she's like the only oc i like to draw lol;;

hey hey!! im back :DD ive been seeing the bnha oc thing trend all over so i wanted to make one myself! i might be drawing her alot now !!!

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i once planned on making OCs for all the states but i only got around to michigan lmao (bc thats where i live). she spends quite a bit of time talking to canada bc theyre neighbors, and she likes pasties and also polish food (but poland will tell anyone who asks that michigans paczki are more like jelly donuts than actual paczki). she also carries a minimum of 5 reusable water bottles around with her at any given time.

THAT’S SO CUTE WTF.. i do think about what a florida OC would be like every once in a while LOL sdjfds maybe i’ll draw one for fun!

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21 & 14 :0 ?

21. draw one of your original characters.

i’m starting a dnd campaign with some buddies!!! i’m having a lot of fun with it…..her name is yenka and she’s a tiefling bc….i wanted….an oni character…….

14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?

huh…HUH WHAT AN INTERESTING QUESTION. i feel like my art subject matter hasn’t change much at all. i used to make a ton of OCs with no backstory or purpose, i just liked designing characters. and now i only draw fanart LOL