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Guys… straight up, sometimes I have a hard time reconciling OSCAR-nominated Mary McDonnell who freakin’ lit up the screen in DWW and Passion Fish and then showed everyone what real, raw talent is in BSG and the selfie-posting still of Mary McDonnell the lovable, adorkable human being “singing” in the car. It completely blows my mind, and I adore her even more for it.

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Title: Dogs

Summary: Phil’s dog has the habit of getting him into bad situations and Dan is Phil’s next door neighbour that seems to hate him and his dog. Oddly enough, their dogs like each other. Really like each other.

Relationship: Phan (& a side of Brolin - Breto + Colin)

Characters / Pairing: Dan Howell + Phil Lester, Breto + Colin

Word Count: 2,803 (this is longer than my life story whoops)

Warnings: M/M, swearing (yes - even Phil swears), enemies, a little bit of throwing shade, dog-on-dog humping action (blink and it’s gone i swear), just general douchebucket-ness (Dan acts like he has a stick up his ass for the first bit), cute doggies, brief moment of angst, anger, kissy kissy, humour? (is it even funny like ?), F L U F F, enemiestolovers yo

Or the one where Dan and Phil can’t stand each other but their dogs are in love. #enemiestolovers


“Calm down, Breto! Let me just-”

Phil stumbles, trying desperately to attach a leash to his excited Chinese Shar Pei’s collar.

Breto barks enthusiastically, dragging Phil out the door as soon as the leash is clipped on.

Almost falling once again, Phil manages to close the door behind them before being pulled down the block by his excitable dog.

This was usual for Phil and Breto; they’d go for a walk every day at around 5:15pm.

When he first moved to the countryside of England, they would walk once around the whole block (a series of paired up houses spread out a very long ways), but as soon as Phil found out his rude and ‘impeccable’ neighbour would walk his annoying yappy Tibetan Terrier around the block at the same time, Phil began avoiding this route.

Instead, he now walked along the back roads of the neighborhood to a nice little park where Phil would throw a ball for Breto and she would fetch it. Then he only had to see his neighbour as he approached his house and they would send their respective glares at each other while unlocking their doors.

Yes, Phil might be making an exaggeration but he really cannot stand his neighbour. Dan Howell is the only man in the neighbourhood that Phil can’t seem to get along with and of course Dan’s house is the only one within a one-hundred meter radius of his own.

But today Phil doesn’t have time to throw a ball for Breto. This week is going to be a mess, as Phil just got promoted and now he has to go in extra hours for seven days until he is ready to take on the job.

So he has decided to suck it up and walk Breto around the block like old times.

And just pray Dan’s decided not to walk Colin today.

Breto trots along ahead of Phil, her tail wagging vigorously as she smells every possible scent-eliciting feature around them. Phil just laughs at her antics and shakes his head affectionately.

There’s a cool breeze in the air, contrasting wonderfully to the humid summer air and Phil relishes it, taking a deep breath for the first time today. With all of this work craziness, he needs these walks just as much as Breto does.

Glancing around, Phil realizes with delight that Dan must not be walking Colin today as he would’ve probably left by now.

What luck!

Just as Phil turns the corner of Dan’s house, a loud yip reaches his ears and he bumps into a hard body, stumbling backwards.

In front of him stands a man dressed in all black with a little fluffy dog that is scrabbling frantically to get to Breto.


Phil frowns, swallowing his previous statement.

What luck indeed .

Dan scowls at him with a look of distaste. “Oh, hello Lester.”

“Dan.” Phil replies curtly, unable to help the hint of displeasure in his tone.

Breto and Colin sniff at each other passionately, happy to see each other… Quite the opposite of their owners.

“Your dog left another present for me on my lawn yesterday,” Dan continues, his scowl deepening.

Phil sighs, feeling guilty.

Although one has to purposely go out of their way not to love Breto (as she is just so lovable), she does get Phil into very hard-to-fix situations.

“I’m sure she didn’t mean to! She goes wherever she pleases. I can come over and clean it up…?” He suggests hopefully.

Dan just wrinkles his nose at him pettily. “Already have. Maybe you should try getting your dog obedience lessons.”

Biting back a vicious retort that he would regret later, Phil smiles sickeningly sweetly at his neighbour.

Dan takes Colin to obedience classes, although the dog is still yappy as fuck and annoying. 

Frustratingly enough, Dan is probably right.

Not that Phil would ever admit that to him.

A high-pitch grunt comes from below and both men glance down to see that Colin has somehow managed to mount Breto and is dry-humping her to the ends of the earth.

Simultaneously, they both gasp and Dan goes to scoop up Colin while Phil rushes to grab Breto.

They separate and Dan glares menacingly at Phil while cradling Colin to his chest. “Your dog is a monster! Get it under control.”

Phil is taken aback. “Are you serious? Your dog was humping mine!”

Dan just shakes his head in disappointment and walks around the corner to his house.

Phil places Breto back onto her paws, looking at her with anger. “He’s just a right prick, isn’t he?”

And with that, Phil tries to forget about his encounter with his atrocious neighbour and enjoy the rest of his and Breto’s walk.


Phil goes outside once again at 5:15, locking his door and letting Breto drag him a few feet.

He’s had a particularly good day at work and there’s admittedly a little skip in his step.

It all vanishes when the door next to his house opens and out comes the signature yip of a familiar Tibetan Terrier.

Phil and Breto glance to their right to see Dan’s front door opening to let out the said man and his irritable pooch.

Phil groans and Breto barks excitedly, tugging to go see Colin as soon as they step out of the doorway.

Dan glances up at the sound of Breto’s bark and lets out a similar sound to Phil’s.

“Lester,” he greets dully.

“Dan,” Phil mimics, nodding at him respectfully with little of the said feeling.

Colin goes sprinting forward towards Breto, and Dan - not expecting this - stumbles for a moment as his tiny little dog pulls him to the end of his driveway.

Phil purses his lips to keep from laughing as Dan shouts commands at the Terrier and it completely ignores him, scrabbling towards Breto desperately.

“So much for obedience, huh?” Phil muses as Dan finally manages to pick Colin up.

The brunet gives Phil a look so menacing a chill runs down his back.

“Your dog is no better,” Dan spits, glaring down at Breto.

Breto just wags her tail and pants without realizing what’s happening.

Phil shakes his head. “I don’t understand you; anything me or Breto could ever possibly do is wrong to you.”

The sad reality sets a somber tone in Phil’s mind and whatever good mood he had earlier is now gone.

Dan glances up at him with a confused expression. “What do you mean?”

“Just last week, Breto found Colin’s ball in the stream behind the neighbourhood and you got mad at her for stealing Colin’s fun in finding it.”

Dan shrugs. “It wasn’t in your place to grab it for us. Colin doesn’t need help…” He trails off, scratching the back of the said dog’s ear affectionately.

How can a man with so much hate love someone so much?

Phil would like to figure that out one day.

“What about that one time I brought your mail in for you and watered your plants when you were gone?” Phil continues, upset.

“They are cacti and you over-watered them to the point of near-death,” Dan replies firmly.

Phil sighs. “I didn’t know! But the thought was still there. The point is, I was trying to be nice. I don’t know what I did to make you hate me, but I promise I won’t be a problem for you anymore.”

He turns and walks away, dragging Breto along with him.

They continue down the sidewalk and away from Dan, Phil feeling downhearted and just plain sad.

Not everyone can like you, and that’s just the way it is.

Besides… Dan’s not worth the effort.


Phil turns around at the sound of Dan’s panicked voice but it’s too late.

Phil is tackled to the ground by the little dog (that weighs more than he once thought).

Licks and slobber are spread around Phil’s face and he squeals, trying to block Colin’s tongue with his hands. Breto soon joins in and Phil is laughing shamelessly, tickled by dog tongues from all sides.

Hurried footsteps approach and the two tongues disappear, leaving Phil a mess of slobber and giggles on the sidewalk.

“Colin, you naughty dog! Bad boy!” Phil glances up to see Dan scolding Colin with disappointment.

Phil goes to sit up, but Breto pounces on him as soon as he tries and licks his face, throwing him back into a fit of laughter. 

When he finally manages to get Breto off, he glances up to see Dan smiling absentmindedly, his eyes soft and warm. As he goes to dust himself off, Dan snaps out of it and offers him a hand.

Phil smiles and a fuzzy feeling settles in the pit of his stomach.

So Dan can be kind.

He takes it and lets himself be pulled to his feet.

But he stumbles forward and manages to catch himself just before he crashes into his neighbour.

Exactly two inches apart, their noses almost touching.

Phil gulps and the air suddenly becomes tense and full.

And wow are Dan’s eyes so brown

Beautiful shades all mixed together into a masterpiece that lights up gold when the sun shines upon them.

He doesn’t realize he’s holding his breath until Dan jumps backwards and coughs awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

“I’m just - uh - gonna… Head back to my place-” Dan begins, avoiding eye contact.

“O-oh yeah! That… That’s cool.” Phil agrees, his eyes dropping to the ground.

Dan scuttles off with Colin in tow.

And as Phil goes back to his walk with Breto, he can’t help but wonder…

What the hell was that?


A harsh rain comes pouring down on Phil as he begins his walk today.

In fact, this is the worst weather they’ve had in two years. The rain is so thick Phil has trouble seeing where he’s going.

But he’s too far in, now. When he started walking with Breto, it was only a light rain. Now it’s literal sheets of liquid ice coming from the sky and descending upon an aggressively shaking Phil and a whimpering Breto.

Phil wraps the sopping coat further around his body, trying but failing to warm himself up.

They turn a corner at around the three-quarter mark and Breto yips in fear as thunder rumbles across the sky. Phil pauses to kneel down and soothe her, his heart aching for the poor dog.

“Only a little longer,” he promises.

But as they continue, the rain only begins to come down harder and Phil’s vision is obscured to the point of failure. He pauses and looks around for some form of shelter, deciding it best to wait out the storm.

Unfortunately, there is none near him and he forces himself to continue. “Only a little longer Breto, I promise.”

The rain is absolutely pelting down on them by the time Phil reaches his house.

He hurries to the door with Breto trailing to his side and rummages in his pocket for his keys.

Oh no.

There is no cold metal that brushes against his fingertips. In fact, there is nothing weighing down his pocket except for water.

“Shit!” Phil howls, tears threatening to spill over.

He turns and walks down his driveway to a tree that grows from a small patch in the sidewalk and sits underneath it, huddling Breto close to him in an attempt to warm her up.

He feels his eyes droop from exhaustion and his head starts to loll back against the tree trunk.


Slowly, he opens his eyes and glances over his shoulder.

A figure is walking towards him with a strange hat that sticks way up in the air.

As they come closer, he realizes they’re running and that the hat isn’t a hat at all, but an umbrella.

His heart starts to pick up as he recognizes who it is when they approach.


Never has Phil been so happy to see his neighbour.

As soon as Dan reaches them, he kneels down and helps Phil up, gently taking the leash from his hand and guiding them towards his own door. Phil is hardly conscious at this point, and leans on Dan heavily, letting himself be steered without complaint.

The door is opened and Phil is ushered inside, along with Breto. They stay on the mat and Phil makes Breto sit and wait for further instruction.

Moments later, Dan comes in with two towels and a change of clothes. He’s mumbling to himself as he offers the clothes and one of the towels to Phil and goes to wipe off Breto.

Phil finally manages to speak up. “How did y-”

“You idiot!” Dan snarls.

Phil is taken aback and his eyes go wide with shock.

“What were you doing, walking out there? Didn’t you see the weather or - oh, I dunno… - the storm warning?”

The soaked man bows his head in shame.

It’s true, Phil didn’t check the weather, and didn’t know about the storm warning.

“-I went out to knock on your door to warn you, but you didn’t answer. That’s when I realized - being the fool that you are - you probably went out anyways! So then I had to go out and look for you.-” Dan continues angrily, now using the towel to warm Breto up. 

Phil just stands there holding the towel and clothes, unable to move. As soon as what Dan’s saying soaks in, his heart stutters.

Dan went out to look for them.

“-And when I find you, you’re soaked to the bone hiding under a tree with your shivering dog and - Breto, stop moving! - now I have to warm you up and make sure you’re not half dead!” He finishes warming Breto up and lets her run into his house.

He turns on Phil and Phil almost jumps back under his gaze.

“I- I don’t…” Phil stutters, unsure of what to say. “I’m sorry.”

Dan holds his gaze for a moment. Then he sighs and the tension is gone, revealing a tired and worried man.

Damn, he must really have been stressed.

“C'mere,” he orders softly.

Phil does as told and steps towards him. Dan takes the towel and clothes from Phil and goes to assist Phil is removing his drenched jacket.

He takes it and hangs it on a rack, turning back around and picking up the towel. The towel is then wrapped around Phil’s shoulders, and Dan steps closer to tuck it into the front of his shirt to secure it.

Phil watches his face as Dan concentrates and notices so many things he’s never notice before, having not been this close to the man.

There are little lines next to his eyes - he must smile a ton when he’s not yelling at Phil - and the tiniest beginnings of stubble on his chin, suggesting he hasn’t shaved in awhile. 

His eyelashes draw Phil’s attention next, just how long they are. And then they’re fluttering up and Phil finds himself once again sucked into Dan’s eyes.

There’s a heavy pause in Dan’s movements and Phil holds his breath.

A sharp intensity builds between them. The gap is so small. Phil resists the desperate urge to close the space and just stares at Dan.

Fortunately enough, he doesn’t have to close the gap.

Dan closes it for him.

And wow. Phil is encased in Dan’s lips and they’re just so soft and caring and everything is just Dan.

The mesh is beautiful, the change of clothing is dropped, and Dan’s nimble fingers crawl into Phil’s hair to cradle his head and keep him stable in the kiss.

Phil finds his own fingers moving on their own accord and wrapping around Dan’s neck, pulling him in closer.

This is incredible. Phil’s beating himself up for not kissing Dan earlier.

Soon enough, a shortage of breath is what separates them and they pant heavily, leaving gentle pecks in their wake. 

Dan sucks in a large breath and Phil’s eyelids flutter open.

There’s a pause and slowly, Dan slides his hands from Phil’s hair.

No. Please keep them there.

Phil’s arms drop from Dan’s neck.

He feels the loss crawling under his skin, but seconds later a hand curls into his own.

He glances down to see Dan’s fingers twisted between his.


Glancing up, he sees a new Dan he’s never seen before. Shy with flushed cheeks and curling hair and a gentle smile that could melt hearts internationally.

“Is this okay?” He asks tentatively, nodding at their locked hands.

Phil smiles and notices over Dan’s shoulder that Breto and Colin are snuggled together in front of Dan’s couch, sleeping. He speaks up to answer.

“This is wonderful, but can I please use your bathroom now?”


And I know that it’s so cliche, to tell you that every day I spend with you is a new best day of my life.

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I know you're more Tomco (FireSafety) than Janstar (DetentionPrincess [Idk it was the best I could come up with.]) but I was wondering if you could do a cannon divergent (Ep Mewberty) fic where during when Star is running around the school all Mewbertyed out and capturing boys, she runs into Janna and realizes that it may not just be boys she likes. That would be awesome, thanks.

DETENTION PRINCESS! That is so funny I am laughing! Of course I can write that! I really like the idea of Star just being so loving and lovable that she developes crushes on so many people so easily; boys girls, anyone really who is nice. So I hope you like it!

“Star! What are you doing!?” Janna yelled, as Star strung up more boys on the wall of the school. They were all crying and terrified.

“Boooooooys.” Star laughed strung another kid up by his feet.

“Are you insane!?” Janna yelled. “Let all of them go! NOW!” She demanded. The boys who were kidnapped gasped at Janna’s harsh tone and Star whipped around. She raised her six ams and looked down at the girl. “Star? What are you doing?” Janna asked shakily, as she came closer. Star grinned.

“Giiiiirl~” She smiled and flew down to scoop Janna up.

“AHH! STAR! PUT ME DOWN!” Janna screamed. Star smiled and spun her purple heart web, attaching Janna to the wall and grinning. “Star! What are you doing?! What has gotten into you!?” Janna cried.

“Giiiiirl~” Star sang. Janna struggled against the web and Star smiled. “Sooooo coooool~” She smiled. Janna stopped and blushed deeply.

“W-wait… you think I’m cool?” She asked. Star just kept spinning her web around Janna and humming. “Wait, do you think I’m cool all the time, or just because you’re under some sort of molt?” She asked.

“Jaaaaaanna Baaaanaaana!” Star smiled and spun her web. “Sooooo cooool!” Janna blushed deeper and looked away, with a smug smile.

‘Well I don’t want to brag but, I do know how to pick locks.” Janna smirked. Star gasped and flew in loop-de-loops. She blushed a glowing pink and flew closer to Janna, her wings were fluttering quickly and Janna smiled. “And I also know how to ride a motor bike! Me and my cousin went off roading in the woods one time! I can take you. You can hang on behind me.” Janna offered. Star gasped and spun around in the air.

“Sooooo cooool!” She said for the third time. While she was distracted one of the boys tried to escape from her web, but it just seemed to come to life like a tentacle and snatch him back up. “Boys stay too~” Star grinned. “Everyone stays~” She grinned and moved closer to Janna.

“Uh… so I know you’re going through something that makes you insanely desperate for love and crushes and stuff… but you can’t date prisoners.” Janna admitted. “How about you let these guys go, because they clearly don’t deserve a princess such as yourself.” Janna giggled. Star blushed and flew in a circle.

“If you let them go, I can take you across town to the woods, and I can take you off roading like I promised.” Janna offered. Star bit her lip, she didn’t want to let all her crushes go. Even if every single boy in the school was a bit excessive, even for somebody like Star.

Star tilted her head and all the webs, except the one on Janna, receded. The boys scattered, all terrified of the bug monster who kidnapped them. Janna laughed as they ran and felt six arms wrap around her. All of the sudden Star lifted her up and flew away with her new found crush. “Star, where are we going?” Janna asked.

“I want a date with yoooou!” Star smiled. Janna blushed and Star carried her down to the floor, when she set Janna down she was still looking at her with big, heart eyes and a bright pink blush.

“Well… I did promise to show you my bike.” Janna remembered. “How about we go after school tomorrow?” She asked. Star grinned big and latched onto Janna’s arm.

“You’re my giiiirlfriend nooow!” Star sang. Janna looked up at hearing that and got a big smile on her face. She was Star Butterfly’s girlfriend! Star Butterfly, the princess of Mewni was Janna Ordonia’s girlfriend. And she didn’t mind that at all.

“Yup, I’m your girlfriend!” Janna sang. Star smiled and Janna took one of her six hands. “Can I walk you to class? And maybe do something dumb like carry your books for you?” Janna asked, blushing. Star grinned and shook her head. Before scooping Janna up bridal style.

“Nooo! I’ll carry yooou to class!”

I’m going to whine because I’ve seen this often and I hate it. In some Fanart where nyo england is shipped with France, I’ve seen she’s mean to him and stuff. And I get it, they’re supposed to hate each other or whatever. But in some Fanart where she is shipped with America, she’s happy and smiling and mushy. And I want that to happen with France. I really do. I want all the good things for my otp and for France. Why must he get the slaps and the glares while America gets the kisses and the hugs ? If it’s ooc of her to be happy with France, then I don’t care, but I want him to get happy hugs and kisses, too. It’s not just America; doesn’t he annoy her as much as France ? It bothers me. I looked for Fanart of my otps being happy but instead I found Fanart of nyo england slapping France. And a little before it I found Fanart of her being hugged by America, smiling. Like come on, France deserves the love, too.


The Blacklist 1x2 The Freelancer: Raymond “lovable” Reddington

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You know what... I just really ducking love Clarke Griffin. Like she's so beautiful in every way possible. She's so kind and lovable and funny and just really fucking amazing. I don't feel like she gets enough credit. It's like that person at Eliza's panel the other day that they appreciated her acting and Clarke and how great it was and Eliza said she didn't get that a lot. I guess cause she's the blonde. But I fucking love Eliza Taylor. And I fucking love Clarke Griffin!!!

I don’t think it’s cause she’s “the blonde” lol but yeah this ^^^^^^^

My Dream Avengers Roster

I talk shit about Marvel every day, I mean like every day I talk shit about Marvel. So I decided to do a post where I just have fun as a fan of the characters that Marvel has managed to produce. This post is going to be about the characters, why I would want them in the adventures, and maybe a bit more. Perhaps if you all like this roster I’ll make further posts about how I think interactions and dynamics would work out. Hell if I enjoy making the stuff I could even do a slice of fan fic so do like me know what you think. Also it’s worth noting this is my dream roster for like me to write, or like a writer I really trust cuz most these heroes I trust about 3 writers to do write in the current mainstream talent pull.

Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl: Doreen is the leader of this group of Avengers, it really only makes sense for someone unbeatable to lead a team given that track record would apply to any team she leads too. Doreen has been on several Avengers rosters before and her style of leadership for the avengers would finally have the Avengers really focused on helping people. There would be a lot of trying to talk to baddies and conflict resolution going on.

Angela: Angela has chosen to live in New York, to shop at Ikea, to work a job but you can only do that so long before you want to pay some bills with that Avengers money. I don’t think Angela would sit idly by as bad things are happening so she is a great contender for my avengers roster. I think she also works in pretty nice contrast to all the other heroes in the book since her moral code would be really different than everyone else. Everyone has to be like “Angela no don’t kill them” and Sera jumps up and goes “Baby do it if you want but this is an avengers book, people will be upset. ”

Sera: If Angela is on a team then Sera would sure as hell be on that team too (*coughs at Brian Michael Bendis aka awful writer who is popular*). Sera isn’t just a tag along though, Sera is a powerful trans woman and maybe the most powerful trans woman in all of mainstream comics. Hell as a magical character she is likely on the stronger end able to send magic from Hel to the world of the living, having meta awareness, fighting giant monsters, Sera is an angel who kicks all sorts of ass. I see her really being able to establish herself in the halls of other great meta aware characters given a bigger platform.

White Tiger: I’ll be real here, I really like White Tiger. Ava is a really cool girl, she is Latnix, she is friends with Dorren. Ava should be on the team cuz it’s my damn team and it just makes sense. Seriously she is always a stand out Avenger and has actually only been a highlighted character in Avengers related books.

Ken Shiga/Koi Boi:  Who you gonna call when people are near bodies of water? Well none other than Koi Boi. Ken is one of  Squirrel Girl’s best friends so I think he gets the invite to move up to an avengers team from her. He obviously wanting to be a force for good signs up for any extra chance of heroing. I imagine Ken as the spirit the person who is ready to stick his neck out even when all the chips are down. It’s also great to have a trans man on a team cuz trans characters in general don’t get to join up in the big leagues. Most importantly, Ken would be a really funny addition and would have nice comedic moments.

Kate Bishop: Kate Bishop has the ultimate super power, being good with a bow and arrow. Real talk though Kate is a funny character who would fit in with the rest of the team while being a bit more grounded. She really cares about doing good and she would be really into the idea of being on an Avengers team that is trying to talk things out instead of punch every problem.

America Chavez: The second America heard Kate was going to be on a team of heroes she would sign up. America and Kate are best girlfriends, who are dating in this book, you know gals being pals. She likely also wanted a cool chance to work with Dorren since they have meet before but never really hung out. Oh yah and she is a really powerful superhero who could really help take care of all the bad people they have to deal with. America would be the powerhouse of the team ready to bring the fists or feet needed to taking out a baddie.

Kamala Khan: Kamala Khan is the heart of anything she is in, this lovable nerd just makes so much sense on just about any line up. Obviously Kamala would have to not be committed to any other teams at the time but I think she would be very into the idea of this Avengers team. Fights baddies when you got to but talks things out at other times. Plus there is two adorable couples on this team, time to watch the OTPs in action am I right?

Loki: Goddess of Stories version to be particular, look I’m not going to make any list of Marvel characters unless it’s ones that suck that doesn’t include Loki. Loki is the gender fluid coolest enby around and my heart is always with Loki all the time. Loki pops into the reality deciding to revisit their home reality and is requested to join the new team by Dorren. Beyond that Loki is friends with Kamala, Dorren, America, and Kate. They are also Angela’s sibling so they would have good reason to join up when 6 out of the 9 other team mates are People Loki at least kind of cares about.  It be nice to have Loki on a team without the “Will Loki betray them” because Loki cares about this team.

Nadia Pym:  Ima be honest, I am just really excited for the Unstoppable Wasp by the amazing creative team of Jeremy Whitley and Elsa Carter (and a colorist and letterer that were not announced as far as I know at the time of writing this). I haven’t read much of Nadia but she is super smart and has assassination training. I love that she has a castle inside of a necklace where she does science, that is awesome. Every team needs someone brainy so Nadia in this book would be the person creating the tech for them.

//Asfghjkllakhfmhefg!!!! THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY!! I just LOVE this beauty!! Lucienne looks so gorgeous on this image and I asked owl to make her a little chubbier (a little new headcanon of mine) and I am so happy with how pretty this turned out! She looks so cute and lovable, I just wanna crai ;__________; And the carbunble turned out great, too!! <3333

all credits to the amazing amazing @owlteria !!! Check out her arts, she draws a lot FFXV stuff at the moment 8D 

Thank you again so much owl!! //

Yohane, my best girl aus sunshine!!
She is just so cool, funny and lovable.
Tried again with watercolor, next time in will make the colours lighter so it goes faster and suits a sketch.
Outfit is inspired by a figure of her.


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6, 7, 16, 17, 26, 27 - for the salty asks :)

6) has a fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated? 
no. never. literally not once ever. usually they just. make me hate it more 

7) Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?
uhhhh not really 

16)  If you could change anything in the show, what would you change?
tom would be yeeted off the fucking earth and barbara would be with trixie 

17) Instead of XYZ happening, I would have made ABC happen…
instead of tom marrying barbara i would have phyllis crane knock him out with a brick 

26) Most shippable character?
i feel like its babs bc she’s so sunshine-y and lovable that its just so easy to ship her 

27) Least shippable character? 
tom because he has no personality

thanks ailsa!!