she's imitating a dog


Happy 126th Birthday, Dame Agatha Christie
(Sept 15 1890 -  Jan 12 1976)

The moment she heard the dare, she knew exactly who and what animal she was going to imitate. She was going to imitate a dog, but she was going to add a little extra something into it. She was going to imitate the dog from UP. Doug. Kristen quickly turned her power on and walked up to the next person she saw. “So, how has your day been?” She asked, a wide smile on her face.

hopeful-hugz  asked:

(Normal verse) Hope had come back from her training early, an odd thing for her to do, but she had gotten the feeling that something was up and she needed to return. "Zwei? Zwei is everything okay here?"

There was a barking sound, like someone imitating a dog.  Before Hope could respond to that, she was tackled to the ground in a vice-like hug.  “Hopeful!”  That was most certainly not the voice of Zwei, that was definitely Meph’s.