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Rose’s whatnow

Honestly one of my favourite underrated Bismuth moments. Never fails to make me chuckle, along with the “You think it’s hot now?”/”Yeah. Like an oven.” exchange. Becomes really sad once you think about it for more than 5 seconds, just like all the Haha Aliens Don’t Get Human Reproduction bits from Three Gems and a Baby. They do try, though, bless them.

Look at this. So precious.

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I am a new exo-l so any of the members will be fine, i just want to follow active nice blogs please, thank you in advance xx

Awww well welcome to the fandom, darling
I’m still relatively new to at least the tumblr fandom side of it myself but the following blogs are all excellent and welcomed me very warmly when I made my start out here so I hope you will like them too 
I will get us started, no particular order to this, just going through my own following page. 

@bbhlikesboys Danäe is an absolute sweetheart, her tags for all of EXO but especially Baekhyun are soft and heartfelt, and she is just such a kindhearted openminded sweet person, an absolute light on my dashboard

@xingmebaektosleep Sarah is in my opinion super funny, and I go to her blog when I need 300 pictures of Yixing. She tags her mutuals in the best posts pertaining to their interest and is super nice to talk to as well

@chouxiu Alexa is one of my favourite people on tumblr. She was here for me from the start with a helping hand. Her blog is a beautiful mix of EXO, Girl Groups and Aesthetics. And on top of that she makes the most thoughtful moodboards for people on a whim

@solarcy Jodie is a super soft Chanyeol stan, but she has so much love for all of EXO and is great to talk too. She often hypes up Jongdae with me and I cherish her and her attempt to make her blog a place of positivity and love

@94-hun Sarah and I haven’t talked that much yet, but in my opinion she is a funny talented and witty Sehun Stan. She also appreciates my lame puns so I have to love her for that alone.

@verysoftyeol Yeon claims to be as lame as me, but is actually super funny to talk to and very witty and tongue in cheek. Chanyeol and Baekhyun are his main weakness but sometimes we end up screaming about Jongdae together as well

@chenshirejams Ari a super sweet girl who runs a multi fandom blog. She has been reliable from the start, sending me asks, tagging me in things and making sure I feel included and well and I love her so much for it she really made my start into this fandom a sweet one

@byunchen Mel is like my little sister, She is so easy to talk to, sweet and kind towards everyone. I love how she just loves all of EXO so much, and says the nicest things. Her textposts are always so on point as well. And she runs the @kimjongdae-net which is like the number 1 reason I have so many sweet friends now

@hunniedae Demi is my love and my heart. One day I will steal her and never let her go. She is a total sweetie Sehun Stan, who should just be showered with all the love in this world. Always

And the best saved for last: 

@kittyhunnie Anna is my best friend actually in real life too. She is the most generous soft sweet wonderful person on this entire planet. She does so much for me (for instance help me set up this blog and recommend me people to follow) I do not deserve her at all, but somehow I have her and I love her. And everyone should love her but please don’t steal her she is all I have

Well… okay I love how I was trying to be informative in the beginning and actually give you reasons to follow these people, but in the end it just turned into me sobbing in the corner crying over the people I love. I am sorry I am not able to be objective about these Darlings I just love them all tbh and I am too emotional for this

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Favourite blog??

Noooo! Don’t ask me that! Ughhhhhh, how can I choose one? My mutuals are all amazing and lovely (I’ve recently told @athenadark how much I love seeing her on my dash, and it’s honestly true of everyone I follow), @rejectedprincesses is one I always look forward to see his posts (I live for the ladies, istg), @blackkatmagic is amazing and I just melt when she posts ideas or fics or likes/reblogs from me, and @deadcatwithaflamethrower is just. Favorite Author. Ever. I love seeing @deadcatwithaflamethrower ’s stuff (I was lazy, but I meant to buy something from her as a graduation gift to myself)

Just…. how can I choose?

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Hi Femme! No 43. Are you an avid reader? And if you don't mind, favourite book of the last year?

I am! I love reading–my mother was a teacher and she taught me to read when I was two. I’ve been mad about it since. 

My favourite book I’ve read of late is actually the Shadow Police series by Paul Cornell. There are three books in the series right now, and they’re all fantastic. It’s like…Auror fic with a darker edge. Absolutely my cup of tea. I discovered the first one about a year ago and devoured it, and followed it up with the next two. If you like Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London series, this is similar but it’s much more noir-tinged, which I appreciate. 

I also really like Benedict Jacka’s Alex Verus series. It’s another magic-in-modern-London series that’s smart, funny and has an overarching plot that pulls you through each of the 8 books. And as long as we’re on the urban-fantasy-in-London theme, I’d recommend Kate Griffin’s Matthew Swift series as well. There are moments when it gets stream-of-consciousness which annoys me, but the plot and characters are so solid that I’ve gone through the entire series and into her Magicals Anonymous spinoff series. 

Um, yeah, so I’d like to say I read Great Fiction and Literature, but fuck that. I like magic and crime and police procedurals all wrapped up in one, which probably explains 90% of what I write in fandom now. LOL.

From the Writer’s Meme  (Still willing to take more, if anyone’s curious! I’ve answered 4, 14, 20, 23, 30, 32, 35, 36 41, 43, 44, 50, 53, and 54.)

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Hibike! or Wynonna Earp for the show Ask Meme

i’m gonna do………both


fav character: kumiko oumae

  • least favourite character: shuichi. duh.
  • otp: kumirei, lights of my life, shining beacons of perfection,
  • brotp: kumiko and natsuki are the best bros and nobody will take this away from me
  • notp: shuumiko is the most obvious one and it is my notp but honorable mention goes to asukumi for personal reasons

wynonna earp:

  • fav character: nicole. i love her she’s so good
  • least favourite character: tucker. i hate him and i want him to go away forever. honorable mention goes to champ but thankfully he is gone.

otp: wayhaught

  • brotp: i thank our lord and savior emily andras every day for wynonna and nicole’s friendship. also dolls and doc.
  • notp: this fandom is so good and like. understanding of the way healthy relationships work that there’s no ship that immediately springs to mind as a notp but like….if i see any of you shipping bobo and willa i will personally show up to fight you in your own home

(thank you for sending these!!)

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This is probably one of my favourite scenes from the show. Ever. It tells us so much of the way the Diamonds interact with one another and how they interact with the gems around them. 

When BD is rearing towards Steven, Yellow Diamond knows exactly what’s coming. She knows she’s about to be hit with a wave of Blue’s sadness.

Her eyes widen and she leans but doesn’t get up because she knows she can’t outrun it (without looking like a fool at that). 

Instead, she braces herself so that she can maintain her composure even as the tears come out.

And she never tells BD to stop crying. She lets the latter keep at it. That says a lot about the YD we know, who is running ragged because she lets Blue mourn while she works to pick up the slack for Blue and Pink Diamond.

It’s interesting too that Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl aren’t caught unaware by the wave of Blue hitting them. Rather than express shock, they’re trying to maintain their composure as well. 

They’ve likely seen this before and have experienced it as well.

Blue Pearl more than Yellow, which might be why she can hold it together a little better.

Even the Zircons below don’t express surprise the way Steven did when BD’s tears first started coming out of his eyes. At the same time, they’ve sobered up and we’re left without the taunting and face-making from earlier in the episode. This means they’ve either heard rumours of or witnessed this in the past.

What I do want to point out is the reverberating sound that comes when Blue cries. That unique ding is probably what induced the crying and Lars is unaffected by it.

That must mean that Blue’s powers, and similar gem abilities work with the use of sound waves that affect other gems via their gemstones or light bodies. 

Black & Gold

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Hrllo. I was wondering why Natsu had a sort of troubled expression when Lucy was crying while hugging him. And I noticed yonkou posted only 41 pages. Wasn't it supposed to be 48?

The manga stream translation is out and that has 48 pages.

Natsu never knows what to do with an emotional Lucy. He’s always like a deer in headlights, with Erza or Gray he usually starts a fight or makes a passing quip but with Lucy he doesn’t want to hurt her and doesn’t know how to placate her. 

Natsu’s response is very similar to the scene where Lucy is telling Natsu off for leaving her and essentially hurting her.

This is one of my favourite nalu scenes, Natsu is insulting Gray for leaving Juvia and Lucy, my girl doesn’t put up with that, she basically responded with a ‘Bitch, oh no you didn’t! Your ass is sleeping on the sofa’ vibe. And Juvia knows ;) 

Natsu, once again, doesn’t give her a proper response and deflects the conversation (he’s too chicken sh*t lmao).  Natsu isn’t good with voicing intimate emotions, voicing his intent to kick ass is no problem. Telling Lucy he loves her, that’s an entirely different matter. Look at what happened after Igneel died, rather than talking about it with his friends and being emotionally vulnerable with Lucy he chose to run away. And he runs away in this scenario too. 

Natsu isn’t stupid he knows Lucy and I believe him saying “We’ll always be together” is his way of placating her. He knows she’s a hapless romantic and saying things like that will turn her into a puddle of gooey mush lol 

And she did, look at that blush, she went from livid to putty in his hands in seconds. 

170618 // I haven’t made a post like this in a while, but I’m revising for an exam right now and it’s the last thing I want to be doing so I’m procrastinating (don’t follow my lead kids).

How I use Digital Notes

I’ll make a more detailed post about how I study at some point, but for now:

  • I use microsoft onenote, but you can use whatever program you feel comfortable with.
    • Useful features of onenote include the organisation into notebooks, sections, and tabs, search function, equation support, tagging, and formatting options (inc. different heading styles).
    • You can find really great posts about onenote quite easily if you’re interested in how it works (I would 100% recommend it).
  • Throughout the year I type up my class notes, summarising information and organising it into a sensible order.
    • This took a lot of discipline and I fell off the bandwagon quite a bit. I initially intended to type up my notes from the day every evening, but I found it’s more realistic to just do it as often as possible and to aim to finish each topic’s notes before I move onto the next one.
  • When I come to revise for exams I will rewrite and summarise my notes on paper (writing out notes helps me remember them, but this may not work for you)
    • When I’m doing the first few past papers I’ll have my notes with me so I can look things up until I can do a paper without them.
      • I find this is more effective than using the mark scheme to help as the mark scheme basically gives you the answers.

Why Make Digital Notes?

Obviously digital notes don’t work for everyone, but I find they’re much more useful to have than notes on paper, at least before you start revising.

  • The main benefits of digital notes are:
    • typing is faster than writing
    • search functions (depending on the program) to look up information quickly
    • neater and faster formatting
    • you can back them up somewhere else so you don’t have to worry about losing or damaging them
    • you can bring all your notes with you without it weighing a tonne (assuming your laptop/tablet doesn’t weigh a tonne)
    • copy and paste! Ofc use this as infrequently as possible, but it’s useful for quotes etc.
    • pictures without the effort of drawing or printing out and sticking in
    • cheaper as you don’t have to buy pens and paper as often
    • an excuse to bring your computer into school and then go online shopping and play games during really boring classes no I haven’t done this what are you talking about so you have access to google etc. to look things up whenever


  • The only reason I’ve managed to keep up with my notes throughout the year is because I don’t take any for maths and I’ve kind of fallen off the bandwagon for French (whoops). It’s a bit unrealistic to expect to keep up with all the notes for all your subjects (particularly if you’re doing gcses), so prioritise.
  • Subjects like maths tend to assess a skill rather than knowledge, so it’s probably more useful to do practice questions rather than make notes.
  • If you’re dropping a subject in a year and won’t touch it again make sure it’s actually worth making notes for the whole year.

In Class or After Class?

Whether you write notes on the computer during class or afterwards depends on the class.

  • I’ve got one particular teacher who flits back and forth between topics and often mentions things without going into detail because she assumes we’re too stupid to understand (not my favourite teacher ngl). So I use my laptop in her lessons so I can go back to topics we’ve already done and so I can google things to fact check (she frequently dumbs stuff down to inaccurate levels) and expand on points that she makes.
  • If you’ve got a teacher that tends to move super fast it might be worth having a computer with you as typing is generally much faster than writing.
    • If you can’t touch type learning is a really good idea, even just to improve the speed of your typing (I can’t actually touch type but I took a course until I learnt to use all my fingers when typing and now I type much faster). There’s lots of free online courses available.
  • Alternatively, you can just make all your class notes on paper and type up the important information when you get home.
    • This means you don’t have to worry about your class notes being neat enough to revise from; after you type them up you can file them or even throw them away to save space.
    • It also works as a review which is really good for putting the information into your long-term memory.
    • However it is also pretty time consuming so you’ve got to be super disciplined to keep on top of it.
  • In my school at a levels I’ve found it’s not too unusual to have a laptop out but it’s a bit odd to have one at gcses (idk about other schools). Obviously you shouldn’t care about what other people think, but if having your laptop/tablet with you will make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable then leave it at home.
    • Also laptops and tablets are expensive and it’s understandable if you’d rather keep them safe at home.
    • That said, people do get used to it. Even if you’re the only one with a laptop/tablet, the novelty wears off quickly.
  • Some teachers don’t actually like students using laptops and tablets during class, so do check before you bring it in.

I hope this helped! Of course if you have any questions about this (or anything else) my ask is always open please ask me something

Here’s where I post this and find 56 typos :/

I feel as though I barely post any Sansa things on the blog during got season (since season 5 anyway) and I thought it was probably time to state why. I love book!Sansa. She is one of my favourite characters. I love how complex she is and she has great character development.

Having said that, I don’t hate show!Sansa. I hate how she is written.

(yes, there is a difference, hence why I’ll still reblog sets of her in scenes I like)

I saw a meta recently about season 7 (about the conflict in the North) and it summed up my feelings about the way Sansa is written in some scenes in one perfect word: contrived.

A key example of this is the scenes in this season with her and Jon when Jon is holding council. Twice now he has held a public council and show!Sansa has spoken against his decisions. This doesn’t fit at all with her character. Sansa was a lady at three, courtesy is her armour, she knows about image politics (that was amply learned in her time in the south). She would not speak against the King in the North publicly, undermining him, she would do it privately.

I’ve seen people in the tags defending Jon, defending Sansa, arguing over who’s right. It’s bad writing, simple as that. These actions do not make sense, but the writers wanted conflict, so it has to be Sansa speaking out publicly even if that isn’t something she would do, because the conflict is what they need to move the story to where they want it.

They’ve done this so much with show!Sansa. Plot progression based on character actions which are built on a solid foundation of characterisation and logical character development tells a good story. Instead they insert Sansa into these scenes (marrying Ramsay (when she is already married!), hiding the info about the knights of the Vale, being the negative voice in Jon’s councils) when we could have had Sansa in the Vale to begin with, bringing the knights of the Vale to take back the North (perhaps even at the same time as Jon’s assault with the wildlings!), then a natural conflict between her supporters and his, because a choice between a bastard son and a legitimate daughter should come with some consideration (and even more when they know that a legitimate son also lives).

Anyway, rant over, those are my thoughts


one tree hill favs (as voted by our followers) » favourite character ≡ #1. brooke davis
Do you know what my mother said to me when I told her I wanted to start a company? She said your chances are one in a million. And I said maybe I’m that one, and she said you’re not. And she was wrong. Because I am one in a million.

Character Analysis: Blue Diamond

I kept trying to make the juxtaposition post between Blue and Yellow Diamond work, but I really needed a foundation before I started comparing their characters. It was turning into a huge section for each character and less like certain aspects of them were being analysed. It never turned out acceptable enough to me, and I was taking longer and longer to write just one post. So I decided to break it down (again) into a character analysis post for each character, and I’ll be following up with their juxtaposition before talking about PD’s shattering.

I want to start with Blue Diamond first, if only because I’ve touched a little on Yellow Diamond before . Blue Diamond is a relatively new character in the show, in that her presence hadn’t been confirmed until Steven’s Dream. Before that, all we had to go on were the Ziggurat and Moon Base murals and Garnet’s story in The Answer.

BD is a very complex character. On the surface, she appears as a victim, a foil to the “harshness” of Yellow Diamond (more on her in the next post). She is a very visible and obvious embodiment of Homeworld’s humanity, that they too have been hurt by the war and the conflict that underlay it. At the same time, though, there is a feeling of guilt about her that reveals she wasn’t totally ignorant of the said conflict going on. Moreover, by her own words, she has not only been dwelling in grief, but also has been searching for answers.

Blue Diamond then, is not a helpless mourner in distress and under duress. She is a capable and intelligent ruler, trying—and failing—to put aside personal pain in order to continue ruling. And that makes her similar to Yellow Diamond in more ways than one. Like their civilisation, she is trying to heal but a focal point of her healing is finding out what really happened the day PD was shattered. The way she deals with her stress and sadness, as well as the way she interacts with the gems around her, reveals a lot about her character. Let’s get to that.

1. BD dances the line between power and helplessness

What is striking about BD is how she looks like the quintessential ruler, a cross between the archetypes of mother goddess and queen. She is altogether very regal and dignified. She speaks deliberately, slowly compared to some of the other dialogue on the show. Combined with her crisp diction, her words always feel weighty. One of my favourite instances is her reply to Yellow Diamond in the Trial. YD almost annoyed asks whether examining Blue’s palanquin is necessary and Blue quietly but firmly says, “Isn’t it?” In that line, it was as if the room collectively held its breath, and even YD paused for a moment.

Blue Diamond possesses all of the attributes that we would normally associate with a leader. Her presence, from her first appearance in The Answer, spoke of someone who literally stood above others. Even while crying or angry she manages to look elegant and composed. Like the classical leader, she is introduced not with her generals but her Sapphire, analogous to leading with wisdom rather than brute force.

This picture of BD reaffirms the concept of a Diamond. In What’s The Use of Feeling (Blue), Yellow Diamond reminds Blue how each gem has a role, and when she gets to BD, she says the needs to be a leader. This is a very telling line, because we begin to understand how the socio-political hierarchy is understood on Homeworld. It isn’t a lie told by the Diamonds to placate lower-ranking gems in society. They themselves fully believe in their role as rulers. They honestly feel that “every gem in her place” is the only way for their civilisation to function properly.

That “truth” becomes a huge limiter of the supposed power that comes from being the unquestioned ruler of an empire. The Diamonds can technically do anything, but they are situated in a particular context, embedded in particular social roles, like any other character in the story. In the rigid social structure of Homeworld, they are expected to lead. So they can do anything, in so much as they do as leaders do. This explains why YD had to drop everything and run after Blue in The Zoo and That Will Be All. Ideally, they can’t just do anything they want because they are fully aware of the huge waves the ripples of their actions will cause around them.

The operative word here “ideal.” One thing to note is that all these rules are enforced by a social structure. That means social roles and expectations do blur and how to act within this structure is largely informal. There probably aren’t written rules that say how far behind a Diamond one should walk, when exactly a Pearl should speak, or how much shoulder-punching is too much shoulder-punching among soldiers.

Much like ours, their society is governed by these informal rules as much as the formal written laws. The Diamonds may have a formal set of responsibilities, but so many other social factors intervene in the way they are perceived. Things like power, class, and even height difference factor into how they are perceived by other gems. This means that a structure in which everyone is supposed to have a place, may not be as easily enforced, especially as gems go higher up the social ladder. Discipline, particularly at the Diamond-level is largely self-enforced.

So it doesn’t mean they don’t break these unspoken rules—we’ve seen them arbitrarily use their power when they’re upset or stressed. It so happens though, that in the show so far, all we’ve seen them feeling is indeed upset and stressed.

The idea that Blue is a powerful, at times unquestioned leader, is countered by how crippled and paralysed she feels in the face of Pink Diamond’s shattering. Blue has so much to offer gem-kind, not only as their leader, but also, as Peridot pointed out in Message Received, someone with abilities that surpass those of any other gem.

Yet she is unable to fulfil her role. In her most vulnerable, while she’s on Earth, she entrusted her safety to only her Pearl. For emphasis, Blue touched down on a Homeworld-hostile planet with no guards, and no Sapphires. The only gem with her was her Pearl. Given my old theory on PD’s shattering, and even the theories floating around now, that whoever shattered PD would’ve had to be close to her, it shows how exposed she is right now.

Blue is a force, but she’s also presented as a character who is flowy, flexible, rounded, and very sad. Were she the same size as the average gem, she would appear weak, not a fighter, and unable to defend herself.

BD seems very much like the archetypal leader, the only Diamond we’ve seen hold court and carry with her the formalities traditionally associated with leaders. But she’s also immobilised by grief. There is a paradox in her looking so willowy and bendable but deeply emphatic and firm about her beliefs, in this case, her search for answers.

In Blue we have a character seemingly transparent, showing everyone her tears and her breakdowns, but at the same time so opaque, as she makes decisions behind closed doors (or closed palanquin, as in The Answer) and has been searching for answers with a resolve YD didn’t even know about.

2. Leadership style

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My feelings on the shitstorm that was the Supergirl event at SDCC 2017

One thing that upsets me the most about this SDCC Supergirl shitstorm is the fact that Melissa, the lead of the show that so many people look up to, whether they are children or adults, boys or girls, heterosexual or other, hasn’t even spoke about it. Jeremy has at least had the decency to apologise, even if the first one used the victim card, but now he’s actually speaking to the fans and listening to the real reason we’re upset. But Melissa, who is the lead, not only didn’t speak about it or apologise about it, she snuck out of the airport.

She is willing to hide from everyone instead of face this problem. How must that make all her adoring fans feel, the ones who looked up to her, the ones that idolised her, the ones who felt betrayed by her, how must that make all her fans feel when she won’t even speak to them about it, she won’t apologise or try to comfort the, she’ll ignore it and try to sneak out of the cause it means she won’t have to deal with it.

Honestly that gif of the little girl throwing her costume away is how I feel right now cause Melissa had always been my favourite actress. Not just because of what she has been in but from watching behind the scenes, interviews with fans she always seemed like a genuinely nice person, but the moment her fans are hurt, betrayed and upset, she runs away from them instead of to them. And now I can’t even think about her without being upset and I honestly don’t know if I want to continue watching the show. Even more so cause of Chris’ ‘sarcastic’ comment, David saying it was because they were tired and blocking anyone who doesn’t agree and Mechad telling Katie to shut up when she was talking, even if it was in Italian.

That’s another thing that upsets me cause if the reports are true. Katie was so upset that she travelled on a ordinary plane so she wouldn’t have to travel with her cast. That’s how much they upset her.

As someone who struggled with coming to terms with their sexuality, I am bisexual and for most of my childhood, I thought I was gay as I didn’t show a romantic interest in a girl until I was 14. I have always looks to Supercorp and Sanvers for comfort, but especially Supercorp, and what happened at SDCC made me feel silly, inferior and belittled just for shipping something that I knew 'was never gonna happen’ and made worse by Chris’ words, David’s tweets and Mechad telling Katie to shut up when she sided with the fans about how they should perceive it they want to.

Honestly I can’t think of the show, the cast (besides Katie, Odette, Chyler and Floriana) without getting upset, feeling sick now and I hate that cause I always enjoyed Supergirl more than any other DC CW show as I felt like I could relate to Kara as I have felt like an outsider all my childhood cause of my sexuality and personal history.

Disappointed is the word I can only use to describe my feelings right now cause I can’t think of any other word that could describe them accurately.