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Lena just wanted a nice night out with Kara.

“Would you like to go on a date?”

It slips out. Quiet and rushed, the words forming and letting loose before she can think anything other than please say yes. Kara freezes, noodles halfway to her mouth as she looks between them, and Lena almost takes them back.

(They’ve been doing this- meetings under the guise of interviews, the latest on L-Corp- for weeks.

Somewhere, between hands brushing just so as they pass food back and forth, it’s become featherlight kisses on the corner of her mouth when Kara leaves, promises to call when the other is free and texting whenever they can.

Somewhere, Kara has went from her only friend in National City to something. Something that makes her heart race with possibility and ache with the thought of its loss if she pushes.)

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okay but like

During training one day Trini is wearing these sweatpants that Kim thinks she looks amazingly hot in them and she just can’t help herself from hooking her finger in the band, pulling it back and letting is snap.

Trini’s reaction is the most hilarious and cutest thing Kimberly has ever seen. Trini gets all flustered and lets out the smallest gasp and just goes, “Kim!!” And looks at her in complete shock and when Billy just asks Trini what’s wrong Trini’s face gets even redder if that’s possible.

Zack watched from a distance and can’t stop laughing and Kim tries to get him to shut up because only she can laugh at her girlfriend. Later that night Kim does it again because Trini is just so cute and she loves seeing her girlfriend get all flustered because of her. (Trini is not amused at first but she still accepts Kim’s kiss as an apology)

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headcanon: after living together for a few months Lena picks up saying 'oh Rao' without realizing it and Kara thinks it's the cutest thing ever

Okay I had every intention of just responding to this but then I started typing and this happened!

They always say the more time that you spend around a person, the more likely you are to pick up some of their quirks. Lena thinks it’s a little stupid, to be honest, but then again she’s never really been around someone for very long.

Until Kara.

Lena feels like so many of the details of her life end that way.

‘Until Kara.’

She eats dinners alone.

Until Kara.

She has no one to spend the holidays with.

Until Kara.

She works entirely too late, and she even works from home on the weekends.

Until Kara.

So it really shouldn’t shock her when she starts picking up some of Kara’s habits.

She smiles more.

She has weird cravings for potstickers.

She hugs people now? Apparently?

Most of them happen so gradually that she doesn’t even notice, but occasionally she picks up one that throws everyone for a loop.

It’s game night, and they’re all gathered around the Monopoly board. Alex is winning out of sheer force of will, and in an odd turn of events Lena is dead last - one railroad and a hundred dollars to her name. It’s almost comical really, how horrible her luck is. She rolls doubles past go and collects her two hundred dollars, trying not to squeal as she picks up her chance card and earns another hundred. She rolls doubles again and lands on the edge of the Jail square, taking a deep breath as she rolls again.


“Oh Rao, I am not going to Jail again! I’ve been there practically half the game!”

She expects someone to make a crack about how she’s still losing, but when she looks up everyone is staring at her.

“What?” She asks self consciously. wiping at her lips to see if she’s still got smudged lipstick from her ‘popcorn making break’ with Kara.

“What did you just say?” Kara’s face is excited, the corners of her mouth darting up in a smile.

“Ummm.” Lena’s eyes dart around the room. “I’ve been in Jail for half the game?”

“Uhh unh, before that.” Kara is practically bouncing in her seat.

“I don’t want to go back?”

Kara shakes her head and breaks into a full on grin as her hands come up to clench in front of her face excitedly.

“You said 'Oh, Rao’, and it was the cutest thing ever!! I say that!! And now you say it!! And you didn’t even realize it!! Hashtag relationship goals!!”

“You two have officially reached the peak of rubbing off on each other, it’s sickening.” Alex groans

“Oh they’re 'rubbing off’ on each other all right.”

Everyone groans at Maggie’s joke and then Winn is picking up the dice for his turn. Lena doesn’t miss the way that Kara scoots a little bit closer though, or the way the smile doesn’t leave her face all night.

Maybe hanging around some one long enough to pick up their habits isn’t such a bad thing after all.

I want to talk about this

“You know what? I’m just glad you’re okay.”

That was his first reaction when he finally met up with Pauling. He didn’t flirt, he wasn’t being rude or annoying, he said “I’m just glad you’re okay” and he hugs her. 

Because he loves her and just the mere fact that she is alive is enough for him to be happy. That is literally the cutest thing ever. Scout is being extremly nice and in the end? He just wants her to be well. Thats all he wants.

Thank you for showing us that he isn’t a complete asshole, Valve. 
This honestly means so much for me.

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Beronica for the ship thing please

-Who is a night owl:
Betty is totally the night owl. She’ll go deep into the night working on an article for the school paper and Ronnie has to literally convince her to come to bed with the promise of cuddles.
-Who is a morning person:
Ronnie is the morning person. She’ll get up extra early to make Betty breakfast but it’s usually already cold or half eaten when Betty wakes because she sleeps till noon.
-Are they cuddlers?
YES! They’re definitely cuddlers. Ronnie finds every excuse to cuddle into Betty and vice versa. They’re one of those couples that can’t sleep unless they’re all wrapped up in each other.
-Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon:
It depends. Usually Veronica is the little spoon because she’s the smallest but sometimes after Betty’s had a rough day, Veronica just cuddles in behind her and drops the occasional kiss on her head to let her know that she’s there.
-What is their favourite sleeping position:
Okay so I’m aware that I didn’t come up with this but it’s such a headcanon of mine that Veronica is a belly sleeper and Betty is a back sleeper so the only way they can cuddle while asleep, is when Veronica is practically on top of Betty. It’s the cutest thing ever.
-Who steals all the blankets:
Veronica steals all the blankets because all she wears is booty shorts and a tank to bed.
-What they wear to bed:
As I already said, Veronica wears booty shorts and a tank top and Betty usually wears one of those cheesy fluffy pajamas that have like polar bears on them or some shit or when it’s too warm for that she wears plaid pajama bottoms and a tank.
-Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt:
Betty loves seeing Veronica wear her shirts.
-Who falls asleep mid-conversation:
Veronica falls asleep mid-convo. Betty’s voice is so soothing to her that she can’t help but fall asleep. Betty doesn’t mind though.
-Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares:
Betty wakes up in the middle of the night screaming (something that comes with her anxiety) and Ronnie’s always there to calm her down and get her to go asleep again.
-Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep:
Veronica always accidentally slaps Betty in the face while she’s sleeping. She sprawls out like a starfish on top of Betty and sometimes slaps her in the face when she’s getting comfy.
-Who can’t keep their hands to themself:
Both of them.

BlackPink Reaction To: S/O Being Easy To Tease

Anonymous asked: Blackpink reaction to their s/o being easy to tease? Please x

A/N: I assumed you meant non-sexually, I hope this is okay (if you meant it 18+ then just re-request and I will do it for you 😊)


Jisoo would absolutely adore this. She would actively take the chance to tease you over anything she could, but it would all be with the sweetest intentions. Jisoo would tease you to get you to blush; she would think it’s the cutest thing to ever happen when you do. Chi Choo wouldn’t hesitate to tease you in front of the others either, it would become normal for you, the fact that you’re easy to tease makes the whole thing so much easier for her. It would be a playful teasing that would never come across as anything but that.

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Jen Jen would be the chill one when it comes to this. She would tease you occasionally (because you blushing is hell cute) but she wouldn’t tease you all the time. She would tease you mainly when it’s just the two of you together and it would be a sweet kind of loving teasing. She would instantly stop if she felt that you were becoming uncomfortable with it; I see Jennie as the type to not want other people to tease you either and would stop them from doing it as well. She would be really sweet with it.

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Chaeyoung would tease you quite a lot, she would be very playful when it comes to teasing you. Skinship would happen when she teases you, like she would touch your hand or your waist to get you flustered. Chae would whisper her teases in your ear so only you could hear them and would chuckle whenever someone asked why you were blushing. She would be loving about it though and as soon as you blushed she would tell you exactly how cute you looked and how much she adored it. Expect lots kisses on your cheeks whenever this happens.

(when she finds out how easy you are to tease)

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Lisa would be quite sweet when it comes to teasing you, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t tease you a lot because boy oh boy she would. She would tease you at the most inconvenient times; you’d be visiting her at dance practice and some of the older YG artists would be there and she would start to tease you lightly in front of them, she’d frequently do it. Seeing you blush would make Lisa’s heart explode with warmth, she would do it often but like the other would stop if she thought it was bothering you too much.

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It’s that time again! Let’s check on some of my reading highlights for the month! Not a lot of smut, since I kinda overloaded myself with it in Feb and needed a break. As always, you can catch up on previous LMR’s here and check out my standard reblog recs here. Also be sure to leave a writer some love, as feedback is what keeps writers motivated to keep putting stuff out!

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5 top namjoon stans and why

I was waiting for this tbh (I feel like yall are gonna know so ddfjk) 

  1. @namjoonhyuks ; kaity, my bff, the person i’m gonna take over the world with djdfjdkfj (kidding kidding), but yeah she is one of the best ppl I know & I love her and I mentioned her like 10 times she is probably sick of me at this point but!! Her love for namjoon is the cutest, also her writing is on par with namjoon’s (if not better) I recommend everyone follow her bc she is the best namjoon stan
  2. @kimdaily ; now YALL KNOW, literally the queen of all namjoon stans let’s be real here, she’s one of the nicest ppl on here & she provides so much to this fandom like we don’t deserve tbh, also she loves namjoon so much (and yoongi which is also a plus), 100000000/10 all across the board 
  3. @bfjoonie ; val the sweetest person EVER, like an actual sweetheart we don’t deserve her tbh?? she is always there for everyone & loves talking to you guys it’s the cutest, just know I jumped when we became mutuals and I love her :’) 
  4. @1rapmon ; okay but her love for namjoon is the cutest, most softest thing EVER, like namjoon should be blessed to have you as his stan, it’s always a joy seeing her on my dash just loving namjoon and giving him the love he deserves :’)) 
  5. @hoseokjung ; ahhh idk if she still remembers me (you’re the one that introduced me to cherry, I was nawonn/lana :’)) but her love for namjoon is so cute and she is one of all time favs, I hope she is doing well pls :’))

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How long do you think Shawn would wait before going public with a relationship?

I think that depends on the girl really.

If she did not want to be in the public eye, I think he would be completely fine with that and therefor not go public with her at all. I think he would actually find it rather cool that she didn’t want the “fame” part of it but only him. Maybe he wouldn’t be able to keep her completely hidden, because the bigger he gets, the more paps are going to follow him around and fans would probably also notice, but I think he’d keep it to himself for as long as he could, if that was what she wanted. Then when he couldn’t keep it quite anymore, he’d just be like “yes, I have a girlfriend. She’s amazing and great and makes me very happy, but that’s all you’re going to get.” He wouldn’t mention her in interviews or on social media or anything. He would be really supportive of her choice of wanting a normal life, though she was with Shawn. 

If she didn’t mind being a part of his public world, I still think Shawn would wait a little to let the world know. Maybe he’d let a few things slip about seeing someone or liking someone, but he wouldn’t be open about it until you’d been together for some time and he felt it was a longer lasting relationship, but when you’ve passed that, I think he would be the cutest ever. Like posting cute pics of her when she wasn’t watching, or posting pics of them being cute and such dorks or something like that. Like if she was okay with being a part of the public life as well, I think Shawn would hope we really embraced her and then he’d just be really honest about her with us and like sharing things about her, because she made him very happy and he wanted us to see that. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: galavant is the best thing that has happened to me and I will legit cry if I don't get a third season I mean I honestly didn't expect a second season and yet here we are I'm surprised too that being said you can't give me the world and then take it away nope nope nope this cannot be it's this perfect little gem of a show and I need more I need a flashback of gal and isabella's wedding reception and oh my god MADALENA IS ON SOME MALEFICENT SHIT GODDESS YASSS but no gareth baby no your heart was broken :( go find madalena and save her from herself and omg galavant is your name gary honestly gary wow no I need this stupid silly show to save my soul and king richard is the CUTEST THING EVER??? HE DIDN'T GET MAD AT GARETH FOR ANYTHING HE JUST MISSED HIM PRECIOUS BABY and roberta and him are together and she didn't go to spinster island with a cat yes thank you but is she the queen now I need to know more about her who are you roberta and tad cooper TAD FUCKING COOPER IS A DRAGON WE HAVE A DRAGON like okay it literally was a bearded dragon but it breathes fucking fire now I'm so happy and I will not be if the last lines of the show are "I have a dragon" no no no you have a dragon but nOW WHAT TELL ME MORE ugh is it my fault they aired it during grease live and people didn't see it why did you want to watch grease live grease recorded was terrible because grease was a terrible movie no do not cancel this lovely show that is PURE JOY of originality because it was pitted up against another musical because galavant is better I promise don't do this to me ABC gala-can't okay please give it one more season please I know they hinted that it could continue but I really need it to continue you don't understand I need that jester singing and recapping the show hella voice jesus I need to know whether sid is gay or not and his bromance with gareth I need more of that and CHEF AND GWYNNE WHAT HAPPENED TO CHEF AND GWYNNE AND THEIR FUCKED UP CUTE AS HELL ROMANCE I NEED TO KNOW I need more tongue in cheek lyrics oh my god the songs if they get renewed again it need that sass I need more game of thrones references crazy ex girlfriend can't be the only primetime musical don't give up on galavant plz help send help I will not be okay if this is over alan menken what have you done you couldn't own me with disney alone you just made me love you even more didn't you I just I need this show please take my money give me more galavant god bless galavant galavant galAVANT GALLLLLAAAAAVANNNNTTT

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Hihi~ I have two questions I wish to ask you! Question one! Hopefully this isn't personal, but you tag a lot of people. Who would you consider your closest friend on here? I don't know why I'm asking, but I'm just a bit curious. I hope I'm not too nosy 😫 Question two! I need more series to read, so who do you recommend??? Goldilocks is amazing and I am so in love with it!! Keep up the beautiful work! ❤

Originally posted by kingsobi


Nah, not too personal :’) but HOW COULD YOU ASK ME TO CHOOOOOOSE?! I have so many friends and there are so many great people… so I’m just gonna list all the beautiful peeps I talk to on the regular. For the second part of the question, a lot of my friends are actually writers themselves and I’ll throw in a recommendation or two.

@btswritertrash has been my friend for the longest- I think we met within the first week I started my blog. We talk pretty much every day. She has a rather lengthy masterlist if you want to check it out!

@echo-writes okay now this bish is like the cutest damn person ever. I also go bother her daily and I don’t know why she puts up with me 😂 beautiful person. Beautiful writer. Really good friend. Lots of soulmate AUs. If you want to be shook, go check out 100 Days or my personal obsession at the moment, Those Who Are Broken.

@sugaforthesoul has slaaaaaaain me. I’ve met her in real life and I’ll just say not only is she gorgeous but she’s got quite the brain. She always gives me things to think about. Go read everything written by her. Like really. Everything. (see @bangtan-wishes masterlist here and look for Devi)

@the-chapmania is my favorite meme child right after Bambam and Jung- I mean… just Bambam. I WILL ADMIT TO NOTHING. He’s like the lil bro I never wanted, but ultimately needed 💖

@arealfakehalsey is the smolest, cutest lil duckling. If you ever need to be cheered up, she’s the person. Hands down.

@seaseok and I only met a little while ago, but she’s a stellar person, I can assure you. She’s a great hypewoman and loves writing. I don’t think she’s posted anything yet… but I know she has a couple things in the works and I honestly can’t wait to read them.

Now, I’m not really personal friends with @seokvie or @kimtrain (I mean I almost pass out every time the former likes or reblogs something of mine), but you need to go look at their stories if you haven’t already. Lord knows they work so hard and their fics are beautiful. See kimtrain’s shifter AU’s (especially this one) if you want some premium, quality fluff. And if you like Goldilocks, you can literally thank Lila for the smut. I just combed through her masterlist for inspiration :’)

Hope this helps! And remember, I’m always happy make new friends (and add to my lengthy list of people to tag haha~).

Much love ~🐰 xx

Okay so I was re-reading the Alma-Yuu arc when I noticed this!

This is the cutest thing ever!!!! Look at Road’s face! Look at how happy she is that Allen grabbed her! It’s absolutely adorable that Allen just grabs Road after getting freaked out by the sudden shift in surroundings.

His entire body is facing her’s and, judging by her legs, he actually pulled her. Okay so new headcanon: Allen is a total scaredy-cat and whenever he gets jumped-scared he grabs the closest person to him for protection.

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Hello~! I've been feeling a bit down lately, do you think you could do a RFA+V comforting an insecure MC, with them particularly worrying about their appearance and body? Tysm! ;v;<3

(First of all, don’t you dare feel insecure about yourself, anon. Think about your good aspects, not your “flaws.” But, I’ll have you know, I always find “flaws” cute in people. ALL body types are amazing to me, and many others. You’re beautiful in your own way~ and secondly..oF COURSE I CAN.)
(IMPORTANT: You didn’t specify which body type T_T I’m just going to alternate between “skinny” and “chubby” to appeal to everyone struggling with body images. (even tho you’re perfect??? Like?? Tf?)

• It took him a little bit of time to realize you had been acting strange all day.
• And I mean, you weren’t trying to.
• In fact, you were desperately trying to play every thing off as cool, and that you were fine..
• But when you scrolled past the 597273th model shoot post, you were practically in tears.
• Without saying a word, you got up, and started rushing to your room.
• This grabbed Yoosung’s attention.
• He tilted his head to the side, wondering why you had rushed out so quickly.
• So, he pulled himself out of his chair, and began making his way to where you ran to.
• “(Y/N)? Is everything oka…”
• He trailed off as he saw you poking at your belly, looking yourself up and down with tears streaming down your face.
• Instantly, he ran over to your side, wrapping his arms around you.
• (Y/N)? What’s wrong, honey? God..please..don’t cry!!“
• At this point, he actually starts to tear up himself, tightening his grip on you.
• You told him you were struggling with your body image, and you thought you just weren’t good enough.
• He actually gets the most confused expression, as he looks you in the eyes.
• ”(Y/N). Please, stop thinking like that. You. Are.’re everything I ever wanted..and I love you. I don’t want you putting yourself down like this, ever again. Come to me whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, and I’ll be there. Okay?“
• ”…“
• “Okay??”
• “..okay..I love you, Yoosung..thank you..”

• He quickly took notice of you being.. oddly quiet.
• He looked over at you, seeing your almost pained expression, as you seemed to be deep in thought.
• He didn’t know what to do, honestly.
• So, he slowly got up, beginning to walk towards you.
• But, he then got a better idea.
• He did a minor backtrack, as he went to grab his beloved Elizabeth 3rd..
• He held her in his arms, and then continued to make his way to you.
• Before you, Elizabeth 3rd always comforted him when he was upset. She was the only one who saw him in some of his worse times.
• so..she could help you..right?
• Cats obviously make everything better.
• He quietly sat beside you, shifting a little closer.
• He carefully placed Elizabeth on you, making you jolt back to reality.
• “Ga- oh. Elizabeth. Hello, cutie~” you weakly smiled, giving her a pat on the head.
• Jumin studied your expression, before he placed a hand on your cheek.
• You turned to look at him, raising a brow.
• “My something troubling you? You seem upset, today.”
• You sighed, deciding whether or not to tell him.
• You gave in, slowly beginning to explain that you just didn’t feel good enough. That you weren’t pretty enough..or skinny enough..
• He stopped you right there.
• “That what’s bothering you? (Y/N). Don’t be ridiculous. I find you to be absolutely stunning. Your beauty never ceases to amaze matter how much time passes by. Please, try to be more positive. I love you. Every inch of you.”

• He noticed the moment you started to get distant.
• He wasted no time pulling you aside, and demanding to know what was wrong.
• Of course, him asking only made you feel worse..
• You couldn’t help the tear that slipped out, as you stared at his absolutely perfect face..and body..
• “Wait! Nonono! Don’t cry..come on..(Y/N) know how much it hurts me to see you cry..”
• He pulls you into a tight hug, gently rubbing your back up and down.
• “Just tell me what’s wrong, and I can try my best to fix it. don’t deserve to feel like this..”
• You explain to him that you had recently been feeling pretty insecure about your body, and how you looked in general.
• He listened to you, but he wasn’t exactly pleased you were feeling this way.
• “And..Zen, you’re just so perfect! And I’m over here looking like sh-”
• He kissed you, making you stop your rambling.
• “(Y/N). What the hell? Okay..I know how you feel. I’ve been there, babe. I understand..but..God, how can someone as perfect as you say something like that?!”
• You couldn’t really speak at this point. You were so shocked at what he had said.
• He raised a brow at you, before giving you a soft smile.
• “I love you, (Y/N). Every part of you.”

• When he notices you didn’t seem to be feeling your best, he tried to crack some jokes.
• When that wasn’t working, he was starting to get genuinely worried for you.
• Honestly, he just wanted to see you smile.
• Something about the way your eyes would light up, as your lips curled into a wide got his heart racing.
• wouldn’t smile. You wouldn’t even budge, hardly.
• “(Y/NNNN)” Seven groaned, poking at your side.
• Still, nothing.
• “Alright, Missy. If you don’t explain to me what’s wrong right this instant..I’ll tickle ya~”
• o shit
• You snapped your head to look over at him, your eye twitching slightly.
• “Seven..don’t you da-”
• Too late.
• He started tickling you.
• You began to bust out into a fit of giggles, the smile on your face growing with every second.
• and seven loved it.
• Once he got his “daily dose” of (Y/N) laughter/smiles, he quit.
• He pulled you up, making you look him in the eyes.
• “Now, care to tell me what’s bothering you?”
• You sighed, but knew he wasn’t going to let go until you explained yourself.
• You told him how you were struggling with your “self acceptance.” How you hated your appearance, and your body.
• And he listened.
• He was surprisingly serious about the whole thing. By the end of it, he wrapped you up into a big hug.
• “You think these are flaws? No..hell no. (Y/N). This is what I fell in love with. Your appearance is a part of you, and I find you to be so so adorable. You’re the cutest girl I’ve ever seen. Even more cute than Elly!!! I love you, okay? And I know..that you deserve to love yourself, just how I love you.”

• She feels you, man.
• She’s been there, done that.
• In fact, a lot of times, you have to help her with self image.
• Of course, she could tell what you were upset about.
• So, she silently walked over to you, wrapping her arms around you from behind.
• She nuzzles her head into your neck, taking in your sweet scent.
• The two of you just stand there in silence for a moment, before she takes a deep breath in.
• “(Y/N)…you can’t keep doing this to yourself…”
• “I know, Jaehee..”
• She gives you a small, sympathetic smile, turning you around to face her.
• She placed her hands in yours, giving them a reassuring squeeze, before continuing.
• “I just want you to know..I find you beautiful. I never thought a woman could make me feel like you do. You’re gorgeous, funny, understanding,’re everything to me. Not to mention, I think you have a..pretty great body.” She said, sending you a shy little wink at the end.
• You perked up a bit, before pulling Jaehee close to you.
• “Thank you mean so much to me..”
• “I’m glad you think that, (Y/N)..I love you, so much..”

• You were spending an awful long time in the bathroom.
• V was starting to get a little worried, thinking you were sick or something.
• So, he stood up, and began making his way to the bathroom.
• “(Y/N)? Are you okay in there?” He asked, lightly knocking on the door.
• You held back a sob, as you bit your bottom lip.
• You didn’t want him to worry about you. You didn’t want to be the reason he was upset. He didn’t deserve to feel like that any more.
• “I-I’m fine..” You choked out.
• This didn’t do it for him.
• Without warning, V came into the bathroom.
• You had your shirt lifted, as you looked at yourself in your mirror.
• You didn’t exactly like what you saw, and it was upsetting you that you couldn’t just look different.
• Little did you know, that with every bit of sight V had left..he was in love with your appearance. You were the most beautiful person to him.
• His eyes widened, as he took a few steps closer to you.
• “I’m so sorry..” You whispered, as tears seemed to stream down harder.
• He reached out, and placed his thumb on your cheek, gently wiping away your tears.
• He hated to see/hear you like this. He wanted you to be happy. He wanted you to love yourself.
• He loved why couldn’t you feel the same about yourself?
• “Shhh..Don’t apologize. (Y/N). Is this about your body again?”
• You looked down at the floor, giving him a small nod.
• He moved him hand down to your chin, lightly pushing it back over to look at him.
• “Please..quit this. I don’t understand..why don’t you see who you truly are? Why don’t you look in the mirror and see the masterpiece that is you?”
• “Because it’s n-”
• “Don’t. You’re a masterpiece. No ands, ifs, or buts about it. You’re more beautiful than even my most selling photos.. (Y/N). What I’m trying to say is..I love you for you. And I mean every part of you. You mean the world to me. Cheer up, (Y/N). And don’t try and find things ‘wrong’ with you. Because I can’t find a thing.”
Saeran: (I just love doing him. Idc if he wasn’t requested.)

• Well. He’s pretty bad with women, so.
• Actually, just people in general.
• He noticed you were upset..but? What is he supposed to do?
• Many of times, he started to step forward..but never really fully made his way to you.
• Eventually, he had enough.
• He knew what hurt felt like. And he hated seeing on you.
• He was so confused..did you hurting..make him hurt?
• He brushed that thought off, as he finally gained the courage to confront you.
• Slowly but surely, he made his way over to where you sat.
• “Hey..Uh..(Y/N)? Is something, Uh..not okay?”
• He was trying, okay?
• You looked over at Saeran, giving him a small smile.
• “Yeah, I’m fine.”
• Hearing those words, he was relived. In fact, he was about to just go continue what he was doing.
• But then he remembered a “pro tip” Seven had gave him a while back.
• ‘And remember..when a girl says 'I’m fine’..she isn’t fine.’
• “shit.” Saeran muttered.
• “What was that?”
• Saeran looked up at the ceiling for a moment, as he gathered up what he was going to say in his mind.
• Finally, he looked back down at you, moving in a little closer.
• “Stop lying. I want you to be honest with me.”
• You were taken back by this at first, as you processed what he said.
• You let out a sigh, deciding to just tell him what was wrong and get it over with.
• He was shocked when you told him how you had poor self image.
• He just didn’t get it? You were perfect to him? Sexy, even??
• “(Y/N)..I’m not really sure how you feel right now. But Out of everything you just mentioned, I don’t notice a single one of them. I, Uh..I actually think you’re pretty hot. But..”
• You giggled, feeling a bit better at this. Saeran realized what he said out loud, and began to blush in embarrassment.
• “Thank you. I love you, Saeran. You’re pretty hot, yourself.” You said with a wink, making his cheeks go even more red.
• “I-I love you, too, (Y/N)..”

Then she kissed me. |liam Dunbar imagine|

Liam x reader
Y/N = your name
Relationship: Lovers
Request are open!
Master list will be out soon!

There she was, walking down the halls beside Lydia and Malia. She broke off from them and starting walking towards mason and I. I felt my body go stiff. “Dude she’s walking over here and your smiling really creepily! Please stop.” Mason told me as I tried to stop smiling and act cool.
“Hey guys!” She smiled. Omg her smile! It was the cutest thing ever! “Um Liam are you okay because when I started walking over here your heart started beating so fast!” CRAP! I totally forget she was a werewolf!
“Um I remembered that I had lacrosse training tonight and I got really excited!” I quickly said. She just laughed and nodded.

At lunch I sat with Stiles, Scott and Lydia and like always, they teased me about Y/N except stiles he was sitting there staring me down. Stiles was so overprotective because Y/N was his baby sister.
“Speaking of Y/N where is she?” Lydia said looking around.
“At the library with Malia” I responded quickly, Lydia smiled.
“Do you have a tracker on her or something?” I just sighed and picked up my lunch table to sit with Mason and Corey.
“Dude when are you going to confess?” Mason greeted me.
“Omg not you too! Are you guys actually serious? Since when was love life such a concern to you!?” I yelled walking out of the cafétéria.

I went to my locker to get ready for my next class. I grabbed my books and walked to my next class alone. I turned the corner and saw stiles talking to Y/N quite seriously. I listened in to hear what they were talking about.
“I don’t want you going out with liam”
“Shut up Stiles! I could say the same thing about you and Lydia but I know how much you love her!”
“You like him?”
“I think so, I don’t know! But what ever happens happens and you can’t do anything about it! Sorry bro!” stiles frowned as she kissed him an the check and walked off. I could feel my heart beating so fast. I reckon I was the happiest I’ve ever been in my life!

I walked into my chemistry class. It was quite funny actually because chemistry was one of the many class I had with Y/N and I always thought we had a lot of chemistry. I sat down in the chair at the back of the class. Students started to enter. Y/N walked in and sat next to me.
“I need to tell you something.” I said nervously. “I like you, I like you so much. Everybody has told me to confess it but I never had the strength to do it until I realised you were worth it and I love every bloody thing about you.”
She just smiled widely and then she kissed me.

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Too Cute ~J.G.~

Summary: you’re 5 and Jack is babysitting you.

Requested: yes

“Aye Jack let’s go paint balling” Nate says from his couch.

We were all back in Omaha for a few weeks because it had been a minute.

“ I can’t. I have to watch y/n while my parents run all their errands”

“Okay. We can just come over with you. You’re sister is adorable” Sammy says. Everyone agrees.

My little sister is 5 years old and the cutest little thing ever.

We all load into cars and go to my house. I open the door and see y/n sitting on the couch watching and singing along to bubble guppies.

“JACK” she screams and runs over to me. I pick her up and kiss her face while she screams.

“Ew bubba. Not you. Jack” she says trying to get out of my arms towards Johnson.

“Wow. Really you’re my sister and you like my friend more.” I say handing her to him.

“No bubba. I love you, Jack is my bubba too. He’s like bubba #2. Brubra.” She says matter of factly. She calls me bubba and Johnson brubra. She calls the rest of the guys “other bubbas friends”. It doesn’t make sense but oh well. We all call her sissy, her request of course.

“Hey sissy” johnsons says hugging her tight.

“LETS WATCH BUBBLE GUPPIES” she screams and wiggles down from jacks arms. We all move to the couch and watch tv.

“Sissy. Where cub?” I ask her. We brought our dog back home for y/n to meet.

“Mommy put him outside to go potty right before she left. She told me to tell you something. Ummm. Oh yeah. Let him in and let me feed him” she says hopping of the couch and putting her hand on her hip.

“God you’re just like Laura.” I say rolling my eyes before letting Cub in. I go to pick him up but he runs to y/n almost knocking her over. She’s basically screaming in joy.

“Jesus, does anyone love me anymore?” I yell throughout the house

“I do” Sammy yells and hugs me.

“Thanks Sam. Now don’t touch me”. I saw laughing.

“Awe look at sissy” Nate says looking at y/n. She was on her hands and knees while cub was on her back and she was walking back around in circles. Then they were both rolling around in the kitchen floor.

Everyone got there phones out to video it. I posted it on instagram and snapchat.

Daddy! Wonwoo

for @wxnhao , thank you for all the love you’ve given us here’s father Wonwoo, yes it sounds kinky, sorry, it’s also rushed, I apologize in advance

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  • okay, i feel like Wonwoo wouldn’t mind either, but his first child would probably be a daughter
  • would he have another one in the future? probably, but only one more
  • for some reason I see Wonwoo as a slightly confused parent
  • although he’s confused, he’s trying his hardest
  • i don’t know, those feature just look really nice
  • but, whoever looks he gets, he will always tell his child that she’s the prettiest
  • and if she doesn’t like her features he’ll feel sad that his cute ass child doesn’t like it even though she’s probably one of the cutest kids EVER
  • but he’d try to convince her that she’s still pretty
  • I mean he ranks himself pretty far up the visual list in SVT
  • I feel like his child would like to wander around a lot so he always holds onto her
  • probably because she got lost once and he was like, FUCK, WHERE IS MY CHILD, SHIT, MY WIFE CAN’T FIND OUT
  • but your daughter probably ran to you while Wonwoo wasn’t looking
  • when he found you guys he probably grinned at you sheepishly
  • i feel like whenever his daughter would do anything girly he would be so lost
  • he would probably take her out for cheeseburgers, just saying
  • and if she isn’t a big eater he will probably do his best to make her eat
  • but she probably will because she’s a good (???) child
  • although Wonwoo is kind of confused with all the girly things
  • he’d be a pretty good dad
  • like he’d be so conscious of what’s around her
  • like he probably didn’t let Mingyu hold her for the first two months because he was scared he’d drop her
  • I also feel like he wouldn’t want her too be lonely so until her future brother (??) arrives she meets up with the hip hop units kids
  • like he’ll pick her up from school and take her to Baby Cheol, Baby Mingyu and Baby Vernon
  • they’d be like a squad, the cutie squad
  • okay, but her first day of school
  • he’d probably be a nervous wreck
  • l can imagine him giving her like 1243085 warnings about school, but it’s because he just wants the best for her
  • he’d probably pick her up later and invade her with questions
  • I also see Wonwoo as a really patient parent, so he wouldn’t be the strict one, but if she doesn’t listen to you, he would either calmly talk to her about what she did wrong and not to do it again or would raise his voice a little
  • but he’s still pretty calm
  • apparently he’s also really clean so i feel like he would always clean up after her
  • or when you go out she has chocolate on her face, he would probably wipe it of her face
  • how cute :)
  • when it gets cold he’d probably carry her so she can keep warm in his arms
  • so like say you guys went out somewhere in winter and it was hella cold because apparently its cold af in Korea
  • she would probably start shivering
  • and father Wonwoo would come to the rescue
  • he would pick his princess up and keep her in his warmth
  • Wonwoo would be such a caring parent
  • like if she was sad he’d probably sit her on his lap and talk to her about what happened
  • he probably wouldn’t say much
  • but he’d try to cheer her up in some way
  • and whenever she’s happy he’s at least 10x happier
  • tl;dr Wonwoo as a dad would be so cute, he would always try his hardest to keep his baby happy no matter how hard it is.

- Admin Jola🌱

It’s Love: Tom Holland x Black Actress

I know I’m already writing an Imagine based on the song ‘Can’t Help Fall In Love’ with Peter Parker but this imagine came is inspiration after listening to the song on repeat and sobbing. 

Reader is on Ellen and her and Tom have been apart for 6 months. He sends her a little surprise to remind her that he misses her and is still in love. 

You had missed Tom dearly but realized that you both had jobs to do. You both had been apart for 6 months, 13 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 30 seconds but you weren’t counting. 

You had Facetimed him before you got to Ellen’s show. “Hey love!” He said. “Hi.” You smiled. “You ready to go on?” He asked. “Yeah, I just really miss you so I thought I’d call you before I go on.”

“Okay, well if I could watch I would but I’m sending you all of my love.”, “Thanks babe, I’ll talk to you later?”

“Umm, I actually have to be on set for the rest of the day and I won’t be-”, “That’s fine. I’ll just call you tomorrow.”

“Okay. I love you.”, “I love you too.” He smiled and hung up. You thought it was weird how he was always busy on set as of late. It was a bit unusual for a production to do that. 

“Y/N, you’re on in 5.” You put on your happy face and waited for you cue. You heard your name and you danced your way out to Ellen. You gave her a hug and waved at the audience. “Welcome back to the show!” 

“Thanks for having me again! I’m actually surprised you wanted me back, you know after-”, “We’re going to forget about that.” Ellen joked causing the audience to laugh. 

You were there to promote your new movie and also just to chat. “SO how’s Tom?” She asked. “He’s great. But we’ve been apart from each other for 6 months-” the audience awed. “I know I miss my bay.” You said poking out your lip. “That has to be hard because I know you both are extremely busy and not seeing each other. I can’t imagine.”

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