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Attached (Part 9)

Summary: Modern AU. Your first day at the New York Bulletin takes a catastrophic turn when you accidentally overlook a fellow employee’s private chat session. Inspired by the novel Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.

Word Count: 1,602

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

A/N: Your expression of love and support for this series have brought me endless mirth, and your comments and messages never fail to put a smile on my lips. For that, I am thankful. With this chapter, we are taking a little breather from the Bulletin and Barnes, but I still hope you enjoy it nonetheless. 

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You sat in the dining room in silence as you browsed on your laptop and looked through the job listings you bookmarked over a month ago. The day after Barnes came back from his illness, you decided to call out sick, your mind too frazzled to come in for work. You simply needed a personal day off from the Bulletin…and from Barnes. Though they were gone for a couple of days, you felt like you were on your tipping point after your last conversation with them. Your feelings toward them blossomed into something more than a friendship, and even though you tried to push those undesired affections aside, you couldn’t hide away from them any longer.

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hotel fever; shawn mendes


You: Shawn’s got a fidget spinner, what a meme.

Me, an intellectual: great fic content

I’m kidding! This was actually an idea thought up by my muffin @xbetter-than-wordsx, and it was so cute that there was no way I was letting it slip.

This is a fucking imagine with Shawn’s new fidget spinner, and I am an actual living and walking meme.

Drop your discourse in my ask box friends, I hate myself already.

(It’s cute af tho read it - I’ll edit later)


“You got the goods?” she asks, sitting up from the bed with a tired smile on her face.

She’s halfway through The Outsiders for the third time, and as Ponyboy walks back from the outdoor cinema, Shawn walks through the door. He’s carrying a paper bag, water bottle and a white object. She frowns as she throws her legs off of the hotel room bed.

Brooklyn had been good to the couple so far, well, it had given her a cold in the middle of summer, but she didn’t really mind because she got to see Shawn for a bit (Even if she did have a mind numbing head ache)

Shawn closes the door with a welcoming smile “I did, got papped though”

“Shit, Shawn-“she sighs. Breathing in a sniff, she sends Shawn a look of frustration. “You should have let me get it” she says, and he walks over to her and places a soft kiss to her forehead.

“Its fine, you’re sick, and anyway I met some fans on the way, and got given this-“he holds up a white three point object. She frowns, and suddenly the frustration at him being caught by the paparazzi slips away, because Shawn is beaming down at her, and in his large, god like hand he’s carrying a fidget spinner.

She makes a face of complete confusion, and then she giggle’s thickly, covering her mouth as she falls back onto the bed.

She’s still laughing as Shawn spins the object with a goofy grin. “It’s kinda fun”

“It’s a fidget spinner! My 15 year old brother has one of those!” she cries, and as she sits up she finds that Shawn has put the paper bag on the counter, and is spinning the object with a child-like glee in his eyes.

She sit’s and watches him for a bit, legs dangling at the end of the bed and palms splayed out behind her, and she sees Shawn’s brown eyes light up with an idea.

“Ooo babe, watch!” and he’s on the bed in seconds. His body bounces into the mattress, and as she flies into the air a giggle erupts from her chest, and it’s so strong that she starts to cough. “Who-“she coughs, giggling. “Who gave you that?”

“A fan-“Shawn starts, facing the ceiling. He’s lying with his back on the mattress, and the hotel light shines down on his giraffe like frame. She’s thinking he’s prettier than the sun, and as goofy as a 12 year old. “-said I had to get down with the times” and he grabs her arm as if she wasn’t looking at him already. Then he turns up to her.

“Watch me-“he speaks, and he licks his lips with a wink. “Your boy is talented” and he puts the object on his nose. “Noo!” she cries. She sniffs a laugh “My boy is a goof” she says, and she’s sitting next to him now, legs crossed and her (his) sweater pulled down around the cuffs.

“Watch watch watch” he repeats, and reaching up he spins the object and it twirls around his soft button nose, a little wiry sound sifting through the air. “Babe watch”

“I’m watching!” she says, giggling. “No look! No hands!” and he lifts his hands up into the air, letting the object spin on his nose as he pulls all of his facial features into himself. “You’re such a dork” she laughs, and Shawn turns his eyes up to her as his body stays stark still.

Then, spurred on by her giggling, he laughs, causing the spinner to slip off of his face.

“Awh! A disappointment! So much talent, wasted” She jokes, faking a saddened expression. “Well, looks like I can-“

“Not so fast babe, I’m just warming up” and as he goes to lift the spinner to his nose again, he turns to her. “Lay down” he orders.

“What?” she laughs. Shawn suddenly sit’s up, and in her sick state she’s blinded by his speed. “Wow, slow down-“

“I wanna try something”

She frowns up at him, and looking from the spinner to his pleading brown eyes, she pulls her bottom lip into her mouth and chews on it.

“Lay down, please” Shawn pleads again, and his eyes are swimming in liquid persuasion. He’s a talking puppy dog – all in his big brown eyes and pouting lip. Yet she holds firm “No”

“I wanna try and transfer it from my finger to your nose”

“What? No!”

“Babe it’ll be funny”

“And when you blind me?”

Shawn sits and blinks at her for a second. Then he shrug’s with a grin “For the cause”

“No-“she starts, but he’s already up off of the bed. Suddenly his hands are on her ankles, and she kicks him away with a giggle before he yanks her down.

She falls flat onto the sheets, causing her jumper to yank up her chest and hood to slip up behind her. “Shawn!” she cries, but he’s laughing as he leaps back onto the bed.

Shawn crawls up her body and straddles her, causing her to let out a sharp snort of air as he sits on her chest. “You’re so heavy!” she laughs, trying to wiggle out of his grip and he cackles “It’s all muscle baby!” and with a conniving grin he leans down and starts to tickle her bare sides.

“No-“ she laughs, thrashing about. Shawn’s laughing like a mad man, a grin so big on his face that his cheeks hurt and he carries on his relentless pursuit. “-s-stop!” she cries. She tries to grab at his biceps but he’s moving so fast that she can’t seem to find them in her cough medicine infused gaze.

“Let me spin it on your nose!” he calls out. “No!”

“Then um not gonna stop!” and he shoves his hands under her (his) jumper and finds her armpits. A look of panic flashes across her face “No Shawn!”

“Let me and I’ll stop!” and it’s relentless, the tingles slipping through her chest. All of her will slips from her veins, and the feeling is so strong and sharp that she lets out a defeated sigh and “Fine!” slips from her lips.

Shawn stops immediately. He grins like he’s just won a playground argument, as if it was his turn to use the skipping rope and Danny Dawson had taken it without his permission. “Now stay still”

“You’re the most annoying person ever” she sighs, letting herself relax on the bed. “You love me” he speaks, and his voice has dipped down to a concentrated tenor.

It’s thick, croaky, and she shouldn’t be feeling the way she does as Shawn slips a fucking fidget spinner on her nose. As the plastic meet’s her nose, he grins like he’s won a prize. “Don’t move”


And he’s reaching around to pull his phone from his back pocket as she lies on the bed with a bloody fidget spinner on her nose. Then Shawn turns around and points his phone at her, the words “And people say I’m not talented” falling from his lips. “Shawn – NO!” She cackles and she’s shoved his phone away before he could snap a picture.

The spinner has fallen from her nose, and as his phone clatters onto the mattress, she grabs his free hands in protest. “I hate you so much” she speaks, shaking her head with a sickly grin on her face. Shawn’s laughing so hard he has to clutch his chest “You love me” he then grins.

“You’re an actual meme, you know that right?” she asks, raising a brow and he licks his rose lips.

“I dunno what you’re talking about-“He then grins, and he dips down, brushing his button nose across hers. The giggles leave her system “I’m sick, don’t kiss me”

“Um not gonna-“he speaks, swallowing. Her eyes graze across his bobbing Adam’s apple, and she doesn’t realise she’s still clutching his hands until he shoves them into the bed behind her. “-well not your lips anyway” he speaks,  leaving soft wet kisses across her jaw, and his plump lips meet her neck just as she releases a content gasp.

i’m talking about you - harrison osterfield

Pairing: Harrison x reader

Requested by: Anon

Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a Harrison x reader kinda thing where they meet for the first time or something and there’s lots of fluff ??¿??

*Note: I will NOT be posting tomorrow (September 1st)! It’s BOYCOTT TUMBLR DAY. Regular posting will be on Saturday (September 2nd), and since I’ll have time to write tomorrow, I’ll be posting quite a few things on Saturday :-) 

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And I know that my poetry usually makes no sense, it’s a thing called love that compels us to keep reading. Would you care to know why my favorite color is red? I used to have a friend named Kevin and it was his favorite color. He was the flamboyant and most colorful of us in the group. Popular with the ladies and loyal to his friends. I was the one in the backseat laughing to their thoughts when I really had none of my own. Maybe that’s why I enjoy writing so much. Maybe that’s why I love the color red. He painted his room red once, I remember things changing right around then. The drugs were getting a little heavier even with his teenage youth, the drugs will rip right through you. Painkillers will kill your emotions, you don’t want to feel a thing. I can relate to Kevin, I fucking love painkillers too. I shut myself off from everyone, but occasionally I enjoy the company. I’m awkward and my thoughts are kinda dim, so I always liked being around him. Are you familiar with the literary term foil? A foil is a character who contrasts with another character in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character. I feel like he was like that for me. I always saw myself as a little too blue, I wanted to be something worth loving, I wanted to be a little more like him, I want to kiss life into everything, I wanted to live, I wanted to be more than a shadow of a group of peers that did drugs and listened to melancholy and nostalgic techno after school hours. I don’t know how he’s doing or what he’s up to. The last thing I heard was he’s into needles now. Rumors plague this tiny town, we were raised from imperfections and we grew up to taste cigarettes that numb our gums. He had the kind of laugh that made you want to be his friend. It’s funny though, none of my friends initially liked me. Until they got to know me, empty and hollow, a sponge– the one who listened to the problems, never really any of my own. I get lost in my thoughts, I know. My poetry is scattered, I know. I don’t convey structure or rhymes, I don’t hide in between the rules. My words are more scribbles than they are truly masterpieces. Would you like to know why I write? I used to know someone that said the shoreline was like a bed and naps were always possible– she waited there everyday for inspiration. She would tell me the tiny stories inside of her head that had nowhere to go, it’s funny. I never really listened to her, I just enjoyed the company of love and to be loved. Love, what is it? When I wrote my first poem for her, I didn’t know where it came from or why I wanted to write it. I just knew that I had to write it. It had to be done. I had to read it to her. Let me tell you, if your first poem was a love poem, it was probably the most cringe thing you’ve ever created. Ever. Period. But still, I loved it. It was bad, but it had feelings. You always miss the feeling more than you do the person and that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever had to realize. It really shouldn’t be, but it is. You never really understand your mistakes until it’s just you. You only want them back when you’re alone. It’s been so long, I don’t keep track of the days anymore. Hell, she’s married now. I shouldn’t be writing this. She’s going to read it anyway. It doesn’t matter at this point. I guess she left poetry inside of these palms for good measure, she loved attention. A lot of it. The more, the better. Maybe I stopped paying attention. Maybe I got too comfortable. Maybe that’s why I love writing poetry, in a way it just means that I still love her. Lost kids who didn’t know how to love, another foil. You know, I never really liked to read books until I met her. She had a smile made from your doggy eared books, you know, your favorite line you always had to reread or quote during a conversation. She had the kind of laugh that made you want to get in on the joke even though you were the one telling it. I loved that laugh almost as much as I loved Kevin’s. I don’t talk to these two anymore, I don’t remember much about the memories, only the feelings that they left. You can’t find loyalty amongst pill users, they always use. Trust me, I know. I’ve been swearing off painkillers for months. You won’t find a love like that again because every relationship is unique in its own way. You can’t recreate the old flames with your new ones. You need to move on. I haven’t really lived life. Maybe you’re just like me. Maybe you’re stuck at a job that you don’t like and maybe life just doesn’t make much sense. So you blackhole more drugs to ease the disaster that is you. Nothing hurts, you just don’t want to remember anything that might hurt– right? It really shouldn’t be, but it is. I listen to music more often than I converse with people. Music influences my soul in a way that people cannot. I just turned 24, but I’m still a little confused about who I am. Does any 24 year old have their shit figured out? Do you ever feel like your dreams and aspirations are slowly dying? I’ve always felt like an old man. I’m boring and I don’t dance too much, the only thing good about me is my writing. It’s the only thing I’m half decent at, but I hate that too. I don’t answer anonymous questions anymore because I feel like my thoughts aren’t good enough. How can I help you if I can’t even help myself? Red rose petal poetry pressed onto the stove kind of writing– it really shouldn’t hurt, but it does. I’ll always miss the days when things were simpler. I didn’t care as much. I didn’t smoke as much. I didn’t think as much. It was just simple. No hard facts, just some stupid kids getting high behind a dark house and running into ghosts in every room. No broken hearts, just some teenagers who wanted to figure love out with a knife in hand waiting to hug each other. I’ll pry the knife real slow and we’ll call it love kind of love, ain’t it love? I love you doesn’t even sound right anymore, so I’ll say nothing. I miss my old friends, but we’ve changed so much– I wonder if they’ll even recognize me. My life is insignificant and minuscule, but we must all seek to find our purpose, to bring meaning to the clutter, and to add more fire to the chaos that is life. I don’t want to die angry, I want to die with a smile. You don’t get to do anything twice, you don’t get to correct your mistakes– so make enough for your self-reflection drunk nights. You don’t get to unlove people, so pick the right ones to fall in love with– don’t worry, you won’t need to remember all of their names, just the feelings. You don’t get to unfriend people, they’ll always be a part of you. A part of who you are. A part of who you will come to be. I keep slipping into the darkest parts of my mind and call it a life. I’ve been reading this book and it told me to dig deep. Why do I write? Why do I enjoy the burn of love? Over a few thousand poems, but 99.9 percent are indeed about love. Why do you want this kind of life? Well, darling– These words are as much yours as they are mine.
—  zero point one
Who are you really? Part 1// SHAWN MENDES

Can you do one where Shawn and the reader are talking (like texting and stuff) but never met Shawn knows who she is but shawn made up a person and pretend to be him and when y/n found out she got mad for being lied too. And after week of being ignored Shawn tries make up with her and they got together y liked each other for a long time

Authors note: I hope you don’t mind that I kind of changed it also its kinda long so I’m posting 2 parts

Peter: I can’t believe you think Superman is better than Batman

Me: Hey! I did what you asked and I watched the movie- It’s not my fault superman is a cutie

Peter:  w o w

Me: what???

Peter: So you’re into brunettes?

Me: Oh yeah

Me: They get me hot + bothered ;)

Peter: Y/N


Peter: Y/N

Me: ….

Peter: Hey can I call you?

Me: …

Peter: ?

Me: Sure but I sound awful today

Peter: Don’t you always?


Peter: I’m joking

Peter: I’m ringing now

Peter: Why didn’t you pick up?

Me: You said I had an awful voice

Peter: I was joking! please don’t be mad :(((((

Me: Ring me again

I slid my finger across the screen, accepting the incoming call.

“Hello,” A deep voice greets and I feel my stomach flip.

“Hi,” I say, almost breathlessly and I hear Peter chuckle.

“Y/n, you picked up,” I can hear the smirk in his voice.

“Gotta let the guys know they can’t treat me like that Peter,” I grin, the phone falling silent.

“I was joking,” I hear him say seriously. 

“Peter its okay, I’m not offended,” I giggle.

“Don’t play me like that woman,” Peter sighs through the phone.

“Sorry,” I tell him, turning onto my side as I lay on my bed. “How was work?” I put him on speaker.

“It was awesome, very productive day,”

“You still haven’t told me what your job is,” 

“You won’t find it that interesting,”

“Try me,”

“Hey Y/n, sorry to bother you but have-” I glare at my friend Rebekah, who just walks in.

“I’m on the phone,” I whisper sharply to her and she immediately runs towards me, jumping on the bed beside me and listening intensely to Peter on the phone.

“Is this a guy?” she asks, smirking at me.

“Maybe,” I feel my cheeks heating. I can hear Peter asking me something but due to Rebekah’s presence I missed it.

“What sorry? What did you say Peter?”

“I said how was your day?” 

“Oh my god,” Rebekah mumbles, turning the volume up and I send her a confused glance. “Keep him talking,” 

“Uh good, boring, um what are you thinking of having for dinner?” I stutter out, cringing at what I just asked. My first phone call with Peter, a guy who I’ve been texting for a couple weeks, and I ask him what he’s having for dinner.

“Dinner? Well, Y/n what do you think I should have?” He asks.

“Um well do you like burgers?”

“Yeah, burgers are awesome,”

Rebekah motions me to continue.

“You should get McDonald’s then,”

“McDonald’s hmm? What burger?”

“What one would you want?”

“Maybe just the McChicken one, with fries,”

“I knew it!” Rebekah exclaims suddenly. 

“What?” I hear Peter ask.

“Um hang on a second Peter-” Rebekah rolls her eyes when I say his name. “My friend just walked in I’ll be one second,”


She puts him on mute before turning to me chuckling.

“You’re the girl!”

“What are you talking about?” I raise an eyebrow at her.

“Shawn told Dave that he was talking to some girl he really liked and he gave her a fake name- which was Peter by the way- and Dave told me,”

“Sorry but whose Shawn,” I ask, unsure where this was going.

“Damn you really do live under a rock,” she teases and I punch her arm lightly.

“Do not!”

“Here,” She turns her phone around, showing me a picture of a boy, around my age which dark brown hair whose smiling at the camera.

“Oh my,” I mumble, looking back up at her. “Is that Shawn?”

“That my friend, is Shawn Mendes, also the guy you’re chatting on the phone to?”

“No!” I exclaim, letting my head fall on my arm. “He so.. and I’m so.. No!” 

“I wanted to know who the girl was, I can’t believe its you!”

“Its not me!” I say, my head raising.

“Really? Face time him right now and if his face comes up, then I was right and you are the girl.”

“Fine.” I grab my phone hitting the face-time button. He picks up after 4 rings. The camera’s facing upwards of a ceiling, no Peter in sight.

“Peter?” I ask hesitantly. The camera on my side on my face.

“Hey,” I hear him murmur, I tilt my head.

“Can you show me your face?” I hum, smiling. The screen tilts and my draw drops. There on my phone was the same man. The curly brown locks, dark eyes, just perfect in every aspect.

“Y/n?” he asks, looking worried.

“Shawn?” I ask, gulping. He bites his lips, looking away from me.

“Or maybe I should say Peter but who are you really?” I snap ending the call, the screen reflecting my face as hurt consumes me. 

I turn and face Rebekah, “Why would he lie?”

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You’re My Favorite Superhero!

Request: Hey, could i request a Peter x reader where the reader is an avenger and this is kinda before he “becomes” an avenger. But anyways he sorta has a “celebrity” crush on her and when he meets her, he just fanboys. Sorry if that is confusing i just thought of it and was like, you would nail it. Also super fluffy cause why not. So yeah I love your account btw.


Hi! Can you please do a peter x reader, where she is Wanda’s sister. And she has similar powers?

Warnings: None.

A/N: I decided to combine these two requests, I hope that’s okay! Y/S/N = Your Superhero Name. Oh and Pietro’s alive.


Originally posted by dailymcugifs

“Whoa.” Peter remarked as he watched the Avengers on the news. Then you came into the scene, using your powers to hold up a building. “As you can see here, Y/N Maximoff was the reason for the survival of these students.” The man on the TV rambled.

Peter was completely star-struck, and it was just through the TV.

Suddenly there was a knock on his door. He jumped slightly, the sound pulling him back into reality.

He paused the TV, but before he could respond the door opened anyway. He had been expecting to see Aunt May with a plate full of a new cookie recipe, but he saw something completely different.

“Mr Stark?!” Peter sat up straighter.

“Peter,” Tony greeted him, sitting down on Peter’s bed. “I- don’t want to do this, but…” He hesitated.

Peter swallowed hard, nodding Tony onward.

“It looks like we’re gonna need you on the team.” He stated quickly.

“Seriously?!” Peter scoffed happily.

“That is, unless you have other things.. Like- Homework.” Tony said, half kidding. He didn’t want to see Peter getting hurt, and he also didn’t want Peter to embarrass him in front of the press.

“No no! I’m definitely in!!” He beamed.

“Alright I’ll pick ya’ up after school tomorrow, we have things to discuss at the tower.” He reached his hand out to Peter’s.

“Alright!” Peter shook his hand eagerly.

“Y-you can let go now.” Tony smirked after Peter had spent at least ten seconds shaking his hand.

“Right.” Peter blushed.


“Hey Pietro!” You looked up from your phone.

“Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up on its own?” You tried to contain yourself without bursting out and laughing before you had even finished the punch-lone of your own joke.

“I don’t know, why?”

“Because it was TWO-TIRED!!” You laughed hysterically.

He shook his head at you and smiled.

“Y/N, Pietro, Wanda! I have someone I’d like you to meet!” Tony interrupted you.
You turned around and saw Tony standing there, with his hand on a boy’s shoulder.

“This is Peter Parker.” He smirked. He must have seen you blushing, you were blushing at the mere sight of him, boy was he cute.

“Y-You’re Y/S/N!” He lunged forward and launched his hand at you.

You giggled and shook his hand before pulling him into a hug.

“You’re like- my favorite superhero of all time!!” He breathed quickly.

“Thanks,” You blushed.

Tony leaned into Peter’s ear; “Don’t hyperventilate kid.”

“I’m good, I’m good, it’s good…”

“Well, Peter. I guess I’ll have to give you the tour.” You smiled.

Wanda and Pietro looked at each-other and raised their eyebrows.

“Sure!” Peter blushed.



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Chance Encounters (Peter Parker)

Summary / Request: “Hiii, how are you? Could you do a[n] imagine with spiderman (tom)? (Y/N) fathers works in shield and she is familiar with all the avengers, and she goes to the [same] school as peter. She is very brave and smart, and they both fall in love and start dating” / The day Y/N and Peter meet and the day Y/N confesses her feelings for him.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of a gun


requested: anon

word count: 1454

Originally posted by juliechavira

With so many wonders to explore in Manhattan, Y/N always finds a way to Stark Tower. The building blends in with the concrete jungle of the city, but because of the distinguishing architecture and being a home of heroes she could not help to gravitate towards it. Luckily with her father working closely with The Avengers, Y/N often joins him on meetings just to have the opportunity to be in the tower. Over time Y/N befriended The Avengers to where she can stop in unannounced no problem. Though ever since the accords tore a rift between the heroes, Tony requested for Y/N to not visit until three months later, and she was asked to come back and catch up.

After many visits to Stark Tower, Y/N always, and will always be in awe of the exalted building. Before entering, taking a step back to admire it once more, focusing in on the details and away from the buzz of the crowd, she hears the click of a camera.

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Double Dating for Dummies x Jeff Atkins

Originally posted by wkom

requested by anon ;  Can you write one where you are on a double date with Clay and Hannah, your date is Jeff. Originally you went so it wouldn’t be awkward for anyone as it is their first date together but turns out it was also a real date too between Jeff and you, which you don’t find out till later on when Clay says I told you this double date would help all of us.

You still couldn’t believe you let Hannah talk you in to this. A double date never goes well, that’s basic knowledge for everybody who watches way too many shows and teen drama’s.
‘Why was this a good idea again?’ You ask Hannah, while you look how she runs her hand through her short hair, her eyes focused on her reflection in the mirror.
‘Because you’re helping me out, [Y/N]. I don’t want to mess things up with Clay, and with you there, it will be so less awkward.’ Hannah turned around, smiling at you.
‘Hannah, I’m pretty sure Clay likes you anyway. He did confess that, right? You told me about, twenty times.’ You chuckled.
‘I know, but still. Besides, Clay is bringing along a friend, it will be loads of fun!’
‘For you two, yeah, still not sure which friend of Clay you’re referring to.’ You had been doubtful about your ‘date’, not sure who to expect. With Clay, you never really knew. However, since he had told Hannah how much he liked her, Hannah had been looking happier. She smiled again, made jokes and messed around with you. It was nice to see her like that again.
‘Don’t worry about it, [Y/N], I’m sure it won’t be that bad,’ Hannah grinned. ‘Besides, you’re doing this for me, so don’t you dare to be too focused on your date.’ She gave you a cheeky wink and then took her phone that buzzed loudly from the table. ‘They’re almost here!’ She announced happily.
‘Oh, joy.’
‘C’mon, I promise you won’t regret it. Have I told you you’re literally the best?’
‘Not nearly enough,’ you laughed, ‘but c’mon, let’s go downstairs.’
Just when you got down the stairs, the doorbell rang, announcing Clay’s and your dates arrival.
Hannah immediately opened up the door, greeting Clay with giving him a hug. A bit hidden behind Clay, you saw your company for the night. And, it actually wasn’t too bad. Fuck that, you were suddenly glad Clay was friends with him.
Jeff’s dark hair was in its usual quiff, his bright white teeth nervously tugging at his bottom lip and his hands pushed into the pockets of his black jeans. He was wearing a grey long sleeved shirt, with three buttons on the top of the shirt, that he hadn’t bothered to button up.
‘Oh, [Y/N], you know Jeff, right?’ Hannah ginned, turning around towards you. She looked very happy with herself, as did Clay. You kinda hated the smug smile on their faces, but couldn’t help but be happy with Jeff standing there.
‘Yeah, hi.’ You smiled, waving a bit awkwardly. Maybe the awkwardness wouldn’t be between Hannah and Clay, but between Jeff and you.
‘Hi, [Y/N].’ Jeff smiled back, pulling his hands out of his jeans pockets.
‘So, you two ready to go? We could go to the movies, and then go to the diner to have a milkshake or something?’ Clay suggested.
‘Sounds great!’ Hannah smiled, and you nodded along.
Apparently Jeff was driving, so you were forced to site in the passenger seat next to him, while Hannah and Clay sat in the backseat. The whole drive they were so caught up in their conversation that they barely noticed Jeff and you.
‘They seem pretty close,’ Jeff joked, looking at you and then glancing at the mirror.
‘They do, huh. Makes you wonder why they even want to go on a double date,’ you pointed out.
‘Yeah,’ Jeff said, focusing on the road. ‘So, eh, what kinda movie do you want to see?’
‘I don’t really have a preference. I like all kinds of movies. As long as it isn’t too romantic, because I’m not sure we’ll survive that with those two with us,’ you joked, pointing towards the backseat.
‘I can only agree with you,’ Jeff grinned. ‘Good thing I picked out a movie. Not sure what it is about, I just went with it because I liked the title.’
‘And what is the title?’
‘Don’t remember.’ Jeff confessed, a sheepish smile on his lips, making you laugh out loud.
‘What did I sign up for?’ You said, still laughing.

Turned out you signed up for a night full of laughs with Jeff, about how Hannah and Clay would get stuck together at one point, and how they would have to be together forever. It had actually been a while that you had so much fun, and it did surprise you. Sure, Jeff was pretty nice to look at, but you never knew he was actually a fun guy too. You two had a lot in common, more then you had thought.
You barely even noticed the meaningful glances Hannah gave Jeff and you. The movie had been absolutely amazing. Jeff did have a good taste in movies.
Now, the four of you were sitting in the diner, enjoying a milkshake while Jeff and you shared a plate of fries. You still were kinda hungry, but didn’t want to admit it. Jeff did notice it anyway, and ordered himself a plate of fries, but ending up sharing it with you. Even though he barely ate any fries. It did warm your heart a bit.
‘So, Jeff,’ Clay started, grinning at Jeff who was seated on the opposite side of the booth. You were sitting right beside Jeff. ‘I think you have to thank me, huh?’
‘Yeah, thanks,’ Jeff laughed.
‘Wait, I’m not following,’ you added, confused. This date was all about Hannah and Clay, wasn’t it?
‘Jeff wanted to ask you out, but was too afraid, so I came up with the idea of a double date. And I think it worked out pretty good.’ Clay smiled.
You frowned, and looked still confused at Jeff.
‘Is that true?’ You asked him.
‘Eh, yeah.’ Jeff admitted, nervously tugging at the sleeves of his shirt.
‘And I thought this was all about Hannah and Clay being awkward around each other.’ You said, a bit flabbergasted that you weren’t aware of this set-up date.
‘Oh, c’mon, have you seen them together?’ Jeff laughed. ‘But hey, doesn’t matter. You, eh, you’re not mad, right?’
‘Why would I be?’ You smiled. ‘It’s kinda cute.’ You admitted, cheeks starting to get bright red. You quickly looked at the other side of the booth, but Hannah and Clay were tangled up in yet another intriguing conversation.
‘How about a walk?’ Jeff proposed. ‘We’ll be back here to give them a ride home, they won’t even notice we were gone.’ You nodded and slide out of the booth, waiting for Jeff.
It was quite a dark night, since the moon was hidden behind the clouds. Luckily it hadn’t cooled down too much.
‘So, it was all a set-up?’ You started, smiling.
‘Yeah, eh, I guess I’m the awkward one here.’ Jeff laughed. ‘You’re really not mad, huh?’
‘Of course I’m not, as long as we get to do this again, without Hannah and Clay.’
‘That’s a promise.’ Jeff immediately said.
‘Can’t wait.’ You smiled, looking at him.
Turns out that double dates aren’t always trouble and drama. 

Dragon Song

A/N: This one shot is a little something I cooked up for EPILOGUE DAY!! It is full of my favorite things: fluffy Romione sweetness, Romione flirting, and Ron being the best dad ever! In my heart, I have been with them on the platform today! All was well. 

It was not unusual for Hermione to wake up early; she rarely even needed the alarm; it was set more out of habit than necessity. What was unusual was for her to wake to an empty bed. Her sleepy hand met nothing but disappointingly cold sheets as it searched in vain for her husband. She rolled over to check the time. Could she have overslept on such an important day? They had gone to bed rather late, and she had slept fitfully for most of the previous week, so it was not an altogether impossible scenario.


Ok, she had most definitely not overslept, and for a moment she breathed a sigh of relief and closed her eyes. Wait. Where’s Ron? She felt a vague sense of unease. It had been years since she had woken to find him out of bed. He didn’t work odd hours anymore, the nightmares had long faded for them both, and the kids were way past the days of waking them in the middle of the night.

The kids. Had she been so knackered that she had missed one of them needing something? Rose had been characteristically unphased by the idea of starting Hogwarts, but nerves may have set in at last. Not wanting to leave Ron to handle it alone, not that he couldn’t, Hermione got up and donned her robe before heading down the hall toward Rose’s room.

She found the door closed and could not make out any noise coming from inside. Could be a silencing charm…trying not to wake Hugo. With the quiet gentleness of practiced mums everywhere, she eased the door open, surprised to find her daughter fast asleep and her husband nowhere in sight. While she was relieved to know that Rose was apparently fine, she was even more confused as to where Ron might be.

Deciding to check the kitchen first important events do tend to make him hungry, Hermione headed down stairs. She chuckled at the memory of their wedding morning. He had dispatched nearly a dozen eggs and more bacon than should be consumed in a year before Harry had shown up to take him to the Burrow. And then, when they had checked in to St. Mungo’s for Rose to be born, her bag had been packed with nappies and blankets while his had been packed with roast beef and potatoes. 

She found the kitchen empty; it was exactly as she had left it before going to bed, complete with a small bag of goodies for Rose to take with her on the train. Ron had packed that himself, making sure to stock it with all of her favorites. Hermione had a strong suspicion that there was also a fair sum of money included as well, just in case she wanted to buy something from the trolley.

As she turned to leave, a faint sound caught her attention. At first it was difficult to place, but as she studied it, she decided it was music. Following the sound, she noticed light coming from the door of the small room which she and Ron shared as an office.  She found him, head resting on the back of his worn, black swivel chair, clutching the origin of the whimsical musical sound. Held in his large hands, resting against his chest, the small patchwork fabric dragon looked especially tiny. Hermione knew the toy immediately, even though she could not properly remember the last time she had seen it.

“Do you remember what you told me when you bought it?” If Ron was startled by her presence or her question, he gave no indication.

“ ‘Course I do,” his voice, worn with lost sleep and emotion still contained the warmth and humor that she loved so much, “If we can survive riding a blinking dragon outta Gringotts, we can handle one little baby.”  

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“Is it wrong to like…LIKE another person??” Dan said, leaning against the countertop. He was keeping Arin company while he did the dishes; didnt want to leave him there doing chores he honestly didnt NEED to do. (“The dishwasher is full and i really, REALLY dont want to leave any dishes in the sink until tomorrow morning”)

Arin wordlessly removed one of his earbuds, ear flicking in Dans general direction to try and hear him better.

“Say that again, ive got music playing too fucking loud to actually understand you over this running water.”

Dan stared at the pile of dishes in the sink, idly rubbing the dip of his gills along his neck. (‘Theyre getting kinda dry’ he thought)

“I was uhh, i was talking to Brian yesterday. Because you know, hes old-”

Arin snorted.

“- and hes been alive for awhile. So he tends to have alot of answers for things. But i think he falls a bit…short… on mortal…issues.”

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anonymous asked:

A prompt? Shy Trini having feelings for Kim and Zack being the wingman

Thanks for the prompt!

Zack says he’s crazy - and he is - but Trini also says she’s crazy, but he can see that she isn’t. Trini is serious, more guarded than most of them, so he sees the way she tends to hide behind the mask of taking risks - of living on the edge - because if he’s being serious, he’s been there too. He likes Trini, likes how kind and strong she is at the same time, but he sees the shyness that lies underneath, and he guesses that’s why he’s seen her look at Kimberly with wounded puppy eyes. He may be crazy, but he wasn’t blind.

It’s why he takes it upon himself to help her. He thinks it’s a bad idea, something would surely come bite him in the ass later, but Trini was his friend, and he was determined to help her. He squares his shoulders as he makes his way over to where the yellow ranger sat on the steps.

“I think you need my help.” Zack says, his face catching his usual cockiness as he watches her open her eyes to look at him. He’s met with confusion and something a kin to indifference. It makes him clear his throats and stand just a little taller.

“With what?” Trini asks, her brows furrowing further.

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jackbitty lush-worker au

this is borne of me going to lush today and the workers being super interactive and talkative to me and then hitting @asexualwhiskey​ going “WHAT ABOUT A JACKBITTY LUSH AU” k here we go (also we are in no way affiliated with lush we just happen to enjoy their products so)

  • background info: bitty is a senior at samwell and jack never overdosed and instead got a bunch of help for his mental health and had a healthy breakup with kent who is now dating Cute Basketball Boy™ (swoops?)
    • jack is already out and proud in this au, he never got hate and is awesome and super gr8 at hockey ok
  • bitty works at lush because he really likes creating makeup and lotions (its similar to baking, right?) and he’s like. super good at this job, like he’s assistant manager and hes awesome and perfect
    • “but bri!” you cry “bitty is an assistant manager, he wouldn’t be working the floor!”
    • “fuck off” i say “its my au”
  • so jacky boy is a professional hockey player for the providence falconers and its may and mothers day is coming up and he needs to get a gift for his mother
  • he has a series in boston and wont have any free time after the series ends so he goes to a local mall that (hopefully) wont have too many hockey fans there because he needs to get a gift for his mom
  • so little ol’ jacky walks into the mall and is in his typical Burger King Robber™ outfit mainly so that he doesn’t get mobbed by fans
  • he and bad bob talked about it and they figured that jack could go to lush and get one of those like, idk $50 dollar moisturizers that are super-overpriced or a bath bomb or a face mask or st (not that alicia needs it like goddamn amiright)
  • so zimmsy walks into lush and is immediately just completely overwhelmed and there’s only two workers (bc its a slow day and also its just a small mall so not many visitors yeah?) and the store is p empty (there’s like.. 2 people in there. v slow day)
  • 2.5k of words under the cut lmao why does this always happen

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(kinda) Jealous!Dean x Reader

Summary: A fun night over at a stranger’s house leads to an argument with Dean, who doesn’t understand the world anymore.

Warnings: cursing?, mentioning of doing the do,

I tried.

“Where’s Y/n?”

Sam gulped down the rest of his beer, watching his slightly intoxicated brother.

“She left.”

“Left? Where to?”

Dean turned his head almost comically a few times, swaying with the motion. Confusion filled his green eyes glazed with dooming understanding.

“Don’t know. But she left with some fella.”

The man had been tall, with bronze sun-kissed skin and shaggy brown hair, a muscular build and a winning smile. No wonder their dearest Y/n had been charmed by him. The entire evening their hunting companion had spent chatting and flirting with the handsome hunk, exchanging saucy looks and coquettish winks. It took no genius to deduce that little Y/n was all grown-up and spending the night somewhere else.

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Happy Birthday am2c!

We apologize that your gift is late @am2c! We hope you had a great Birthday! To help celebrate your special day, the wonderful @ally147writes has written a special Everlark story just for you! Enjoy!

On the Cusp

AN: Happy Birthday to the prompter! I fear this got a little more angsty than what you probably wanted, but I hope I balanced the worry and the fluff enough for you :) Apologies for the rushed end — I had about a thousand problems with my computer you don’t want to know about… But if anyone’s interested, I’ll be expanding on this one in the future.

I did write this with everyone on the cusp of a milestone birthday in mind (including myself), so I hope everyone enjoys it and maybe takes something away.

Rated M-ish for language.

Whenever Peeta Mellark envisioned his thirtieth birthday, back when the occasion was still far-off and hazy with dreams, he imagined a few milestones might have been ticked off his ‘Before Thirty Bucket List’:

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BJoo Time~!

BJoo goes first for a couple of reasons. He sat directly with us from the beginning - Laira was actually sitting next to him for the entire start of the meal, until Hansol literally forced him to switch places. He spoke a lot of English - a LOT of English, which was a pleasant surprise. I know in live streams and stuff previously he’s asked fans to speak in Korean, but he’s been working really hard, and it’s showing. He joked around a bit and used an American accent a few times, and he spent most the meal wriggling around.

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REQUEST: “could you write a Crutchie imagine where they both have a crush on each other and they get stuck out in the rain while selling? (you can take from there)”

SUMMARY: Crutchie and Y/N have liked each other for forever, and literally everybody knows it except them. A little rain and thunder might just change that.

A/N: guess who actually managed to write an imagine that’s only one part? (hint: it’s me) these is really cheesy and stuff but it’s cute so it’s cool. hope you enjoy !!


The newsboys of New York may not have gotten too much of an education (excluding Davey, of course), but they weren’t entirely incompetent. They weren’t complete idiots - at least not all the time. And even when they were being so idiotic it was intolerable, even they weren’t stupid enough to miss the fact that Crutchie Morris was harboring an immensely large crush on Y/N L/N.

Y/N, who was much smarter than any of the boys (except Davey again, because that boy’s intelligence seemed to have no boundaries), had absolutely no clue. The fact that Crutchie had a crush on her was something no one thought they had to tell her, since it was so obvious. It wasn’t until the day that Elmer had asked when she thought Crutchie would find the guts to ask her on a proper date after said boy had left their dinner gathering early to get some sleep that the boys realized Y/N was unfamiliar with Crutchie’s feelings.

After many denials from Y/N that Crutchie would ever like her, it was also brought to the boys’ attention that she was just as smitten as Crutchie was. And he was none the wiser. This, of course, had made the boys go wild. Their friends were head over heels for each other and didn’t even realize it. Many jokes were made, and it was innuendo-galore whenever the two were seen together, but it did no good. Both parties were set on the idea that the other didn’t like them like that, and never would. And so, after a little while, the boys gave up. They were exasperated, so they just stopped trying. If they ever figured it out, good for them, but it was no longer their job to get them together.

This proved to be surprisingly helpful, as now that they could comfortably be around each other without being teased and taunted, Crutchie and Y/N sold papers together almost every day. This was never much of an issue, and both of them were learning to live with their hidden feelings without acting on them in fear of jeopardizing their existing friendship. Except, that proved much harder for both of them on one day in particular. It had started out as a mild day, and Crutchie had predicted only a slight drizzle, but, with only one paper left to sell, it had started to suddenly downpour and the pair was forced to seek shelter. And that was how they ended up in an alleyway against a wall, under a small covering that extended from the diner they were standing beside.

“Well, that’s the last time I trust one of your forecasts,” Y/N joked, laughing softly. Her voice was quieter in the sound of the pouring rain, and the alley made it echo slightly. Crutchie gave a laugh too, smiling at her.

“Sorry, I promise next time I’ll do better.” She grinned widely at him, eyes alight with a mischievous glint. “What?” He asked self consciously. She only kept smiling before sprinting into the street. He followed after her as quick as possible with his crutch on the wet pavement.

She was in the middle of the street, spinning around and around. Her head was tilted back so the rain was falling right on her face, her mouth open to catch some of the water. She was soaked almost immediately, but she let out a yelp and continued jumping and dancing around. He watched her, laughing. Part of him wished she’d stop, because when she did things like this and looked so purely happy it was so much harder to resist just kissing her. The other part wished she’d never stop. And all of him wished he could join her without the burden of his crutch and his leg.

She came back to him slowly, giving a breathless laugh. They were both drenched, but he laughed along with her. He studied her, standing in front of him. Her hair was hanging down, her eyes and smile bright. The rain was framing her face, but then something strange happened.

The rain seemed to stop falling where she was standing. It was like she had her own personal ray of sunshine, making her look brighter than the rest of the world. Crutchie had never really admitted that his feelings for her were more than just a crush, but staring at her in the rain, he wanted nothing more than to tell her that he was inescapably in love with her.

She moved to walk away, but he grabbed her hand and held her in place.

“We left the paper in the alley,” she explained. He shook his head quickly.

“Let someone else have it.” The words came out rushed, and immediately her head was tilted in confusion.

“But, Crutchie - ”

“Do ya think,” he cut her off, “… Do ya think you might wanna - um, maybe… Well, I was just wondering - cause, ya know - if you would, well, er - I mean ya can say no, but maybe ya’d like to, um…” She gave him a weird look, completely lost in his rambling with not a single clue of what he was trying to say.

“Crutchie, you okay?” She asked gently, taking a small step towards him. It was a small distance, but she seemed much closer now, and it gave him a sudden boost of confidence.

“Y/N, ya think you’d like to go on a date? With me? We could go to the park or somethin’, I know I ain’t got much money, but - ”

“Yes,” she breathed, smiling growing by the second. He stopped talking, dumbfounded.


“I would love to go on a date with you. We don’t have to go nowhere. We can do whatever ya want. I don’t care. No money required. Just… you and me.” She was practically glowing now, and he couldn’t quite comprehend that it was because of him. He was the one who was making her smile like that, who was making her that happy. On instinct, he took a step forward, closing the distance between them. Her breath hitched - and he was pretty sure that was a good thing - so he leaned in.

The minute their lips met a clap of thunder shook the city. Crutchie wasn’t sure if he’d imagined it or if it was really just that perfect. Because he might not have known what a perfect kiss was supposed to feel like, but he was pretty sure this one was real damn close. Her lips were soft against his, gentle in a way. He wanted desperately to hold her close, but he was afraid to push boundaries by putting his hands on her. When they pulled away, her eyes were still closed. He watched as a grin spread across her face and eyes fluttered open.

“Whaddya say ‘bout being my goil?” He spoke suddenly, and almost regretted it until she started nodding and laughing happily. He smiled back at her, grabbing his hand in hers. Together they made the trek back to the lodge, listening to the claps of thunder and counting the seconds in between them. The rain was still coming down steadily, but they barely noticed it.

Needless to say, when they walked into the lodge completely drenched they were met with laughs and a few exclamations of relief. But then the boys noticed the smiles on the pair’s faces, and - more importantly - the fact that their hands were entwined. Instantly everyone was crowding them and asking questions. The couple blushed and stuttered while being interrogated, embarrassed to be receiving so much attention. In the middle of all the chaos, they caught each other’s eye.

She smiled. He smiled. And another clap of thunder drowned the noises around them.

And, yeah, maybe they were idiots who couldn’t see it before - but now they were looking at each other and despite the rain they were absolutely shining.

Something Special

Originally posted by fairestcharming

Request: (by @chigonaconchaHey! Can I request a Winn Schott one shot where Winn wants to ask out reader but doesn’t know how and finds out she’s never been asked out on a date?? Also if u could tag me in it that would be awesome thank uuuu

Pairing: Winn x Reader, feat. Alex, James, and Kara

Warnings: N/A

Words: 2155

A/N: This hits way too close to home…

Winn sat at his computer at the DEO, fidgeting with a toy that he kept on his desk. He stared off into space as he contemplated asking you out. It wasn’t so much whether to ask you out or not, but rather how to ask you out. He always got nervous talking to beautiful women, but with you, it was worse. You were really special to him and therefore needed to be asked out in a special way. He couldn’t just ask you.

“Earth to Winn!” Alex waved a hand in front of his face.

“What? Oh hey, Alex.” He shook his head. “What can I do for you?”

“Can you trace this for me?” She handed him a piece of paper with something written on it.

“Sure can!” He took it from her and started running a trace on his computer.

“So, what’s on your mind?”

“What do you mean?”

“You were totally zoning out a minute ago.”

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finally [michael m. x canigula!reader]

( I just had the most embarrassing experience… So I thought it would be perfect if I requested it as a Michael x reader. So the reader has a crush on Michael and gives him hints. When they are alone. The reader tries to kisses his cheek and does it wrong and is completely embarrassed. Michael then tries to help her by kissing her on the lips. So just make it awkward at the failed kissing the cheek part and then super fluffy at the end. Sorry I just… I need to relive this in my musical world… )

(honestly still big mood like i feel u nonny)

also combined with:

( Oooooo what abt Christine and Reader are siblings and Christine tries to set up Michael and reader??? O: )

also whats this?? tris actually posts a thing??? it’s more likely than u think

warnings: none except its not the best but its not the worst thing i’ve ever written

      Christine wasn’t one to meddle in your business - especially when said business was your love life. It wasn’t her place to sit around and talk about cute people that she could secretly set you up with or anything of the sort. But when it became devastatingly obvious neither you or a certain headphones-wearing boy weren’t going to make the first move despite the obvious feelings that were fluttering between you, she decided to take matters into her own hands only slightly.

      And by slightly, she meant she was going to push you two together the best she could and pray that maybe one of you would actually realize there’s something there.

      So when the opportunity arose of you needing someone to tutor you in math, Christine told you she had just the person since she was too busy with rehearsal for the school’s musical. You were glad - you really needed a tutor and you really did trust Christine if she had someone immediately come to mind. After all, she had plenty of friends there would definitely be a couple who were good at precalculus-

      And Michael Mell was standing at your front door. When Christine said she had a friend, you didn’t expect it to be Michael of all people.

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Twisted Snake

Synopsis: It’s jughead’ birthday and with an unwanted birthday party in full swing Jughead flees the scene of the crime in favour of Pops. Where he stumbles upon a certain someone.
Pairings: Jughead x reader, Jughead x Betty
Warnings: Swearing, fluff

A/N: not entirely sure if I’ll make this into a little series. I haven’t been majorly inspired to finish the wrong side of the tracks so maybe this will replace it. Let me know my lovelies. Also wrote this really quick and didn’t really edit it sorrrrrry



Jughead POV

I can’t believe Betty thought I’d like a birthday party. She doesn’t know me like I thought she did. What the hell was she thinking?! I had never stormed out so quickly in my life. I had never been so infuriated by something…by someone. God only knows what the hell is going on with Archie, he’s totally flown off the handle and I’m not in the mood to be a good friend right now. He wasn’t a good friend by stopping this in the first place.

I strolled along the short-ish walk to pops. The town was empty, all sleeping or in Archie’s trying to sleep together.

Pops’ was almost completely empty. I waved at Pop Tate and began ambling over to my booth, my safe space, my Oasis, my..wait what the fuck?

I walked closer to the booth and looked at the y/h/c haired girl sitting down reading and drinking a milkshake in my booth. I am so not in the mood.

“Ahem” I coughed loudly but she didn’t move. “Emm excuse me..this is kinda my booth and I’m not really in the mood so could you just not thanks”. Still no response to more slightly more than harsh tone.

I reached out to touch her shoulder and she jumped under my touch, gasping as she did so and then laughing.

“Oh sorry were you talking to me?” She smiled sweetly at me as she removed her earbuds. Okay that makes sense now.

“I.uhh yeah I was…you’re…youre in my booth?”i mange to stutter. Her beauty stealing my voice.

“you don’t seem too sure?” She laughed, “you can sit down if you want?” She gestured to the empty seat across from her. Okay not really what I had in mind and it feels weird to sit here without my laptop but sure.

“So what’s your name?” Okay who am I and why am I willing striking up a conversation with a stranger.


“Why aren’t you at my party y/n?” that sounded a little more vain than I had intended.

“Umm excuse me?” she chuckled

“i mean the whole of Riverdale youth is at it so why aren’t you?”

“Maybe I’m not Riverdale youth” that’s an interesting answer.

“Why aren’t you at your own party beanie boy?” hmm good question stranger….

“Umm not really my scene”

“Your own party isn’t your scene?” yup pretty ridiculous and rightfully deserved the laugh she gave it. I found myself laughing a little at its obscurity as well.

“Yeah my…my friend threw it for me and I don’t think they know me as well as I thought cause I couldn’t think of a worse thing to plan for me”

“a colonoscopy”

“Aha what?” I laughed as she smiled so sweetly at me.

“I think that’d be a worse thing to plan for someone besides a birthday party, no?”

“I guess" grinning at her play on my words.

We sat there talking for ages about nothing in particular. She never asked my name or pried into my business just took what I offered her. I can’t say I did the same for her. I was actually kinda rude to be honest but I just wanted to know everything about her and even though she was a little slow to speak about herself I enjoyed every little detail however far and few between they were.

“You know you have been sitting here or an hour Beanie Brain”

“Really?…Oh shit! Yeah people are probably wondering where I am…then again they have alcohol so probably not” I joked but really it was true. “You should probably go back” this saddened me a little. I didn’t want to go and I think she could tell.

“Do…do you wanna come?” Did I really just ask a stranger to my sorta house? Then again Betty asked everyone in school and they’re all virtually strangers…no they are strangers so what’s one more. Besides I actually like this stranger.

“Umm okay sure if you promise you’re not a serial killer ” she stood smilingly and we began the walk back to Archie’s after she paid the tab.

“No I’m not a serial killer”

“Yeah I mean what’s the chances of two serial killers finding each other like this” she joked. I’m quite fond of her humor even if others in this town wouldn’t find that particular joke funny at this current moment of time.

I told her about the gang along the way however I seemed to fail to mention that Betty was more than just a member of the gang. I don’t know why I just didn’t.

The house had people coming from all possible exits. Completely mobbed. Music and people spewing onto the street. Chaos. I took a deep breath in and shuffled my feet on the spot.

“Hey we don’t have to go in?” Y/n offered supportingly. “It’s not really my scene either”. I like her, she understands me.

“Okay,  come on we can go hang out with Vegas in the garage”

“Is Vegas a hooker” she snickered.

“Oh yeah totally, he might get you to join his brothel so be careful” I returned, starting to lead her to the shed laughing.

Along the way she stumbled on discarded beer cans and I caught her hand to steady her….i had just forgotten to let go again as did she.

We sat down on the old couch in the garage and she fell totally head over heels in love with Vegas. And I think I’m starting to fall for her. No. No I’m not. Shut up Jughead.

We talked again for what seemed like ages but was only an hour. We could only hear the slight thud of music and blur of mangled drunken slurs. “This is a nice way to spend a birthday” I ramble.

“What? With someone who is practically a stranger and a dog in a garage?”

“Yeah, I mean they’re all practically strangers and this is just…nice” I actually thought it was more than nice but wasn’t ready to offer that kind of information.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right it is kinda nice” she playfully hits my shoulder and I react by going to tickle her. This is met by strong protest which only spurs me on.

I’m soon lying on top of her tickling her mercilessly as she begs for peace. I finally stop as her face turned almost purple, mine almost the same from just laughing at her.

I hadn’t laughed this hard in a long time. It was just easy to be around y/n. I blame what happened next on the lack of oxygen in my brain from the laughing.

I leaned down and kissed her. I hadn’t had a kiss like that before. It was truly sensational, magical, earth shattering, all of the above.

I pulled back from her but it wasn’t long before she pulled me back for another. This was truly amazing.

The door began to shake and I had never moved so quickly in my life. Too quickly. I got my legs tangled in y/ns and ended up falling to the ground pulling her on top of me.

“” shit. Betty stood in the doorway looking totally hurt and shocked and ready to both burst into tests and kill me all at once.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY BOYFRIEND?!” she shrieked, just audible over the music pouring in through the open door.

It was y/ns turn to move quickly.

”Wait your what?! I swear I had no idea!” Oh I’m a terrible person. Y/N looked at me with all hurt and little anger….the same could not be said for Betty.

“Jughead Jones!!! I have never been so cross in my enti…”

“Wait what? Did you just call him Jughead Jones?” Y/N cut across Betty in a tone dripping in confusion while the one Betty returned only dripped with poison.

“Yeah homewrecker that’s his name, are you trying to tell me you take a sledgehammer to my relationship and don’t even know his name you absolute fucking whore”. If y/n was hurt by Betty harsh words she didn’t show it, I however was shocked by her language.

“Oh God oh God oh God oh God this isn’t happening this isn’t happening” y/n sounded genuinely spooked as she grabbed her jacket and put it back on “I have to go I have to go oh God oh God"

“Yeah I think you should go do that, I’m sure there’s some other couple you can ruin skank”. I had had enough.

“Betty! Don’t talk to y/n like that!”

“No! You don’t get to speak right now!” As I was about to defy her the door closed and y/n was gone. Betty started shouting at me as I moved to the door to chase y/n but she was gone, leaving a very angry Betty and a very confused Jughead.-
Teehee Xx

Bonjour Mon Amour

Barry X Reader

Word Count: 1,826

Warnings: none

You loved your job. It had always been your dream to become a fashion designer and you knew you would be able to work up to it. But being the assistant to an ungrateful boss left you more than a little stressed. Well, lucky for you Barry was always willing to cheer you up.

“You can’t let her get under your skin.” Barry sighed, taking another sip of his drink.

“I know.” You nodded “She’s just such a bitch to me all the time.”

“Maybe its cause you’re prettier than her.” He joked, happy to see the smile on your face.

“You’re sweet.” You stated,  resting your hand atop his own.

“Well I’ve got to go,” He said with a glance at his watch “but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“If I make it through yet another day of the torture.” You exclaimed, putting a hand to your head for dramatics.

“Night.” He chuckled, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

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