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Doc, I gotta say, the fics where Chloe and Beca agree to start dating once Chloe graduates from vet school are literally the cutest thing ever, every time I'm reading one of your fics and that comes up, it just melts my heart! Cannot get enough! <3

Naww thanks dude! It’s my most favourite alternate-reality for them at the moment 💜

“Hey” Chloe said softly, smiling as she held her phone to her ear, settling back on the double bed in the little studio apartment that she still lived in, even though Beca had insisted she’d be happy to pay for her to have a nicer one in the same area of Brooklyn. But Chloe loved how quirky it was. And it really had been the best kind of home for them over three years after graduation that they’d both lived there with Amy. Now it was a year after that and it was still the place Chloe considered home. Still the place Beca always returned to after her long stints away in LA. 

“Hey.” came the equally soft response from Beca on the other end of the phone, “What you up to?”

Chloe pulled a few strands of puppy fur from her jumper and flicked it onto the floor beside the bed with a tired sigh, “Oh nothing much. Just laying on our bed. Talking to you.”

“I’m nothing much huh?” Beca said in a teasing tone, and Chloe giggled loudly. She adored the evenings that Beca called. They spoke every day on WhatsApp. They sent constant selfies and observations on Snapchat to each other. But they only spoke on the phone every couple of days or so. It depended on Beca’s schedule and the time difference between New York and LA.

“You’re everything much!” Chloe exclaimed between her giggles, “You’re…” she slowed her giggles then let out a calm sigh, “…you’re everything.” she finished quietly. 

It had been almost a year since they’d returned from the USO tour that they’d gone on with The Bellas. Almost a year since Chloe had finally plucked up the courage to ask Beca out. Almost a year since Beca had briefly broken her heart by saying no. Almost a year since Beca had assured her that she did want to date her, but only once Chloe had finished Vet School. That way the redhead would have no big distractions. And she could become the very best vet that Beca knew she would be.

So with that promise, Chloe had begun knuckling down hard, studying well, attending every class, contributing to each session. Meanwhile, Beca had been working hard in LA, writing and recording. Pouring her thoughts and feelings and emotions down onto paper and into her music. And both were eagerly anticipating the end of the long five years they had ahead of them while Chloe studied to become a vet. They were both crazy about each other, and they no longer had any reason to hide it from each other. But at the same time they remained patient, both looking forward to Chloe’s graduation day, when they could finally start dating one another. When they could finally become official. When they could finally kiss.

“I miss you..” Beca said quietly into the phone with a sigh, and Chloe tucked into the foetal position on their bed, holding her phone to her ear, trying to absorb all the warmth of Beca’s arms that might be coming down the device and into her body. 

“I miss you too..” Chloe said quietly with a sigh to match Beca’s.

Yeah it was a year on, but it didn’t make having to sleep in this bed alone any easier. Chloe found her thumb smoothing over the index finger ring that Beca had given her before she’d gone out to LA the first time. 

“Don’t suppose you’ve had any thoughts about where you might want to go on our first date?” Beca asked hopefully, trying to change the tone of the conversation, and a smile grew on Chloe’s face. 

“Umm…I’ve no idea.” she said honestly, “So long as I’m with you I don’t mind where we go! Have you had any thoughts about it?”

“Well I’m thinking in four years time I’ll have made at least a million so…a cute cottage in the middle of the Sicillian countryside maybe?” Beca said casually and Chloe let out another giggle.

“Wow, no Chipotle then huh?” she joked, knowing full well that her best friend hated Chipotle.

“Oh God could you imagine?? All that money and I treat the love of my life to Chipotle on our first date?!” Beca said in a disgusted tone then Chloe could sense the woman’s sudden pause. Because Chloe had heard her say it too. Beca thought of her as the love of her life?

A soft smile grew on Chloe’s face and she bit her bottom lip before replying, “Yeah you’d be lucky to get a second date I can assure you of that.” and it appeared to be enough to break any potential tension that could’ve arisen following Beca’s Freudian slip.

“Good job I wont be taking you to Chipotle then.” Beca added quietly and Chloe could hear the smile on her best friend’s face. God, she couldn’t wait to go out with her. She couldn’t wait to be able to call Beca her girlfriend. To be able to kiss and cuddle and make out with her. One year down, only four to go!

“Beca?” Chloe said quietly down the phone, then took a deep breath and whispered, “I love you..” 

“Chloe?” she heard her best friend say quietly down the phone back to her, whispering, “I love you too..”

And the two best friends lay on their respective beds, their respective phones to their ears, giggling while they started reminiscing about this time last year when they’d been on the USO tour with The Bellas.

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Saw your Tsuyu - she's so cute in your style! This picture actually needs to be protected, and she's my child now. Please never listen to any antis; your art is literally the cutest thing ever! :)

Thanks a lot!! you are making me blush haha Luckly all the people I have met have been really nice~ ^^

Tsuyu is just so cute

The 6 year old little girl I babysit has the biggest crush on Supergirl and it’s the cutest thing ever.

She just walked in while I was watching Supergirl and was about to ask me a question, when she looked over at the tv and Kara was on screen wearing glasses, and she literally stopped mid sentence and just said “she’s so beautiful…” All dreamily and literally just stared at her with her mouth open and lost all ability to function for like 5 minutes.

One of my dogs is a teacup poodle who literally weighs only about 5 pounds, so whenever she eats she’s noticeably heavier, and it’s somehow the cutest fucking thing ever. 




Then she proceeded to do that little “MRRRP” sound!!! I wish I would have gotten that on video, but I did get a picture!!!


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #38. Andie McPhee & Pacey Witter

“I’m afraid because you’re the single most important being to ever grace my existence. Andie, I am falling hopelessly in love with you.”

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miyacech: 1 year till The Darkest Minds hits theaters (Eeek!😱). This is a video of the moment I found out I would be playing Zu. Mom pulled me aside while I was working to tell me the awesome news. 😭I wanted you all to see how genuinely excited I was and how much I truly wanted this role. I loved Zu from the moment I first read about her and being a part of bringing the Betty crew to life is a priceless adventure! #thecountdownbegins #darkestminds@alexbracken #ruby #liam #chubs #zu#clancy

I want to talk about this

“You know what? I’m just glad you’re okay.”

That was his first reaction when he finally met up with Pauling. He didn’t flirt, he wasn’t being rude or annoying, he said “I’m just glad you’re okay” and he hugs her. 

Because he loves her and just the mere fact that she is alive is enough for him to be happy. That is literally the cutest thing ever. Scout is being extremly nice and in the end? He just wants her to be well. Thats all he wants.

Thank you for showing us that he isn’t a complete asshole, Valve. 
This honestly means so much for me.

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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC having a miscarriage (sorry guys :,(


~Did somebody order angst with a side of tears? {-this is long i’m sorry-}

(This subject hits a sensitive spot for me so I had to give them all a nice finish.^^ “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”)

◉ Yoosung

  • He was at the computer playing LOLOL when you approached him
  • He thought you were going to ask him to get off and eat dinner
    • “Just a few more minutes MC, there’s a rare monster.”
    • “Yoosung, I think somethings wrong…I’m bleeding…”
  • His face went pale and he tossed his headset on the desk
    • The baby?…”
  • You nodded tearfully
  • He placed his hand on your tummy before rushing you to the doctor
  • Yoosung is a mess
  • He’s trying to keep it together for your sake but his hands are shaking
  • When the doctor tells you two the bad news he let’s go and cries
  • You both are just hugging each other
    • “You’re still a very young and healthy couple. There’s plenty of time to try again. Please rest easy for the next day or two.”
  • He’s treating you like a delicate flower
  • Cooks and brings you food in bed and makes sure you eat it all
  • Really he’s just trying to preoccupy his mind because he can’t bare to think about it
  • You ask to take a shower
  • Yoosung passes by the door and hears you sobbing through the running of the water
  • He broke down there in the hallway
  • When you get out he just lays in bed with you and you are both crying and comforting each other until you fall asleep
        • -After-
  • He was nothing but ecstatic when you found out you were expecting again
  • He got a mug made with the sonogram picture on it and uses it at work
  • It’s a boy!
  • He’s not a very good sleeper (the baby)((well Yoosung too lol))
  • Yoosung stays up all night holding him
  • Or rocking him with one arm and playing LOLOL with his free hand

◉ Jumin

  • You hadn’t gotten out of bed all day
  • There was a lot of pain in your back and you just wanted to lay down
  • When Jumin got home from work and saw you were still in bed and hurting
  • He was pissed at his staff
  • No one called him?????
  • He sent for a doctor right away and then just laid with you on the bed
  • Stroked your hair
  • Said everything was going to be okay
  • After examining you he pulled Jumin aside
    • “There’s no heartbeat, Mr. Han…I’m so sorry…”
  • When he walked back into the room with tears in his eyes you knew…
    • “Oh God…Jumin…”
  • You just broke down in sobs
  • He met you on the bed and pulled you into him
  • Let you cry into his shoulder
  • He glanced at the bassinet at the corner of the room
  • He was so elated he bought it the day you announced you were pregnant
  • Jumin buried his emotions about it after that day
  • He stepped away from work completely because you stopped eating
  • He turned his phone off
  • which is very unlike him
  • And doesn’t let anyone visit the penthouse
  • Just devoted himself to caring for you and helping you recover
  • Which helps him recover
        • -After-
  • Nothing could wipe the smile from Jumin’s face when it was confirmed you both were expecting once again
  • Kissed you so hard
  • It’s a girl!
  • Literally so spoiled omg
  • She’s a daddys girl from the start, he soothes her instantly when he picks her up
    • “This was your big sisters bassinet…we miss her so much. But she watches over you now.”
  • Sings lullabies to her omg it’s literally the cutest thing ever
  • You stand outside the door and just listen

◉ Zen

  • You had been throwing up all day
  • But it wasn’t the normal morning sickness you had been feeling
  • There was a lot of pain and you just knew something was wrong
  • Zen came home from rehearsals to find you on the bathroom floor
  • He immediately freaked out
    • “BABE! Why didn’t you call me?! What’s going on?!”
  • He ran to your side
    • “I think something’s wrong…”
    • “Oh my god…Ok, let’s get you into bed. C-Can you walk?”
    • “I don’t know, I have a lot of pain right now”
  • He picked you up and carried you to the bed
  • His mind was racing, he didn’t know what to do
  • He kissed your forehead
    • “I’ll be right back, okay. Just rest”
  • His hand lingered on your tummy
  • Stepping into the other room he pulled out his phone
  • He could barely dial, his tears were clouding his eyes
    • “Yes, hello?”
    • “Jumin…It’s Zen. I-I need a favor”
  • After explaining what was going on, Jumin didn’t hesitate to agree to send a doctor right away
    • “Please let me know if you need anything else. All of us will have you in our thoughts.”
  • He was a mess waiting
  • Though he tried not to show it
  • He paced around the living room taking deep breaths to calm himself before planting a smile on his face and returning to you, he wanted to be strong for you
    • “The doctor is on the way. I’m going to get you a glass of water and you have to drink it all, okay babe?”
  • It seemed like forever until he arrived
  • You described your symptoms and he took a good look over you
    • “Yes, these things are to be expected with the loss of a pregnancy early on…Make sure she relaxes for a while and call me if you need anything else.”
  • Zen couldn’t find the words to say
  • He felt so powerless in that moment
  • He got so excited when you both found out that he posted a selfie of you two with the pregnancy test
  • He felt this guilt in his chest, maybe if he hadn’t been working so much…
    • “I’m…so sorry, Zen” you cried
    • “Hey hey hey, cut that out,” he wiped your tears, “everything is going to be okay. I’m here with you…”
  • He let the director know he would be taking a few days off and pretty soon word got out to his fans about what happened
  • Gifts, chocolates, flowers, and sympathy cards all came pouring in
  • You got a lot of letters from fans that had also lost babies, and reading them together at night really helped you get through it
  • Jumin sent over a maid and chef to take care of things for a while, and although Zen grumbled about it to you, he was thankful
        • -After-
  • Couldn’t stop himself from shouting to the world that you’re pregnant
  • This time around he did his best to stay home more, as much as you tried to tell him it wasn’t necessary and you were fine
  • It’s a girl!
  • He’s constantly holding her
    • “You’re the most beautiful child to ever grace this planet. You’re not allowed to date until you’re 45. Don’t worry, daddy will protect you from those beastly boys!”

◉ Jaehee

  • It had only been five weeks since you found out the pregnancy took
  • You were feeling kind of odd and excused yourself to the bathroom
  • When you came out, face red and sobbing Jaehee rushed to your side
    • “MC! What’s going on??”
    • “It didn’t stick…we’re losing it…God, I’m so sorry…I don’t know what I did wrong I-”
  • She cut you off and grabbed your face in her hands
    • “Shh…Don’t ever say that,” she was crying too but kissed you, “You.Did.Nothing.Wrong. These things happen. That’s what we knew going into this, right?”
    • Mmhm
  • She wiped your tears
    • “It’s okay. Are you in pain?”
    • “…Not much”
    • “Alright. Well, let’s get you into bed.”
  • She made some tea and you spent the night watching DVDs together in bed snacking
  • She could be sad but keep a level head and positive mind
  • She spent the night reassuring you that it would happen for you both one day
        • -After-
  • Threw a small get-together when it was confirmed that you were expecting
  • All the RFA members were elated
  • It’s a boy!
  • Jaehee is super mom
  • She’s got this babies schedule down to a science
  • She knows how much he’s eating and how much he’s pooping and when and how long he sleeps
  • If there’s every a change in his patterns she freaks and calls the pediatrician lolol

◉ Saeyoung

  • You two were going to your scheduled check-up together
  • It was going to be the first time hearing the heartbeat and you both were elated
  • Saeyoung was dancing around the room as you laid on the table waiting for the doctor to come in
    • “Stop snooping through the cabinets before someone comes in and sees you!”
  • He had stolen a wooden tongue depressor and put it in his mouth
  • And was now grabbing gloves and putting them on too
    • “Excuse me ma’am I’m doctor cotton swab please spread your legs for me I need to inspect you. Stop laughing, that’s very unprofessional. I didn’t go to medical school for this!”
  • The knock on the door interrupted you and he jumped to your side as the doctor walked in
  • Trying to pull the gloves off before he saw
    • “Good evening you two,” he didn’t glance up from his paperwork, “Mrs. Choi, I’m a little concerned about some declining levels I see from your test…”
    • “What does that mean?” Saeyoung had a lump in his throat and he grabbed your hand
  • The smiles had faded from your faces
    • “Let’s just check one thing here before I go any further”
  • He put the gel on your tummy and placed the device on your skin, rolling it around with a furrowed brow
  • It was silent
  • The doctor sighed and removed it from you
  • He started to say some condolences but he didn’t even finish his sentence before you were sobbing
  • Saeyoung leaned down into you, running his hands over you in a soothing manner
  • It was tearing him apart to see you like this
  • On the drive home it was silent except for your crying
  • You noticed him gripping the steering wheel pretty tightly
  • When you got home Saeyoung pushed his own grieving aside, all he wanted was to be there for you
  • Though his usual way of cheering you up was jokes, and he couldn’t bring himself to make any
  • He only let himself cry when you were asleep
        • -After-
  • He was very very protective of you when you told him you were pregnant again
  • If Yoosung breathed too heavy around you he was smacking him
  • It’s twin girls!
  • Dr Cotton Swab™ passed out in the room when he saw two babies wiggling around on the monitor
  • He’s a master diaper changer
  • He keeps a timer by the changing table and is always working to beat his records
  • Falls asleep in the arm chair with them
  • A lot

◉ V

  • You had some intense cramps and V could tell you weren’t feeling well
  • He was pleading with you to take you in and be seen
  • It wasn’t until it hurt so bad that you stumbled (almost passing out) and grabbed onto him that he wouldn’t take no for an answer anymore and had someone drive you both to the hospital
  • It was hard for him to even get the words out to the doctor
    • “I think my wife is…having a miscarriage” his voice wavering
  • He didn’t let go of your hands the whole time the doctor was talking to you
  • He wished so badly that he could see your face
  • When the sound of your soft cries hit him he brushed your hair to the side lovingly and let go of his own sadness welling inside of him
  • V was so gentle with you when you got home
  • You both kissed each other and wiped each others tears away
  • And fell asleep in each others arms
  • The next day you didn’t want to sit still
    • “Are you sure you’re feeling up to this?”
    • “I’m sure. I don’t want to be cooped up right now… Let’s pack some food and go to our spot.”
  • It was a place you both frequented, a beach
  • V couldn’t see the sunset anymore but the sound of the water and the fresh air was therapeutic for both of you
  • You didn’t want to cry anymore and you both just cuddled and sat together quietly
        • -After-
  • Kissed you so many times when you finally told him you were going to have a baby
  • It’s a girl!
  • He was so nervous about being a new dad and being blind but he quickly adjusted
  • Has supersonic hearing, like, if the baby yawns from across the house he freaks out and runs to her
  • Jumin is constantly over playing with the baby and buying her ridiculously frilly outfits that you and V thank him for but stick in the closet never to be seen again

◉ Saeran

  • You were hurting the night before, and he pulled you into bed and held you close, hoping you would just sleep it off and be better in the morning
  • When you woke up you felt a wetness and sat up to reveal blood
  • Saeran freaked out and immediately began inspecting you
    • “Are you hurting bad?? Oh God, MC.”
  • You shook your head no, you weren’t hurting much anymore…
  • And that thought made you break down in sobs
  • You knew what had happened now
    • “Don’t move, I’m calling the doctor”
  • He was frantic and his hands were shaking
  • When he finally got a hold of him on the phone and explained what had happened, he was furious at the nonchalant tone he had
    • “I’m very sorry but there’s nothing we can really do at this point. There’s no reason to bring your wife in at this point. You just have to let these things run their course and call me if she starts to feel her pain worsening.”
  • He almost threw his phone against the wall and shattered it
  • That’s what he wanted to do
  • But you were more important than his anger right now
  • He found you back in the bedroom trying to clean the sheets while crying
    • “Stop stop stop…I’ll take care of that. Let’s get you cleaned up…”
  • He kissed your head and drew a bath for you
  • Letting you soak while he worked in the bedroom
  • The sound of your crying was like a knife in his heart and he allowed himself to silently sob while he cleaned up everything
  • You both were a melancholy mess and couldn’t even bring yourself to tell anyone
  • You spent the whole rest of the day and night laying with each other, both of your hands rubbing your stomach together
        • -After-
  • He still couldn’t fight that feeling in his chest when you said you were pregnant again
  • He felt at any moment it would be taken from him again
  • It wasn’t until he felt that first kick that he cried and kissed your tummy with joy
  • It’s a boy!
  • He won’t let the baby sleep in the bassinet you bought, he sleeps with the baby always
  • Loves when he has the baby and you both snuggled up with him, you both are his whole world
  • Secretly has the picture of that first ultra-sound still in his wallet, and looks at it often, wondering what it would be like to have both of his children alive in that moment
  • Makes Saeyoung use gobs of hand sanitizer before he comes near your child
paternal instinct || kim namjoon

Anonymous said: HIII!!! I LOVE YOUR WRITING!!!❤❤ Could you write an imagine where you are supposed to babysit your younger sibling and they also join.? (Plus bts with children is like literally the cutest thing ever😍❤)

Kim Namjoon x reader

Summary: Kids need looking after. Namjoon isn’t ready. 

Genre: fluff

Words: 1817

this is the cutest concept!! bts with kids makes me aaAA

look at this precious baby I love him sm

Originally posted by meanyoongis

I paced around the room with the phone to my ear, rolling my eyes at Namjoon who grinned at me from his position on the bed.

“Are you sure there isn’t anyone else? I kind of had plans today.” I sighed exasperatedly over the phone to my sister as she tried to convince me to babysit, despite my plans with my boyfriend.

“I can’t get anyone else at such short notice. Please, do this for me, Y/N.” I heard the stress in her voice and sighed again, rubbing my face and nodding.

“Yeah, okay. Drop them by whenever.” I said resignedly.

“Thank you, thank you… I owe you. I’ll head over now.” I hung up after agreeing and walked over to the bed. Namjoon and I had spent the morning lying in, making the most of his day off, just cuddling and talking. We had planned to have a day just to ourselves, for the first time in a while.

He was lazily scrolling through something on his phone and I crawled next to him, cuddling up to his side and sighing as I thought about how our plans for the day would now have to change.

“What’s up?” He asked, wrapping an arm around me and peering down at my face.

“I have to look after my sister’s kids today Joon, I’m so sorry.” I said quietly, looking up at him to see his frown deepen.

“What, why?” He asked.

“She has to work and can’t find anyone else.” I sighed again. “But it’s okay, I can stay here and look after them. You should still spend your day off doing something fun, why don’t you ring up one of the boys and see if they’re free?” I asked him, trying to stay positive but feeling disappointment fill me at the idea of not spending the day with him.

He chuckled lowly, squeezing me to his side.

“Y/N, I spend every day with them. The whole point of a day off is I get to spend it with you.” He said quietly, and I smiled up at him. “I’ll stay and help. As long as I’m with you, I’m happy.”

I grinned and sat up to gently grab his chin and press a slow kiss to his lips, leaning my body into his.

“You really have a way with words, don’t you?” I murmured against his lips as his hand moved up my back. He smirked back at me, shrugging. I lay back down next to him again, enjoying the peace and quiet whilst I had it.

Soon after that, there was a knock at the door and I sighed, sitting up and looking back at Namjoon.

“Ready?” I asked him grinning, and he smiled nervously at me.

“I’ve never really… been around kids before.” He said, and I rolled my eyes, kissing him lightly before going to answer the door.

“They’re easy – you’ll be fine!” I called, grinning.

Namjoon is not good with kids.

This was established soon after they were dropped off, and I tried to introduce him to them. Namjoon could stand comfortably on a stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people, but two children; a four-year-old and a two-year-old, and I had never seen him so afraid.

I stifled a laugh as he awkwardly waved at the smaller one and flinched back when her hand flailed out to him, giggling.

“Hello!” The eldest boy clung to my leg when Joon accidentally shouted a greeting at him a bit too forcefully, and my eyes widened.

“Joon…” I giggled, surprised, and his own eyebrows raised at how his voice had come out.

“I didn’t mean to…” He lowered his body to see the boy, his face falling when he hid further behind me. “I’m… sorry.” He shifted awkwardly, looking between the two children and biting his lip. I sighed, taking pity on him, and took over.

“Who wants to play hide and seek?” I asked excitedly, bending down. They squealed, nodding. I gave my boyfriend the easy task of hiding, meeting his eyes with a grin as he walked off uncertainly. Apparently, it wasn’t easy enough.

“Namjoon, they’re toddlers, they would never have been able to find you here.” I sighed, looking at him through the small gap he had somehow managed to squeeze into. In between a cupboard and the curtain, he was completely invisible, and after almost half an hour of the kids trying to find him, they had grown irritated. I had been forced to step in.

He frowned, pushing himself out into the room. “But the whole point is to hide - we were playing hide and seek.” The genuine confusion on his face was endearing.

“Yeah, with a two and four-year-old, Joon. You’re supposed to, you know, make it easy and fun for them.” I explained, baffled at look of confusion still written across his face. I laughed, shaking my head. “You really haven’t been around kids before, have you?”

He looked down embarrassedly, scratching the back of his head. I sighed, hearing the children begin to shout downstairs.

“It’s okay. Let’s try something else.”

We set up a video game and began racing with them. I sat the youngest on my lap, showing her how to hold the remote and letting her think she was playing, grinning as squeals of laughter began to leave both of their lips.

“Want to play?” I asked Namjoon after the game had finished, smiling playfully at him. He stood up, eager to please the children, and took the remote from me. I watched hopefully from the side, bouncing the girl in my lap.

Surely he couldn’t get this wrong.

“It’s okay, shh.” I winced at the piercing screams of the four-year-old boy who had just lost the game six times in a row to my boyfriend. I guess I should have explained that he was supposed to go easy on him.

I met Namjoon’s apologetic eyes over the girl still sitting on my lap, giving him an unamused look as I tried to calm down the snivelling boy clinging to my leg. He reached out a hand uncomfortably to the boy, before drawing it back uncertainly, frowning.

“Okay, I’m going to take him to calm down.” I sighed, standing up. “Watch her?” I asked pleadingly. He gave me a frantic look, shaking his head.

“Just for a few minutes, Joon, please.” I begged, grimacing at the cries from below me. I gently placed the girl in Namjoon’s lap, making sure he had her, before turning and picking up the boy. I shushed him quietly, rubbing his back and carrying him into kitchen.

After what felt like hours of calming down the boy, telling him how clever he was and bribing him with food until he stopped crying, he finally lost energy. I picked him up tiredly, letting him rest his head on my shoulder sleepily.

Slowly walking back to the living room, I stopped in the doorway. I felt my heart soar at the sight before me.

In the time I had been absent, Namjoon had clearly found his confidence again. He was lying down on his back on the sofa, holding the little girl above him, swaying her from side to side and making stupid faces at her. She giggled, and his face spread into a beautiful smile as he brought her back down to rest on his chest. She wriggled on him, pushing herself up to grab his face. I was surprised at the smile that continued to light up his face as he gently took her tiny hands in his, letting her wrap her fingers around his much larger ones.

I found my own cheeks were aching with how wide I was smiling. I moved further into the room slowly.

“Is he okay now?” Namjoon noticed me come in, glancing with concern at the boy now asleep in my arms. I smiled at him, sitting down carefully.

“He’s okay.” I whispered, running my hand through the boy’s hair softly. “Just tired.”

“Yeah, I think she is too.” Namjoon gestured down to the girl now nestled along the side of his long body. Her eyes were beginning to shut. “Are you tired, baby?”

At first I thought he was talking to me, but then I saw the way he was staring down adoringly at the girl cuddled up to him, his arm cradling her body to his. I smiled again, feeling something heat up in my chest at the way he behaved with her.

“Can you come here?” I whispered, and he looked up, smiling at me. He gently lifted up the girl’s body, sitting up and coming closer to me, before placing her back on him, cooing as she whined at the disturbance. I sighed contentedly, watching as Namjoon softly stroked the girl’s hair, smiling at her sleepy face.

“Do you think we could do this?” He asked quietly, after a moment of silence. I lifted my head to look at him. “Have kids, I mean.” I didn’t say anything for a moment, watching carefully as he met my eyes, his gaze uncertain but a smile still playing on his lips.

I answered him by leaning up and pressing my lips against his, making sure not to move too much so I wouldn’t wake up either of the children. His eyelashes fluttered against my cheekbone when he pulled away, shakily breathing out.

“Well,” I joked in a whisper, “your understanding of children might have to improve first.” He chuckled, rolling his eyes, and I giggled quietly, pressing my lips against his quickly again. “But I think we could do it.”

The smile that pushed his cheekbones up and reached his eyes, making them shrink and light up with delight was enough to make me kiss him again.

“I want to.” I whispered. “With you.” He held my gaze carefully, glancing down to the girl sleeping on his chest, and then back to me.

“Me too.”

My eyes grew heavy with the warmth of the bodies surrounding me. I closed them and let my head rest against Namjoon’s shoulder, no doubt in my mind that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

That’s where my sister found the four of us when she let herself in to pick the kids up. We were curled up on the sofa, in the dim light, the sun having set, all fast asleep.

The look on Namjoon’s face when he said goodbye to the little girl was precious, and heart-breaking. He brushed her cheek as if she was made of china, giving her the sweetest smile and telling her he promised he’d visit soon.

I took his hand as they left, feeling him sigh as he watched the parents carry the kids off. One day that will be us, I thought to myself, squeezing his hand, one day.


Boys Boys Boys: A Solangelo Fanfiction

I’ve been severely lacking in inspiration because of how busy I have been. So I went back to basics: some personal experiences I’ve had at bars in NYC and around where I go to school, and a College AU set up. Could I be inspired to continue this? Heck yeah I probably could. 

I hope you all enjoy!

Trigger Warning: homophobic slurs 

Also read on AO3 


Will immediately half-swerved, focusing desperately on keeping his gaze forward at the line of liquors mounted on the wall, and not ogling at the dude next to him because damn he was fine—the kind of fine that would have him sobbing on the carpet of Lou Ellen’s dorm at four-in-the-morning while stuffing his face with veggie pizza and watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race later. But for now, it definitely wouldn’t help him to freak out the dude by staring. Besides, everyone knew that hot guys in leather jackets who wore Iron Maiden tee-shirts were generally as straight as boards. No use getting his hopes up.

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dating yuta!!


also thank you @that-little-asian for helping me w trying to find ideas

and @jaeminnana for trying to help w my master list (even tho it still doesn’t work rip) 

3/? for the nct dating series


- oK ofc i always gotta start off on how y'all start dating

- aight so you and yuta are on this co ed rep soccer team (also knows as the best)

- and y'all r both the best on the team

- so u guys are always competing for the #1 spot

- its pretty serious lmao




- “what the fuck does that have to do wi- you know what? never mind” - you


- secretly though, yuta has the biggest crush on you 

- same w you

- y'all r good at hiding your feelings tho

- yuta didn’t really interact with you outside of soccer he wanted to tho

- you guys have 0 classes together 


- anyway back onto the story

- so yuta goes to his friends (the other guys on the team) and you go to your friends (the girls on the team)



- “WE KNEW IT” - everyone

- so they devise a plan to get you guys together (without y'all knowing cause ur blinded by love)

- so during the next practice, jaehyun “accidentally” bodychecks yuta who falls onto of you

- his arms are on either side of your head and his legs are in between yours


- your heart bbbeats

- “,,,,,you can uh-like- get up now” - you


-  both of ur faces r so red

- he just awkwardly helps you up and you guys have moment

- like y'all r staring into each others eyes

- what u didn’t know though is that the rest of the team filmed it

- even the coach was in on it cause everyone ships u two

- time skip

- after that moment, y'all stopped bickering


- “hey bbygirl ;)” - nakamoto yuta



- but that changed on one very special day

- aka the day he asked you to prom

- aka the best day of your life


- with like hearts n memes

- and when u opened it, it says “go to prom w me loser”



- ok so now y'all r technically dating

- and when he goes to your house to pick u up he had to do a double take


- you almost fell down the stairs lmaoaoao

- cause he was so handsome (not like he isn’t everyday though)

- he gives like the best kisses


- not to rough, but not too slow ya feel

- and he is so caring for you

- like he always asks in between periods how you’re feeling and ugh goals

- once a guy from another school tried to hit on u during a tournament


- “hey you. this girl is my girl friend so if you bippity back the fuck off that’d be great” 

- that was just quick sample

- all the girls love him and can’t get over the fact that he’s taken

- the always hug him and cling onto him and he’s like 

- “ewwwww’

- cause the only one doing that should be you

- he accidentally tripped u during practice one day

- “omg baby r u ok?!’

- “do you want me to carry you babe?


- yo but he is so cocky and shit sometimes

- like he doesnt even try to tone down his flirting w u

- “those shorts look good, but they’d look even better in the storage room floor ;)))” - yuta

- u aint gonna disagree w that

- cause sexy time with yuta is the best time

- its either super rough n hot or sweet n caring there is no in between

- you’re not complaining though

- y'all r still competitive w soccer though

- “bAbe get out of my way”

- “nah babe i got this”



“SHUT THE FUCK UP” - everyone

- its the hard knock life for u guys

- his lock screen is a photo of you after a soccer game with the first place medal

- you just looked so good

- you had like a loose ponytail, a flushed face, and a smile so big it would rival his “healing smile”

- yours is the same (him with the first place medal, a flushed face, big smile) cause y'all r like that

- this girl once tried to steal him away from you


- he literally told her “stop trying to be hot, you’re not y/n’

- she cried and ran away

- lol 00ps


- “yours first perfectly with mine”- him

- “bitch no ur hands r sweaty” - you

- you guys are both so petty,,,,,,people wonder how u can stand eachother


- when!he!first!said!i!ove!you!

- cutest thing ever

- it was your 500 day anniversary 

- and he came to practice w a bunch of flowers and gave u the biggest hug

- he spun u around and was like

- “god i love you so much”

- you almost peed ur pants

- the coach almost peed their pants

- the team almost peed their pants

- the school almost peed their pants


- your first date was a mess though lol

- he set up this picnic and EVERYTHING IT WAS SO SWEET



- then it rolled down a hill and was never to be seen again

- “jfc yuta”- everyone including himself


- in conclusion

- yuta is a babe and everyone should love him

- he deserves everything and all the love in the world

- osaka prince <3



by the way i know my master list is rly messed up, I’ve been trying to fix it for like 2 hours but its not working :( 


- emma

Ok everybody, this right here is the light of my fucking life. Her name is Jelly Bean and she’s an abyssinian guinea pig. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Her favorite veggie is cilantro and her favorite fruit is banana and she literally makes the cutest sounds and idk what I’d do without my bean I love her so much and I just wanted to share her with y'all. Thanks 4 ur time