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You know that vine where the guy shouts “WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD” to the one guy in bed but another dude pops up?

That’s Lucio and before telling anyone about their realtionship. 

Tracer came in to get Lucio awake, but blinks away yelling when pops up with wild bed hair telling her ‘What the heck’. 

“She’s so beautiful.” You whispered. You nuzzled her tiny rose nose and squeezed her tiny hands. Your boyfriend Dean was crouching besides you, tears strolling down his chin, staining his shirt.”Oh she’ll be a heart breaker, just like her mother.” Dean joked, playing with her grain size fingers.”Can I hold her?” Dean asked after holding y/d/n for an eternity. You laid her gently in his arms, trying to avoid another crying session.”Hi little y/n, I’m your daddy. I’m new to this whole screaming, daddy thing so please have patience on me. In return, I promise that I’ll love you and take care of and make you my number one priority. And who knows, maybe give you a little brother or sister too.” You watched as Dean bonded with your daughter.

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Are there any flower/garden/butterfly themed gems?

An easy one would be moss agate for a garden themed gem!

For a butterfly gem i would say black opal would be really stunning!

And for a flower themed gem my personal favorite is angel aura quartz, she could have a bunch of beautiful multicolored pastel flowers all over her! Just thinking about it sounds beautiful, make sure to send me a pic if you draw anything like that!

-Mod Lepidolite

Having worked on Global for years, and having been part of the BBCan Production Crew, I have some inside knowledge I want to share, I would like to remain anonymous because i still work in media, just not for Global anymore.

I, until recently was involved in the selection process for the BBCan 2017 season houseguests. Let me fill you in on who is going to win this season, it has already been pre-determined. Neda Kalantar will be the Big Brother Canada winner and in the near future you will see how upcoming twists will work in her favor, especially if she gets in a situation where she’s close to being evicted.

In case any of you are thinking that I am wrong and that Cassandra Shahinfar will win because she has been pre-chosen by Global, you are half right. Cassandra was pre-chosen by BBCan Production Crew, but not for winning the $100,000.00. Cassandra was chosen to be a distraction as to the true person who has been pre-chosen to be the winner of BBCan5 and that is Neda.

Neda is and has been friends with Barbara Bowlby for the past few years and will win BB. I have some evidence that backs this up and will be anonymously posting it here on the day before the finale airs.

to you all who feel like your writing is Not Good Enough, please just remember that The Hamilton Affair exists and let it serve as proof of your abilities.

Nonverbal communication from my cat!

I told y’all, Monroe points to her treats! This behavior is something she came up with all on her own to communicate what she wants. I did not train her to do that, she trained me to give her treats by reaching her paw up like that and giving me the cutest face she can muster. You can almost hear her saying “I want treats now! …please?”

So if somebody accepts this cat’s behavior as communication, but goes on to say a nonverbal autistic person’s behavior is just annoying, then the autistic person isn’t the one having trouble communicating.

Communication is a two-way street. Someone expresses something and someone else listens.

Just ignore the blather of Fox News. Mom had the TV on as white noise while playing Pearl’s Perils on her iPad.

i feel like im in love with every girl i meet and i used to enjoy it but its not a good feeling to want to kiss a girl and suddenly feel a wave of nausea when you think of the consequences. like i just want to have a girlfriend who loves me but this girl would think i’m lower than dirt if she knew i was a lesbian. and i still pine after her and all those girls and it hurts every time.

a female youtuber i follow posted a video about how another male youtuber - who had already made a literal hate video about her - broke her phone and basically assaulted her when she tried to joke with him about the situation

and of course because the male youtuber is super popular, the comments are entirely “this whore is a liar!!” and “if she had hit him, he wouldnt be crying about it in a vlog!” and similar sexist youtube content

i made one fuckin comment bc i felt so livid and have anxiety just bc i knew it would get shit responses but like, a big trigger for me is an argument that cant be won. i start to feel extremely cornered and trapped and feel horrible. that seems vague, but its literally just when someone refuses to listen to you, talks over you, doesn’t allow you to have a point of view, expresses opinions as fact. being in conflict with people like that - even when i know i’m right - gives me panic attacks and i hate it and ugh.

but i want to leave the damn comment for the fellow females who agree with me

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Pairing: Jyn x Cassian, Prompt: ummm idk, dealer's choice? (I feel like 3 sentences is hard enough - Maybe Cassian says something in Festian and Jyn wants to know what it means?)

When she’s happy, Jyn’s laughter trickles out of her like airy bubbles that pop in the sun, which is how she sounds now when she tells him, “Whenever you say something in Festian, I think you’re either talking about hydrospanners or telling me that you love me.”

Cassian looks up from the U-wing console and tangle of wires in his hands and says, “Do you want me to tell you what I just said?” before he drops them anyway in order to walk over to her, welcoming her to settle herself in his arms.

He whispers the translation into her ear, and Jyn is all self-satisfied smiles when she says, “So I was right.”


Seriously, that was probably on of the most anti-climatic breakup in TV history. Does anyone know if Carly Pope is in any upcoming episodes (I can’t remember if she was filming 5x19)? It has me wondering what the exact point of her character was. Do you think the writers finally figured out how disliked she is and just wrote her off quickly? I mean, why all the buildup with her knowing about Oliver’s secret? It’s so weird. 

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I hope we see her just one more time so we can close the loop on her story line. Like she is leaving town for a new life, or decided to not cover City Hall. I just don’t want her to be around where they could bump into her. LOL 

Random spec: SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched the end of the episode stop reading! - What if now that Prometheus is outed he uses Susan to try and out Oliver?  Or could she still be evil like some thought and in on his plans?  Time will tell! 

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omg would you and vess ever meet up in real life? You guys seem like you get along really well and it'd be so funny to see you interact! :)

we threaten to visit each other all the time,,but im poor af so if anything vess is coming to me. tbh she just told me she was coming over to make food so im waiting on that,,

i had a dream tumblr was real life and i was in another state living with everyone on tumblr and at some point they started collecting your phone to see if you had problematic shit on it and most of us all ran to this boat to cross an icy lake and just start running. i was gonna run all the way to Amars house in new york but the police were after me and i was terrified so i ran through a forest and @pureillusion was like “junko you were right the police are gonna kill us you have to get to new york” and i was like cornered in a forest and @fawnbreath calls me and she has wings and shes like “if you need anything let me know” and i told her where the cops were and she did a huge missile strike on them and then i woke up

When I was at the hospital, the lady that did my papers was Filipino. She looked at my info and said, “….. you don’t LOOK Filipino. I look Filipino.” 

I was too sick to say anything, like I had no voice and could barely whisper so I just shrugged. But I hate that shit. STFU commenting on what I do or do not look like, like your opinion will change the fact that my mother immigrated from the Philippines. People look different??? 

Like I get this reaction a lot from older Filipino ladies and they are almost angry at me. Like I’m trying to pull one over one people or something. 

Nah, sorry. Luck of the genetics draw gave me red hair and freckles but I’m still who I am. 

Short Skirts

Hello!! This is sorta short, and if you want, I’ll continue it?? But it’s basically just little drabble about the reader teasing Tom all day and him getting frustrated! I hope you like it, and once again, if you want me to continue it, lemme know!📖💐
Short Skirts
She’d been killing him all day. Her skirt was barely long enough to cover her bum, and as a matter of fact, every time the damned wind blew, he and every other male in the vicinity, would be able to spot the soft, baby blue lace of her underwear. Not to mention, her legs looked soft and he’d gladly die right there and then if it meant that he could slide in between them once more.
The shirt she had picked out in the morning to wear out had dipped low. He glanced at the silky flesh of her chest and thought about how, just a few nights ago, he had peppered her clavicle with love bites and touched her until her breathing came out in only quiet pants.
She’d also become more handsy with him. Usually, she was shy and a little reserved, even when they were alone. Like, if they were out in public, he’d have to grab her hand to hold or pull her towards him to give her a quick kiss on the forehead if he desired her affection. Not today.
Today, when they’d walked down to the local coffee house to grab a coffee, she had leaned into him in line and stood up on her tip toes to kiss the base of his jaw. Once they had retrieved their coffee and sat down to sip it and share their breakfast, she had moved to sit on his side of the booth and cuddled up underneath his arm. Her legs had somehow ended up being placed over his own and Tom had a clear view up her skirt. He tried to be a gentleman, really, and not look, but he couldn’t help it.
Her doe eyes and fluttering lashes didn’t help his situation much either. Nor did the way she kept looking at him.
“Are you alright there, darling?” Tom questioned her, his eyebrows raised after he caught her looking up at him through her lashes when they went out for lunch. Her teeth sunk down on her bottom lip and she smiled up at him.
“Course I am, silly, why wouldn’t I be?” She questioned him, placing a barely there hand on his thigh and shuffling closer to him in their booth.
Tom sucked in a breath and grabbed his water and took a desperate drink. He truly wasn’t sure if she was behaving this way to get a rise out of him, or if she was merely trying to get over her shyness about public displays of affection.
He shook his head, “no reason, no reason.” Tom went back to picking at his fries, hoping to shake off the feelings he’d had for her all day.
She kissed his neck and began rubbing her hand gently up and down Tom’s leg.
His hand froze and he dropped his fry, “what are you doing? Are you trying to give me heart attack?” He attempted to joke. Tom winced as his voice cracked at the end.
“I’m no doing anything, I’m just having lunch with my boyfriend, who I haven’t seen in a long, long while.” Tom made the mistake of glazing down at her just as she blinked her eyes up at him.
He swore under his breath. “You’re going to fucking kill me. We’re getting the check and going home.”

Indigo Blush for @alfalfalegacy‘s A Twisted BC!

  • The only CC is hair, eyes, and skintone. Other than that, everything else is from EPs/SPs. Feel free to change anything you like!
  • Traits - Artistic, Good Sense of Humor, Rebellious, Nurturing, and Adventurous.
  • Indigo is a fairy, but feel free to turn her into a human if that works better!

If you need anything else, or need anything changed, just let me know. So excited to join my first BC! ^o^ Thanks again!

[Private download unless she’s voted off.]

Interview questions below the cut.

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Lol @kittietv is nice and mean at the same time when we play RB XD
Like today
In Jeff the Killer Reborn Survival
She kept leaving me
Just to run away
I was like
Why ;-; why must you do this to me
I was still laughing bc it was funny sad

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So it seems pretty much everyone is freaking out that Even will never get a season since he is graduating, but I really don't think that is the case. I mean if Julie does want to do an Even season it could easily be about his summer or his first year of college or a million other possible ideas. Yes so far they have all been at Nissen but only a part of the show is in school and if Julie feels creatively about an Even season she could do it however she wants, so I don't think people should freak

Yeah, I think we just don’t know what the future holds! Something that strikes me about watching Skam is it’s a lot more flexible than what I’m used to, as well as a lot more reactive. I think Julie Andem does like surprising people too so you especially never know. ;)

(I do think six potential seasons is already a big undertaking and I wouldn’t necessarily expect it to keep expanding but I’m a big fan of just taking this chill.)

one of my many flaws is that I’m easily angered when my decency isn’t returned. so like these fuckin suit mates take long ass showers with loud music every night in a line from like 9-11:50. Today i got in the shower before them and literally part way through this girl comes in like 3 times and each time she opens the door, groans angrily and then leaves like she wants me to hurry up. It’s like!!! just fucking tell me to speed it up if you have something important to do and i will!! i dont do that to you when you shower let me enjoy my peace and quiet! I dont even play music like you do that annoys people >_> so I’m like so angry I’m not gonna do anything about it but please be kind?? like they could have just asked or ya know waited until i was done like i do for them but nooo they gotta be assholes.