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Waking up to those pictures release of Cheyenne’s wedding, and see my babies Amy and Jonah laughing, talking and smiling together ON A BENCH, is my aesthetic


NEW SONG OF MINE. Fun fact: the audio of this is actually reversed. 

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: I just experienced every emotion it is possible to experience as a human at the hands of a 22K word update of the blessing more well known as Chrmdpoet's Lover in Low Light. I laughed I cried I sobbed I grinned. Literally there wasn't a single emotion left untouched in that single chapter. My life has been forever altered by the love story between Clarke Griffin and Lexa Woods and I don't think I'll ever be the same.

About a month ago (probably more I have no concept of time) @strawberryparade tagged me in this tag and I couldn’t do it because I do not have a phone so after a month of self loathing I remembered that I can draw and stole someone’s phone (borrowed is a better word but I’m sticking to stole) so here is a drawing of me knowing my poor choices so I refer to an awkward peace sign as the sugar donut that is Nicole looks at me with disbelief and regret of ever tagging me (in my defense I was so in awe of her beauty that I was in shock and couldn’t draw this sooner) 

Little Surprises (Suho x Reader)

Request: In which you attempt to hide your pregnancy from your husband Suho because you aren’t sure how he’ll react and because he’s very busy, but he finds out anyway

Toot toot! All aboard the fluff train! I loved writing this scenario, it was completely adorable and I just couldn’t contain all the feels. Suho is going to be the best father ever in my opinion. I mean come on, he’s $UGARDADDY $UHO. My gawd, this boy is just so perfect. He may not be my bias, but he’s a complete babe and sweetheart! Look at his angelic smile! How can you not love him?!?! Hope you all enjoy this one! 

The early morning sunlight swirled through the curtains of the bedroom you shared with your busy, but loving husband Suho. You twisted your lovely wedding band around your ring finger, a nervous habit you did whenever you felt guilty. You shook yourself furiously at how ridiculous you were being. Just because you had skipped a period or two didn’t mean anything, right? You read somewhere that if a woman is stressed or overworked she has a chance of skipping her period. You let yourself believe that for a while, but then after you went and skipped another month, you began to worry.

You gingerly reached far back into the drawer of the nightstand beside your plush bed and retrieved a single pregnancy test, something you didn’t think you would have to use so soon. Biting your lip, you slipped quietly into the luxurious bathroom that was connected to your bedroom. Even though Suho was away with EXO at a photo shoot for a popular magazine, you still felt the need to remain silent, afraid that even the sound of your breath might alert the world. 

You felt so dirty and sneaky as you quickly took out the pregnancy test, following the directions as stated on the box. Rising from the toilet, you slipped your modest but cute, knee-length skirt back on, your hands beginning to tremble as you peeked down at the test.


You sucked in a quick gasp, collapsing to the floor of your bathroom, a whirlwind of emotions swirling through your head. You were definitely shocked, but you couldn’t quite discern what else you were feeling. Were you happy? Much to your surprise you felt a small, almost secretive smile grace your features. Yes, definitely. You placed a hand on your stomach tentatively, thinking of Suho. After your engagement and marriage about a year ago, the two of you hadn’t really mentioned what plans you had for starting a family.

You tried to think of how you’d gotten pregnant in the first place, since the two of you usually used protection or birth control. You suddenly blushed a violent scarlet, remembering the day that Suho had returned from his three month long tour. He usually dealt with the problem he had with long term separation fairly well, but as soon as he had come home to you, he looked completely lost in lust and need, instantly ravishing you into sweet oblivion. It was a possibility that you had forgot to take your pill and he had forgot protection while the two of you were caught up in each other.

You sighed while caressing your stomach gently, thinking to yourself, Would he be happy? Suho was just always so busy and he had his leadership duties to take care of the other EXO members. Plus, he already balanced his time with you with his schedule. It’d be close to impossible to raise a baby on the side. You decided that just for now, you’d keep your pregnancy a secret, only telling him when the timing was right.

For the rest of the day, you went on with your usual activities of grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, and, finally, relaxing. As you sank into the downy couch of your living room, you breathed a sigh of relief, not realizing until now that your pregnancy was farther along then you first thought. You’d also changed into some looser clothing than what you usually wore, so as to hide your slightly rounder stomach. A favorite below the knee black skirt, a soft, light cottony v-neck, and an over sized wool sweater to keep out the early spring chill of the day.

You heard from down the hall the sound of the front door unlocking and froze where you sat. You closed your eyes and whispered to yourself reassuringly with small amount of reprimand, “Easy girl. Just act natural.”

You smiled widely as Suho appeared around the corner, his own gorgeous face lighting up in happiness, “_____!” He hurried over to the couch and enveloped you in the loving warmth only he could give to you. He peppered your face with kisses as he sat down next to you, letting your body curve into his perfectly, his eyes looking down at you adoringly, “So what have you been doing all day?”

You let your hand stretch across his stomach and nestled your head into his shoulder, “Oh just this and that, the usual,” you gave him an inquisitive look, “I was wondering why you didn’t wake me up before you left though.”

He chuckled, his hand stroking your hair, “I was going to wake you up before I left, but you just looked so cute in your pajamas all snuggled up under the comforter. I didn’t want to disturb your sleep because you seemed to be cleaning and working around the house more often then usual,” he looked down at you with eyes full of worry, “Have you been okay? You just seem to want to do everything by yourself lately.”

You’d looked up early pregnancy symptoms and one of them had been over activeness on things like cleaning and cooking. You attempted to look innocent as you pressed a kiss to his jaw, “I’m fine, honey. It’s just that you’ve been so busy lately that I want you to be able to come home to a delicious dinner and a clean house.” Which wasn’t a complete lie, you were worried that he might be overworking himself. Even if you felt drained at the end of the day, it was always worth it to see him happy.

Suho cupped your face with one hand and turned it towards his own that was full of concern, his thumb brushing your porcelain cheek, “I do love when you do that for me. But I’d rather come home to my beautiful wife that is not exhausted and able to see in front of her own two feet.” As he leaned in to kiss you, your tiredness starting to take a toll yet not completely as he caressed you lips slowly with his own. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you closer, kissing you earnestly and without abandon, making you press into him wantonly, knotting your hands into his shirt. An overwhelming sense of love washed over you as you received every tender caress from your husband. Without realizing it, tears began to slip from your eyes and run silently down your cheeks, guilt and love mixing into this one strange emotion. 

Suho pulled away, startled and confused as he grasped your face in his warm palms, “_____? Honey, what’s wrong?”

You shook your head, your eyes clouding with tears as you began to sob loudly, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

He shook you gently, bringing you close to him, “____! Please tell me what’s wrong!”

You leaned your head into his chest as you wept into his shirt, knowing you were acting ridiculous, “I’m sorry I can’t take care of you better, Suho! I-I always try so hard, but it always ends up being you who takes care of me. Y-you work so hard all the time and I feel so powerless when you come stumbling home exhausted from work or practice. I just wanted to take care of you for once!”

Throughout this time, Suho had listened patiently, his arms wrapped around you, and a hand rubbing your back soothingly. After letting you regain your composer, he pushed you away slightly, watching sadly as you wiped furiously at your cheeks. He could hardly believe what he was seeing, you rarely ever broke down like this. He took hold of one of your trembling hands, as he softly spoke, his voice barely above a whisper as he looked deeply into your eyes, “_____, beautiful, perfect, kind, _____. You don’t need to worry about anything and nothing is or should be your fault. You already try more than you should for me, and I don’t want to see tears like that again. You’re my wonderful, gorgeous wife that is perfect just the way she is, okay?”

You hiccuped, melting back into his waiting arms, “Okay,” you sighed, looking up at him, “You know what? I just decided that you’re too good to me.”

He laughed, the two of you standing up, “Nothing’s too good for my princess, alright?”

You folded your arms, shaking your head with a small smile, “Fine, now why don’t we go get some of the delicious dinner that I prepared? It’s already on the table waiting, piping hot, just the way you like it.”

He looked positively giddy as the two of you sat across from each other at the table. You watched in amusement as he scarfed down his food eagerly, showering you with compliments on your cooking ability. All the while you pushed your food around, taking tiny bites, not feeling like eating at the moment, you stood up to go wash your plate. 

Suho looked up from his food curiously, “Aren’t you going to eat, honey?”

You shook your head, “No, I think I’m just going to settle for some tea-,” you suddenly clutched at your stomach, dropping your plate. Your eyes widened in pain, your insides feeling like they were twisting into painfully tight knots, you groaned, “No, why does it have to be like this? Is it ever easy?” Suho was instantly by your side, his arm wrapping protectively around your waist, “____, are you alright? What are you talking about?”

Heaving a huge sigh, you looked up at your husband, deciding that now was better than ever, “Can I tell you something, Suho?”

“Yes, honey, just please sit down first,” he guided you over to a chair and helped you ease back into it. 

You bit your lips as he knelt down in front of you, his hand grasping your knee comfortingly. Swallowing you looked right into his gorgeous dark eyes, as you murmured quietly, “I’m pregnant.”

Suho’s eyes widened to the size of saucers as they darted between your face and your stomach, his hand coming to rest on it silently. You felt tears rise in your throat as he dropped his head, his other hand pressing to his face. You managed to choke out, “I’m sorry, I didn’t think-,” you froze realizing that his shoulders were shaking and he was wiping at his eyes.

He looked up at you again, this time his eyes were full of joy, a brilliant smile shining on his handsome face, “_____! I’m going to be a father!”

He suddenly picked you up into his arms and twirled you around, making you laugh and cry relieved tears at the same time. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him happily, “I’m so glad that you’re happy Suho.”

You knelt down in front of you again and pressed his forehead to your stomach, a smile plastered on his lips, “Of course I’m happy, sweetheart.” He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to your stomach, “I just can’t wait to get started!”


It’s okay. You’re okay.


(A/N: okay can i just say how much i love Cara Delevingne. like she is so gorgeous and sweet lieeekkk just kill meee. okay enjoy the imagine cX)

“Hello” a young girl beamed as she got up to the mic. “Well hello there” Jared smiled kindly. “Okay my question is for Jared sorry Jensen”, “Haha” Jared mocked and pointed at Jensen jokingly. “You’re a child” Jensen laughed. Jared quickly looked back to the girl who had a question, “So sorry please continue” he smiled.

“Okay so my question is what was your first impression of Y/N when you met her?” she asked smiling. Jared look over to where you were standing, on the side of the room and smiled at you. “Well when I first met her I was on set for one of her photoshoots because she was his wifes friend. And she wanted me to meet her cause she thought I’d like her. Which I did.” he smiled. “So my first initial thought was “Oh my god she’s gorgeous”. Then she introduced herself and I was like “Uh yeah I know who you are duh”” he giggled. 

“You should’ve heard the phone call I got from him after they met. He was like being a hardcore fanboy” he smirked. Jared looked down and tried to think of what to say next, but got lost in the thought of when you two met and how he started falling for you in that exact moment. “In other words I just knew I wanted to be with her from the moment I met her” he smiled and winked at you as you smiled back at him. 

After everyone stopped clapping and awing Jensen spoke, “Um I would like to know what Y/N’s first impression of you was” he smirked looking at Jared. Jared bit his bottom lip as he smiled, “Come on up sister” Jensen looked over at you. You started making your way to the stage when Jared said “Please spare my feelings” jokingly. 

You stepped onto the stage and everyone cheered as you hugged Jensen then stood next to Jared. Jared gave you his mic so you could speak. “I love you Y/N!!” someone shouted from the crowed, “But I love you more!” you replied into the microphone. “Hi” you smiled, “Okay so what was your first impression of Jared?” Jensen asked turning his chair towards you and rested his chin in his hands like a child waiting to hear a story. You laughed and look at Jared. “My first impression of Jared was one, “holy crap he’s tall”, everyone laughed including Jared. “And he’s really sweet and handsome” you smiled at him. Everyone awed, and Jared took the mic for a second “Guys that’s not really what she thought she’s just trying not to hurt my feelings”.

You rolled your eyes and spoke up “I’m tellin the truth babe. For me it was love at first sight” you kissed his cheek. He stood up from his chair and hugged you tightly. Everyone was awing and clapping at the display of affection. “Alright I better step down so y’all can continue” you smiled, “Yeah get out of here Padalecki” Jensen joked. You laughed and gave him a hug, then gave Jared a quick kiss and a hug, and then walked off the stage back to where you were standing previously. 

The panel then went on, and Jared would look at you and wink every so often throughout the rest of the panel.

Teach  Me to Love

Chapter 1

A new year and a new beginning, that’s all Caroline was looking forward to going back to school. She already had a hard time during her first three years in college with her father and then a year later her mother passing away from cancer. Then to top it all off to finish her junior year was her horrible break up with her boyfriend Tyler. She wanted to start fresh, no drama, just to focus on school and be surrounded by the people she loved and cared about.

 As Caroline rose out of her warm bed, in her good luck pajamas that she would always wear on the night before the first day of school would start. She rested her feet on the cold wooden floor in her dorm room. She quietly got up as she heard the squeaking floorboard trying not to wake up her best friend and roommate Bonnie. She quietly grabbed the clothes that she had already laid out on her bed from the night before. Bonnie was not a morning person and she knew that Bonnie had only one class today and it was in the afternoon, so being an awesome friend she didn’t want to wake her.

 Caroline went into the bathroom to take a quick shower and got dressed in her white lace dress and grey tight. She paired them with her chocolate brown boots and denim jacket and had her hair with a slight waviness to them. She felt the cool breeze as she enter the bedroom again once she had closed the door. Caroline paused for a moment when she heard Bonnie mumbled in her sleep. Caroline smiled as she saw her friend shift in her bed to get comfortable again and continue to sleep.  

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