she's in all my favourite things and she's my favourite!!!!

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what's your favourite Cassandra Cain moment?

That’s a hard question!!!

I have a couple lemme just,,, pull open my folder and bring out a list of great scenes,,,,

this is one because it’s freaking iconic

This is one of my favourite Rebirth moments so far. “OKAY.” like dayum Cass

This is one of the best Tim and Cass interactions ever and you can all fight me

There are two things that stick out in this scene. One? SHE JUST UP AND TELLS THEM HER FAVOURITE ICE CREAM FLAVOUR BECAUSE SHES BEING A SHITHEAD. And two? She’s clearly seen one too many old movies just look how she’s holding that gun. She has been shown to know how to use one and reassemble it blindfolded so she KNOWS better. This is purely for aesthetic and I think that’s amazing.

Cass not knocking is my passion okay

And then the famous kicking nightwing through a wall.

Last image is under a cut b/c it’s like… lowkey nsfw I guess? Like nothing is /shown/ per say but she’s still naked

(yes it’s the orange juice scene)

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I remember when I first realised I liked her. Everything she did from then on became ineffable to me, every single thing. The way she would run her fingers through her hair, that made my heart stop for just a second. The way she tapped her pinky finger on her bottom lip when she was trying to focus, that made the smile on my face linger a little longer. The way she’d subconsciously drag her nails across my thigh while in conversation, that made me have to squeeze my thighs together gently. But my favourite thing about her was looking into her eyes — it was like looking up at the night sky and witnessing a thousand shooting stars dance across the sky all at once. That was my favourite. But the worst, God, it was the worst. Was knowing just how weak she made me.
—  k.f

She is messy, but she’s kind,
She is lonely most of the time,
She is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie,
She is gone, but she used to be mine.

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What is your favorite part of rping Lua? What about your least favorite part? Is there anything yoj want to change about the way you rp her?

My favourite thing about RPing her is her optimism! Even though she’s been a little more pessimistic lately, she’s really good at keeping her head up and helping other people around her.

My least favourite is RPing her during her really, really bad moments. Suicide, self harm, and eating disorders all hit me pretty hard personally, so it makes me oocly sad watching my own character suffer.. Which is pretty silly, I guess!

I really love where’s she at right now. I wish I was a bit of better writer to translate things better.. But what can ya do! Her character, in my opinion, is well rounded and just how I like her!

@henroth-valdemar thank u!! c:

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Whats your favourite thing about being a daddy?

My favourite thing about being a daddy is probably looking after my little girl and guiding her through day to day life and helping her though everything and making sure she has the best possible life I can help give and just being the one she comes to when she’s upset and down so I can help fix it all for her and so much more

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Relationship status: Single

Favourite colour: red (just about any shade)

Pets: Three, Jasper a terror of a terrier mix who I adore, Thea A very spoiled overweight Doberman who treats me more like a nanny than her owner, Kiley, my little shadow. she was my grandmother’s before she passed. 

Last song I listened to: Jonathon Young”s cover of “how Far I’ll Go”

Favourite show: Sherlock

My first fandom: Phantom of the Opera

Hobbies: all the usual for an introvert reading, writing, mainly escapes from reality. 

Book I’m currently reading: Beauty by Robin McKinley (I am reading only Beauty and the Beast retellings until the movie comes out!)

Favourite book: Jane Eyre

Worst thing I’ve ever eaten/tasted: Vegemite 

Favourite place: any place i am surrounded by books

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I'm curious, what are your thoughts on Persephone and which is your favourite Greek mythological creature or goddess/muse ?

like it an a concept, don’t really want to have much to do with ~~~tumblr~~~ persephone/hades dynamics. this is my favourite persephone poem:

Be to her, Persephone,
All the things I might not be:
Take her head upon your knee.
She that was so proud and wild,
Flippant, arrogant and free,
She that had no need of me,
Is a little lonely child
Lost in Hell,—Persephone,
Take her head upon your knee:
Say to her, “My dear, my dear,
It is not so dreadful here.”

- Prayer to Persephone, Edna St Vincent Millay 

my favourite greek mythological creature is possibly the minotaur. i went to knossos in crete last summer which is the fabled site of where king minos ruled and had a very fun time looking at the frescos of the myth. i just love the idea of labyrinths in any story, even symbolically. they’re very fun.

Style Crush Sunday: Gabby Westbrook-Patrick

It’s safe to say that Gabby Westbrook-Patrick has become one of my favourite models of the moment. Not only has she walked for numerous designers including Ralph Lauren and Christopher Kane, but her simple street style is full of ideas I plan to copy. With BFFs such as Hailey Baldwin it is easy to see why this New Zealand model is quickly becoming one of newest It Girls! Continue reading to see my favourite looks.

This is definitely one of my favourite summer looks that Gabby has worn. Here she created an all-black look by pairing a cropped top, a pair of shorts with side detailing and the lace-up sandals. I love the Céline Nano and simple hoop earrings to complete the look.

I love this casual summer look! Gabby kept things simple by pairing grey jeans with a floaty white top. Also keeping up with trends, she pairs Adidas Stan Smiths into her outfit.

Seen here with Hailey Baldwin, Gabby drapes on a long grey cardigan, with light jeans and knee high boots! Again she uses the Céline luggage in the smallest size to finish off the outfit. I featured this look by Hailey in a previous Style Crush Sunday post which you can see here.

Here Gabby rocks a casual-chic look with Hailey after watching a hockey game! With a Rangers jersey Gabby wears a leather jacket, ripped denim jeans, and suede knee high boots.

You can follow Gabby on Tumblr at @gabbywp and on Instagram at @gabbywestbrook. What’s your favourite outfit Gabby has worn? Do you see her as a fashion inspiration? Let me know! If you enjoyed this post, please like or reblog x

Remember when the only times Kathryn Janeway encountered sexism were when she was confronted with a backward disgusting species like the Kazon and other than that, being a female captain never was any biggie?

can we talk about how Maya Hart is literally the greatest friend in the whole world.

I have seen many tv shows, many movies, many animations and they all had at least one really good friend, but Maya Hart takes the cake.

My favourite thing about Maya is that she actually puts her friends before she puts anyone else because loves them and cherishes them and just cares about them so, so much.

I’m going to name a few things that Maya has done that prove that she’s the best friend there is.

-When Farkle was being bullied, Maya was ready to hurt whoever hurt him.

-When people make fun of Riley, she makes sure that Riley is protected from the mean things they say

-When Zay wanted to impress Vanessa, she immediately thought to help him out without him even asking her to

-When Riley was being bullied, Maya put up with all the things she put her through because she only wants to help her feel better

-When she prayed, she prayed for everyone in the buildings around her to be cared for, she prayed for her mother and she prayed for Riley to have an endless supply of good days (she always keeps other people in mind)

-When Lucas was going to ride the bull, Maya showed how much she truly did care about him, even threatening to never talk to him again if he risked his life that way

-When everyone else left Riley and her belief, Maya stayed with her, even though she didn’t think it was a good idea, because she would never abandon her best friend, no matter what

-When Farkle found out that he might have autism, Maya immediately stepped up and tried to deny it, not wanting to believe that something might have happened to her friend

-When the group found out that Isadora was the one who has autism, Maya was there for her

-When those girls were making fun of Riley and calling her by something other than her name, Maya stopped them, threatened them even, because she didn’t want anyone to go after her best friend

Maya protects all her friends. Riley, Farkle, Lucas, Smackle and Zay. She cares for them more than anyone else.

And these are just a few of the things she’s done for her friends.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people say that Riley loves a lot, that if Riley loves someone she’ll love them with the entirety of her heart, while I’m not disagreeing with that, I interpret Riley more as someone who tries to find people to love. She looks for people. She said herself that she’s always been looking for her prince so he could love her and she could love him.

I think that Maya is really the one who, if she loves someone, she loves them completely, she cares for them, she protects them and she would never leave them. Maya doesn’t go off looking for people, Maya is presented with people and she loves them because they stay.

Maya has been left by someone, she knows what if feels like to be left, which is why I think that she wants to protect the people who stayed in her life, which is why I think that she loves her friend so deeply, because they never left her, they were always there for her, especially Riley.

I don’t think anyone will ever love anyone more than Maya loves Riley, whether it be platonic or romantic.
I don’t think anyone will ever be a better friend than Maya is.

I think Maya was written to be the most loyal, loving, kind hearted and caring friend in the world, and if that really was how she was written to be, then the writers did a remarkable job and I am so proud of their work.

Maya Penelope Hart is truly a masterpiece.

honestly for the last several months Niall (and @niall) has been the one to complain about late nights and too much working hours and long distances and never being home the most. like, do you ever stop and think about that. Neil is so tired. he is SO PISSED OFF. when he is passive aggressive it’s my favorite thing ever

Dressing like a Queen
-> Felicity’s Outfits (( 1/?)) 1x03 Lone Gunman

So, I really have no time to finish the reviews according to the schedule so I thought this would be a fun little project to do during the rewatch. I’ll still be doing reviews, but only when I have the time because those take hours to do per ep >x<

Slowly documenting Felicity’s outfits in every episode. Yes, i do know that there are websites that show what she wears but I thought it would be fun to draw according to what I could see in the episode.

I actually guessed the shoes because she sits down in the whole episode so I can’t see them. Also, I didn’t realise her skirt was patterned, and that she was wearing a belt. The little things you notice when you’re really staring =w=

And they’ll all be accompanied by my favourite quote from her in the episode (unless she wears more than one, then my favourite quote from when she was wearing the outfit).
It was hard to choose between this one or “I thought you said this was your laptop?” but in the end I decided to go with the more iconic one -w-

I hope to compile all of these at the end and make them into prints or a sticker set or something 0w0

olicityalamode geniewithwifi

Dear Scott Gimple,

I am starting to think that my definition of a “Favourite Character” is nothing like the one you seem to be operating under.

See - Carol is my favourite and I love her probably a little too much, which means that given the chance I would give her (aka write up) some HAPPY goodness every once in a while.
She deserves and I am pretty sure everyone would agree with me when I say that she’s surely earned a few nice things in her life after all the messed up stuff this show (you and others) has put her through.

You say that she is your favourite but the list of “let’s punch Carol in the heart awfulness" just keeps getting longer;

- Ed existing 
- Sophia missing
- Sophia dying and then Sophia dying again right in front of HER!
- Trapping her and almost leaving her to die in the tombs 
- Losing her friends - Jackie, Amy, Lori and Andrea 
- Giving her two more children to lose 
- Rick banishing her and making her cry 
- The Grove and Grady 
- The epitome of Ed 2.0 reminder in Pete ‘porch dick’ 
- Sam being so darn attachable and also ‘killable’ 
- Morgan and his guilt inducing “all life is precious” ways!
- Separating her from Daryl every darn Season

You know what I am saying…You KNOW!

Carol is a great, amazingly complex, inspirational, kick ass, beautiful character - you got me there!
And yes this is a show about terrible things and no happy endings BUT come on, somewhere in the middle of all this death, destruction and annoying man pain, you could write a scene where she takes a breather, maybe shares a moment with someone else that is about how she is, how she feels about things…
A scene where someone asks her about how she’s holding up.
A scene where someone says or shows in some way that she is appreciated, noticed…loved!
Just because….

She’s done enough crying. Made too many sacrifices.
Made one too many hard calls and been undervalued, underestimated and unappreciated….

Good news though - you Scott Gimple have the power to change all of this because you just happen to be the writer and showrunner of the world Carol lives in…
You can write her a happy moment - at least one tiny one!
She’s your favorite character and your favourite actress after all.

Plus you already know she can pull it off!

I have faith in you ❤️



MCU Ladies Week Day 1, Favourite Character: Melinda May

It’s no surprise that my favourite MCU character is Melinda May, in all of her complexity. While there’s a whole project dedicated to how much she matters, and I’ve written much on the subject myself, it is only recently that I’ve realized that she matters to me for how much and how well she represents and reminds me of the women in my life that I admire.

Having largely been raised by East and Southeast Asian women in civil or public service, I’m grateful for a female character who makes visible and explicit the cost and sacrifice inherent in it, and especially for one who knows that she matters as much as the cause does. I’m grateful for a character who is as brave in love as she is in her career, for one who draws strength from and gives strength to the women in her life, for one who captures the complexity of life’s relationships, from the intimacy inherent in long time partnerships to the quiet, lingering romance in a relationship past to mentorships that evolve into peers and partnerships. 

It is rare that fictional heroes eschew the toxic tropes of the hero’s story, but Melinda often does. From embracing the strength and support her family gives to rejecting a nickname conferred based on admiration for the capacity for destruction, Melinda shapes the heroic arc in ways that are entirely her own and entirely necessary for this day and age. There is strength and bravery in staying, and there is strength and bravery in leaving, and in Melinda I’ve gotten to see both, and admired the women I love in real life all the more for it.