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The Alex Comforting Maggie Scene We All Deserved (aka Alex doesn’t get called away, and “I love you” happens)

She is so fucking proud of her.

She walks away.

She snaps and she freaks out and she walks away, but she doesn’t try to head out the door.

Instead, she heads straight to the couch and sits down.

And Alex is so fucking proud of her.

And that?

That’s the final proof Alex needs that Maggie is perfect.

Not perfect.

But perfect for her.

Because Alex had told her that it was a relationship and she didn’t get to just walk out.

And Maggie?

Maggie had listened.

So Maggie’s on the couch and she’s in agony and Alex hates it, hates the catches in her voice and the not-quite biting she does to her lips to keep them from trembling when Alex brings up her parents, hates the nod and the anguished “I know” and the terrified drop and tremble of her jaw.

She hates it, because she’s defeated and she’s helpless and she’s destroyed.

But she loves it, too, because she… because… because she’s Maggie.

She hears her own voice tremble on the word heal and the only thing that keeps her from breaking herself is how warm Maggie’s face is, how soft her hair is, the way that Maggie finally looked at her when she said her name, the way she’s leaning into her hand, probably without even realizing it.

“You don’t think I’m a bad person?” she asks, and Alex knows how many years Maggie’s spent feeling like she is, and Alex knows exactly, exactly, exactly what that kind of self-hatred feels like.

She looks off to the side because she knows Maggie, she knows that there’s only a certain amount of intensity, of vulnerability, that she can handle at once. So she looks off to the side and she quirks her lips and she says, “Actually, I always thought that you were perfect. But it’s really nice to see that you have problems, too.”

Maggie’s voice shakes when she says thank you, and Alex smiles because god, she’s never been so… she’s never felt this…

She pulls back because she needs to see her face again.

Pulls back – but not before pressing the side of her face to Maggie’s hair, because god she loves how close it feels, how perfect – because she needs to tell her something.

Because if she’s going to call Maggie out for keeping things to herself, she can’t do the same.

“Yeah,” she whispers as she strokes her hair, as she looks into wet brown eyes and steels herself for the scariest thing she’s ever done.

And she’s a DEO agent with a superhero little sister.

Scary is her job.

“Listen, I know we haven’t been together for five years, I know… I know it’s not… I know we’re still learning each other, and ourselves, but I… I never want to stop learning each other together, and I… No, Maggie, I don’t think you’re a bad person. I think you’re the most… Maggie, I’m not going to run. I’m not going to run just because you have a history – hell, I have a history, too, we all have histories – and I’m not going to let you run just because you’re scared. I’m going to prove you can trust me, I’m going to prove I’m going to be here for you, unconditionally, always, no matter what ghosts you have or what scar tissue you’ve got, because I…”

Maggie’s eyes are wide and her lips are trembling and her heart is bleeding and Alex needs her to know, needs her to understand, needs her to feel it.

“I love you, Maggie. I love you, I love you, god, Maggie, I love you, and I’m not going anywhere, and you’re not a bad person, and you – “

But her next words are lost in Maggie’s lips, in her tongue, in her arms and in her sob, in the way she pushes Alex back onto the couch, in the way her body wracks with sobs even as her lips cover Alex’s.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Alex pulls back, and Maggie stills immediately, sits up immediately. “No, no, you don’t have to get off, come back, come here, please, I want to be near you, I want to kiss you, I just… you’re crying, Maggie, I don’t – “

“You shouldn’t.”

One of Maggie’s tears drips onto Alex’s cheek, and Alex reaches up to wipe her eyes, to stroke her hair, as she shakes her head, as she furrows her brow and confusion defines her every feature.

“I shouldn’t what, Maggie?”

She reads the answer in Maggie’s eyes before Maggie can force the words out of her lips, and it shatters her heart.

“Love me. You… you shouldn’t love me.”

Maggie sits up and crawls off of Alex, crawls to the opposite end of the couch, and Alex stays laying down, leaning up on her elbows, watching her. Watching her, scared to move, because if she moves, Maggie might run.

And she would understand why.

Because if Maggie loved her, and said so, god, she would say she didn’t deserve it, too.

Because she didn’t, she didn’t, she didn’t.

“I’m sorry, Maggie, I shouldn’t have said anything, I should have just kept my mouth shut – “

“No, Alex, it’s not you.” Her voice is distant and her voice is firm because she cheated, she lied, she destroys everything, not Alex, and she won’t have Alex blaming herself for this, too.

Alex stiffens and Maggie notices out of the corner of her eye, so she forces herself to relax her shoulders somewhat and she sighs and wipes her eyes roughly. Alex stays leaning back on her elbows, stays watching her carefully, stay wishing she would be gentler with herself when she wipes her own tears away. Wishes she were as gentle with herself as she is with Alex.

“I’m sorry. It’s…” She chances a glance at Alex, and the confusion, the adoration, the pure concern, the pure… love… in her face makes her want to scream, and makes her want to weep, and makes her want to cling to Alex and never, ever, ever let her go.

“You are the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, Alex. You… I loved Emily, yeah. I did, a lot. She was… we met in college, and she… and we were together a long time, my longest, like I said, but it… I wasn’t… I loved her, but not… not like this. Not like I love you.”

Alex’s heart stops beating and she sits up slowly, slowly, slowly. Maggie’s crying again, soft tears, silent tears, and Alex is pretty sure she’s crying now, too.

“But I shouldn’t, Alex, and you shouldn’t, because I don’t… you see what I did to her, what I… what I do. To the people closest to me. Because it’s not only about not trusting them, or you, it… it’s about trusting myself. I tore my family apart, Alex. I did that. Me.”

“Maggie, no, it wasn’t – “

“I know. I know. But that’s never… that’s never how it felt. It felt like it was me. Everyone told me it was me. And I believed it, Alex, because hell, you know, you believe what your mother says about you, too.”

Alex looks down and Alex takes a deep breath and Alex is in shock because she loves me, she loves me, she loves me.

“It’s why I tried not to date you, Alex, because… yes, because you were just coming out, but also because I… I ruin things, Alex. It’s what I do, and I never… I never want to ruin you. You’re… you’re a masterpiece, Alex. You’re the greatest thing this damn planet’s ever come up with, and I just… I destroy things. And I shouldn’t have gotten with you, because I don’t know what I’d do if I ever destroyed you, but I couldn’t help it, because Alex, I… I’m so sorry. You deserve to be loved by someone… whole, someone… Someone who doesn’t ruin everything she touches.”

Alex is sitting up fully, now, is kneeling back on the couch in front of Maggie, now, her hands in her own lap, now.

“Are you done?” she asks softly, gently.

Maggie nods and looks away, and Alex raises her index finger to her chin and helps Maggie meet her eyes.

“You do not ruin things. You do not destroy things. You aren’t broken, Maggie, and you aren’t a… a curse. You’re the masterpiece, Maggie, because you… you have survived hell – hell that your own family put you through, hell when you were a child and needed all the love and protection that I wish I could have been there to give you then – and after all that, the worst thing you do, what, you cheated on someone? Okay, that’s bad. That’s really, really bad. But Maggie, doing a bad thing doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you a person. I’ve tortured people, Maggie, I’ve… I’ve killed people. People with families, people… people. And you still say I’m… those things you said I am.”

“A masterpiece, the most incredible woman in all of creation, the – “

Maggie’s smiling now, and it makes Alex smile, too, but she shushes her softly, because she’s not done.

“Maggie, I don’t love you because you’re perfect, or because I thought you actually were perfect. I love you because you like gross food like double toasted bagels and vegan ice cream, and I love you because you take care of the queer kids of color your precinct would rather lock up, and I love you because you have terrible morning breath and I love you because you make me laugh and I love you because you stand up for yourself and I love you because you’re stubborn and because you’re loyal and because you’re passionate and because you’re neurotic about parking regulations and because you’re into weird things like bonsai trees.”

“Hey, don’t hate on my trees.”

“And I love you because that’s the thing you decide to pipe up about. I love you, Maggie, and god, I’m sorry, am I saying it too much, I just… it’s like a floodgate, now that I told you I have to keep saying it, because Maggie, you deserve it. You deserve to be loved, and you deserve to be loved for exactly who you are. For everything you’ve ever been and everything you’ve ever done and everything you are now and everything you will be in the future. I want to be in your future, Maggie, I… you’re amazing, Maggie. You’re amazing, and you just… I love you, Maggie. I love you. I love you, I – I’m going to stop talking now. Sorry.”

“I don’t deserve you, Alex.”

“But you said you love me?”

A silence. A long, long, long silence.

Alex’s eyes are wide and Maggie’s eyes are soaked and she reaches to cup Alex’s cheeks in her hands and she kisses every centimeter of her face because “Yes, Alex. Yes, yes, yes. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone.”

“Well then. I don’t feel like I deserve you, and you don’t feel like you deserve me. But I love you. And you… you love me? You love me.” She can’t help but straighten and smile and Maggie chuckles wetly.


“You love that I’m your nerd.”

“My nerd. I like the sound of that.”

“Maggie. I want to be with you. Let me be with you. But like… really with you. So you have to try to trust me, to let me love you properly. Okay?”

“Do I have to?”


“I don’t like talking about myself, Alex.”

“I know.”

“But I… I trust you.”

“Well that’s a start.”


“You know what else would be a start?


“Heading over to the Baldwin and talking to Emily. You deserve closure, Maggie. You both do.”

“Alex, I – “

“I’ll drive you. I’ll be right outside the whole time.”

“You won’t leave?”


“Because you love me.”

“Who’s the nerd now?”

“For you? Every time, Alex. Every single time.”


anon said : Bts reaction to their girlfriend coming over toward them when they are working ( composing a song or training for a new dance ext) and saying “ I know you have work and you dont have much time but I miss you, it’s been a while since the last time we sat together. Can we at least eat lunch together?” And she shows them lunch boxes she got with her

This is so cute!!!

Rap Monster: His eyes lit up when he saw you walk into the recording studio with two lunch boxes. He hadn’t been able to find any inspiration for the last two days and he was exhausted. He was happy to eat lunch with you, talking and joking. Due to his lunch break with you, he was able to calm down and work on the song he was writing.

“That was just what I needed Y/N.”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jin: He had been working with J-Hope, trying to get the dance perfect. Yet he couldn’t seem to get it just how he wanted it to be and he was frustrated to say the least. When he saw you walk in, he excused himself and met you outside the practice room. When you explained why you’d come, his eyes would light up and he’d pull you into a tight and rather sweaty hug.

“Do you know how much I love you Y/N?”

Originally posted by xingorjin

Suga: He was trying to finish a new song and everything he was writing sounded wrong somehow. He had been unhappy with the other members bothering him and telling him to come out of the studio for an hour and rest. In fact, he’d refused every offer. When he heard the door open, he swiveled his chair around to yell until he saw you standing in the doorway with two lunch boxes. His mood immediately lifted and he agreed to take a break when he heard why you were there.

“I’m glad you came Y/N.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

J-Hope: He was frustrated that he couldn’t quite get the pitch right in the song they were recording. They’d had to start over seven different times before he finally decided to take a break. He almost ran into you as he stalked out of the recording studio. When you told him why you were there and held up the lunch boxes, his mood brightened quickly.

“I always have time for you Y/N! Where do you want to eat these? Did you make these?”

Originally posted by hoseokxx

Jimin: He’d been working non-stop to perfect a move in the new dance. Yet every time he thought he had it down, he messed it up. He restarted the music for the tenth time that day when he heard the door open and saw you walk in. He was happy to see you and when you waved the lunch boxes and wiggled your eyebrows telling him you missed him, he happily agreed to eat lunch with you. He told you about what was bothering him and was glad to have somebody there to listen to him.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you Y/N?”

Originally posted by bwipsul

V: The new dance wasn’t going well. He’d been told to practice it on his own which had been mortifying. Still, he couldn’t get the moves right and the more he couldn’t get the moves right, the more frustrated he became. When he heard a knock on the practice room door and saw your head peek around it, he couldn’t help but run to hug you. When you showed him the lunch boxes and asked if you could eat lunch with him, he was more than happy to take a break.

“You have no idea how happy I am to see you Y/N.”

Originally posted by bwipsul

Jungkook: He never messed up badly in dance practice. Of course he had to work to get the dance perfect, but there was one move, one move that was tripping him up every time like no other move had. The rest of the dance looked fine. In short, it frustrated him to no end. He’d contemplated calling you to hang out with him to take his mind off of the dance, but he wasn’t sure you’d be available. So when he saw you walk through the practice room door as he was about to start the music again, he was more than happy. He was even happier when you showed him the lunch boxes and told him you missed him. He gladly took a break to eat lunch with you.

“You know what Y/N… I think we’re on the same wavelength…” 

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Mac and Daisy shenanigans. Do the dogs ever misbehave? How are they went they meet the others or with other dogs. Do the dogs tag along to brunch and farmers markets?

Mac is an angel! A giant big bear of angel!

Daisy on the other hand … She likes to eat napkins and tear them up all over the house! and then she tries to blame Mac who just doggie sighs and rolls his eyes because of course they know that Daisy did it! And once Lexi comes along, she and Daisy get in all kinds of trouble! Of course Mac watches them to make sure nothing bad happens (except for the one time that Lexi paints Daisy with a rainbow of colors - Supercorp go into Lexi’s bedroom to find both of them covered in paint- they take plenty of pictures of course!)

As far as the super gang, Daisy loves J’onn! any time they’re at the DEO she just runs right up to him and he picks her up! (needless to say J’onn, Daisy, and Lexi make quite the trio - tiny pup, tiny little girl, and giant Martian manhunter)

Mac scares the crap out of Winn! Like climb up on his desk to get away kind of scared! and Alex thinks it’s hilarious!

Mac and Daisy love the dog park and all their doggie friends!

They pretty much go everywhere Supercorp goes! They hang out at L-Corp with Lena all day, and sometimes they tag along to the DEO! They LOVE Sundays because it’s farmer’s market day and there’s this booth that sells artisan dog treats so of course they always get some!

Can’t Sleep

This prompt “It’s okay, I couldn’t sleep anyways” was requested by @kmmcm with some Bixanna :) Enjoy!

Her tired eyes counted the ceiling tiles for the hundredth time that night. No matter how desperately she willed it, sleep would not come for her. Closing her eyes, she turned onto her other side trying to find that perfect, comfortable position that would help her fall asleep. Why she couldn’t fall asleep was beyond her. It’s not like a certain someone had been preoccupying her thoughts all night…

Lisanna’s eyes snapped open at the shrill ring of her cell phone. She glanced at the name of the caller. Speak of the devil. What was he doing calling her at two in the morning?

“Hello?” She answered.

“Lisannaaaa-” A male voice sang out, bursting into giggles afterward.


“I’m sorry I’m calling so late. I just wanted to hear your voice.” Bickslow was drunk. Judging by the slur in his speech, he was very drunk.

Lisanna felt her face flush at his words. They had only just started talking to each other as more than friends (or so Lisanna thought) and he had never been so forward before.

“Oh, it’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyways.” She should probably hang up. Spare them both from the embarrassment that was sure to come, but she couldn’t bring herself to disconnect the call.

“Were you up late thinkin’ ‘bout me?” Lisanna could hear the smirk in his voice. Her face flushed even more, it’s not like he really knew, right? She should hang up now.

“Bickslow, I should-” She began, planning to end the call as soon as possible.

“LIsannaaaa, I have to tell you something.” Lisanna froze at his words. What could he possibly have to say? Her mind instantly went to the worst possible outcome. “I really, really like you. Like, I like like you.” Lisanna sucked in her breath. “I’ve had a crush on you for as long as I can remember.”


“When I sober up tomorrow, I’m gonna ask you to be my girlfriend. So clear your plans tomorrow!”

A loud bang caused Lisanna to pull the phone from her ears. Strong static followed and she could hear Bickslow cursing in the background before the call disconnected. She looked at the phone for a second before a loud squeal erupted from her lips. Remembering that her siblings were sleeping, she rolled over and squealed into her pillows while her legs kicked excitedly.

The squeal died down into a yawn as a wave of sleepiness washed over her. A soft smile spread across her lips as she pulled the blankets back up around her. She welcomed the sudden onset of tiredness. The sooner she got to sleep, the sooner it would be tomorrow and she was definitely looking forward to tomorrow.

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I'm really proud of taehyung for not caring whether or not he has pimples when he does lives and stuff, like he acknowledges them but doesn't care if fans see. I know that that kind of behaviour can influence fans positively and because of how influential bts is at the moment, influence the perspective of fans so when other idols get breakouts they don't need to be insecure. (1/2)

Anonymous said: I’m just proud of him, despite all the standards and pressures of being a perfect idol, he’s not afraid of bein as human as the rest of us Even in America stars having pimples is like a big Nono, I recently saw an article on kendell Jenner “Kendall’s skin distaster” where she had like lit one pimple Taehyung definitely deserves the title of idol what a pure human (2/2)

I was just thinking about this during the vlive, when he mentioned his pimple and was like “whatever.” honestly there are many pressures and high standards on all celebrities to look “perfect,” but I feel like that’s heightened with idols since the companies own them and everything they do is monitored. they’re pushed to be the best. idols must get really uncomfortable when their skin breaks out, so I love tae for not seeming to care. like you said, that can influence fans positively. 

I also like that jin is openly admitting that he’s not feeling as confident lately, and he’s making it show that he’s attempting to raise his confidence. I think that’s also a nice message to fans. if you aren’t feeling confident, you can always take your own steps to finding that confidence and feeling better about yourself.

I love our boys so much, honestly

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Hi! What was it that you liked about ho gu's love? I haven't seen much people making it their fave romcom, so I was just curious about what make it special for you. Also, do you make kdrama reviews, like in a separate blog or a website? Thanks!

i’m honestly so bad at explaining why i like things… but it was just such a warm drama with such wonderful leads

Do Hee was one of the first female leads i’d seen where she didn’t take crap from anyone, but i didn’t feel like the writers were creating someone who needed to be tamed? (which admittedly is the case for so many of her type of female leads)

She challenged everything, and she had ownership. But she wasn’t perfect, and she was still lonely and vulnerable, and kind, and funny,  and loving, and fierce, and cold, and beautiful. And I love characters like her, because they just feel so much more real.

And then there is Ho Goo, who yeah, has feelings for Do Hee, but never pressures her on them, but instead just stays by her side, helping her with her baby and looking after her in away he can - without any expectations. 

He’s wonderful and kind - sweet and earnest to a fault so to speak. And thats not to say he’s perfect either, and his development is in his journey from a naive puppy to a reliable partner to lean on.  

Even the drama’s ‘jerk’ character, Kang Chul was honestly just a dork who just had no idea how to interact with people but was still trying his hardest to be a good friend and person.

i also liked how they dealt with the rape aspect of it, because it wasn’t done in a typical kdrama manner where it was all makjang and then happy ending  - it was presented in a way that is so real, for so many victims - people blamed her, implied that she brought it upon herself, told her to forgive the guy, that he just made a mistake, when she charged him for rape people called her a gold digger etc. and it was honestly very well done imo, and the entire situation felt brought out some really raw emotions for me 

this ended up being really long lols, sorry…
i dont have a separate blog or anything because i dont really write reviews (everything i say is an incoherent mess, and a whole load of word vomit lols - i tend to talk about dramas only if people ask, or as they’re airing lol)

My Top 10 Favorite Women Characters

Thanks so much to @anais-fromanotherplanet for tagging me in this awesome meme! 

Despite my complaints that people don’t write enough awesome female characters in fiction, once I started listing them, the list just went on and on. It was so hard picking my top 10, so I had to throw a few honorable mentions in…

1. Rell (LoL, my own fantasy novel OC) 

Well, being my original character and the badass action hero of the story + comic relief with a kind/loving soul, she’s basically my idea of a perfect woman. So ofc she is my number one. ^^

2. Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) 

No one does the things Homura does for love. No one dares the things Homura dares to do. No one is that courageous. No heart loves so much. Homura is fucking epic. And she’s damn stylish and cool too! XD

3. Moana (Disney’s Moana) 

THE PERFECT HEROINE. Everything about her, from her adorable voice (which is EPIC when she sings!!), her extraordinary hero’s journey arc, to the way the narrative treats her with the respect and dignity a hero of whatever gender deserves. Loved her movie, loved her compassion, loved her bravery, loved her closeness with her family, loved her love of the sea, loved everything about Moana.

4. Daenerys (Game of Thrones) 

People build shrines to her both in real life and in the world of Game of Thrones for a reason. She’s so epic, dares so much and accomplishes so much. She also suffered terribly in the beginning and started from nothing, building everything she eventually grew to have with her own hands. And through it all, she kept her compassion, and still tries to do what’s right, even as she grows wiser and strong enough to do the hard things a ruler must do.

5. Aquila Yuna (Saint Seiya Omega) 

A female underdog hero story done RIGHT. In terms of her journey as a young warrior/Saint of Athena, the way she dresses, carries herself, fights like an utter badass, relates to her friends, and earnestly seeks her way makes her the perfect teenage girl protagonist for me. Plus, she’s just so graceful-looking despite packing such a wallop, and looks epic in armor (my eternal weakness) like all my favorite male Saints.

6. Tachibana (Aoharu x Machine Gun) 

Lol, this girl is teenage me in another life. Her extreme passion for justice, her compassion that balances her towering wrath and extreme smiting power against the evil and the unjust, her tomboyish looks and sensibilities, her kindness, her intelligence—I love this girl.

7. Mrs. Bradley (Diana Rigg – The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries) 

When I grow up, I want to be Diana Rigg. She mixes high intelligence, dignity, and a deep capacity for love and compassion into the perfect, elegant package in any role she plays. I loved her especially as the wry, smart, and modern Mrs. Bradley, who is her own woman, has carved a place of respect for herself in the male-dominated world of Edwardian England, and has a fun, scintillating relationship of wits (and romance?) with her chauffer George. A lady so ahead of her time and making it work—I love her.

8. Historia Reiss (Attack on Titan) 

Easily the most interesting and fascinatingly developed/grown female character in AoT despite not being one of its many awesome badass warrior women. Her outburst against her father in the cave (and the way she bosses Eren around there XD) is one of my favorite moments in the entire series. Plus, the way she uses her political power when she gets it is proof of the kind of genuinely good person she is.

9. Marinette/Miraculous Ladybug (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)

A perfect teen heroine–full of dreams/hope/excitement, smart, relatable, adorable, fully fleshed out, and fun. The entire show is just so well done and does excellent, diverse characters in spades. I love this unabashedly girl-centric show, its beautiful graphics/aesthetics, its hilarious scripts, and its appealing character designs. 

10. Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) 

Had to get her on here, because even if her story arc isn’t as epic as Homura’s, the decision she makes in the end with full knowledge, intent, and foresight, is one for the ages. She’s the very picture of an empowered woman, who grabs back charge of her mind/body/soul/DESTINY from those who tried to disempower and manipulate her, finds clarity, and delivers to us not only the right/perfect answer to an impossible-seeming dilemma, but does so with selfless love and grace. Those who detract from Madoka, saying she doesn’t do anything for the majority of the series, clearly didn’t pay attention to what was going on behind this big, sweet eyes—there was a very intelligent, observant, compassionate soul there, seeing and learning and piecing together the things she needed to to save us all.

Honorable Mentions:

Dowager Countess Grantham (Maggie Smith – Downton Abbey) – in terms of cool factor, few female characters can top the Dowager Countess—and she’s an old lady, which kicks up both her adorable-ness factor and badassery. XD Sharpest of all wits and tongues, and style and dignity for days. I love this lady.

Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kai’ou (Sailor Moon) – with her quiet intelligence, charm, elegance, brimming talent, and courageous/fierce inner character, she’s the perfect role model. I also loved that she holds love and her beloved above all else. As a fellow “follower of Aphrodite” so to speak, I really relate to her.

Ms. Marvel/Kamala Kahn (Marvel Comics) – the first truly relatable American comic book character I’ve ever read. And she reads/writes superhero fanfic. XD I love Kamala.

Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan) – not sure if this is more props to Isayama-sensei, her creator, but I love that Mikasa is universally acknowledged by her peers as the physically strongest warrior among them and is never undercut by the narrative like so many other purportedly “strong female characters,” especially in Shounen manga. I can’t relate to her much in personality/thought process though, which is the only reason she doesn’t make my Top 10.

‎Oscar François de Jarjayes (The Rose of Versailles) – the badass beautiful lady with a compassionate heart and endless dignity who started it all. The Rose of Versailles, the godmother of badass warrior women in manga/anime ever after (and the savior of my beloved Takarazuka Revue ;-)).

Random Bonus:

Chloe (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)

This is probably a shocking mention because Chloe is AWFUL–the consummate Mean Girl and petty, entitled brat extraordinaire. But she’s just so absurdly over the top in her awfulness that she almost becomes lovable for being so flawed. Also, she has the most hilarious lines and I respect that she’s a girl who definitely knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. ^^

You poor darlings who read through this whole thing, I tag you all! Please tag me if you do this, I’d love to see your lists! <33333 Also tagging @kiriblabs@oleanderhoney, @hannibalcatharsis, @sensitive-eruri, @prosotankutu, @careruri, @cherryamber, @momtaku, and @lostcauses-noregrets if you guys are up for it! <333333

Cuz I had so many, here’s a list of more awesome women characters I love under the cut~

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Wait, you're doing prompts? Can I have modern quitahl long distance relationship AU?

Yes and HECK yes!!! I will ALWAYS write for QuiTahl.

Ahem. I broke the rules though. Because this was just so perfect and I had to. So it’s four sentences.

A soft peal of thunder rolls outside the library, and Tahl looks up from her book to see rain begin tapping on the windows; the rich scent of freshly-watered earth and petrichor quickly drifts through the propped-open side door beside her, and she reaches to close it just as her phone chimes, the words “I’m here” flashing onscreen.

Shooting to her feet so quickly she overturns the desk chair, Tahl yanks open the door, dashing out into the rainstorm; her hair falls out of its bun with the force of the falling droplets, and her reading glasses blur with water, but she doesn’t care, because standing at the foot of the library steps is a familiar tall figure, long hair in a bedraggled ponytail, his smile a welcome sight after so long away.

Tahl crashes into Qui-Gon, throwing her arms around his chest and holding him tight, burying her face in his shoulder and breathing in his scent; it’s been six months since she last saw him - six months.

“I missed you,” he says into her ear, and she pulls back to look at him, definitely not crying, that’s just raindrops, and presses a kiss to his lips in response.

Thank you thank you thank you; I’ve had this scene scratching around in my head for weeks but didn’t know what to do with it.

Eep. I love QuiTahl so much.

And yep, I’m always open for prompts (generally) especially 3 sentence ones. (Though I cheat occasionally.)

Send me a pairing (canonical romantic or Ventrobi, enemies, friends, etc) and an AU setting, and I’ll write a 3 sentence fic for you!

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I wonder if they are going to try to use having custody of Maryssa to try to get Jace back as well. Honestly I don't think that a court would give David&Jenelle custody of any child unless they had no other option maybe Maryssa's grandparents were not challenging David taking custody cuz they don't have alot of money to provide for her like they would want and they think David will provide for her better than they can with all the MTV money. I think J&D just want M so she can be a babysitter.

A perfect family image is important to them. They will definitely use Maryssa to try and show they are ready for Jace. I’m sure there is a lot to the custody situation we don’t know. The Ashley did say Maryssa’s mom has a lot of problems. With Davids protection order dropped and him being able to see Kayden, he probably seemed fine for custody.

“One night I was talking with my wife about how perfect our life was. It was twenty-five years ago. We had four children. We’d just saved enough money to buy a new house. We felt so lucky. I remember she said: ‘What if God takes something from us?’ The next day I came home from work and found my wife screaming. She was holding our oldest son. He’d stuck his hand in the washing machine andelectrocuted himself. We couldn’t revive him. We rushed to the hospital but the doctors said there was nothing they could do. I begged them to try. My friends from the church came and we all started to pray. And the doctors were able to bring him back to life. He became a case study. Today he’s 29. He has learning problems. He can’t read or write. But he has a job as a security guard. He enjoys his life. And to this day, I believe in miracles.”

(Valparaíso, Chile)

(1/3) “In every sense she was the perfect mom. She always tried to encourage me when I was younger. I was really shy, so she always worried about me being alone. She would ask things like: ‘Have you met anyone at school?’ or ‘Does anyone like the same things you do?’ She always knew when something was wrong. I never had to tell her anything. But Dad was the opposite. He ignored me. He never did anything wrong. He wasn’t an alcoholic. He wasn’t violent. He was just nothing—like a chair or a piece of furniture. His only idea of fatherhood was going to work. He never reacted to anything in my life. Not the good things, or the bad things. He didn’t react to me staying out late. He didn’t react when I experimented with drugs and alcohol. I made my mom very sad by trying to get my dad’s attention. A few years ago I got hit by a car. When I woke up from my coma, I called home to tell my parents what happened. My father answered the phone. I told him everything. All he said was: ‘Your mother is asleep right now. You can call her tomorrow.’ That hurt me worse than being hit by the car.”

(Santiago, Chile)

Honestly, I’m 100% here for Lena already knowing that Kara is Supergirl (let’s be real, she does) ever since Kara slipped saying that she “flew” to Lcorp, (or because she simply stares way to much at Kara’s face), but I’m also here for oblivious Lena who is just super confused as too why she has such a strong crush on both Kara and Supergirl.

I think my favourite thing about Bubbline is that in the first episode that made it clear this is going to turn real gay real fast (What Was Missing), the characters still had their initial traits. Princess Bubblegum was this perfect little princess who always gets everything she wants and everyone adores her. Marceline was this “dark and mysterious” ancient vampire who’s oh so cool and nonchalant, but also a terrifying force when angered.

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And now we see so much deeper into their characters. Bonnibel is actually almost as old as Marcy is and she’s been hardened into a ruthless despot, who is ultimately well-intentioned but also goddamn scary sometimes, and above all so, so deeply flawed. Marcy herself is still the lost little girl she was when she turned immortal, her blasé attitude is actually just a defense mechanism and yeah, she’s still a powerful vampire, but also a precious awkward potato most of the time.

Maybe even better than all this is the fact that they both helped each other develop. Bonnie is less tense now and focuses more on her personal relationships and sees beyond the masses of her citizens. Marceline was briefly mortal again thanks to PB and is vastly better at handling her emotions and maintaining her relationship with others.

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These two are amazing.

Dear Evan Hansen,

Today is going to be an amazing day and here’s why because today all you have to do is just be yourself but also confident, that’s important, like easy to talk to, approachable, but mostly be yourself, like that’s #1, be yourself. Just be true to yourself. 
Also though don’t worry about wether your hands are going to get sweaty for no reason. You can’t make it stop no matter what you do because there not gonna get sweaty. So I don’t even know why your bringing it up because it’s not going to happen because all you have to do is be yourself. 

I’m not even gonna worry about it because seriously it’s not gonna be like that time where you had the perfect chance to introduce yourself to Zoe Murphy after the jazz band concert last year and you waited afterwards just to talk to her and tell her how good she was and you were gonna pretend to be super casual like you didn’t even know her name and she would introduce herself and you would like “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, Chloe, you said your name was Chloe?” And then she would be like “No it’s Zoe.” And you would be like “Well so you see I thought you said Chloe because I’m just very busy with other stuff right now.” But you didn’t even end up saying anything to her because you were scared and your hands were sweaty, which they weren’t that sweaty but you started worrying they were sweaty which made them sweaty so you put them under the hand dryer in the bathroom so they weren’t sweaty they were just very warm now as well

Remember this? In Queen Of Shadows When Rowan and Aelin Just had their reunion and she started to wash his hair? I love this scene! It’s so simple but I really like it! So I made it Hahahaha
Rowan and Aelin are too perfect ❤️
Sarah J Maas Characters

I’m having such a feel because-

Percy was canonically repressing his feelings for Vex because he knew it wasn’t healthy and-

I distinctly remember when they had their little quibble about gold during the Winter’s-Crest festival, when she had the money written down and he said “that’s so endearing”-

because I remember thinking, throughout the Whitestone Arc, that Vex was trying so hard to hold Percy together the whole way through Whitestone, defending him and supporting him, and he never thanked her and it frustrated me so much-

only now it makes perfect sense, because those were some of his darkest hours, the closest he had ever come to losing himself to vengeance, and he knew that. So he was just swallowing his feelings for her, over and over, the whole time. 

But then, during that festival, he had a sister and a home again, and Orthax was banished, and Vox Machina was at his side, and Vex was being painfully adorable, he finally let it slip how he felt - just a little, just once.

And I distinctly remember thinking, when that episode aired, oh, good, he loves her too.

There were unexpected moments. These lightning strikes made of sudden calmness and tenderness, of electricity and love, when she would realize again and again just how much the rogue had stolen her heart (and stayed).

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“Force” is the right word for Carrie Fisher-  she was a force of nature, a force to be reckoned with.  She was endlessly funny and honest and entertaining all at the same time and she never ever failed to delight me and fill me with joy. She had such a gift for words, a brilliant sense of humor and an extremely brave capacity for self-awareness. She meant so much to so many, and said a great many wonderful things on behalf of women and those suffering from mental illness. For so many people she was a hero for being Carrie, not just Princess Leia. She had such a profound way of expressing herself with grace and humor and clarity that blew me away. She spoke her own truth bravely and with no apologies.

I will never forget  how openly and honestly Carrie spoke about her past addictions or Hollywood’s rampant sexism. Her ability to frankly address addiction and mental illness is her greatest legacy. She spoke candidly, with the perfect articulation.  She let people in on the intimacies of her life without making it feeling salacious. She was so incredibly sharp and smart and honest that she made it look natural and easy to be herself. But we knew it was not, because she spoke openly about her experiences and she let you know that there were dark times without fear of us seeing her warts- and she was self deprecating in a way only she could be about herself without being bitter. She could find the humor and the poignancy in a single situation and express it all in the same sentence.

Carrie expressed herself so well, knew herself so deeply, and just was so unapologetically herself that she made you feel as if you knew her. Which is why the loss of her feels like the tragic loss of a true friend and why the grief is so deep. I never had to desperately hope and dream to meet Carrie because I felt like I knew her every time I saw her or read her brilliant words. I wish I had better words for her but ironically I think the only person who could do her justice would be Carrie herself.

This woman’s absence leaves a black hole, not just in a galaxy far far away- but in our own universe, and in a world where we need more women like Carrie, not fewer. And in my heart and the hearts of many too.

I love you Carrie. I will miss you so much.

RebelCaptain Pregnant Headcanon

-Jyn didn’t even think about being pregnant it just never crossed her mind - Jyn: *misses period* - doesn’t notice                                                         Morning Sickness- lol ok                                                                                 Gains 10 pounds- well muscle weighs more than fat

 -k2 mentioned something about babies and she had a that’s so raven moment K2:  Did you know you’re at the perfect age for children?                                     Jyn: What ?                                                                                                       K2: well ovulation is-                                                                                       Jyn: Gotta go                                                                                          

-She told Cassian as soon as she saw him

-she wanted it to be more eloquent but instead                                                    Cassian: “I’m so tired”                                                                                          Jyn: “I’m so pregnant”

-Cassian doesn’t get nervous until the end of the pregnancy, the rest of the time he is so excited                                                                                              “I’M GONNA BE A FATHER”

-They told the team kind of by accident                                                                *Jyn gets onto ship for mission*                                                                            Cassian: No, you’re not coming                                                                            Jyn: Why not?                                                                                                      Bodhi: Yeah, why not?                                                                                          Cassian: I’m just worried about the baby                                                              Bodhi: the what                                                                                                    Jyn: It’ll be fine                                                                                              Bodhi: THE WHAT

-Everytime Jyn does something K2 names a pregnancy fact about it

- He thinks his facts will help and then they’ll name the baby K2 after him for “saving its life”

-Bodhi is the one who gets freaked out by the facts                                              *Jyn Sneezes*                                                                                                     “ ARE YOU OK”

-When Cassian doesn’t know what to do Chirrut always does and is really good at taking care of Jyn

-He is basically a mid-wife

-Cassian and Jyn ask Baze and Chirrut to be the godparents                              *Baze sheds a single tear*                                                                                   “Be a man damnit”

-Jyn has the craziest cravings but Cassian always tries to comply to them           * Brings her rice with chocolate syrup*                                                                  “MY FAVORITE”

-Jyn is not glowing she hates her life

-She can’t work or bend or move fast and it is so frustrating

-She is so moody too                                                                                            *drops cookie*                                                                                   NOOOOOOOOO                                                                                     *Cassian comes home an hour later*                                                              “why are you crying?”                                                                                     “My cookie”

-They are very much the couple who bickers about if its a boy or a girl

-K2 starts calling himself uncle K-2SO all the time

-They all want to be in the room for the birth and all have to crowd around a tiny window pushing each other