she's just so fab


I wonder how Ron can stand having such a fine friend and girlfriend lol.


@masseffxt , you rock for these outstanding portraits of the girls <3 thank you thank you thank yooouuuuu!!!!
Izzy/Isadore shepard on the right, angry sentinel commander that likes to smash and make things go boom!
Amber LoveHeart on the left, awkward turian mechanic who was raised and adopted by humans, angry drunk that loves to build spacebikes. Honestly, its like you’ve been drawing turians all your life! Thank you thank yoouuuu!!!

*psssttt, guys, look at the adorable detail on ambers shirt ; ; too cuuuuute ; ;



This persona (oc) belongs to @bloodypath32! I wanted to draw her persona for a while, but my motivation was a bish to me, so I didn’t. But today, I sketched her and thought that it would be a good idea if I did it digitally.

Hope you like it! ♥



Working under bright lights in the draft-free room, she brushed the overalls with a metal spatula, carefully working with the wale and across it, with the nap and against it. A sprinkle of dirt and sand fell to the paper. With it, falling through the still air more slowly than sand but faster than lint, came a tightly coiled hair. She cocked her head and looked at it with her bright robin’s eye.
Crawford could see her lips moving. He knew what she was saying.
That’s what she always said.

Beverly Katz’s first appearance in Red Dragon (by Thomas Harris)



some old, some new.
identifying as nonbinary has been a welcomed, albeit recent, adventure and the comfort of my own skin that came with it? a relief.

maybe one day the people who want to call themselves my friends will take this in stride; i’ll welcome their questions, but not their bigotry. life’s too short to be unhappy.

and now 1 that’s my face 99% of the time with my hair looking just oh so fab

(she/he/them, mang i’m easy)