she's like the mom coming home to the kids lol

Chris Evans Fic: Mom's Day Off

Anonymous request :)

Chris being at home with the kids cos his wife is taking a me day. Imagine him at home stressed with their young children like baby/toddlers and his wife comes home and he’s incredibly grateful to her and doesn’t know how she does it, like house and babies and chores and all the mommy stuff. I just have this image in my head of him dropping to his knees and kissing her stomach begging her to never leave him and telling her how amazing she is lol.


The day had been positively blissful after a few months of feeling like you hadn’t stopped. Chris had been away - like completely different continent and time zone away - filming for a few months and you’d stayed at home with the kids. You were a writer so the arrangement usually fell this way, simply because it was easier for you to either work from home or, if completely necessary, take some time out from writing.

Plus, there was a deep rooted part of you that actually really loved being the stay-at-home mom. That’s not to say you didn’t enjoy your job, of course you did, but you considered yourself one of the luckiest women on the planet that you managed to get exactly the best of both worlds.

So, for the last few months, you’d been managing school and extra curricular schedules, three meals a day, dog walks, weekend trips, bed times, bath times, ensuring all your relatives on both sides had sufficient visits from their grandchildren/nephews/nieces/cousins, and you’d also been in the middle of working towards one of the biggest deadlines of your life whilst trying to synchronise time with Chris so that you could talk and catch up, and just see his face, even if it was over a screen.

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