she's in neverland

Peter Pan Imagine

Imagine you were forced to leave neverland but you came back and peter pan tells you about his feelings Y/n =your name 

Peter Pan P.O.V

It had been about 4 months since Y/n left i have never felt anything like this i felt as if a piece of me is missing. She was the only person i could talk to she made me feel like a human again but she is gone now Neverland had lost all of its magic when she was kidnapped I could have saved her but i choose to be my stubborn self and let her go i thought that i would feel  nothing i mean i am Peter Pan i shouldn’t be able to feel yet when she left i felt as if i was dying inside .None of the lost boys knew except for Felix. When the younger lost boys asked where their where their mother went i had to say she was involved in a horrible accident that led to her death It killed me to say that .She was my lost girl my only love  While i was lost in thought  Devin came and said “The shadow brought somebody new here .” “can’t you take care of a new lost boy you have done it before .” i replied. “ no this one is different it’s her Peter  .” 

Y/n P.O.V

I had finally came back to my home i hoped that they remember  me still .I had woken to see the lost boys surrounding me i noticed a couple such as Felix ,and Devin and a few more and then a saw a few familiar faces must have came while i was gone I look up to see The one and only peter pan staring at me with a facial expression that almost looked like it was in awe “y/n .?” he stuttered “Yes Peter its me.” “I’m back!” i didn’t have much time to even stand up  before he had embraced me in a huge hug “i have missed you so much .“ “i’ve missed you to. “ we stood there for a couple of seconds before we heard a tiny voice say “mother.” i pulled out of my hug with peter and knelt dawn to the lost boys level and hugged him “ we thought you were dead .” he said with tears in his eyes .”why would i be dead ?’’ i asked “Peter said that you had died in a pirate attack .” ‘’oh he did now ‘’ i turned around to look at peter “ what was i supposed to say” “ nothing now i am back to you guys “ i stood up and went to peter and kissed him it had been awhile since i felt his lips on mine i almost forgot what it felt like 

Peter Pan P.O.V 

she had stood up and kissed me took a little while to adjust to having someone kiss me like this but i kissed back just happy she was here so happy to have my Lost Girl Back 

(A/n i know it sucks but that is my first real story Hope you like it Love you guys )


Every one hundred years. That’s how long Peter has to wait for her to come back. Her name is Melanie, Nellie for short and she is a star. No, literally a star. And she always seems to land in Neverland. 

Nellie always thought the magic is what was drawing her to land in Neverland. She was wrong; it was Peter. Lifetime after lifetime, Nellie spends time with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. But like a star, her light burns out fast. She barely even has a year each time. But in her last lifetime, Nellie and Peter fall in love. But just as they get together, her time is up.

Nellie can see everything from the sky. She waits until she can return to Neverland and see Peter again. But when he dies in Storybrooke, Nellie ends up landing there when she returns. Will she find a way to bring him back? Or will the pain he has caused ruin her chances to finally find happiness? 

shit i really forgot how much peter pan meant to me as a child like it was everything to me

i forgot about it as i grew up

isn’t that ironic

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I may or may not have a crush on Wonderland and from Narnia aph-fiction. It's just that Wonderland seems like a gentleman and Narnia is really pretty. Pixie Hollow is pretty cute too but she's 5 inches tall and I'm pretty sure she has the hots for Neverland.

Wonderland is a dork, Narnia is precious but r00d, Wonderland is a weeb, and pixie hollow is tiny omg.


Okay so its my lovely best friend’s birthday so you should all follow her at sporklift. If you don’t already ( seriously why aren’t you following her already ??? ). If you need a few more reasons other then her gorgeous face and her amazing personality ( you really shouldn’t need anymore reasons to follow i mean. Why wouldn’t you want to see all that on your dash?? Seriously why are you still reading this. Go follow her. ) Then heres a few reasons for the people who still aren’t convinced yet.

Amazing Fanficition writer
Probably the queen of panlix and everything neverland. ( wouldn’t doubt it if she has a throne in neverland )
actually tinker bell ( short and cute and adorable and passionate )
Maze runner. Once upon a time. Narnia. Peter pan. GIRAFFES.
Seriously giraffes everywhere.
probably secretly a giraffe named Larry. 

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ah i actually love it when you comment on my silly theories; but yeah, something seems really weird about the relationship between the Darlings and Pan. All three of them combined and then separated. shit went down between Wendy and Peter the first time she went to Neverland, and it's still effecting them both 100 years later. and then J&M saying things like oh 'he's gonna kill her b/c we failed' but they already failed. so either Pan was bluffing or Wendy was lying; i think both tbh

well that makes me feel good bc I always feel weird when I reblog people’s post with an actual post and not just tag commentary d:

I def think Pan was bluffing && it’s def a possibility that Wendy was lying, but the only problem I have with the latter is then why go along with everything then? idk there’s a lot of ‘weirdness’ involved with these guys you’re right there it’s like I need a serious ten week straight through analyzing session to make any sense out of it d:

then there’s the whole ‘did he really threaten to kill them or did Wendy make it up’ thing && I’m obliged to think the first one only bc I don’t understand why Wendy would a) lie to Henry b) lie to the adults / assist in Henry’s death ; I mean it’s been established that Wendy believed pan was definitely going to succeed despite anything so it could just be a resignated ‘what difference would it make?’ thing.actually i have no idea as of this moment ive suspended all my previously established notions as i rework them and go through everything thoroughly again

this is where i went off into a mini meta of several paragraphs that i moved into a word doc and became a several paged unorganized meta that is still going on, but since i kind of was rambling a lot i removed it from here d: its basically just me trying to figure out what the heck is going on without figuring it out yet but when i do ill let you know

i will say this J&M sure do fail a lot. they failed in beating pan, they failed in getting baby henry, and they failed in destroying that box. they aren’t good for anything except emotional family moments

sorry it took so long to respond like i said i went off onto a thing for a while :b

actually you can catch the disorganized snippets of thoughts soon though a lot of it will prob be weird and im no here near done with my thoughts

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Unpopular opinion: Regina should have died in season 2

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

okay look, i’m nowhere near being regina’s biggest fan. that’s not exactly news if you’ve noticed my tags on anything relating to regina. honestly, she pisses me off most of the time. that being said, the show would’ve been vastly different if she had died at any point, especially in season 2.

she did help save henry from neverland. she did help defeat zelena at the end of season 3. she helped everyone return to their own world when the author wrote the au.

she’s done a lot of shitty things, both in the past and present, but she’s kind of a big part of the show. now, if the time comes where the plot calls for it, i won’t mourn tbh. but in season 2, i think it wouldn’t have really fit.

send me unpopular opinions and i’ll tell you what i think about them

Why I Hate Snow White

You guys have no freaking clue how much I detest snow white- I hated her fairy tale, I hate the disney movie- I HATE her. 

But, frankly, Mary Margaret gets under my skin the most- I like good people. But she just fucking throws it in your face. Even during Neverland, she refused to take the low roads to save Henry; that’s utter bullshit. I get that she isn’t his mother, but the fact of the matter is, you either come out and say ‘I come first’, or you help- you don’t bullshit out of it with ‘goodness’. 

Are you fucking kidding me?

And that thing with the dark spot on her heart after Cora?

Am I the only one who’d wear that like a badge of honor?

The woman is singlehandedly responsible for the majority of the OUAT plot; and what she isn’t responsible for directly, it’s the results of seeds that she’s sown.

And that shit with Charming- is something keeps, repeatedly getting between you, shouldn’t you take that as a hint that you aren’t meant to be together? Because even when it’s not a person, one of them is about to die. How much of a hint do you need?

Snow is a bitch, and I can’t fucking stand her.


A Darker Neverland
Verse Tag : v; a Darker Neverland

In this verse Tinkerbell is ruthless, she kills without remorse and she lives on the Jolly Roger with Captain Hook her lover. She is loyal only to him because he protects her. She is a twisted version of what she used to be. Always stoic and thinking up of ways to torture, maim and murder Pan and the lost ones.

Verse Tag: v; Somewhere in Neverland

Tinkerbell is stuck in Neverland, she had been for quite some time so she knows the lay of the land. She had won Peter Pan’s trust but is still weary of his wrath. She is often hunted by the boys because they need to play so she has learned how to be quick, how to hide and how to defend herself if need be.

Neverland, just arrived
Verse Tag: v;What is this place?

In this verse Tink has just arrived in Neverland, she is frightened and jumpy often borderline paranoid of what could happen in the land. She has yet to meet Pan and the lost boys and the loss of her wings is quite recent though she still preserves some magic and pixie dust at her disposal.

Verse Tag: v;Fairy Tales come to Life

Tink goes by the name Chloe here as given to her by Henry in order to fit in. She works in the library helping Belle and is starting to adjust to this world. She has gained back her wings but never joined the fairies. She has magic but has yet to learn how to tap into it, seeing as she is still a bit unsure of herself. Interesting fact, even though no one can see them she actually is able to feel her wings on her back at all times.

Verse Tag: v; Somewhere in Storybrooke

This is the main Storybrooke tag, here she usually known about the main villain of the land but doesn’t really approach anyone to help unless asked. She does try to mingle with the locals though, trying to find her place in this new world.

Enchanted Forest
Verse Tag: v; Still a Fairy

In this verse Tink has yet to meet Regina. She is still a fairy and has her wings but she is constantly getting into trouble due to her curious nature.

Enchanted Forest
Verse Tag: v; Take these broken Wings

Here Tinkerbell has just lost her wings, she is trying to make her way in a land she knows nothing about. She is not longer a small fairy but she is still quite petite in stature compared to humans. She is scavenging for food, she is fearful of people and is often found skulking in the shadows hoping not to be seen.

Enchanted Forest : Teen Verse
Verse Tag: v;  Meant to fly

Curious, naive and oh so very trusting this is Tink before she became the broken little sprite we all know and tolerate.

Gods and Goddesses
Verse Tag: v;Olympus

As the Greek Goddess ERIS was the goddess of strife, discord, contention and rivalry. She was often represented specifically as the daimon of the strife of war, who haunted the battlefield and delighted in human bloodshed.  Because of Eris’ disagreeable nature she was the only goddess not to be invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. When she turned up anyway, she was refused admittance and, in a rage, threw a golden apple among the goddesses inscribed “To the fairest.” Three goddesses laid claim it, and in their rivalry brought about the events which led to the Trojan War.

Tinley's childhood

Okay so I didn’t really explain this much but she was born in neverland and Peter and tink were together and everything was cool until Peter brought Wendy to neverland and tink left him and moved back to pixie hollow with Terrence and brought Tinley with her. So Tinley moved around and her childhood was rough because she basically grew up not knowing who her dad was which upsets her.