she's just so fab


I wonder how Ron can stand having such a fine friend and girlfriend lol.

I love you and that’s why I have an opinion of my own. I will never try to change your personality, if you are happy me but still. I just do not understand your relationship with TY, and although it is true that I should not care …. but I care how you as can affect this in you.

Do not forget, the fans are here every day. I tell you that not everyone has the same opinion.I do not like TY, but it’s your life. It’s just that I can not understand that you are defending some things and you are with someone who is the opposite.

I’m not one of those fans who have no opinion, I do have it but I do not hate anyone, since, it’s your life and it’s you that you have to live. It’s a shame that you only focus on people who hate others and those of us who have some consistency do not pay attention.

There are many of us who love you without trying to change your life. Although I do not understand how you can hate that you relate to another person and instead you feel proud of TY. And this is not for my camren feels.

Sorry guys, I needed to post this. I feel bad bc she is so annoying with the fans… I feel bad because she is annoying with us when she is relate with Camila. Honestly I love Lauren, so much. She is my favourite, Im here for her, and I do not want to change her. But I would like come back to old Lauren. And at all I mean things about camren. That already happened.

so my mom’s all trying to ask me about boys and i just keep saying my usual ‘i don’t need no man” to her and she tries being like “you don’t like boys?” “no” “what about girls” and i just say “sure.” “really, you like girls?” i’m like “sure, idk” even tho i do know hardcore. “is it just coz of your ex? did he ruin things?” “nah, men are just lame.” and a few minutes later of just dodging and ignoring her. “so would you marry a guY?” i’m like “eeeehhh “would you marry a girl?” “sure, maybe.”  and then i’m pretty sure she already kinda forgot then a few minutes later ask “why don’t you like talking to your mom about boys?” like dude “this is the worst time in my life to try and be thinking about getting a date. this is worse than senior year of high school. i’m trying to get a real life job here and graduate college.”

so yeah…. idk…. she will probably just forget tbh, but still… i wasn;t too happy about the conversation. 


Tobias + beating up people who threaten Tris



This persona (oc) belongs to @bloodypath32! I wanted to draw her persona for a while, but my motivation was a bish to me, so I didn’t. But today, I sketched her and thought that it would be a good idea if I did it digitally.

Hope you like it! ♥




Favourite people ~ Louise Brealey

“Benedict just let me fiddle with his damp hair as a birthday treat. Apparently you have to ‘twist and diffuse’. Gulp.”