she's like the famous version of all of us

Anon Request: Could you do Junkrat finding out that his fem s/o used to be the drummer and lead female singer for a heavy metal band in high school and that she gave up an opportunity to be a famous drummer/singer to be in Overwatch?

So, this turned into a reaction thing since it’s late, but I also wanted to finish all of my requests. Here you go, anon, and I hope you like this! If you have any questions, message me.


• It’d start with a video on the internet. A video that featured a much younger version of you with hair dyed a multitude of colors and a look that made his heart skip.

• When he saw you again, he’d ask you to sing for him. You’d give him an odd look and shook your head.

• He’d steal an old drum set and bring it to you, asking you to play for him.

• That’s when you’d ask about it and why he was so persistent to hear you.

• He’d admit to finding the video, and you’d probably get super embarrassed, claiming that was a different time. You had given up that life to be a hero.

• He still wouldn’t stop until he heard you play/sing.

• If you did give in, he’d sit down and watch with a smile on his face. He’d be so giddy to see you rock out and return to that moment in your life where you were so carefree and wild.

• After that, he would never stop asking to hear you again. He finds it wonderful and fascinating and absolutely amazing to see a different side to you.