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tfw your secret is so obviously about her you can’t even look her in the eye

Laura Michelle Kelly attends the Opening Night of Finding Neverland on Broadway | 4.18.15

Small Feet

Request: “Could you do a Pan imagine were y/n is like 5 when she gets to Neverland and he treats her like his little girl and protects her and then he lets her go but she ends up coming back to the island and is older and he falls in love with her.”

“Sorry for taking so long with this, but here you go, hope you enjoy it!” - Tiger Lily. <3

Small Feet

Peter watched the shadow lower a small girl into the clearing. “It’s a girl.” He said and eyed the shadow which blue eyes sparkled. The girl dropped to the ground and landed on feet which were embraced by black shoes. She was wearing a purple dress, and she tried to steady herself on her short legs.
She grinned playfully and spun around to see her surroundings, Peter’s eyebrows shot up. He watched her with great interest. Felix came into the clearing. “What…” He gawped. “Oh my, she’s so cute!” He squealed and jumped forward to lift her up. Peter watched her y/c/h dance when Felix spun her around and she giggled when he settled her down again, eyes gleaming.
Peter went over to her and kneeled down in front of her. “Hello, Love.” He said while smiling, looking up at her.

   “Hello…” She replied with a cheeky smile and Peter chuckled, his green eyes twinkling.

   “Welcome to Neverland,” Peter said and held out a hand. “My little lost girl.”

Her name was y/n. She was absolutely adorable and the lost boys treated her like a princess. Whenever you saw Peter you saw her come walking hand in hand with him and he showed her all the beautiful places in Neverland, even some of the scary ones, loving how she clung herself to his leg when she felt scared. Felix got the honor of taking care of her when Peter had other things to do. He taught her how to read, which Peter actually wasn’t that good at, and helped her braid flowers into her hair. Peter joined in, but it always ended up with the two boys staring at the mess they have made of her hair and then they tried to find a way to fix it. Once it ended up with them having to give her a haircut. They found out that short hair suited her, it went to her chin and Peter found joy in ruffling it up.

The day came when she missed her parents dearly, and Peter watched her cry into his lap with a pained expression as he realized that meant he would have to take her home. He grabbed her small hands in that moment and looked into her y/c eyes and bit his lip. “Promise me something then, y/n. Promise to come back when you’re older, when you feel ready for more adventures, you come back to me.”

 Y/n had smiled and cupped Peter’s face with her hands. “I promise.”

Years passed and Peter spent his days remembering his little girl and feeling lonely whenever he sat on his bed in the morning, remembering how she had run in too early and awoken him. Though as about 10 years in the other world’s time passed, he had forgotten her face only remembering the color of her eyes and her hair and slightly remembering her voice. Peter was currently walking with Felix, talking through some more serious matters when suddenly a lost boy came running down the path.

   “Why are you running this fast, Curly?” Peter asked with a raised brow, he and Felix watching the boy catch his breath.

   “A girl…” He got out through pants. “The shadow… has brought… a girl… to-” he inhaled deeply. “To Neverland.” Then he collapsed and Felix grabbed him. “Oh god…” Curly gasped and looked up at Peter but found his sight empty of him. “Wait. Where did he go?”

 Felix looked up at saw only jungle around him. “I have a feeling of who the girl might be.” He said and stood letting go of Curly who fell to the ground with a bump.


Peter froze in the spot when he entered the camp and saw a tall girl with now long y/c hair and a nervous smile on her pink lips. It was her. It was y/n. She had come back to him.

   “Princess?” Felix asked breathlessly when he entered the clearing as well, looking at her with a surprised expression.

 The girl smiled. “I’m back.” She said and opened her arms. Felix ran over and wrapped his arms around her, spinning her around in circles like he did when she arrived, this time with a small grunt since she was much heavier than she was when only 5. He set her down and grinned down at her. “You look beautiful, y/n.” He said and turned around to face Peter who had come closer. He kneeled down like he had done before and y/n chuckled.

   “Welcome home, y/n, my little lost girl.” He said with a crooked smile.

   “I am not little anymore, Peter.” She replied and embraced him with a gleeful laugh.

Y/n had now been there for 14 days and Peter and she had spent a lot of time together like they always did, something was just different when he took her to the scary places of Neverland and she held his hand when she was scared. Something was just different when he took her on a flight above the island holding her hand and looking at her beautiful smiling face.
Peter felt something that he had never done before, and he felt slightly nervous whenever she came close. One evening 5 days later they lay in a clearing amongst flowers and looking up at the red, orange and purple sky, Peter felt the urge to hold her hand and he frowned as he tried to figure out what he was feeling.

   “Peter.” Y/n spoke and Peter turned his head to look at her, she was very close. “Is something wrong?”

 Peter wanted to say yes, but he wasn’t too sure about how he would explain what was wrong after saying yes so he just smiled and told her no.

 Instead y/n looked up at the sky, seeing stars appear clear now. “Well… for me there is something, different.” She said and eyed him nervously, but she looked away when he turned to look at her. “I feel something different.”

 Peter pushed himself up in a sitting position and also a little away from her. Her words scared him. “What do you feel differently about?” He asked and she sat up as well, trying to move closer but he stood up and stepped back.

 Y/n stood up as well and looked at him with a pained expression. “You.”

 Peter looked down at his hands. His stomach felt weird.
  “Listen, Peter, it’s alright if you do not feel the same about me.”

   “What do you call this feeling, you say?” Peter muttered, still not looking at her.

   “Love.” She said with a frown and she eyed him nervously.

   “Then I think… I feel love too.” Peter looked up at her and watched her y/c eyes reflect the evening sky, a small smile appearing on her beautiful face. She chuckled and he did too, both just looking at each other.

 At the edge of the clearing stood Felix and Curly. “What is love?” Curly asked and Felix looked down at him.

   “Something good…” He muttered. “Something great.”


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Tiger Lily. <3

Emma also began to claim her own power in her romantic life in Neverland. So many of Emma’s relationships with men left her feeling powerless, but in Neverland, she started to see that there was one man who was giving her as much power as she wanted to take—and that was Hook. Their first kiss came about because Emma chose not to walk away from his flirtations and instead chose to seize a moment where she felt truly powerful. Hook may have made it clear that he wanted to kiss Emma, but she was the one who kissed him. She also chose to walk away, and he respected that choice.

Hook’s relationship with Emma is different from any other we’ve seen her engaged in up to this point. He gives her all the power, making his feelings clear but giving her the space she needs to choose for herself whether or not she wants to respond to those feelings. When Emma kissed Hook, she choose something not because it was for the greater good, but because she simply “was feeling good.” She chose happiness for herself in that moment; she chose to be a woman of action.
At the conclusion of Season Three’s midseason finale, “Going Home,” Emma and Henry’s happy life is interrupted by Hook. Unlike she did with Henry in the pilot, Emma didn’t choose to let him into her apartment (and her heart). She chose to knee him in a very sensitive area instead. But Hook knows Emma is the kind of woman who would rather have all her options presented to her—as crazy as they may sound—than live a life she didn’t actually choose for herself.

Emma yearned for a day off from being the savior, and she was given a year away from her destiny. Hook’s arrival presents a decision Emma must make for herself: believe him and accept her role as the savior once again or continue living her life with Henry. Hook was someone connected to Emma’s growing sense of agency, someone who saw her as powerful not because she was the savior but because she was Emma. Therefore, it made sense for him to be the one to present her with this choice. From a storytelling perspective, it had to be Hook.

Hook may be relentless and determined to get her to remember, but it’s ultimately Emma’s choice to believe him or to even consider believing him. However, I think we all know what Emma is going to choose. She’s going to believe Hook and return to help her family, but the important thing is that it’s her choice this time.


No Longer a Lost Girl: Emma Swan and the Power of Choice (x)

Jen’s tweet about it (x)

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A New Beginning // Closed with Teen-Peter

Lex had looked at tinknas she flew up a little and she looked around Neverland. She smiled and nodded “I’ll be back… I promise!” She said and flew around but it was night time. She landed but only to be in the mud. She sighed and walked through the mud mumbling a little to herself. She heard a small growl and her body froze and she got up and flew away fast and went to the middle of the lake around the island. She landed on the ship silently as she looked around at the sleeping men. She blinked a little as she walked silently then stepped on a lose board and made a loud crack on the ship, loud enough to make someone wake up.

You know what I loved?

The scene with the gang and Belle. Because Belle, quite rightly, is a bit wary of being left alone with the pirate. She hasn’t seen how Killian has changed; she wasn’t in Neverland. She didn’t hear the confession in Echo Cave.

But Emma was like “he’ll protect you from the Witch.” No doubt, no trying to explain, no trying to brush away what Killian had done. Emma had complete faith that Killian would do whatever it took to protect Belle. One look. That was all it took. And Killian didn’t try to make excuses and some other bullshit. He was like “yeah, I messed up but I’m trying to be better, can we just get this over with ‘cause I’d rather be with my Swan.”

It’s just further proof that whatever is going on with them on a personal level, when it comes to the big things, Emma trusts Killian. She’s accepted his change of heart to the side of the heroes. And that’s so, so important. Now next week, she’s going to trust him with an even bigger thing: the safety of her son.

Character development, you’re doing it right.