she's hot and beautiful


Jessica Henwick photographed by Stas Komarovski for Interview Magazine (Feb. 2017)

Nearly all of the rebel fighter [Jessika Pava’s] scenes were filmed on a pivoting platform while Henwick communicated via walkie-talkie. “Most people couldn’t take more than ten minutes, and I was like, ‘Keep going!’“ she recalls. “Most of my lines were improvised; I just made them up.”


Did I save these gifs or did these gifs save me?

Just sitting next to you calms the storm in my heart.. never have I wanted to be calmed in this way.. until I met you.
—  Eue - Thoughts of Skeeter

Never stop complimenting your girl. Make sure she knows that she’s hot, sexy, beautiful, intriguing, intelligent, loving, amazing, and anything else she deserves to hear. I promise, it’ll never get old to her.

honestly? all i need is for a cute girl to pull me close to her, tell me im everything she wants and then kiss me