she's just hiding it from you all


Alex doubles over with laughter, causing Penny to step back a little in surprise. After he regains his composure, he straightens himself up and smiles wickedly at her.

Alex: “She’s paying you? Oh she hasn’t been paying me at all but this is just perfect. Do you know where those funds have come from, Penny? You’re involved in some dirty money!”

As Alex explains that his mother has been taking bribes from some of the local crime syndicates and using hackers to gain her more votes for the presidency of San Myshuno, Penny’s expression begins to fall. It’s that money that his mother must have been paying to Penny to be the public face of her campaign and to hide all the criminal activity beneath it. She looks like she thought she had the better hand to play, but she didn’t have all of the facts.

Alex: “We’ve both been played, Penny. I’d suggest you get out of here and lie low for a while, and get yourself a good public relations guru.”

Penny is no longer glaring at him, her stare is withering as the information is revealed to her. She spins on her heel and leaves the bar as quickly as she can.

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Somone needs to hide all the lace material from the dresing room the next time Kate goes shopping😣😂 The woman is adorable but i cant take it anymore, someone needs to introduce her to silk, cotton and some floral designs or other bold dresses. Pleaseeee! Not more lace.... i have a feeling most of Kate's lingerie is lace👌

She looks lovely in lace but it’s just so uninspiring to see the same long sleeved lace dress over and over with just a change to the colour or the hemline. Did you see what Alexa Chung wore? I’m not a huge fan of her but she looked beautiful and I would love a royal to wear something like this: 


- Aedion and Dorian bromance. I want that Aedion apologize to Dorian for being a jerk and I want them sitting by the fire and talking about good old days. And Dorian being like “Damn Aedion, you mocked me for eating like a lady while you looked like an actual girl with that pretty hair of yours. Half of the boys were in love with you.” Aedion would just grin

-Thirteen scaring the shit out of Chaol. He’s left his prejudices down in the Southern continent but he’s still low-key terrified of witches and Asterin likes to hide in dark hallways and when Chaol walks by she just says hello from the dark and Chaol collapses every time

- Nesryn asking Lysandra if she can borrow one of her dresses because she wants to be pretty for Chaol. When she put a dress on she’s anxious and she doesn’t feel herself at all but she’d do it for him. When Chaol sees her he tells her that she’s beautiful but that he likes her better when she’s herself, in her leather fighting gear. She never wear a dress again

- Lorcan teaching Elide how to write and read Feysand style but instead of Rhysand is the most handsome High Lord, he writes Elide is the most beautiful girl Elide is the smartest girl, Elide is the bravest girl… After a month, super nervous Lorcan gives her a paper to read and she wants to snap at him because she’s tired of reading how perfect she is but instead she’s a sobbing mess because it says Elide, will you be my wife?

- Aedion calling Gavriel “dad" for the first time, Aedion telling Gavriel he loves him for the first time. Gavriel’d play it cool but later close himself in a room and cry all night because he’s not worthy

- Gavriel and Aedion bonding time. I want that AEDION IS OBSESSED WITH GAVRIEL. Not the other way. Them going on a trips together, going on the Southern continent, to Wendlyn.. one day Aedion asks Gavriel if he’d tell him how he and his mom met. Gavriel tells him everything and all of their adventures and how she was like, what’d she liked. They’d both cry at the end.

-Manon seeing Aelin’s soap collection for the first time and being like “Aelin you’re disgusting you don’t need all that”. She’d secretly steal one and Dorian would later ask her why she smells like Aelin

- it’s Manon’s birthday tomorrow and Dorian and Abraxos fly all night to get to that place that sells the only cake Manon likes. In the morning when they get back Manon is furious and she wants to cut Dorian’s neck open because no one rides her wyvern but then Dorian shows her the cake. Something obviously got stuck into her eye that’s why she’s crying

- Vaughan and Connall being boyfriends

- Fenrys saying that he’s the fastest wolf alive. Lysandra would chuckle in a background and Fenrys would be like “Lys, you and me, outside, now”. Everyone put their bets on Lysandra, Fenrys is offended, Lysandra wins

- Evangeline being obsessed with Rowan. She wants a story a day. Her favourites are about Fenrys falling off the ship while trying to impress ladies or about Lorcan climbing a tree to get a cat down because this old man couldn’t do it himself

- Aelin is walking in a park in Terrasen and this old lady comes to her and tells her that they always knew she’s alive and that she’ll come back and that whatever she’d done, it doesn’t matter, that her people are proud of her and that they’ll never forget Evalin and Rhoe. In that moment Aelin realizes that it’s all indeed been worth it

okay but can you imagine the hoods spending the day at the beach and baby hood is super excited bc she likes the beach and just saw moana and the movie had the ocean and so many pretty colours and she’s just super happy to be near the water

so you and calum get to the beach and baby hood is struggling to go to the water and doesn’t like having to wait while mama hood puts on sunscreen and baby hood is just chillin in her pink bathing suit and her tush is big and fat bc of her swim diaper and calum puts on her bucket hat to keep the sun off her face but it hides all her curls that she got from him

but FINALLY she’s able to go to the water and she’s waddling her way down the sand (making pit stops to play in it bc the walk is far from where their towels are to the water) and calum is slowly following her and is playing in the sand trying to make a sand castle only for baby hood to get up and continue her walk to the water and when she gets there she just stands at the edge and giggles when the water reaches her toes because it’s cold

it takes her a little bit but when she starts to walk into the water calum scoops her up and walks in himself stopping when he’s knees deep and dipping baby hood in, her squeals of joy echoing down the beach, and he swings her around and plops her in the water only to spring her back up again but once baby hood seems to be okay with the cold water he puts half of her body in and it’s only okay bc daddy is holding onto her and nothing bad happens around daddy

soon you follow and baby hood is squealing to be in your arms so when she’s transferred over calum dips into the water, his curls dripping wet and glistening in the summer sun, and he’s making bubbles under water to try and make baby hood laugh and she’s trying to grab them

But the day eventually comes to an end and you, calum and baby hood walked up to the pier and had a quick dinner at the local fish and chips stop and by the end baby hoods eyes are fluttering closed but she’s trying to stay awake because if she does maybe daddy will take her back to the water but eventually she passes out on calums chest and he’s looking like he couldn’t be better even thought he has a one year old drooling on his chest and there’s sand in his hair and there is about a hour and a half ride home but he’s here with his two favourite girls and life can’t seem to get any better for him

he softly deposits baby hood into her stroller and stands up, throwing his arms in the air and stretching his muscles, a loud yawn escaping from him “maybe it’s time for you to take a nap too?” you mumble, softly pulling baby hoods blanket up to her chest as she snoozes away and a soft chuckle comes from calum as he leans down and places a sweet kiss on your lips “nah I still got a few more hours with my two favourite girls”


‘Well, I’ve lost most of my possessions… people take them and hide them, you know. But as it’s the last night, I really do need them back, so I’ve been putting up signs.’
‘How come people hide your stuff?’ Harry asked her, frowning. ‘Oh… well…’ she shrugged. ‘I think they think I’m a bit odd, you know. Some people call me Loony Lovegood, actually.’


Void!Stiles x Demon!Reader

Requested by Anon

You hated what you’d become. Giving into Void felt good for a while, you fed and grew stronger, letting him play you into his plans. But the guilt that came with the strength settles in quickly and you tried your best to hid it from him.

He didn’t question your desire to cause a little trouble before you went to sleep, in fact, he’d not noticed how long you had been gone until the hunters arrived with the Sheriff in tow.

“She told you where I was didn’t she.” He sighed as he slowly turned to face them and realised you’d stayed away.

“Just come with us son, she just wants to help you.” John sighed as he cuffed him.

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Hard Eyes: Part 3

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Prompt: Batmom that was former suicide squad? 

Words: 938

Part 1 , Part 2 

    “I’m sorry, but this is just crazy.”

    You grin at your second oldest son, “And why is me going for a spa weekend crazy?”

    Jason scowls, “Not that! You leaving Penelope with Dick! She likes me more.”

    From down the hall you hear Dick yell back, “She does not!”

    You do your best to hide your chuckle but you don’t quite succeed. Straightening you sling your duffle bag over your shoulder and say, “Dick is in charge because I can trust him to keep the fighting to a minimum. When I come back from this weekend I would like all of my children to be alive and intact without any internal bleeding. And Jason, as much as I love you sweetheart, you like to stir the pot.”

    Jason crosses his arms against his chest and asks, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    You grin. “That I know it was you who broke Tim’s computer and not Damian. And that you tricked Tim into thinking it was Damian so that a fistfight would break out in the middle of the New Year’s Gala, so that you could sneak off without anyone noticing. I’m here to tell you that I did notice.”

    Jason just shrugs, “Alright so I don’t like Tim and the demon spawn all the time, but I love my sister, and if Dick has her he’s going to invite Barbara over and they’re going to place make believe house, and I’ll die from fluff overload.”

You kiss your son’s cheek, “Then I suggest not stirring the pot next time.”  

Without another word you leave the room, a pouting Jason on your heels. You make your way downstairs and let out a sharp whistle. The boys come into the foyer a minute later.

Setting your bag on the floor you lay out the rules. “All right I will be gone a week. This spa I’m going to doesn’t allow electronics, so it is next to impossible to reach me. I’ve left a number to be used in emergencies only. As in the world is ending, not someone stole your poptart.  Your dad and Alfred are also out of range. They’re with the League, trying some new physical therapy they’re hoping will help.

“I’ve left Dr. Lee’s number on the fridge, along with Commissioner Gordon’s, who has agreed to make surprise visits to make sure you’re all doing what needs to be done. AND NOT STIRRING THE POT.”  Your eyes flicker to Damian and Jason for a minute before you continue, “Also Dick, sweetheart, as much as I love you you’re not in charge.”

You watch your oldest son’s eyes go wide as you reach over and take Penelope from him, as Jason let’s out a sharp laugh. “What, why?”

You smile, “Hun, the minute Barbara comes in you go all love struck, and if you’re focusing on her and Penelope and in Jason’s words ‘Play house’ I fear that the manor would burn down and I do not want to explain that to Alfred.” You ignore Jason’s “Hah!” and keep going, “So I called in the big guns.”

You watch the girl slip out of the shadows without a word. You watch as Damian begins to scowl, not because he’s unhappy but because he hadn’t sensed her. Smiling at your oldest daughter, you give Cass a quick hug before handing Penelope over. The girl takes the infant with a smile. You can’t help but grin at the sight of your two girls.

Picking up your bag you simply say, “Cass has permission to use force if needed. I highly suggest following the rules. Bye kids.” And with a wave you leave.

You slink into the car, and begin your drive. Instead of driving towards a spa you make your way into the city. You head through it straight into the slums. You pull the car up to a less than stellar bar. You park it, grab your bag, and then lock it.

The beep draws more than a little attention. It’s a nice car, a payday kind of car, and had you been anyone else, it probably would have been gone even quicker than Jason could get the tires off the Batmobile.  

But you are you, and that’s why when a rather large goon steps in your path, you don’t even hesitate to drop him to the ground. Ruthlessness is prized here. Coldness treasured. Slipping inside the bar you let your new life fade away and slip into your past. It’s comfortable, if not a bit dusty, and as you drop your bag on the ground and it lands with a thud eyes turn towards you, and you meet all of them head on.

Floyd is sitting in the corner of the bar, guns on the table, a smirk on his face. It takes less than a minute for him to stand up and make his way over to you. His arm wraps around your shoulder and says, “Our Baby Girl is back.”

You smile as a cheer goes through the bar, and for the first time in forever your eyes land on your best friends. Harley and Ivy are there, smiling, and slightly behind them, sticking out like a sore thumb is your brother Captain Rick Flagg.

He’s dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt, and looking more uncomfortable than a cat in a dog fight. Your eyes meet his, and he tips his head just a smidge, he’s here for you. They’re all here for you. They might be a bunch of villains but they stick by there own, and make no mistake you are one of them. 

Baby Girl

Imagine: Your Clints oldest daughter and Furry has sent you to Midtown High since he agreed to hide you and your family from the outside world.This happened after civil war 

“ So are you coming over to my house or am I finally gonna meet your family in person.”

“ Pete I told you already my house isn’t quite stable right now. My mom has been a mess since my dad passed……. Hey you think we can just video chat today my mom is gonna have all the kids today and well she just needs me right now.”

     “ Yea hey if you need someone I’m always here for you, you know that right.”

“Yea thanks Peter” Before you left you kissed Peters check and started heading home. You hated lying to Peter that you’re dad was dead but you couldn’t let anyone know who you’re dad  was or that would just ruin everything that Furry fixed up for you and your family.

3 Hour Later

  “So you have to subtract the opposite from the adjacent to find hypogynous?”

“Exactly see you’re not bad at math Y/N “

        “Whatever Parker”

“Are you talking to Peter?Can I talk to him?” You’re little brother Cooper asked popping his head out from the door frame

      “Sure as long as it’s ok with Peter”

“Yea it’s ok. Hey Cooper how’s the robot doing?”

       “ Bad he was on the fritz yesterday and Y/N had to put him out with the fire extinguisher”

“Yea you’re lucky mom wasn’t home she would have killed you”


“Oooo You’re in trouble mom only calls you by your full name when you did something wrong”

           “In my room mom”

“There you are sweety can you watch the kids for me while I go out?”

           “ Yea sure mom”

“Thank you sweetie, oh hi Peter how’s your aunt May?”

            “She’s good m’ama, how are you? If you don’t mind me asking”

“I-I’m doing better thank you for asking. Oh and sweetie thanks again for watching the kids again I’ll  be back tonight. Peter you are welcome to come over if you’d like.”

                “Well if you don’t mind m’ama I would love to come over.”

“Y/N and the kid will be here waiting.”

                  “Alright I’ll be there soon”

                ——————Call Ended——————


        “What Y/N. I think it’s about time Peter comes over don’t you think.”

“Yea but the whole dad thing”

                         You said while looking down closing your computer

“Honey it will be fine. Now I have to go alright.”

         “There aren’t any of dad’s stuff in the house is there?”

“No I moved everything to the room down the hall and it’s locked. Now I have to be going now I’m late.”

           “Ok ok mom I think I’m good now”

“Ok oh and one more thing no funny business when Peter is over.”



*Knock on the front door*

        “PETER’S HERE”

All you’re younger siblings yell as you feel your baby brother his milk.

         “Or the pizza guy”

“Nope it’s Peter”

                Cooper brother said while closing the door

“Who told you could open the door”

           “Hey Y/N it’s cool it was only me “

“No Peter what if it wasn’t you”

        You’re eyes started to water while holding your baby brother closer to you

“You ok sis”

         Cooper asked while walking towards you.

“Yea I’m fine Coop, umm did you finish your homework?”

         “No “

“Cooper please go do your homework, you too Lila”

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        “Fine, but once I hear the words pizza i’m done doing homework”

Cooper and you’re baby sister(Lila) went upstairs to do there homework.

       *sigh*” umm sorry about that. Hi Pete.”

“Hey you alright princess?”

     “Yea it just I’ve got to protect these three you know and with my dad gone it’s *sigh* it’s just harder now “

“Hey Hey it’s ok , they’re ok you’re ok”

      “Sorry about that , so um I think I saw the headlights of the *whispers* pizza guys car wanna come with us.”

“Yea and I’ll take this little guy from you”  

                       ———Door Bell Rings——-

        “Hey Johnny $12.50 right”

“Hey Y/N and here’s you’re pepperoni and pineapple. Hey little dude(Nathaniel) you gonna eat all this pizza you’re self?”

          “Thanks John later”

“Hey Peter why don’t we switch I’ll take Nathaniel upstairs to change him and you take the pizza and set up the table”

        “Nah I think he would like it better if I changed him. Right little guy”

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*Nathaniel Giggles as a sign of yes*

         “Fine be careful with him alright Peter, his room is upstairs second door to the right.”

“I got this babe I have changed his diaper at my place before remember”

                ——————-After Dinner ——————–

            “Y/N can peter help me with my robot please.”

“I don’t know it’s pretty late now but if Peter says it’s ok I’ll let you guys go out to the porch too work on it.”

            “What do you say Peter”

“Maybe tomorrow Cooper it is pretty late too stay up”

             “Ok can you and Lila go up stairs and get ready for bed”

“Hey Cooper I’ll come up too say goodnight alright?”

          “Yea ok”


“Well thanks for the help Pete. I had fun even if we were babysitting.”

        “Yea I did to it was good too see Cooper and Lila in person and not behind a computer screen. Um you need help with putting Nat to bed.”

“Actual could you check on Cooper and Lila to make sure they are asleep”

          “ Yea sure”

*Thunder and rain*

          *Nathaniel crying in a distance*

“I know buddy I know. The rain is scary you wanna stay with me until mom gets home”

              *Nathaniel nodes his head*

“Hey Y/N I get if this is too forward….. But … um”

        “ Peter it’s not safe for you too go home right now, you can stay here tonight”

“Thanks babe. Do you have any blankets so i can stay on the couch?”

       “You’re are not staying on the couch Parker. You can stay in my room with me and Nathaniel.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel that I trying to push you to do anything, because you know I wouldn’t “

      *giggles* “ I know Peter plus Nat would love to have you by his side while he sleeps”

             ———————-The Next Morning———————–

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“I don’t like this Luara”

      “Come on Clint they look like a little family. And Y/N really likes Peter he is so sweet too her.”

  You heard people talking as you we’re trying to sleep you cuddled a bit closer to Peter as Nathaniel was asleep on Peter’s chest.

“ mmhm Mom……. Dad?”

     “Here honey go talk to you dad down stairs while I take Nathaniel form Peter “

“How are you old man”

     *sigh/laugh*” I could be better but don’t worry about me sweetie how are you, I see you brought you *clears throat* boyfriend home”

“He’s a really nice boy dad. H-he’s treating me right. And for your information mom invited him over and there was a storm last night. I couldn’t make him go home in the storm, so he stayed and he was a great help with Nat.”

      “I could see that but if he hurts my baby girl an arrow is going throw him”

*laughs*” I love you dad. And I miss you so much mom and I had to tell Peter you were dead.”

       “That’s fine sweetie just know I love you so much and I’m just a call away”

              You’re dad hands you a phone with only one contact in it

“ What’s this?”

      “Steve felt bad for everything and he thought it would be a good idea to give you some sort of contact with me. So I’ll just be a call away if you ever need this old man”

“Nathaniel…….Y/n……. Nathaniel where are you guys”

        “Now go up there and calm that boyfriend of yours down”

      Before you could say anything you’re dad brought you into a hug and kissed the top of your head goodbye and then he was gone

“Y/n……. Umm hey don’t panic but I can’t find Nathaniel”

        “He’s with my mom Pete she can into my room last night and took him”

“Oh okay thank gosh”

          “Hey Peter have I ever told you I Love You “

“Yea a couple of times why?”

      “Because last night I realized how much I Love You”

“ It can’t be as much as I Love You”

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Hope you guys like it and sorry if it dosnt make sence but i tried. Oh if oyu have any request dont be afrid t message / ask me . Love you lots .

Very Important Part of any Trollhunter!Strickler AU

Buff Knight Dad

  • Buff Knight Dad, a.k.a. the Ultimate Ectomorph, who looks like a malnourished beanpole but could throw you over the next three hills.
  • Buff Knight Dad who wears old, just slightly ill-fitting clothes to hide how strong he really is.
  • Buff Knight Dad who fails at the aforementioned hiding and whom Barbara shamelessly ogles. (Hands-on, for greatest effect.)

“Barbara…Darling…Why are you rummaging in my back pockets? There’s nothing there.”

“Oh yes there is,” she purrs.

The yelp was heard clear from the Forge to Bagdwella’s pub.

  • Buff Knight Dad who knows maybe 232 styles of martial arts (ya get to travel in a few centuries) and has all the fluid grace of a Bolshoi ballerina with knives for pointes. 

Buff Knight Dad

i mean i guess in comparison to sasuke and naruto who are both so stupid they should be dead a dozen times over sakura is a lot more well put together but also i think that stems from boring writing and i think sakura is like equally as impulsive with shit and just better at hiding it or blaming it on naruto like shes the girl who punched out sai for shit talking sasuke she literally is always hot headed and hitting ppl like you cant take the three of them out without one of them getting into a bar fight despite all of them being sober and there being no bars in a one mile radius of them

Sombra Valentine's Day HC

I started off avoiding doing Sombra for this but then I got really into it?? I would love a Valentine’s Day with Sombra!

Genji  |  McCree  |  Pharah  |  Reaper  | Soldier:76  |  Sombra  |  Tracer

Bastion  |  Hanzo  |  Junkrat  |  Torbjorn  |  Mei  |  Widowmaker

D.Va  |  Reinhardt  |  Roadhog  |  Winston  |  Zarya

Ana  |  Lucio  |  Mercy  |  Symmetra  |  Zenyatta


  • Sombra would announce to you that you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with her

    • Low key loves the holiday

    • Hides that fact from Reaper and Widowmaker

  • Dyes her hair in preparation of the day

    • Claims she just wanted a change but you know it’s because of Valentine’s Day


  • You’ll wake up to a song she hacked into your alarm

    • It’ll be a love song in Spanish

    • Will boop your nose when she notices you’re awake

    • Will cuddle you until you say you both have to get up

      • Will absolutely pout

  • Showering together (non-sexual) and washing each other’s hair

  • Chocolate scones for breakfast with mocha lattes

  • Giggly hide and seek that results in tackling each other and peppering kisses all over each others faces

    • She will definitely win, but she’ll give you a couple rounds just to have your arms around her more

  • She’ll give you a necklace that projects a video of her telling you how much she loves you

  • Her calling you “Mi tesoro” (my treasure)

    • If you call her cariño she won’t even try to hide her smile

  • She makes a point to not have any work to do that evening

  • Reenacting the spaghetti scene from Lady & the Tramp during dinner after she found a bootleg copy online

    • She declares watching that movie will be your Valentine’s Day tradition
She smelled of smoke. She always wears an uneasy smile. She pulls her sleeves up, hiding all the red pain. I always thought she was brave and strong, but really she’s just broken. She plays with your thoughts until all you feel is loyal. You feel like you have to stay, because she makes you think she needs you. She genuinely loves you. She really does. She just doesn’t know what being in love means.
—  she broke you
azmiwill replied to your post “WHERE THE HELL DID ELIZA GO???? (Love this comic)”

But literally turn invisible? I just thought “not on the radar” undetectable, not to the naked eye!

They might seem ‘invisible’ unless you look directly at them – which is why Oscar and Eliza ran all over town hoping to see something strange. A witch with enough skill could cast a shroud and then move just beyond your field of vision, or jump into a crowd, or any number of things to get out of your direct line of sight, and you wouldn’t realize they were there. Shrouds hide your magical trail, and also your visible presence, unless looked upon directly :)

Remember, also, that even though Eliza said that witches can use shrouds to completely hide from detection, she was still able to faintly sense Zulime’s magic enough to find her at the circus. That says a lot about Eliza and Zulime’s relative powers, in a way I think a lot of people completely disregarded.

And also, the shroud that the White Faced Bear put over Clifford was so strong that Eliza never sensed him for a full sixteen years.

@ the fucking Mon-El haters cough*salty s*perc*rpers*cough

Aside from the fact that you blame Mon-El for everything he does or does not do, like blame him for supporting Kara to publish something SHE WANTED and something LENA TOLD HER TO DO. I WILL FIGHT YOU if you start blaming him for not telling Kara his secret of being the Prince. Kara, Alex and James were ALL hiding their secrets for a LONG time but no word about that just Mon-El. I smell double standards. Secondly and to my main point, if you blame Mon-El for not sharing his secret you are fucking idiots and have obviously no idea what is like to be a refugee. Well guess what? I AM the child and grandchild of refugees, my friends are children of refugees. My country is a country FULL of refugees because of what happened in 43 years ago. Here you are either a refugee or you know someone who is a refugee. Our whole lives we would go to school and we would get taught not to forget of what happened to us or our parents. The pain of what it was to be a refugee. We saw the pain our parents and grandparents had to go through and many of us wouldn’t dare to ask them about that deeply personal experience. NEWSFLASH: REFUGEES DON’T OWE YOU THEIR LIFE STORIES! And before you go off by saying but Mon-El is royalty let me stop ya right there because last I checked royalty have homes too and feelings and family. Mon-El lost EVERYTHING the day Daxam died and he doesn’t want to talk about that especially because he isn’t proud of what his family was. (ALSO possibly being pushed to marry someone he didn’t want to be with) So stfu and sit down because he doesn’t owe you anything and if Kara goes after him as well, I’ll be really pissed because she did the same thing AND her parents weren’t saints either.

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Something’s Wrong With My Daughter

Author: Eldautor

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My wife and children are asleep right now - I think, at least - so I finally have the chance to write all of this down. Things have been hectic around the house lately and if Clio knew I was writing all of this stuff down, she would honestly kill me. (No, I don’t actually think she would kill me. This isn’t that kind of post. My wife and I have a wonderful relationship.) She’s trying to keep all of this a secret, claiming that Layla is just “sick” and “going through a phase,” but the school is starting to realize that we’re hiding something from them. Things are starting to get pretty bad, so I decided that maybe you guys could help me out. NoSleep seems to be full of people pretty accustomed to this type of crazy stuff.

So, let me give you a bit of background. My name’s Atlas. I’m 32 and I married my wife, Clio, two years ago. The moment we discovered that gay marriage was legalized, we began planning our wedding. It was short, simple, and absolutely perfect. Married life has treated both of us well and I’ve never been more in love with someone. I don’t believe in soulmates, but I think she’s someone I was truly destined to be around. Maybe I’m contradicting myself. I don’t know. I’m not here to talk about Clio.

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X men pref. How they react when you go missing in action

featuring : Alex, Kurt, Peter, Jean and Scott

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Jinx is not a madman,just too simple to make herself happy.A selfish person.

“Life is constantly looking for fun."This is the life goal of Jinx’s life.
So there is a contrast between Ekko and Jinx.
A boy who stuck in the past and A girl who just want to live for tomorrow.
I always thinking:"How does Jinx looks before she get crazy.”

Then I find something interesting about Jinx from Riot:

“I feel that Fishbones represents Jinx’s subconscious preoccupations and desires - her hidden, repressed self. 

She may be a crazy party girl outwardly, but she has some latent desire for normalcy on some level, which I think is fascinating.”


Maybe she didn’t change,just to hide something and think it is necessary.

“Feelings and emotions, life and death,
things… No matter how you work at it,it all ends in futility.”

When Ekko answer the question from Jinx.
Looks like he is talking about his story but with an indifferent tone.
Several years later,lots of things are become not that important.
It seems like you can talk about these things without any feelings.

“We all gotta die sometime! Unbecoming?Nobody gives a damn!”

Anyway,what is the point I want to say is :
Don’t try to think complicated,no one will really care and spend lots of time to understand what you’re thinking.

Make good use of time to think about future.

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would you want to maybe write me a (musical) race imagine where he finds a poor girl sleeping in an alley? maybe she ran away from home? you can do whatever you want with that i'm just in love with Race.

i feel like i’m posting a lot of Davey and a lot of Race. yes, they are my favorites, but i guess they’re your favorites, too, because that’s they way my requests lean. i think one’s cute. enjoy.—Nails

Summer stinks. You felt like you had pulled layers and layers of clothing off. You didn’t feel like you had to hide anymore, which is good. They must’ve stopped sending police officers after you. You had all the reasons in the world to leave, the yelling, the threats, your brother… So you finally up and did.

It was starting to get dark. Starting to get dark meant find a place to sleep. That had been the hardest part of this. Food was easily stolen, and hiding places easily found, but finding a ‘comfortable’ spot to spend the night, where nothing could come to hurt you? Just shy of impossible. Walking all the way down to Central Park was a trek, but it was tonight’s best option, since that nice shop keeper asked you to leave.

Quickly, you’d found a park bench. That would have to do. You laid down, tossing your jacket over you as a makeshift blanket, and tried to get some shuteye. You heard something heavy crunching leaves down. The sounds were coming in you direction. You prayed what you were hearing was a dog, or a really fat squirrel. It stopped right in front of you. “Oh?” A voice whispered.

You dared open your eyes to look up at the sound. It was a boy, about your age. He had wild, ragged blonde hair. Everything else was hard to tell in the dark. “S-Sorry, I’ll leave.” You muttered. You had no clue what compelled you to say that. You were here first.

“No… No, I just came to, uh… Get my bag,” he bent down, not breaking your eye contact, to get a bag half full of newspapers. “See?” He stared at you for what felt almost like a minute. “Why’re you out here this late? Ya lost?” The boy asked.

Were you just going to tell him? You’d just met him, you didn’t even know his name! “This is where I sleep?” You were going to tell him, then. It sounded more like a question, even if it was a statement.

“It ain’t safe out here, Miss.”

“Where am I meant to go, then?”

The boy seemed to contemplate the question for a minute. “Come with me.”

“I don’t even know your name!” You hollered. “I’ve made it just fine out here, and I intend to continue.”

He extended a hand to you, a smile painted across his face. “Racetrack Higgins. Call me Race.” You shook Race’s hand curtly. “Now, do ya want somewhere warm and not outside to sleep, or not?” He folded his arms over his chest.

You looked up at him again, dumbfounded. “Where would I be staying?” This seemed too good to be true.

“’M sure you could stay at the ‘Hatten lodging house with us for a night.” Race scratched the back of his head. “Couldn’t sleep knowin’ a left a pretty girl like yourself out here like this.” He tried.

Sighing, you nodded. “You know what? You win. Because I’m tired, and this bench hurts like hell.” You grabbed your few belongings and stood. “I’m (Name).”

“It’s nice to meet you, (Name). Where’s youse from?”


“How the hell you get all the way out here?”

“… I walked.”

Your Insecurities // Min Yoongi

Originally posted by jiminthebun

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Slight Angst // Fluff

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Can I reuqest a BTS Suga scenario? Where the reader is extreemly insecure and Suga is there to tell her she’s beautiful and stuff with fluff?

You stared at the group of girls sitting across from you on the train as they didn’t make any attempt to hide they were talking about you.

“Look at the way her clothes cling to her stomach…can she not buy a bigger size?” their words stuck into you like daggers, as you looked down at your stomach. It’s not that you were fat; you were far from it. Your frame was just bigger than theirs, which was something you couldn’t help at all.

As the train came to your stop, you got up to wait for the doors to open. Before walking out, you heard one of them call after you “Have a good day, fat-ass!” You kept walking, holding your breath and keeping your eyes straight forward as you tried to not fall apart right then and there.

You made it back to your apartment you shared with your long term boyfriend Yoongi, who was currently laying on the sofa watching T.V when you came through the door.

“Hey babe, you’re home early.” He called out sleepily. You weren’t in the mood for talking to anyone, even him; as you barged straight into the bathroom not even saying hello to him. Yoongi muted the T.V, confused as to why you didn’t even look in his direction.  He got up quickly and followed you, but upon arriving at the bathroom he found the door locked.

“(Y/N) please let me in.” He said calmly, his forehead resting on the door lightly.

“Go away” you sniffled back at him, sitting on the floor with your back up tight against the bathtub, your knees tucked into your chest as you tried your best to stop crying, but nothing could console you at this point. You couldn’t get those girls words out of your head as you began to believe every single word they said. And why was a guy like Yoongi with you anyway? He could have his pick of girls. He was famous, good looking, talented and intelligent. While you just felt like a complete nobody.

“Can you please unlock the door so we can talk? I don’t fancy standing here shouting at you through the door all day.” He said, feeling frustrated that you wouldn’t just open the door. He knew something or someone had hurt you badly for you to act like this, and he hated that you were physically and emotionally shutting him out and not even letting him attempt to help you.

You didn’t reply to him, you just sat and cried silently into the sleeves of your sweater. You breathed heavily as you were completely blinded by your own tears and just wanting to die right then and there. You didn’t know how to cope with a strangers harsh criticisms of your body. Moreover, you didn’t know how to talk about it with anyone without them thinking you were some kind of attention seeker. You didn’t want to burden Yoongi with your insecurities; you didn’t want to give him any more reasons of why he shouldn’t be with you.

“(Y/N) I swear to god, if you don’t open this door right now, I’m going to knock it down….you’re really scaring me right now. Please let me in baby…” Yoongi pleaded once more, wishing with all his heart that you would just let him in.

You gave in. You got up and unlocked the door, opening it to reveal Yoongi looking completely distressed. Upon seeing his face, you began crying again, to which he clicked his tongue in sympathy and rushed over to pull you into his arms in turn making you cry even more. He held you tight against him, letting you sob into his neck as he gently stroked your hair in an attempt to comfort you.

“What happened baby? Talk to me.  Let me help you.” He cooed into your ear softly. You looked up at him; his face completely softened, plastered with worry.

“When I was on the train today, these girls…they started making fun of me and how I look. Calling me a fat-ass, saying how my stomach looked in my clothes.” You blurted out all in one go, your shoulders heaving up and down. Yoongi’s eyes widened in shock as he literally couldn’t believe that someone would say that about you. For in his eyes; you were the single most perfect human being alive.

“You listen to me. Those girls are trash. They don’t know you, they don’t know what you’ve been through, they don’t know your struggles….they don’t know the first thing about you.” He whispered into your ear as you squinted your eyes shut at his words.

He held you at arm’s length while studying your face. He didn’t need for you to tell him that you were insecure about your body. He knew this already as you always tried to wear baggy clothes to cover parts of you which you hated. He took your face in his hands and inched his face closer to yours, his breath fanning over your lips as he spoke.

“I love every single inch of you (Y/N). I love your cute tummy, your sexy thighs…I love all of your body because not only are you beautiful on the outside, you are the most stunning, intellectual woman I have ever had the great honour of knowing. I’m so lucky to have you, you know that?”

You scoffed at him, not fully believing him at all.

“Don’t scoff at me, you little brat” he said, before pressing his lips to yours, kissing you passionately with needy kisses as his hands roamed over every inch of your body, making you deepen the kiss as you gave into him completely. He broke the kiss moments later, looking into your eyes intensely.

“Don’t you dare listen to those stupid bitches. They are obviously just jealous of you. You have a boyfriend who loves you more than life itself. They are probably sad, lonely and pathetic girls who have nothing better to do with their time than to bring other people down. The world is full of those kinds of people. But you know what? You’re one of a kind. And you’re all mine. You’re mine, and if I had of been there with you today, those girls would have regretted even glancing in your direction.” Tears fell from your eyes once more upon hearing his sincere words, making your heart swell and shrivel up at the same time.

Yoongi hushed your cries and wiped your tears away with the sleeve of his shirt.

“I love you” you said quietly, as you placed your head back into the crook of his neck. He wrapped his arms around you once more, placing his chin on the top of your head.

“I love you too (Y/N). So much.” He replied softy.

“Let’s have a bath together okay? I’ll run the water, you go and get the clean towels from the hot-press.” you nodded slowly at his words, before walking out of the bathroom and going to fetch you both some towels. You looked at the pictures of you and Yoongi hung up along the hallway, recounting all of the memories. All of the things you had both been through together. He was your saviour, your muse. He was all you needed to survive in a world full of cruel and heartless people.

You returned several minutes later to find that Yoongi had littered the bathroom with aromatic candles, the smell of vanilla warming your nose. You smiled, your cheeks feeling like they were going to fall off. “How did I get so lucky…” you thought, before Yoongi came up behind you, grabbing the bottom of your sweater softy.

“Come on jagiya, let’s not let the water go cold.”

BTS Reaction To Their Idol Girlfriend Dance Practice Video

Namjoon: Would be laughing a long while watching the dance practice and might even imitate the “sexy” dance moves she made.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Taehyung: I feel like he’d become flustered at first but once she starts laughing and hiding away he’ll laugh along. 

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

Hoseok: He’ll think that your groups new concept was aiming to be sexy and be little confused as to why you were laughing when it was your turn to be in the front.

Originally posted by tbhobi

Jin: He first was enjoying it and then when she starts to body roll and do all that jazz he’s just like ?!? and then when you begin laughing he’s even more ?!!!?????

Originally posted by xingorjin

Jungkook: “Ah! Why does she always do this.”

Originally posted by jinkooks

Yoongi: Would know that she was joking around when he saw one of the members turn away from the camera, shaking with laughter.


Jimin: Would be very shy and look away from the screen for a second hiding his face.

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