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me : grown men shouldn’t date teenage girls. henrik is nasty for dating a minor.

grown ass people on this hellsite : op needs help… why do you hate him so much… your perception is so twisted from your blind hatred… shes fine with it… hes just a pure angel bean… his agency is at fault… they arranged it all… how stupid can you get… I’m in my mid twenties in a place filled with teenagers… my stance on this is not creepy at all… anyways how good is it that tarjei is LEGAL now!!! pop the bottles girls!!


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I like Mary. I think she's awesome. I don't see why she has to be evil.

Oh, boy, okay.

Listen you can like Mary all you want – I loved her too before the fucked up her entire story arc – but her entire arc was building up to be a villain, and a badass one that was going to go down with a fight. 

I’m REALLY not trying to be pedantic here, Nonny, but asks like this force me to pull out receipts, all of which I’m sure you’re not going to read, because who likes to be proved wrong, but I digress. I always end up sounding more harsh than I am when all I want to do is educate you on my perspective and what the narrative is teaching us.

THAT’S Why she’s a villain. When a character kills the title character of a show, they are coded as the bad guy unless they do a redemption arc that actually is a redemption.

Mary had NO redemption arc AT ALL. Even in S4, Mary is STILL manipulating and emotionally abusing Sherlock and John against each other with her fucking creepy-assed DVDs and her belittling of John in T6T. She still runs off to go do her little assassin things and still lied and manipulated everyone. And I know the argument is going to come up, but Mary’s gunshot was NOT a redemption. A redemption arc has the ex-villain doing a good deed and being genuinely sorry for their past actions. Not ONCE Mary has ever apologized for any of the shit she put everyone through. All of it was a plan, especially if she had creepy DVDs made FAIRLY RECENTLY (you can tell because of the hair style) to send out to people. Also:


That and Mary’s entire death scene was RIDICULOUS and completely contradicted EVERY rule that was established in this universe only 2 episodes prior on how characters die.

Nonny, Mary’s character arc is one I have been passionate about for many years, even before I was a Johnlocker, because her character was fascinating to me, and helped me understand the psychology and make sense of events that were happening in my life at the time. Right up until TAB, Mary was being coded as the next Moriarty. For some reason or another, Mofftiss decided to turn her into an “assassin with an heart of gold” and failed spectacularly.

If Mary truly was good, she WOULD HAVE TOLD JOHN FROM THE BEGINNING WHO SHE WAS, OR AT LEAST TOLD SHERLOCK SHE NEEDED HELP. HLV would have not played out as it did. Instead deciding that killing Sherlock was her only option so that she could continue to manipulate John, since she knew he was most malleable when he was grieving Sherlock.

You can read Mary’s character however you want, I could care less… well okay apparently I do because of this reply… But please, seriously consider that what became of her character really made no goddamned sense to the narrative arc the built for her and quite frankly really lazy writing. Just because she is a woman, doesn’t mean that she is nice and sweet and not abusive. Excusing her of her brand of emotional abuse and manipulation is really sexist.

People thought my mother was a nice person, too.

yo so i was walking to campus with my friends & its hella hot out so I loudly asked if anyone had a hair tie.

i shit u not, this pretty girl walking alone in front of us wordlessly pulled out her ponytail & handed her hair tie to me. i must’ve looked fckn confused cause she smiled & said no worries she had extras, and there were legit five of ‘em jus chillin on her wrist.

tl;dr girls are magic

Angel the series rewrite where when Charisma Carpenter winds up pregnant, instead of writing… what they did… they write a story where Cordelia had entirely consensual sex with Groo (turns out their magical prophylactic only prevented the visions transferring, not pregnancy) and has a basically normal pregnancy. The big bad for season four is summoned Literally Any Other Way. Cordelia never goes into a coma or dies. Instead she joins Wolfram and Hart with the rest, and she’s juggling being a working mom to a half-demon baby through the final season and it’s hilarious and awesome. She’s like an amazing dragon mom. All the zany baby stories are perfectly apt metaphors for actual parenthood, with just minor comedic magical emphasis. She doesn’t die at the end of the series either. She just fucking lives to fight and be a cool mom.