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otp: you can’t leave (don’t) || kidge fanmix

“You can’t leave.” 

“You can’t tell me what to do.” 



catch me | demi lovato • moonlight | ariana grande • YOUR UNIVERSE | rico blanco • mess we’ve made | aj rafael feat. tori kelly • latch (acoustic) | sam smith • first heartbreak | tori kelly • wait for you | elliot yamin  • lost stars | adam levine • heart like yours | willamette stone • shelter | ray lamontagne  

album art originally by @k-lionheart-art. this will also update randomly. 

hope ya’ll enjoy!   

real talk about alicia clark in 3x05 for a second and how this arc of hers is actually a brilliant piece of storytelling like… 

if ftwd was a classic literature novel, your 11th grade english lit teacher would be lecturing on how alicia clark’s self-destructive spiral is an allegory for the millennial let down and apathy of the 21st century.

alicia clark grew up as an upper middle class millennial, in a nice suburb home, with a nice, seemingly well-rounded nuclear family. she and nick probably played little league soccer and have a box in the attic of old metallic plastic trophies.

she tuned out her world in favor of her ipod, lost herself in her studies because she was college would be the key to getting whatever she wanted out of life.

and now? all that pretty, painted ‘you can be whatever you want when you grow up! you can change the world!’ bullshit has been ripped away from her worldview and she sees the truth.

alicia clark could be a normal twenty-something going through her quarter crisis. useless college degree that put her tens of thousands of dollars in debt, dreams of saving the whales and ending world hunger crushed for the monotony of filing papers and learning microsoft excel.

english teacher’s lecture? all those zombies are corporate workers, dragging ass all day to get no where. lost in capitalism, in the draw of their cell phones. no recognition of the world around them, just consume, consume, consume…

alicia clark’s existential crisis is great television because it’s fucking relatable. all the pleasure has been sucked out her life in favor of survival. while she runs from zombies, we’ve got master’s-educated people working for minimum wage (or less). we’ve got brilliant young men and women who are always one mistake away from living on the streets or going without food this month. (or one congressman away from losing our health coverage for vital, lifesaving medications.)

it feels like it’ll never end. the struggle just brings more struggle. there’s little hope.

she tries drugs and sex and activities like cliff diving to feel something, to enjoy a moment in her miserable fucking existence. we… also do drugs and have sex and enjoy high-adrenaline activities lol, but additionally have the luxury of shit like enjoying our avocado toast and sending snapchat videos with silly dog filters and playing pokemon go for 8 hours a day, because if you can’t fucking get anywhere with the skills and degree that you worked on your whole life, at least you can smile for a moment when you finally evolve your bulbasaur.

idk, alicia clark’s existential crisis is brilliant and i’m loving it. rock on, my broken lil bean.

  • Queen Rhea: I have finally found someone worthy for my son. Lena Luthor will be a proper Queen of New Daxam. She is superior to your pathetic self in every way
  • Kara Danvers: She is amazing isn't? Lena is just so kind and brilliant! And she has such a beautiful caring heart and...
  • Queen Rhea: Eh...aren't you dating my son?
  • Kara Danvers: Huh..? Who...oh right Mof El
  • Queen Rhea: MON EL
  • Kara Danvers: Right right N like LeNa. Did you know that Lena means "`alluring, temptress, light "? I mean could she be named any more perfectly?
  • Queen Rhea: I am trying to insult you here
  • Kara Danvers: Yeah yeah whatever. Can we talk more about Lena? Especially her amazing eyes? Aren't they just as gorgeous as the nebulas of...
  • Queen Rhea: I need a drink

smol-beansean  asked:

I'm so fucking gay for Stephanie she looked so fucking good wow I'm gay.

You know what that one time when Matt said ‘how many girls have you seduced, huh Steph?’ It was like,,,

All of them.


All of them.

Stephanie has absolutely seduced dozens, if not hundreds, of ladies and femmes and she could probably seduce all of them if she wanted to.

alright gang
lets catch us a white dude in a mask

scooby doo, where are you??


thanks to @hedaclarks for the beautiful text


Essays in Existentialism: Comic Con II

Previously on Comic Con

The halls were full. The crowds were alive and the excitement was absolutely addicting, coursing through the convention center like its own entity, sweeping through hallways and meeting rooms, infecting everyone it came in contact with, and the stars themselves were not immune.

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Take care, my brave son, or you will bleed for a girl who will never be yours.


Selina Meyer/Kent Davison (requested by anon)

- “Oh my God! I’d kiss you right now, but I’m never gonna do that!”
- “My brain is at you service, ma'am.”
“We’ll see.”


What do you think about getting along with Kyung Woo again? The truth is, Kyung Woo likes you. All men sowing their oats make mistakes like that once in their life. Since it’s all water under the bridge…


countdown to the end of extinction: [5/5] dino charge rangers » shelby watkins

“Sunset Kiss” - Digital Oil Painting

I enjoy painting these ‘domestic’ moments between Rose and Tentoo. Here, she said something brilliant with that beautiful smile, so he just had to give her a kiss, murmuring against her hair how much he loves her.

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