she's like yo i'm so ghetto

chimanaira  asked:

I'm FINNA GET GHETTO RIGHT NOWWW *claps hands* so tell me why I showed this chick a picture of you and shawty said "she aint even all dat cute" YOOO I looked up, looked her deep into her eyes past her hazel contacts and into her soul and said with all the meaning in my heart..."Bish Whet? Da fuq did you juss say?" Now when I see her I be like...who dat is ion know who dat is ion curr. Fuck a hater #TeamRekik commin at yo head. *claps hands*

YOOOOOOOOO I LOVE YOU!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m laughing too hard!!!! “Past her hazel contacts” ohmagahhddd