she's like the mother he never had tbh

my mystic messenger high school AU!

i wanted to share some headcanons from my high school AU with you guys, so please enjoy!


  • instead of the RFA, everyone is in the schools party planning committee
  • PPC
  • they meet every monday right after school
  • school colors are grey and gold
  • school mascot is badger
  • Seven/Yosung were childhood friends and Jeahee/Jumin/Zen were childhood friends and they all squaded up in middle school
  • MC is a sophomore


  • sophomore (second year) :3
  • childhood friends with Seven
  • he’s that guy who will be like “hehe that test was so easy i feel great about it!”
  • when really he got like a D+
  • him and MC have this really cute thing where they will mess up each others hair all the time, it started on the first day of school when they first met
  • doesnt like to drink but he will if he’s at a party but he’s a whiny drunk
  • navy blue jansport backpack with this LOLOL pin on it
  • brings exrta food to school in case MC forgets their lunch
  • i know this is cannon but he actually never stops gaming
  • PC all the way
  • duties for PPC: hiring a caterer


  • senior! (last year)
  • MAJOR theatre kid
  • skips classes all the time to hang out in the theatre
  • lead of almost every show
  • people either are obsessed with him or hate him there is no in-between
  • Jaehee has been his best friend since they were kids
  • ran away from home in middle school and now lives with his bum uncle whos a drunk and a smoker
  • picked up drinking and smoking from his uncle
  • theatre keeps him too busy for a job, so he sells weed to make money but he only smokes cigs
  • only rides a motorcycle because he cant afford a car
  • takes Jaehee to his senior prom as a thank you for supporting him for all those years
  • duties for PPC: hiring a photographer/decorations


  • junior (third year)
  • drum major of the marching band
  • otherwise, clarinet/oboe
  • taking 6 AP classes out of 7 classes total (the one non AP class is her band period)
  • the busiest high schooler you can imagine
  • “no time for boys”
  • Jumin is her step brother
  • he always pushed them around as kids and he just kind of never grew out of it, although he was way meaner when they were little
  • lives with Jumin but they take separate cars to school and she’s not close with his father at all
  • has had a crush on Zen since she was 6 years old
  • but she pretty much just assumes he doesnt have feelings for her and never says anything
  • he doesnt even find out until his senior year of high school
  • hates spirit week but since Seven and her are in the same grade he always forces her into it
  • duties for PPC: book the venue and handle ticket design


  • senior
  • current head of the party planning committee
  • good student
  • popular af even though the only person he can tolerate at school is Jaehee
  • often picked up from school by a driver, but likes to take his own car every once in awhile
  • freshman year he brought Elizabeth 3rd to school in his backpack
  • cause he was like i dont want her to be alone all day
  • but then Jaehee was like “Jumin, do you really think Elizabeth likes coming to high school? not even we like it, dude”
  • and he was like “yea i guess youre right” :(
  • his father always tries to push C&R responsibilities onto him even though he told his father he doesnt want to work until high school is over
  • but when he gets too busy he makes asks Jaehee to do his homework or take care of Elizabeth
  • duties for PPC: shares decoration responsibilities with Zen, orchestrates ticket sales/ticket handling at the actual dance


  • junior
  • always at school, never in class
  • always cuts class in the same abandoned computer room
  • in the storage closet of this room, he moved a bunch of his own personal equipment in and made his own little place he could do hacking from at school
  • drives a fancy ass sports car to school everyday
  • A’s in all his classes even though he never shows up
  • works for google (probably something in tech support but it basically takes up all of his free time)
  • lives alone
  • dont worry, Seven has reasons to push MC away in my AU too
  • (this is also still kind of fuzzy but basically) Seven suffers from depression and it causes him to lash out at people close to him, which is why he decided to leave his family and live alone
  • “i’m dangerous” would be him saying to MC that he’s afraid he’ll lash out at them, so he tries to keep his distance
  • really bad at mario kart
  • really good at all other video games
  • spirit week is so important to this boy
  • he doesnt even know the rules of football but he’ll paint his face and go to every game with Yoosung and just scream “sports” the whole time
  • duties for PPC: anything tech-wise they need, hires a DJ, and no one asks but for every party Seven sets up a photo booth
  • once Seven hired himself as the DJ and i swear everyone thought Jumin was going to actually kill him

  • college frashman
  • forced into expensive out-of-country school by Rika
  • has a lot of student debt because of it
  • works like 6 jobs so he can never call or visit
  • everyone resents him for it cause they dont understand his situation
  • Yoosung hates him because he feels like he let Rika abandon him by going to college in another country
  • calls Seven every once in awhile

Saeran (still developing this tbh)

  • junior
  • resents Seven because when Seven moved away he moved to a better neighborhood
  • so Saeran had to grow up in a poor, sketchy neighborhood by himself
  • probably has grillz of some sort idk
  • his mother wasnt abusive, but she could never hold down a job and got drunk a lot
  • when Seven first moved away Saeran was all weak and got beat up all the time
  • but then he got hard af
  • probably been suspended from school
  • has to work some crappy fast-food job to feed him and his mother
  • and probably pay rent too
  • he’s known where Seven’s living for awhile but never visited him because he didnt want to leave his mother all alone
  • his junior year his mom gets a boyfriend and moves in with him
  • and Saeran as like “where the fuck am i supposed to go”
  • and his mom is like “how about you move in with your rich ass brother”
  • so, feeling once again abandoned but having nowhere else to go, Saeran moves in with Seven halfway through their junior year


  • college freshman
  • ran for student council president when she was a sophomore
  • didnt win and was bitter AF
  • so she blackmailed the student council prez into letting her take over the branch of the student council that planned school dances
  • and thats how she started the PPC
  • went to an out-of-country school and dragged V with her
  • she was all like “i’m sick of this shit town”
  • and V was like “but what about all of our friends?”
  • and she was like “fuck them i need a change of scenery”
  • smh


  • he’s MC’s guidance counselor
  • but the PPC is like tight with him
  • cause Seven, through hacking, found some shit Vanderwood was trying to hide from the principal
  • so to keep Seven quiet he lets the entire PPC cut class in his office whenever they want

thats it for now! still developing some parts a bit. it you have any questions/requests regarding this, please message me! c:


new silly headcanon!

Mizuki gets an Allmate. It’s a female, black pug. She wears a spike collar and is rather silly-looking tbh. But the best part though is that she has the personality of a nagging mother. She’ll snap at Mizuki when he gets home late or leave things a mess and she’ll tidy things up when Mizuki’s not home. Mizuki just calls her Mom.

Mizuki will act like it really annoys him and his excuse that he couldn’t get the allmate’s personality off of ‘mom mode’ so he has to put up with her. But really, he likes having her around because he never really had a mom that cared about him, so having an allmate that does is really nice.

The fact that he calls his pug “mom” confuses Aoba and Koujaku, but his teammates grew fond of the idea too so they also started calling her mom as well. Sometimes Mizuki’s teammates will talk about how cute the pug is and Mizuki’s like “guYS STOP HITTING ON MY MOM” and they’ll laugh.

Also she’ll bite on your pant leg if you don’t take off your shoes in the house. Then when you do, she’ll line your shoes up neatly at the door. Best.


hello kittens ~
as the title say today I am here to speak clearly about something and say my opinion because I am sick and tired of it, yesterday I had a discussion with some people and I noticed that really this fandom is falling apart, there are like 2 sides and let’s call them “pro Yui” and “against Yui”. So as the name says there are people that appreciate Yui but even people that are neutral (don’t care about her) and then there are those people that totally hate her, like if she did something wrong to them in real such as killing someone etc but the problem is not that actually, everyone can think whatever he/her wants about Yui (tbh I am neutral) but nope, some people can’t understand it and even if they say “I don’t care what other people say about her, I dislike her and stop” they actually don’t do that and go purposely to provocate Yui fans insulting them giving them bad nicknames such as “Yuitards” and saying that all the Yui fans are dumb and nothing like her, but actually Yui that you want it or not is officially a character of Diabolik Lovers, all the merchandise speaks clearly, if she wasn’t a character she wouldn’t have all the merchandise she actually have instead of the mothers for example, they are kinda irrelevant tbh because their role was just to give birth to the Sakamaki and ruin their childhood, yeah because this is what happened and speaking about that I have something to say, I can’t see any points in the fact that Ayato can love his mother because she just ruined his childhood, he wanted to be like the other kids and play, but he wasn’t able to because his mother was making pressure on him because he had to be the #1, he never received love from his mother like all the other brothers, and a mother should give love to their children, but those mothers were psychopats and selfish, so all the brothers are not used to be loved and going back to Ayato when he met Yui he saw someone that could give him something that he never had, love and real love, not sex, she is careful, sweet and kind and even if they are monsters she keep staying on their sides because she think that she can find something good in them, so even if at first they all were seeing here just like a toy or a blood bag going on they started to understand that she was something more than that, so stop saying that Yui is useless because she have an important role in the game and it’s to find the good side in all of them, yeah I know that some of you will say “but they are do-s vampires, not kind and sweet” that’s true, I agree, but she gave them that love that they never had from their mothers, because they all had a tough past without affection from none they also grow up hating each other because of their mothers, so clearly Ayato doesn’t love his mother for what she was and he will never do it, he just hate her because of what she did, and appreciate just her blood because it makes him feel stronger since her blood is pure so he crave for Yui not because she just remind him of his mother, but because she have her blood and that’s all that matters for him, then as I said, going on he started to feel something for her, as all the brothers, so don’t believe when people say that Ayato just love his mother and none else, because Ayato Laito and Kanato doesn’t mean anything to her, she just “cared” about them because they are the proof that she was with Karl and they are his sons also, because she only and just loved him, none else even if they were just an experiment of him, so I want you all to open your eyes and understand what really is the truth because it’s hella annoying to see that people that can’t understand Japanese so have an own idea about the game believe in what some people say to be the truth when clearly it’s so wrong, you are manipulated by words that are wrong, words that are changed from the real truth because don’t believe in all the translations you see around, a lot of them can be manipulated by the translators because they change the original dialogues adding personal opinion that will change the original plot, I will end this saying that you can ship whoever you want with whoever you want (straight couples or gay couples it doesn’t matter) but don’t force people to believe that your otp is canon and what they ship is wrong, because DL is made in a way that there are no canon otp and you can be free to ship whatever you want so please stop with bullshits and let’s live in this fandom as civil people without forcing etc everyone can have an own opinion don’t insult or attack who thinks differently from you and don’t say that you respect people’s tastes when clearly you don’t because as I said before you purposely go to provocate them, don’t complain about being bullied when you are clearly searching for it

peace, have a nice day you all ~

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BK fans lost me when they started shitting on Damon like Kai is some angel. I was like slow your rolls bitches, don't come for Damon. A lot of them are wayyy too negative as well, always in the Bamon tags talking shit about how Plec won't let Bamon happen but she'll let BK happen I'm like did you not see her tweet she's not here for BK. I will say this I think Plec does ship BD on the down low, when she talks about them in her interviews she all heart eyes and smiley.

This will be kind of long.

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