she's like one of those women that in order to be powerful act like a man

as all my jewish followers and friends know, we have a holiday coming up! the featival of purim is this sunday. purim celebrates hidden miracles and hidden beauty and hidden saviours. there’s a lot of hiding. that’s why we dress up!

i’m aware that the vast majority of gentiles and a lot of jews don’t fully know the story of purim, which is recorded in the scroll of esther, or megillat esther. the megillah’s my favourite story, and has so many amazing midrashim (bit like rabbinical fanfiction) that i study year round. this story, which is the story of how a young jewish woman saved our people from a genocide, has a lot of parallels with our current political situation in the u.s., so i thought now would be a great time to tell the story!

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My Sassenach - Chapter 10

Hello my lovelies! While scrolling through my dash the other day, i came across a gif-set of this interview and it got me thinking. It’s been an age since I posted any fic, so I decided it was just about time.

As always all my other J/C and S/C fics can be found here.

Love at First Sight Isn’t Real

Did she believe in love at first sight? No, of course not. How could she? Such a ridiculous notion. How could one meet a perfect stranger and just instantly love them. Love. Real love? Lust, yes. That answer felt comfortable to her. Safe. True. Obtainable. She had felt instant lust for several people in her life. Sometimes she had acted on it. Other times not. But Love? No, love at first sight didn’t exist.

Except it did.

And now she knew it. Love at first sight snuck up on you. It crept on silent feet, sidelong, so as to prevent you from seeing it coming. It didn’t tap you on the shoulder or whisper in your ear. It didn’t ease you into the idea, giving you time to let it settle and find it’s home. It overtook you in an instant. A literal instant. It consumed you, besieged you until you were inundated with emotions so powerful, so real that you couldn’t even take air into your lungs. The ability to breathe, to think, to respond simply stopped. You were left with only love. Overwhelming, uncontrollable, insistent love. It could be denied. It could. But not for long. She had denied it, when it swept into her life like a tsunami, washing away all the order and organization and control she had spent more than a decade perfecting.

Her life was just how she had meant it to be. The early days were terrifying, stepping off an abyss into a career she hadn’t anticipated, traveling the world in a way she had always wanted but never expected. It wasn’t always an easy life, or a calm one and true, she had experienced setbacks. Money that should have come but didn’t, causing legal pursuits that went nowhere. Relationships that should have progressed but ended instead. She’d had the overall instability of a nomadic existence and it had suited her. She’d had ups and downs, imperfections and messiness, but it all fit within the confines of her expectations. She had found success, had developed a life and a circle of friends so tight that she would never be alone, never without support. Truly, life was good. Even the terrifying and risky change of careers at an age that any expert would tell you was not ideal seemed to fit. It worked. It may have caused temporary unsettled feelings, but it all meshed within the scheme of her controlled and ordered, beautiful and rather exotic existence.

So when she was asked, during a silly game, for another round of promotion whether or not she believed in love at first sight, she panicked. She was well practiced at covering panic, or any other emotion for that matter. As a model there was no room for ‘Caitriona’ on the runway, only sass and sex and skin. That’s what she was paid for and that’s what she had learned to provide. Mastered, really. It was serving her well in this newfound form of fame. She was adept at being ‘Cait’. Just as she had learned what she needed to project on the runway, so she was learning what she had to give as an actress, always laughing, joking, answering endless inane questions on repeat and deflecting those that veered too close, with a grace and charm that she was finally old enough to admit came naturally to her. She was made for this. So why did she panic?

The question had caught her off guard, is all. She didn’t want to think about it. It wasn’t panic. It was the fact that true love was a romantic fairy tale that didn’t exist.

Except it did.

And Sam was sitting right next to her, warm and real, smelling like love and sex and contentment. She’d read all the descriptions on-line about what Sam smelled like. Woods, musk, sweat, spice, pine, man. Women went on at length about his smell and what cologne he wore and fantasized about what they would do if they ever got the chance to smell him. She would love to be incensed by that, offended by a sense of female propriety that disdained throwing herself at a man, or objectifying him in that way, except that she had smelled him for the first time, too. She remembered that smell. Creeping through the air, ghosting through her nostrils, into her lungs, dispersing through her respiratory system, traveling through her blood into every cell in her body, changing her DNA, modifying her code, and reprogramming her brain. His scent was insistent. It demanded acknowledgement. Caitriona was unable to describe it in terms of individual smells, though. It wasn’t ‘woodsy’ or ‘spicy’ or ‘athletic’. He smelled like security, comfort, companionship, strength.  To her, Sam smelled like forever. Maybe it was that early infatuation with how good he smelled that confused her and made her think love at first sight existed. Maybe that’s why she panicked. She was asked, and he was there, insistent, demanding acknowledgement. But he’d been joking, right? Playing along for the cameras. How silly. Love at first sight wasn’t real.

Except it was.

Sam had leaned in to her, playfully gazing at her like a puppy in love. Only she could see right into he eyes, those endless pools of blue, deep and fathomless, full of mystery and energy. So much energy. She’d never met anyone with such an endless supply of enthusiastic energy. He was like a bloody Energizer Bunny. He kept going and going and going. Sometimes it annoyed her, like at 5am when he was up for the blasted gym and all she wanted to do was curl into him and sink deeper into the quilts. Most of the time, it amazed her. It inspired her. She was motivated and hardworking, but she was nothing compared to the human tornado that was Sam. He ripped through life, absorbing it’s essence, taking in every experience, always learning from them and then finding a reason to give, everywhere, to everyone. It’s like he had so much inside of him that he had to keep giving things away so he didn’t explode or combust. He gave everything, except that part of him that was secret, guarded, hidden away from everyone, even his closest friends.

How had she come to know about that part of him? She told herself that she saw it in those eyes, that she’d read it when he looked deep into her own endless blue pools, but that wasn’t quite right. True, he had the ability to look deeply into everyone he met, not that he always chose to do so, but she was pretty sure that not everyone who got seared by his gaze saw what she saw. Anyway, it was more like she absorbed it, rather than saw it. She didn’t see his soul, she simply knew it. She couldn’t explain it, but it was a part of her, as soon as she became aware of its existence. Like there was a void in her that she’d never even paid attention to. It didn’t hurt; she wasn’t searching for a way to fill it. In fact, she’d never even noticed it until one day, one instant it was filled and she had a sure knowledge that she had always been waiting for it to be filled – that with this completion deep within herself, she would never be the same, and it could never be undone. If she ever tried to explain this, even to her dearest friends, they would laugh and pretend to gag at the sappiness of the description, just as she would if one of them tried to tell her the same. She was far too sophisticated to believe that souls, if they even existed, could connect like that, in some crazy, instantaneous love bond. That wasn’t possible.

Except it was.

She’d kissed him, already knowing. She’d actually had her eyes open. She watched his lips, full and soft, parted ever so slightly, pause just a breath away from her own, his fugitive tongue flicking out ever so briefly over his bottom lip. Was it a nervous response? No matter, she found it endearing and erotic and she wanted more than just a flicker of that tongue. As heat started to spark and shimmer inside her, he touched her and his lips were as delicious as they looked. She’d been mad to find out how he tasted. Oh, how he tasted. Sweet and rich, warm sunshine and the sharp tang of, what? Vinegar, citrus? He was mellow and spicy with just enough salt to bloom the flavors. He tasted like nothing on earth she had ever experienced, and she could kiss him, taste him, his lips, his skin, is essence every day and never tire of it. To her, Sam tasted like forever.  The kiss was slow and so sweet. Not tentative, but methodical, searching, seeking, learning. The heat that flashed and sizzled followed the new pathways in her body, the ones that had been forged when she had first smelled him and been forever altered.

She was hot and dizzy, her brain a jumble of muzzy half thoughts when Sam had stopped kissing her, moving to nuzzle her neck, just beyond her jawbone, and whispered her name, 'Caitriona’, with such raw sexual urgency that every nerve in her body exploded and she felt her legs literally go weak. But that was just lust, right? The fact that his scent and taste and touch seared her and erased the memory of any other person from her life just meant lust – didn’t it?

It was a stupid question. It was a stupid game. Sam loved those stupid games. He loved to smirk and flirt and be naughty, knowing that it would get everyone and their Aunt Fanny riled up, which did nothing but benefit the show. He loved acting just a little bit too familiar with her, knowing that it’s what everyone would be talking about as soon as the interview aired. But acting – that was the key word, wasn’t it? Sam was just acting. She was just acting.

Except they weren’t.

Caitriona had learned on that day when Sam blew into her life with destructive, bruising, tempestuous force that everything was changed. That the moment she saw him, smelled him, tasted him, felt him, she was uncontrollably and irreversibly in love. Just like that. Almost like love at first sight.


Caitriona sighed and dried her hands before leaving the ladies room. She was flustered and prickly. She was in danger of picking a fight with Sam, over nothing, simply to justify her irritable feelings. Things like this never flustered him. It was so annoying! She walked passed him towards the exit without looking at him and he jogged to catch up. He stopped her with a hand at the small of her back. She turned, brows furrowed, ready to bite, but the look on his face stopped her from lashing out. He didn’t say anything, merely opened his arms and enveloped her. His hands, his beautiful, graceful hands smoothed her hair, caressed her back, and she sighed, allowing herself to sink into the comfortable security of his embrace.

He didn’t ask. He already knew. He simply held her, and whispered into her ear, “Caitriona, don’t worry. It’s not theirs. It never will be. Even if they know, even if a hundred articles are written and the paps follow us for pictures, it will never be theirs. They can never really know. Call it love, call it lust, don’t call it anything, it’s doesn’t matter. Whether you believe in it or not, whether you acknowledge it or not, it’s real. One day, your heart will drown out your brain, and you’ll stop torturing yourself. This is love at first sight. This is forever.  In the meantime, I’m here and I love you. What you said back there is right; love does take time to grow and develop. But it doesn’t take time to exist. It existed the second I met you. Neither of us could have stopped it. Now we grow it. We nurture it. We spend the rest of our lives feeding it and then reaping the harvest.”

Caitriona hugged him closer, burying her face in the forever of his scent and his taste and his feel. Love at first sight did exist. It was real. She could never answer the whys. Why it happened to her. Why she got to have this man, in this life. Why she got to know him so completely and be known by him in the same way. Maybe one day she could be as carefree and unquestioning as Sam, but for now she would give him all her worries and he would carry them – for as long as she needed. And when she finally got to that place where forever didn’t terrify her, and love at first sight could exist without justification, he would be there, and he would still love her. And that, she knew, was what love at first sight really was. It was love forever.


Lilith is the Dark Feminine. She was Adam’s first wife, God created them at the same time and they were to be equals. But once it was time to make love, they began fighting over who got to be on top. Lilith demanded equality and Adam wanted her to submit to him. She fled and went to live by the Red Sea, where she would copulate with demons and monsters. She became known as the child-killer/seductress/witch/she-demon.

Before this, Lilith, in Sumerian mythology, was handmaiden to Innana, the Queen of Heaven. Lilith’s job was to approach men on the street and bring them to the temple for sexual rites. During these days female sexuality was revered and seen as holy. Once the patriarchy decided it wanted more power, it began demonizing the female sexual power and its hold over men. Hence, later myths depict Lilith as evil. Really, her only sin was sticking up for herself. This is what Lilith represents in our charts - the dark feminine aspect, unbridled sexuality, equality amongst the sexes. Wherever Lilith is in your chart shows where you may have an unconscious (or conscious, if you are identified with this side of yourself) need to express your sexuality, demand personal satisfaction, and be yourself. Lilith wouldn’t change herself for Adam and she went off to live a life of passion.

Pluto is a similar archetype. Lilith is associated with the serpent (sexuality) and the bird (messenger for the goddess). Scorpio is also associated with the snake and the eagle. Lilith is more specifically feminine and deals with our feminine wounds, and for men, their projection of the evil woman onto others. Lilith is an important element in your psyche if you’ve ever suffered sexual abuse, have been ostracized for expressing your sexuality, or if you identify with the darker aspects of the feminine (or are attracted to the femme fatale type). Lilith asks us to own our sexual nature and to put our needs above society’s (especially today, in this patriarchal society).



Lilith in Aries is the firey sex siren, she knows what she wants and is going to get it. Assertive, aggressive, dominant  - she take the power of Mars and lets Lilith ride away in its war chariot. She may be a little selfish in the bedroom, putting her pleasure first. She may be perceived as masculine if she takes on the more dominant role. She can also imbue sex with a youthful energy, like teenagers first falling in love. Underneath her cutting aggression, she is a hopeless romantic. She tends to love the chase and may lose interest after making a conquest, but it’s only because she’s searching for the perfect partner, someone who will keep her flame burning forever. The most passionate of the Liliths, her sex recalls the days of knights and maidens.


Lilith in Taurus is an earthy lust goddess, the most sensual of the Liliths, decadent in her approach. She loves all things beautiful, perfume, candles, soft furry blankets, all these things make her feel sexier. She is a woman of the forest, a forest nymph, dancing around with Pan and enjoying all of the earth’s delights. Her sex is full of love and romance, she can pull anyone into her world of intense romantic connection. Perhaps she loves everyone that she sleeps with, even if it’s only once. She is simple in her approach, there’s a bare nakedness to her, knowing that all it takes is letting Venus flow through her. She is Venus’s priestess (along with Lilith in Libra). She would perhaps be able to express her sexuality to the fullest within a loving relationship.


Lilith in Gemini would be very playful sexually, probably into dirty talk, they probably love trying on different sexual styles (maybe into roleplaying), adaptable to different partners and enjoys trying on different people. They also make smart sexy, they would find sex in the mind, like getting aroused just having an intellectual conversation with someone. Turned on by cleverness, wit, intelligence, knowledgeable people. I would also think maybe their sense of sexualness may fluctuate, feeling celibate one day and promiscuous the next, because they feel the myriad of possibilities when it comes to sexual expression. Bisexuality would be something to pin on Gemini (or pansexuality). They feel the feminine and the masculine within them, and can express both sides (passive or active).


Lilith in Cancer has sex with her soul. She is bewitching and psychic, calling down the powers of the Moon. Her power is her insight into the hearts of men, the world of feelings. She has felt it all, and this is where her wisdom lies. There is a timelessness to her, her past-lives are ever-present, and she can be nostalgic for places she lived centuries ago. The emotional bond is what is paramount in the sexual act - and it is always felt more strongly by her, as she is aware that they met before, in other lives. She is the nurturer, the comforter, but can just as easily turn into the dark mother. To gain access to Lilith in Cancer’s body is to gain access to her soul, the home in her heart. Those that disrespect the sanctity of her inner world may find that she’s not just a cute and cuddly comforter. She’s a natural witch and has no qualms banishing you from her temple. She offers you a return to the womb, a reunion with the Great Mother, if you are able to handle her ever-changing emotional landscape.


Lilith in Leo combines the dark bewitching Lilith with the confidence of the Sun, bringing that dark energy out into the light. It reminds me of the 70’s and disco, gold glitter everywhere, people dancing into the night. She’s a woman who demands to be worshiped, and demands that sex be fun, rather than serious. But she also requires a deep need to connect at a heart-level in the sexual sphere, she is a romantic at heart. In Tarot, Leo rules the Strength card which is represents the taming of the animal side. So I would think maybe there would be an animalistic side to the sex, like a wild-cat thing going on. Leo Lilith would have no shame showing off their sexual side, putting on sexual performances (strip shows, dances etc). The bedroom is her stage. There’s a sense of royalty and glamour imbued into her, she is the Queen and knows it.


Lilith in Virgo brings together the virgin and the whore, combining innocence with seduction. The self-owned woman, the woman who owns her sexuality and is not dependent on her partners. ‘Virgin’ doesn’t mean abstaining from sex, it means pure, untouched, even if she’s enjoying a bountiful sex life. Ruled by Mercury, Lilith in Virgo can handle multiple partners at once. She loves to serve and would probably fall more naturally into a submissive role. She finds joy in pleasing her partner, even to the point of obeying orders. She knows her power lies outside of this bedroom dynamic. Sex may be a chance to lose the control she so perfectly holds over her life. Like Lilith in Gemini, she would prefer an intellectual partner, one that can ignite her mind.


Lilith teaming up with Aphrodite. Like Lilith in Taurus, this Lilith embodies pure femininity. While Taurus would be a more earthier, sensual lust goddess, Lilith in Libra would be the charming seductress, beauty is her power. She would maybe be a people-pleaser in the bedroom, putting her partner’s pleasure first. I would see her bringing poise and grace into the sexual act. Libra rules justice so this Lilith may be interested in finding justice for women. Combining soft flowery femininity with dark witch power - like Lilith in Aries she knows how to get what she wants, but instead of taking action she’ll charm you into coming to her. While Lilith herself prefers to be single and independent, Lilith in Libra may find power through relationships, it gives her the stage upon which to perform her sacred sexuality.


Lilith in Scorpio - the true witch. Lurking in the shadows, this is Lilith completely satisfied having sex with demons by the Red Sea - it’s not just rebellion for rebellion’s sake, she just really likes it. She is drawn to the darkness, to the taboo. She is comfortable doing things in the bedroom that would make others blush or cringe. Her sex is filled with intense passion, undying love. She is the reason the French call the orgasm le petit mort - sex brings her to the boundary between life and death. Sex is not a frivolous thing to be entered into, it is the place with the deepest waters. She may be interested in sex magick, knowing the energy produced through sex can be channeled to fulfill her Will. She may also be interested in BDSM, comfortable with the fact that sex is a dance of power. Lilith is associated with vampires and Scorpio takes full advantage of the sexual intrigue the vampire image presents.


Lilith in Sagittarius brings to mind the centaurs, half-man half-animal. We don’t always talk about Sagittariaus’s sexual prowess but what would expect from the sign following Scorpio? They are able to channel a certain primal strength into their lovemaking. Lilith in Sagittarius turns sex into an adventure, bringing to mind high-class international escorts. Having sex in hotel rooms may feel more right than in the comfort of their own homes, where things are stagnant and predictable. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of excess, they see no limits to their sex life, it is an expansive frontier they are implored to explore. They’re wild horses running away from boredom. Within a relationship they’re always keen to explore new territory to keep things interesting. They look for anything novel and exotic in their encounters, things that make them feel larger than they are.


Lilith in Capricorn would also have an earthiness to her. There would be an element of seriousness to her and to her approach to sex. She has a practical, keen mind and can orchestrate her sexual encounters in order to have the greatest payoff, whether her desired end is a committed relationship, financial gain, or just pleasure. She is timeless and classy, appearing modest. But underneath this public face, well Capricorn is one of the kinkiest signs (sorry Scorpio lol). Capricorn rules the Devil card in Tarot - the card of all earthly pleasures and delights, especially those forbidden to us. Capricorn may be known as the sign of repression, but on the other side of repression is a thick libido, and who knows what they get up to behind closed doors. You won’t know, though, because outside the bedroom she is the respectable CEO.


Lilith was the first rebel, and Lilith in Aquarius reminds us of this. She is is the experimenter, she’ll try anything in the bedroom once, just for the hell of it. Interested in overcoming sexual limitation, sexual mores and codes of conduct, it’s her body and she’ll do what she wants with it. Aquarius rules technology so probably not shy about using toys in the bedroom. May have a detached view when it comes to sex. Finds independence through sexuality. A sexual ‘weirdo’,  Aquarius is the eccentric. Might try things for the bizarre novelty of it. Radical and revolutionary in their sexuality, may be interested in sexual politics, a true feminist. May be androgynous, finding both the masculine and feminine within themselves. May be drawn to unconventional sexual lifestyles like BDSM, polyamory, orgies. Imbues the dark bewitching Lilith energy with electricity, divine knowledge - she may have sudden mystical revelations at the point of orgasm.


Lilith in Pisces brings sex to new heights - the heavens. Sex is not just sex to her, it is a point of departure, a doorway to encounter her higher self. When you have sex with Lilith in Pisces you are being given an invitation to experience heaven on earth. Sex is a transcendent experience - ask her when she feels closest to God and she’ll say in the bedroom. May be interested in spiritual sexuality such as Tantra. There is a certain innocence to Pisces, although she dives into the depths of emotion like Scorpio, her sex is not in the shadows. She finds herself completely merging into one with her partner, she longs for dissolution, absolution. She wants to forget herself. Sex may be a form of escape for her, an addiction, if she’s acting unconsciously. She may love having sex in the water or masturbating in the tub, anything that makes her feel more fluid, so her sense of physical boundaries disappears.

-Pegasus Astrology / Lauren Crowley

Smash Patriarchy Means End the Nuclear Family Model

What do feminists mean when we say “smash patriarchy!”? What is patriarchy and what does it look like? How do we destroy it?

The term patriarchy literally means “rule by the father” but in practice, as an institution, is acted out in the form of the nuclear family. This is because the nuclear family model is the direct enabler of patriarchy; if gender is a tool of oppression, then the nuclear family model is the factory which produces it. For this reason, the common family structure must change for the liberation of women and girls to be achieved.

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It was honestly getting out of hand. This is not what Tasha had in mind when she had the airport evacuated. It was more to make sure Barnes doesn’t accidentally hurt someone and maybe avoid people snapping pictures and tweeting about Avengers arguing with each other. And what the fuck was Clint doing here? Admittedly, she could have left a more detailed explanation with Vision as to why Wanda was confined to the compound though she thought that Wanda was intelligent enough to draw her own conclusions. Apparently she wasn’t.

“Is this part of the plan?” Nat asked after Tasha helped her up.

“No, this definitely was not part of the plan. Damn Rogers and his ‘punch-the-way-out’ mindset. Want to switch it up?”

“Sure.” It was with practiced ease that Iron Woman had Black Widow in tight but safe grip, flying short way across the landing strip in order to land in the path of Cap’s team.

“Captain Rogers… I know you believe what you’re doing is right. But for the collective good…you must surrender now.” It pained her how incredibly like J.A.R.V.I.S. Vision sounded sometimes. But the good captain apparently was not listening if the advancing was anything to go by. Well fuck.

“They are not stopping.” She could have gone without kid’s comment. In a matter of seconds they were beating each other again. It was insane. And she had run out of patience. “Vision, take out the quinjet. It seems they won’t stop until they reach it.” Tasha instructed, dodging the shield Rogers threw at her.

The android disengaged his fight with the newcomer with the suit that could apparently enlarge as well as shrink; and turned his attention to the open hangar where the powered down quinjet was waiting. Iron Woman’s instruction was sound. Taking out a way to escape reduced the probability of prolonged fighting. Checking yet again if there was someone around the hangar, short beam of yellow energy burst from the gem on his forehead and the quinjet was reduced to a smoking pile of scrap. It was a shame really, for Tasha Stark took great pride in designing and building it. The resulting explosion served as a short moment of pause as the realization of no escape settled on Captain America’s team.

“I will say it one last time!” There was no restraint in anger that boomed from Iron Woman. “Stand the fuck down!”

Spider-man used the distraction to shoot copious amount of webbing at Hawkeye, Falcon and Scarlet Witch, effectively pinning them to the ground. It was after all the reason why she brought him to Germany in the first place. The close contact combat was not it. Black Panther had Barnes pinned as well, Black Widow was eyeing the man in giant form with all the suspicion of the world whilst War Machine was hovering near him as well, ready to act at any sudden move. For the first time since this whole shitty mess started, Captain America looked indecisive and unsure. It was more than likely because his only effective way out was blown up. Looking at his now subdued teammates, he let the shield he retrieved fall from his hand. “You’re making a mistake Tasha.”

“Then it is mine to make. As it was your mistake in deciding to not contact me before this fight went down or even to listen to me back at the task force.” She turned to Black Widow. “Please inform Everett Ross to send a transport for everyone.”

The giant man finally shrunk down to the normal size, hands raised up in surrender. She would find out exactly what his name was later. “Stay put Rogers.” Tasha ordered when he moved to follow her approach to Barnes, reinforcing it with a raised gauntlet waiting to fire off an energy blast. The helmet collapsed when she kneeled in front of Barnes. “Who am I talking to right now?”

“Sergeant James Barnes, serial number 32557038.”

“It’s nice to meet you at last Barnes. I believe I have something to help with your conditioning problem.”

“Steve didn’t mention that.”

Tasha snorted. “Yes, I am beginning to learn how elective he is with words. We’ll discuss it later.”

Black Widow returned with small caravan of SUV’s and prisoner transport trucks in tow, gear was taken away, handcuffs were slapped on and everyone made their way back to Berlin. Tasha was already having a headache just thinking about conversations that were to be had in about two hours. Making sure Spider-man was safely on board her private jet with Happy, Tasha slipped into the backseat of the black SUV; content to find out that there was no one else in it. She just needed a quiet minute or two.


“You know you are not obligated to talk to them any further. That is actually my job at this point.”

Why did she stop drinking? Because she could fucking use one right now. “I like you much better than the other Ross. So if you could just let me deal with this shit please? I promise you can hash out all the details on them later because frankly I am just about done.”

The shorter man eyed her, finally shrugging his shoulder and pointed to the heavily guarded conference room where the rogue Avengers as media was already calling them were being kept. He made it crystal clear that they should be in cells already but he was not going to go against the higher ups. And seeing the plain exhaustion of her face, he decided that the woman should have some sort of satisfaction out this entire clusterfuck. “You look ready to keel over.” Nat commented bluntly, matching her steps with Tasha’s.

“Let’s just get this over with, okay? I really don’t want to talk about anything else.” Two women already found Rhodey, Vision and T’Challa sitting at the same table, facing the other team with expressions varying from unconcealed anger to pensive curiosity. “Are the handcuffs really necessary?”

“I’m not here for chit chat, Rogers.”

“Where’s Bucky?”

Rhodey snorted loudly and Tasha rolled her eyes. “You have unbelievably single track mind, it’s amazing. You people collectively broke more international laws than most terrorists do and you keep yapping about your best friend. He’s fine; I negotiated with Ross to have him transferred to one of my facilities under heavy guard just in case the other Ross had any bright ideas. We-” she motioned to her team. “Are here to talk about the supposed Winter Soldiers.”

“Oh, so now you care?” Clint shot out, not even attempting to hide his discontent.

“Mr. Barton.” T’Challa cut in before Tasha could speak again. “The entire defense of your team sits on this supposed threat. Make no mistake; your position is very precarious.”

“Barnes already gave us some intel, we just want to corroborate that he told you the same thing.”

“And then what?”

Vision leaned forward in his seat. “And then captain Rogers, we are going to go and investigate the validity of those claims. I believe they will be taken into account when joint counter terrorism centre brings up the charges. I believe Mr. Ross has far more detailed explanation of how things will proceed from here.”

“And the Russians are just going to let you waltz in their backyard?” Sam sounded guarded and doubtful.

“Considering they have to deal with public backlash of Barnes being used as KGB’s assassin and likelihood that they have been storing several more on ice all this time after everything that happened, yes, they will let us just waltz into their backyard.” Rhodey ground out.

“Look, we will check this either way Rogers. You cooperating might do you some good. Time to start using that head of yours for something other than punching and thinking about your war buddy.”

“You mean compromise?”

Tasha pinched the bridge of her nose. “Not this again Rogers. I am not talking about this with someone who has not even read the Accords. None of you did, I bet.”

“You owe it -” “Enough Captain.” T’Challa was on his feet now. This was not how they discussed making their marriage public knowledge but he could not stand to watch any longer to his wife’s former team mate look at her like she was ultimate disappointment in his life. “My wife does not owe you or anyone here anything beyond the common curtsey of civil conversation.”

One could hear a needle fall in the room that is how silent it was. Steve noticed that aside from Rhodes, everyone was sporting various degrees of surprise on their faces. And Tasha looked uncharacteristically pleased with it. “Is this some sort of joke?”

“I assure you Mr. Barton; I would never joke on the matter of our marriage. You have never inquired if Tasha was seeing anyone, you just made assumptions. Besides, we preferred our privacy.”

“So it was another secret.” At best, he sounded like it was something he believed to be completely in character with her and was therefore disappointed that she did not learn from past experiences.

Tasha’s eyes narrowed. “Rogers…my marriage is of absolutely no importance to the events that have transpired in last few days. So fuck you for trying to use it as some sort of springboard for your moral crusade. I’m done.” T’Challa wasted no time in following after her.

“Tasha slow down.” It was not that he could not catch up with her but it was the way she was gripping her left arm while she was marching away that had him concerned. “I am sorry for blurting it out like that but I could not watch him step on you any longer.”

“It’s fine, really.” Her breathing suggested otherwise.

“What injuries did you sustain in the fight?” His eyes tried to asses her condition but aside from the black eye, she had no visible injuries.

“None. But uh, my left arm is kind of numb. Is that normal?”

No, it was not normal at all and the panic he experienced seconds before the bomb went off returned with full force. “You need to see a doctor straight away.”

“What? No, I’m good.”

“Please, intanda, do not argue with me. Not now.” Her acquiescence after his plea was short lived because not ten steps later; she collapsed and would have kissed the floor face first were it not for his fast reflexes. With relative ease, he scooped her up and called for help. He lost his father; he would not lose her too.

@queenyavengers So you wanted a secretly married IronPanther, yes? Here’s a short thing plus angst.

anonymous asked:

I saw you share seasons post about Percival's wife not caring the the'd changed into Grindelwald because the sex was suddenly good. Can you write that prompt?

((WARNING: Percival is Dead in this.  If that’s too much, please don’t read. Reference to sex w/ a teenager. No details, there.  Oh @seasons-gredence I hope it’s okay for me to steal yo shit))

He was a hungry man.  He’d spent a month as a portly railroad worker in Germany.  A few weeks as an elderly, miserly woman in France.  A handful of days as a dying man on a dock named “Legless Joe.”  He’d transfigured himself as they were dying, taking over their property, identity, and relationships.  And he’d been nearly starved by the lack of attention.

For no one’s eyes lingered on portly laborers, elderly women in rags, or homeless men that couldn’t walk.  Those kinds of people lived in the shadows.  They were the perfect people to be in order to silently move from country to country.  When “Legless Joe” told his drinking buddies he wanted to get on a ship for one last hoorah, they’d scraped up the money and false papers for him.  Joe hadn’t been a criminal himself, but he had friends in low places. 

Grindelwald had made it to America with little upset.  Immediately turned into a pretty lady… the kind of lady that could be a wealthy man’s secretary.  She couldn’t get into MACUSA headquarters, but she could snoop in most other buildings with no questions asked.  Just carrying a notebook and marching with purpose.

This identity had a spotlight.  Men leered.  Women let their eyes linger, shy and nervous about their attraction.  Children asked if he were a princess.  Merlin, he’d missed being beautiful.

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aurembiaix submitted:

Hi! I promise I’m not a Jaime’s redemption apologist but still wonder: what’s his degree of implication or intellectual authorship in the Lannister regime? He obviously profits from it, he killed Aerys, pushed Bran, attacked Ned’s men, fought Robb… but the two main Lannister war-crimes, raiding the Riverlands and the Red Wedding, were rather Tywin’s responsibility. To me, Jaime seemed an action man, ready to carry any of Tywin’s (or ocasionally Cersei’s) ideas without a second thought, but not exactly a plotter. He seemed content with his life as Robert’s guard, could he have urged Cersei to kill him? What do you think?

I believe Jaime is content to be the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard for life, but I don’t think he was involved in Cersei’s plan to get Robert killed. (Maybe I’ve forgotten something in the text, though?) That being said, I think Jaime would have happily killed Robert without a second thought if he felt he had cause. Even Robert believed Jaime would have killed him, given cause, which is why he never hit Cersei on the face. 

Ned touched her cheek gently. “Has he done this before?”

“Once or twice.” She shied away from his hand. “Never on the face before. Jaime would have killed him, even if it meant his own life.“ 

What’s Jaime’s degree of implication or intellectual authorship in the Lannister regime?

What degree of implication do you assign to Erwin Rommel in the Nazi regime? 

… um … this post is gonna get wild. Assume this post contains mentions of everything you might expect as soon as I bring up Nazis (possibly extremely triggering), as well as some things you aren’t expecting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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JSP. (A/N:Keep in mind this is Dean’s Point Of View. And This is an AU.)

Originally posted by atinyartist

“King Kwon’s, handsome and talented son, Kwon Hyuk is looking for a lovely madam to marry”

I can’t even believe this! The news made it around the kingdom faster than it takes the servants of the castle to get from place to place. Even my best friend, Jiho knew of my “search” for the perfect woman or madam to marry me, and he’s a whole kingdom away from me. I’m going to be honest. I don’t want marriage. I don’t ever want to marry someone! But as everyone says “As the King’s son you need to marry someone soon. You never know when your parents are going to step down! You need a woman by your side who will take the place as your queen and the love of your life.” But I usually ignore that shit. It’s wasn’t important back then. They started telling me stuff like this when I was only thirteen. I was a kid then. I don’t need a queen! Nor do I need a love! I can run this kingdom by myself. 

They act as if I can’t do anything by myself. I don’t even need these servants who only serve me. I’m an independent man! I don’t need a woman by myself. Single forever. There’s no problem with that. Now we had to deal with the young women of the kingdom outside of the castle. 





Trust me, I love the women of the kingdom. But sometimes they are a little over the top or in other words, too much. You could hear their screaming from inside of the walls. 

“Prince Hyuk. Your parents would like to see you.” Eunha’s soft voice called out. 

Eunha is one of the kingdom’s most trusted severants. She does a lot. Made her way up from the bottom. She was very well respected by a few high powers and royals of this kingdom and a few other kingdoms. “Got it.” I replied back walking out of the room. I walked into the throne room to see my mother and father sitting on their thrones. My father had that mean mug on his face that he had everyday, all day. It was just his face. The crown sitting up, straight on his head. The multi colored jewels shine brighter than they ever have. I wonder how long it took to do that.

It scares me. That’s gonna be on my head one day. I don’t even know if I can be king, period. My father was named one of the best things of Korea while their are many kingdoms around. Around ten, to be exact. Now my mother was a different story. My mother was a princess from a kingdom far far from ours. That kingdom disappeared a little while ago. No one knew what happened. It just vanished in thin air. Nothing was left of it. No rooms. Barely any backstories of the kingdom. I asked my mother about it and she barely knew. But she was never home. The older she got, the less she was home. 

Her and my father’s love story is just boring and overplayed. Love at first sight. Everyone woman’s fantasy, right? I just dismiss it and go about my day. My mother is the fanciest one in the whole kingdom. Everything has to be gold or she doesn’t want it. At one point she ordered a woman dead because her dress was as beautiful as gold. But I went against her order and let the woman leave the kingdom in one piece. I’m the nicest person in the whole family. 

My mother was looking just as she did everyday. Grade A. Above everyone else. She hated young women because she was jealous of their body and beauty. She often vents to some of the kitchen servants about how she was young and beautiful once. She was the main one who wanted me to get married fast!

“I want a beautiful daughter in law since I couldn’t have a daughter. Make me proud, Hyuk. Don’t choose the wrong woman. You’ll bring shame to us all.” 

Looks were everything to her. They weren’t so much to me. But I can’t say anything. That’s my mother. 

“Good morning, son. Did you see all those beautiful women-” 

“Mom, I’m not in the mood to discuss women right now. Is there another reason you both wanted to see me?” I interrupted. 

“Of course there is. The castle will be holding a ball where you will meet princesses from all over Korea.” Dad answered. 

“Can we hold off on this whole marriage situation? I’m not that old yet. Can I get married in a couple of years?” I asked.

“No! You’re 25 years old now, Hyuk! You need a woman in your life!” Mom shouted in my direction. Here we go again. Arguing about what I need and what I don’t need in my life. I sighed and looked at Dad, who was looking around he room trying to avoid Mom’s eyes. He knew when she opened her mouth, there was no way in getting her to stop it now. 

As she kept screaming at me, I zoned out. I thought of what it would be liked to get out of her. “Mom! I’m gonna go to Jiho’s kingdom. See you soon.” I rushed out of the throne room. “KWON HYUK! GET BACK HERE!” 

I ran to the stables and saw one of the servants brushing one of the horses hair. Luckily I knew his name. “Seokjin! My horse? Is she here?” I asked. He stopped and bowed before me. “Yes! She’s in the last stable. I just brushed her. Are you leaving the castle?” 

“Yes. I need to leave for a bit. Thanks. Keep up the good work.” I commented rushing to the last stable. “Thank you, Prince Hyuk.” Once I opened the gate, I saw her. “Good afternoon, girl. How was your night?” I asked as if she could understand me. She just nodded her head. “Saddle or no saddle? One or two?” I questioned smiling. I lead her out of the stable and out into the open. Seokjin handed me my saddle and I strapped it down to her. Seokjin set up everything else being very gentle with her. No wonder she likes him. And he’s the man that feeds her everyday, so that’s probably why. 

I climbed on top of her and got comfortable. “It’s been awhile, girl. You ready?” I patted her neck two times before kicking her slightly to make her move. I waved bye to Seokjin and made my way through the forest. 

And of course, I’m not going to Jiho’s. I just need some rest air. You know, away from the people and away from the women. I should probably find something to cover up with so no one notices me and reports they saw me in the forest. I’ll be killed if anyone found that out. Well not killed. I’m the future of this damn kingdom. They can’t afford to kill me. I’m the only son of the King and Queen. I’m the only child of the King and Queen, for that matter. 

I went toward a nearby merchant shop and bought a dark green hood to cover my clothing and my head just enough so no one could see my face. I continued my journey through the forest. It was nice, peaceful, quiet. Nothing like the castle. I feel at peace here. No one rushing me into marriage. No one telling me of appointments I didn’t make, but someone else made for me. No one begging to do something for me. I just needed to be alone. And it did feel good. 

I took a deep breath and looked up at the trees. I saw a couple of birds and lizards. I heard female’s voice and the strings of an instrument that sounded familiar, but I couldn’t name it. I dismounted and realized, she was singing. Her voice was very soft and soothing. I had to see who it was. I walked toward the beautiful sound. Suddenly it got quieter and the strings of the instrument stop. I saw a sudden flash of movement and I felt my body being tossed to the ground. I groaned as my back struck the back. It fucking hurt. Before I could say something there was a sword tip on my chin. I tensed up and looked up. It’s a girl!

“Who are you? And why are-” She froze and her eyes were widened than I have ever seen someone’s eyes be. 

She removed her sword and helped me up. She got on her knees. “Prince Hyuk! My apologies. I thought you were a thug. I have dishonored you. Please spare my life.” 

“No! Don’t get the wrong idea. I can’t kill you. It was weird just following a voice in the forest. It’s my fault. But it was pretty cool how you flipped me before I saw your face. You’re strong.” I explained helping her to her feet. 

A smile appeared on her beautiful face. It made my heart skip a beat. “You know who I am. Can I please know your name?”

“It’s Y/N. Y/N L/N.” the beautiful woman answered. 

This is the series Kai spoiled for you guys. I hope you enjoyed this. If you want this to be a series, I can make that happen. Only if you guys want it though. Sorry for any mistakes. Thank you for reading. Admin June


A/N: Soooo, I did a thing. I just finished reading American Assassin(Dylan’s potential new movie) and I was inspired. I know this is a little different then the norm. But I promise it’ll be worth it. Also, I want to put in a

WARNING: (which I don’t do usually, but need to for this particular imagine): This implies gun use and blood, and also talks about terrorist and mistreatment of women. I wouldn’t recommend this if you are easily triggered. Again, this is based off the book American Assassin, and all that is what the book involves. And my usual warning, I have proof read this BUT it is late so it’s not perfectly perfect. I’m going to try to have workspace up by Tuesday, before anyone asks. (: So with that said, love ya babes.

He sat in the very back corner booth of the diner, holding his white porcelain coffee mug with one hand as he gazed out of the large window that over looked the bustling street outside. He’s been there most of the morning, just sitting, drinking, and gazing. Terry was attentive to him, refilling his coffee every so often without him asking. He acknowledged her with a polite nod of his head and perfunctory smile. It was obvious that he was American. Although he’d gone to great lengths to appear otherwise. His skin was tanned, not from a tanning bed but more from being somewhere that saw a lot of sun. Like Africa or here, in the Middle East. His hair was a faded black, revealing that it wasn’t his natural colour. He was handsome, very handsome now that I looked at him longer. His eyes stood out against his tawny complexion. Even from behind the bar style counter where I stood cleaning, I could see them. They were a warm yellowish brown, an unusual colour. One that I’ve definitely never seen before. He took another sip of coffee without looking away from the window. I watched him until he set the mug back down on the dark wood table. I stretched my neck across the counter to get a better view of the window. I couldn’t see anything worth looking at. There were merchants outside selling goods, and tiny cars driving along dirt ridden roads. But nothing else that warranted such attention.


“Order up!” Marvin sang from the kitchen as he slid a plate of eggs and bacon through the serving window.

“Where’s it going, Marv?” I asked, grabbing the plate and balancing on my hand.

“Uhh, table…three.” He read off the receipt he’d just pulled from the few others that hung on his side of the window.

Table three? That was the mystery man. I never saw Terry take his order.

“Table three?” I questioned looking over my shoulder at the man who still hadn’t moved.

Marv nodded absentmindedly as he flipped a burger on the flattop.

“But I don’t know if he-”

“Look girl, he’s been sittin’ there for five hours with nothin’ but coffee ta drink. The kid could use a meal.” His accent was thick as he spoke. It was a strange sound hearing a Turkish man feign a southern American accent.

I asked no more questions as I headed over to the mysterious stranger in his back corner. As I came closer to him, I noticed his slight muscular build. He was wearing a short sleeve olive green v-neck that accentuated his muscly arms and was tight around his pectorals. He couldn’t have been more than twenty two or twenty three, but he looked more aged then that. Especially with his facial hair. He had a landscaped scruff that didn’t quite qualify as a beard. Again, I admired how handsome he was: all tan, muscles, and peculiar.

I made it to the table and set down the plate the glass hitting the hard wood with a knock.

“Bacon and eggs.” I announced triumphantly with a smile.

“I didn’t order that.” He said curtly, his eyes never leaving the glass plane.

“Oh, I-I know. I, um, well Marv told me to-”

“Thanks.” He interrupted my stumbling with same shortness of his tone.

Jeez, what a jerk! I thought to myself.

“Okay?” I frowned and turned to walk away.

Americans! They’re so rude. Which is why I left the place. I hadn’t meant to end up in Turkey, more specifically Istanbul, it just happened. My father had spent most of his adult life in the military, so I was no stranger to packing up a leaving at a drop of a hat. We lived in Istanbul for about three weeks before we moved to England. But I never forgot this place. It was rustic and old, but rich with history. In school you learn about the wonders of Paris and Rome. Somehow, though, we are deprived of places like Budapest and Istanbul.

I rounded the corner of the bar reentering it and grabbed the towel I was once using to clean the counter. I ducked under to grab a bottle filled with soap and water. When I reemerged, I snuck a quick glance at the rude stranger. Terry was refilling his cup once again but as I exited the bar to clean empty tables, I noticed her lingering. I tried not to stare, failing miserably. She was there for a few seconds longer before leaving, stuffing two or three fifty dollar bills in her apron a smile adorning her face. She walked past me raising her eyebrows at me, and I knew that meant she’d tell me later.

I shook my head and smiled at the older women. She always got the best tips, but never that much. Was this stranger some sort of millionaire? I dared another glance at the man. This time I could see him without hindrance, but strangely his eyes were fixed in my direction. It was surprising and unsettling. Meer minutes before that guy was dismissing me, now his eyes were trained on me. Assessing me. He was still too far to see exactly what he was looking at in regards to me, but before I could act his head whipped back to the window. He examined the outside for a whole second, leaned in closer, and finally seeing what he’d been looking for all morning. He scooted from his booth and exited the diner, the little bell above the door ringing as he did. I walked to the window quickly after him to see what he’d seen, but nothing looks different. Same street merchants, same little cars. I search for the mysterious man, but he was gone. I couldn’t help feel a pang of sadness in my gut. He was handsome and young, two things we didn’t get in this tiny diner very often. Hell, in Istanbul even. I sighed, scolding myself for not having more game or sense for that matter.

I moved from the window to his table clearing it of its remains, when I noticed a small piece of paper folded underneath his plate of untouched bacon and eggs. I unfolded it and read the scribbled handwriting:

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?

I reread the note a couple more times. I was familiar with the Edgar Allen Poe quote, but I couldn’t understand the significance of this particular quote. This man was mysterious. I turned the note over to the back. On it was an address,

Suada, Galatasaray Adası, Kuruçeşme

Suada was a popular night club in Istanbul. It was the Paris of night clubs. Very prominent people attended this club. The rich, the powerful, and the dangerous. I’d gone often here with friends but they usually left with some of said rich, powerful, dangerous men. I wasn’t as easy though. That lifestyle did not appeal to me. Suada did have the best music in the city it just so happens. Which is the only reason I’ve continued to go back.

I looked over my shoulder and out the window once again. Maybe he’d be there. Maybe I could have another chance at talking to him.

“Here.” Terry said making me jump. I whirled my head to her and she had a fifty dollar bill in her hand extended toward me. I met her eyes with confusion ridden on my face.

“That guy told me to give this to you.” She smirked with a shrug.

“But I barely helped him.”

She shook her head at me. “He told me specifically to give this to you. Said that you were very kind to him.”

What the fuck?

I took the bill from her, baffled.

Terry walked away, a noticeable spring in her step. I turned my attention back to the fifty crumbled in my hand. I had a friend once that used to have this saying, ‘Twice is coincidence, three times is a pattern.“ That saying resonated with me.

1. Him staring
2.His note he left with the address
3. The fifty dollar bill

I might just be imagining it, but those seemed a lot like reasons to go tonight. It was a pattern directing me to him. I rolled my eyes at the thought. There’s no way this hot guy, who could have anyone mind you, would be so cryptic in asking me out on a date. But, as I thought more about it I decided it couldn’t hurt just to see, right?

And then my mind was made,

I would go to Suada tonight.

Per usual, the place was crowed. Along the walls were boothed seating areas where the rich and powerful set up for the night. They were mostly very big hairy Turkish and Islamic men with skinny desperate girls in too small dresses on either side of them. The middle of all that was the dance floor, where people like me populated. There was a large bar upstairs, that could be seen from down below. It was a dimly lit place with occasional wall lighting but mostly strobe lights and dancing coloured lights.

I spotted him upstairs from where I stood on the dance floor, leaning against railing surrounding the bar. He was wearing a leather jacket with a black shirt underneath and dark wash jeans. His hair was styled in a messy way, which actually made him look a lot more put together then he did earlier. I saw a drink in his hand with a clear liquid, but I had an inkling there wasn’t alcohol in the glass. I pushed my way through the hot and compact sea of bodies to the stairs just off the left. I climbed up my heels clanking against the metal incline. He was still in the same position as I approached him. I stood next to him, also leaning against the cool steel of the rails supporting myself on my forearms.

“Fancy seeing you here.” He said before taking another swig from his glass.

I smiled. “I found so many reasons to come.”

“You don’t say?” He replied sardonically.

I looked over at him and saw a ghost of a smile on his lips that he tried to hide with another tip of his drink. Like before in the diner, his eyes were trained on something. It looked as if he was looking at the dancers below but his expression told otherwise. He was focused and systematic, eyebrows furrowed.

“You look good.” He said still not looking at me.

I blushed knowing he wouldn’t really notice, but was determined to answer back wittily.

“Some hotshot tipped my fifty bucks today, so I thought I’d put it to good use.”

The mystery man laughed. A hearty genuine laugh, making me smile again.

“What’s your name?” I asked finally.

For some reason, this caught his attention and he turned his head to me, brows knitted together. He looked at me as if considering something then discarded the thought.

“Dan.” He said without hesitation, and I almost believed him. But something in the flatness of the tone and the obvious non-attachment to the name told me he was lying.

“Well Dan,” I started, my tone letting him know I did not for a second think that was actually his name. “Wanna dance?”

“I don’t really dance.” He said coolly, directing his attention back to the dance floor.

I was starting to get the impression I may have misinterpreted the so called messaged is thought he’d left for me. I mean the address told me he was most likely going to be here and the rest is just made up in my head. I took a long gaze at him wanting him to break the uncomfortable tension that was building up between us. When he didn’t, I took that as the signal to go. Embarrassed couldn’t begin to describe how I felt at that moment and not want to bother ‘Dan’ any longer, I turned and headed for the bar to load up on the drinks I would undoubtedly need to drown how mortified I actually was.

I’m rocking my hips to the beat,





I can’t remember how I got here or for how long. I’m only aware of the thudding rhythm moving my body. My head feels heavy, and there’s only swirling faces around me twisting and meshing into each other. Suddenly though, I feel two big meaty hands on my waist. They move up and down, and then around to my backside. They seem to be one with my body at first, because I don’t notice them. They are an extension of myself. But I begin to remember where my own hands are and that the ones now gliding slowly to my breast, aren’t the ones connected to my wrists. I screw up my face in confusion watching the hands almost touch the underneath of my bosom, until I stop them. Clumsily, I turn around to see a man about my height with dark eyes and a crooked nose smiling at me. His long black beard matched his slick back hair, and he smelled of liquor, smoke, and obnoxious cologne. He says my name, but my drunken haze makes me unable to place him.

“It’s me,” he slurs. “Au Bu.”

I recall the name now. He’s a soldier with a Islamic terrorist ring. Something very common in here in Istanbul. He’s one of the higher ups. He’s always here at Suada, feeling up all the pretty girl. He waves money and expensive bottles of alcohol at them and they cave to his every whim. He’s tried on several accounts to sway me, but has always been unsuccessful.

Tonight is a very rare occasion where I’ve allowed myself, due to being an emotional girl, to become grossly inebriated. To my misfortune, it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“Au Bu?” I copy, pretending not to recognise him. He’s stronger than me, and his hands have freed themselves from my grip and are wandering once again.

“Oh come now. You know who I am.” He says cockily.

I try but am unable to stop his hands.

“S-stop.” I stutter and my fear is sobering.

“Now now. You’ve denied me so many times. I think it’s time to change your mind.” One hand grazes my breasts before it races to my neck and clutches it tightly. My hands instantly reach up to claw at the hand around my throat. I’m coughing and gaging and my vision is darkening at the edges. You’d think in a crowded club, that someone might notice a girl being chocked unconscious by a big burly man. But in this town, woman that are not married are equal to dogs. Treated however, whomever sees fit. My lungs burn from lack of air, and I think I might pass out until suddenly I meet the ground, hitting it hard. My vision is just gradually becoming less cloudy. There’s a ringing in my ears that I hadn’t noticed before, but it’s fading. In my returning sight, I can see a swarm of people all heading for the door. A few people remain though all facing me. One of them is Au Bu, and he’s holding a long shiny object in his hands. I don’t understand what they’re doing or what they have pointed at me Then I squint, because I see a few steps in front of me are a set of legs. They are covered by dark jeans but I can see how lean they are despite being covered.

What happens next happens fast. Three bodies hit the floor, what I think is simultaneously but after a forethought I realize they were one right after the other. But they were hit quick, so quick it seemed to happening all at once. A dark liquid spills out from various points in each of their bodies. My head is screaming at me to move, to run. But I’m drunk and still recovering from being almost chocked out. I’m weak. My mind can not comprehend what’s happening or what it is I’m seeing. It yearns for rest and my eye lids are becoming heavy. The pair of legs in front of me are turning, now facing me. My stomach lurches, afraid I may receive the same fate as Au Bu and the other men. Warm hands curl under me and pull me up into strong arms. One is around my back and the other under my legs. I lazily wrap my arms around the neck of the stranger and nuzzle into their chest. It’s hard, but not uncomfortable. I inhale and smell cigarettes and mint. A tell tale sign of a smoker covering up the fact they smoke. I don’t recognise the smell, so I’m sure I don’t know this person. I can tell we’ve started walking because I can feel the slight bounce of my body with each step. I want to see my rescuer, to be sure he is in fact rescuing me. My sight is still blurry but some how through it, I can see a warm yellowish brown pair of eyes. It’s a very unusual colour. But one I’ve seen before.

Why you shouldn’t be so quick to judge Tony Stark...

I’ve seen a lot of this on the Internet… talk about how Tony Stark has no right to assume Steve Rogers is his “friend” in the Civil War trailer, given how badly they’ve treated each other over the years and how - let’s be honest - downright abysmally Tony has treated Steve. But before we rush into “HE’S A VILLAIN!” and coo over the snuggly-wuggly scenes between Bucky and Steve and talk about how much we hope they’ll kick Tony’s ass back and forth like a titanium football… let’s actually take a moment to break Tony down and figure out why he is so dead set on arresting - or even murdering - the Winter Soldier.

Tony Stark is still suffering from, in some form or another, narcissism, PTSD, and a whole host of other diagnoses we can only really try to pin on him as “fanon”. Given the way he treats people and how he acts, I would assume he never had close relationships with anyone as a child (especially considering he had no siblings and his parents likely didn’t pay him much attention, given that Maria was a socialite and Howard was distracted with 50,000 other things, and Tony even draws attention to this in Iron Man 2), which explains why his adult socialization consists of networking at events and galas (trust me, not as much fun as one would think), screwing random women he has no emotional attachment to whatsoever, and hanging out for hours upon hours in his lab with only Dumm-E (his first robot, whom he treats like shit as a way of showing his affection) and JARVIS, who has basically been programmed to pick up after him and assist him with the things he’s literally too insane/genius to remember (again, we could look into diagnosing him with other disorders following his symptoms, such as Asperger’s or ODD or even possible childhood abuse and other things that would interfere with his social relationships, understandings, and how he interprets everything around him, but let’s just leave it with what Marvel has given us canonically in the MCU). Even his relationships with Pepper and Rhodey are volatile as all hell.
He’s self-sabotaging in every single way, an angry selfish self-abusive man with alcoholic tendencies and no idea how to connect to people on a more warm, soulful, intimate level. He doesn’t understand what “friendship” is. And so, on the outside, he may appear to be snarking at Cap’ whenever he gets the chance, but that’s simply how he thinks you’re supposed to treat your friends. And everyone just accepts that that’s Tony - he’s a little broken, or a lot broken, but he’s trying. And it’s the effort that they all seem to appreciate. 

So let’s talk about Cap and Tony. Tony had to grow up listening to his father talking about his amazing, incredible man that he had known - that he had helped to create - who was not only strong and powerful and skilled enough to change the face of the war when hardly anyone assumed he could do it, but who had this incredible sense of judgement, of wrong versus right. Someone who believed in freedom, justice, and atonement for one’s atrocities. So now not only was Tony brought up in the shadow of a man who had reinvented and resculpted the way technology worked in the modern era - huge shoes to fill with his own business, intelligence, and engineering skills - but he’s also having to constantly live up to this revolutionary, incredible, wonderful person whom his father just couldn’t let go of (mention in the first Avengers movie, Tony bitterly comments on how his father “could never stop talking about him”). Who knows how long he hunted for the Valkyrie? He could’ve still been talking about finding him when Tony was a child, even if on the back-burner, and one can only imagine how much a young Tony with paranoid narcissism would be terrified of being replaced by this “god” his father was obsessed with. 
Then he meets this god, and immediately the hackles are up. He’s offended - why the hell didn’t SHIELD call him about what they were doing? And then, while he’s already feeling pretty raw, he meets this man who strolls in all justice and fairness and following orders (the last of which is the exact opposite of how his own mentality works). And it’s the man his father talked about for years, obsessed over, and so he’s immediately feeling attacked and vulnerable, and very very defensive. Over the movie, the two of them learn to work together, even if they don’t always see eye to eye.
In Ultron, Tony is quick to remind Maria Hill that Cap is in charge, even though he does pay for everything - he doesn’t stick around to find out what she wants, he’s quite happy to let Cap handle what Cap has to handle. And when Cap has a plan or gives orders on the battlefield, Tony doesn’t fight him - he knows who the leader is, and he does his job as a passive-aggressive piece of shit, but the respect is there, even if at times he lets his bitterness and rage and jealousy from childhood come out. It’s hard to be the bad boy or the antihero, struggling inside a web of torture and pain and self-hate and confusion in your own head, when someone else seems to have themselves together so easy. A lot of people take Tony’s narcissism and general dickish nature as him being an overbearing asshole - which he is, but that covers up a whole hoard of issues and insecurities that he just can’t face, especially not now, after everything that has happened. He has to be a rock, he has to be strong. And the more he feels his rage grow, the more he lashes out.
It’s been years between Avengers and Ultron. Who knows what Cap and Tony have been through in that time, raiding bases together, fighting alongside each other, trying to make sure the other doesn’t get killed. Thor tells Cap, “You and Stark secure the sceptre” - we all know how much Thor wants that sceptre back on Asgard, would he really trust a volatile concoction of two team mates he knows aren’t friends to bring it back? No, he knows that Stark and Rogers respect each other enough to get the job done, no matter what. That speaks volumes for how much their relationship must’ve grown over those years as they’ve learned to trust each other and fight together; even if there is a lot of tension still between them, as we see during some parts of Ultron (this is probably brought about by how tense Tony is about the whole “I’m the guy who killed the Avengers” thing), I imagine that the two of them actually function quite well together despite their differences, and have probably had some close-to-friendship moments in the quite wake of battle when they two of them have been feeling both vulnerable and victorious.
So are Tony and Cap friends? We don’t really have enough information to say otherwise. We only get these glimpses through the two-to-three hours Marvel allows itself for its movies, so all we can really do is go by the comic books, in which they’ve even been said to be FWB by the writers. I’m confident enough based on psycho-analysing the two of them through their movies that they were friends, even if their friendship could never extend to what Tony/Bruce or Steve/Bucky’s are.
[Bonus points: It may just be because Steve was the closest to him physically, but let’s just remember who it was instinctually Tony rushed to first when he saw them all laid out dead on the ground in front of him in the Scarlet Witch’s fantasy ;) This could be a huge indicator of how much a) Tony fears for Steve’s life, or b) Tony looks to Steve to lead them and take control of a situation that seems hopeless.]

A lot of people are throwing Ultron back in Tony’s face as a reason he’s a giant hypocrite. While we all like to laugh at the fact that he “created a murder-bot”, let’s take a few moments to actually remember why he did it.
PTSD is one of those things that never really goes away, you just learn coping mechanisms - while Tony may have proven (in Iron Man 3) that he isn’t reliant entirely on his suits, and got over some of his PTSD, a huge amount of it still exists. And as he realizes that he has a world to protect, as we’ve all seen, he is driven mad by a fantasy Scarlet Witch puts in his head, and tries to build something so that people won’t have to risk their lives, so that his friends won’t have to fight. “Isn’t that why we fight - so we can end the fight?” Whereas Steve seems to subconsciously be okay with total war all around him, Tony has had enough - his whole life has been about death and destruction, and he’s finally feeling years of guilt and regret. He doesn’t want to fight anymore, he doesn’t want to lose anyone else - he just wants it to end. 

The first person to hugely betray Tony was Obidiah Stane, who attempted to kill him (let’s remember this was back when he wasn’t used to flying all over the world as a superhero yet) and steal his company, and whom he found out had not only been selling his weapons to Islamic extremists and Ten Rings behind his back, but also arranged for his kidnapping and execution. Obi had been someone Tony was close to in the same was he was close with Pepper or Rhodey - he trusted him because he had to, because Obi ran the things he couldn’t due to his own mental instability. Obidiah was his father’s friend and trusted comrade, and he attempted to murder him in cold blood, several times.
JARVIS has been a part of Tony’s life for so many years now. When Tony is there, in the air, and his suit is failing and falling apart and he’s on the edge of death, JARVIS is the one voice he hears - always calm, always logical, always ever so slightly sarcastic. But now, JARVIS is gone. I don’t think Tony was thinking properly when he wanted to input JARVIS into the body Ultron had been building - he was terrified, and he wanted to do everything he could to help. He probably didn’t even realize he would be losing his best friend in the process, a best friend he thought was dead for days until he discovered him again. Now that friend is gone, it’s been months, and he’s probably missing JARVIS like a dead sibling. Vision made it very clear that he wasn’t JARVIS, nor was he Ultron - he’s a new creation, and probably isn’t exactly bonding with Tony considering he’s at the warehouse training for the Avengers with everyone (based on what we see at the end of Ultron).
And last, but very much not least, is the one person Tony actually connected with on some real sort of level - the man he genuinely believed understood him, the man who promised he’d have his back and whose back he also had. The man he actually smiled around, opened up for, invited back to his lab for playtime - these aren’t things Tony Stark does lightly, but when he first met Bruce Banner, there was something magical there which is why so many people ship them across the Internet - Bruce Banner had managed to touch a chord somewhere within Tony that I don’t think anyone - not even Tony himself - knew existed. Real friendship, genuine friendship, the type one would die for. Who catches Iron Man when he plummets from the sky and ultimately wakes him up at the end of Avengers? And who is the one who, for the first time ever, doesn’t treat Bruce like an explosive monster set on a hair trigger? Tony actually respects the man enough to help him build a suit to make him feel safe - has he ever done anything nice for anyone else? And I mean, not just nice, but thoughtful - he’s tried several times with Pepper, but with Bruce he instinctually knew what he wanted and needed to feel safe. If there was ever to be a Bucky to Tony’s Cap, it would be Bruce Banner.
And where is Bruce now? As far as we know, he’s still missing. Chances are, he hasn’t contacted anyone, including Natasha and Tony, and is trying to figure his life out. Tony had the best of friends, someone he actually connected with and who probably gave him some sort of purpose in life other than his suits. And now, he’s gone. He was violently ripped away from him in the heat of battle, when he didn’t have a chance to say goodbye or even realize he was gone until it was too late. The void Bruce left in Tony’s heart when he vanished must be astronomical, and on top of an already bruised, broken, betrayed man, this isn’t a good thing for his mental stability.

In CA2:TWS, Steve and Natasha talk over some of the murders and assassinations that the Winter Soldier has been behind whilst he has been under the control of HYDRA. We see a cut out from a newspaper article about Howard and Maria Stark’s car accident. Howard Stark was on the forefront of technology at the time he was murdered, and had helped to found/fund SHIELD - he was targeted by HYDRA, assassinated by the Winter Soldier, and it was all covered up as a car accident. 
Imagine now if Tony were to find out that Bucky killed his father. Tony and his father were never close, but we have no idea what happened in that relationship… Maybe things were finally getting better now that Tony was a young adult and he and his father could work the company together. Maybe he finally had the relationship with his father that he had always wanted and craved as a child, or was working toward it at least. Maybe there was some light there, and he was finally in a place where he felt happier. And then his father and mother were killed, he and Obi inherited the company, and the last family he had was gone. And when you imagine it, imagine it on two different levels…
Firstly, it’s a huge betrayal to him. This is a man he has fought beside, and now he is refusing to at least hand the man who killed his family over to be tried and investigated - he’s harbouring a fugitive who has committed many murders, including Tony’s own parents.
Secondly, it’s a huge betrayal to his father, who was betrayed by a former friend, Obidiah Stane. Captain America… this is the person Howard Stark rambled for hours about, dedicated his life to, and was absolutely obsessed with. He called him a hero and a saviour. And now, that same very man he once cherished is refusing to bring his assassinator to justice. In fact, he’s violently defending him so that he doesn’t have to “atone for his crimes” (remember - narcissism and other mental disorders; in Tony’s mind he doesn’t understand and can’t empathize with other people’s friendships and reasoning, he only has his own to go on). Captain America, the soldier of ultimate justice, is refusing to hand over the man who murdered Tony’s parents in cold blood - that is ALL he can see in his head at this point, and he feels betrayed by not only his friend, but his leader.

Tony is dealing with so much loss and betrayal after Avengers 2, on top of everything he attempted to do and what nearly happened to the world, and one can only imagine where his mental state is at. The movies have slowly been unravelling his sanity - we saw it peak in Iron Man 3, and even in Avengers 2, and now he’s continuing to completely invert everything inwardly onto how it affects him (because narcissism). So when we look at his life at the end of the second Avengers movie, let’s see where he’s at: he wants to focus on his life and his company, he wants to focus on his relationship with Pepper (which may be suffering - remember how he commented that she “wasn’t available” for their party, not even enough to make an entrance or to congratulate him - while we can obviously attribute that to not wanting to pay Gwyneth Paltrow for her cameo, we could also wonder if things are maybe not so great with the two of them, especially after Ultron), and he wants to withdraw from everything that has been going crazy around him. I think at that point, he’s realized he’s slowly losing the plot and he needs to bring himself back down to earth. He has become aware that two of his closest friends are gone - one he will likely never get back, and the other, well… he thought their friendship was enough for Bruce to want to come home to it. He doesn’t even think about what Bruce must be going through - he’s physically and mentally incapable due to his own mental disorders. He just feels betrayed and abandoned… and very much alone. 

Why is Tony so upset that Steve has chosen Bucky over him? Why is he fighting so hard to bring Bucky to justice? Other than the obvious conclusion here, which is that I have too much time to myself as I sit and wait for my bath to fill up…
Tony never stood a chance in life. Tony has been bent, bruised, and broken so many times (much like these other superheroes he’s fighting alongside), only he has a whole host of mental disorders that make it difficult for him to cope with everyday relationships and occurrences that other people would be able to handle. Over time he’s been betrayed by and lost some of the people he has allowed himself to actually grow close to - for a broken man who already has impulse control issues to see someone fighting so hard to defend someone, when he feels left alone and abandoned, it might leave his narcissistic mind wondering why he doesn’t deserve the same amount of love, loyalty, or friendship from other people in his life… why he isn’t worth it. 
Tony Stark is not a bratty, whiney asshole who believes he deserves Steve’s friendship despite treating him like shit. Tony Stark is a mentally unwell, self-abusive, unsocialized, broken man - lonely, lost, and at the very very end of whatever he has left tethering him to his sanity.
So when he sees a man whose respect he had to work hard to earn - and who he had to work hard to respect in turn - betraying him, betraying Howard, and betraying SHIELD for “his own personal reasons”, to a point where it looks like someone on Team Stark may be laying dead in his friend’s arms… it really isn’t that difficult to understand why those tiny, broken, whispered three words are so unbelievably heart-wrenching for anyone who can empathize with what Tony Stark is going through.

“So was I.”

FGO Material II - Scathach Profile

A commission for @tainbocuailnge!

Scathach’s profile actually has a good lot of comments in her art (and full sentences too!) so I might put that up here too, though it isn’t a priority since they’re just comments on her design and such.

*If anyone is interested in commissioning me, here’s my regular commission page, and here’s my chart for Chapter America/E Pluribus Unum!

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I went ahead and did this, although some of them might get switched around a bit.  Feel free to discuss.

Analyst Temperaments (1st column)

  • ENTJ - Lt. Col. Donald Penobscott
    Confession time: I just needed to fill a space.  However, what we do learn about Donald is that he is definitely a Te dominant, like Margaret.  Which is probably the primary reason they didn’t work out.  Donald seems to have a very specific future in mind for himself, and he’s not afraid to use and drop people he meets along the way.  This is a very negative use of his auxiliary Ni and tertiary Se, and is the reason the ENTJ is often the antagonist of the story.

  • ENTP - Corporal (later Sergeant) Maxwell Q. Klinger
    Klinger is one of the 4077’s most resourceful idea men, clearly leading with Ne.  If he’s not scheming a way out of Korea, he’s scheming a way to make money off of Korea.  And when it comes to finagling for whatever the 4077 needs, he outdoes even Radar when he puts his mind to it.  He is also very clever, practical, witty and analytical, indicating a use of Ti as his auxiliary function.

  • INTJ - Lt. Col. (later full Col.) Samuel Flagg
    With a single-minded focus–stop communism–and a desire to rise above any vice or weakness known to man, Flagg is one of the clearest users of dominant Ni and inferior Se seen in media–or at least he would be, if INTJ were not the most popular type for the antagonist.  Flagg’s ambition indicates his use of Te, but his obsession with conspiracy theories and his self-righteousness that he himself admits transcends Mulcahy and Hawkeye causes his logic to take a back seat to his tertiary function, Fi.  Flagg is stuck in a dom/tert loop.  This, more than anything else, is what makes him a problem.

  • INTP - Lt. Col. Henry Blake and (not pictured) Maj. Sidney Freedman
    Henry was difficult to type, but it became fairly clear to me that his most developed extroverted function is Ne.  Yet he is not an extrovert.  Nor is he an Fi user, as he does not have a clear set of internal moral values, and is instead more the analytical type.  His auxiliary Ne is responsible for his clumsiness and indecisiveness.  Sidney is a more stable example of the INTP, using his Ti to great effect with his patients, able to analyze and address their problems without carrying around their emotional baggage (which indicates his inferior Fe).  He is also a man of ideas, wanting to get the complete picture before prescribing a solution to the problem.

Sentinel Temperaments (2nd column)

  • ESTJ - Maj. Margaret Houlihan
    A woman of great ambition, “Hot Lips” is logical, organized, and not very patient with excuses or emotional outbursts–especially her own.  A clear Te dominant.  She is also very traditional and military proper, having been raised in the army.  It was only natural that Si would become her auxiliary.  Margaret’s greatest desire in life is to make her father proud of her, and will bend over backward trying to please higher authorities, much to her detriment.  When she finally starts to develop her inferior Fi, she really begins to grow and shine.

  • ESFJ - 1st Lt. Kellye Nakahara
    Kellye is, to paraphrase the woman herself, warm, caring, funny, and cute as heck.  And she’s learning to tap dance.  Able to empathize with her patience to a degree that gets the incorrigible Hawkeye to admire her for more than just her second X chromosome, Kellye demonstrates a dominant Fe.  Her auxiliary Si makes her sentimental and nostalgic (mostly for her hometown of Honolulu), and also respectful of authority–at least to their faces.

  • ISTJ - Maj. Charles Emerson Winchester III and (not pictured) Maj. Frank Burns
    Charles is the epitome of tradition, using his Si to its fullest effect.  Logical, ambitious and somewhat emotionally detached–at least until he’s been in Korea for a while–he is also a clear Te user.  Charles sees his life as one giant act of duty toward his very influential family, and has a mixture of precious and lonely memories of his childhood, which he relives often.  Pompous though he may be, he is an example of a healthy ISTJ.  Unlike Frank “Ferret Face” Burns.  Frank displays symptoms of a dom/tert loop, preferring to run from his problems.  His Si gives him a very GI mindset, and his Fi causes him to justify his own actions without regards to whether they are rational, logical, or might harm someone.  In my opinion, Frank is bipolar with tendencies toward mania.  His money alone kept him from getting a legit section 8 for his duration at the 4077.

  • ISFJ - Corporal Walter “Radar” O'Reilly
    A strong introvert with a love for homegrown tradition, Radar is an interesting example of an Si dominant.  His pattern recognition makes him perfectly suited for administrative work as the 4077 company clerk.  He is empathetic and compassionate, demonstrating his auxiliary Fe.  He is also fiercely protective of his animals, friends and Iowa.  Yet he displays an unusual use of Ni/Se with his ability to anticipate the future and his heightened sense of hearing.  If shadow functions are the fine china of cognition, Radar throws a lot of dinner parties.

Explorer Temperaments (3rd column)

  • ESTP - Capt. “Trapper” John Patrick Xavier McIntyre
    Trapper is the 4077’s best example of a “live in the moment” guy, acting as though he’s still a bachelor without a care in the world.  Unfortunately, his dominant Se works overtime to remind him that the here and now is full of practically every care in the world.  He has a dry wit and an analytical mind, which are hallmarks of Ti, Trapper’s auxiliary function.  Trapper is a man who loves to thumb his nose at authority, as the ESTP is wont to do.  He is a go-getter and a scamp, as Father Mulcahy aptly described him.

  • ESFP - Han Soon Lee (later Klinger)
    While in the original series we don’t learn much about Soon Lee beyond the fact that family is very important to her, in the series AfterMASH, we discover that she is a rather extroverted character.  Not only does she find her husband’s past exploits amusing, but she is willing to join him in his current ones.  When she first arrives in America, her response is to take it all in.  She dives head first into Max’s world, engaging all her senses as only an Se dominant can.  And yet she retains her very proud identity as a Korean, as well as her own internal moral values, which makes her auxiliary Fi quite clear.  She soon discovers a love for entertaining and engaging others, as she happily dresses up for patients at the VA hospital while helping her husband sell lottery tickets.

  • ISTP - Rosie
    Sarcastic, practical to a fault, angry at the powers that be that thrust this war on her shoulders, and very unsympathetic, Rosie is the strongest example of Ti dominance in Ouijongbu.  She is the no-nonsense owner of the bar across the street from the 4077, yet is not entirely without compassion, as she is known as a safe haven for working women, and has even been willing to forgive the shenanigans of Hawkeye and his friends.  As a barkeeper in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Asia, Rosie has to constantly be on the alert, which her auxiliary Se allows her to do quite handily.

  • ISFP - Private Igor Straminsky
    This one is another place filler.  Igor is an introvert, preferring to avoid dealing all day with crowds angry at him for being the server of Sgt. Sal Pernelli’s ptomaine.  We don’t learn much about Igor, but we do know that he knows the difference between good food and bad, and has no choice but to dish out what Pernelli makes for the staff at the 4077.  He has been known to act irrationally, indicating a possible inferior Te, and he bemoans the loss of his sense of smell, suggesting a preferred usage of Se, likely as his auxiliary function.

Diplomat Temperaments

  • ENFJ - Col. Sherman T. Potter
    Compassionate, empathetic, and with a tendency to take on a little too much emotional baggage at times, the wizened Col. Potter is a clear user of Fe.  He acts as the mentor of the 4077, which, despite his status as regular army and his previous combat experience in both World Wars, immediately endears him to the staff and patients.  While not as developed as his wife’s, Potter’s Ni gives him a gut instinct that comes in handy in both the operating room and in counseling his staff.  He’s been around the block enough times to have adequately developed all his functions, and he’s seen enough to know exactly how to handle troublemakers like Hawkeye and Klinger.  As an older ENFJ, Potter is an ambivert; just as content to curl up with a good Zane Grey novel as he is to attend a company sock wash at the Swamp or officer’s club.

  • ENFP - Capt. Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce
    The epitome of the Advocate personality, Hawkeye is full of ideas and lacks any sort of filter for them, applying them according to his own internal moral code–one that says wars are bad and girls are good.  His dominant Ne gives him a desire to see the big picture, and if no one provides it for him, he assumes the whole thing must be pointless.  And according to his auxiliary Fi, pointlessness is to be resisted at all costs.  Hawkeye is the champion of the underdog, compassionate and sympathetic toward his patients, and spiteful toward those who would use them as cannon fodder.  With Fi as one of his top two functions, Hawkeye is an emotional chameleon.  But the facade cannot last forever, as he painfully learns.

  • INFJ - Capt. BJ Hunnicutt
    BJ is an enigma.  And that is my primary reason for typing him as an INFJ.  Ni is a function that is difficult to see in action.  In BJ, we see his use of this function when he speaks about his singular goal; to get back to Mill Valley and raise his daughter.  BJ displays the best focus of any regular character in the show, yet he is not obsessive.  His auxiliary Fe allows him to put aside his own desires in order to see to the needs of others–especially his best friend Hawkeye.  Yet as is common for the INFJ, BJ is reluctant to express his own feelings, often hiding behind jokes in a manner rather different from the way Hawkeye does.  Unlike Hawkeye, BJ doesn’t use humor or soliloquy to rant and air his opinions.  His humor is quieter, and may even be used to teach a lesson in a trolling sort of way.

  • INFP - 1st Lt. (later Capt.) Fr. John Francis Patrick Mulcahy
    Father Mulcahy is the heart of the 4077, and often needs to be reminded of this.  As is common for an INFP in his position, he can feel unimportant sometimes, when all he wants to do as an Idealist personality is make a difference.  Mulcahy has a very strong sense of identity and morality, which is a clear product of his dominant Fi.  He also has dreams and future plans, and likes to get the full picture before making a decision, which shows his auxiliary Ne.  He is difficult to get to know at first, as he, like Hawkeye and other Fi users, is able to screw a smile onto his face with very little difficulty, and yet, because of his introversion and the first impression his crucifix and collar give, can be unfairly perceived as aloof and holier-than-thou (though he rarely demonstrates this attitude).  When in a fit of rage, Mulcahy takes things very personally and can respond very irrationally, yet always falls short of violating his most closely held principles.  Unless someone else takes the first swing, of course.
We don’t need more ‘Female Characters’, we need more ‘Piety’s.

For those of you who may or may not be unaware, Piety is a notable female character in Path of Exile, a hack and slash MMO known for its immense amount of customizable fighting systems. Piety is a character that you have repeated contact with throughout the game, and a character we need more of.

As the story goes, Piety originally went by the name Vinia and went to school learning a very important subject known as Thaumaturgy. (For those of you wondering, translates into ‘miracles, magic’, etc.) In order to pay for her schooling she also worked as a prostitute until she was captured to be burned at the stake for her crimes.

And already, without a jump in logic needed we already have a female character a cut above the rest – she’s a student, a woman so dedicated to the idea of her learning that she prostituted herself. Learning that, mind you, was forbidden. She’s not only morally questionable, but dedicated.

It gets better.

She was able to convince a man in power, known as Dominus, that she should be given amnesty. She not only received amnesty, but became Dominus’ number one subordinate thanks to the information she gave.

To make a long story short, she leads Dominus and his allies to Wraeclast, a war torn, terrifying land with many dark, magic secrets and begins her studies again along with many others. This time, using Exiles that were banished to the island as material.

So already, from the very outset of the game, you are, for all intents and purposes, a lab rat for her studies. Almost every other boss, creature and character in the game doesn’t actually study Thaumaturgy. They were either created by it, are ancient inhabitants of the island or are fellow exiles themselves. Bar Malachai, Piety is the only active, main story line character bar Doryani to study Thaumaturgy (and Doryani is believed to be either long dead or trapped elsewhere.).

Fast forward a little later, she makes her first appearance in the game – she’s the first enemy/non friendly npc to talk to you. She introduces herself as Piety of Theopolis and then, mysteriously disappears. What was she doing there? Reading a book - written by a woman named Shavaronne. (Did I mention many women in this game are ancient, powerful beings who have connections with blood, death and mass murder? From this, we get even more foreshadowing of even more powerful women in this game.)

Fast forward past the first boss battle and to act 2 of the game, Piety is there again, attempting to get her hands on an item known as the Baleful Gem. She abandons it and, better off, she challenges you to get to act 3 before another boss battle occurs with a spider, lightning monstrous creature.

You meet her again in act three where she’d kidnapped a man for experimentation. This is the first time you get to fight her and her pack of goons together, and she’s been expecting you. This is the first fight you two have where she demonstrates that she knows magic, she throws balls of lightning at you and calls bolts from the sky…indoors. If you’re lucky enough to win this, you find you still aren’t quick enough to save the man she’s kidnapped for experiments, or to even kill her. She escapes.

Act 3 is Piety’s highest point in narrative in the series.

Her lair - The Lunaris Temple - is one of the biggest and most oppressive set pieces in the game. Women with their organs pulled from their bodies and twisted into weapons, men with fiery abilities, sentient blood creatures rising against you, necromancers and soldiers all doing her bidding but worst of all, the gruesome sight of tens upon hundreds of bodies stacked up and strewn around. All of them await in Piety’s lair.

Should we also discuss the giant that awaits you that, for many people – especially pre 2.0 patch – was considered to be amongst the deadliest bosses in the game for players that choose to go ‘Melee’? How about the people on stretches, supposedly dead mid-surgery? Or the gigantic pile of bodies that await you in the room that you two have your second of many fights in? Some of whom, she revives to assault you? Or the torture equipment ranging from simple chains to the infamous and brutal Judas Cradle?

When I walk through the Lunaris Temple I don’t feel like I’m going to fight a random woman. I feel like I’m going to fight someone who knows the very best ways to pull me apart, to destroy me. I feel like I’m going to fight a truly mad, dedicated, terrifying, intelligent individual who could very well triumph over me.

In short: There are fucking bodies literally lining this place and its surrounded by an ocean of blood and random screaming is happening and PLEASE DEAR GOD NO MORE.

This entire set piece proves beyond any remaining doubt that Piety isn’t just a woman who prostituted her way into power over men and knows a little magic. She’s a dangerous opponent, a boss fight – more than once – and later on she’s a noble, sacrificial hero who fights alongside you. She’s noted by a main quest giver himself as one of the greatest threats on the island bar the final boss within the third act of the game (Dominus) who she outlives in the current story-line. She isn’t just another female villain, she’s a constant presence throughout the game that has her own views, standpoints and goals. You fight both alongside her and against her at multiple intervals – and with the way Path of Exile works, its fully possible that she could return.

After act 3, if you beat Dominus, you find she’s outlived him – and with the way she escapes in after your fight in act 3 (through a portal) its very likely she’s planned that all along. Meaning, Piety isn’t just a subordinate any more. 

The entire game is practically building up to fighting Piety later, not Dominus, who you are told you have to kill next. You get rid of him, congrats – you move onto act 4. To, after a few more quests, battle Piety again – and this time she’s more powerful then ever before, summoning eyeball minions, spinning around and conjuring tornadoes of blood.

If you survive to beat her, congratulations – she’s not going to kill you. Instead, this is the awesome team up moment. You band together, kill a few bosses for her and then, together you battle Malachai. This is where she makes her grand sacrifice and dies for your cause and depending on your character, calling you her ‘greatest creation’. It’s, hands down, up there with the most badass moments in the game’s story line – thus far.*

Her importance and dominance in the game is nearly omnipresent. She is, as the story goes, the very reason the island is like this in the first place. The very reason you keep going is to get rid of her. You couldn’t beat Malachai without her. She’s one of the biggest of the big bads, possibly even more then Malachai who is the current final storyline boss.

Not only that, but she represents many ideals. Her dream of using magic to further advance humanity could be considered a somewhat realistic Pro-Transhumanist view and even better, her views don’t change because you beat her. There isn’t some ‘Oh, you were right all along, let me throw away this foolish dream and be carried off in your arms!’ moment. She says she was only wrong in how she conducted herself and that she’ll continue, fighting by your against the bigger boss.

And that’s why Piety is such a great character, and why we need more of her. Enough with the non-notable, ‘badass with the boys’ token woman character whose only purpose is either to stop developers from being called out for sausage party status or to appeal to a female demographic who, frankly, deserves better.

Her actions have a purpose that connects to her and her character alone. She’s doing this for her ideals. She’s driven. She’s strong. Intelligent. Capable. Manipulative. Terrifying.

Give us women whose actions mean something. Women who terrify. Women who mass murder. Women who would strike outright fear in the hearts of everyone because she is capable of some horrific actions, not just scary to men because she has a vagina.

Make women interesting, not just present.

*If you read the extended cannon of the game, through items, in game audio files gained from inspecting landmarks and information given to you by npcs, its very, very possible that she could come back. Corrupted or otherwise. A spear through the chest means little in Wraeclast.

Don’t Wanna Know

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request:  Could you do a one shot where the reader gets jealous of Natasha once she finds out she and Bucky had a thing. Cue the reader flirting with T'Challa and shenanigans ensue. Basically a lot of fluff and jealousy

A/n: Man, I’d be so jealous but like…I’d also understand that it was a while back? I’d die inside, not like i’m already dead, but still 

Genre: Romance (?), Humor, Friendship

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing, shameless flirting, sexual tension, Angry Bucky, Jealous Bucky, slight angst, fluff

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You normally wouldn’t get so jealous, but this was a situation that had you wanting to tear the place apart but cry at the same time. Let’s refresh the desktop so we can reload the memory. You were Bucky Barnes girlfriend, and have been for about two months now. You and Bucky met after the events of Civil War, since you were selected to be his therapist to help him after he awoke from cryostasis. You had stayed neutral and stayed out of the fight, as you were friends with both Tony and Steve, but Steve had called you and asked for your help. So, you helped. 

Long story short, Bucky thought you were very caring and honestly enjoyed your company. He asked you out, and you said yes. 

It’s been at least two months since then, and you two have been going strong. Bucky isn’t the perfect lover, but you didn’t care. He tried hard, even though he had enough to worry about. He was sweet, a bit snappy sometimes, but you couldn’t blame him for being so snappy at times. There was bound to be traces of that Winter Soldier persona in him, no matter how much they tried to erase the Winter Soldier from Bucky.

For a while, Bucky kept relapsing as that side of him took full control, but he never hurt you. It was like the Winter Soldier acknowledged you as his as well, as if to respect Bucky in some way, shape, or form. You remember one incident when Steve had come over with Bucky after a mission, but for some reason, Bucky had relapsed. You remember the sound of shattering glass, yelling, and Bucky screaming in Russian while raising his weapon at Steve when he reached for you.

“Подойди ближе к тому, что это мое, и я убью тебя.”
(Come closer to what is mine, and I will kill you.)

Of course, Steve obliged and you were able to calm Bucky down enough to where he recovered. 

Back at hand: You were sitting on the couch with Wanda, Scott, Steve, Bucky, Sam, Clint, and T’Challa, all of you telling stories about the past. You smiled from your seat on a stool, situated between the armchair that T’Challa sat in and another arm chair that Clint was kicked back in. In front of you was a coffee table, and then the couch were Bucky, Steve, and Scott were. Wanda floated beside you, red as her platform.

Steve was telling about how him and Bucky would always go to Coney Island for Steve’s Birthday, even though Steve would always either A) chicken out on all the rides or B) throw up because of riding all of the rides. You laughed hard and Steve was a bit red in the face, though he still laughed with you all. Wanda reminisced as well.

“I remember when me and my brother would run off into the woods to chase the birds. We liked to play games like hide and seek, even though our parents didn’t like it when we would play such games. We were often too hard to find, and often scared our parents.”

You chuckled and replied, looking up, chin resting in your palm as your rest your elbow on the back of the raised chair.

“Reminds me of when me and my ex would hide in the woods and then, when his friends would come looking for us, would scare the shit out of them. Pretty hilarious. I remember when I actually made his friend Ben cry. Johnny was a little shit though, so I mean..we always did stupid crap.”

Bucky wore a frown that you didn’t notice, and Steve seemed to shift a bit at the sudden tension in Bucky. Natasha admitted, leaning back against the couch and sitting on the floor. 

“Reminds me of the Red Room. Used to do stuff wasn’t supposed to do in there, after dark of course.”

Bucky smirked just slightly and supposed. 

“I’m sure you mean those nights in the closet?”

Everything went downhill from there. You were shocked, but made sure not to let it show on your face. Bucky and Nat had sex often while they were in the Red Room? Steve, Rhodey, Sam, Wanda, T’Challa, and Clint seemed to tense up at that information. Natasha just rolled her eyes, and Tony gawked. 

“You slept with Natasha?!”

“Quite a few times. Contact wasn’t allowed, but Natasha was the strongest out of all the girls there. I guess I was drawn to her.”

Came Bucky’s response. Steve was glaring at him, trying to get him to shut up but the damage had already been done. You felt yourself growing green with envy and bit your lip. Thor and Bruce were just silent, watching you and everyone else, but mostly you. Looking over at T’Challa, you got an idea. 

“So, T’Challa, I can’t help but notice just how advanced your suit is. What made you want to become a Black Panther? Does it speak for something?’

You smirked a bit and T’Challa blinked at you before grinning just slightly.

“Your flattery is quite appreciated, (Y/n). I am sure that if you want to find out, I will not stop you.”

You both grinned and T’Challa went on to answer your question.

“The panther animal a very powerful and protective animal. It symbolizes courage, valor, and power. I like to think that, as a warrior, I am courageous and powerful.”

You smiled and responded.

“You’re a very noble man, T’Challa.”

He smirked and flirted smoothly.

“I aim to please and protect beautiful women as yourself, (Y/n).”

You turned red at that. It was a smooth blow, and it had you feeling quite high in the clouds. But Bucky didn’t agree. He was seething in his spot, blue eyes darkened with anger. Steve and Sam were tense from their spot on either side of him, and Rhodey was covering his mouth, eyes closed. 

Wanda was biting her lip to refrain from grinning, and Clint was just wide eyed. You were sure that Bruce and Thor had caught on to your jealous antics, but they had moved to the other side of the room, as if to avoid any conflict. Tony whistled. 

“Oh, (Y/n)’s trying to get frisky with T’Challa!”

“Shut your fucking mouth, Stark.”

Bucky snarled out. Steve snapped at him, a disapproving look on his face.

“Bucky, watch your language.”

Bucky whipped around and glared at Steve.

“How about you fuck off?”

‘Serves you right, Bucky. Now you know just how I feel.’

You thought grudgingly, quirking an eyebrow up at him. Bucky then shot up and turned to you, asking you with his arms crossed.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

You blinked and countered.

“What? Am I not allowed to compliment people, Bucky? Hmm? Am I not allowed to verbally show people their accomplishments and tell them just how amazing they are?”

Bucky growled and snarled, getting in your face.

“Don’t you dare take me for a fool, (Y/n). I see what you’re doing. You’re flirting with him!”

You felt anger surge through your veins and you exclaimed, an exasperated tone to your voice and hands flying up in a  ‘what the fuck’ gesture.

“Oh? And talking about your nights with Natasha is any fucking better? Listen, you hypocritical asshole: I’m not gonna just sit here and take your shit. I don’t think you realize what it does to me when I hear you talking about having sex with another woman!”

You were screaming by the time you were done and the whole room was quiet. If silence was a physical element, you were sure that you could kick it and break it. When Bucky didn’t say anything, you just laughed humorlessly.

“And you stay quiet. Good. I hope you realize your mistake and bask in it, because I’m not gonna sit here and look at your face all night and be reminded of your ‘hot steamy nights’ with Natasha.”

Spinning on your heel, you marched out of the room and made your last act of the night be the door slamming so hard, it shook the wall, making Thor and Bruce jump at least a foot in the air from the loud volume.


Bucky jolted when the door slammed shut and clenched his fists. He was still quite angry about your little antic of flirting with T’Challa. T’Challa…that fucking man! How dare T’Challa flirt with what wasn’t his! Bucky spun to the left and snarled at the man.

“If I ever see you flirt with what is mine, I will not hesitate to rip you apart limb by limb, you hear me? Do not go near (Y/n) again.”

Steve suggested, trying to get some of the order back into the room.

“All right, let’s calm down Buck-”

Bucky glared harshly at Steve, who had stood up by now. Bucky just flipped him off and then walked after (Y/n), clearly not finished with her.


Sitting in your room, you were sobbing into a pillow, laying on your side. You hated this. You hated crying over it. Over him. But it couldn’t be helped. You loved Bucky very much, and hearing him talk so freely about hot, steamy nights with Natasha made you feel absolutely worthless. It wasn’t a myth: Natasha was beautiful.

She was a very beautiful woman and she knew it. Did she bring it up on purpose? You didn’t know. All you could hope for was that Bucky wouldn’t come in to your room. You couldn’t bear the thought of him seeing you like this, nor you seeing him without thinking about his words.

However, your prayers were not answered and your door opened, Bucky stomping in. The door slid closed, and Bucky opened his mouth to resume yelling at you. But no word came out of his mouth. Seeing you on your side, hugging a pillow to your chest, and sobbing like there was no tomorrow, it was a sight he wished to never see.

He caused this. He was the reason you were sobbing. Why the tears came down your face. Why you refused to look at him. Bucky knew that by adding on to what Natasha had said, he had clearly fucked up. You had never known about those nights, and he had forgotten about them himself until Natasha brought it up.

Sighing, he sat on the edge of the bed and listening to your labored breaths, your slight sobs, and how you tried to keep it all in; trying to stay strong while in his presence. He felt even more like shit. Here you were, trying to act strong and like it didn’t bother you but he knew better. Bucky knew you better than anybody in this tower.

“(Y/n), I’m sorry. It was wrong of me to add on to what Natasha said. It was wrong of me to yell at you. I understand that you are clearly angry at me, and I own up to my mistakes. I’m sorry.”

You looked over your shoulder slowly, Bucky biting his lip, and asked him carefully.

“Why did you do that?”

“I don’t know…I wasn’t thinking. It automatically came out.”

“Obviously, you fucking asshole.”

Bucky shrunk down a bit in shame, hair hanging in front of his eyes. You swallowed thickly and sat up abruptly, startling Bucky.

“You need to keep others feelings in mind, Bucky. There are some things that you say that hurt others. You can’t keep things from me, Bucky. All secrets will be revealed sooner or later; nothing is safe from the eyes of Time.”

Bucky nodded and whispered.

“I’m sorry. Tell me what I can do to make it better. Tell me how to make your pain go away.”

You thought for a moment before biting your lip.

“Lay with me.”

Bucky immediately laid down and held your tightly to him. With your nose buried in his chest, you felt better. His smell always calmed you down, and never failed to make you just a tad bit sleepy. You then gave one final order.

“Kiss me, Bucky.”

Bucky moved back slightly, took your chin with his metal hand slightly, and laid his lips upon your gently. It felt nice to kiss him; his lips soft and warm. When the kiss ended, both of you kept your eyes closed, until Bucky kissed you once again.

“Please let me show you how sorry I am.”

He asked softly. You nodded, whispering.


And with that, Bucky rolled you over and a night of forgiveness took both of you away.


Be My Eyes

Hinata and the rest of team 8 had been assigned to go to the land of waves for a few weeks to track down a gang leader. It didn’t seem like it would be an incredibly difficult mission, it was only a B rank, but something about it felt wrong to Naruto.

She was telling Naruto the details of the mission as she packed her gear. “His name is Tamamoru, apparently he runs this up and coming gang that terrorizes local businesses. No shinobi, just a bunch of thugs. They’re sneaky though, nobody knows where they’re hiding. The plan is to somehow find them and take out the boss, some of the members too if need be.”

Naruto sat silently as she packed. Normally he had questions or at least nodded as she spoke, but he sat totally still. Hinata took notice of his silence but hadn’t noticed his stillness as she continued packing. Suddenly there were strong arms around her waist and a chin on her shoulder.

Naruto let out a saddened sigh “Hinata I don’t want you to go.” He whispered.

“Naruto-kun I’ll only be gone for a week. I’ll miss you too but-”

“No.” Naruto cut her off, which was very out of character. “No Hinata it’s not that, I’ve got a really bad feeling about this mission. I can’t explain it, but it just isn’t sitting right.”

Hinata turned around, placing her hands on his chest and looking deep into his eyes. “Naruto I know you worry, but I’ll be fine. These people in the land of waves need my help.” Naruto still looked unconvinced, so Hinata worked her hands up to his cheeks and smiled at him “I promise that I will come home and I will be fine, and I never go back on my word.”

Naruto just smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead, “you’re right, I guess I just worry too much. You’re so strong, I know you’ll do great.”

The two shared a kiss, which then became a few and quickly turned into full fledged making out. The night became one of passion very quickly. Knowing it would be a while before the two saw each other they indulged in each other.

Hinata quickly fell asleep after the encounter, but Naruto stayed up, thinking hard about this mission. Things still weren’t sitting right with him, there had to be something he could do.

As he ran his fingers along her back and sides he suddenly got an idea. He closed his eyes and poured Kurama’s chakra into her body, so if anything were to happen she had an extra storage of chakra. “I hope this helps keep you safe.” He said before finally drifting off to sleep.

Hinata woke up before dawn the next morning and gathered her things for the mission. She kissed her boyfriend on the forehead before leaving to meet her team mates at the Konoha gates. She was actually pretty excited, it had been a long time since she and her old team had gone on a mission together.

As she walked to the gate her heart felt heavy. She had felt guilt before, but not like this. She hadn’t exactly lied to Naruto, but she didn’t tell him everything, which felt the same to her. Telling herself it was for the best and she could explain later she did her best to ignore her guilt and focus on the mission.

Hinata was greeted by her old teammates and the group set off quickly. As they ran through the trees they talked over their plan once more. “So this Tamamoru guy has a weakness for beautiful women. What we’re going to do is lay low for a few days, act like tourists, and Hinata,”

“I’ll wait for him to approach me at the tavern he likes to visit, get on his good side, and once he and I are alone, I kill him and we make a run for it.” She finished

“Precisely,” added Shino. “Which is why you will all have a female beetle on you at all times, so I can keep track of you. I also think it would be wise for Akamaru to stay transformed throughout this mission, it would be quite obvious that he is a ninja hound.”

The ninja agreed and picked up their pace so they would make it to the land of waves before the sun sat. Just outside the village they all stopped to change into civilian clothes while Akamaru transformed, Kiba even made sure to scrub off his face paint. Shino finished placing female beetles on everyone when he spoke up once more, “Everybody ready?”

The gang nodded and proceeded to walk the last kilometer of their journey, appearing to anybody passing by that they were just tourists. Cold grey eyes watched them as they walked by. No matter what they did, he could not be fooled.

The group walked to the nearest hotel where they booked two conjoined rooms for the next week. They thanked the clerk and proceeded up the stairs and to the end of the hall. As soon as the doors closed the team threw their bags down and formulated their plan for the night.

“I know it’s getting late, but chances are our target will be at that bar about now. There’s so time to waste so we need to go ahead and begin.” Shino said

Hinata knew what she had to do. She retrieved her tight black dress and the pair of flats she had packed and excused herself to change. She felt bad as she slipped the dress over her head. She didn’t tell Naruto that this was going to be part of the mission. Of course they would track Tamamoru down, but it would be easier to lure him out.

She examined herself in the mirror, the dress made her body look amazing, but she felt horrible. Her butt looked perfectly shaped and the low cut of the dress exposed much more cleavage and leg then she would have liked, but this was for the mission. “I’m sorry Naruto” she sighed as she left the bathroom.

Shino, Kiba, and Akamaru were sitting patiently when their female team member came out of the bathroom. They made sure to keep eye contact when they spoke to her to avoid making her more uncomfortable. “Okay Hinata here’s what we’re going to do. We’re all going to wait outside and watch closely from a safe distance while you sit at the bar. Order a few virgin drinks and just kind of hang out, read your book or something. If he doesn’t approach you no big deal, he will eventually.”

Hinata let out a breath she forgot she was holding in. She’d done undercover work before, but for some reason she had a sick feeling in her stomach. She did her best to ignore it and attribute it to the revealing outfit she was wearing. Grabbing her purse she put on a brave smile and nodded.

“Are we all ready?” Shino asked. All four nodded and began to leave the room. Hinata told herself she could do this and that her friends were there to back her up.

The group walked through town making sure to keep a good distance from each other. They did their best to appear lost and confused to avoid any suspicion. All of the group members even saw gang members bothering business owners, but had to stay away to avoid blowing their cover.

After about twenty minutes of deceitful wandering Hinata decided to finally approach the bar. The shutters were falling off, the roof appeared to be in shambles, and the paint was peeling off. She had seen local dive bars before but nothing like this. Seemed like the kind of place criminals would hang out though, so she continued forward, entering the establishment as if nothing were wrong.

Hinata entered the tavern and was immediately surprised. The outside was a clear cover for the beauty within. The walls were elegant colors of reds and yellows, the bar and tables were made of a rich mahogany wood, and the ceiling bore vibrant chandeliers. This looked more like a five star restaurant than a bar, which was concerning. If this is where gang leaders hung out it appeared the team was not properly informed on just how much power this gang had. She made a mental note to keep very alert.

A server approached her as she began to walk further into the building. “Hello ma'am, would you like to be seated?” He asked very politely

Hinata nodded and followed the young man to a table adjacent from the bar. She sat and he presented her with the menu. “I haven’t seen you around here before.” He started “what brings you to town?”

“I heard the hot springs here are wonderful, and I wanted to get some shopping done.” She lied with ease. “I also heard this restaurant has a fantastic green tea, could I have one of those to start?”

The waiter gave her a charming smile and was off to get her a tea. She examined the menu quickly and decided on an order of anko dumplings and examined the people around her. Everybody was in high end clothing and appeared to be very rich. She felt very out of place, but did he best to just blend in.

The waiter came back with Hinata’s green tea and took the rest of her order. As she waited she sipped her tea and read her book, making sure to look up every 30 seconds or so to examine her surroundings. After about 15 minutes her anko dumplings arrived as well as another cup of tea. She thanked the waiter and continued to read.

Suddenly Hinata felt a harsh chill take over her body, she placed her book down and saw a man sitting across from her. “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you.” He said with an apologetic face. “I just wanted to make your acquaintance.”

She took a moment to observe this man. He was probably in his mid thirties, shoulder length brown hair, suit and tie, handsome face, and eyes so grey they appeared to be made of steel. He fit the description given in the mission file to a tee. There was no doubt in Hinata’s mind, this was Tamamoru.

“Oh no I’m sorry, where are my manners,” Hinata stuck her hound out to shake his “I’m Tsubaki.”

He shook her hand and placed his lips to it slightly. “What a beautiful name for such a beautiful woman. It is such a pleasure to meet you, I am Tamamoru.”

Bingo. It was definitely him. Hinata hid her disgust with a radiant smile “it is a pleasure to meet you as well.”

The two went on talking for hours, it was essential that Hinata get him as comfortable as possible with her. Much to her surprise he was also very interested in gardening, though he had others do the actual planting for him he designed how everything was arranged. “I bet your garden is gorgeous.” Hinata said after he described it in vivid detail.

“Ah yes it is beautiful.” He blushed, “but it is missing Tsubaki’s however. I would be honored if you would bless my garden with your presence.”

At that moment Hinata noticed the beetle sitting on the back of her neck was very still, which alarmed her. Against her better judgement she agreed and began to reach for her bag when he stopped her. “No my dear, I own this bar, and for you? Your meal is free.” She thanked him profusely and followed him out the door.

The two walked in silence for a while until Tamamoru spoke up. “I must say, it is rare to see lavender eyes, let alone ones that look so breathtaking in the moonlight.”

“Ah thank you.” Hinata began “you’re so charming.”

Both smiled and continued to walk in an awkward silence amongst the late night crowds of the city. It had to be nearly one in the morning, yet this city didn’t stop.

Suddenly the two were in front of two large gates in the middle of the city. “My estate is beyond these gates,” he said as he dug into his pockets to retrieve his key. The house was visible through the gates, it was awfully small to be a gang hideout so Hinata concluded this must just be his home.

The gates opened and the pair began walking once again. They followed the path to the back of the house and they reached the infamous garden. It truly was gorgeous, plants and trees of all kinds were arranged in a perfect fashion while a fountain stood in the center of it all.

Hinata kept her guard up, but Tamamoru was suddenly in front of her, looking her over with hunger in his eyes. “Tsubaki tell me, do you work out? Because with a body like this there’s no way you don’t.”

A spark of anger hit her. How dare he! She wanted to go ahead and attack him now, but she still wasn’t sure if they were alone or not. She decided not to blow her cover yet. “That’s an odd question to ask.”

“Ah yes it is.” He smirked deviously, “but you are also an odd girl Tsubaki.”

Hinata felt cold, had he caught onto her?

He turned his back to her to observe a patch of flowers “See you have a figure that suits a very active lifestyle, that tells me you work out a lot. You also have lavender eyes which tells me you have a birth defect, or,” he suddenly spun around and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her to look at him. “You’re a shinobi.”

Hinata winced in pain and attempted to free herself from his grip. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh I think you do. My eyes see all Tsubaki, and I saw when you and your little friends entered this land, I know you’re a shinobi, and I intend to find out who sent you here.”

Hinata knew she was busted. She activated her byakugan as fast as she could and attempted to strike at Tamamoru’s chakra points. Just inches away from striking his right arm he threw her to the ground.

She felt her head smack against the sidewalk, and did her best to get up quickly. Before she could try to strike again men came from the gate carrying her unconscious team members. “We found them boss.” Said the one with Kiba flung over his shoulder.

“You monster!” She practically growled. She balled her fists, allowing her twin lions to cover them. She ran forward but found herself suddenly stuck. She looked to the ground and saw her flats had become solid steel.

“Oh no my dear, you see, you are not the only shinobi here. I’m guessing your eyes are a kekkei genkai? Well so are mine. I am able to turn things to steel by simply looking at them, and use steel at my will. This is going to spell trouble for you and your friends.” He lifted his hand and shackles bound Hinata’s hands together tight.

He approached her and punched her on the side of the head, knocking her out cold. He let her limp body hit the ground, “Take them all to the interrogation room.” He ordered his men, and they complied, dragging all four of them inside.

Several hours later Hinata woke up to strong hands shaking her awake. She gasped and saw her arms were being strung from the ceiling while her feet still bore the steel shoes that kept her firmly on the ground. Shino, Kiba and Akamaru were in the exact same position while Akamaru had a metal muzzle over his mouth.

“Glad to see you’re all awake!” Tamamoru yelled. The men from before were standing at different corners of the room, waiting patiently. “Now here’s what we’re going to do, you will all give me your full names and affiliations. If you do I will make sure you die painlessly, if not, the torture will eventually kill you.” He smiled a sick sadistic smile and got into everybody’s faces.

Kiba was too feisty for his own good, he spat it Tamamoru’s face as he approached him. Before Kiba could blink Tamamoru used the heel of his foot to break Kiba’s right leg. “God dammit!” Kiba howled out.

Akamaru began barking loudly, and trying to wriggle free to help his master. Tamamoru didn’t hold back, he kicked both of Akamaru’s legs, causing a god awful crunching noise to fill the room.

Hinata couldn’t believe what she was seeing. How could a person be this horrendous? She shut her eyes tight but the tears continued to seep through. Suddenly her eye lids were forced open and were taped so she was unable to close them. “I told you you would all talk,” Tamamoru spat “now start!”

“Don’t tell him anything Hinata!” Shino whispered. Tamamoru’s ears perked up and he walked over to Shino, snapping his left arm.

He turned back to Hinata and walked to her. “So it’s Hinata huh? I didn’t believe you when you said it was Tsubaki.” She stayed silent. Apparently he didn’t like that, so he punched her in the face, causing he right cheek to immediately swell. “Talk!” He demanded.

Hinata looked to Shino with painful desperation in her eyes. “Bugs?” She mouthed silently. Shino gestured to the chains bounding him, something was keeping his bugs at bay, no matter how bad he needed them.

Though in a clear jam she stayed silent, she knew she couldn’t reveal themselves. After a few more moments of silence he snapped his fingers and the three men went to her teammates sides with knives in their hands. All of team 8 just glared, nothing would break them.

With another snap of the fingers everyone had received long, deep cuts on various parts of their bodies. There were more demands for them to talk and to give up their information, but they all did their best to stay as silent as possible.

After hours of various torture methods using fire, water and multiple weapons, the gang was very bloody and bruised, but alive and silent. Both Kiba and Akamaru’s legs were useless, while Shino’s left arm was badly damaged and he was passed out from a blow to the head. Hinata had no broken bones or deep wounds, which concerned her. It had appeared Tamamoru had hit his breaking point so she knew he would come after her full force.

Tamamoru began to come undone. As a gang leader he was used to getting his way, and now that he wasn’t he was throwing a tantrum. “Tell me what I need to know! Now!” He screamed as he beat Hinata. She bit her lip to the point of drawing blood, she would not talk.

He stepped away, Hinata’s entire body was varying shades of black, blue and purple. “Fine. Maybe you’ll talk after this.” He said forming his fist into steel. She watched carefully, she wasn’t sure what he was up to. Slowly, he walked over to Kiba and punched him in the ribs until there was a crack loud enough to break the silence.

Kiba had a look of agonizing pain all over his face until he coughed up a large amount of blood and passed out. “No!” Hinata cried out. There was no way those ribs weren’t broken, and based on where he was punched and the blood coughed up there was a sure chance a rib had punctured his lung. There wasn’t much time until his lungs filled with blood.

Tamamoru now walked to Hinata holding a strange bottle in his hands. “Last chance, who are you all, and who sent you?” She felt she was at the end of the line, this is where she would die and there was no doubt about that. Though these were most likely her final moments, she smiled and looked him dead in the eye, “I told you I wouldn’t tell you anything, and I never go back on my word. That’s my nindo, my ninja way.”

Rage filled Tamamoru and he took the top off the little bottle and splashed the liquid over Hinata’s eyes. The pain was excruciating, she felt as if there were millions of tiny razors moving around her eye balls. Her eyes began to bleed and her vision became very blurry and filmy. As she was about to pass out from pain she whispered “I’m sorry Naruto.”

Suddenly red chakra exploded from Hinata, covering her entire body like a cloak and removing the substance from her eyes. Her arms and legs were immediately freed from their iron prisons, allowing her to free her teammates as well. Shino awoke as he hit the ground and used his unbroken arm to send chakra eating bugs to the henchmen. Though her vision was bad Hinata could see Tamamoru’s outline and that was all she needed.

Tamamoru was clearly afraid now. He tried to run but Shino’s bugs had jammed the door lock, leaving him trapped. He ran at Hinata, his whole body made of steel. “This ends now!” They both screamed.

His iron fist was only an inch from her face when the tail of the cloak wrapped around his fist and slammed him to the ground. He hit the ground hard enough to make the entire room shake, and he was stuck inside the floor. Not wasting another moment Hinata slammed the chakra point nearest his heart, killing him instantly.

Now that all the enemies in the room had died, Hinata made her way to her teammates. She placed a hand on each of them, allowing the nine tails chakra to cover and heal them. “Shino,” she panted, “Tell Naruto that I’m sorry.” Her vision then went completely black.

Naruto was in an uneasy sleep when he found himself face to face with Kurama inside his head. “Kurama? What’s going on.”

“Naruto, where is that Hyuga girl you’ve grown fond of?” He asked with urgency

“Hinata? She’s in the land of waves, why?!”

“Get there, now. My chakra that you infused in her is barely keeping her and her teammates alive.”

“What?! How did that happen?!” Naruto was fully panicked now.

“I don’t know, but you need to get there now. We can track her while she still has my chakra.”

Naruto woke up already in tailed beast mode. He ran as fast as he could to reach the outside of the village where he could let Kurama take over. “Kurama! Get me there fast!” Naruto stood inside the giant beast as he ran, his heart and mind racing. Did that Tamamoru guy attack them? He was so dead if Naruto got a hold of him.

Kurama moved at an unbelievable speed, getting Naruto the the village in under ten minutes. Upon reaching the village Naruto sent a thousand shadow clones in sage mode in various directions. “Come on Hinata where are you.” He kept saying to himself

A clone finally saw many chakras guarding a small building, he thought that was odd considering this was mainly a civilian village. All the clones ran that way, ready to fight.

Upon arriving at the home the guards began to attack Naruto and his clones. The clones stayed behind to deal with them and Naruto searched the home.

His heart was pounding. Hinata on the brink of death? It didn’t seem real, it couldn’t be real. His sage mode wore off quickly, forcing him to examine each room himself. As he kicked down doors and checked rooms he prayed she still had time and would be okay.

Finally Naruto reached the basement and was met with a large steel door. “I don’t have time for this!” He screamed and ripped the door off of its hinges. Once the door hit the floor, his jaw almost did due to the sight before him.

Blood, there was so much blood. It was all over the floor, it splattered the walls and even reached parts of the ceiling. Upon examining the room he saw four unfamiliar men dead on the floor, as well as all four members of team 8 unconscious.

“Hinata!” He screamed running to her side. Her pulse was weak and her breathing was shallow, just as Kurama said she was barely alive.

He instantly went into tailed beast mode, destroying the home they were inside and keeping the members of team 8 safely inside of Kurama. Without having to say a word the beast ran on all fours as fast as he possibly could, allowing them to arrive at Konoha hospital in just under 5 minutes.

There was a loud crash outside the hospital and suddenly Naruto and three of his shadow clones ran into the hospital, each carrying a wounded member of team 8. “I need doctors now!” He screamed.

Sakura came running down the hall at the sound of his voice. “Naruto? What’s wrong?” She saw team 8 bloody and battered and immediately called for back up. “I need backup now!”

Other doctors came running down the hall, lady Tsunade and Shizune along with them. Each member of team 8 was placed in a stretcher and given a quick evaluation. Doctors whisked Kiba away moments after sitting him down and Shino and Akamaru weren’t far behind.

Though she was surrounded by three medical ninja Naruto stayed by Hinata’s side while her teammates were taken away to varying parts of the hospital. “It’s okay Hinata, lady Tsunade, Shizune, and Sakura are going to take care of you.” He whispered to her. He stared down at her battered body and began to weep, “You’re going to be okay Hinata. I can’t lose you, I won’t lose you.”

The medical ninja were focusing on Hinata’s eyes when suddenly they all gasped. Without a word they ran down the hall to god knows where. Naruto began to run along side them when Tsunade’s words stopped him dead in his tracks. “Naruto you can’t help her! Go to the waiting room!”

“You can’t help her.” Hit him like a truck. She was right, he couldn’t help her, and that killed him inside.

Naruto did as he was told and sat in the waiting room shaking. How could he let this happen? If only he had gotten there sooner he wouldn’t be sitting in the waiting room making himself sick with worry.

So many feelings ran through him. He felt enraged, he felt guilty, he felt depressed, but most of all he felt scared. She was in god knows what condition and he could do nothing to help her. He had almost lost her once already, he couldn’t lose her this time.

A nurse came out to tell him surgery had begun and they would keep him updated. That didn’t make him feel better. This shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Naruto sat in the waiting room for nearly two days until a nurse came to speak with him, “Sir her teammates are awake if you’d like to speak with them.”

Naruto got up and asked the nurse to take him to them. He was glad to know that they were okay, but at the same time he knew they were not nearly as critical.

The nurse lead him to the room and excused herself to examine other patients. Naruto hesitated, but knew he needed to know what happened. He slowly opened the door and made his way inside the room.

Kiba lay in bed with his right leg elevated, his left side was covered with bandages and an oxygen tube inserted into his nostrils. Akamaru lay by his side on a small stretcher with casts on his back legs and bandages on his paws. Shino’s head was wrapped in bandages and his left arm lay in a sling. The group looked bad, but they were alive.

The men looked up to the sound of the closing door. “Naruto.” Kiba said slurred with a cough.

He walked over to the beds and took a seat between them. “What did they do to you guys?” He asked, rage hidden in his concerned voice.

Kiba stifled a laugh. “I’ve got the usual cuts, bruises and burns, three busted ribs, a punctured lung, and a broken leg, just got out of surgery last night actually. Akamaru broke both of his back legs and has third degree burns on his paws.”

“I’ve got a concussion, few deeps cuts some burns and had all the bones in my left arm broken.” Shino said

Naruto clenched his fists, tight. How could somebody do this? They weren’t trying to kill them, at least not yet, they were torturing them.

“Hey man, we made it out alive thanks to you.” Kiba said sincerely.

Naruto nodded silently. He knew that, but he didn’t feel like a hero, especially since he had no idea of Hinata’s condition other than it was critical.

“Guys.” He paused, “I need you to tell me exactly what happened. What lead to everything that happened in that hideout.”

Shino decided to come clean. “We were trying to track down Tamamoru, but we already had an idea of where he was, so we wanted to lure him out of we could. We were told he had a weakness for beautiful women, so Hinata played decoy.”

Naruto stood up faster than lighting “What? This guy was a dangerous criminal, and you decided to use Hinata as bait?!” He balled his fist so hard he thought he would break his fingers. Why? Why would they decide to do that?

“Naruto calm down!” Kiba yelled, but then immediately began coughing up blood. Naruto decided to calm down a bit, this wasn’t the time to freak out, but he was livid. Once Kiba caught his breath he took over. “We decided to do this as a team.”

Naruto felt a pain in his heart, “You mean, Hinata agreed to this and didn’t tell me?”

“We told her not to. We didn’t think the mission would go south like this, and we all know how you worry about her.” Kiba laughed a bit.

Naruto hung his head, Hinata had never kept something like this from him before. He was hurt yes, but he could worry about her too much sometimes so he understood.

“Anyways,” Shino said, “Tamamoru took the bait and he took her back to his hideout, but he somehow saw us before we entered the village and figured out we were shinobi. We were misinformed when they said there were no shinobi in his gang, they found us hiding near by, caught us off guard and took us back to the hideout. Turns out he has a kekkei genkai that allows him to turn himself and other objects to steel, which he used to knock us around to try and get us to talk.”

“None of us said a word, caused that Tamamoru guy to get really pissed. He made his fists steel and gave Shino a bad blow to the back of his head, thought he killed him honestly. Then he busted my ribs and I don’t remember anything after that.”

“I woke up and Hinata was covered in that red chakra of yours,” Shino recalled. “She killed Tamamoru, then made sure we all got some of that chakra so we would stay alive.” He looked down for a minute, thinking of how to phrase what he was thinking. “I remember there was a lot of blood coming from her eyes, she told me to tell you she was sorry and she was out cold. I passed out again right after she did.”

Naruto sat there dumb founded. None of this seemed real to him. “So you don’t know what he did to Hinata?” The men shook their heads, they wished they could ease Naruto’s racing mind.

Naruto began to exit the room, “I’m glad you’re both okay, I’m gonna go check on Hinata’s condition and come visit again okay?” He didn’t even wait for an answer before leaving the room and returning to the waiting room.

Nurses walked by, but never stopped to let him know what was going on. Another few hours passed with no news and Naruto began to grow scared. What if Hinata wasn’t going to make it? He shook his head violently, he couldn’t think like that.

Naruto sat in his chair, legs bouncing and hands shaking when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked over and felt some relief “Sakura.”

She gave him a weak smile and got straight to business. “We got out of surgery with Hinata a few hours ago. She was in pretty bad shape, she had some internal bleeding, ligature wounds, lacerations, but we got those fixed pretty easily.”

Naruto took a huge sigh of relief, he was so glad she was alive. “Oh Sakura thank god.”

Sakura took a deep breath. “Naruto there’s more. The real problem is her eyes. There was a liquid that was out in them that acted as a sort of acid. Her eyes are damaged all the way down to the lense. That’s why her eyes were so bloody and that’s why we had to have her in surgery for so long.”

This was bad news and he could feel it “So what does that mean?”

“She may be blind for the rest of her life.”

Blind? It didn’t seem real, it didn’t seem possible. This couldn’t happen, not to Hinata.

“Can I see her?” He asked desperately after a few moments of silence

Sakura stood and led him to Hinata’s room. The hallways seemed to go on a forever and it felt as if time was moving at minimal speed. Naruto’s head was in such a daze, he just needed to see her.

After what seemed like an eternity they arrived at the room. “It may be a while before she wakes up, her body’s gone through a lot of trauma and she’s on a lot of medication that-”

Naruto raised his hand to stop her “I understand Sakura, I just want some time with her.”

Sakura shook her head in understanding and walked away, she wanted to respect their privacy. Now it was Naruto’s turn to face Hinata.

He turned the door handle and entered the room. Hinata laid there on the stiff white bed, and Naruto could barely believe his eyes. Her normally porcelain skin was covered in bandages and harsh bruises. An oxygen tube sat inside of her nostrils while fluids and medication pumped into her body through tubes in her arm. Gauze wrapped around the the back of her head and covered her eyes. She was hurt, but she was alive.

Naruto took a seat next to her, softly holding her hand in his. “Hinata.” He whispered softly. Hot tears of fear and relief began pouring out of his eyes. He kissed her hand gently “I need you to wake up Hinata. I want to hear your voice again. I want to make sure you’re okay.”

There was no response. The only sound in the room came from the heart monitor which showed her activity was normal. “That’s okay.” He thought “I’ll wait.”

Half a day passed and Naruto hadn’t left her side for even a moment. Many nurses came to administer more medicine or change bandages, but he remained right there. He knew how much Hinata loved to read, so he had one of the nurses bring a gardening magazine to the room. He continued to hold her hand as he read a loud to her.

“When winter approaches, we’ve found a way to keep your seasonal plants from freezing. Simply take a fertilizer of your choosing, and place these plants in large house pots. That way you can still care for them, and not have to plant brand new ones in the following season.” Naruto continued to read as Tsunade and Sakura stood in the doorway watching.

“Should we do something?” Sakura whispered. She began to grow concerned for her life long friend.

Tsunade walked forward “I’ve got this.” she said. She went up to Naruto and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Naruto it’ll do you some good to get out of this hospital. You can shower, have a real meal, maybe get some sleep.”

Naruto looked at her and shoved her hand off. “What if she wakes up and I’m not here? I have to be here.” He then turned back to the magazine and continued to read for Hinata.

Tsunade and Sakura shared a look of understanding and left the room. Naruto was coping the best way he could, and they couldn’t interfere with that.

Hours later he was still holding her hand and stroking it gently. “Do you remember that time after we first became a couple, that we went out to dinner at that new restaurant? I got ramen of course and you got sushi. There was that drunk guy who kept coming over and hitting on you, you were so polite and told him to please leave you alone and that you were with your boyfriend. He didn’t stop though, and remember how mad I got?” He laughed, “I got so mad that I beat him up right there and the owner had to ask us to leave. You were so embarrassed, I remember how mad you were at me but it was okay.” His laughing now turned to silent crying. “At least I could protect you back then.”

The crying didn’t stop. He sobbed and blew his nose until his face was an ungodly red color. “Hinata wake up. Please Hinata just wake up.” No answer.

He buried his head in the bed next to her and cried even more. His body began to shake again when she suddenly felt her hand squeeze his. He shot up instantly and looked at her “Hinata?”

She stirred a bit and looked to where his voice was coming from “Naruto?” She asked in a weak voice.

“Oh my god Hinata.” He kissed her hand profusely and held it securely “I’m so glad you’re awake.”

Her free hand lightly felt the gauze covering her eyes. “Naruto, what happened?”

He took a deep breath and took both of her hand in his. “That monster that attacked you used some sort of acid on your eyes. Sakura, lady Tsunade and Shizune did a surgery on them though, which is why you’ve been asleep for a few days.”

Hinata smiled, “and I’m guessing you haven’t left even once?”

He kissed her hand again, “of course not.”

She chuckled a bit, “Naruto it’s okay, I’ll be just fine.” He froze and she could sense it. “What’s wrong?”

He bit his lip. How could he tell her? He still couldn’t believe it himself. “Naruto? You’re scaring me.” She whimpered

He took both hands once again and squeezed her fingers. “I talked to Sakura earlier, she said there was a lot of damage done to your eyes. So much in fact that,” he paused for a moment, trying to form the words. “You may be blind forever.”

She was silent. Apparently the word had hit her hard too. “This is all my fault.” Naruto whispered. “If I had gotten to you sooner this wouldn’t have happened.”

Hinata did her best to reach for his face, eventually putting both hands on his wet cheeks. “This is not your fault. I was caught by Tamamoru, he’s the one that did this, not you.”

Naruto felt a bit better to hear her say that, but he loved her and therefore he always wanted to protect her. She meant everything to him, and he hated that all of this was happening to her. “You’re right, he did, but this is all going to be okay Hinata.”

She let out an almost silent sigh and whispered “I hope so.”

“Hey no.” Naruto said. “It is going to be okay.”

“It’s very difficult to live a life without vision. It’s not impossible, but it’s certainly a rough transition.” She said sadly.

Naruto got up and sat next to her on the bed. “Do you remember when I lost my arm? It was really hard to do anything, but you helped me, remember?” Hinata nodded, not really sure of where he was going with this. “You were my arm Hinata. You loved me enough to do everything you could for me in my time of need. So now that your time of need has come, I will be your eyes.”

Hinata choked up, and her voice broke slightly, “do you mean that?”

He smiled confidently “Of course I do! I never go back on my word.”

She hugged him tight, and he held her close, stroking her hair. “I love you so much.” He whispered to her over and over again.

“I love you too.” She kept saying to him. She then used her hands to feel his face, making a mental note of where all of his features were. She found his lips and gave him a much needed and deserved kiss. She was so great full for her new eyes.

Maxson/Sole - Formal affairs Part V

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The one with the force to be reckoned with.

As they made their way to the meeting room she tried to mimic his way of walking, shoulders back and head held high. She had decided to put on her heels as a way to look taller and therefore more impressive.  Somehow, he always seemed aware of her actions, even if he wasn’t looking. Without turning around he said “Sentinel, what are you doing?”
“ You walk differently around other people. Try to make yourself look bigger and taller. I figured…” Maxson shook his head. “Use your eyes.” She looked over at him.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“ Your gaze is what makes you intimidating not your body. “ Sole smiled.
“ Wait, does that mean that at some point I made you feel intimidated?”
“ Don’t push your luck Sentinel.” Her hand reached for his. She expected him to pull away again but just entangled her fingers with his. He was finally learning how to get this act sold.
“ They will attempt to test you. No outsider ever managed to get such a high rank before. Many of them will question your authority. Try not to respond to their allegations in anger. “
They walked into the room together, the ultimate power couple… Elder Maxson and his Sentinel. They were clearly the last ones to arrive. Sole knew that this was the way Maxson arranged it. Leaders don’t wait around for their subordinates. A king is never late.  

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I Never Forgot You *Bucky Barnes x Reader* (1/?)

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(Requested by Anon)  Yooo, I had an idea, so you know the imagine you had w/ 40s Bucky and reader are married (the one with the nicknames) anyway, it’s placed after Buck had fallen from the train and “died” and reader is so distraught that she decides to become a part of shield too. they do the super soldier serum on her too, then that fateful day, both her and Steve get trapped in the ice, fast forward to the winter soldier phase. She and Steve are fighting the winter soldier in DC,  his masks gets knocked off as you know and instead of Steve saying Bucky, reader just whispers “handsome?” And Bucky just has that same look (((GOOD GOD IM HURTING)) then fast forward even more, Steve and her have found Bucky and he realizes who she is and whispers “hey gorgeous”. I’m actually super sorry, this is so elaborate and I feel bad, you guys are amazing writers and I feel as you guys can bring that crazy idea of mine to life
Warning: Super-Mega feels, swearing
Admins Note: Imagine. Its fine, I like it people go into detail for their request, this took me a super long time to write because I wanted it to be just right. I kinda changed it, I didn’t want her to be frozen with Steve, I wanted his death to spur her into SHIELD. Where she helps Howard perfect another Serum and they use it on her. This is also in parts. Sorry. Possibly three, I just see so much potential for this and I wanted it to be good and well written. 

I Never Forgot You Part One
I Never Forgot You Part Two
I Never Forgot You Part Three  
I Never Forgot You Part Four
I Never Forgot You Part Five
I Never Forgot You Part Six

I Never Forgot You Part Seven

I Never Forgot You Part Eight
I Never Forgot You Part Nine

The service was lovely, Mrs. Barnes” Timothy Dugan smiled, a friend of Bucky’s, well a Howling Commando but they all became friends when serving together. Mrs. Barnes, it didn’t feel right, not anymore. 

You were only Mrs. Barnes because you married James Barnes, who had died in action, now you are a widower! The service for Bucky was nice, although you had no body to bury, it was still nice full of people he cared about; you had been avoiding Steve, knowing if you saw him you’d break. 

Steve said a few words, you couldn’t bring yourself to even mutter a single word for your husband, knowing you wouldn’t make it through the speech and you didn’t want people to see you break. 

Deciding that as the service was drawing to a close, you’d thank everyone for coming and supporting you in this time, you tapped the glass of water and everyone looked at you; Howling Commandos, family, friends, and Steve. 

Um, I just wanted to say thank you for coming and supporting me today. I know that this is just as difficult for you as it- well, maybe not that much, a lot of you didn’t have your world ripped from you” people glanced at each other, now knowing the reason why you didn’t say anything earlier, you coughed back the tears 

Anyway, I know that Bucky wouldn’t us to be sad. He’s be grabbing everyone another round, dancing, he loved to dance!” the silence was deafening to you “the hardest bit comes tomorrow when I wake up and realise I now have to start my life again, without him. 

“As a final farewell to Bucky, let’s win the war!” you raise the glass of water, everyone does silently. Steve finally plucking up the courage to see you, no words are spoken as he hugs you tightly, no ‘I am sorry’ or ‘you’ll get through this’. Because Steve knows, Steve knows how hard this will be, he has to go through it also. 

“We’ll win the war, I promise” he pulls away

It doesn’t matter anymore,” You tell him “the one person I wanted to return, is never going to return, so win the war but I won’t be celebrating with you,” you tell him. He nods slowly, pulling you into a hug “come back? I can’t- I can’t go through this again” you tell him.

Well, I promised Bucky when he wasn’t around I’ll look out of you, I’m not going to break my best friends promise now,” he tells you, you hold Steve tightly, there was no way you were going to get through this. 

“Well, I’ll be here… waiting with cookies to hear about Captain America’s victory” you try to smile, he nods with a small laugh, ever since he had become Captain America you and Bucky chose to joke about him…  

    *** 4-year skip ***

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“Are you sure about this, Mrs. Barnes?” Howard asked, his voice fraying concern and worry “I am like seventy-five percent sure this will work” he tells you finally, a roll of your (E/C) eyes made him slightly chuckle. 

Yourself and Howard had been working on perfecting another Super-Soldier serum, it would never be the exact same as Steve’s, so chances are this could not work just either disfigure you or maybe kill you.

 Steve had crashed landed somewhere in the Arctic, leaving you alone; Howard had spent his own money and time in finding Steve but to avail he couldn’t find him. 

You know yesterday you said it will work” you tell him, crossing arms over your chest, he gave you the same look “I know we planned on finding test subjects but what have I got to lose?” you asked him seriously, he let out a long sigh “my husband is dead, my best friend is nowhere to be found” he nodded slowly. 

I can now see why Barnes married you, you are one hell of women” ,he tells you, a laugh escapes you “Fire this thing up, Stark” you order and he nodded, saluting as he did so. He helped you into the seat, it wasn’t the machine they used last time, Howard had created his own since the military refused anyone to be near the first. Howard looked at you one last time.

Okay, just remain still, this will hurt and you may pass out… or die.” He tells you, you choke on your laughter as he flipped down some glasses, placing some on yourself also and then went over to the control panel. 

Watching as he pressed various buttons, switching different switches and pulling what looks to be some lever, the machine begins and injects some of the serum you both created. 

“(Y/N)” someone was shaking you awake “(Y/N), can you hear me? Are you okay? God, Peggy is going to kill me!” you fluttered your eyes open and see Howard kneeling in front of you, he let out a long sigh, dropping his head onto one of your knee’s and then giving you a stern look, “I thought you fucking died,” he tells you. 

Can’t get rid of me that easily” you murmur, he nods and begins to unstrap you from the chair “did it work?” you asked and he shrugged, you didn’t feel any different, and you certainly didn’t look any different otherwise Howard would have been acting differently also. 

Your vitals seem fine” he mutters, your eyes followed the torch “hmm, maybe it didn’t take,” he says to himself “it should have worked in some form, I knew it wouldn’t be anything like the first but it would have done something… to you” he steps back and looks at you from a distance “I guess my calculations were wrong” he sighed out, shrugging gently to you, you did the same back and stood up wobbling slightly. 

A groan of pain comes from Howard, you turn and see him clutching his hand, blood trickling down “sharp objects everywhere!” he says in a strained voice. You chuckle, grabbing the first aid kit beside you, walking over and taking his hand; wiping the new cut, you place pressure on it yourself as you grab some bandages, needle, and thread from the kit with your left hand. 

Oh. My. God” Howard shouts in shock, your jump back slightly startled by the man, he was looking at his hand and wiping the blood away… no cut! He looked at you, then back to his hand, then back to you; he did this several times over “you have the powers to heal” he shouts with glee 

I knew my calculations were right, I knew it!” he yelled, impressed with himself more so than you right now “this means we have so much more to discover about you, you can really make a difference” he looks at you, a smile started to form on your face, a real smile in the four years Howard had known you… this was your real smile! 

                    *** Seventy or so years later *** 
Seeing Steve Again!

“Agent Barnes” You looked up to see Director Nick Fury. Seventy years after the experiment and you were still knocking around, mainly in the medical unit or with a team who may need medical assistance out during a mission. 

Your powers were more than what they seemed, Howard conducted experiments after experiments to see what else was new about you, not a lot. Except the fact your cells regenerate faster than most humans, meaning you don’t age like others, in fact, you hadn’t aged all that much you still looked like the same girl that fell in love with an idiot all those years ago. 

We found him” your breathing hitched slightly, he couldn’t possibly mean Steve, could he? He was deemed missing, never to be found, forgotten like most heroes… like your husband; forgotten by most but still loved by you. 

You held a bag of cookies in one hand, still remembering the promise you made to him. The excitement you felt to finally have someone back with you was turning into nerves. Everyone you knew died, or become extremely frail and old, Howard was killed along with his wife leaving behind his son who you met various times. 

Peggy was in a nursing home, she never remembered you for long but still the conversations you had for somewhat ten minutes were always nice, but your healing powers could only do so much and unfortunately the illness to the brain can never fully be healed. 

You clutched the bag tighter when he turned the corner into Nick’s office, his eyes looking at Nick and then you, his shoulders slump and his face are priceless as he looks at you. 

He had been unfrozen for almost three weeks, they wanted him to adjust slightly before pushing you back into the picture, and it was torture knowing Steve was finally back but you couldn’t see him.

I said I’d wait to hear the Captain America victory story, I even remembered the cookies” you lightened the mood, he let out a breathy chuckle, almost running to you and hugging you so tightly it hurt but it was good. Good to be with someone that reminded you of home. 

Standing Ovation Ch. 1: Home Run Pt. 2

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Chapter 1: Home Run Pt. 1

Standing Ovation Cast

In the Baseball Stadium

“So, was there any interesting footage?”

Nec continues to type on her laptop while laughing at Izaya’s question. With that sort of behavior he thought they would have already been discovered, but when Izaya looked around them he saw more humans than he thought looking at their laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

It seems they are putting their reactions of the current status on the net and posting their thoughts of the baseball match on SNS while also enjoying the game.

-Haha, so having come to see baseball in person is directly correlated to the connection with the net?

-This is why humans are so interesting.

While he was thinking of such things, Nec stops moving her fingers crawling over the keyboard, her smile disappearing suddenly.


“? What’s wrong?“

“Well….since it was just at a still screen, I tried to remove it, but…”

On Nec’s screen, he could see several men doing some sort of cleaning in a basement-like place somewhere. Seeing the details of the conduct, Izaya thinks for a while - and gives the widest smile in the entire day.

That was a scene Izaya has seen many times in the past.

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Tokyo Ghoul and The Story of Salvation History from The Bible Parallel

*Reads Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 66 spoilers”

* Pulls out the good old Bible*

*Cracks Knuckles “ My Time has come”*

Time to put 14 years worth of Theology courses to use, and please be ready for a very long TG Meta, that might in fact take a while to read. But, Hey make a cup of tea, learn something new it wont hurt you. However, I actually cut this down a lot like I have more notes on this subject. I apologize for grammar and spelling errors.

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why rowaelin matters so much to me

I think that often, men are afraid of being with powerful or capable women. I know this seems cliched but it’s happened to me. I’m not saying that I’m the most brilliant person ever, but I’ll be honest, I have my shit together. I went to an awesome school for undergrad, I have a good job, I got a Masters degree from Oxford (which is the no. 1 school in the world atm), and I have hopes, dreams, and goals. I just applied for my PhD. I make it very clear that I know what I want and I’m not afraid to pursue it. I dont think this makes me better than anyone else, but I do think that I am much more mature and goal oriented than a lot of the men who I’ve dated. I’ve been with guys who liked me and maybe even loved me, but as soon as they saw how well I knew myself and how intelligent I was, they backed off. Or, they started mistreating me, started to put me down in order to raise themselves up. I’ve had men tell me flat out that they are jealous of my accomplishments and success, even though they were supposed to love me and be happy for me. And to be clear- I’m a medieval historian and a writer. I’m not some business mogul earning millions, I’m just good at what I love. So it’s not like I’m doing anything anyone should be jealous of. But I’ve dated so many men who are uncomfortable with the fact that I know who I am and that I know what I love. I know my purpose in life and that scares them. I’ve had men come back to me two years later and tell me they were scared of how much they loved me, and were scared of the fact that i knew myself whereas they hadn’t matured that much yet. I’ve been hurt a lot by this type of man, and it’s honestly made me think that men don’t want to date an intelligent woman. In my experience, they don’t want a woman who is powerful and able to do anything she sets her mind to. 

So when I read the ending of CoM and all of QoS, Chaol’s reaction to Aelin hit me so fucking hard. He decides he doesn’t love her anymore and starts to treat her like shit, simply because he’s afraid of all the power she has. Yes, he’s upset that she didn’t tell him who she really was, but he refuses to understand what a burden Celaena has been carrying with her. He refuses to acknowledge that even though she is the Queen of Terrasen, her life has been really really rough. It wasn’t easy for her to give up the identity of Celaena. He doesn’t love who she truly is, he only loves who he thought she was. And he get’s so mad about Aelin killing Nehemia’s murderers. Meanwhile, if he’d been paying attention to her AT ALL he would have realized that SHE’S AN ASSASSIN. SHE KILLS PEOPLE. She isn’t hiding that aspect of herself, Chaol just refuses to accept it. Dorian realizes what Chaol is doing, in loving only parts of Aelin and rejecting the rest, and calls him out on it. Thats why I love Dorian and Aelin’s friendship. Chaol doesn’t really love Aelin, he loves the version of her that he’s created. Also he gets so self righteous about all of it, acting like she’s some monster just because she is a woman with power and magic and status who knows how to kill a man. Chaol reminds me of all the boyfriends I’ve had who have rejected the parts of me that they didn’t love, the parts of me they deemed too much for them. I am always being told that I am too much, too crazy, too emotional, too needy, too intelligent. I take up too much space. Chaol is always telling Aelin that she is too much- too angry, too violent, too powerful- instead of just accepting her for her flaws. Loving someone means loving ALL of them, not just the parts you deem acceptable. 

Enter Rowan. A fae prince who recognizes Aelin for what she is from the moment they meet. Literally. He refuses to call her Celaena and when we get his perspective he always thinks of her as Aelin. Despite the fact that they have a shitty relationship in the beginning, Rowan is trying to get Aelin to USE her powers, not to hide them. He wants her to start using her real name and fight for her people. I would even argue that their rocky relationship at the beginning is part of what makes them such a strong couple later on. Rowan doesn’t fall for any of Aelin’s shit. He doesn’t let her get away with hiding her powers or acting like the swaggering assassin. Yes, he misjudges her but as soon as he sees the scars on her back he’s like YES THIS ONE. THIS IS THE. ONE. I MUST PROTECT HER AT ALL COSTS. But even though he decides to ally with her, he still forces her to confront herself and to grow as a person. Rowan is not afraid of the fact that Aelin has Mala’s fire or that she could burn a whole city to dust. He likes her because of her power, he is attracted to her when she is exercising it, and in Empire of Storms we see how much he loves it when she’s being a badass Queen. Aelin does something similar for Rowan, she helps him heal from his pain over Lyria. But even though Rowan is just as powerful as Aelin, this never seems to hinder his romantic relationships as it does for Aelin. It’s very clear that Aelin, as a woman, is the one who has to deal with judgment over her power. Chaol judges Aelin for being a “monster,” but you don’t see him judge Dorian, who is arguably as powerful as Aelin. 

Rowan never judges her. He doesn’t care that she guts those men in the sewer. He’s just like “yes good i would do the same.” He offers her approval for things that other men have slandered her for. He isn’t afraid of her. Her power doesn’t make him feel any less secure in himself. He welcomes it and loves her even more because of it.

I’d count myself very very lucky if I found a partner as comfortable and accepting of me as Rowan is of Aelin. So say what you want about Chaol and Aelin, but don’t ever come at me calling Rowan abusive. because he’s the EXACT OPPOSITE.