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You know what i don't understand: Why was 4x24 all about figuring out who A was when they already knew that the person who send the texts to Alison before she dissapeared was Mona? Why was Alison like: 'A had been threatening me since that Halloween' didn't she already know that that was Mona? Did she thought that it was someone else? It can't be Charlotte because she didn't even know about the A game at that point..

Ali definitely knew someone stole the game from Mona and she was scared of who that could be. Ali asked for CeCe’s help in Ravenswood (big mistake!) to divert A’s attention from the girls so she knew someone took over from where Mona left off and I think her comment about someone attacking her from Halloween still holds true because she assumes Mona must’ve played a role in the transition of leaders.

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6x05 Recap * contains spoilers

So 6x06 they think Leslie is A.

6x07 Charles comes back for his birthday but in 6x05 it says Charles donated his organs so obviously he’s dead.

Spencer thinks the little girl from Radley was Alison but it looks nothing like Alison so I have no idea why she would think that. 

Sara Harvey is still on my nerves and adding nothing to the major plot of the story, just taking up time and taking Emily away from the girls. 

Leslie was in Radley with Bethany, Charles and Mona. Leslie was Bethany’s roommate but so was Big Rhonda so I’m confused. 

Mona went to get the file from Radley so who’s side is she on? Did Leslie actually know Mona’s plan all along? 

The PLL writers have lost their freakin minds

The Weird Dancing Girl from 6x05

In case no one noticed. This dancing girl represented Mary Dilaurentis. Hence, why Spencer mentioned she looked like a young Alison

The scene also alluded to child birth based on several of her dance moves. 

This portrait is older which alludes that this girl is grown now–more hints toward Mary. Additionally, this is the first instance the girls found out about Carissimi. Maybe this is also why Mary said, “We can finally take back, what’s supposed to be mine”

Turns out this was not a lost story after all.