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🌹Fairy Stan please!

🌹 - fairy

Since I’ve already done a classic tinker bell type fairy, I decided to base him off of a mythical fairy to get some variety. 

This drawing is based of the  Irish Fairy the Gancanagh. Also called a “Love-Taker” this fairy likes to seduce women and steal them from humans. He’s especially effective at it because he has toxic skin that makes people addicted to him on contact. This is also what makes him deadly, because once he leaves the addiction remains and the Gancanagh’s victims usually die of a broken heart. 

Looks wise the Ganacagh is just very attractive, dresses fashionably, and often carries an unlit clay pipe of the aesthetic. So I decided to ad a few things to make him look more like a fairy, and more recognizable as dangerous.

In this design he’s got markings that look like fashionable tattoos which indicate his poisonous skin, eyes with goat pupils when you look at them at the right angle because I think it looks cool, very slightly pointed ears because fairy, and invisible wings, again because this is a fairy prompt so I thought I should put in some typical modern fairy traits.  

a good article about the Gancanagh

normal family gatherings: awkward, vanilla, more awkward goodbyes at the end of the night

Irish family gatherings: waking up on the floor and checking everyone’s pulses before you leave to make sure they’re still alive and just hammered, not dead


N.O.I.S.E.S. (day 19)
Whisky Lullabies by Janet Devlin

You can’t mend what isn’t broken
Kind words are rarely spoken
In time I will learn this