she's just so damn beautiful ugh

tbh chyler leigh is the best representation of a glow up i’ve ever seen in my life. like she went through so much shit early on, but now she’s finally being recognized for her talent and people are falling in love with her because of how loving and sweet she is. also she seems to somehow be getting more beautiful every day??? but damn we really don’t deserve her.

Reaction (Got7): When they find out that their girlfriend has one light blue eye and one light green eye, and she’s insecure about it

Mark: “You know why I love you? Because you’re not like those other girls. You’re so much better.” 

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Jackson: “Damn girl, are you a model? You should be baby.”

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JB: “Could I just look at you until I fall asleep? I want my dreams to be filled with your face.” 

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Junior: “You’re insecure? Well this is how I feel about your beautiful eyes.” 

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Yugyeom: “Ugh I just want to look into your eyes forever. I could die happy staring at you.”

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Youngjae: “Awe how cool is that. I have the coolest girlfriend ever.” 

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BamBam: “God damn baby, you just became infinity times more beautiful to me.”

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I can’t stop thinking about the fact that Stana got married and she’s so happy now and her hubby is this big awkward duck out in public, looking like a confused puppy all the time but courteous enough to hold her purse for her and open doors for her and he takes candid pics of her, just marveling at his beautiful wife (bc who wouldn’t when she looks like that) and he’s probably just as happy and they probably cuddle a lot and explore the city when they have time off and wander around foreign countries holding hands and sharing stories and just being so damn adorable. And the probably curl up with their dog and watch sappy indie movies in different languages or read together and ugh I’m just so happy that she’s happy it’s unbelievable how much I’m actually crying right now.


On this episode I could have sworn as soon as Judith saw Michonne she called her name. I know she was trying to get out Carl’s arms to go to her. Then Carl tried to take her in the house . Like damn Carl give Judith to her mother and stop playing😭😭 but look how Judith pays all the attention to Michonne when she is talking. Just so beautiful ❤️😭😍 I love this moment between all 3 of them .