’m also sorry I broke the frame. I was slightly upset and I when I slammed the door, it fell off the shelf. I’m such a klutz.” Calum huffed.

“It’s fine. We can buy a new frame, it’s the picture that really matters.” Y/N smiled, adoration clear of her face.

The pair glanced over to the picture that laid on the other side of the sofa. Both of their eyes falling on the picture of a small grainy black and white ultrasound of their little baby, yet to be born.

Luke's Livesos Vocals Pt. 2
Luke's Livesos Vocals Pt. 2

Luke’s Solos/Vocals* on Livesos - Part 2

Beside You //  Everything I Didn’t Say // Long Way Home // Heartache on the Big Screen // American Idiot // Kiss Me Kiss Me // Teenage Dream // Good Girls // What I Like About You // End Up Here // She Looks So Perfect

Part 1 (x)

masterlist of other vocals

**some clips may contain other band members’ vocals as well as Luke’s

'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve' Set Lists Revealed!

Billboard Hollywood Party

5 Seconds of Summer: “She’s Kinda Hot,” “Hey Everybody,”  “She Looks So Perfect”

Alessia Cara: “Here"

Andy Grammar: “Honey I’m Good”  “Good To Be Alive”

DNCE: “Cake By The Ocean” “Toothbrush”

Elle King: “America’s Sweetheart”  “Ex’s & Oh’s”

Ellie Goulding: “Love Me Like You Do,”  “On My Mind”

Fall Out Boy: “Irresistible”  “Uma Thurman”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: “Downtown”

Nathan Sykes: “Over and Over Again”

Nick Jonas: “Jealous,” “Chains,”  “Levels”

OMI: “Cheerleader”  “Hula Hoop”

One Direction: “Drag Me Down,” “Perfect,” & “History”

Pentatonix: “Can’t Sleep Love”  “Cracked”

Rachel Platten: “Stand By You” “Fight Song”

Tove Lo: “Talking Body” & “Moments”

Walk The Moon: “Shut Up and Dance”  “Work This Body”

Times Square

Wiz Khalifa w/ Charlie Puth: “See You Again”

Demi Lovato: “Cool For The Summer”  “Confident”

Luke Bryan: Medley “Move” + “That’s My Kinda Night”

Carrie Underwood: Medley “Smoke Break” + “Heartbeat” + “Before He Cheats”


Jimmy Buffett: “Margaritaville” from Brooklyn

Taylor Swift: World Premiere of “Out of the Woods” video