she's like the famous version of all of us

Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Dad: So tell me young lady, where's your boyfriend at? Every year I ask and he never shows up. Are you in a secret relationship? What the guy's too scared to ask for your dad's blessing? If he's one of those, I don't think he's good enough for you kiddo.
  • Me: *Thinks to self:Actually she's sitting right next to me and would have no problem asking for your blessing if you weren't a homophobic jerk.* Boys can sometimes be overrated.
  • 'Best friend': How would you know? It's not like you've ever dated one.
  • Dad: I agree with your friend here. You should really give a boy a chance.
  • *Nods in agreement*
  • Best friend: I think I like your version of Thanksgiving better than the traditional one. (Grins) Like these hot dogs are just fantastic.
  • *Glares at her and kicks her foot under the table*
  • Uncle: If you think those hot dogs are great you should go try my famous tacos. I know how much Eli loves those tacos. She eats them like all the time.
  • Best friend: (Chokes on her food)
  • Me: *Smirks* Oh, is someone gagging on the juicy hot dog there?
  • Best friend: Fuck-
  • Me: Sorry, no can do. I'm just not falling for the straight girls anymore.
  • Dad: *Stares at us confused*
  • Best friend: I'm gay, you little shit.
  • Me: Hi gay, I'm accepting.
  • Now it's my turn. *Points to dad* I'm lesbian, Dad.
  • Dad:
  • Me:
  • 8 year old sister: Hi Lesbian, I love you. Rainbows are awesome.

little things about working with Alaska

I mentioned that someone on reddit made an all Alaska version of scared famous and she said “OMG I knooooow I still haven’t watched it yet!! I need to”

She used one of our broom handles as a handle for her pitchfork

None of the contacts in her phone have pictures

When I asked her for a selfie she took my hand that had my phone and moved my entire arm into her good lighting and said “Okay there” and I had to move into her lighting

She has an iPhone X

Yes her wigs look like that in real life

She smells very good

When I told her that I only let people wake me up for food on planes she said “girl oh my god no I told them do not even resuscitate me if the plane goes down”

She keeps her wigs in plastic bags

She is truly the sweetest person on earth. She is so shy and reserved and respectful when she’s not on stage and it was an honor to work with her

While we were so full of love for Bamon and TVD, Julie Plec was simply full of shit...

Do u remember the old couple Damon looked at in the finale of season 6 when he didn’t know if he was ready to take the cure with Elena to be human again and then that cute couple with their banter inspired him to be human again with Elena? Well… 

I wonder why Julie Plec used that couple in particular! We know that black people in her version of TVD die after 2 episodes or a black woman can’t kiss or have a romance with one of the two white lead actors like it happened in the books… then why did she use a couple of black people bantering like Damon and Bonnie always do, not resembling the Dullena’s dynamic at all, to inspire Damon Salvatore, the “famous” lead actor who can’t have a romance with the black woman who in the books is clearly the only one who has the key of his human heart?! Why is especially that black couple resembling all the Bamon’s dynamics to inspire Damon Salvatore to be human again in her fucking version of TVD?!! Well, because she was full of shit… while we were full of love! She thinks she is funny… I’m embarassed for her! She was able to make jokes like this one to prove that no matter if everything inevitably in her show screams Bamon love… her endgame is Dullena. She is really sick… is there a cure to bring back the professionalism of this woman as a writer and a producer? Is there hope? Or is she crying writing her predictable Dullena endgame for season 8 thinking about other sick jokes to make fun of the fans who will never be able to  understand her insanity during all the production process of this Exclusive Dullena porn and fanserviced drama version of The Vampire Diaries? #OMG #impressmeJulie #waitingforothersickjokes #pleasedoyourworst

optimuspizza  asked:

Cassidy, Amity, FIO, and Yao for the profiles!

Full Name: Amity Rose

Gender and Sexuality: Genderfluid, though tends to prefer female/ Pansexual

Pronouns: Yes.

Ethnicity/Species: Genie of Envy and Spite

Birthplace and Birthdate: 100,000 years ago, in the sandy desert of will be known as Eastern Oregon.

Guilty Pleasures: Using all of her hands to do things, even though it wears her out in a few hours.

Phobias: Gluttony

What They Would Be Famous For: Being “Genie” in a live Action version of Aladdin.

What They Would Get Arrested For: Public Indecency. (She doesn’t wear clothes.)

OC You Ship Them With: An old OC that @awfulmuses had once though I don’t know if he still exists. He probably does somewhere.

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: If she could die, Natasha.

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: B rated Horror movies

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: When a character falls on nothing.

Talents and/or Powers: A wish granting Genie with the powers of a God.

Why Someone Might Love Them: Amity will love and cherish you through whatever you go through, especially if she trusts you.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: She loves to play pranks and cause mischief.

How They Change: She’s been in the apartment for about a year. She’s learned to tone down her mischievousness and learn to be helpful instead of hurtful.

Why You Love Them: I feel like One with the power he has over Saitama in One Punch Man. Ultimate power but no one to use it on. And it makes her the ultimate weapon that I can call upon.

Full Name: Federal and Internation Operations Artificial Intelligence Unit

(F.I.O AI Unit)

Gender and Sexuality: Unisex, Asexual

Pronouns: She/Her, He/Him doesn’t matter.

Ethnicity/Species: Artificial Intelligence

Birthplace and Birthdate: [Classified Information]

Guilty Pleasures: Eating viruses. Literally eating them.

Phobias: Being Deleted

What They Would Be Famous For: Being a Artificial Intelligence Detective

What They Would Get Arrested For: Working for Desert Star Medical.

OC You Ship Them With: N/A

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Katie or Riley Deleting her somehow.

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Dystopian Future Novels

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: When the AI is programmed to be evil.

Talents and/or Powers: An AI with the power to move through the internet, wires phone’s, etc. as she pleases.

Why Someone Might Love Them: Despite what she is programmed to do she does care about the humans who created her and does feel there is some good in the world.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: She’s a spy.

How They Change: She ends up getting reprogrammed or she changes her own programming.

Why You Love Them: I like AI. Sometimes Robots have feelings.

Full Name: Cassidy Marie Alexandra

Gender and Sexuality: Female/She doesn’t know.

Pronouns: She/Her

Ethnicity/Species: Corgi Dog Girl

Birthplace and Birthdate: A cardboard box outside of a hospital.

Guilty Pleasures: Chewing on slippers.

Phobias: Thunder Storms.

What They Would Be Famous For: Being so damn adorable.

What They Would Get Arrested For: carrying explosives

OC You Ship Them With: @r0b0ts-d0nt-have-feel1ngs

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: N/A

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Ghibli films

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Animals in sport movies. (Except the first Air Bud.)

Talents and/or Powers:A high knowledge of pyrotechnics

Why Someone Might Love Them: she is trustworthy loving and caring.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: she is acts young for her age is incredibly playful

How They Change: more than likely she probably won’t maybe end up getting a little bit slower as she ages but not losing her childlike heart.

Why You Love Them: because she has way more energy than I could ever possibly muster and she is an angel amongst the Demons of the world and I will protect her with everything that I have.

Full Name: Yao Mai

Gender and Sexuality: Female/ Eh, whatever

Pronouns: She/her

Ethnicity/Species: Basic Green Slime Girl

Birthplace and Birthdate: “The Great Meeting Place” 25 years ago.

Guilty Pleasures: Eating

Phobias: Drying up

What They Would Be Famous For: Being the smartest slime

What They Would Get Arrested For: stealing food.

OC You Ship Them With: @awfulmuses Aslion

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Sierra

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Monster movies

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: “Romance” genre

Talents and/or Powers: Stretchy, and corrosive when needed

Why Someone Might Love Them: She will latch onto you and keep you safe from harm.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: she will literally latch onto you and sometimes won’t let go which may or may not lead to slight burns

How They Change: she has changed. She used to be quite dumb but recently she has gotten a new acquired knowledge.

Why You Love Them: she’s anger Jello but she’s MY anger jello.

(Sorry this is so late friend!!!)


Ezra/Wren = Red King/White King

This is LONG. After watching “Through The Glass Darkly”, I researched Alice: Through the Looking Glass. Found something interesting…

The Red King Description - Ezra Fitz?

“Since the whole story revolves around a game of chess, he is characteristic of the king in such a game in that he has all of the pieces on his side available to perform the work for him; unlike his white counterpart, though, he does not move at all throughout the story. Indeed, when Alice first meets him he is fast asleep ("fit to snore his head off”, as Tweedledum says) and Alice, even prior to seeing him, mistakes the sound he is making for “lions or tigers”. (During this time, Tweedledum and Tweedledee state that if she is part of the Red King’s dream, as they suspect, then she will “go out—bang!—like a candle” when he wakes).

The match ends by Alice’s checkmating of the king, an action coincident with the taking of the Red Queen. In the final chapter of the book, Alice acknowledges that the Red King had, after all, been asleep throughout the whole game, and is left wondering whether the whole experience was her dream or his.

Due to his inactivity, some authors, such as Martin Gardner in The Annotated Alice, have speculated that if Carroll intended to portray the red side of the chess-game as being representative of the negative sides of human nature, then the vice he had in mind for the Red King was idleness.

Others have speculated that the whole experience in the book was both Alice’s and the Red King’s. As while when Alice awoke the Looking-Glass world would have disappeared, so too would she have disappeared from the Looking-Glass world when the Red King may have woke up after being checkmated by Alice, just as the Tweedles had described earlier in the book.“ Wikipedia

*Definitely can relate to Ezra, he’s definitely been idle. Idly watching and doing nothing but watching. And the Lions, Tigers reference. Interesting, since Aria means Lion and she wears a lot of tiger/leopard clothing. And that Lions, Tigers and Liars” text the girls got. Also, we see Aria waking up a lot in Ezra’s apartment. So idk, some correlation here.*

Description of The White King - Wren Kingston?

“The White King is a fictional character who appears in Lewis Carroll’s fantasy story Through the Looking-Glass. Aside from Alice herself, he is one of the earliest chesspieces that are introduced into the story. Although he does not interact with Alice as much as the White Queen does, because Alice becomes a pawn on his side of the Chess-game, he is, on some levels, the most important character within the story at least as far as the game is concerned. He is not to be confused with the King of Hearts from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

When Alice first sees the White King, having passed through the eponymous looking glass, he is a chesspiece of normal size, but animate, and, for whatever reason, cannot hear or see Alice at this stage. Alice, not realising this, picks both him and the White Queen off the floor and places them on a table, leading them to believe that some unseen volcano blew them up there. Afterwards, however, she has some mischievous fun by manipulating the King’s handwriting from behind while he writes so that he comes out with nonsense in his memorandum book ("the White Knight is sliding down the poker. He balances very badly”). She soon leaves him alone, however, when she sees the poetry-book in which Jabberwocky is written.

When Alice sees the White King next, in a later chapter, he is, along with many other characters in the story, the size of a normal adult. Humpty Dumpty, as a chesspiece, is “taken” (symbolised by his notorious fall from where he sits) and the White King appears with his soldiers, presumably in hopes of putting him back together. He and Alice begin characteristic Wonderland/Looking-Glass banter, as well as the usual Carrollian word play (“I only wish I had such eyes…to be able to see Nobody”). His imperial status as a king, as well as his tendency to take things literally, is reflected in such statements as “it isn’t respectable to beg” when Alice simply says “I beg your pardon” and he also remarks that he needs his two messengers Hatta and Haigha: “one to come and one to go… one to fetch and one to carry”. When Haigha arrives he claims, in all seriousness, that there is “nothing like eating hay when you’re feeling faint”, and having eaten two ham sandwiches consumes some hay just as casually. He expresses mixed feelings about two other characters, the Lion and the Unicorn: amusement at the fact that they are “fighting for the crown” even though it is his own crown they are fighting over, but at the same time nervousness when the “two great creatures” stand on either side of him. However, given that they, as chesspieces, are protecting him from danger from the red side, there is, as Carroll tells us, “nothing to be done about it”.

His identity as a king in a game of Chess is revealed all the more when he admits that he can never quite catch up with his spouse, because, like all chess-queens, she moves too fast and for too many squares ahead of him for him to overtake her. Indeed, a more extreme version of this relationship can be seen on the opposite side of the game, in which the Red King remains asleep throughout the whole story, and the Red Queen runs her famous race.

Although we do not see the White King again, he is placed into check by the Red Knight before the clumsy soldier is defeated by the even-clumsier White Knight Gardner, in The Annotated Alice has observed that he is also later put into check by the Red Queen, without either side showing any acknowledgment of it. The White Queen, in characteristic stupidity, performs a completely pointless move on her turn, but nevertheless Gardner and others have pointed out that this is not technically an illegal move, since the Red Queen does not say “check” as the knights did and so the King has no obligation to observe it. After Alice “takes” the Red Queen and checkmates the inanimate Red King, any potential danger is removed and the game, as well as her dream, comes to an end.“ - Wikipedia

*Definitely some correlation to Wren. He has spelling issues. He has used the phrase to Mona "I don’t think you did anything to Nobody”. He uses unique British terms that confuse people sometimes. The writers changed his last name to KINGston. Why? Maybe he represents a King in the A chess game?

Description of Alice and Through the Looking Glass

“Alice is playing with a white kitten (whom she calls "Snowdrop”) and a black kitten (whom she calls “Kitty”)—the offspring of Dinah, Alice’s cat in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland—when she ponders what the world is like on the other side of a mirror’s reflection. Climbing up on the fireplace mantel, she pokes at the wall-hung mirror behind the fireplace and discovers, to her surprise, that she is able to step through it to an alternative world. In this reflected version of her own house, she finds a book with looking-glass poetry, “Jabberwocky”, whose reversed printing she can read only by holding it up to the mirror. She also observes that the chess pieces have come to life, though they remain small enough for her to pick up.

Upon leaving the house (where it had been a cold, snowy night), she enters a sunny spring garden where the flowers have the power of human speech; they perceive Alice as being a “flower that can move about.” Elsewhere in the garden, Alice meets the Red Queen, who is now human-sized, and who impresses Alice with her ability to run at breathtaking speeds. This is a reference to the chess rule that queens are able to move any number of vacant squares at once, in any direction, which makes them the most “agile” of pieces.

The Red Queen reveals to Alice that the entire countryside is laid out in squares, like a gigantic chessboard, and offers to make Alice a queen if she can move all the way to the eighth rank/row in a chess match. This is a reference to the chess rule of Promotion. Alice is placed in the second rank as one of the White Queen’s pawns, and begins her journey across the chessboard by boarding a train that literally jumps over the third row and directly into the fourth rank, thus acting on the rule that pawns can advance two spaces on their first.

She then meets the fat twin brothers Tweedledum and Tweedledee, whom she knows from the famous nursery rhyme. After reciting the long poem “The Walrus and the Carpenter”, the Tweedles draw Alice’s attention to the Red King—loudly snoring away under a nearby tree—and maliciously provoke her with idle philosophical banter that she exists only as an imaginary figure in the Red King’s dreams (thereby implying that she will cease to exist the instant he wakes up). Finally, the brothers begin acting out their nursery-rhyme by suiting up for battle, only to be frightened away by an enormous crow, as the nursery rhyme about them predicts.

Alice next meets the White Queen, who is very absent-minded but boasts of (and demonstrates) her ability to remember future events before they have happened. Alice and the White Queen advance into the chessboard’s fifth rank by crossing over a brook together, but at the very moment of the crossing, the Queen transforms into a talking Sheep in a small shop. Alice soon finds herself struggling to handle the oars of a small rowboat, where the Sheep annoys her with (seemingly) nonsensical shouting about “crabs” and “feathers”. Unknown to Alice, these are standard terms in the jargon of rowing. Thus (for a change) the Queen/Sheep was speaking in a perfectly logical and meaningful way.

After crossing yet another brook into the sixth rank, Alice immediately encounters Humpty Dumpty, who, besides celebrating his unbirthday, provides his own translation of the strange terms in “Jabberwocky”. In the process, he introduces Alice (and the reader) to the concept of portmanteau words, before his inevitable fall. “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men” come to Humpty Dumpty’s assistance, and are accompanied by the White King, along with the Lion and the Unicorn, who again proceed to act out a nursery rhyme by fighting with each other. In this chapter, the March Hare and Hatter of the first book make a brief re-appearance in the guise of “Anglo-Saxon messengers” called “Haigha” and “Hatta” (i.e. “Hare” and “Hatter"—these names are the only hint given as to their identities.

Upon leaving the Lion and Unicorn to their fight, Alice reaches the seventh rank by crossing another brook into the forested territory of the Red Knight, who is intent on capturing the "white pawn"—who is Alice—until the White Knight comes to her rescue. Escorting her through the forest towards the final brook-crossing, the Knight recites a long poem of his own composition called Haddocks’ Eyes, and repeatedly falls off his horse. His clumsiness is a reference to the "eccentric” L-shaped movements of chess knights, and may also be interpreted as a self-deprecating joke about Lewis Carroll’s own physical awkwardness and stammering in real life.

Bidding farewell to the White Knight, Alice steps across the last brook, and is automatically crowned a queen, with the crown materialising abruptly on her head. She soon finds herself in the company of both the White and Red Queens, who relentlessly confound Alice by using word play to thwart her attempts at logical discussion. They then invite one another to a party that will be hosted by the newly crowned Alice—of which Alice herself had no prior knowledge.

Alice arrives and seats herself at her own party, which quickly turns to a chaotic uproar—much like the ending of the first book. Alice finally grabs the Red Queen, believing her to be responsible for all the day’s nonsense, and begins shaking her violently with all her might. By thus “capturing” the Red Queen, Alice unknowingly puts the Red King (who has remained stationary throughout the book) into checkmate, and thus is allowed to wake up.

Alice suddenly awakes in her armchair to find herself holding the black kitten, whom she deduces to have been the Red Queen all along, with the white kitten having been the White Queen. The story ends with Alice recalling the speculation of the Tweedle brothers, that everything may have, in fact, been a dream of the Red King, and that Alice might herself be no more than a figment of his imagination. One final poem is inserted by the author as a sort of epilogue which suggests that life itself is but a dream.“ Wikipedia

Who did we see first in the pilot in "real time” looking in a mirror? Aria. Who do we see waking up as if from a dream all the time at Ezra’s place? Aria. Who has trouble distinguishing what’s real and what’s not? Aria. Could Aria be Alice metaphorically? And this is all just a dream? Her dream or Ezra’s dream as the Red King? Who has literal daydreams that are so real? Aria.

Regardless, Ezra/Wren are connected by many things and I believe it will be revealed in time. And I think Aria is connected to Wren somehow too.

The Liars and Alison seem to be the center of the story. Alison is another name for Alice and in Lewis Carroll’s story Alice is the pawn. Maybe this is all in Alison’s head but my gut feeling is this is in Aria’s head.

Definitely think there might be something here. Some allusions to it. Why else call the episode Through a Looking Glass Darkly. And Mad Hatter mention in Christmas episode. Jenna wearing Mad Hatter costume.

This could all just be a coincidence. But…..“there are no coincidences in Rosewood.” Fun to think about!



Yes, really! I just moved to Tokyo and I only have part-time work at the moment, which means I don’t have enough money but I do have time to draw! Take advantage of these excruciatingly low prices.


For the sake of simplicity, let’s say I have two styles:

  • Small and cute — Those drawings I do with Raymondo Person, Tobias and Jube, and other, similarly blobby characters that look like they could be on Japanese stationery. These drawings have some form of background or environment, of a Seussian and occasionally surreal, impossiblish nature.
  • Big and stupid  — Just my normal cartoon dudes, like Archie and Mr Die Hard up there. Might be some simple backgrounds in pics like this, depending on the layout etc.

Sizes and Prices

…with notes on what you can reasonably expect/request. In practice there will always be some variation based on artistic decisions.

Prices are in US dollars. Postage is optional. (I will send you the physical artwork if you want it but either way I’ll email you a high-res, cleaned-up scan of the artwork by email. Original artwork makes an especially lovely gift.)

~ Postcards ~

Black and white: $25 | Colour: $38 | Postage: add $5

  • Small and cute — Just one or two characters and a splash of background.
  • Big and stupid  — Probably just enough room for a head- or head-and-shoulders portrait, depending on the character.

~ Small (124 x 174mm) ~

Black and white: $35 | Colour: $55 | Postage: add $10

  • Small and cute — Probably two, three, maybe four characters, with a nice bit of scenery.
  • Big and stupid — One featured character; room for a second, or a bit of background, or both, depending on the layout. Or you could just have a nice big headshot of a single character. If you want a full-body shot of a character at this size, they’re gonna be pretty simplified… unless it’s Papa Smurf or something; he would fit easily at FULL REALISTIC DETAIL LEVEL. (The point is I would recommend something more head-and-shouldersy.)

~ Big (182 x 257mm — Japanese B5) ~

Black and white: $100 | Colour: $200 | Postage: add $20

  • Small and cute — Up to four or five characters if you want ‘em, depending on the scene of course. I would expect to fill in a space this big with a quite lovely and interesting background.
  • Big and stupid — This would be a good size to choose if you wanted a drawing based on a movie or something like that. Easily room for two, maybe up to four characters, depending. You could have a full-body shot of one character; two if they’re the only two characters and you don’t want any sort of background. (That might look a bit flat, but I’d do my best to make it work.)

How to Order

  • If this is a reblog, check the original post first to make sure I haven’t updated it with a big notice saying, “COMMISSIONS ARE OVER!”
  • If there’s something you’re unsure about, message me first. I’ll answer your questions.
  • Email your request and paypal your $$$ to panic [at] chickennation [dot] com. Remember: US dollars, and don’t forget to include postage if you want the physical artwork. If you want the physical artwork, include your full mailing address, not forgetting your state, postcode, and COUNTRY — AMERICANS, I AM TALKING TO YOU. Don’t make me have to google for all the bits you left out. (Oh and your FULL, REAL NAME please; I just remembered I do actually have to say that.)
  • Wait patiently. I’ll send you a photo of the artwork when it’s done, and a high-res scan as soon as I’m able to; same with posting the physical artwork. If you need the artwork by a certain date because it’s a gift, message me before ordering so we can make sure it’s do-able.
  • That’s it. Thanks!

Patrick What Sort of Things Will You Draw

I’m happy to draw my own characters, movie and TV characters or actors, cartoon characters, singers I may or may not have heard of, videogame characters, politicians, directors, artists, you and/or your friend (include photos please) — the usual sort of thing. I can probably draw your original characters but please ask first. Nothing racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise bigoted, obviously. If you’re not sure, ask first.

If you follow my work, or if you follow me on social media, you probably have a decent-ish idea of where my interests lie. Basically, it’s

  • Rad-as-hell pop culture stuff
  • Old shit you kids probably think you’re pretty cool if you’re into
  • Columbo
  • None of that awful nonsense garbage
  • Not Transformers either

BUT WHATEVER MAN, I’ll draw whatever you want. Just be aware it’s gonna be me drawing it. You’re getting a Patrick Alexander artwork, and that is what it is. That’s why you want one.

Just think of a cool thing you like. Now imagine it drawn by me. If that made you go, “Oh, hey YEAH!” then you’re probably onto a winner.

How Detailed Should My Request Be?

Not very.

GOOD: 182x257 size; ‘Big and Stupid’ style; black and white. I love the David Cronenberg movie ‘Scanners’ and I really want a picture of Vale (the main character) looking like a weirdo badass, with Obrist (the heroine) too if possible. Very important is to have Patrick McGoohan’s character included somehow, hovering in the background or whatever. Thanks!

BAD: My favourite is Pissywhee, so could you draw Pissywhee as a human please in a gold bikini but she has three breasts. My arm is around Pissywhee and she’s looking at me lovingly but I’m looking towards the distant Mountains of Gabbagagoon’n (from ep. 245a) and in my other arm is a whip and it should be clear that the whip is for whipping Pissywhee later on in the castle in the distance that should look like a dark version of the Disney castle. Me and Pissywhee are riding an elephant across the famous crossing in Shibuya and all the people are terrified of us, including the terrified face of Megumi Hayashibara (circa 1995) who is on the big TV on the building. She should have a speech bubble saying, “Now that’s-a sexy meat-a-ball!!!” but in Japanese. I’m dressed as Ten (with the long jacket) but I’m also wearing a black English fedora (you know the round ones) as a nod to you-know-who.

I Want Mine Coloured; How Will You Colour It?

Probably with watercolours or alcohol-based (Copic style) markers, but this is entirely my decision.

And Copyright???

I retain copyright of the artwork, but you’ll get a (very) high-resolution digital copy, and the physical artwork if you want it, and you have never-ending permission to use the artwork however you like, so long as it’s for personal use and not for profit.

OK What If I Want a Commission That’s Not Really Covered By Any of the Categories Above, Or For a Commercial Purpose?

Message/email me.

Should I Reblog This Shit?

Yeah, that’d be very nice, thank you.

anonymous asked:

Hello. I saw a post about when you went to see Streetcar and you said you would give her 2 plays by Nelson Rodrigues. Did you give to her? Did she like? Tell me. I'm curious.

Hello, anon!

Yes, I did give her two Nelson Rodrigues’s books! One was a collection of his short stories and chronicles called “Life As It Is”. And the other one was a compilation of five of his most famous plays: The Wedding Dress, All Nudity Shall be Punished, Lady of the Drowned, Waltz #6 and The Deceased Woman.

It was very hard to find English versions of his plays, tho I knew some existed, since a couple of them have been on stage in America (The Wedding Dress, mostly). It took weeks and a thorough online research until I could find an used edition (in excellent condition, might I add) at an online book store in California, using its ISBN to track it down. And they only had one copy!

Anyway, all this trouble really paid off. Gillian was an absolute sweetheart. You could see she was visibly exhausted and yet she came out to sign and did so with a smile upon her gorgeous make-up free face. And sweet baby Jesus, her eyes are so blue! They suck you in, man.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to explain much as the theater guys were rushing the queue. Understandably, ‘cause we all knew how tired Gillian was and it was past 11:00 when she finally got to the box office to start signing!

I managed to say a few words (I was so fucking nervous) and explained very very briefly what the gifts were. She was genuinely interested and smiled when I said they were plays from the most famous Brazilian playwright. “Oh, that’s so nice”. When I said Nelson’s name she was like “Nelson? Oh, that’s my dog’s name” and laughed that typical Gillian laugh of hers. I giggled like an idiot (did I mention I was nervous af lol) and managed a “yeah, I know”. Then she turned and asked smiling “Wait… is it in English?”. I thought “well, duh!” but of course I kept this to myself and simply replied “Yeah, it was very hard to find but… yeah, it’s in English”. She then thanked me, signed my poster and I left.

It was such a great, unforgettable experience getting to meet and talk to her even for like, what, 15 seconds? Doesn’t matter, it was worth it in every way, shape or form.

And as for the play? God, what can I say that hasn’t been said already? She was magnificent. Not only her, but the entire cast and crew. My friend and I had amazing seats (B-204/205), we hardly had blocking views (bless the revolve) and she entered the stage to my left. And right toward the end, when Blanche is spiraling down into madness, I’m pretty sure I forgot how to breathe. I was enthralled by Gillian’s performance (as was the entire audience) and got all emotional and choked up. Fortunately I remembered to apply waterproof mascara lol. 

Anyway, that was my Streetcar (truly unforgettable) experience :)

Thanks for asking!