she's like just glowing

I think one of my very favorite things is getting all this pre- A New Hope backstory we’re getting via films and novelizations is that everyone around the Rebellion was just in AWE of Leia Organa as both royalty and the badass leading the rebellion and they speak of her in hushed, reverent tones and watch with wide eyes whenever she passes by and she is just like this Important Thing of Awesomeness™ that bestows glowing hope and guidance to all who cross her path. And rightly so.

But then here comes this absolute Dumpster Fire of a Human Being™ Han Solo and he just is like “who the fuck is this tiny chick that’s yelling at me? Wait do I like it? Ok I like it time to turn on the old Solo charm” and Leia is just “what the actual fuck are you an actual idiot?” and he’s like “mostly. wanna kiss?” and she just shuts it down left and right in that Leia Organa Way™ that would have most people trembling in their Rebellion-issued boots. But this dumbass decides to tattoo “if at first you don’t succeed, argue with her until the sexual tension is giving the entire Rebellion blue balls” onto his dumb, pretty forehead. So he keeps sassing her and making eyes at her and fighting with her but also fighting for her and this all puts her the hell off balance because honestly WHO IS THIS ASSHOLE? 

Yet said asshole keeps hanging around and proves to be pretty smart and resourceful and loyal and kind when he doesn’t think anyone is looking and no, it’s not like Leia is looking ok her eye level just happens to be at the level of his lips alright???

And everyone around them is probably just all “what the shit is happening here doesn’t this guy realize who she is?” to which he would probably respond with “Her? What about me? Don’t you know who /I/ am? I am Captain of the Ship That Made The Fucking Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs!!!!!!!!!!!!” And everyone is just confused AF as he grumbles off to go needle Leia some more while trying to get her to put her mouth on his. And of course Leia eventually does put her mouth on his - enthusiastically so - because Dumpster Fire he may be, Han Solo is also probably one of the first people to ever just treat her like a normal person and not just be about her title or her role in everything. The idiot fell in love with her for simply being Leia.

And she likes that. 

Anyway. I think that it’s great.

  • Nursey, feeding Dex grapes as he lays with his head in Nursey's lap: okay but honestly,,, what highlighter is the grape wearing???? Like she is glowing???...
  • Nursey wiping tears from his eyes: I just did not expect my edges to be #snatched like this today???
  • Nursey fanning himself: I'm honestly just shook™ like I can not believe... ..
  • Dex: nurse what the fuck that's a literal fucking grape
  • Nursey: will someone please leak her skin care routine???? She is truly inspirational,,,
  • Dex trying to suffocate himself between Nursey's thighs: ....what the fuck....what the actual literal fuck. ..
slams open the door

im gay,

TFA Megamom AU where Sari’s protoform was Megatron’s sparkling, and he’s had to reluctantly watch Isaac take care of her while he had no body; hacking into security videos and watching her, lacking the ability to even cry at his loss. And he notices things that others brush off or chalk up to a weird coincidence: Sari’s eyes get really bright when she’s happy because they are glowing just like a healthy sparkling’s do when they’re happy, she gets along better with robots and computers than she does with human children and even before her powers manifest she has a way with technology that no human -especially no human child- should possess, and for reasons unknown to Isaac, whenever she’s close to Megatron (not that Isaac would ever let a child in his lab no that’s dangerous) she noticibly brightens up like young sparklings do when near their creators.

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Warren's gf controlling light and when she gets super excited there's an actual like sunlike glow. The class is learning about icarus from Charles and how he flew too close to the sun when she runs in and is like professor the lab expiraments worked just glowing and glowing to where Charles has to remind her to calm down and she smiles at Warren and they all just see the parallel and jean just thinks to jubilee she's good for him he won't fall



“Paige is even prettier in person. Like, you wouldn’t think it’s possible, it’s crazy! She wears 0 makeup, it’s insane. She just glows.” “She is! She’s like a vampire. And she doesn’t age! She is so beautiful and flawless. Her eyebrows are ridiculous. And her eyelashes… Yeah, she’s beautiful.”Lindsey Morgan and Ricky Whittle

And every time I saw her, she seemed more beautiful. She just seemed to glow. I’m not talking like a hundred-watt bulb; she just had this warmth to her. Maybe it came from climbing that tree. Maybe it came from singing to chickens. Maybe it came from whacking at two-by-fours and dreaming about perpetual motion. I don’t know. All I know is that compared to her, everybody else seemed so… ordinary.
—  Wendelin Van Draanen, Flipped

may i present to you: an au in which harry and ron actually discuss girls bc they’re lovesick dorks bye, based on a beautiful skype convo i had with my most favourite dork tonight:

  • ‘harry’
    ‘SHE IS SO PRETTY???????’
    ‘oh god, shut up.’
  • ‘have you ever noticed the way her hair glows just like the sun’
    ‘dude gross’
    ‘she’s radiant have you ever looked at her’
    ‘bro you’re doing it again’
    ‘she’s so hot’
  • ‘hermione told me i had to focus more in class’
    ‘she thinks i get distracted too easily’
    ‘is she bloody serious???? does she realise SHE’S the one who’s distracting me in the first place???????’
  • *shocked silence*
    ‘u cool’
  • ‘do you think she likes me back tho’
    ‘bc i don’t think she does’
    ‘nah she doesn’t’
    ‘does she tho’
    'does she really’
    Y E S
  • 'idk i think u should just tell h-’
  • 'ron pls this has been going on for years i can’t handle it anymore’
    'no ron you don’t understand i /need/ you to tell her’
    ’ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ’
    'ron my emotional state depends on it’
  • 'if u don’t tell her i will’
    'omg chill i was joking’
  • 'no but seriously tell her’
    'that’s rich, coming from you’
    'i hate you.’
  • 'ron i’m going to give u some advice: JUST. DO IT’
    'harry harry harry, you never tell a girl you like her it makes you look like an idiot’
    'well you are an idiot so’
    'bro? u ok bro?’
    'that hurt bro.’
Always Shining

Peter Maximoff (Quicksilver) x Reader

Prompt: I loved the fic you wrote of Peter !!!😘😍😍💕💕 it was amazing !!😱if requests are open I would like to request where the reader is a new student and everyone is in awe because she tends to glow in her skin&manipulate light!!So when she goes to sit w/the x men to befriend them (Peter ,Jean , etc ) It’s very awkward&eventually Peter ends up catching an interest to her&messes with her !!(like when he flirts she glows brighter and etc )&just fluff !!! Cuteness!Hope you have a great day !!☺️☺️❤️⭐️

A/N: Thank you so much, @sweetievalencia! I’ve got you covered here. It’s going to be Peter x Reader fic filled with a lot of fluff. All of the fluff. This is going to be the fluffiest. Feat. Jean, Scott and nachos. I wrote this while listening to “I See The Light” from Tangled and “Light Surrounding You” by Evermore to get in the zone. Want to suggest a fic? Feel free to drop a request in my inbox or subscribe for my OC, which I’ll be putting up Part 2 of sometime within the next few weeks.

Word Count: 984

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The sunlight poured through the stained glass in fractured zigzags as she made her way through the corridor, students shuffling through the hallways with books in hand. She wasn’t sure this was even the right way; all of these endless halls looked the same to her, with their ornate paintings and dark paneled walls.

At the end of the hall, she pressed her ear to the door on the left.
“…they couldn’t have caught up even if they tried” a muffled male voice said from the other side. “…And even if they had-”
Suddenly, the door burst open, and (y/n) crumpled through the doorframe, landing on a student who gave a startled yelp. Looking up, she saw she had landed on a boy; complete with a mess of silver hair and silver, leather jackets. Overwhelmed with embarrassment, (y/n) scrambled to her feet, her face flushing a deep red.
“Oh God, I am so sorry. I was looking for the rec room, and there was this-”
“God? That’s new. I suppose I am a God of sorts.” Silver-hair was standing in a flash, and turned to wink at a boy slouched on the couches, eating nachos from a plate. The other boy stopped eating his nachos, and put his spare hand on his face.
“Peter, you are an embarrassment to me, to yourself, and to your own species.”
Peter grinned. “Scott, bro, don’t cramp my style.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Scott muttered, shaking his head and turning back to his plate.
(y/n) blinked slowly, her head aching and her elbow throbbing from her tackle to the floor “so this…this is the rec room, right? I didn’t get lost again?”
Peter smirked, adjusting his goggles “you’re the new kid, right? You made it to the right place, although it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.” Peter held out his arms, spinning around as if to behold the rec room in all its glory “our chosen stomping ground, our secret hideout!”
Scott dusted off his hands on his trousers, and set his plate down on a nearby coffee table.
“Peter’s ability is making an ass of himself; if you didn’t notice. I’m Scott; if I remember, you’re…(y/n)?”

You walked through the doorway, beholding the rec room. It was a cosy space; several couches set up around a tv, with a few bookshelves lining the walls, and large bay windows looking out across the lawns. “My pleasure, Scott.”
Scott gave a half-smile, and Peter interjected “so, I heard that you’re basically a human disco-ball. Cool.”
She laughed. “I don’t go to nearly as many parties as a disco ball would.”
Peter grinned. “We can fix that.”


Jean pulled her hair back from her shoulders, jotting down notes carefully into the margins of her notebook. The bench she and (y/n) often shared to study on overlooked the lake; they enjoyed coming here during the evenings when the world was still and quiet so that they could take some much needed study away from the antics that Kurt, Peter and Scott were dreaming up this time.
Peter. (y/n) felt her face warm against the cool, spring air; she had spent a good deal of time with Peter over her first few weeks at the school, and now she often found herself thinking of the way his mouth curved subtly when he smiled, or the way his hair occasionally decided to stick out of its own accord. She’d laugh as he’d blow on it with his bottom lip, and he’d give her a light shove for good measure.
Jean groaned. “Again?”

(y/n) bit her pencil, giving an over exaggerated shrug at Jean “Jean, I’m sure I have no idea what you mean.”
Jean looked over at her, laughter in her eyes “I swear I’ll be sick if I see another image of Peter’s hair” Jean pretended to gag, and (y/n) gave her a playful shove “and you’re doing that…thing again.”
(y/n) looked at her hand, and saw the pale light radiating from her skin. Crap. Not again. This had been getting worse and worse over the past few months; no doubt her distracted mind wasn’t helping the situation.

Suddenly, (y/n) felt her hair whip across her face; Jean’s notebook flicking through her pages. Jean cursed, as Peter skidded to a halt next to the bench.
“Ladies” he said, mockingly bowing. His silver jacket was pulled tight to his chest; his goggles were surprisingly absent.
His charming smile wasn’t, and that set her off; her skin brightened to a soft glow, and she cursed internally at the telling sign. Jean was trying to supress her laughter; she wasn’t succeeding all that well.
“Peter, look, you’ve shocked me into headlight mode” (y/n) jested, her heart thrumming in her chest. “A little warning next time you decide to jump out on us on study day?”
Peter ruffled his hair “but where’s the fun in that?” he leaned down, eyes level with hers. “Besides, you’re always shining.”
At this point, Peter’s face turned away, but (y/n) could see the blush coating his cheeks. Jean was staring at Peter, and looked like she might vomit.
“Did you just come here to be a flirt, or do you have a legitimate reason, Peter?”
Peter gave an exaggeratedly mocking shrug. “Why can’t it be both?”

(y/n) doodled on the back of her hand, admiring her handiwork. “Why don’t you go and flirt with Scott? He can never resist your charms.”
In the blink of an eye, Peter moved behind the bench, his mouth level with her cheek. She felt the flutter of his breathing on her ear, his cool cheek inches from hers. “But seriously…you’re beautiful.”
And then he was gone, speeding off across the lawn towards the school.
Jean laughed hysterically. “Called it.”


March 10th, 2017: Surprise?

I can’t hide it any longer! Im Pregnant..Im pregnant..Im pregnant!!! In the pictures i may look smaller in the pics as this was took at 3 Months but Im currently 4 Months pregnant and within that 1 month ive completely blossomed!

Its scary knowing ill be responsible to take care of someone and such a powerful process is happening inside of me..

Me and Malakiah Couldnt be more grateful to have the opppurtunity of a lifetime to become parents as we know a lot of our friends struggle and have to use IVF or Surrogates. But this baby.. this baby is our own and i cannot wait to meet my little bunny. Oh yeah we refer to him/her as a Bunny as its just before easter.

I didnt even have to tell my mom as she said i looked like i was glowing and at first i just thought it was my hair color then i realised the pregnancy is showing through. She asked me if i was so i showed her the stick and shes over the moon to become a nanny!

My beautiful hearted friends have sweetly offered to throw me a baby shower when it comes nearer the time and when we know the sex, Sorry We have been off the radar lately, its because of doctors appointments, house planning and just chilling as we want to welcome our child in a stress free eviroment! x

Dag and Angharad were born on the same day and - although they didn’t know this - almost at the very same minute. They were childhood playmates in Bartertown, learning those caves almost before they learned speech. Dag always had better eyes in the dark though, and Angharad was always reaching for her hand, following along.

Dag doesn’t know how old they are when one of the boys tries to kiss Angharad. And while Angharad is the one who makes a face and tells him no, it’s Dag who kicks him in the shin and tells him to bugger off.

When they go out of the caves to be in the sunlight, Angharad tells Dag that she glows just like the moon and that she adores her for it. Angharad adores her for so many reasons, she says.

Angharad has soft lips when Dag first kisses them and she instantly forgets any reasons why she hadn’t wanted this, or any thing that could have been more wonderful.

It isn’t love - they’re too young, still too caught up in childhood and finding out about the world - but it could turn into love, at least that’s how Dag sees it. And she watches as Angharad grows more and more beautiful, more and more confident. In the caves she doesn’t always hold Dag’s hand anymore. Angharad slips away.

When Angharad goes on to kiss others, Dag can’t stop the sharp little teeth of jealousy that chew on her insides. But Angharad doesn’t look at her like she now sometimes looks at others. They aren’t children anymore and Dag wants that innocence back.

One night, sleeping in the same bed, Dag gathers her courage to whisper, “I love you.”

Angharad kisses her head and says, “I love you too,” but Dag knows they mean different things.

She keeps telling Angharad she loves her, but never with words. She brings her things, she makes up stories, she braids her hair. Angharad is golden like the sun and Dag feels so constantly blinded.

When the Immortan comes it’s Angharad he wants. No one at all is surprised by this, but they are surprised by the silver flash that leaps at him, hissing and spitting and cursing. Joe laughs and calls Dag fearless because he doesn’t know that she’s actually just terrified of losing the one thing she loves most.

And so he takes them both, gains them as brides-to-be and Dag swears to keep hold of Angharad, to take her hand when the darkness closes in

What this picture says to me : Look at the way Sheldon’s eyes are shining. There is pure joy radiating through. He may be nervous, but he isn’t scared. True love casts out all fear, and all that is left behind is anticipation. His eyes lower and take her in, admiring how lovely and virginal she looks. (Just like him.)

He’s glowing, as well. I joked on someone else’s post that he looks like he just won the lotterly. The sweet, gentle way his is gazing at her, like he DID just win the lottery, is so telling of how deep his love is. He is not lying there with a terriied look on his face, or an annoyed look like ‘let’s get this over with’. Not only does he WANT this, he wants to make it good for Amy. He thinks she looks beautiful, and it shows in the proud and serene way he is looking at his Vixen.

And the most important thing to me, is how RELIEVED he looks. This look says thank you for waiting for me to come to my senses. Thank you for waiting for me to figure things out. Thank you for waiting, period. It WASN’T just about sex for you all this time. It was about loving me. Wanting me. Needing me. Now, I realize how much I love, want, and need you too. Thank you for not sleeping with anyone else and sullying what we have. I knew I could trust you. I knew I could trust you with my heart. And now, I want to totally give you mine.

THAT is what this look says to me. Is it December 17th yet?