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films to watch

so i saw a post listing films in foreign languages and i thought i could expand on the list a little bit but my addition got so massive i decided to move it to a separate post. this list will focus on my target languages and feature a little bit of french as well just to spice it up. 

films are good for several reasons

  • usually quite fun
  • actually challenging if u watch w/o subtitles and the easiest way to achieve immersion in the privacy of your home
  • “productive procrastination”
  • might give u cultural insight as well
  • or encourage you to learn some history!!!!
  • i’m really tired of people watching almodóvar and being like uuuuuuhuuuu look the great spanish director and forgetting that not only are there spanish films not directed by almodóvar but also that spanish is spoken in other countries as well and GUESS WHAT they produce culture

ok here we go!!!!! im really lazy and my computer is agonizingly slow so i can provide no links. if something interests you search for it et voila

WARNING!!!!! long post 


  • magia salvaje - this is an uber cool colombian film showing largely unexplored areas of colombia which i think is the most beautiful country on earth. it was recommended to me independently by a friend from my spanish class and my colombian pen pal gal. from its website: “magia salvaje es la cinta del mundo natural más ambiciosa realizada en el país (…) [realizada en] 85 locaciones y 20 ecosistemas. (…) un tributo a la belleza de colombia“ tl;dr: cool shit u should watch, it’s available on yt
  • señor ávila - a p good series filmed by the mexican hbo starring tony dalton as an exemplary father and husband that starts working as a paid killer for the mafia, but it’s not all peachy because it affects his personal life and his son gets into some really deep shit. gets a bit grim at times but good nevertheless
  • retrato de un comportamiento animal - really cute indie film made in uruguay. an unlikely couple on a trip to brazil. expect nice landscapes and voseo
  • relatos salvajes - dark humour from argentina, a series of episodes in which people go absolutely bonkers over the most petty shit and also get p violent when you wouldn’t expect them to be. produced by pedro almodóvar if that serves as any recommendation.
  • la historia oficial - another one from argentina. drama. set during the dictatorship and based on true events, follows a family through a period when they would literally tear lil kids from their mothers and drown the parents if they were enemies of the state. watch it
  • juana la loca - spanish historical drama about their queen joan the mad
  • el laberinto del fauno - can we just, omg, ok, i love that film so much. fantasy, set during the civil war in spain. a little girl discovers this world with monsters and other creatures and it’s scary as shit but she goes through these adventures because she cares for her family. watch itttt
  • doce hombres sin piedad - this is the spanish version of the american classic 12 angry men, recorded in 1973. you can watch it on youtube.
  • gran hotel - spanish tv series, historical drama sort of downton abbey style. weird shit is happening in this lovely hotel, what do we do??? apparently available on netflix
  • como agua para chocolate - cute film “about how life used to be in mexico” (imdb) based on the p famous novel by laura esquivel. lovely colours, romantic love and a lot of nice food
  • los diarios de motocicleta - starring gael garcía bernal in an adaptation of che guevara’s memoir in which young che travels the world on his motorbike
  • no - ok this is some amazing shit (oscar nomination holaaaa). it’s a chilean film with gael garcía bernal set in the 1980s. in 1988 pinochet held a referendum in which basically if u said “yes” he stayed as te country’s official and lawful leader and if you said “no”, well, he went. the film is about the campaign that sought to get rid of him
  • talento de barrio - sorry but i couldn’t omit that one. it has daddy yankee in it, period.


  • la dolce vita - please do yourself a favour and watch it
  • la grande bellezza - as above. this is my favourite film of all time. look for the soundtrack on yt and you will know why
  • il bidone - early fellini follows petty thieves in rome
  • il prefetto di ferro - set in the 1920s. giuliano gemma as cesare mori aka the iron prefect who comes to palermo to deal with the gangs. good shit
  • ladri di biciclette - directed by vittorio de sica, set in post-ww2 rome, “a masterpiece of italian neorealism” (wiki). a desperate family needs their bicycle to survive
  • amarcord - comedy/drama, set in the 1930s. coming-of-age. “Fellini skewers Mussolini’s ludicrous posturings … that <<imprisoned Italians in a perpetual adolescence>> by mockig himself and his fellow villagers in comic scenes tha underline their incapacity to adopt genuine moral responsibility or outgrow foolish sexual fantasies” (wiki). won oscar for foreign language.
  • gomorra - tv series based on famed novel by roberto saviano. rival mob clans. good shit
  • il vangelo secondo matteo - “trattando in maniera antidogmatica un argomento di carattere religioso, l’opera fece sensazione e scatenò un aspro confronto intelettuale sulla stampa, proseguendo le non sopite polemiche per le accuse di vilipendio della religione” (wiki). three oscar nominations.
  • una vita violenta - poor kid in rome attempts to transform his life after leaving prison
  • la notte - marcello mastroianni in a study of a deteriorating relationship
  • la nostra terra - cute film which is literally my aesthetic aka people working the land. educated guy from bologna comes down south to start a community and sell organic veg he will grow himself. featuring creepy mafia guy freshly released from prison and sneaky southerners
  • la mafia uccide solo d’estate - drama but also a comedy fresh from palermo. lil boy observes how the mob influences people’s lives
  • il capitale umano - drama. a car accident ties together the lives of two families. people go crazy. great performance by valeria bruni tedeschi
  • il rosso e il blu - follows the lives of three school teachers as they get really involved in the fucked up lives of their students. confusing but oddly satisfying
  • latin lover - fun comedy of how a famed actor dies leaving behind a shitload of lovers, wives and children who all meet for his funeral.


  • trash - an AMAZING brazilian film about two favela boys trying to solve a criminal mystery and unearth corruption before an ill-willed police officer gets to them; all thanks to a wallet found in the dumpster they work in. really good cinema with appearances made by rooney mara and martin sheen
  • singularidades de uma rapariga loura - modern portuguese film based on a short stories by eça de queirós. a blooming romance meets an unexpected obstacle. spot on aesthetic and cleverly blended cultural references. directed by manoel de oliveira who is THE MAN, check out his ther shit such as the p recent o convento starring john malkovich and catherine deneuve
  • saneamento básico - p straightforward but fun brazilian comedy in which a small town community will do anything to raise money to fix their sewer system
  • this is embarrassingly short i will make a separate post to expand 


  • farinelli - an AMAZING film based very loosely on the life of the most famous castrato singer, farinelli. loooveeeee
  • la religieuse (2013) - a really stuningly made adaptation of denis diderot’s novel about a girl thrown into a convent against her will and desperate to get out who discovers some dark family secrets.
  • tom à la ferme - weird indie canadian film with xavier dolan, a gay man travelling to meet his dead boyfriend’s family and terrorised by said’s boyfriend’s horrible brother. more dark family shit for u
  • yves saint laurent - nice biographical film with pierre niney
  • dans la maison - terrifying and fascinating drama about how one seductive teenager ruins some families. 10/10 would recommend
  • les choristes - really good film about how a music teacher transforms the lives of a class of “difficult” boys. set in the 1940s to spice it up
  • les liaisons dangereuses (1959) - adaptation of laclos’ classic novel, set in the present day. directed by roger vadim.

that’s it - I hope at least one person finds it interesting/helpful!!!

i once promised a crash course in polish thing and i know i’m delaying it horribly but sometime next week i will prepare a similar post about polish films (if u folks are interested, ofc)

andi mack headcanons bc this show has taken over my life and its only been 3 hours, plus that BEAUTIFUL hc post got me thinking:

-andi’s the Baby, and is probably like the 2nd youngest in her grade (according to the hospital bracelet her birthday’s September 28th!).

-bex had andi when she was 15 (she cant be any older than 28 i refuse to believe it)

-bex is bi,,,im positive theres pictures of girls in the Box of Secrets but andi just assumes theyre all her “old music festival buddies” :)))

-jonah has a minecraft youtube channel with 33 subscribers and he’s happy with it but then Demon Amber Al*rt finds it and forces all her friends to subscribe to him so he doesnt feel bad. They all leave fake ass comments on all his videos and Amber comments “First!!!!” on every one. Jonah decides to take a hiatus after Amber asks if they can do a “girlfriend tag” video sjskjssha

-speaking of!!! amber has a youtube channel where she posts lookbooks and trash acoustic covers with like 1200 subscribers. She makes jonah do the “boyfriend does my voiceover” challenge for her “first day of freshman year 💕💕” makeup tutorial lol

-buffy’s the only one with netflix so she shares her account with the other two. buffy watches “"Mature Shows”“ but rly its just stranger things and a series of unfortunate events lol. andi uses it to watch hsm 2 (she stays on the kids section) and cyrus uses it for indie flicks and masterchef

-buffys parents are obviously nerds who go all out for halloween. they start decorating on september 30th yall. they have planned trips to the biggest haunted house, and on halloween theyre the ones that give big goodie bags with candy and AND chips in them…and probably those lil hug juices (omg do yall remember those??). buffys rly into it until she turns 11 and becomes Too Old for that kinda stuff (so she thinks lol) but enjoys it secretly

-andi has a roblox account (im literally just remembering all the geeky kid stuff my brother does tbh) and had a "family” on it for a while where she was the proud roblox mother of two 10 year olds from australia

-cyrus has a fucking hes semi-popular on it too omg. he monitors the views on his videos (is that??? what theyre called???) religiously and texts the others any time they get shared. he has a friend on that lives in like?? canada idk whos like 14 and they vent to each other about their lives and he gives cyrus advice sometimes!

-cyrus and buffy take buzzfeed quizzes Very Seriously. to them (especially cyrus) the results are Binding.

-that one hc post mentioned wattpad!!! BOI! buffy writes drarry fic calling it right tf now. she makes andi edit her covers too. she wants them to be rly professional looking like all the popular ones but andi always adds bright colors and filters and heart stickers. cyrus has a wattpad too but writes original work that he never finishes sjshjsal. he usually lurks in the forums to complain about wattpad cliches

-bye andi and cyrus spent the summer before 8th grade fb stalking tf out of jonah. one of them accidentally likes one of his posts from 2014 about eating playdoh 😩. they both scream for an hour straight over the phone to each other and cyrus temporarily blocks jonah shsjska

-btw jonah definitely ate playdoh all throughout elementary school and quit in 6th grade omg

-buffy secretly still plays those dress up doll online games!! she claims she uses them for style inspiration but she actually just thinks theyre neat

-cyrus has a crippling fear of high school bc he watched degrassi in its entirety and thus doesnt want to die

-andi loves jeopardy and if she misses a single episode she gets genuinely upset. she signed up for kids week jeopardy at least twice

-buffy stays up late to watch late night talk shows but always falls asleep halfway through :’)


brave entertainment’s trainee, kim samuel as your bf

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- cutest baby ever !!

- stares at u 35/8

- ok sososo story time

- u guys have the same 4th period, which is math

- which is the subject u hate the most

- but hey samuel’s there like y would u complain abt that amiright

- anyways, when class is done, u kiddos have lunch

- so u put ur belongings away n u go to the big ass tree on the school’s courtyard

- and u just sit there, reading books n listening to music, eating ur homemade lunch everyday

- mr. kim here always looks at u while hanging out w his friends at the nearby bench

- u never notice his staring bc ur nose is all up in a book, like wow gOOD JOB (Y/N)


- samuel comes up to u, and his friends r all like “dayum my boi” and ur like “heLLO”

- okok so samuel sits by u, and asks what ur reading, and ur like blahblahblah books yo, and then he’s like omg wow, w the biggest heart eyes (she just put heart eyes under my pic)

- so u guys just talk all lunch, until the bell rings, and ur both highkey sad, but don’t show it

- yall say ur goodbyes, and repeat the same thing the next day

- so one day, this lil dorky kid asks u out in the cheesiest way possible, he brings i flowers n chocolate and confesses, and just spills his heart out to u

- and u obviously accept his confession, bc shIT

- end of story time yo

- u guys cuddle a lot, like A LOT A LOT

- when u hold hands, he blushes dockekxksk

- his contact name for u is “my baby 🍰💘💕🌷”

- ur contact name for him is “sweetheart sam 💘😤🤦🏽‍♀️”

- y'all r legit the most cheesy yet cute couple at the school

- this bitch climbs up to ur balcony, and knocks on ur sliding door, just so he can cuddle w u like awawawaw

- study dates !!

- almost everyday after school yall go to a convenience store, and get a bunch of snacks for the study dates

- overall the most cutest, most sweetest bf ever, and i wish he won pd101 and i’m still salty abt it ☕️🐸

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what about the trope where one is a kindergarten teacher and the other is the single dad of the kid in the class

i’ve had this in my drafts for as long as i can remember omg bc i wanted to write headcanons for it i’m sorry

  • ok so stiles never really planned on being a kindergarten teacher but then he did this volunteer thing at beacon hills elementary and suddenly, bam!! he just wanted to be there for the kids and treat them as equals and not like they weren’t smart
  • derek’s a single dad to his lil’ girl evangeline and literally dotes on her
  • but she’s still a young wolf w a sensitive nose and so she doesn’t do well around new people and is shy so she’s v nervous to go to kindergarten
  • but stiles clicks w her almost immediately
  • she draws things for him (which he hangs on his fridge at home because goddamn, this is so cute) and is super tactile w him
  • derek can never pick evan up from kindergarten so laura/cora will go instead and when he comes home everyday, there’s that scent on him and it feels so warm and fuzzy and so ,,,,, home 
  • and then derek catches that scent around town so often, lingering on his boss, the sheriff’s, person and everywhere tbh
  • and then comes the talent show 
  • stiles has been preparing for this day for the longest time
  • evan told him that her dad’s gonna b coming to the event and that she’s really excited for them to meet (secretly, she’s been planning mr. stlinsi’s and papa’s wedding) 
  • and when stiles sees derek for the first time, all packed up w scruff and a leather jacket, he almost cries
  • but stiles is loyal to his students and refuses to be anything but professional w their parents even if he wants to cry
  • and derek’s dying because wow this lil hipster teacher with his plaid shirts and sleeves rolled up, showing his forearm, and the black nerd glasses that look like they were stolen from cineplex. wow he’s gonna cry look at those moles
  • but derek’s too scared to pull a move too bc that’s his kid’s teacher, alright?! he has to remain professional. evan > anyone else tbh
  • but then they hit it off as friends and a few meetings later (arranged by evan + laura + talia ofc), evan asks when they’re gonna get married and they both realize that evan had been trying to hook ‘em up
  • idk what’s happening here but i like it

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omg family day at the aquarium??? and the kids are just SO HAPPY and clexa love seeing their lil babies smiling so much and they have a great time

Clarke and Lexa, hand in hand, as their kids scurry all over the place. Alex taking Jakes hand when he’s scared to touch the rays at the little feeling exhibit. And then Alex begging  Lexa to “pull some strings” (she doesn’t understand how it works) to let Alex into the shark tank to swim with them. (It’s a resounding no from everyone). Jake getting tired and sitting on Lexa’s shoulders, which is esp cool in the shark tunnels bc he’s so close to the top. Alex tugs on Clarke’s sleeve and drags her over to where there’s an Octopus changing colors and Alex falls in love with it so Clarke remembers to paint it for her when they go home. 

Anyway is this the purest thing ever or what 

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I'm really sorry if I'm being any trouble and please don't feel pressured to do this but all the kids as different types of dogs? Also I love your art ^-^.

here it is !!! this took me so lon,g omg i probably shoulve saved it for a lil later but thts ok !!! tysm for this request it was super duper fun omg !!! c: 

Stingy is a chihuahua bc theyre lil nd selfish omg, Stephanie is a newfoundland bc my v good nd lovely buddy @lazytownbunny was tryin 2 help me figure it out nd she named som of Steph’s traits nd it made me think of one of thos big guys !! so shes just uuh Huge omg,, pixel is a poodle bc theyre super smart !!! c: ziggy is an english bulldog bc theyre rlly cute nd silly and lil, and trixie is a collie bc theyre rlly independant and smart nd mischevious omg here they all are !!!!! c:

soulmates!taewin pt. 1

a/n: okay so I put up a textpost bc I kinda wanted to write and stuff and I aCTUALLY GOT A REQUEST??? (via @dictatormahafia) and I was like you know what imma do it so here we go

(note that I haven’t written anything in about a century and I’ve never written something for kpop so this might end up to be terrible iM SORRY) (I’ll link part two when I get to a computer, but you can find it on my blog for now :)))))

Part Two

  • alright so in this universe whatever you write on your arm appears on your soulmates right and vice versa
  • so lil like, seven year old taeyong is at school right and he’s sorta paying attention to what the teacher is sayin
  • but like, he looks down at his arm and all of a sudden he sees a bunch of colourful marks appearing on his arm out of nowhere
  • and boy thought some supernatural stuff was going on aND HE SCREAMED
  • and his teacher kinda stopped her lesson and looked over and she just sees a distraught little kid with his hand pointing to his now colourful arm
  • and teacher is the bestest teacher ever and she just pulls him to the front to sit with her and she completely forgets her lesson and starts telling the class about soulmates
  • and lil taeyong is in awe like omg is this real
  • and he just stares at his arm for the rest of the day while the other smol children ask him tons of questions about it
  • but he doesn’t rlly listen because he’s just in awe about the fact he has a soulmate
  • and when he gets home he asks tons of questions bout it and they’re so happy for him and they tell him tons of stories about it and stuff
  • which just makes him mORE CURIOUS
  • so after he’s done grilling his parents for questions he grabs a pen and writes on his right arm (vvv messily) ‘hi’
  • meanwhile a lil five year old winwin is playing with his toys or whatever when he sees words start to appear on his arm and his reaction is rlly similar to taeyongs reaction
  • and his parents like bolt to where he is and they’re like wHaTs wRonG
  • and winwin is crying as he points to his arm
  • and his parents smile and explain to him bout soulmates after winwin calms down a bit and they ask to see what his soulmate wrote but then they realize
  • oh shit
  • this ain’t chinese
  • so later when they put winwin to bed they’re like fuck what do we tell him what do we do
  • so yeah fast forward a bit to the next day
  • taeyong is constantly looking at his arms like whERE iS mY SOULMATE DO THEY NOT LOVE ME
  • and he’s all pouty n stuff
  • when then he sees some writing in Chinese appear on his arm and boy is like
  • so he runs to his parents and is like mOTHER FATHER THIS AINT IN HANGUL
  • and he expects his parents to know what it says OFC bc parents are supposed to know everything right
  • but his parents eyes widen and they’re like winwin’s parents
  • oh shit
  • (but they don’t say that obvs bc there is a smol child there waiting for an answer)
  • so they do a bit of googling and stuff before they write down in what they hope is ‘I don’t speak chinese, I speak korean’ on taeyongs arm while smol boy is confused
  • and winwin goes back to his parents to show them his new message with a confused face
  • and the handwriting and punctuation is godawful but they got the general idea of it
  • so winwin’s parents put him in Korean lessons
  • and taeyong’s parents put him into Chinese lessons
  • and even at a young age they try their best to learn the language so they can begin to communicate with each other
  • but neither sides learn it vv quickly and they both start to learn English so
  • they start trying to communicate in English
  • but it hella frustrates them bc all they can write is ‘hello, my name is taeyong/sicheng’
  • and for years they can barely communicate at all bc taeyong dropped Chinese lessons for dance and school
  • and same for winwin bc he learning to dance
  • and they both have school and they try to communicate in English (barely) bc they got frustrated trying to learn their soulmates language with bad teachers bc they got rlly bad teachers sadly
  • and eventually communication sorta comes to a halt when school becomes more intense for both of them
  • and winwin gets rlly into Chinese traditional dance
  • and taeyong gets casted by sm
  • and for a rlly long time they almost forget they even have soulmates despite seeing ppl with their own soulmates
  • until one day
  • winwin is casted by sm
  • and even if he didn’t know his soulmate was in Korea he would’ve jumped on that train anyways
  • so he moves to Korea to become an idol and learn Korean all over again bc he wants to perform and he wants that chance to meet his soulmate and communicate with them
  • and at this point they’re not smol children but smol adults instead
  • so when he gets to Korea, he knows vvvvv minimal Korean and has a hard time getting to the SM building and when he’s there he’s stuck to Kun (who he meets when he gets there) like glue
  • and then they meet the other rookies
  • and the two of them introduce themselves in broken korean
  • and this is where stuff starts happening

a/n: splitting this into two parts bc tHIS IS GONNA BE LONG) (also this is so much of a mess I’m sorry omg bUT I PROMISE ILL FIX IT AS I GO ON


I never get why when a character on a cartoon puts on makeup it always looks ridiculous lmaoo… like I get that kids can go a lil crazy when they’re experimenting with makeup (trust me…. Pics of my eyeliner when i was 13 is literally blackmail) but omg…cant a girl just wear a lil eyeshadow or somethin and it actually look nice?!?!? You think star butterfly has naturally black eyelashes?! Bitch shes a blonde no she doesnt!!!!!!

Okay! I decided to make a boy and a girl ((twins?? idk)) but here’s their personalities and etc. ((i mixed all of your ideas up cus I couldn’t choose just one))

Akira- As a kid he was bullied because he had pink hair so he is rllllly insecure about it and himself and he can’t help it. But he is a really quiet/calm kid (like dad) and the most mature child ever like omg. and he’s really smart but lags in stamina. 

Hikari- god what lil shit. She is a tomboy/loud/bratty/childish girl and she gets her siblings in trouble because she is the tru daddy’s girl of the family. haha srry mio. but anyways she likes messing around and she’s got her mom’s temper but around her elders and parents, she’s a bby angel♥

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JOSIE!!! VOLTRON!!!! what do you think??? who do you ship??? TELL ME ALL THE THINGS (also it's great to see you on my dash again!! xoxo)

RACHEL!!! HI!! xx

I fell head over heels and down into hell in love with this series.  Honestly…. I’m so much more invested than I expected to be?? Like I naively went into it believing it was just gonna be just a light hearted “kids series” but… no?? it’s really not omg

Klance is probably my only ship so far (I’m only about half way through season 2 because I’ve been so busy). But listen. I’m soooo in love with Allura. What a fucking goddess. And I just really need to protect these kids if no one else is going to (especially Pidge because she’s the lil brother I’ve always wanted).

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Yachi goes out to town with the other first years. Outside of uniforms and training gear, freaking none of them dress like she expects. Kags is all trendy and urban. Hina is a lil gangsta. Tsukki wears far brighter colours than his abysmal personality suggests. But Yams tho. He looks freakin terrifying. Heavy soled boots, studded jacket, dark shades. The kid is freakin wearing eyeliner, and it looks good! Yachi freaks out, till he opens his mouth and it still sounds like Yams. Tsukki's just lmao

Omg I love this. 

The first years want to go out to town together, and so one day on a weekend they all just get dressed and meet in town, and wow. Yachi is fucking terrified. 

First, she sees Kageyama. She doesn’t think it’s Kageyama at first, because she sees a nice pull-over sweater that she saw in a cute little urban thrift shop and light-wash skinny jeans and a beany and wow. Kageyama doesn’t look like Kageyama at all. 

Just when she thinks Kags is the only surprise, Hinata comes up to them; he looks like a drug dealer with his dark hoodie, ripped jeans (though they’re a bit trendier than drug dealer pants), and flat-billed hat. Yachi nearly has a heart attack. 

Then Tsukki and Yama show up and she She’s dead. 

Tsukishima is dressed in what she would assume was normal for Yamaguchi, with a graphic tee covered up by blue flannel, light-washed skinny jeans, and bright blue converse. He also apparently has different frames, because he has on rounder, cuter glasses, and he looks less mean. But Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi. He’s in heavy-soled combat boots, with dark skinny jeans, and a leather jacket. He doesn’t have classic “goth” eyeliner, but a nice wing to it, and he looks like an angel straight from hell. He’s so terrifyingly different that it has Yachi stunned silent. 

So Yachi is stuttering and silent, and Yamaguchi – being Yamaguchi – asks him if she’s ok, and she relaxes when she hears his familiar voice and the concern lacing it. This trip to town is a real culture shock for her, and she thinks she’ll stick to dates with Shimizu when she wants to go to town. 

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How bout a short fic where clarke is sitting in a movie theater and she shazams the song but it doesn't catch the song. Luckily Lexa is sitting behind her and seeing the hot blonde tells her the song. Fluffiness ensues. Omg I honestly just need Clexa to bond over music. Hey btw how's that zombie fic?? And more importantly how r u ?

zombie fic has been pretty slow bc i started classes but hopefully i’ll have some time soon to work on it. im p good. here you go, just a short lil story:

Keep reading

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what if one of the kids (fitz) asked ward how to do the do (as a joke bc i mean have you sEEN fitzsimmons i mean that lil shit knows how to do the do AM I RIGHT) and ward just freaks out like "uhhhh UUUhhhHHHHH uhuhuhHUHUHu you put the thing in the thing and uh then you d-do the thing and uh-" and then he just breaks down crying and fitz has to go get melinda so she can mulan his ass (meanwhile skye is totally filming the whole thing and she, simmons and coulson are laughing their asses off)


fitzsimmons totally does the do

My shipping journey ❤

I literally just laugh when people stress or express doubt about any little thing on this ship. Social media and public statements do not validate a relationship whether it is good or bad. My ships are endgame and until they end up together I would much rather chill and read cool fan fiction and look at videos or picture edits all day instead of analyzing their every decision and action. Here’s a funny story about how I’ve waited my entire life for my ships to finally realize that they should be together and that they belong together forever.
All my ships happen to involve people that are very private and careful in the media. Heres why I’m on this ship for the long run ❤

MILA KUNIS AND ASHTON KUTCHER: You don’t understand actual ship drama until That’s 70s Show runs out of new episodes and half of your ship is married to Demi Moore and the other half is dating Home Alone boy. That’s what I call rocking the boat not this “omg can’t believe he called them friends and they won’t date”. That’s nothing when you grow up wanting and knowing that two people should be together and don’t even date or talk in public until one say they are dating and in a couple months they announce they’re engaged and having a baby. I literally had to witness a freaking divorce for that to happen. That took up my all my years of life so far but whatever because endgame. Next…

BEYONCE AND JAY-Z: It really sucks when half of your ship has to focus on their career and they are so freaking professional that they won’t even mention the other person in the media unless it has to do with some sort of work or project. Beyonce never really spoke about Jay Z at first and they even broke up and he waited for her to establish her career the way she wanted it to be before they were together. Even then, no one really had many pictures of them together or knew the status of their relationship UNTIL they freaking got married IN PRIVATE AND NO PICTURES OR VIDEOS WERE EVEN SEEN until recently. They’re so private that we didn’t even know she pregnant until lil Blue Ivy was almost born. Never doubt your ship. They know what they’re doing. ❤

BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE: Brangelina is bae and I couldn’t help shipping them even though Brad was married and Angelina was rocking some old man’s blood as a necklace and dating girls and adopting cute kids left and right. That’s the struggle.. A moral struggle. I wish I couldve stalked their social media and whatever else back then. I freaking love Jennifer Aniston but I was so mad that she was cockblocking by otp. Omg anyway I still ended up waiting a million years until they tied the knot but literally how perfect are they? They’re all I could ask for in a true pair. They have a beautiful and diverse family, cute lil twins, and they are so beautiful together and Angelina alone is just… ❤❤❤. Anyways I waited forever for that fairytale too. Endgame is endgame. The universe knows.

CARRIE BRADSHAW AND MR.BIG: This is fictional but still very important. Until you’ve watched your loves miss the freaking point season after season, you have not been on any emotional journey on a ship. I am telling you right now. Watching Carrie go from man to man to Big to man to man to man until they got engaged and the BIG MESSED THAT UP TOO is just too much. Once half of your otp moves to Paris to be with their artsy boyfriend you can pretty much give up on your otp but like I said the universe knows. The universe conspires to make things happen. I even had to wait for the movies to come out which were omg I can’t even…
All of this to say that I will literally watch Maks and Meryl kiss their frogs and learn their life lessons until these two love-struck fools end up together because the universe made it happen once and the universe will continue to make it happen. Let them live. Let them make their decisions and get their lives together because live is a commitment that even I, in my 19 years of life, know that you cannot entire halfheartedly and expect it to last. Meryl knows that, she’s smart. Maks’ decisions make me cringe sometimes but he has great intentions and he is not dumb. If I have to wait my whole life for them to figure it out like I did the others then fine. I’ll chill and watch their cute videos and pictures and whatever until the universe decided that their heart is ready for each other forever. Are they ready now? Who knows because there is way too much going on and yet they are still trying. Their love is enough. Don’t stress the small things. He brings a date? Good for him. She flirts a little? Go Meryl. He gets a little up close to a woman? Cool, it’s part of life and he’s used to that closeness with people. Meryl marries some weirdo or douche or a great scholarly man? Great! Just wait until the divorce and she lets her real man love her right. Let them like pictures of whatever and go to events without each other and make mistakes. They will figure it out and they have already planned on a long term relationship and being in each other’s lives. At least they talk about each other. My other ships either denied it or never talked about it at all so… Privacy is great too.
Endgame is endgame. Keep cruising and chill out. It’ll all work itself out and if you want an instant lovefest then shipping real life people is not for you, buddy ;) Keep the negativity and doubt to yourself and be realistic. Quit trying to knock people for staying on this ship and watching it develop through the good and the bad even though I’ve seen nothing bad happen yet. Let people ship however they want and if you dont like it then unfollow or block. If people state facts then great but dont let negativity get to you. It’s just the internet and these are real people’s lives being involved. We don’t know these people personally. Let them live. Life is not easy. True love is probably not easy at first either. Maksyl on and enjoy the ride while it’s getting interesting. ❤