she's just the cutest okay

Okay Natsu meeting Kageyama for the first time?!?!?!?!

Imagine the setter coming into the Hinatas’ house and seeing Natsu for the first time and instinctively thinking “oh shit it’s hinata’s sister and she’s a kid what if she’s afraid of me” and Natsu coming towards him with her skip rope and asking defiantly (fight me on this you know she’s not afraid of anything)

“Do you want to play skip rope with me?”

Kageyama nods earnestly and goes to play skip rope with her and for the first time he’s so happy that a kid isn’t afraid of him

Hinata being really jealous in the background but also finding it really cute and he doesn’t stop teasing Kageyama for days


“Welcome to Leverage Consulting and Associates, founded in 1913 by the great Harland Leverage the Third” a.k.a a study in WTH