she's just the cutest thing ever okay

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Dot's nose is the cutest thing ever

LORD I KNOW HER FACE IS ADORABLE every time i see her i want to kiss her nose. :( i’m so sad about what’s happened but i hope in my heart she’ll be okay she rly needs to just pack up and go live with Catarina though.

prompt: “i had a nightmare about you and i just wanted to make sure you’re okay” + “hey, i’m with you, okay? always” + “do you want me to leave?” + “i think i’m in love with you and i’m terrified” + “i shouldn’t be in love with you” + “kiss me”

pairing: tony x reader

word count: 2.6k+

warnings: nightmares, 2am confessions of love, purest form of fluff

prompt list: click here

a/n: i wanna give tony all the love he deserves he’s the purest soul in this world and he needs to be reminded how wonderful he is every hour of the day x


It was just past 2am when Y/N’s eyes shot open, her heart going 120 miles per second in her chest. Her fingers were gripping the bed sheets firmly and there was a thin layer of sweat on her forehead.

She was never one to suffer from nightmares but the dream she had just violently woken up from could surely be on the top ten list of the worst ones she ever had.

She slowly relaxed, staring up at the ceiling, still breathing heavily.

It was okay. It was just a dream. It wasn’t real.

But as she continued to look at the vast expanse of space above her head, barely being able to make out the shape of the chandelier in the pitch black room, she realised that the feeling of dread simply wouldn’t go away and allow her to go back to sleep.

Something felt horribly wrong. It was like that feeling you get right before you get your results after a test you didn’t study for. Except multiplied by twenty.

She reached under her pillow and searched for her phone, squinting at the screen as she attempted to read the time. She knew everyone in the compound was asleep but the idea of staring at the ceiling until morning, feeling this awful sense of doom, wasn’t a good idea.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y.?” She whispered, too quiet for any person to hear.

“Yes, Ms Y/L/N?” The voice sounded through the room and as strange as it was, Y/N was glad this computer system was watching over her and would inform someone if she was in trouble.

“Do you happen to know what Tony is doing?”

“Mr Stark is currently sleeping in his bedroom. Would you like me to wake him up?”

Y/N shook her head. “No, thank you, F.R.I.D.A.Y.”

“You are more than welcome.”

Y/N sighed, running a hand through her hair as she pushed the covers off and sat up. She looked around her room; there was a soft beam of light coming in through the curtains that relaxed her a little but she just felt so damn alone in her room after that nightmare.

She slowly stood up and made her way to the bathroom where she splashed some water on her face and looked at herself in the mirror for a moment.

The horrid feeling just wouldn’t leave her chest. It was as if the world was closing in on her and she couldn’t do anything about it until she knew he was safe.

F.R.I.D.A.Y had told her he was. He was asleep in his room. But computers could crash and even Tony’s tech could break down every once in a while. Knowing this, Y/N also knew she wouldn’t fall back asleep until she saw he was really okay.

So she dried her face with a soft towel and shut the lights out in her bathroom before exiting her room and beginning her descent towards Tony’s quarters.

The walk was long and Y/N’s bare feet were cold as they padded across the white tiles of the hallways. She liked living in the compound but walking through it alone at night felt like wandering the halls of a hospital when everyone else was sleeping. The walls were white, the floors were white, and there were elements of steel and glass everywhere.

It wasn’t surprising; the building acted as a headquarters for one of the biggest businesses in the world and only a small fraction of it consisted of living spaces. It seemed, however, that her bedroom was miles away from where Tony’s quarters were located. She had to take a long hallway, then a set of stairs, then another hallway, and climb another two floors before she reached it. By the time she was standing face to face with his door, the feeling of dread in her chest had grown by a thousand.

She knocked softly and when she didn’t receive a response, she pressed down the handle and gently pushed open the door. Because of how new the building was, the door did not creak and Y/N was beyond thankful. She pushed it open just enough to squeeze her head through and see if Tony was around. Realising he wasn’t, she pushed the door open wider and stepped inside.

The living area of his apartment was lit up by moonlight which seeped in through the giant windows. As F.R.I.D.A.Y. had told her, Tony wasn’t on the sofa, or in the kitchen, and the door leading down to his lab was closed, meaning he wasn’t in there, either. The only place left was his bedroom.

Y/N shut the door behind her quietly and tiptoed towards where she knew his room was located, almost walking into the corner of the glass coffee table.

When she finally reached his room, she noticed the door was ajar, and just like before she stuck her head inside. She scanned the room, quickly realising that from where she was standing she could not see Tony’s bed. So she lightly pushed the door open and to her horror, the hinges creaked as if they were fifty years old. Y/N cursed under her breath because a second later Tony’s concerned voice rang through the room.

“Who’s there?”

Y/N inhaled sharply and emerged from behind the half closed door. Tony was now sitting up in his bed, the white covers bunched around his waist and his face displaying mild apprehension. Next to his bed stood one of his suits, eyes glowing, left hand outstetched, ready to fire.

“It’s just me,” Y/N murmured, seeing Tony visibly relax. He expelled a breath.

“Power down.” The suit dropped its arm, took a few steps back to stand in the corner and its eyes stopped glowing like two burning torches.

Y/N remained standing where she was, her fingers shyly curling around the hem of her pyjama shorts. She casually studied Tony’s face to make sure he was okay.

“Why are you here at…” he glanced towards the clock on his bedside table. “2am?”

Y/N hesitated, shifting her weight from one leg to the other. She could feel the softness of Tony’s white furry rug between her toes, the pleasant heat of the electric fire place burning in the corner of the room, and the innocent curiosity of his eyes as he waited for her to answer.

On top of it all, she could also feel her cheeks turning red with embarrassment.

“I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

He remained quiet for a moment but his expression softened as he studied her from across the room. She looked spooked and Tony wanted to ask her what the nightmare was about, but he figured this wasn’t the right moment. She already seemed uncomfortable after having been caught checking up on him.

“Are you okay?” She asked quietly and Tony nodded softly in response.

“Yeah, and are you?”

She bit her lip and then shook her head. And in an instant she was rushing across the room, climbing onto his bed and wrapping her arms around his neck.

“What’s wrong? What did you dream about?” He asked quietly, recovering from the shock and slowly beginning to stroke her hair. She moved to sit on his lap, her face buried in the crook of his neck, feeling so much more relaxed now that she could feel the warmth of his skin, hear his quiet breathing, his hands wrapped tightly around her. Y/N never wanted to let him go, afraid that if she did, he’d vanish like he did in her nightmare.

“It’s okay. I’m right here,” Tony assured her, honestly kind of confused by why a nightmare about something happening to him would affect her so much. They were friends, sure, but he was also friends with the rest of the team and not a single one of his other co-workers had rushed into his room at 2am because they were scared for his safety. Something felt different about this situation, and as he continued to hold her, feeling her grip him so tightly he’d find it painful if the situation was any different, Tony began to wonder why she was so shaken.

She remained sitting in his lap for minutes, and when she hiccuped quietly Tony realised she had been crying. He tightened his grip on her, threw his bed covers over her shoulders and pulled her down to lie down with him.

“I’m sorry,” Y/N apologised suddenly, sniffing a little and feeling so damn silly. But Tony wasn’t laughing at her, and he wasn’t teasing her for being an idiot. He just held her tight, let her lie down with her head on his chest and continued to stroke her hair as she attemtped to calm down.

“Don’t be sorry. It’s going to be okay.” He kissed her forehead and in response Y/N released a shaky breath and closed her eyes. It was fine. He was safe. Nothing bad had happened to him.

“It just seemed really real. I got scared that something might’ve happened to you,” she muttered into his chest, and Tony could feel her fist the fabric of his t-shirt. He kissed her head again.

“I’m alright. Nothing has happened so you don’t need to be scared,” he assured her softly, and when Y/N sniffed, Tony placed his hand over her own. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

She nodded softly, squeezing her eyes shut so that her remaining tears fell on her cheeks and then she promised herself she was fine. It was just a bad dream.

“Do you want me to leave?” She questioned, her voice barely audible but Tony was so close he heard every syllable clearly. Y/N silently hoped he’d let her stay; she didn’t want to go back to her room and sit in the daunting silence. She felt too at peace right where she was.

“Do you want to go?” He asked instead of answering her previous question and when she shook her head, Tony’s lips curved up into a soft little smile and he pulled her even closer to him. “Stay then. You’re more than welcome to.”

“Thank you,” she whispered, and he kissed her head one last time before feeling her relax in his arms. Tony took this as his moment to go back to sleep so he shut his eyes and savoured the feeling of her arm draped over his stomach, her head on his chest, her legs tangled with his. She was breathing softly, the sound lulling Tony to sleep and soon he could feel himself beginning to drift off.


The sound of her voice pulled him back to reality.

“Yes, dear?”

She remained silent for a moment. Y/N bit her lip and for a moment, she wished she hadn’t called his name. But she did, and now Tony was waiting for her to say something. And other than the one sentence which had been flashing in her mind like a bright neon sign for the past month, she didn’t really have anything else to say.

“I know it’s silly but…” She paused, inhaling sharply and Tony stroked her arm, scared she might cry again. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

He didn’t respond immediately and a moment of strangely peaceful silence lingered in the air. It felt good to have it off her chest and surprisingly, Y/N didn’t fear getting rejected because even if he didn’t feel the same, they’d still be friends; and that was more than enough for her. Just knowing he was happy and safe was enough for her.

The sheets rustled as Tony moved under her. For a moment she thought he was going to remove himself from the bed, but instead, he rolled over onto his side so that he was facing her, and pushing Y/N to lie on her back instead. He looked down at her and instead of lying motionless and waiting for his response as any other person would after confessing their feelings, Y/N reached up and cupped his face in her hand.

Tony’s eyes fluttered closed and he leaned into her touch. He smiled softly, and when Y/N noticed, she smiled, too. They didn’t move for several seconds, but then Tony opened his eyes, removed her palm from his face and brought the back of her hand to his lips instead.

He pressed a long kiss to the soft flesh, looking at her face while his mouth was still against her skin.

“Why are you terrified?” He asked then, his voice quiet, laced with curiosity.

“Because,” she whispered back. “I shouldn’t be in love with you. But I am, and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Tony smiled at her words, turning her hand and then kissing the inside of her wrist. With each kiss he moved his lips lower, leaving at least fifteen kisses on the inside of her arm alone.

“There is one thing you can do,” he told her, and when Y/N quirked a brow, the corner of his mouth curled up. “Kiss me.”

And just like that, Y/N was reaching out to cup his face again, using what little strength she could find at 2am to pull him closer. Tony held himself above her by placing his hand on the mattress next to her shoulder and leaning down to finally capture her lips with his own.

She held his face above her, lifting her head from the pillows to bring herself closer to him, and when their mouths met, she felt all her worries evaporating into the air. Tony’s lips were soft and his breath warm on her face.

They kissed softly, their mouths meeting time after time, and soon Tony was humming quietly at the feeling of her fingers running through his hair. He reached under the covers, carefully tracing her side and cupping the back of her thigh, slowly lifting it up and wrapping it around his waist.

He wanted to feel her closer and as the tips of his fingers lightly skimmed her skin, Y/N hoped that he would never retreat.

But like most things in life, the kissing had to end sooner or later, and when both of them found themselves struggling for air, their lips parted and Tony pressed his forehead to her own. Her eyes had fluttered closed, and when Tony looked down, he noticed the shadow that her lashes had cast over the tops of her cheeks.

The room was quiet for a while with the exception of the sound of their breathing and the crackling of the logs in the fire in the corner of the room. Tony shifted his weight to one arm, still hovering above her and when she opened her eyes, he tucked a stand of hair behind her ear.

She smiled at the gesture, but then Tony leaned down and kissed her again, and her smile grew wider.

“If you’re terrified of loving me, then we can be terrified together because holding something as precious as your heart is a thousand times more difficult than any fight I’ve ever fought,” he told her solemnly, and she watched him in awe, letting a quiet giggle escape her when he kissed the tip of her nose.

“I love you, too,” he added quietly, and when she smiled, he returned to his previous position and pulled her in closer. Her head fell to rest on his chest again and this time, when they closed their eyes and began to feel themselves drift off, there was nothing at the back of their minds trying to overshadow the complete contentment they both felt.

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only the finest

Lena just wanted a nice night out with Kara.

“Would you like to go on a date?”

It slips out. Quiet and rushed, the words forming and letting loose before she can think anything other than please say yes. Kara freezes, noodles halfway to her mouth as she looks between them, and Lena almost takes them back.

(They’ve been doing this- meetings under the guise of interviews, the latest on L-Corp- for weeks.

Somewhere, between hands brushing just so as they pass food back and forth, it’s become featherlight kisses on the corner of her mouth when Kara leaves, promises to call when the other is free and texting whenever they can.

Somewhere, Kara has went from her only friend in National City to something. Something that makes her heart race with possibility and ache with the thought of its loss if she pushes.)

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Things To Love About Tamaki Suoh

- Would 100% fight you if you upset one of his friends

- Is super forgiving even of those who don’t deserve it

- Deliberately invited the loners at school into his club and taught them to love themselves and to be kind to others

- Tries so hard to include everyone

- Puts up with the twins pranks because he loves them just as they are and wants them to be happy

- Immediately decides Kyoya is new best bro when he arrives


- Gets depressed if his friends are sad

- One time when Hikaru nearly died on a ski trip ( the most heart stopping moment in the manga like holy shit we all thought it was taking a dark turn)
Tamaki is so distressed he drops everything he’s doing and rushes to the ski resort to be at Hikaru’s side and to make sure Kaoru is okay and is honestly the biggest mess the entire time.Kaoru ends up trying to calm Tamaki down. When Hikaru turns out to be okay besides a concussion, minor hypothermia , and exhaustion, Tamaki is so relieved and gets super emotional and it’s just such a touching scene I STILL get all weepy about it tbh


- Is so kind ??? Like he even recruits a kid who’s literally a future mob boss into the host club because he sees the kid is lonely and sad ??? And Casanoda is so grateful like Tamaki literally helped turn his life around


- Is so high key excited all the time that I honestly think he’s related to Victor Nikiforov ( NO BUT LIKE FOR REAL HE TOTALLY IS)

- Is actually so smart he reads really complex books in English even though it’s not his native language ? Like he learned Japanese within a few months when he moved to Japan I mean ???

- Is so culturally respectful ? He tries so hard to understand local custom and be respectful about it ? Like in the manga he’s always going on about historical Japanese traditions and famous Japanese people and begging Kyoya to visit historic places with him and honestly it’s the cutest thing to me that Tamaki throws himself into new cultures so purely

-No but he bonded with his grandmother because they both obsessed over this old tv series based in ancient Japan and TAMAKI LEARNED HOW TO PLAY ALL THE MUSIC THE SHOW EVER FEATURED and he plays it on the piano for his grandma



Like she’s crying because she thinks he’ll be mad at her because she was forced to give him up and he’s just like
“ Mom no , I’m glad you did it because I’m happier now and you’re healthy ”

- Hugs people a lot

-Always down for adventures if you want one

- Tries really hard to be liked by everyone

- Travels overseas to support his girlfriend??? GOALS

- Never pressures Haruhi into being ANYTHING other than herself , even though he comments sometimes about how he’d like to see her in feminine things , he never tries to force her to wear something she doesn’t like

- Thinks Haruhi is beautiful no matter what

- Gets super flustered when Haruhi gives him any kind of romantic attention

( she hugged him in public once and he blushed beet red and got all speechless it was adorable )


- Is so genuine in his praise and it’s so pure ?

Like he’s not flirting he honestly does think every girl is beautiful

- So Extra about everything , no wonder Kyoya is so tired

okay but like

During training one day Trini is wearing these sweatpants that Kim thinks she looks amazingly hot in them and she just can’t help herself from hooking her finger in the band, pulling it back and letting is snap.

Trini’s reaction is the most hilarious and cutest thing Kimberly has ever seen. Trini gets all flustered and lets out the smallest gasp and just goes, “Kim!!” And looks at her in complete shock and when Billy just asks Trini what’s wrong Trini’s face gets even redder if that’s possible.

Zack watched from a distance and can’t stop laughing and Kim tries to get him to shut up because only she can laugh at her girlfriend. Later that night Kim does it again because Trini is just so cute and she loves seeing her girlfriend get all flustered because of her. (Trini is not amused at first but she still accepts Kim’s kiss as an apology)

I want to talk about this

“You know what? I’m just glad you’re okay.”

That was his first reaction when he finally met up with Pauling. He didn’t flirt, he wasn’t being rude or annoying, he said “I’m just glad you’re okay” and he hugs her. 

Because he loves her and just the mere fact that she is alive is enough for him to be happy. That is literally the cutest thing ever. Scout is being extremly nice and in the end? He just wants her to be well. Thats all he wants.

Thank you for showing us that he isn’t a complete asshole, Valve. 
This honestly means so much for me.

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headcanon: after living together for a few months Lena picks up saying 'oh Rao' without realizing it and Kara thinks it's the cutest thing ever

Okay I had every intention of just responding to this but then I started typing and this happened!

They always say the more time that you spend around a person, the more likely you are to pick up some of their quirks. Lena thinks it’s a little stupid, to be honest, but then again she’s never really been around someone for very long.

Until Kara.

Lena feels like so many of the details of her life end that way.

‘Until Kara.’

She eats dinners alone.

Until Kara.

She has no one to spend the holidays with.

Until Kara.

She works entirely too late, and she even works from home on the weekends.

Until Kara.

So it really shouldn’t shock her when she starts picking up some of Kara’s habits.

She smiles more.

She has weird cravings for potstickers.

She hugs people now? Apparently?

Most of them happen so gradually that she doesn’t even notice, but occasionally she picks up one that throws everyone for a loop.

It’s game night, and they’re all gathered around the Monopoly board. Alex is winning out of sheer force of will, and in an odd turn of events Lena is dead last - one railroad and a hundred dollars to her name. It’s almost comical really, how horrible her luck is. She rolls doubles past go and collects her two hundred dollars, trying not to squeal as she picks up her chance card and earns another hundred. She rolls doubles again and lands on the edge of the Jail square, taking a deep breath as she rolls again.


“Oh Rao, I am not going to Jail again! I’ve been there practically half the game!”

She expects someone to make a crack about how she’s still losing, but when she looks up everyone is staring at her.

“What?” She asks self consciously. wiping at her lips to see if she’s still got smudged lipstick from her ‘popcorn making break’ with Kara.

“What did you just say?” Kara’s face is excited, the corners of her mouth darting up in a smile.

“Ummm.” Lena’s eyes dart around the room. “I’ve been in Jail for half the game?”

“Uhh unh, before that.” Kara is practically bouncing in her seat.

“I don’t want to go back?”

Kara shakes her head and breaks into a full on grin as her hands come up to clench in front of her face excitedly.

“You said 'Oh, Rao’, and it was the cutest thing ever!! I say that!! And now you say it!! And you didn’t even realize it!! Hashtag relationship goals!!”

“You two have officially reached the peak of rubbing off on each other, it’s sickening.” Alex groans

“Oh they’re 'rubbing off’ on each other all right.”

Everyone groans at Maggie’s joke and then Winn is picking up the dice for his turn. Lena doesn’t miss the way that Kara scoots a little bit closer though, or the way the smile doesn’t leave her face all night.

Maybe hanging around some one long enough to pick up their habits isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Never Grow Up - 1


SUMMARY: Sebastian watches his little girl grow up.

WARNINGS: fluff, my friends.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: you all know how much i love dad!seb so of course i’m going to write a short series about it. please don’t kill me lol. if you want to be tagged in this series, let me know! it’s going to be about 4 or 5 chapters. 


Sebastian held your hand through each push you gave. He peered over your bent legs and saw the baby’s head crowning. His eyes filled with tears, not believing the fact that the woman he loved was giving birth to his daughter. Their own daughter.

“You can do it, baby.” He leaned in close to your ear. “I see her little head.”

You squeezed Sebastian’s calloused hand a couple of more times before a cry broke out through the room. It was the loudest and most sharpest cry Sebastian had ever heard in his life, but it was something so beautiful. He wouldn’t ever forget it.

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No y’all really.


I love the way he looks at her.

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It’s the little things.

The little, subtle things.

The way she hugs him…

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And looks at him too…

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I caaaaaaaaaan’t.

How is this not the cutest shit ever, like, stop, you two, I can’t deal with all that you give me in this series. 


“ahh Jemma Redgrave, she’s a fine looking big woman isn’t she? a big darling!” 

“now I always think that Jemma looks like she’s being embraced by a midget wearing nail polish there” *laughter* …“she’s being embraced by Imelda Staunton”..


p.s ^ Notable appearance by Louise Delamere who played Colette in Holby city, who I shipped so hard with Serena I can’t explain. And yes that is Rupert Giles s h o o k e t h. Did I mention the film also stars Charlotte Church??

*All quotes by director Craig Ferguson and some other producer dude*


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Choosing a new stuffed animal for their soon to be arriving child. Zimbits please!

(Hope this is okay! I haven’t written zimbits in awhile. Keep the prompts coming if ya feel it pals.)

“I just want you to know that I think you’re being ridiculous,” Bitty began, putting his hands on his hips in mock anger.

Jack Zimmermann, his perfect dork of a husband, blinked at him and looked down at the shopping cart full of stuffed animals and assorted baby toys that filled it to the brim. “We have to be prepared,” he said, entirely serious.

“Honey, she’s not even born yet and you want to buy her a small army?”

They had stopped in Toys R Us on a whim. Jack had a little time before practice and Bitty was off at the bakery today so he was going to come watch. They had a batch of mini pies in the car for the rest of the team. There was a small baby and toddler section in which Bitty had found some nice baby clothes and rattles but Jack had gone overboard, branching out into the other aisles.

Their baby hadn’t even been born yet. Her biological mother was a teen who was making the brave choice to give her child better, (though they’d agreed on an open adoption. Bitty knew it’d be complicated but didn’t mind if it meant his little girl would have more love in her life.) Jack spent his limited free time absorbed in a variety of baby books, convinced that he needed to study for the arrival of their kid the same way he did for tests at Samwell. Bitty had taken a more practical approach: baby proofing the house and trying out recipes for baby food.

“This one is cute,” Jack said, holding up a stuffed lion with tiny yarn braids for a mane.

“You can choose one Jack Zimmermann. I don’t care if you’re a NHL star who can buy the whole store. We are not taking this many toys home.”

He grinned, that rare, untamed sort of smile that seemed like it was just for him. “Okay, I choose this one. Is that good for you Bits?”

He nodded.

Later, at home, Jack was curled up on the couch reading a book while the history channel blared in the background.

“Hey honey? Maria just sent me a picture of her latest ultrasound. Ain’t she just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen already?”

Bitty handed Jack his phone for him to see. He examined it with interest. “She’s going to give us the hard copy tomorrow.”

Jack hadn’t taken his eyes from the screen. In fact he was gripping the phone more tightly than was strictly necessary and Bitty noticed the slight shaking of his hands.

“You okay?” Jack didn’t say anything. “Jack?”

He nodded hesitantly, but when he looked up at Bitty he broke. “What if I’m no good at it?” He asked, voice breaking. “What if I can’t be a dad?”

“Hey, hey…” Bitty sat down across from him and took his hands, still gripping the phone. “You’re going to be great. You’re so prepared honey. I believe in you.”

Jack nodded again. “I’m just…I don’t want her to feel all the pressure I did when I was a kid Bits. I just want her to feel loved and accepted for who she is. I don’t want her to feel like she has to hide anything about herself or be anything she doesn’t want to be.”

“I want that too,” Bitty said. He kissed him. “You’re forgetting that you aren’t doing this alone. You’ve got me.”

He smiled. “You’re going to be a great dad Bits.”

“So are you.”

“Chowder’s going to be sad I didn’t choose the shark toy isn’t he?”

“Oh you’re getting the puppy dog eyes alright.”

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Okay so yesterday i got really bad sunburned and my niece who is like seven knows i worship Apollo (i dont think she fully understands yet) but shes the only one who knows, she saw my burn and asked if it hurt and she said if it made me feel better i only got burned because Apollo was trying to hug me and i swear it was the cutest thing ever i just had to share im officially the happiest Apollo devotee alive

That is adorable!

BlackPink Reaction To: S/O Being Easy To Tease

Anonymous asked: Blackpink reaction to their s/o being easy to tease? Please x

A/N: I assumed you meant non-sexually, I hope this is okay (if you meant it 18+ then just re-request and I will do it for you 😊)


Jisoo would absolutely adore this. She would actively take the chance to tease you over anything she could, but it would all be with the sweetest intentions. Jisoo would tease you to get you to blush; she would think it’s the cutest thing to ever happen when you do. Chi Choo wouldn’t hesitate to tease you in front of the others either, it would become normal for you, the fact that you’re easy to tease makes the whole thing so much easier for her. It would be a playful teasing that would never come across as anything but that.

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Jen Jen would be the chill one when it comes to this. She would tease you occasionally (because you blushing is hell cute) but she wouldn’t tease you all the time. She would tease you mainly when it’s just the two of you together and it would be a sweet kind of loving teasing. She would instantly stop if she felt that you were becoming uncomfortable with it; I see Jennie as the type to not want other people to tease you either and would stop them from doing it as well. She would be really sweet with it.

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Chaeyoung would tease you quite a lot, she would be very playful when it comes to teasing you. Skinship would happen when she teases you, like she would touch your hand or your waist to get you flustered. Chae would whisper her teases in your ear so only you could hear them and would chuckle whenever someone asked why you were blushing. She would be loving about it though and as soon as you blushed she would tell you exactly how cute you looked and how much she adored it. Expect lots kisses on your cheeks whenever this happens.

(when she finds out how easy you are to tease)

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Lisa would be quite sweet when it comes to teasing you, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t tease you a lot because boy oh boy she would. She would tease you at the most inconvenient times; you’d be visiting her at dance practice and some of the older YG artists would be there and she would start to tease you lightly in front of them, she’d frequently do it. Seeing you blush would make Lisa’s heart explode with warmth, she would do it often but like the other would stop if she thought it was bothering you too much.

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Bedtime Stories

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So this was like an idea which @mycapt-ohcapt was like no I am writing it and not her and she is like the best of the best ever! for helping me with this and to @theycallmebecca for the editing as my grammar is like shocking and horrible and she came in and was so quick love her to bits. It is funny as they both plus @littleplebe have been nagging me to do this and I was like oh hell no and now I have holy shit it is scary. This was an idea after seeing the Second Cbeebies episode Chris is killing me softly! hope you all enjoy

Pairing: Chris Evans Reader x her

Rating: G

Warnings: Fluff and feels

Summary: Chris arrives home to surprise his wife and son.

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Can u imagine if little Franny Phantomhive already had her bang-phobia and so every time Undertaker would visit her mom she would try to comb his hair since he wouldn't do it by himself?

D’aww this is legit the cutest thing ever Anon. :3 

Okay I totally used to imagine that Frances would just run after him with his comb everywhere in the manor but I got a different imagery after your ask: 

What if she is the one who made this little braid? 

She would always get pissed that he had insanely long bangs (bang phobia xD), no matter how much she used her comb on him, so one day that he was at the manor to consult with her mom about something, she just braided his hair in multiple little braids like this one (”enough of these ridiculously long hair and bangs, you are an adult and a very not inconspicuous Evil Noble because of them”). 

However, because he looked absolutely ridiculous afterwards, he took them all down except for this one, because Frances was so so pissed that she had taken a lot of time to do this only for him to simply discard it (I mean, at this point, bangs are so unsightly that he should have thanked her for helping the likes of him) that he felt like leaving a proof of what she was capable of doing. xD


Either Frances and Claudia taught him how to do this hair style, so that he wouldn’t look completely out of place the rare times he would have to attend parties with the aristocracy (for the sake of his job as an Evil Noble), since he just wouldn’t cut his damn hair.

Haha, I love Frances with her comb, can’t wait to see it meet UT in canon, just to see what kind of amazingly funny reaction it would create. xD

Thanks for sharing Anon and have a nice day!

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Beronica for the ship thing please

-Who is a night owl:
Betty is totally the night owl. She’ll go deep into the night working on an article for the school paper and Ronnie has to literally convince her to come to bed with the promise of cuddles.
-Who is a morning person:
Ronnie is the morning person. She’ll get up extra early to make Betty breakfast but it’s usually already cold or half eaten when Betty wakes because she sleeps till noon.
-Are they cuddlers?
YES! They’re definitely cuddlers. Ronnie finds every excuse to cuddle into Betty and vice versa. They’re one of those couples that can’t sleep unless they’re all wrapped up in each other.
-Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon:
It depends. Usually Veronica is the little spoon because she’s the smallest but sometimes after Betty’s had a rough day, Veronica just cuddles in behind her and drops the occasional kiss on her head to let her know that she’s there.
-What is their favourite sleeping position:
Okay so I’m aware that I didn’t come up with this but it’s such a headcanon of mine that Veronica is a belly sleeper and Betty is a back sleeper so the only way they can cuddle while asleep, is when Veronica is practically on top of Betty. It’s the cutest thing ever.
-Who steals all the blankets:
Veronica steals all the blankets because all she wears is booty shorts and a tank to bed.
-What they wear to bed:
As I already said, Veronica wears booty shorts and a tank top and Betty usually wears one of those cheesy fluffy pajamas that have like polar bears on them or some shit or when it’s too warm for that she wears plaid pajama bottoms and a tank.
-Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt:
Betty loves seeing Veronica wear her shirts.
-Who falls asleep mid-conversation:
Veronica falls asleep mid-convo. Betty’s voice is so soothing to her that she can’t help but fall asleep. Betty doesn’t mind though.
-Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares:
Betty wakes up in the middle of the night screaming (something that comes with her anxiety) and Ronnie’s always there to calm her down and get her to go asleep again.
-Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep:
Veronica always accidentally slaps Betty in the face while she’s sleeping. She sprawls out like a starfish on top of Betty and sometimes slaps her in the face when she’s getting comfy.
-Who can’t keep their hands to themself:
Both of them.

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It’s that time again! Let’s check on some of my reading highlights for the month! Not a lot of smut, since I kinda overloaded myself with it in Feb and needed a break. As always, you can catch up on previous LMR’s here and check out my standard reblog recs here. Also be sure to leave a writer some love, as feedback is what keeps writers motivated to keep putting stuff out!

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: galavant is the best thing that has happened to me and I will legit cry if I don't get a third season I mean I honestly didn't expect a second season and yet here we are I'm surprised too that being said you can't give me the world and then take it away nope nope nope this cannot be it's this perfect little gem of a show and I need more I need a flashback of gal and isabella's wedding reception and oh my god MADALENA IS ON SOME MALEFICENT SHIT GODDESS YASSS but no gareth baby no your heart was broken :( go find madalena and save her from herself and omg galavant is your name gary honestly gary wow no I need this stupid silly show to save my soul and king richard is the CUTEST THING EVER??? HE DIDN'T GET MAD AT GARETH FOR ANYTHING HE JUST MISSED HIM PRECIOUS BABY and roberta and him are together and she didn't go to spinster island with a cat yes thank you but is she the queen now I need to know more about her who are you roberta and tad cooper TAD FUCKING COOPER IS A DRAGON WE HAVE A DRAGON like okay it literally was a bearded dragon but it breathes fucking fire now I'm so happy and I will not be if the last lines of the show are "I have a dragon" no no no you have a dragon but nOW WHAT TELL ME MORE ugh is it my fault they aired it during grease live and people didn't see it why did you want to watch grease live grease recorded was terrible because grease was a terrible movie no do not cancel this lovely show that is PURE JOY of originality because it was pitted up against another musical because galavant is better I promise don't do this to me ABC gala-can't okay please give it one more season please I know they hinted that it could continue but I really need it to continue you don't understand I need that jester singing and recapping the show hella voice jesus I need to know whether sid is gay or not and his bromance with gareth I need more of that and CHEF AND GWYNNE WHAT HAPPENED TO CHEF AND GWYNNE AND THEIR FUCKED UP CUTE AS HELL ROMANCE I NEED TO KNOW I need more tongue in cheek lyrics oh my god the songs if they get renewed again it need that sass I need more game of thrones references crazy ex girlfriend can't be the only primetime musical don't give up on galavant plz help send help I will not be okay if this is over alan menken what have you done you couldn't own me with disney alone you just made me love you even more didn't you I just I need this show please take my money give me more galavant god bless galavant galavant galAVANT GALLLLLAAAAAVANNNNTTT