she's just as cute irl smh

anonymous asked:

Awww your early versions of Jaide were so cute, she looked like a little elf vampire thing, now she looks like a cat vampire thing. She reminds me of this Korean rapper Cheetah especially with the pixie cut

ohh lol i know who that is.. her face is so nice but tbh i don’t know who Jaide looks like.. i didn’t try to model her after anyone irl. but smh yeahh her old face she was super pale and had little baby elf ears for some reason???? i used to struggle with Jaide’s face a lot but now i think i’m somewhere i feel comfortable.. i just have to continue to work on her skin so she looks the same with and without makeup on.

i’m really happy that i got her to look like the rest of her siblings though.. now if you stand her next to Fenix she looks like she belongs.