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Gimme a Dramione Bromance where they obsessively research together. 

Where Hermione is the one Draco talks to about ‘feelings and stuff’. And Draco braiding Hermione’s hair.

And also gimme Molly Weasley ‘adopting ‘Draco.

Or Narcissa ‘adopting’ Harry.

And Blaise Zabini/Neville Longbottom (I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP)

And accidental Darry bonding.

And Grimmauld Place renovations where GP has kind of its own personality and is a sulky bastard just like Draco which is why GP likes him better and Harry gets jealous.

And also Draco and Luna being cousins and also kind of weird friends where Draco is in a constant state of rolling his eyes at her but damn any who does the same!

Also, Crabbe and Goyle watching out for Luna and Pansy as well. They always wanted a sister and now they have two. And Pansy secretly loving it because she’s a vicious little ball of fluff. 

And RON. Ron is just so chill about all of it. He just accepted that his life i weird and that weird shit happens all the time so after the war he just goes with it and is happy when everyone else is happy. Though he is a lil bothered by Hermione spending so much time with Malfoy. Thank Merlin the git is totally gay for Harry. 

Gimme all that and much more all the freaking time please!

Like What You See (Under the Mistletoe)

This is my Christmas gift to @captainstarkreportingforduty! She’s an extremely talented writer, and has just hit over 100 chapters on all the small things as shieldmaidenofrohan over on Ao3! It’s a magnificent fluff fest, and I swear that everyone needs to read it: she’s the Stony Fluff Queen. You gift the fandom with your work, and I hope this conveys at least a modicum of my own appreciation. :D Merry Christmas!

For the prompt: “Can I open my eyes yet?”

“Can I open my eyes yet?”

“Not yet!” Steve insisted, and glanced over his shoulder to make sure Tony – stood just inside the doorway of their tiny little apartment – hadn’t peeked. Tony still had the ball of bubble wrap Steve had frantically thrown at him clutched over his eyes and a fond, if confused, smile on his face.

Steve relaxed a little, and finished grabbing up the wrapping paper scraps from the floor and screwed them up to throw in the bin. He missed, suddenly too nervous to concentrate now that Tony had come home from Bruce’s earlier than he’d anticipated. Steve tore his eyes away from the snow melting in Tony’s hair and surveyed his handiwork for a moment.

He’d spent all day tidying up and using his Ma’s old decorations to bring Christmas to his and Tony’s little apartment, and there was tinsel hung in every place it would stay, there had been so much of it. The tree was plastic and missing a branch or two, the baubles were kinda gaudy and the lights were a quarter bust so their light bounced oddly off the furniture and photos they had. It was chaotic and ridiculous, but it was Christmas – Steve’s first without his Ma, and Tony’s… well, Tony’s first.

It needed to be perfect.

“Steve?” Tony’s smile had slipped, the concern flooding in evident without Steve having to turn and look. “Are you o-“

“You can open your eyes.” Steve cut him off, swallowing the ball of nerves lodged in his throat and turning to watch his friend’s reaction.

Tony pulled the bubble wrap away from his face, and paused a moment before he opened his eyes. Steve watched as his mouth fell open, staring in shock at their living room. There weren’t as many presents under the tree as Steve had hoped for, and the cookies had yet to come out of the oven, but Tony’s gaze roved over the mismatched Christmas decorations with something bordering on awe. When he finally looked at Steve, there were tears in his eyes.

“Steve-“ he started, and there was so much emotion in that one word, in his name, that Steve’s heart swelled a little.

“Is it okay?” Steve asked, determined not to drop Tony’s gaze. Tony smiled.

“Okay? Steve, this is perfect.” Tony told him, finally stepping away from the door. His smile turned teasing then, “no mistletoe? Mistletoe kisses are tradition after all. At least as I understand it, Christmas novice that I am.” Tony pouted and batted his eyelashes at Steve, and Steve laughed through the blush he could feel rising to his cheeks.

“Close your eyes.” Steve told him, sounding braver than he felt.

“Aw, Steve c’mon, again-“ Tony began to protest, even though he was grinning, and somehow Steve had never loved Tony more.

“Please, Tony?” Steve aimed for his usual exasperation, but the words came out softly, and a pleased little smile flashed across Tony’s face before he huffed and closed his eyes.

Steve carefully extracted the (slightly crumpled) mistletoe from his pocket, and took a steadying breath as he stood in front of his friend. He willed his heart to slow, feeling like his 14-year-old asthmatic self, asking out Peggy Carter all over again – Bucky had never let him live that down and this would be the same, if it worked. Steve held the mistletoe over their heads and kissed Tony.

Tony froze for a moment, but before Steve could panic and pull back, Tony grinned into it, hands coming up to gently pull Steve down and deepen the kiss. Steve was vaguely aware of dropping the mistletoe to the side, but his hands settled easily at Tony’s waist, and the warmth that had always bubbled up around the brunet settled happily in his chest.

They stopped kissing eventually, it fading into soft brushes and little touches, and Tony leant his forehead against Steve’s. Steve felt as punch-drunk as Tony looked, and they were both grinning. Tony glanced down at the fallen mistletoe and laughed.

“Smooth, Rogers.” Tony teased, but kissed Steve chastely before he could reply.

“Thought it’d be romantic.” Steve muttered, blushing, and Tony’s face lit up in the slightly crooked smile that was utterly genuine and– more importantly– just for Steve. “That okay?” he asked, nervous all over again.

“Perfect.” Tony whispered, before he coughed and stepped back, his cheeks slightly tinged pink in a way Steve hadn’t known they could be. He headed into their kitchen with a silly grin that Steve knew he was returning as he stood there like a lemon and stared after him. “Are there cookies?” he was asking, and for a moment, it was like nothing had changed.

He’d always loved Tony like this after all, so wholly and with everything he had, ever since he’d met the genius in his freshman year. He hadn’t known it, not back then, not until Sarah Rogers had pinned him under her gaze when he’d brought Tony home with him for his birthday, and said ‘you like him’.

“Of course there’s cookies, it’s Christmas!” Steve called back, moving to follow him, and Tony leaned back through the doorway with a warm smile.

“Well, come on then boyfriend; take me to thy baked goods!”  

Okay, so maybe a little had changed.

Found here on Ao3.

BTS reaction to a girl drummer joining the group as a new member


Namjoon would be pretty chill, he would approach the new member as the leader and make sure she was got along with the other members okay and wasn’t uncomfortable with anything. 


He would approach the new member right away, he’d look after her, making sure she was eating well and like Namjoon wasn’t uncomfortable with anything. 


Wouldn't approach the member right away, he would have a little distance giving her the space he thinks she’d need. He’d be impressed with her drumming skills and secretly look after her trying not to make a big deal out of it. 


He’d be the happy sunshine he is excited there was a new member an a talented drummer at that, he’d joke around with her and make her smile making her feel comfortable. 


He’d be a shy little ball of fluff at first but soon he’d feel comfortable around her and they'd hit it off in no time. 


He just like Jin would approach the new member right away. He’d be his usual hyper self, making her feel welcomed and comfortable.


He would smile his little shy bunny smile finding it a little hard to approach the member as he wouldn't know what to talk about, but as soon as he finds out shes a drummer he’d be impressed and bring it up, maybe even ask if she could teach him how to play. 

a/n this is the first reaction post I’ve done,,.. its really bad but i hope you like it (my laptop was acting p so i couldn’t add any GIFS sorry)

frostbite883  asked:

Cartoon Question: Do you see Lila taking care of kits (baby foxes) someday when she's an adult working at a zoo?

Hmm, that’s an interesting ask. I’ve never really considered Lila to be much of an animal person. Like I can see her with a medium-size dog of some sort when she’s settled down, but let’s see…

As far as the kits go, she would probably tag along with Alya (since her dad is the zookeeper) to help out with the lil baby foxes since both girls are connected to the animal.

Lila sees these little mischievous fluff balls and sort of falls in love at first sight. She then keeps coming around and caring for them as they grow and somehow she ended up pseudo-adopting these fluff balls and her girlfriends just laugh because she loves them so much and it’s really cute.

So eventually, Lila becomes like a part-time zookeeper (is that a thing?) and is a fox mama. Marinette swings by and plays with the foxes too when she brings Lila’s lunch. And Alya plays too, alongside Trixx.

Lila loves her little kits so much. Like she’ll be perfectly content to just feed them or play with them all day. And she’s so proud when they grow and learn new tricks and stuff.

She will also smack either of her girlfriends if they call her a “foxy mama”.

(I got carried away and now it’s gay)

Bail Me Out: Elliot Alderson x Reader

As requested by @boogeywoogeyagain“Could you please write a elliotXreader fic where the reader shows up at his door with a bag full of clothes and has clearly been crying because she feels her family really dont care about her because they spoiled the hell out her little sister and all she got was a small packet of soap. Just a real cuddley and fluff fic where he helps her feel ok again?” 

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If Fitzsimmons got a dog I feel like Jemma would spend three weeks searching for the best breed and the best breeder and how to pick the perfect puppy and then Fitz would come home one day with this sad little ball of fur he found at the shelter (he was just looking, really his only intention had been to look, but look at her little face!)

And at first Jemma would insist that they had a plan and they wanted a dog that didn’t shed but Fitz is already head over heels for the little fluff monster so she decides they can try it out and eventually the tiny dog worms it’s way into her heart and anyway it was Fitz that wanted the dog and she makes him happy so she stays. 

And when Fitz is in their apartment alone, when Jemma’s caught up with work and he’s not, he feeds her extra treats and tells her stories about his girlfriend, who he misses.

And when Fitz is away, and Jemma’s just a little worried as she stares out their window into the night, she likes to have their little dog resting on their lap because she thinks she misses him too and it’s better to not to miss him alone. 

just another day ♥

Thanks to @thesassywitchofthenortheast and @trueromantic1 for the Valentine’s Day prompts. Your ideas were similar, so I mixed in a thought I had, and this ball of fluff is the end result. (set sometime post-Underworld in happier times)

“Come on, lad, you’re going to be late for…”

“Which ones, Captain America or X-Men, I can’t decide?”

The aisle in which Killian has found Henry is awash in red and pink, with paper hearts haphazardly taped to shelves overflowing with candy and plush toys. Henry is holding up two boxes, which upon closer inspection appear to contain small red notecards adorned with his favorite comic book characters.

“Lad, I’m going to need a bit more information before I can form an opinion. What is all of this?”

Henry lets out a small huff and lowers his hands, a tinge of teenage annoyance with the world showing momentarily before he begins to speak with his usual understanding when teaching Killian of this new realm.

“Today is Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for couples to do romantic things, buy flowers, candy, greeting cards with love poems on them, and go out on dates, that kind of thing. It’s a holiday, I guess. At school, all the kids give these Valentines to each other, it’s just a thing…you know…and I can’t decide which ones I like better.”

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(that fanart by staticwaffles reminded me that i had this post in my drafts)

headcanon that jinora gives mako a kitten… she’s just like ‘i have something for you’ and dumps a warm, squirmy ball of fluff into his hands and he’s like ‘what am i supposed to do with this’ and she goes ‘pet it until it likes you’ and he does and it starts to purr and he’s a little surprised to find that he’s absolutely delighted. holy shit it’s purring!! just like a real cat!! and jinora’s like no shit, detective, it’s a real cat, how did you figure out that one


Rated: PG
Wordcount: 1704
For: @chicaaago from @fwolfling

Prompt: -A litter of kittens lost their mother to the cold, and are rescued just in time by whomever. They can hardly take of them all, and enlist Skyhold for help, including Bull. He is quite fond of his kitten, Dorian not so much. He grows to love the little thing, but he denies it at every turn, even when Bull catches him cooing at it.

The first time Dorian laid eyes on the cat, she was a tiny ball of black fluff curled in the Bull’s large hand,  even he had to admit she held a certain cuteness. Mostly though he was amused at the baffled look on Bull’s face when Cole had placed her there. Baffled and confused was not an expression that Bull wore very often after all.

“She likes your horns, The Iron Bull,” Cole told him and Dorian watched Bull’s expression go from baffled to bemused to an openly affectionate smile in just as many heartbeats.

“Does she now? She’s got good taste, ” Bull said, raising the hand the kitten was sitting in up to his face. The tiny creature met his gaze solemnly for a long moment then her tiny mouth opened in a yawn. “Aw.” Bull grinned, enchanted. “Look at all those sharp teeth. You’re going to be dangerous when you grow up aren’t you?”

Dorian couldn’t hold back a snort of disbelief. “Dangerous? That thing is literally a ball of fluff with eyes.”

“Yeah, but she’s going to be a dangerous ball of fluff,” Bull argued, still grinning at the thing. Carefully he stroked her fur with a single finger and was rewarded with a rumbling purr that was entirely too loud to come from something so small.

Bull’s eyes went all soft and affectionate at that. Looking back, Dorian would pinpoint that as the exact moment it became inevitable that the kitten would become a permanent part of their lives.

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Sometimes I think I would respect people who hate Laura and Sharon and Pepper and Jane more if they’d just admit it’s because they’re in the way of their prefered ships.

But then I think “I could never respect someone who hated Laura, Sharon, Pepper, or Jane.” (Especially Jane. I don’t even talk about Jane or Jane hate because I get all twitchy because how dare people hate this wonder science loving socially awkward ball of fluff who, when her man is elsewhere, shrugs and gets back to her first love (Science) and keeps it moving cause she has stuff to find and discover. Jane should be a role model, something we point out to little girls and say “Science isn’t just for boys, look at her!” And instead people are whinging because she has a life and her romance with Thor isn’t some all consuming passionate thing but, rather, is something almost calm considering their circumstances and sweet and full of respect and Thor’s shameless ‘whatever, my girlfriend is smart and gonna get a noble peace prize or whatever you humans give out for being amazing.“ bragging because yes she’s pretty and that’s nice but GUISE did Thor tell you about how fucking smart his girlfriend is? And how she’s basically ahead of every human ever when it comes to her field and is either brave or so obsessive she can’t remember to be afraid of stuff…oh. four time today? Well here he goes again.)

Whoops, this suddenly became about Jane. See? This is why I don’t talk about her.

My kitten has adopted my 3 year old Marie as his mother/cat friend to play with lol I think she’s just confused as to why this little fluff ball is following her around lol he enjoys playing with her fluffy tail and she smacks him but he keeps coming back to her and trys to follow her around

The Story Never Ended

Just a little Drabble that popped into my head! Love you all, xoxo

“And so the Savior and the Pirate were able to enter the ball pretending to be royalty named Princess Leia and Prince Charles…”

A soft, little gasp brought a halt to Henry’s storytelling. He turned to face the blond haired, blue-eyed, little girl snuggled up next to him on his bed.

“Those are our names,” she whispered in awe, gesturing to her twin brother sitting on the other side of Henry.

“Yeah, I thought we were Princess Leia and Prince Charles,” Charlie reasoned, his green eyes opening wide.

“And you are,” Henry told his three-year-old siblings. “But once upon a time, Mom and Dad were the original Leia and Charles.”

He stifles a laugh as he watches the twins exchange confused glances, clearly confused as to how their parents fit into the tale Henry was reading from the storybook. Saving that conversation for another day, he turned the page and continued to read.

Across the room, Emma and Killian leaned against the doorway, wrapped in each other’s arm, watching their children together.

“When do you think they’ll realize that story has never ended?” Emma asked, turning her head to press a kiss to her husbands check.

“Soon enough, my love,” he pulled her closer. “And I hope it’s a story with many, many more years to come.”