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I'm assuming that Cadence is a Valkyrie Guardian?

No, she was never planned to be a Guardian in the first place but I’ve since changed Celestia into the leader of Mistral and as such, a main villain in this AU, so that changes what I originally planned for Cadance in this AU too.

So now she is a Host (a Host is the general term for anyone who carries the Tantabus parasite thing within them. Children are the most common Hosts but they are called Orphans instead). More specifically, she is the first successful adult Host, which is pivotal because Hosts are a necessity in this city because the parasitic entity doesn’t produce enough alicorn to supply the overwhelming demand of it from the population, and if they’re embedded into a carrier’s stomach they produce 10-15 times the amount of alicorn they would alone. Now, if a Tatabus is embedded into a living adult body, they’d produce up to 30 times the amount of alicorn, and this is why Cadance (and later Rarity) is seen as so valuable; adults don’t survive the process of injecting the parasitic entity into them, whereas children (especially pony children) typically do. There’s only 2 known adults who have successfully survived this, and that’s Cadance (being the first) and Rarity (being the second).

Anyway, Cadance: given how utterly unique she was at the time she was seen as a sort of religious figure to the Mistral population, and her face and visage was plastered all over the place and given the title “Princess”, the “key to Mistral’s future”. And she was imprisoned and drawn upon for alicorn for years until finally, finally she manages to escape with Luna’s help. They’re now in hiding somewhere in the “Underworld” (also known as Tartarus by the Mistral population and simply “Equestria” by ground-dwellers), possibly taking refuge among Shining Armor’s settlement and maybe even devising a plan to bring down Mistral to end the horrors taking place there (not to mention putting a stop to the increasingly frequent kidnappings they’ve been doing for the sake of their experiments).

Hey I know I’m literally the last person who should be talking about it but……imagine a one-act Good Game Musical.

this is a bunch of scattered disorganized ideas ok just take it

-Possibly Ash as the fourth-wall breaking narrator who slips in and out of the plot because she was a TV host and it’s like she’s re-telling the story after the big win (that we don’t even know is canon?)

-Opening number- “A Million Dollars”. That opening iconic couch scene. A driving power rock anthem where Alex is taking the lead and trying to pump Ryland up about this idea even though he keeps weakly protesting. The bridge breaks down into a glammy 80’s half-time groove where he basically riffs all over the Peanut Butter Monologue. Backup singers in the bridge because fuck you Alex would want backup singers in the bridge.

-“Ash and Dust”- Ash’s chill ballad, maybe a reoccurring theme. She just rattles down her resume, from computer nerd to gamer to pro-gamer to entertainment personality to Lucid Nightmare to this. Main song possibly during Episode 5. Chorus keeps coming back to “And it all falls to ash and dust”. Ends positively. Since she joined Esports People, all her past reservations and expectations have fallen to ash and dust. In a good way. She dropped everything and took a chance and slowly she realizes she’s glad that she did.

-“Esports People Theme Song”. Stupid group song in the spirit of “We Are the Crystal Gems”. Lorenzo’s idea? Probably. Alex’s full enthusiasm? You bet your ass.

-A weird talky back-and-forth waltz and semi-argument between Ryland and Steamin leading up to his reveal in Episode 1. Small reprises of this sprinkled throughout. Like a short waltz every time Steamin and Ryland meet later, symbolic of this stupid passive-aggressive “dance” he’s trying to put on for his camera crew.

-“The Ballad of Boogerboss”. In a slight change from the series, Ryland comes clean in Ep 1 and tells the story himself on the playground when the team doesn’t understand what the video’s from. Make of that what you will because I have ten different ways that could go. Scary comedic sarcastic with seething rage underneath? Vulnerability? Stoic delivery until the end? Interruption from the others?

-“Champion”. Basically, let Sam belt her face off during her Episode 3 Training Montage. Starts rigid, all about coloring in the lines. The verses are littered with arguably toxic motivation mantras like the one over her bed. And then it just gets really screlty.

-That’s all I got for that one. Let my baby screlt.

-“Alex the Regular”. Ok so you know The Bar Scene in Ep 5? Great. Do you know “Michael in the Bathroom”? Because that. A rambly, starts-out-quiet-and-funny-and-a-little-too-fast self-narrating stream of consciousness. The only time we see him vulnerable for an extended period of time. Starts out riding a wave of hushed anxiety and gets a little more openly emotional as he reviews how he got here in life. All he is to these people is The Regular. All he is to his team is The Overbearing Coach. All he is to his bandmates is a failure. But then it ends more calm with a dying ember of that optimism still glowing. Like. Welp. I’m here now. Cool. Might as well get another scotch or somethin.

-Maybe everyone’s musical themes are established in “A Million Dollars”. AMD transitions from high-energy exposition to a montage of meeting these people and roping them into the team. Super long with lots of things happening. Like Into The Woods’ Prologue. That puts the peanut butter monologue in the right place too.

-I’ll be honest I’m lost w/ what Kamal and Lorenzo would contribute but probably something funnier and lighter than all of this angsty shit because damn

a friend of mine won a raffle at work

her and another boy at work

won tickets for the rugby tonight in the hospitality lounge

she’s just posted a post about how she’s just met met Princess Anne

it made me think of zimbits

  • Bitty won tickets to go to a falcs game in the nice box
  • totally random
  • and he’s DYING
  • because thats ALICIA ZIMMERMAN
  • and he’s with Lardo
  • who is being super chill and keeping him from puking
  • and for some reason, he gets into a heated argument over pie with some celebrity tv chef he dislikes over their insistence that it always has to be the bEST stuff
  • and he’s like
  • screw you, do you know how much it costs? to be good? and get good things? I live in a FRAT HOUSE you pompous ass and I bet I could bake circles around you with one hand tied behind my back AND a murder stop and shop run
  • and Bob is like.
  • this
  • this is the one
  • I want this one.
  • Alicia.
  • Please
  • and shes pepper potts
  • No
  • But Jack will love him, I know it!!
  • No
  • Please!!
  • No.
  • *Don’t even pull that elitist crap with me, I learned how to cook like generation before me at the KNEE OF MY MOTHER and I don’t need to go all the way to FRANCE to know that you don’t freeze the damn butter*
  • Alicia is like… well shit. Bobs got heart eyes, no one is watching the hockey and everyone misses Jack getting the winning goal because Lardo has started filming it
  • so jacks a lil pissed with bitty
  • bitty is soaring on righteous fury
  • Bob is trying to convince Lardo he needs a copy of this video
  • and Alicia is wondering if she can spin this into a cooking show for her new network
  • (she can. Bitty hosts a bargain bin / student budget cooking show that is a HUGE hit because he’s super passive agressive about EVERYTHING he uses)
  • *If, like MOST OF AMERICA you live in a place where hand picked olives from Tuscany are not on sale, then store bought is FINE*
  • 50 uses for hot sauce your housemates got while couponing without your guidance.
  • how to make a three course meal for your girlfriend when you can’t cook and you promised her before checking that the oven was even working CHRIS CHOW, using a toaster, a microwave and an inventive use of the spin setting on your washer.
  • when giant canadian hockey butts slander your FOUR TIME COUNTY FAIR WINNING MAPLE CRUSTED PIES and you have to PROVE THEM WRONG. for beginners!
  • *bright smile*
  • When Hockey Butt uses the last of the milk and you’re about to go live on air.
  • when HB admits that he’s not feeling so great and you need to make your mamma’s chicken soup but can’t afford chicken
  • when you are at your wits end because a cute HB is coming over for dinner and you had class all morning and didn’t have time to prep all the food - meet my sous chef Dex!
  • The meal that I served to HB’s parents! First meeting food for the soul - the budget will shock you!
  • and people are like
  • is this the same HB? who was a dick?
  • and now they are dating?! 
the signs as things graham norton said in eurovision 2017
  • aries: “rapping and yodelling… you’d think it was, well… awful but its, well, surprisingly not”
  • taurus: “they automatically get into the final which is lucky in their case”
  • gemini: ironically enough for a man singing a song called “my friend”, he doesn’t seem to have any.“
  • cancer: “im just glad its over”
  • leo: "look at those eyebrows"
  • virgo: “lots of things eurovisions fans will like: a beautiful singer, a disco beat… and 2 naked men splashing around in a paddling pool”
  • libra: “So the theme this year is celebrating diversity, so let’s see who they’ve got to host… Oh, it’s three white men… Well done.”
  • scorpio: “And you keep thinking, oh this will make sense in a moment…and no…”
  • sagittarius: “[something insulting about france]”
  • capricorn: “if you think my job’s hard, check out the guy pretending to play the saxophone for three minutes”
  • aquarius: "already she's better than the hosts"
  • pisces: "technical errors? or maybe he’s just not that great.”

No one will ever be able to convince me that Munakata Reisi and Fushimi Saruhiko

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Are not Kyoya’s biological parents

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10 days of dodie (1/10)
↳ favorite dodie song(s)

“My mom is better than yours” - Batmom x Damian Wayne

Summary : The Kent family have invited your family over for dinner, and of course, as usual, Damian and Jon don’t quite…behave. 

I just wanted to write a short little cute fic with Damian and his mama because I just love the idea of Damian being super proud of his Batmom and blahblahblah maybe it’s a bit too long sorry. I hope you will like it

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Bruce thought it was extremely cute, how Damian’s eyes always seem to shine when looking at you. How his face brightens. Even how ashamed he is when you scold him when he’s too cocky, or simply being a plain brat. 

The kid thought you were just the best damn thing on this planet. 

He admired everything you did…

The Batman had to admit it, sometimes, he was a bit jealous. 

But mostly, he just thought it was really cute, to see his boy completely accepting you as his mother. Hell, he was even calling you “Mama” (damn period dramas) now !

You were the one he considered his mom (Talia actually tried to kill you a few times because of that, jealous beyond everything of you and the love “her” son seemed to have for you…She tried harder when Damian told her that she was “never his mom”, that you showed him what a real mother was, and also, when she realized how in love Bruce was with you, while she had to drug him to get him to sleep with her…Yeah, pretty jealous. You always pulled through though, mostly thanks to your boys, husband and superfriends).

Well, to be honest, he never doubted the fact that you’d get along with him. You had a special effect on people. If you really put your mind to it, you can convince anyone to do what you want, you can win anyone’s heart in a little flutter of your damn beautiful eyelashes…

When Damian first met you, he was most disagreeable, and you…grounded him. “Young man, in your room, no dessert for you tonight”, and he was so stunned that he did it, though he didn’t even listen to his father at the time, and thought he knew everything better than everyone ! He knew you only for a few minutes, and he already had more respect for you than for anyone else. 

Sometimes, Bruce suspected that you might be a meta-human, because the power you could have over people with your magnificent aura was…something. But he tested you in every way possible, and he had to admit that, you were just like him. A simple human. A simple human with incredible abilities. 

Yes. Bruce always thought it was extremely cute the way his son, your son to the both of you, almost worshipped you. 

Well, your older kids did too. Again, there was just a way about you…

You started dating Bruce when he first took young Richard Grayson in, about twelve years ago (right after Talia drugged him actually), when he was barely 8 years old and heartbroken because of his parents’ death…And though you were merely twenty, quite younger than Bruce really, you took your job as a surrogate mother for Dick very seriously. Quickly, the boy asked you if he could call you mom, if his own mother would be mad and…well, the hug you gave him was answer enough. Though he was twenty and had his own flat in Bludhaven now, Dick was still quite the momma’s boy. 

It was pretty much the same with Jason. You winked at him and told him it was pretty cool and brave to try and steal the batmobile’s wheels, and boom, you had him wrapped around your little fingers. He lived for your bedtime stories and cuddle when he had trouble sleeping. 

Tim was even easier to treat you like his mom. After only a few months he was already introducing you as his mother, and that was that. Just natural. Unlike Jason and Dick, his birth mother wasn’t exactly…the best, and you gave him a chance to have a real mom. One that would die for her son, do anything for him,  even if it meant staying up all night to sing him soothing songs while he had the flu, putting ridiculous costumes to go trick or treating with him, or, more recently, since he was now 15 (already ?!), gaming with him until you’d both pass out out of exhaustion. 

Quite like Tim, Damian never had the love of a “real” mother. How it should be. The mom taking care of her son, no matter what. Not letting him do whatever he wants, but making sure he’s happy…and so, just like his older brothers before him, he came to simply adore you. 

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May I please request Ouran AU for Yoi pleaseeeeeeeee

s/o to discord for prompting! this is a bit hasty lol. for the purposes of this ficlet let’s say they’re all high school age. all of them.

“Terrible! Absolutely atrocious! Not refreshing at all – minus fifty points!”

“But Hana!”

Yuuri turns away from the window where he had been sweeping. So much for spending golden week tucked away at a different resort in order to get away from the Ice Castle Host Club. No, the rich kids of the host club just can’t get it through their thick heads that their presence is not always appreciated, especially not when it comes roaring in overhead from a helicopter and then insisting on a competition to see who gets to stay in the last free room at the Paradise Bed and Breakfast.

Of course a part of him is a little glad to see familiar faces – Christophe, the Crispino twins, Yurio and Otabek – but the happiness is tempered somewhat by the beautiful and loud presence of one Viktor Nikiforov, who is currently being yelled at by Hana for doing a cruddy job at fixing a broken fence.

Honestly, there was no need for him to show up in a helicopter, thinking Yuuri had been kidnapped. It was sweet, but embarrassing. As are a lot of things that the beloved co-founder and president of the Ice Castle Host Club does.

(Yuuri hates being embarrassed. It really drives up the anxiety.)

He heads out after finishing up his sweeping with a couple glasses of lemonade, intending to deliver them to the host club members who are working outside. He finds Christophe first, lounging at a table drinking a cappuccino while surveying the mayhem that is a pack of rich high school kids trying to do manual labour with an amused expression.

“You’re not joining in on the competition?” Yuuri asks.

Christophe shakes his head. “The Giacomettis have a summer house here!” he replies. “Why bother with a hotel room when I can sleep in my own? Far more comfortable, at least.”

Yuuri resists the urge to roll his eyes. “I bet,” he remarks. “Lemonade?”

Christophe nods, so Yuuri pours him a glass. “You know,” the Swiss man remarks as he takes it with a grin, “it won’t be a big deal for the people who lose this, right?”

“Yeah, they can find lodging in other parts of town,” Yuuri replies.

Christophe laughs. “No, they’ve all got summer houses here.”

Yuuri resists the urge to groan. “Then why are they all fighting over the last room here?”

Christophe shrugs, almost carelessly. “Maybe one of them really does care about you, and just has a terrible way of showing it?” he wonders innocently. 

A couple paces away, Viktor accidentally hits his thumb with the hammer and screeches. Next to him, Yurio starts yelling at him to pull himself together and get over it.

“Want to bet on who’s going to win?” asks Christophe.

Yuuri raises an eyebrow. “Does this come out of my debt?”

“Maybe,” says Christophe.

“What are the odds?”

Christophe shrugs. “Well, at the current pace, His Majesty won’t be winning anytime soon,” he says, pointing to Viktor’s current slumped position by the fence. “The twins only really work well when Sara can stop Mickey from yelling at any man who bothers to smile in her direction. Yuri is clearly not interested in winning this, either, which means that Otabek, even though he’s clearly been the most helpful one so far, won’t be accepting a victory if it means he can’t stay with Yuri.”

“Those are just your observations,” Yuuri points out.

Christophe shrug again. “You can tell who my best contender is, though,” he points out. 

Yuuri huffs. “If I win this wager, then what?”

“I’ll knock half of the remaining balance off your account. If you don’t win, nothing happens. You’ve nothing to lose in this, really.” Christophe’s eyes twinkle. “What do you say?”

Yuuri sends a look over at Viktor, who is trying to convince a deeply disturbed Yuri to kiss his sore thumb better. 

“Deal,” he says, and steps away with the lemonade tray.

As much as the president of the host club mortifies him on a regular basis, it doesn’t necessarily mean Yuuri doesn’t want to see him win. After all, Viktor’s genuine, not-for-the-clients smile is actually quite a wonder. There really is no point to doing things like calling up an entire horse-drawn carriage to take Yuuri to campus or custom-ordering him fancy outfits (especially dresses. It’s not that Yuuri doesn’t mind dresses – gender is fake, after all – but the ones Viktor tries to buy for him are just a little too much) or showing up at his holiday workplace in a freaking helicopter, for god’s sake. Not when all Viktor really has to do is smile, truly and genuinely, and be himself.

Not the president of the host club, not the bastard-turned-heir of the Nikiforov dynasty. Just himself.

“I brought you lemonade, Viktor,” Yuuri says.

Viktor looks up at him with wide, adoring eyes. “Lemonade, served to me from the delicate fingers of Yuuri Katsuki himself? What a delight!”

Yuuri resists the urge to groan. “You know you’re just wasting away your potential out here doing something you’re not even good at, right?” he asks.

Viktor pouts. “You don’t like my handiwork?” he asks, gesturing to the fence. For a moment Yuuri’s half-convinced he’s looking at a Salvador Dali painting instead of a picket fence.

“No,” he says. 

Viktor’s pout grows. Yuuri pushes the cup into his hands.

“Clearly carpentry isn’t your calling, Viktor,” he says. “Maybe you should… find a better tune.”

He steps back towards the inn after that, leaving Viktor out by his Surrealist fence, and hopes his hint had been enough. 

When the lovely strains of a violin begin to emanate from the dining room moments later, he knows it had. 

The Masterlist

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5 Seconds


HBP Missing Moments/AU

Public Places

DH Missing Moments

First Time

Make up Quickies

Weasley Family Functions


I was working on a site for a client that was eventually going to sell hand-made crafts, but initially just wanted something to showcase her work.

I produced a really nice page for each of her products, and a gallery side-bar that opened into a slideshow.

Me: Hey! Give me a call and we’ll hash out the fine details and fix anything that’s in error. I’ve added some filler text but we’ll replace that soon enough. I also added the events listing you gave me.

Client: It looks good. I noticed an extra apostrophe somewhere, so maybe fix that. Other than that, I think it’s fine. I’ll give you some updates on the text later.

She then took up the rest of the meeting complaining about non-site related issues. I did some editing, fixed the extra apostrophe, and thought we were golden.

A week and a half later, I got this text:

Client: Do not do anything else to the website. I got booted from a vending spot because you listed the event before the coordinator OKed it and I have people complaining about the FALSE INFORMATION that YOU PUT UP.

Me: You mean… the stuff that you went over and said was fine for now?  That information?

She still owes me hosting fees and is claiming they should be deducted because of “potential income loss.”

Possible reasons for Shadow working 4 Eggman:

  • Eggman bought Shadow a Nintendo Switch.
  • Eggman offered to explain to Shadow what a grocery is.
  • Shadow had an argument with his housemate Rouge (after she hosted a house party and forgot to warn him) and he wanted to make a point.
  • Eggman gave Shadow the means to fly (canon).
  • Shadow wanted to get closer to his nephew and only living relative (Eggman).
  • Shadow wanted an excuse to fight Sonic and couldn’t wait until the next Olympics for some friendly competition.

Feel free to add to this Serious Speculation.