she's just perfect for luna


*      based on that two second clip of a girl peggin’ it out the class when liam pressed the thing in 06x18.

full name: luna rae aodh ( pronounced: AY-EE-D ).
age: seventeen.
species: hellhound. 
star sign: capricorn. 
sexuality: freewheeling bisexual.


i. origin / move.

of northern irish decent, luna moved to beacon hills after the untimely death of her mother (to live w/her papa who she’d had minimal contact with over the years - they’re chill, though & he taught her how to play the ukelele - this isn’t the start of a young adult novella). also! ‘luna’ supposedly died with her mother / triggered her supernatural abilities, but i’ll be covered in more depth in the bio i’ll write (these are just tid bits.) ya gal has a little brother, too, and he’s a shit storm. twelve years old and ready to break your legs. or your heart.

ii. beacon hill war stance.

the heckhound blood ran through her father’s side (note: her surname literally means fire). thus, after moving to beacon hills / the hellhound curse being triggered, she was aided by her father when he grew to understand. she was taught a basis of control but struggles with the alignment of the two sides/parallels of her ability. it sux. her father, a lot like finch *6x18, has complete control of his abilities, but chose to ‘hide’ them in an ode to survival when the war started. he thought luna could do the same, playing most of the ‘tests’ off with charm, hesitation, lack of control on healing, etc. (hence the reason she was still in school whilst all of the shit was going down). 


- sarcastic, confused, dishonest,hesitant. 
+ relaxed, thoughtful, bold, cheerful.

i. context.

cautious, cautious, cautious. after the almost-exposure, she’s praying on the ignorance of the students/hunters to survive this damn thing. she’s more of a punch and run than stand and fight kinda gal. terror wouldn’t describe it. bar the instinct to fight, the family is almost clueless as to what is going on and why they’re caught up in the midst of it.

ii. whom?

  • her father is a full-time agricultural scientist (exp. moving around post-divorce) and part-time musician. he plays guitar, piano, and sings. big fan of blues.
  • luna’s little brother once sold her bra’s in school in exchange for candy.
  • she either carpools or skates to school. 
  • once got a detention for using irish slang in class; the teacher misinterpreted it as a curse word. 
  • her favourite colour is yellow.
  • she has a best friend called dom.
  • huge! animal! lover!

iii. aesthetic.

yellow, ukele, animals, fire, converse/vans, ripped denim, glassy eye rolls, lucozade, accents.


I got tagged by @cardigan-carm to talk about my favorite 10 characters from my top ten favorite fandoms. 

FFXV: Ignis Scientia, to the surprise of no one. 

FFVII: Zack Fair was my first true love, but I also have a deep love for Aeris. Yes, Aeris. Not Aerith. AERIS.

HP: Luna Lovegood. She’s just so fucking perfect and weird, but you can see her pain but her love for those around her.

Lunar Silver Star Story: Luna. She was a healer, a goddess, a girl who learned to fight through her fears. Seriously. That girl is fucking gold. 

FFX: Yuna. Jesus, I could write a book on why I love her so much.

Blood +: Saya. There is something so amazing about her journey, her love, her fragility. She fights because she loves, and she loves because she is human (even though she isn’t.) 

Death Note: L. I mean, what more can I say?

Kingdom Hearts: Riku. But seriously, also fuck Riku because that fucking running thing at the beginning of the game SUCKED.

Kuroshitsuji: Sebastian. What can I say, he’s just one hell of a butler.

Wild Arms: Hanpan. How many of you have to google this?

I am supposed to tag people, but I always feel awkward with this. So, if anyone wants to have a go, please feel free to do so!