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Hiragi Siblings and their cooking skills (Headcanons for the Functional Family Au)
  • Kureto:Generally, Kureto is a decent cook. He would help Mahiru when she was little and wanted to learn how to be a 'good wife' for her prince charming. He would help her and at the same time learn how to cook himself. He'd make lunches for them, especially Shinya since the guy would either not eat or only eat toast.
  • Mahiru:she's the best cook among the siblings. She wanted to learn how to cook because she thought it would make her more desirable as a woman (and that she wanted to be a good wife for Guren then). Now a days she just cooks when she feels like it as she prefers to busy herself in her experiments (or stalking Guren tbh). Though when she does feel like it she makes dinner (usually Curry, because it's her favourite.)
  • Shinya:He's quite good. Occasionally he'd make something for his siblings (breakfast mostly--and contrary to popular belief it's not only toast)if he woke up early enough. But, he still prefers toast (which annoys Kureto). Sometimes he makes lunch too whenever Kureto can't (whenever he does, he makes sure to make some curry for Guren).
  • Seishiro:thinks its sissy. Although he can make simple stuff; like instant noodles.
  • Shinoa:is actually banned from cooking after she almost set the kitchen on fire.

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From a Sailor Moon noob who is only up to ep 51 and terrified of Googling because Spoilers: what and more importantly when is Here! Curry?


Here! Curry first appears in Episode 66 (”Usagi’s Parental Love A Curry Triangle Relationship”), a personal favourite of mine.

As for WHAT, it’s a brand of instant curry that Rei hawks like she’s in a fucking commercial when Usagi is trying to learn how to make curry. Seriously, she’s so fucking excited about Here! Curry, and she tries to talk up her exceptional curry-making skills TWICE IN THE SAME FUCKING EPISODE because of this shit.

It’s like someone crashing a cooking lesson with Julia Child to promote their Hamburger Helper skills, and it’s DIVINE.

(Here! Curry comes up again almost fifty episodes later, too, it’s amazing.)

It’s a consistent trait of Rei’s that runs throughout the series in the best, most understated ways. She’s kind of cheap sometimes, and her idea of food = time + money is skewed on a track that the others don’t necessarily follow. It’s spun out some of my absolute favourite Rei headcanons, and is an amazing little detail that builds into her character in so many other ways.


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i'm gonna make my mum a vegan dinner this weekend and she's really against the idea of me going vegetarian, and i haven't even dared to ask about vegan so you know kinda struggling... ANYWAY, gonna sneakily make the meal vegan but it has to be delicious, what should i make?

oooh tough!!! what’s her favourite meal? the good thing about vegan food is that you can literally make any dish vegan!! so yeah i’d pick something that she likes and make a sneaky vegan version ;)

pasta? (these all look amazing

curry? (so many options!!) 

soup? burgers? burritos?? pizza??! the list is endless!!!

i’d recommend looking though this website for recipes, and this one too. also buzzfeed has a list of vegan recipes here!

good luck!! tell me how it goes xx

Some small headcanons about Yuu’s kid, and just a small reminder that Yuu is trans in case you’re wondering.

  • She has some piebaldism, which is more evident in her hair.
  • She was named after Akane.
  • Akane doesn’t really like curry.
  • She has little pointy ears.

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"What is Indian food?" They had eaten a lot of different kinds of plates (most of them surprisingly not entirely different from what he ate at home, even though it was prepared in another way, but they had never earn Indian food before.

“It’s food from India. That’s one the, uh, realms in this world. It’s considered by some to be exotic. And a lot of it is pretty damn spicy.” Was it such a good idea to give Legolas Indian food? She doubted his palate had ever tasted anything like curry. Would his digestive system retaliate? She supposed they would find out.

companions as the kind of nerds they are
  • Hancock:he can make a bong or a pipe out of anything. A real savant. Maccready once gave him a bag of rotten fruit, a broken crayon and a scrap of metal and hancock made a bong out of it. Amazing!
  • Currie:She actually likes sports but not sports plays. Want to know any statistic about any
  • Danse:You would expect army nerd wouldn't you. You are just going to look at my husbo at the surface level but danse is a deeper nerd than you can ever imagine. He is a hyper weeb and if u get him going he will talk about japan's military skill because anything else would out him as a weeaboo.
A single thing no. 2

My single thing today was hanging out with a very good friend I hadn’t seen for quite a long time. We talked a lot about how so many things have changed for us and how some other things never seem to do. We also had the most delicious lunch!

I’m so grateful for having a friend like her, she’s wonderful.

Later I’m cooking curry with my boyfriend and then we’ll just hang out and have a nice quiet evening together.

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I don't know who you're calling disgusting when you're a black tranny or genderfluid whatever you classify as but Finagle was... NVM but now she's hot and I think she should stay hot so she don't turn out like Mawi the fat curry. So why are you calling people disgusting sabri? It's rude.