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Took forever, but I finally finished Moon’s completely revamped character reference sheet! I can’t believe she’s already three years old…she’s grown so much since I first drew her as the unofficial Gemsona-HQ mascot. It’s definitely an ego boost to see how much my art’s improved when comparing this to her old ref sheet. (Please full-view, and please don’t repost / pin)

A quick introduction to Moon for those who don’t know her (and for those who haven’t seen her in a while): she’s not much of a talker; she likes listening and observing before speaking or taking action. Moon’s huge fan of the Lunar Sea Spire, exploration, and sweet bread, but she’s not so big on unnecessary violence or hostility. She typically tries to avoid fights if she can, but she’ll always try to step in if someone needs her help. What she lacks in physical strength she makes up for in skill- Moon can manipulate gravity! She relies almost exclusively on this ability in-battle, often making her crescent chakram ’orbit’ her during a fight so enemies can’t get too close. Because of her unique ability, Moon was assigned to a Gem-controlled / neutral planet with Star Sunstone to assist with tasks like Kindergarten growth and exploration. She spent long periods of time away from Homeworld, so she had more room to form her own beliefs and values than other Gems living under the strict rule of their home-planet. Moon managed to keep her freedom and remain more or less neutral longer than most Gems during the Rebellion thanks to her cautious and patient nature, but at a price. Her eventual desertion of the Homeworld was pretty rough. 

Just to be clear- Moon doesn’t have two gemstones, she has two halves of a whole Rainbow Moonstone gem! Her physical form is split between them. 

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Harry talking w fionn about you and he realize that he likes u as more than a friend xx

“You sure you don’t like her?”

“It’s not like that, Fionn.  How many times’ve I got to tell you?”

“Well… its just…”

Harry can feel his face turning red. “What? S’just what?”

“Nothing.  Just the way you look at her.  That’s all.”

“What?! How… what do you mean the way I look at her? How do I look at her?”

“Like she hung the moon and the stars.”

“She’s pretty.  Can’t help it.”

“I don’t look at her that way, mate.”

And Harry wants to be mad.  He really does.  But he know Fionn’s not wrong.  “Whatever.  I’m–”

“And she makes you laugh harder than I’ve ever seen you laugh before.  When I’m around you two I just can’t help but to be happy, because I know you’re both happy together.  Does that make sense?”

And of course it does, but Harry isn’t going to be so quick to admit to that.  Instead, he just scoffs and shakes his head.  “You’re mental, Fionn.”

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ok look i love toffee but people gotta stop discrediting moon like she’s the character who went through the most shit in the series thus far. she lost her mom. she lost her childhood. she lost her freedom to transition into a queen. she was forced to become queen at a young age. she’s constantly judged by her family for marrying someone she loves because the man is the only one who gives her some sort of emotional support + balance in her life. she lies to her people to make them feel safe in a kingdom with borders that aren’t safe at all. she’s prejudiced towards monsters because her mother’s death traumatized her mentally and she’s slowly developing out of her racism. she might be racist but she admits she’s wrong when she discovers that some monsters are only protecting their children the same way she’s protecting her daughter. she made the choice to abandon her husband who she loves to protect her daughter. she chose to sacrifice her kingdom because she doesn’t want what happened to her happen to star even if she’s willing to lay her own life down for her child. she legitimately lost her daughter even if it was only for a moment she still witnessed her daughter die before her eyes. moon lost everything and she never gave the fuck up. it’s great that star eliminated toffee, but moon should’ve been the one to punch his lights out. so don’t tell me she missed. she didn’t miss all those decades ago, ok? she made her first decision as queen, and despite paying for the consequences of her actions in the present she still continues to fight and stand. do not discredit the queen.


Maybe a relationship is just two idiots who don’t know a damn thing except the fact that they’re willing to figure it out together.


twilight saga meme: [2/5] quotes → new moon, page 534

“This is not the life I would have chosen for myself. I wish there had been someone to vote no for me.”

The Fate of Pink Diamond

Everyone is posting their theories on who shattered Pink Diamond. I’ve seen it going every direction: Yellow Diamond did it; White Diamond did it; Pearl did it. And while I’m a big believer that Pearl was, at the VERY least, involved in her shattering, I also have an alternate theory.

Consistently, whenever Pink Diamond’s demise has been mentioned–in her presence–Pearl has always shown great distress. At first I assumed it was grief; if you subscribe the the theory that Pearl belonged to Pink Diamond, it might be caused by any residual feelings she might have about her Diamond. Perhaps it has been because the act has ruined Rose’s name or because of how Steven found out.

We don’t know why, but Pearl has always shown great duress whenever Pink Diamond’s shattering is brought up.

The Crystal Gem rebellion was only as successful as it was in great part due to Rose’s healing abilities. So long as they weren’t shattered, she could bring her comrades back from mortal injury with her tears. It’s very likely that, particularly during the early stages of the rebellion, that their chances were dismally low.

Lots of people have pointed out that only a diamond can break a diamond, which has been one of the big reasons why people believe Pink was shattered by another diamond. The only problem is why? We’ve seen that Yellow, though she manages her grief well, is still very torn up by the loss of Pink Diamond.

Though she was hasty in The Trial and most of her actions could easily be perceived as an attempt to cover up her own part in the shattering of Pink Diamond, Yellow has never been a patient gem. She is quick to anger and though she may keep a calm facade, she has always been quick to lash out.

In Message Received, even when Peridot is still obeying respectful protocols, when she tries to convince Yellow to abort the Cluster and preserve the Earth she lays into Peridot. 

This is before Peridot outright disobeys her orders and calls her diamond a clod. She probably would have given Peridot the same treatment she gave the Zircons if she had been physically present. I really don’t believe Yellow had anything to do with what happened to Pink Diamond.

A lot of people have been concerned by White Diamond’s failure to appear at the trial of the gem who was believed to have killed Pink Diamond. It is very suspicious, especially since we know nothing of White Diamond. We only have the very barest of ideas of what she looks like because of the murals on the moon base.

We of course see something of her likeness on Homeworld.

Blue Zircon mentioned during The Trial that Rose Quartz had already been an established threat for a few hundred years. This means that Pink Diamond wasn’t shattered until a few hundred years after the start of the rebellion.

What if the Crystal Gems were losing the war? What if they needed something to turn the tide in their favor? What if they could get their hands on a bargaining chip? In the early stages of the rebellion, there likely weren’t many gems on Rose’s side. It seems possible that, even during the events of The Answer, that Rose and Pearl were the only rebel gems. After all, if they wanted to wage an assault against Blue Diamond and her court, wouldn’t they want to bring more than two gems?

What if they knew they didn’t stand a chance? So they wanted to level the playing field. If only a diamond can shatter a diamond, it’s unlikely that Rose or Pearl would have been able to deal the killing blow. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t destroy a diamond’s physical form.

What if Pearl and/or Rose managed to destroy Pink Diamond’s physical form and took her gem? What if they brought her gem to the diamonds and turned the war into a hostage negotiation? Pink Diamond could be safely returned but only if Homeworld abandoned the Earth. This doesn’t seem like too desperate a tactic, especially if there are only two gems standing against the might of their planet.

What if they tried to bargain with White Diamond? A diamond’s life for a single planet seems like a fair trade. But what if White Diamond wasn’t willing to negotiate. What if White Diamond forsake Pink Diamond, shattering her when her gem was put up for ransom?

After all, we’ve seen a mural depicting a gem of a very great visual similarity to White once before. A mural illustrating Rose Quartz standing before White Diamond, holding something very pink and diamond-shaped between them. All while White Diamond lashes out.

Maybe the reason Pearl gets upset at the mention of Pink Diamond is because they never meant to shatter her; but it was because of their actions that she was shattered at all.