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I like the idea of ???% signing even more than originally planned, i think i’m going to do more!

嬉しい 大丈夫 | ごめんなさい

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

u kno like

when editing that dumb rosemary wedding but with watercoolers thing i took a Closer look at roxy, and i always though she was like yelling or wooing or something with her hands cupped around her mouth like a megaphone, but now that i took a closer look it seems like her head is tilted down so ??? holy shit shes crying thats so fucking sweet??

Here have another plot bunny that I’ll say I’ll get to maybe and then put off for a while because I’m distracted with university:

So Tony is just as much of a kisser as rdj and if he kisses you on the cheek or anywhere on the face then you know he’s accepted you and you’re part of the family

And after civil war Tony’s hanging out with the new crew and at this point he’s given kisses to basically everyone except tchalla and tchalla is like any day now now… It’ll happen any day now… And he’s doing stuff for Tony (and kinda leaning over a little bit so Tony can reach his cheek/forehead better which is a constant source of hilarity for anyone watching) but despite how grateful and how nice Tony is to him he never gets that damn kiss and he’s sad about it but he respects Tony’s wishes

But then Tony kisses carol and forget sad now he’s full blown upset because oh my god it’s been literally two weeks?? She saved your arse one time and she gets a kiss where’s my kiss damn it why aren’t I good enough so when Tony finally turns to him with this big smile and shining eyes he’s annoyed with him because flirting with someone can only take you so far, now Tony’s being mean to him (which is a fair enough assumption to make TBH)

So t'challas upset and now Tony’s upset as well because t'challas upset with him and eventually someone is like oh for fucks sake and explains to tchalla that tony is actually in love with him but was worried that tchalla would somehow figure it out if Tony was too physically affectionate (and would be disgusted by his feelings) so instead of explaining anything there he kept his distance and misunderstandings everywhere! (because they can both be kind of socially stunted at times)

so tchalla confronts tony and tony confirms what the person said and then they apologise to each other for hurting the others feelings and admit their feelings and they kiss on the lips and also on the cheek because FINALLY THATS WHAT TCHALLA BEEN WAITING FOR HELL YEAH

(Tony teases that tchalla is more excited about the cheek kiss than the lips kiss, tchalla just kisses him again in response)

Together ♡

Don’t Let Me Go || Lee Jihoon

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Title: Don’t Let Me Go ~ Lee Jihoon

Word Count: 1.6k

Genre: Daddy!Jihoon fluff

A/N: This one didn’t turn out quite the way I hoped it would, but I did end up enjoying it. Here’s some Jihoon fluff for you guys! (I may or may not have died while writing this bc my main bias kills me ffs)

“Are you sure you got understand everything?” [y/n] questioned as she hurried to slip on her shoes, “It’s been a while since you’ve gotten to spend time with [daughter’s name].”

Jihoon chuckled quietly to himself and watched his wife rush around the apartment as he sat back in one of the bar stools, sipping his coffee. He was clothed in nothing but a simple white t-shirt and a pair of black sweats, his dyed hair slightly messy and his face covered in small stubble.

“Do you not trust me or something? She is my daughter you know, I think I would know how to take care of her by now.”

[y/n] sighed as she stopped what she was doing and walked over to her husband, standing in between his legs. She placed her hands on his biceps and gently ran her fingers down the sides of them. Jihoon found himself melting into her touch and reached his hand out to cup the side of her face.

“You know it’s not like that Jihoon,” She replied, “It’s just that I’m a new mother and this is my first day back to work. I’m just nervous. It doesn’t help that you’ve been busy too.”

“I may be busy but I’m never too busy to be a father,” Jihoon responded as his thumb caressed his wife’s cheek.

“I know, I’m sorry Jihoon,” She said quietly, “You just haven’t been around much since the baby was born due to your career. I know you’re an idol and a producer, but you’re only home at night into the early mornings, usually when she is asleep. You’ve never been left home alone with her before.”

“[y/n],” Jihoon spoke, “There is no other way I’d rather spend my one day off than getting to know my little girl even better, even if she’s only 8 months old and can’t even speak yet.”

[y/n] smiled and leaned up to peck her husband on the lips. Jihoon smirked and pulled her closer to his body.

“That was a pitiful goodbye kiss to your husband you know,” He stated cockily.

[y/n] rolled her eyes playfully and leaned forwards to kiss him once more, this time filled with a little more passion as her lips moved in sync with her husband’s. Once they pulled apart, [y/n] grabbed her bag from the counter and turn back to face Jihoon once more before leaving for work.

“Once [daughter’s name] wakes up, I put chopped up strawberries in the fridge. You can feed those to her for breakfast. She does get a little messy when eating though, make sure she wears a bib. And if-“

“[y/n], I got this. I even have all the directions you have written out on this sheet of paper. I think I can handle one day with my daughter.”

[y/n] gave him a nervous smile and a nod before bidding him goodbye and leaving the apartment, causing Jihoon to be left alone in slience with his sleeping daughter in the nursery down the hall.

After 10 minutes, Jihoon had finally finished his coffee and began to clean up a bit around the kitchen. [y/n] had also left him a list of chores that needed to be done before she got home. Today was going to be quite the eventful day for Jihoon. Once he finished the dishes, a small whine was heard from down the hall. Jihoon quickly left the kitchen and walked into the nursery where his daughter laid awake, moving her tiny body around as she stretched. The second she saw her father walk in, she smiled and began to coo softly. Jihoon smiled at this act and reached down into her crib and picked up his daughter, cuddling her closely to his chest.

“Are you hungry?” He asked his daughter as her rubbed her back gently.

[daughter’s name] let out a noise of approval to signal Jihoon that she in fact was, and the growl of her stomach confirmed it. Jihoon walked back into the kitchen and sat his daughter down into her high chair. His daughter began to babble quietly to herself as Jihoon went to the fridge and got out his daughter’s breakfast and placing it on the tray in front of her. [daughter’s name] immediately began picking strawberries out of the bowl and sticking them into her mouth, some of them falling out of her hands causing her to pout and Jihoon to smile fondly at how cute his daughter looked while attempting to eat strawberries. After she was done, Jihoon wiped her mouth from the leftover strawberry goo and picked his daughter out of her highchair and into his arms once more where she snuggled right back against him.

“You’re not as difficult as mommy made it seem to take care of you,” He mentioned even though he knew his baby girl couldn’t understand a word he was saying.

He walked slowly into the living room and to the corner of the room where his daughter’s play pen was located. Once he got there, he placed her inside the pen carefully and gave her a pat on the head before he turned off to go finish cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. Right as he turned the corner to leave the room, [daughter’s name] let out a loud whine in protest to signal her father that she did not want him to go. Jihoon stopped in his tracks and turned to face his baby girl. He walked back over to her play pen and leaned down to look at his daughter.

“What’s wrong baby? Did you need something?” He asked as he rubbed her fuzzy head.

[daughter’s name] fixed her face from its small pout into a smile at the touch of her father. Jihoon smiled and kissed her head before he stood up to leave again. Once more, the entire act repeated itself. Jihoon frowned as he scooped up his daughter.

“Did you not want to be alone?” He asked as he bounced her in his arms on the way to the kitchen.

[daughter’s name] settled herself into his arms played with her father’s shirt in her tiny hands. Jihoon smiled at her as he walked in the kitchen. Every time he tried to place her down so he could get some work done, his daughter would whine until he picked her up again. Jihoon figured that maybe it was because she was still tired. That obviously wasn’t the case because she ended up being like this for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. Jihoon tried to finish the laundry like [y/n] had told him to, but it turns out that it’s a lot harder to fold clothing with a tiny baby in your arms. He even tried to get some of his own work done by going into his mini studio to test out some tracks, but with [daughter’s name] on his lap, she kept trying to touch the different keys on his desktop. Out of fear of her messing something up, he decided against it.

Needless to say it was pretty tiring to manage work with a baby in your arms at the same time. In the end Jihoon gave up and laid down on his shared bed, his baby girl placed upon his chest as he held the remote to their television in one hand, his other wrapped tightly around his daughter. He turned on one of his favorite dramas and let out a yawn as he settled comfortably against the mattress of his bed. Soon enough, he found himself falling asleep to the sound of soft snores coming from his daughter and the drama playing in the background.

[y/n] came home from work not too much longer after that. She too was pretty tired herself and just wanted to relax with her husband and her daughter. She sighed as she walked into her apartment, sad to see it still slightly messy and pissed at Jihoon for saying he would do something but not falling through with it.

She sluggishly walked down the hall and to her bedroom, grimacing at the sound of the television playing behind the closed door. She turned the knob and pushed the door open gently, stopping in her tracks as she noticed the two sleeping figures on the bed. She wanted to be mad at her husband, but she just couldn’t. The sight in front of her was just way too cute. She walked over to the bed and sat beside her husband, shaking his shoulder slightly and watching as he stirred awake. He furrowed his eyebrows together and stretched his body before fluttering his eyes open.

“How was work?” He asked in a deep, groggy voice.

“It was fine,” She responded, “I see you got plenty of work done yourself around here.”

Jihoon caught onto his wife’s sarcasm pretty quickly and sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” he spoke, “But I really did try to clean for you. The only issue I had was that [daughter’s name] wouldn’t let me out her down. Every time I tried she only started to whine.”

[y/n] smiled and laughed quietly at her husband before placing a kiss to his forehead.

“She just missed her daddy,” [y/n] responded as she ran her fingers through Jihoon’s hair.

“Yeah, well her daddy missed her too.”

[y/n] leaned forwards and pressed her lips gently against her husbands, the two of them kissing for a couple of seconds before a small sound caused them to pull apart. There, their daughter laid on Jihoon’s chest, eyes looking up at both of her parents. Her tiny hands reached out to each of them as if she were motioning both of her parents to snuggle her. [y/n] laid down on the bed next to Jihoon and snuggled up close to her beautiful babies. Jihoon instinctively wrapped an arm around her and kissed her temple.

“I should get days off more often,” He said to break the silence, “I’ve really missed this. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”


I am her aunt, this is my gift to her. As God gifted me with my voice. Basically, I’m giving her a gift from God.


Ayano: T-To think Shintaro would remember something I said from such a LONG time ago…~~~~

Shintaro: Gh… I think that compliment turned into a curse at this point…

of ribbons & rosin ( cs au )

Plot: Killian is a single father, and his daughter is enrolled in Emma’s dance class. He has nobody to watch his daughter after class, and he’s often late, so Emma usually sits and talks to the girl until she is collected from the dance school.

Chapter 4, Captain Swan AU, Rating M.

read it on a03

“…and into pas de chat, plié -Alexandra, lower please- remember your arms…” Emma softly called as she weaved through her students, during the center work. She nodded in approval, smiling to her girls, and the occasional boy in the group, as they completed the patterns she had taught them in previous weeks. She glanced across the room to her superstar, Daisy, and gave the girl a favorable smile and nod. Emma could see the girl was ready to burst with excitement, about something or other, and she couldn’t help but chortle to herself as she made her way back to the front of the class, readying herself to end it. 

Holding up her hands, she gestured to the pianist to play the final chords of the practice music, and she nodded her thanks, gesturing for the students to perform their final positions.

“Okay, before we go home, there are a few things I want to talk to you guys about.” Emma smiled brightly as her students gathered around her, curious faces staring up at her, “First; we had such a fun time at the recital, and I’m so, so proud of you guys. You all danced so wonderfully, thank you! Second; we will be having a competition quite soon, so, I want you all to work very hard for me, okay? I will tell you guys who will be dancing, and to what.”

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100 years? That doesn’t seem so bad. I feel like this hourglass isn’t super important, it’d just be cool to have.


Also, look at the way Garnet is gently holding her little critter. I hope she keeps him forever

Okay, this episode is starting out just way too cute. I can’t handle it.

And what’s Beach-a-palooza? A concert?

Well, hello Greg and Onion’s father. They seem to be contemplating something.

Meet Abigail! She’s the third of the four romanceable girls in my next project.

She’s a cow, which I honestly kind of resisted at first because she’s kind of a country girl and it felt a bit on the nose, but as I was drawing it I just felt like she was too cute this way and so it kinda stuck.

I don’t have colors here so I just have to inform you that she has pink hair.


Alright so today I taught in one of my lower kumi’s (not ability-wise, just numerically). They are so clever and BRAVE. They just try, all the time. But there is one girl who panics, and she gets way too shy. I try to talk to her and she can’t make eye contact, she just repeats “cute cute way too cute” in Japanese. For the most part I leave it alone.

For the game we were playing today, we were having the students check for understanding in teams before they paired up with rival partners to play the actual game. This girl’s group was just staring at the paper, a sure sign of not understanding but being too shy to ask for help.

So I went over, I leaned in, and went, “Are y’all okay?”

She goes “日本語でおねがいします!” (In Japanese, please!)

Me: “No, c’mon, it’s been eight months that you’ve known me! Since March! Come on, it’s easy, let’s speak English.” I lean in to look at her paper to show her an example, which is checking to see which words they know in Japanese and which words are new to them. “Here, you know this one, what’s ‘chocolate’ in Japanese?”

She goes, “いい匂い…” (smells nice)

“Well thank you, now tell me what this is in English.” I smile at her and she just stares blankly ahead, pulling her mask down to smell more of my perfume. I look up to her group helplessly, a boy and a girl. The boy is grinning like, “What can you do? She’s hopeless!” and I make the same smile. The girl goes, “ごめんー” (sorry) and the boy laughs. He slaps her paper a bit and goes, “ しっかりしろ !” (GET IT TOGETHER!)

“Alright, so just tell me what ‘chocolate’ is in Japanese. Focus,” I say to the girl inhaling deeply beside me.

“ちょういい匂い…” (smells SO NICE)

“Please? Please focus?” I say as I’m trying not to laugh.

“むり. 大好き.” (Impossible. I love you.)

“Alright, group, do you understand?” I ask her teammates. They’re smiling and apologizing, and I check their understanding while the unfocused girl is in a trance. I walk off after a bit, and she shouts in Japanese, “WHY CAN’T I TALK TO HER!”

It’s okay. My perfume does smell awesome, and maybe by the time she’s a sannensei she’ll actually talk to me haha.

By the way, ‘chocolate’ in Japanese is just チョコ or チョコレート (pronounced ‘choco’ or ‘chocoleto’)