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forever, endlessly [m]

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pairing: yoongi/reader
genre: soulmate au!!!!!!! fluff!!!!! fluffy smut!!! bad writing!!!!!!
length: 3.9k
notes: this is a thank u to my sweet followers for continuing to follow me etc. etc. and also a celebration of the comeback! i really love u all and even though i’m not good at longer stories i hope that this is okay i just wanted to post something :( i hope to post some more stuff soon :( also the smut is like the last 1.5k words so if u want just the sfw stuff you can stop before the last section! 

Your mother never had a mark.

When you were young, you didn’t understand why. You had a mark, your strange twisting line on the inside of your left forearm. Your best friend Seulgi had a mark. Your uncle and aunt had marks, twin ones on their palms that met when they held hands.

“Where is your soul mark?” you asked one night, curled into her warmth as she read your favorite story to you, her fingers carding through your hair.

“I don’t need this, sweet pea,” she said, tapping her blank arm, “because I have you, and you’re all I need.” Her smile was soft, and kind, and you stared at her with big eyes.

“When will I meet my soulmate?” you whispered, tugging your quilt closer to you. You tried to imagine the meeting: the summer sun beaming down in the middle of a park as he approaches, flowers everywhere, the wind rustling his hair. Would he have black hair? Brown? What color would his eyes be? What would his voice sound like?

“I don’t know, honey, but I’m sure you’ll be very happy when you do.” She leaned down, then, to kiss your forehead, and walked to turn off the light.

“Good night, darling.”

“Good night,” you replied, voice small. With the dim light of the moon pouring in your window, you thought about your soulmate until you slipped into sleep.

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Kings and Queens. {Ch 9}

Summary: A Throne of Glass AU inspired by the Breakfast Club (1985). Five students come together for Saturday detention, and realize they are not all that different. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note:  Although I have loved writing every different viewpoint within this fic, I think that Lysandra and Aedion’s story has been my favorite. We’re over halfway through the story, with only six more chapters to go (and an epilogue). I hope you love chapter nine, let me know what you think! <3

Mom was asleep on the couch when I got home, the smell of whiskey lingering in the air. I knelt by the old, ratty piece of furniture to make sure she was okay, and to press a kiss to her forehead, before making my way up the stairs to escape the world within my own, familiar four walls.

As soon as I closed the door behind me, I opened my laptop, and the little, green circle next to her name was lit.

WarriorPrince1: hey

SnowLeopard: hey : ) how was your day?

WarriorPrince1: ….shitty. Yours?

SnowLeopard: Shitty? Why?

WarriorPrince1: Oh, you know. High school. People suck. Rumors suck.

SnowLeopard: Well, that I know. You want to talk about it?

WarriorPrince1: no. Let’s talk about something worth talking about. How was your day?

SnowLeopard: Oh, fine, I guess. I got pushed into a locker after slipping on a piece of paper in the hallway. Oh, I did finish my painting though!

WarriorPrince1: Really?? Can I see it??

SnowLeopard: Tomorrow, I promise. Mom and dad just pulled in the driveway. I have to log off before they come in. I’m supposed to be grounded.

WarriorPrince1: Rebel.

WarriorPrince1: Talk to you tomorrow, then. : )

SnowLeopard: I can’t wait.



10:45 a.m.

“We could walk together, you know.”

She scowled at me, I could tell even though all I could see was her back. But, her shoulders tensed, and her dainty, artists hands had become fists.

“May I ask why you hate me so much?”

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Festie-Dream Readings

A.k.a. examples of how I handle “Yes/No” questions with tarot!

I just figured since my thoughts on yes/no queries and tarot was circulating, I’d make a post with actual examples (well dreamt up ones but still!) (Also excuse the weird photos, I’m in the closet at work again. Literally, not figuratively, I think everyone knows I’m bi 😁)

In my festival card-giving dream, the first guy to come to me asked “Will I find what I’m seeking?” He got The Knight of Wands. For him, it was …well, just a “Yes.” Not really anything else to say, the card said it all for him and he left happy without details.


The next girl asked “Will I find my soul mate here?” And she got Temperance reversed. Ok so she also asked a Yes/No, but my response to her was a lot more detailed “This is an interesting card to see here - in tarot, one of the strongest Soul Mate cards is the 2 of Cups - and you have 2 cups in your card, but Temperance is alone here, and hanging around upside down. For you, I think that you’ll find True Love - but it will be with yourself. Instead of needing a partner to create that magic, you’ll clear that blockage and find the magic in yourself. And then, as above so below, what’s inside comes out. Your self-love will attract your soul mate. But will that be here, this weekend? I feel that’s a no, but that’s not what’s important anyway.” I also led her through a self-love ritual based on the 3 dragonflies I saw on the card.


And then finally, another girl came to me asking if she was on the correct path. Of course my deck spat out two cards - but since I was giving the cards to the querent afterwards I told her she could only choose one! She struggled with that and i kinda laughed with her about how on point her struggle was. She didn’t know if her path was right, she didn’t know what card to choose … but in the end, she chose The Magician. Looking at him and asking “Is she on the right path?” I was inclined to point out that he was a very intelligent, skilled and decisive person. No matter where he was, he’d figure out his surroundings and work with that. It doesn’t even cross his mind whether he’s on the right path or not - he is where he is. And that was a latent energy within the querent that she needed to let shine. Was she on the right path? Of course. Whatever path she found herself on was the right one, always.


And each of those is an example of how I handle a “Yes/No” query. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll take the question from a querent at face value. What they ask and how they ask it gives me valuable information, and the cards will dictate what they need to know and in how much detail. Some people worry that asking a closed ended question limits the answer … but that only happens if you let it. In the normal flow of conversation, closed questions get deeper responses all the time without thinking about it. As a Reader, I want to cultivate that level of natural comfort with my querent. I don’t want them to awkwardly reword to fit an arbitrary rule that I have. I’m adaptable and intelligent and intuitive, and I use those traits to make it work. And hey - if my style doesn’t work for you, I’m 100% not saying you aren’t smart or intuitive or anything! My way isn’t your way and it isn’t the only way those traits will express themselves. It’s just how they do for me ☺ But, maybe me showing my way might open a door for someone else on their path, so I’m going to share it.

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Some headcanons of Todoroki seeing his fem crush around Izuku so much (she just considers Izuku an admirable best friend)??

  • This guy isn’t worked up easily so at the beginning he isn’t suspicious at all
  • But little by little the idea that they might not be just friends rises in him
  • He’s constantly watching them and at some point he just has to check their relationship status and one day while having lunch with Izuku he drops some casual questions like “You two seem close. Are you childhood friends?”
  • Todoroki’s careful because he doesn’t want Izuku to suspect anything. But this pure soul just answers his questions without asking for the sudden interest
  • Even though Izuku told him they are good friends Todoroki continues to observe. He wants to be 100% sure there’s nothing between them (this might take a while)
  • When that’s cleared Todoroki is happy that his crush gets along with Izuku and they all can be good friends
  • At some point he decides to ask her out and goes to Izuku for advice because he thinks there isn’t a single person who knows her better
  • Of course Izuku is glad to help and tries to act like a good wingman by telling her how awesome and great Todoroki is (sometimes it might be too much and she starts to suspect things)
  • Izuku will also help him choose the right words and even rehearse the whole thing (with him being the girl)

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About the Gertrud's ask: Story of why Medic tricked her? That not good meem.

I phrased it in a joking way. Don’t take it too literally. But you also have to remember that Medic can be a real bastard. He’s not a nice guy. I feel like that should be obvious, but it isn’t to everyone, apparently?

It was a situation where he was interested in Gertud for the obvious reasons (looks and brains) but had a demeanor and reputation that didn’t suit her, to put it politely. A young and stubborn man, Medic used his charisma to flip that around on her, subverting what she thought she knew about him by baring his tortured soul and being oh-so-vulnerable. And it totally worked. Ladies love that stuff.

It’s not like he was LYING, exactly. He just tapped into disused aspects of himself in order to play a part that would appeal to her and cause her to fall in line with what he wanted. It was pretty damn manipulative, sure, but much more complicated than a simple con job. For a while, they actually had a Good Thing going.

But once the honeymoon phase was over, his authentic nature reasserted itself, and they drifted apart. The main reason they stayed together as long as they did is that the sex was amazing.

A grandaughter's problem

“Ah so there’s my little lightsaber, come to visit your old granddaddy eh?” Obiwan Kenobi huffed wheeling his wheelchair down the hall of his retirement haven, towards the angry form of his most rebellious granddaughter Kira, rolling his eyes at her revealing clothes he raised an eyebrow in the way only a retired member of the Special Joined, Equanimity Division of Intelligence (J.E.D.I) order could “you just missed Rey and Daisy, who by the way had a very interesting piece of gossip to share”

“Daisy and Rey don’t know anything” Kira snapped crossing her arms over her scantily clad chest, taking in his subtle chastisement and making a beeline for Obiwan’s linen closet, emerging minutes later clad in one of her grandfather’s old black Jedi Council tunics and sweatpants three sizes too big “they need to stay out of my bloody life, what gives them the right to butt in?”

“So, you haven’t been receiving flowers for a whole week in a row coupled with Slayer CD’s?” Grandfather Kenobi wondered raising an eyebrow “and you haven’t been refusing to let them read the cards that come with said gifts?” Wheeling himself to the adjacent kitchen Obiwan reached for the ever-boiling kettle that was a hallmark of the Kenobi household “have some tea Kira”

“FINE, I’ll tell you…but only because you’re you and because you’re not being a pain in the ass like Tweedle Dee Dee and Tweedle Dee Dum” Kira accepted the tea with a grudging smile and groaned “Gramps I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me!! I swear one minute I’m fine, going about my life, punching the crap out of my competition in the ring and one minute I’m not and then everything goes bloody sideways, and it’s all my stupid fault for saving Ben’s life”

“Kira, calm down, I assume it’s a long story yes?”

“Of course it is arghhh I just want to punch the bloody asshole”

“Start with the beginning, why did you have to save Ben’s life?”

Obiwan sighed, he often told himself had done a good job with the girls, Luke and Leia could vouch for that, after surviving the fall of the Emperor’s drug empire and with Anakin (no longer Vader) living out his remaining days in a high security glorified nursing home, Obiwan Kenobi hadn’t planned on one day being contacted by social services just about ten or so years later with the news that the secret son he’d had with Satine, who was supposed to be living a happy tragedy less life in Mandalore, was dead and unless he claimed custody of his son’s three orphan children the girls would be shipped off to some place far like Jakku.

So Obiwan had stepped up, retired to a modest house near the beach in Yavin IV and raised the girls himself with the occasional help from what was left of his friends.

Funny how the reason he’d abstained from mixing too much with Leia’s family was because he thought her own set of pre teen triplets were already enough work for Han and her her and in the end it turned out that it was Obiwan who found himself handing out sage advice to her.

Kenobi didn’t regret raising the girls away from Coruscant, if anything he was glad Rey, Kira and Daisy had gone to small town schools and roamed the beach and woods to their hearts content.

He just hadn’t counted with their strange fascination towards the Solo boys.

Anakin (Mustafar blast him) liked to laugh trough his life support and tell him he deserved it for all the grief Obiwan ever put his former Padawan trough.

“The beginning…Well, I guess it started last year when that bantha shit of Ben Solo said I wouldn’t know how to dress like a real girl even if Jessica Pava herself let me borrow her whole wardrobe, which is a load of… ”

“Was this before or after you ruined Kylo’s chance with Rey by showing her that video of him trashing his tattoo parlor after talking to Han” her Grandfather interrupted with narrowed eyes

“a bit after, the next day I think” Kira admitted ruefully “in my defense I have nothing against Kylo, he’s just a violent weirdo who doesn’t deserve Rey”

“Kira! You told Rey that Kylo had torched the falcon with Han inside!” Obiwan scolded “And belittle him infront of her every time you get a chance”

“He’s not good enough for her! Someone’s got to make sure she knows it” Kira protested crossing her arms over her chest.

“And Daisy with Matt?”

“Those two can ruin their relationship on their own”

“KIRA LAN KENOBI” Obiwan snapped raising his voice to scold her once again “sabotaging the happiness of your sisters is not something I approve of”

“But Grandpa!”

“Just continue your story”

“Well, then I told Ben that how would he know, since the only time he’s ever been interested in girls clothes was when he’s trying to take them off some poor unsuspecting soul”

“It all escalated from there until he said that from looking at my chest he understood why guys ran away from me”

“And you punched him in the face” Obiwan guessed wisely

“I did”

“You know his hostility might have had something to do with your single-minded tendency of ruining his brother’s happiness” but her grandfather’s observation got ignored by Kira

“But every time we’ve seen each other since then is the same thing” Kira kept on talking “he was always bloody remarking on the fact that I’m too boyish and tough and violent, and screw him I might not be all boobs and ass like Bazine but I’m not a bloody guy!”

“Isn’t that Bazine the girl you called “skanky cabaret stripper” after the Solo’s last New Year’s Eve party?“ Obiwan recalled the moniker being repeated with way too much frequency whenever Kira complained about Ben Solo’s womanizing and why that made Kylo and Matt entirely wrong for Rey or Daisy

“That’s the one, she’s got fake: nails, boobs, hair, teeth and personality"Kira listed angrily before returning to the subject at hand "so last week after debating it out with Rey in Han’s garage I got fed up, I just went downtown, bought a couple of dresses that would make even someone like Solo stop and pay attention and showed up at Poe’s birthday bash with Rey”

“Yes, I remember, incidentally Daisy told me that you and I quote "looked like a goddess of darkness, but got angry and left early’ and those were her exact words”

Kira smirked she HAD looked like a goddess thank you very much, that red and black one shoulder cocktail dress with her best skull printed fishnet stockings and loose hair had been enough to make her stand out even next to Phasma (which was a feat considering Phas had the term ‘Chrome Queen’ down to a trademark and Kira always looked like a punk rock Hobbit when they hung out together) “here’s the thing Granps, Hux was there too, he tried flirting with moi, which made me laugh at every three words he said”

“Why? Didn’t you want boys to notice the pretty dress? Daisy said Hux was your type” Obiwan had long ago accepted the fact that his girls were grown up, honestly after having to give them the talk before puberty and managing to survive ten or so years of synchronized periods, he considered the whole talking-about-boys thing the least traumatic of conversation topics.

“Hey one, ew it’s Hux, he doesn’t count as a boy because he’s a ginger and please feel free to take offense, gingers are the devil” Kira pointed out making her grandfather laugh “two, everytime Armitage Hux tries flirting with me it’s only because he’s trying to look casual when he turns around to make an actual move on Phasma, constipated and anal retentive as he is” Kira snorted “and three, it wasn’t a PRETTY dress, it was a badass masterpiece of clothing that was dug out from a ceremonial tomb in the ruins of Jedha and restored to its original glory by a black market Tailor”

“Kira what have I told you about doing your shopping in the ill-obtained-goods district of Coruscant?” Old Kenobi interjected with exasperation

“It’s a dress Grandpa…Or two or three, the tomb of Wesi Ker isn’t going to miss them and they came at a lower rate than the designer garbage General Organa loves to dress Rey in”

“Force give me patience” Grandfather said elevating his eyes to the sky “Don’t change the subject young lady, what did Hux do that you left early?”

“Hux? Nothing, didn’t I just tell you that Hux has a weird fetish for gigantic and blonde bi ladies?” Kira snapped, recalling Hux smarmy compliments “it was Ben! He’s the one who called me hot one moment and as soon as he saw Hux said I looked like cheap a skin girl, the idiot, chauvinistic, pompous bantha anus that he is”

“I take it you also punched him for the remark” in fact if she hadn’t it would have been a sign of the Apocalypse for Old Kenobi

“Of course not, it was Poe’s birthday, I promised Rey that there would be no punching”

“Then what..” old Obiwan raised his finger to ask

“…I took advantage of the slit in the leg of my dress to knee him in the nuts” Kira elaborated then she added for good measure “like a lady good and proper”

Privately Obiwan hoped it had hurt as much as Kira’s pride “so you left early” he deduced with a knowing look

“And ended up saving Ben Solo’s life, when I should have left him to die”

“I take it there’s more to the story than just leaving early then”

“Look I was going to! I even made nice with Poe and everything, bought him this very nice empire era X-Wing air freshener as a gift and abstained from insulting Finn’s obvious bad taste in boyfriends” Kira protested hotly “But Poe, the bloody Tautun, had to make a whole spectacle out of it and Daisy was begging me to stay because she’s Daisy and since Solo is Poe’s best friend, he attempted to cajole me into letting him drive me home, Grandpa, the gall of him! as tough I’m some simpering little idiot who doesn’t know what nasty shit he uses the Millennium Falcon for”

“Kira, didn’t you carpool in Rey’s car that day? Ben Solo might be a scoundrel but I’d have to agree on that one” Obiwan interrupted “I know, I know, you’re Kira Kenobi and can take care of yourself, but don’t blame an old man for being a worrier”

“I was planning to use my speeder, since Phasma brought it and I knew she’d be crashing with he’s-just-a-good-colleague Hux in his fancy Coruscant penthouse”

“A speeder in a dress? Force help me Kira! Not even your grandmother ever did that and believe me, I saw Satine wear a lot of strange clothing when escaping assassination attempts back in the day”

“Solo said the same thing…Well give or take a few ‘do you plan on flashing all the Commonwealth district’ and ‘Kira let me drive you home blah blah blah’ oh and when I wouldn’t listen to him he kissed me but that’s unimportant what’s important is that Dabba the Hutt’s minions…”

“Kira?” Obiwan leveled her another Jedi Council eyebrow raise “Ben Solo kissed you?”

“He did, I was trying to get away from him, he followed me to the parking lot and kissed me” She squirmed under her grandfather’s all knowing look

“Ben, the scoundrel you’ve been complaining about since you were thirteen, that Ben” Another Jedi Council eyebrow

“Yes that Ben, the same one I slapped minutes later”

“The Ben that you claim not to like”

“Grandpa! I really don’t like him, he’s an egocentric prick with a hero complex and a wandering dick” Kira didn’t like the laughter in her grandfather’s eyes not one bit and okay maybe that first kiss hadn’t been that bad and maybe he’d tasted like cigarettes and corellian wine but she absolutely still hated him

“Oh the follies of youth my child”

“Anyway, he kissed me, and don’t look at me like that I slapped the grin of his face and told him I’d never in a million years be a notch in his bedpost then he got angry and told me he’d see me in hell for that lie and I thought that was it, except it wasn’t because as he was leaving the parking lot to join the party Dabba the Hutt’s minions ambushed him”

“What is it with Solo men and angering Hutts? I could tell our one or two stories about Han in his Hutt days that would make even you feel like vomiting” Obiwan huffed as he put two and two together “he might be my namesake but Ben takes after his father too much, why didn’t they just name the boy Han junior?”

“I know! But guess what it turns out this time it wasn’t Ben’s fault” Kira smirked “I know shocking isn’t it”

“Very” her grandfather agreed bring the mug of tea to his lips

“So the twilek and the togruta mobsters ambushed him because that skank of Bazine is now Dabba the Hutt’s sidepiece, and pummeled Ben into submission before stuffing the idiot in the back of a van” then she paused “this is the part where I decided to be an idiot too and followed them in my speeder” she HAD been forced to rip her dress but the shorter length had suited her just fine

“Did you subdue them with a blaster or did you let your fist do the talking?” Obiwan hummed putting his mug down

“A Blaster but how did you know?” In fact she’d followed them into a warehouse and had started shooting warning blasts as soon as she saw Solo tied up with a bag over his head

“I raised you Kira, I know everything” was the sage answer she got

“Anyway there was I shooting at some Hutt minions, saving Solo’s ass, handing him my spare gun and he suddenly gives me that look!” Kira grumbled opening her eyes exaggeratedly and fluttering her eyelashes while trying to imitate Ben “you know the look, the pathetic one Kylo gives Rey when she’s not looking”

“Ahh the Bambi eyes”

“Yes and it’s ridiculous because I’m beating the shit out of those dumpsters for him and we’re right in the middle of a fight, what the hell Grandpa? I didn’t ask for the Bambi eyes!” Kira got angrier “that’s Matt’s deal, hell it’s Kylo’s too, but I am Kira Kenobi and I could have lived the rest of my life perfectly happy without knowing Ben was capable of directing that look at me”

Obiwan knew exactly what look she was talking about, the one that only a Skywalker could replicate, a gaze that was a mixture of awe, worship and admiration with just the right ammount of love that made mooncalfs look tame. Leia had a habit of sporting Bambi eyes whenever she looked at Han after the war.

In hindsight maybe the triplets had inherited the look from Shmi Skywalker, the blame for this couldn’t be laid exclusively at Anakin’s door.

“So he gave you the Bambi eyes and…”

“And now I’m doomed”

“Perfectly understandable”

“No I mean yes, I mean” Kira fisted her hands “We were fighting and he’s looking at me like I’m his new religion or something and then we’re tying up the twilek and the togruta and getting the hell out of Dodge in my speeder and it felt so right grandpa” she took a deep breath and a gulp of tea “and then I’m dropping him off at the Senate building and he’s kissing me again, only this time I kiss him back because dammit who can resist those stupid brown eyes when they have that look”

“So that’s why you think you’re doomed” Obiwan agreed “you’re right dear, you are very much doomed, has he asked you to marry him yet?”

“After we broke apart from that kiss”

“And now he’s sending you flowers” Grandfather chuckled “if you dislike the gesture why don’t you tell him to stop?”

“Because then I’d have to talk to him!” Kira replied then she smiled a little bit momentarily lighting up the perpetual scowl on her face “besides nobody has ever sent me flowers before, all the guys that like me are way too scared”

“What do your sisters think about it?”

“Oh Force if they knew it’s him I’ll never hear the end of it from Rey, they all know scoundrels are so not my kriffin type”

“Exept one scoundrel apparently is”

“I blame the Bambi eyes” Kira crossed her arms over her chest “and you grandpa are not allowed to tell anybody capisce?”

“Who would I tell?” Obiwan lied knowing fully well what his next topic of discussion with Anakin would be when they met up for senior discount brunch in his penitentiary’s cafe

“So what do I do? I don’t want to like him, he’s still an asshole with a hero complex and a womanizer track record”

“Trust the force?” Her grandfather joked earning him a glower from Kira “just follow your instincts Kira, that’s what my old master used to say”

“Your old master died a virgin”

“Actually Qui Gon lied to the Jedi Council about that but that’s a story for another day”

“So it wasn’t just you and vader who lied about that?…You know you Jedis had a ton of double standards” Kira needled in, much like the eldest Solo triplet, Kira had also done a stint in the Secret, Institution for Terror and Hostility (S.I.T.H) that opposed the Jedi order during her teens.

Obiwan had breathed easily when Kira’s fascination with the emperor (who was rumored to be related to the triplets mysterious mother) had dwindled from Sith tendencies down into a simple knack for collecting empire related memorabilia. As opposed to Kylo’s much more painful experience at the hands of Snoke the last head of the Sith organization.

“And that’s a lesson to learn from the old Jedi order that Luke took into account” Obiwan cut off good-naturedly “avoid double standards” he sent her a pointed look “anything else you’d like to share? I can see it’s eating you, trust me my dear if he likes you everything will be fine”

“His last flowers came with tickets to a Black Sabbath concert” Kira confessed ruefully “I didn’t exactly talk to him, but I might have sent him a text telling him to pick me up in three hours”

“I don’t know what millennials are calling that nowadays but in my time we called that a date”

“It’s not a date! I don’t do dates, dates are for pathetic people like Matt and Daisy”

“Does Ben Solo know that?” Obiwan chuckled

“Shut up Grandpa” Kira put her head in her arms and let out a scream “Force I’m so kriffin doomed”

And Obiwan did as a good grandfather would and didn’t voice his agreement out loud “it’s all right Kira, if he gets too out of hand you can just punch him again”

“What if I don’t want to punch him?” Kira raised her head from her arms

“Then you don’t punch him, simple as that”

“I don’t want to be a notch in his bedpost, I’d die if I’m just a game for his stupid nerf herder ass”

“Kira any man that even thinks that you’re the type of girl that gets used like that, deserves all the pain he’ll get when you disabuse him of the notion”

“Thanks Grandpa, that…Made me feel oddly better”

Obiwan sighed leave it to Kira to be comforted by thoughts of violent retribution “You have a Jedi blessing to break that boy’s bones if he doesn’t behave”

“And here I thought you couldn’t be a sweeter old man” Kira smiled “thank you, I really needed to hear that”

Oh Anakin would have a life support field day when Obiwan shared the latest Grandchild gossip, that’s for sure, but in the meantime Obiwan Kenobi poured more tea and listened to Kira’s dramatic death threats towards the man she liked.

He wished Satine could see him now, she would laugh too.

An: lils happy early birthday, Dark Rey was fun to write. Lilithsaur dear this fic was inspired by Franco and Sarita’s relationship in PDG. Also the girls love for quirky Grandpa Martin..

Sherlock College AU (short  fanfic)

I saw a post the other day about various shipfic College AU scenarios and suddenly I felt compelled to write a short Sherlock College AU. Why? I don’t know. But write it I did. I’ll probably be back to writing BATB trash before too long. But hey! A girl needs a little variety every so often. Even in her tumblr trash posts…Enjoy!

Summary: When Molly’s roommate commandeers their dorm, Molly is forced to find somewhere else to spend her evening. Before she knows it, she finds her evening saved by a guy by the name of Sherlock Holmes.

A/N: I know the shipwars can be pretty heated in the Sherlock fandom. My personal leanings are I ship Sherlolly but I think Sherlock and John are platonic soulmates. Their relationship is the heart of the show and they need each other to function. That said, this scene keeps things fairly neutral ship-wise. So whatever your thoughts are on all that… it probably works. Not about to argue with anyone. This was just for fun and giggles.

Molly roamed the halls of the Baker-Streit dorm, trying to think of ways to pass the time. Her roommate, Sally, had commandeered their room for another “study session” with her lab partner. Of all the people to have hanging around their dorm, it just had to be Anderson… Molly thought with disgust. Why him? He was just so irritating! Always trying to mansplain everything even though he knew full well that she outscored him on every test they’d had this semester. Ugh!

Molly glanced out the window with a sigh. Still pouring. Had it been a nicer night she might have just gone to the library across campus. She enjoyed talking with the Librarian, Mrs. Hudson. She always had tea in her office for Molly when she was needing a pick me up. But Molly wasn’t in the mood to trek all the way across campus in the pouring rain for a cup of tea tonight. If this thing with Sally and Anderson kept up though…who knows…She might look into moving into the Library for the rest of the semester.

Continuing her wandering, Molly stopped by the dorm RA’s room. No Greg. Must have gone down to the dining hall. Too bad. He’d had mentioned to her that she was welcome to stop by any time if she wanted someone to hang out and shoot the breeze with… It was going to be a long night. Molly turned her attention to a bulletin board down the hall a ways. Maybe someone was in need of a new roommate…

“Hand me my phone, would you?” A voice asked from the open door next to her.

“I’m sorry?” Molly asked, confused. She poked her head in the open doorway to see a lanky young man with floppy black curls stretched out on a futon, his eyes closed.

“Phone. On the desk next to the skull. Could you hand it to me?”

“Sure…” Molly replied, stepping into the room.

She scanned the messy desk he must have been referring to. Something vibrated underneath an open astronomy textbook sitting next to a human skull.

“Alas, poor Yorik!” She chuckled, picking up the phone to hand it to him. Several text alerts went off before the phone was able to pass hands. Molly tried not to read them but the barrage of alerts popping up on the screen made it hard not to look. All from someone marked in his contacts simply by a cupcake emoji.

“Someone’s eager to talk to you.” She commented.

He glanced at the phones continually buzzing screen. “Ugh. Just Mycroft. I’m starting to think he went to grad school just to keep tabs on me.” He grumbled, disappointedly silencing the phone and tossing it into his slippers. “I was hoping for something more interesting. Missing mascot. Underground ring of bike thieves…I’d even settle for solving the case of what exactly it is they’re serving up as “meatloaf” in the cafeteria.”

Molly smiled. The meatloaf was awful.

“Um…I don’t mean this to sound forward or anything but would you mind if I hung out here for a while?” Molly asked, wringing her hands. “My roommate decided to turn her political science study date into an anatomy lesson…”

“That sounds counterproductive.” He remarked. He looked up at her from his place on the futon for the first time, eyebrow raised and a hint of a smile threatening to reveal itself.

“Sherlock Holmes, at your service.” He answered, offering her a handshake.

“Molly. Molly Hooper.” She replied, gratefully.

“Well Molly, I don’t know how good of company I will be but my roommate John is out for the evening. He has a …What was the word he used…duel… dissertation…” Sherlock mused.

“A date?” Molly offered, setting down her book bag on the floor.

“Yes! That’s it. At any rate I doubt he’ll be back for quite some time so you’re welcome to make use of his half of the room. I can hack into his Netflix account if you’d like something to watch.”

“Maybe later. I should probably get a head start on studying for my next exam.” Molly attempted to make herself comfortable in one of the over-sized bean bag chairs on the floor, pulling out a textbook from her bag.

“Pre-med. Let me guess, pediatrics?” Sherlock smirked, swinging himself into a more upright position.

“Pathology, actually.” Molly corrected. He seemed impressed… or at least intrigued.  “What about you? What’s your major?”

“Haven’t picked one yet. Mostly because I know it is driving my brother insane. I’ll probably end up doing something with chemistry. Or criminal investigating. Then again I might just sail away one day and become a pirate.”

“You’d make an excellent Dread Pirate Roberts.” Molly joked.

Sherlock looked at her, confused.

“You know… like in The Princess Bride?”

Sherlock shrugged and shook his head, clearly lost.

“You’ve never seen The Princess Bride. Inconceivable!” She laughed. “Alright. Scoot over. Fire up the Netflix. We’re fixing this.”

She got up from the bean bag to join him on the futon.

“So it’s a movie?” Sherlock asked, still a bit confused by the sudden turn of events.

“Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles… It’s a classic.” Molly declared, handing him a bag of candy from her bag.

“Hm.” He nodded, his interest piqued.

Within moments Sherlock had the movie ready to go. Laptop on Sherlock’s lap. Bowl of popcorn on Molly’s.  Molly sitting just close enough that she could comfortably see the computer screen. She wouldn’t want him to get the wrong impression. She really was just trying to find a way to kill time while her room was infested with whom she considered an unwelcome pest. Snuggling up to a guy she just met wasn’t her style. Even if that guy had a kind of cute, disarming sense of humor and eyes that felt like they could look right into your soul. Eyes like the see after a storm… Don’t even think about it, Molly she chastised herself. She tried turning her attention to the little boy playing video games on the screen.

“I thought you said there was fencing and monsters in this?” Sherlock complained.

“Shhh.” Molly hushed. “Be patient. Trust me.”

Sherlock smirked and grabbed a handful of popcorn.

John returned to his dorm, whistling down the hall after a successful evening out only to find his roommate sitting curled up on their futon with a young woman he’d never met, seemingly in the midst of an argument.

“If she loved him so much, then why on earth doesn’t she recognize him?! That mask doesn’t hide that much of his face.” Sherlock snarled

“I told you. It’s been years since she saw him last. She thinks he is dead! She wouldn’t be expecting it to be him.” the girl retorted.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into watching this!” Sherlock grumbled.

“…hi?” John greeted from the doorway, trying to alert them to his presence.

They both looked up, surprised to see him there.

“Molly, this is my roommate John. John this is Molly.” Sherlock introduced, still visibly frustrated.

“Yeah hi… that is my laptop. How did you even… nevermind. Just give it.” John remarked, suddenly tired.

He strolled over and retrieved his laptop from Sherlock.

“Booo!” Sherlock complained.

“I’d better get going. Anderson should hopefully have cleared out by now.” Molly said apologetically, packing her things. “Maybe we can finish the movie some other time.”

“What are you doing tomorrow night? I think John’s got another date lined up.” Sherlock joked.

“Sherlock, really.” John admonished

“What? Tonight didn’t go well? Because that lipstick on your collar says otherwise.” Sherlock shot back playfully.

Molly smiled in spite of herself. “Nice meeting you, John. Thanks again, Sherlock…”

She left while she still could, smiling as she heard Sherlock groan while John complained about his lack of respect for boundaries. She smiled all the way back to her room.

“What are you doing tomorrow night?”…Don’t even think about it, Molly…

But it was too late. She’d thought about it.

(Thanks for reading! Here is Part 2 if you’re interested.)


Red is the Sunlight (Spoilers)

I got inspired to do this video after a good friend played through transistor on their account. Please check out their playthrough if you are interested in the series:

I was so touched and in love with the relationship between red and the transistor/boxer/subject/blue, that I knew I just had to make a video. This song I think fits their relationship rather well.

I hope you guys enjoy this video, I put my heart and soul into it and tried my best to make it near perfect. If you do like it, I hope you won’t mind commenting or liking it. Thank you.

Song: She is the Sunlight

Artist: Trading Yesterday

A WTF Sephiroth idea...

Apparently I come up with strange ideas when I’m unable to sleep. I actually saved this post as a draft when it came to me as I was writing about Lucrecia at 4 in the morning. I might as well post this now; I need to distract my brain with FF7 lore after a shitty work day. 

So… we all know Sephiroth was able to use Jenvoa’s head to resurrect himself, using Kadaj as his mule in Advent Children, right? Kadaj carried the will of Sephiroth. By fusing his spiritual embodiment with Jenova’s, Sephiroth was able to create a tangible body again. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be possible for Sephiroth to do the same to Lucrecia? OAO

Think about it. Lucrecia has Jenova’s cells. Those very cells prevent Lucy from dying. And as Lucy revealed to Vincent in Dirge of Cerberus, the real her “crumbled away long ago”. That means Lucy’s body is vulnerable for a take-over by Sephiroth. Not only has Lucy’s will always been weak, but her massive guilt complex would allow for a take-over to happen. In contrast, Sephiroth’s will is so strong that it defied the Lifestream’s laws itself. 

We also can’t forget the time Hojo ‘downloaded’ himself in Weiss’ body. If Hojo was able to take over someone’s soul with digital data, then there’s nothing to stop Sephiroth from doing the same to Lucrecia via J-cells.

It’s not like Sephiroth wouldn’t hijack Lucy’s body just because she is his true mother either. This is the same guy who chopped off Jenova’s head to resurrect himself. As far as Sephiroth is concerned, “all becomes one”. In his mind, he’s not destroying Mother - he’s becoming one with her.

This idea leads to so many more interesting and WTF premises too! Especially for Vincent! I could picture him tracking Lucrecia down the moment he discovers she’s gone from the cave. Vincent is so overwhelmed by her miraculous return that he doesn’t think much about her strange behavior at first, passing it off as disorientation from her years in hibernation. Even more bizarre would be if Vincent attempted to rekindle his relationship with Lucrecia. not knowing the person he was making love to was… Sephiroth. 

But oh, it gets even more bizarre! Sephiroth reciprocates those feelings as he continues playing the part of Lucrecia. As their relationship escalates, Shelke drops a huge bomb when she discovers from Hojo’s files that Vincent was Sephiroth’s father all along. 

Drops the mic. 

anonymous asked:

What is your favorite season for each BTVS character?

this is such a cool question and i’m sorry it’s taken me so long to answer.

buffy - season 2

this was really hard because the show is about her journey and every season is full of rich character development. ultimately, though, i love the way buffy is tested in this season, i love the specific steps she takes toward adulthood, and i love how her struggles from this season culminate in her realizing as long as she has herself, she’s going to be okay.

season four gets an honorable mention because we get to see buffy have fun and relax in a way she hasn’t before, as is season five for the way buffy claims a new stake in her identity.

giles - season 3

i love the giles steps away from the watchers’ council story a lot. i also love how he gets to thrive as the Cool One in relation to wesley, and i love the new depth and respect that’s brought to his relationship with buffy.

season one gets an honorable mention if only because the stark contrast between giles’ attitude toward his duty in welcome to the hellmouth and prophecy girl.

willow - season 4

this one’s a no-brainer in my opinion. willow really blossoms into the adult woman she’ll be for the rest of the show this season. between her magic skills getting a boost and tara…i really love where this season takes her character.

xander - season 5

most of his development happens in the first handful of episodes, but xander finally finding his place as an adult in the world with a steady job and new sense of purpose does amazing things to the character. he’s supportive background guy for most of the rest of the season, but it works for him.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think of show!Tyrion and book!Tyrion (because lbr they're two completely different characters at this point)?

Hi there!

Sorry for the ridiculously late response… I had not forgotten or deleted, I suppose I needed some time to think about the answer, because Tyrion is not usually that persona I spend much time thinking/talking about. He’s not one of my favorites, book or show.

I’d say he’s one of my least favorites in the books. Yes, I said that. Why?

Poor Tyrion, a dwarf, very very ugly, nobody likes him, nobody appreciates the brilliant political mind he himself thinks he has, his sister and daddy hate him, his hooker girlfriend doesn’t love him, his child wife doesn’t love him and doesn’t want to have sex with him even though he’s super kind to her… in fact, nobody really loves poor Tyrion but his older brother whom he idolizes then completely humiliates with every word he can find… at least he has his wits, right? He’s funny and smart.

Except not as smart as he thinks he is, because he still ends up played by Littlefinger and Onella, convicted for murder after a trial by combat he himself stupidly asks for, then at the other side of the world, banging on the door of a girl with three dragons who’s his last hope, claiming he wants to rape his very own sister.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the complexity of Tyrion, he has some amazing quotes, I love the advice he gives Jon in their first meeting, but god, the man feels sorry for himself!
Sure, he has seen/lived through some shit, the things Tywin and Cersei do/say to him… not cool. It’s just that, Tyrion decides every misfortune that comes his way to ‘people hate me because I’m ugly’ and that’s… Not true. And annoying.

In all fairness, Tywin being disgusted by Tyrion’s drinking and whoring seems… not so strange to me? I think whoring is disgusting too. Not because I think whores are disgusting but because I think men who pay women to give them the joys of you know what are disgusting (same goes for other way around). I have no respect for men who buy women. It’s not just his dwarfism, it’s his behavior that insults, annoys and embarrasses Tywin and… I can see that? Tyrion is a sad excuse for a man at the beginning of A Game of Thrones, and he is right back where he started in Dance, worse off cause he lost Jaime and the Lannister gold support.

Trust Shae? Bring Shae to court? Dumbest thing ever. His treatment of Sansa? Not cool. Things he says to Jaime when Jaime releases him? Ouch, unnecessary. Brilliant mind? Not always.

Sansa is my girl, you all know that. Their wedding night disgusts me. Him feeling sexually attracted to Sansa makes me wanna gag.
Tyrion’s treatment of Sansa in the show… is basically why I can stand him a little better in there. He is honestly very kind of her, doesn’t mock her, looks out for her, doesn’t crawl naked on top of her…

It must be said, however, that the price for all his goodness is boringness and a lack of character depth. Crap! season six was his boring season. Was it thanks to Daenerys? Does this woman turn even Tyrion into boringness? Perhaps. Or perhaps the whitewashing has finally turned him into irrelevance. I was excited when I realized we’d get a Tyrion/Dany meeting, very excited. I was left disappointed. Peter Dinklage spend about eight episodes sipping wine, making very stupid jokes that didn’t even make greydull and misanduller laugh. *eyeroll*.

The show has gotten rid of most of his negative traits, I accepted that, but it also made him so much less fascinating. It made him very easy to like, much much easier to like than book Tyrion. I read somewhere that the show eliminated any kind of repercussions his murder of Tywin and Shae had on his character… I agree. Like I said, I’m cool with that, I’ve accepted it, I don’t care so much about him anyway.. what I cannot accept is two seasons of clumsy dialogue. What even is his purpose now? Serving Dany? Is he really going to be yet another guy who falls head over heels with Stormbrat? Will be be the voice whispering in her ear telling her to hold onto her humanity? The one who keeps her from sinking away in (unavoidable) insanity?

Tyrion confronting the Dornish lady (whose name I’ve kinda forgotten) about Myrcella’s murder and letting it go when Dany tells him ‘that’s enough!’ … What the fuck? R u srs? Book Tyrion, and show Tyrion both loved Myrcella. She was a good kid, gentle soul, absolutely innocent, did not deserve to die. He was RIGHTLY pissed about it. Dany tells him to cut it and… he does?

Never mind, I’ve changed my mind just writing that down. I dislike book Tyrion because, despite the shit he goes through, he still sounds like the privileged guy feeling sorry for himself. God you have no idea how many guys like that I meet on a daily basis… I can’t stand them. But fuck, I’d rather have that Tyrion, independent, wonderfully cynic and interesting than Tyrion-another-tool-in-Dany’s-toolbox-Lannister with his nose still attached.

What if Orihime and Renji were the main characters: The Sequel

As requested by anon. :)

Previously, I imagined what Bleach would be like if Orihime - rather than Ichigo - were the main character and if Renji - rather than Rukia - were the main soul reaper. You can find that list here. But that list only covered the first Soul Society arc. So what if Orihime and Renji continued to be the main characters through the Hueco Mundo arc? What would Bleach be like then?

1. When Orihime returned from Soul Society, she would be…not emo in the least.

Since unlike Ichigo in canon, Orihime wasn’t visited by a scary inner hollow at the close of the Soul Society arc. Nah, she got some new fairy friends! Basically, she’s really cheerful: she rescued Renji, saved the day and now she has fairies too.

Orihime: I’m so happy, all I can do is lie here on the bed smiling!

Orhime: I mean…I miss Abarai ‘n’ all, but, I have a feeling he’ll be back!

2. At least until the weird new transfer student shows up.

His name is Hirako Shinji, and he insists on sitting next to the prettiest girl in the room - Orihime. And it only gets creepier from there, because he kinda seems to be stalking Orihime. He even shows up in the sky while she’s in soul reaper mode and asks her to join some kind of weird cult.

Orihime: Um….is that a hollow mask?

Shinji: That’s right. I’m a shinigami and I have a hollow mask. And you’re a different kind of shinigami too, aren’t you?

Orihime: Well…I guess? I do have my fairy friends!

Shinji: Yeah, about that…I don’t suppose they’re evil, hollow fairy friends, are they?

Orihime: I don’t think so!

Shinji: They don’t, like, wear masks or talk about murder or anything?

Orihime: Only during our horror movie marathon, ha ha!

Shinji: Dang. I was so hoping to be relevant again.

Shinji: Well, good luck with life or whatever. Shinji out!

Orihime: …that was weird. 

3. Then Ulquiorra and Yammy show up.

But everything takes a turn for the worse when Aizen makes his move, sending Ulquiorra and Yammy to find out just how powerful Orihime really is. Chad and Ichigo show up first, and try to fight the espada, but that doesn’t end well. Orihime shows up in time to save Ichigo, but even she is unable to defeat them. It’s lucky that Urahara and Yoruichi show up.

Ulquiorra: I will return to Aizen, and I will tell him that the substitute shinigami is trash.

Orihime: Like, in a good way?

Ulquiorra: …what?

Orihime: I don’t want to judge. Maybe you really like trash!

Ulquiorra: I do not like trash.

Yammy: Oh! Is that why you’re always talking about trash, Ulquiorra? Because you like it?

Ulquiorra: What? I don’t -

Orihime: We really won’t judge!

Ulquiorra: That’s not -

Ulquiorra: …

Ulquiorra: We are going now. 

4. Orihime does become just a little emo.

Losing to Ulquoirra and Yammy, to say nothing of Ichigo getting hurt so badly, does actually start to make Orihime a bit depressed. But she does her best to fight it.

Orihime: Kurosaki-kun is hurt…and Sado is hurt…and my magical fairy friends couldn’t even defeat these new enemies, whoever they are!

Orihime: W-wait, what am I doing?? I can’t be sad! I have to be happy!

Orihime: I LOVE being horribly defeated!

Neighbor in the street: …

Orihime: In, um, video games?

5. Then…Renji!

But before Orihime can get TOO sad, who should show up but a whole bunch of soul reapers! Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, Ikkaku, Yumichika, Rukia and…standing on the window sill, Renji!




Rukia: I told you not to try that, Renji!

6. Orihime and Grimmjow fight a couple of times.

Soon after Renji helps Orihime regain her confidence, Grimmjow makes his appearance. He immediately determines that Orihime is the strongest, and so he goes after her - by shoving his fist into Renji’s stomach. That fight doesn’t end so well, so when Grimmjow comes back, Orihime is determined to end the fight as fast as possible.

Orihime: Bankai!

Grimmjow: Bankai, huh? Saw that before.

Orihime: I have more than just bankai, Grimmjow. There’s also my secret power, which I can only maintain for like twelve seconds!



7. But then Ichigo is kidnapped by Aizen.

But it turns out that those final fights were just a diversion, because what Aizen really wanted was to kidnap Ichigo!

Aizen: That boy…he has such interesting powers.

Aizen: The shield he can create is so…giant.

Aizen: I like things that are giant.

Ulquiorra: I don’t know what to do with that information.


8. Orihime, Chad, and Ishida travel to Hueco Mundo.

Even though Soul Society is inexplicably convinced that Ichigo defected, Orihime knows better. So she travels to Hueco Mundo with Chad and Ishida to rescue Ichigo.

Orihime: I just finished rescuing Renji…

Orihime: Now I’m rescuing Ichigo…

Orihime: Do you guys think Tite Kubo has a low opinion of dudes?

Chad: No because he created me also.

Orihime: Good point!

9. Orihime meets Nel.

As Orihime and her pals travel through the desert, they meet a tiny hollow child named Nel, who decides that Orihime is her favorite person ever.

Orihime: Do you want a snack?


10. Renji and Rukia show up.

There’s lots of running through the desert, and then a fight with a sand monster which can only be defeated through water. It’s lucky that Renji and Rukia show up!

Orihime: A-Abarai? Kuchiki? What are you doing here?

Renji: What are you talking about? Of course we came!

Renji: I can’t believe you didn’t wait for me!

Rukia: Yeah, ‘cause you *hate* dramatic entrances, Renji.

Renji: S-shut up!

11. Everybody splits up and has their fights.

Once they reach the palace, everybody splits up. Orihime fights Dordoni and, being Orihime, she of course heals him after she defeats him.

Rudbornn: I am here to put you out of your misery by killing you.

Dordoni: Actually I am totally healed!

Rudbornn: You have made this awkward.

12. Renji fights Aaroniero.

In this AU, Renji is the one with the mysterious back story - he once knew a woman who looked pretty identical to Orihime, except that her hair was a different color so she couldn’t possibly be related. When Renji fights Aaroniero, he gets to see his friend again. In pretty much the worst way possible.

Renji: I-it’s you! The woman from my past who is inexplicably unnamed because the blogger doesn’t know how to name characters!


13. Orihime has her final fight with Grimmjow.

The fight starts in a rather strange way with Grimmjow bringing a tied up Ichigo and throwing him at Orihime’s feet.

Orihime: …

Grimmjow: Here. I let you see Kurosaki again. Now you have to fight me.

Orihime: …

Grimmjow: Hey! Why are you just staring at him instead of fighting me??


14. Orihime fights Ulquiorra.

The arc culminates when Orihime gets to finally have her big fight with Ulquiorra.

Orihime: Ishida-kun. If my spiritual pressure is too much for Kurosaki-kun, you must protect him with your own body.

Ishida: You don’t have to tell me that.

Ichigo: Uh, I’m the one with the shield powers.




15. Ulquiorra dies.

Ulquiorra manages to kill Orihime, but thanks to Ichigo shouting her name, she comes back to life….sort of. Her fairies kinda turn demonic and kill Ulquiorra, but after that she’s fine!

Orihime: So my fairies are kinda evil…?



The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich

There is a secret organization that cultivates teenage spies. The agents are called Love Interests because getting close to people destined for great power means getting valuable secrets.

Caden is a Nice: The boy next door, sculpted to physical perfection. Dylan is a bad: The brooding, dark-souled guy, and dangerously handsome. The girl they are competing for is important to the organization, and each boy will pursue her. Will she choose a Nice or the Bad?

Both Caden and Dylan are living in the outside world for the first time. They are well-trained and at the top of their games. They have to be—whoever the girl doesn’t choose will die.

What the boys don’t expect are feelings that are outside of their training. Feelings that could kill them both.

MBTI Types: Slasher edition

Thanks to Stevester

INTP - The geek/brainiac: Extremely savvy and resourceful, he knows how to get people out of the mess they’re in. Unfortunately, very few take his advice because of his social awkwardness. Not helping him is that he usually has a crush on the final girl and at best she will let him down gently and hand him over to the killer. Gets killed because he knows too much. 

ENTP - The conspiracy theorist: Very similar to his introverted counterpart, he just knows what’s going on and sees the big picture….sometimes too much for his own good. “That guy chasing us with a machete? No, not a vengeful zombie, he’s probably sent there by the government because of what we uncovered earlier…..” More socially adaptable however, he blends in with the main group, both annoying the hell out of them with his smart, restless mouth but taken seriously once the first dead body is officially in. 

xNTJ - Sadly I’m going to have to leave them off here. They are not absent from the genre, but neither INTJs nor ENTJs have stereotypical roles here. INTJs much prefers to give the FBI a run for their money with their grim, creative serial killings. ENTJs are busy taking over the world and fighting off pesky super-heroes in their way. Neither of them want to bother slaughtering cheerleaders spending the weekend in the woods, you know. 

INFJ - Arguable, but they could be the creepy old guy at the gas station or that old wise lady on the corner of the street who warn our young group of their impending doom if they go any further. They are ignored, of course, and never seen again. 

ENFJ - The mean girl: There’s often this one bitchy girl who is set on ruining the final girl’s reputation. A bucket of blood when she gets crowned at the prom should do the trick. She can also be the head of the sorority who will do everything in her power to give the final girl a reputation of being a slut. Ironic considering the final girl is typically virginal. Ok so, she might actually be an unhealthy ESFP/J but for the sake of tying loose ends I’m going with ENFJ. 

INFP - The gothic girl: Super cynical, but extremely smart and caring underneath it all. She dies, sorry. She’d be more willing to help the final girl if the latter wasn’t such a conformist.

ENFP - The best friend: New to the genre, it seems like a lot of final girls recently have traded their stereotypical ESxP bestie for this more innovative new breed. The new best friend is extremely loyal and protective but she’s also all over the place. Gotta babysit kids, have sex with her boyfriend, tell the final girl NOT to have sex with her boyfriend and of course she has to attend that party tonight. But in her moments of free time she is quite sharp, sarcastic and insightful. Until she gets offed….at which point the audience is pissed off even though they knew she was dead from the start. 

ESFJ - The Mom: There are two types of these. The first kind the super caring and protective kind, but also useless as she is convinced her daughter is just going through a hard time and hallucinating a maniac with a sharp weapon. THIS despite the fact that she is often familiar with the folklore behind said maniac. The second kind is the super insane killing mom who usually wants revenge for her son or sets the stage for his killing spree. From Norman Bates’s mom, to Mrs Voorheese, to Mrs Loomis and of course the ever so crazy Mrs…..Carrie’s mom.

ISTJ - The useless cop: Such delicious fodder for our killer. He’s both super skeptical, thus refusing to help our distraught teenagers, often accusing them to be on drugs AND he has a gun. So kiss him good bye because you just don’t bring a gun to a knife fight dude, not cool. Luckily directors go out of their way to make him as unlikable as possible. 

ESTJ - The Sheriff: Often same as his introverted counterpart but his fate is up to chance. Either he gets killed violently or he saves the day. Most of time time though, he’s just useless. Running around while the final girl has to do all the dirty work. 

ISTP - The “Come with me if you wanna live” guy: The badass who often shows up near the climax…..on his motorcycle, armed to the teeth, super chill and ready to kick some serious butthole. He dies of an honorable death. A badass quip before the killer sends the final thrust of his blade through his chest is mandatory. He or she is royalty in zombie apocalypse movies. 

ISFP - The mysterious love interest: In real life he’d be a creeper, but in this genre he is a misunderstood soul who eventually saves the final girl and replaces her dead boyfriend, whom, is already totally over his loss at this point.

ESTP/ESFP - the jock and his cheerleader girlfriend: (Mandatory combo) He goes out to investigate the strange noise, ever so bravely but totally fueled by his alpha male ego. After a while she eventually goes out to look for him, convinced that she is the subject of a really bad prank until she stumbles on his bludgeoned corpse, at which she is killed very slowly, graphically and with minimal clothing.

That leaves with……

ISFJ - The final girl! : Super cautious, law abiding, steer clears of sex, booze and basically anything fun. Very empathetic and a natural victim. She can’t get over a past trauma which usually involves the killer, with whom she shares a connection and she thus knows how to kill him. She eventually taps into her lower Ti and Inferior Ne to send him back to hell. 

Them Meeting Her Strict Parents: MONSTA X


All of his `before-hand practice` speeches about how he promises to protect you would fly out of his mind. He would be left with a blank mind and speechless.


All of his `I’m so gonna be your parents’ favourite` left him; his soul left him; his mind left him. He was thankful that at least you were there. With your pretty smile and reassuring eyes- a complete contrast of the seriousness on your parents faces.


“Yes, I’m actually a very good kid, I have read a lot of books and watched a lot of educational books. I also go to the gyms so I would totally be able to protect my dearest (Y/N). I’m just the guy she needs.”


Would be researching the world’s most interesting and commonly asked questions on a higher educational level because you told him that your parents are both teachers. Only later would he come to know that your parents’ only concern is you and all of their questioning would be about the two of you.


Would totally act very confident and would totally nail it because your parents thought that this is the kind of man that you needed; for you to continue going on the right path and all. At home you found out that he was actually scared shitless.


Would listen very carefully and very silently without interrupting as to what your parents and you were talking about. When the parents became concerned of the fact that you’re dating a rapper, he knew he had to speak.

“Yeah, well, I’m actually very cute, tho?” queue the King of Aegyo.


Would quickly evolve form a total tease- the person that you know-, to a person that your parents would love and consider the perfect `husband material` real quick.

Oh and a really, really, really cute girl asked for my number last night and I gave it to her and we’ve been sending messages back and forth. I’m sure it’s probably nothing but it’s kinda nice. God she’s so pretty I kind of just want to punch myself, though.

But other than that I’ve just been working like crazy. Mom found a house so I’m going to go look at it probably tomorrow. Been meeting a lot of interesting people and making new friends. It’s been weird lately, but in a good way.

Today I’m at work with two of my favourite guys on earth and it’s been really good for my soul.

Take Me Home P2: (Don’t) Forget My Love // Isaac Lahey

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader, Bonus Scott and Stiles.
Word Count: 2k+
Warning: Angst, fluff, there’s a lot of talking in this one. These guys had a lot to say apparently and not all of very nice so there’s some harsh language too. Smut, unprotected sex (WRAP YOUR DING BEFORE YOU DONG)

Inspiration: “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” ~ Backstreet Boys

“Destiny is everything
Reality’s replaced you with
The biggest empty void I’ve ever had in life
Bet you say that I don’t care
I bet you say that I don’t even think of you
But God knows how wrong you are”

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I’m so upset and disappointed in geekremix. What she said on twitter was homophobic and insensitive. 

All we want is pricefield to be an optional ending, we don’t want to see goddamn sex scene or them making out on Rachel’s grave. For many including myself are wanting to see non-sexualised lgbt characters. Lgb pricefield fans don’t want our representation to just be sad queer story because that’s what we normally get. It’s called bury your gays and been going on for several years. Even so called progressive companies like bioware have used it more than once.  We’re usually not allowed to see ourselves a happy ending, especially in video games.

It’s fucking insulting to call us thirsty perverts for wanting a happy ending between two girls where the game has shown them having feelings/romantic attraction for each other. 

I don’t expect Chloe and Max to get together immediately after saving arcadia considering how much trauma those two have experienced. What I’m wanting in something similar to beyond two souls style ending. I haven’t seen anyone suggesting Chloe forgetting about Rachael and getting it with Max. We want Chloe to grieve and have Max help and support her.

But if they’re just stay friends I will be upset. I’ll be even more upset if they only romance option for Max is with a guy in which she has stated several times she has no interest in because he wants her.

I don’t expect Mari to be perfect, people fuck up and as long as they learn from it and make an effort to not repeat it’s ok. But what she did was hurtful and gross. 

The Lucky Ones Pt.1

The Trinity Institute, was such an odd building. Such a modern built structure in a town that seemed to be stuck in the early 1980′s.Even in the late 1990′s. Aramoor was just your average small town. At least to most of the population.

“The Trinity Institute is a place where you never want to be sent to” your mother informed you as she brushed your long locks of hair. To a 5 year old a mother’s words were all they needed to understand. “Why mama?” filled the air “I’m not fully sure myself but when I was in school it was never a building you or your parents wanted to hear your name in a sentence with” she informed and received a nod as an answer. “Alright you can go out and play now. Just stay clean please” she told you as you smiled and quickly took off outside.

Since the building was so bold it was easy to spot even from your home. Which to you seemed like it was forever away but since you were curious on the building your little legs carried you towards it. It was weird to see if the building was a ‘Big No No’ no one seemed to be watching it.

You ventured around the building’s outside til you were startled by a pair of eyes looking at you. A childish laugh filled the air as you looked at the boy in front of you “I didn’t know people were here” you told him as he just smiled the bright red locks caught your eye when you looked him over. “I’ve never seen you before” you told him as he just stared at you. “What kind of building is this?” you asked him, you didn’t get an answer from him, he just sat himself down in the grass. You decided to do the same and you two just stared at each other for who knows how long.  

That’s what sparked your curiosity in The Trinity Institute.

The Silent Boy.

Over the years, you thought you were going crazy. That the poor boy was just a figment of your imagination because you never seen another soul in that yard everytime you walked passed it. Then you thought you got the kid in trouble and no one was allowed out anymore. 

“Come on Y/N we have to go” you heard your friend, Uri say as you guys walked to middle school. “Alright” you said catching up to them “why are you so interested in the building?” she asked you “when I was little I remember seeing a little boy there. And I haven’t seen anyone since” you told her “when I was younger I remember my mother gossiping with some of the other ladies about the neighbor boy named Junmyun being sent there” she told you. “Why?” you asked her “my mom said he was…weird” she answered.

You’ve grown a large obsession over the building. Even as you grew into an adult. You came back from college because your curiosity was that strong.

You even went to an old work’s home to chat. Knocking on the door you waited patiently for an answer “can I help you?” the gray haired lady asked “are you Miss. Wells?” you asked her as she nodded. “I would like to ask you about The Trinity Building” you told her as she seemed to back away from the door. “How do you know I worked there?” she asked nervously “I’ve done a lot of research on the building. I just want to know about what goes on inside of the building?” you asked.

“I’m not allowed to talk about my time with them” she told you as you nodded. “Can you at least tell me what will happen to the building? I’ve heard something about it closing” you explained. “I can tell you the caretaker, the man who ran the Institution has passed away and no one is willing to take the building into their care” she told you. Your heart pounded rapidly “what if I would to want the job? Would you be able to get me a chance for that?” you asked with hope in your voice. 

Karsani, the plague seer. She also doubles as a powerful blood witch and that is where the source f her seeing powers me from. Shes all Babout reading them intestines and stomaches and will often butcher nials fresh for rituals. Its not everyones cup of tea but fo a ragon with plague origins its not unusal. She does chill with the other blood mages and they dont miinddd but they arent the most fond of the smell hah. N fact many o hem have gone to wind mages to learn how to cast air freshener spells to keep everything smelling nice.

Karsani her self is a ruthless fighter, before her days as a seer she was a mercenary for hire and her body is covered i the scars to show it. It was during this time she came into her talents as a blood mage, using her arts to drain her opponents of their blood and to power herself up. She continues to use this technique when she sees customers, asking them to make a blood sacrifice so she can be in touch with their soul. Its half bullshit half truth. Shes a blood junkie. 

Shes a pretty ruthless person as well,driven and she knows she she wants. She is very selective with her customers, they have to offer something she wants, whether thats money or interesting blood. The other seers dont mind her, but she can be very curt with them and doesnt especially are for the super levels of mysticism and oohhh mysterious magic they display. Shes like damn guys we just mages we just normal people who can see the future like chillll. 

Generally speaking, shes nt the kind of mage you swindle either, chances are you’l just end up being used for and 2 future clients. Dragon hearts are a great delicacy