she's honestly one of my favourite people


one of my favourite things to come out of bvs are the comments about wonder woman’s theme ‘is she with you?’

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What does Caius like to draw? How does his drawing reflect his... lovely moods?

(I mentioned in one of my answers that I imagine Caius’ hobby to be art. Just wanna add that this definitely isn’t canon; I’m 95% sure that SM would say that his favourite pastime is downvoting pictures of adorable puppies online.)

Honestly, the subject-matter of Caius’ drawings is usually ordinary. Lots of architecture and skulls-and-fruit-bowls and sketches of people he sees. His technique is way more innovative than the actual themes of his work. (It’s amazing how good you can get at portraiture when your model is Sulpicia, and she’ll probably kill you if you make her look anything less than excellent.)

When Caius gets in a mood and starts having too much fun with the apocalyptic imagery, Athenodora is pretty good at making him put down the red paint and go outside for a bit. So that’s nice. It’s not like the Volturi really have room in their home for more disturbing artwork.

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P1. Okay, so can I just say that I do majorly ship Junko and Makoto, not just because "Oh! She's the Mastermind! Despair! He's Hope McMainCharacter!" But if you truly look at it, Makoto is very modest in what he does and yes, he does tend to be rather up front about what he thinks, but he's a pushover. And Junko is very opinionated and would would be all up in people's faces. She'd find attraction and cling to it until she got bored.

It’s honestly something I’ve never really considered? Although I think Junko’s a pretty amazing villain, she’s not one of my favourite characters, so I haven’t spent too much time thinking about her ‘’’real’’’ personality… or, like, who she’d go well with in a romantic relationship. My instinct is to say “MAKOTO IS TOO PURE AND WONDERFUL FOR THE JUNK”, ngl, but I’m pretty trash for Vanilla Makoto™ ~ Mod Oddish

for my lucie, staggeringlyjily, whom i endlessly adore and never want to ever be unhappy. 


Often, James has to leave the class because he’s laughing so hard at his own joke. Often, Lily cannot believe she loves such an utter moron.

Because he is a moron, he likes singing songs with drunken people while completely sober at parties, refuses to eat green beans and calls Sirius his ‘one and only’. Lily cannot believe the staggering amount of nerd he has crammed inside his body, it is honestly a marvel.

He also calls her darling, which is not moronic but rather cute. ‘darling pass me my book’, ‘darling flick Remus on the eyelid I think he’s fallen asleep’, ‘darling I do I believe I love you.’

The last one is Lily’s favourite because of the way he says it. ‘darling I do believe I love you’ like it’s an accident, as if one day he wasn’t in love and next he was, without warning. She tells him this and he grins his half grin and says it again and again and again until ‘darling I do believe I love you’ plays on loops when Lily is lying in bed.

One day, she plans, she’s going to buy a house with him. It’s going to be little and white with window sills she can put vases on, she’ll plant flowers and then they’ll inevitably die because she’s Lily and she can’t garden for shit, but the thought would be there. She’s going to buy a house and make potions all day for the rest of forever, and James can play Quidditch and talk to her through the open window.

It’ll be cramped and too little; when they eat breakfast they’ll do it cross-legged on their kitchen table because they have no room for chairs. He will be all warm bleeding heart with thrumming fingers on the counter that bring her yellow flowers on her birthday. She will kiss his cheek and put them on her windowsill. She will continue to have orgasmic hair like a shock to the brain and he’ll still be him except with longer legs she can tangle hers in on their couch.

She daydreams about this when she has nothing else to think about, and when he looks at her like he does the fantasy forces itself to forefront of her brain. She wants her cramped little house and yellow flowers on her birthday. She wants it so badly that she forgets it’s not a something she needs.

But it is James, and she needs James. Moronic stupid James who gets sent out of charms for killing himself laughing at his own freaking joke. Half the time they’re not even good jokes. It’s utterly infuriating that she laughs at them every single time. God, she’s so in love with him it’s disgusting.

And she’s seventeen with a boyfriend she loves rather a lot. He’s full of complete moron, crappy flower puns and drunk slurring and eating without a spoon and prancing around the common room doing impressions and loudmouth. But he’s also kissing temples and laughing into her textbook and spinning down the hallways and smartsmartsmart and ‘darling I do believe I love you’

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hey just dropping in for an inane suggestion that doesn't rlly matter but: are u following hereticnarrative? i hope you are because much of her aesthetic is rlly calm and beautiful and nature and flowers and i think you might like it

ahhh, yes, @hereticnarrative and i have been mutuals for several years now!! it makes me super happy that her blog made you think of me, because she’s honestly just one of my favourite people and i’m so fond of and inspired by her all the time 💖



Intending to return to Neverland after his quest for revenge comes to an abrupt end, Killian Jones finds himself in Duodenary, a realm whose existence allows Neverland, and the people therein, to live forever.  After months of trying and failing to find a way to go home, a princess comes looking to him for help. (Fantasy/Adventure AU)

For my darling Liz ( @caprelloidea ) and one of my favourite stories she has ever written.

I love you so friend and cherish your friendship so much. You’re one of the most wonderful, talented, endlessly creative, generous and giving people I have ever met. Sunshine itself! I am so glad you’re my friend and I hope you have a wonderful year. Happy Birthday! <3

Laurel Castillo = hands down one of my favourite characters ever. Her calling people out on their maimed shit and grilling them for it is my aesthetic honestly, especially in such a situation. Like she’s being tough and fighting for justice and that’s what I’ve always loved about her.

Michaela be creepin’ up my bias list too by being the biggest badass of all time.


Thought it’d make a post with all (well most of) my photos from this weekend. I got to meet so many of my favourite people and not a single one of them disappointed me. I can honestly say everyone I met from the Sherlock cast and crew were so kind and accommodating. It was such a phenomenal weekend. I’d like so say a special thank you to Lara Pulver (not that she’ll see this) but when I went to meet her I was an emotional wreck, I got to tell her how much she meant to me and she gave me a massive hug before proceeding to tell me that I was beautiful and that she was so happy that she helped me get into a better place in my life.

So thank you to all of the guests and crew at Sherlocked, you gave me the best weekend of my life.

Honestly though one of my favourite parts with Hunchback of Notre Dame is how Quasimodo does not get the girl. I’ve seen a lot of posts on the net about how it makes the movie’s message weaken but I don’t agree? 

Quasimodo is no doubt a terrific person, but first of all, he is not emotionally mature enough for Esmeralda. He falls in love at first sight because she was nice to him, while she grows to respect and love him platonically.

Also, it’s like people fail to see Quasimodo is a foil to Frollo. They consider Esmeralda to be on opposite sides of the Madonna/Whore spectrum (with Quasimodo seeing her as an angel rather than a person). A huge part of Quasimodo’s character development is seeing how he reacts to rejection as opposed to Frollo. While saddened, he ultimately respects her decision and even blesses her relationship with Phoebus (who is the only one of the three men to see her as a person right from the start).

I guess my point here is that the theme of the movie isn’t “beauty is on the inside”, it is “who is the monster”. Quasimodo proved he wasn’t the monster by being okay with not getting what he wants. 

Fanfic writers Appreciation Post


Okay but Hanna is def one of my favourite writers for both the Fairy Tail and Miraculous Ladybug fandoms. She does the perfect amount of angst and fluff, and gets you so involved in her writing that you’ll be screaming at your screen going “HOW DARE YOU?!?!” like honestly Hanna you know how much I love you and your writing but other people need to know to, because you’re very evil but in a good way.


I love Audrey’s fics, you can really see how much effort she puts into her writing, and it really pays off. You’re so good at fluff, honestly sometimes I read your fics if I’m having a bad day, and I love how you portray the characters in a way I don’t see very often.


Alone, @mslead, @snogfairy, and @toxineena are very super amazingly talented, and together they make honestly some of the best fics I’ve ever read in my many years of reading fanfiction. I’ve only started reading Trial by Fire (why have I not read it before???) and I’m reading Into the Ring and honestly every week I just wish there was more because I really want to know what happens next, and I think that’s one of the best aspects in a writer, making your audience want to come back for more.

(plus mslead is amazing at art like what the actual fuck you’re amazing)


Okay but if you’re in the Miraculous fandom and haven’t read Rainy Days, go now. Just do it. And while you’re at it go read all of her other fics, especially Secret Santa. You will not be disappointed, this I promise you.


I highly, highly recommend anything Panda writes. Tikki’s New Friend is actually the most adorable thing ever; you won’t be able to stop smiling at the adorableness of it. And she’ll always write out people’s headcanons on posts if she likes them and it’s always awesome to see on my dash.


Okay I’m sure everyone who sees this will know about Virtual Flames so lemme just talk about her other fics here because they are a must. Texting Fire was the first fic I think that I read by her, and let me just say it got me hooked on her writing. It was so friggin adorable. And the one-shots she posts are always so cute, or will really resonate with you, especially The Starlight Carries the Message. I just really, really loved that fic, as I know many other people did as well.


Raph is such a great writer, and I hardcore respect her since her first language is actually french. Like honestly I could not write as beautifully in french as you do in english. The White Swan is one of my favourite fics ever and (if you’re old enough of course) I recommend you guys go and read that because it’s fucking fantastic! 

Everyone feel free to reblog and add other writers you really want to tell how much you appreciate them and what they do. I know that I could have put a hell of a lot more writers on here but these are the ones that just came to mind. Thank you all for what you do and never stop being awesome!!

  • she is a tiny little chipmunk with an enormous heart
  • SHE IS COMPASSIONATE!!!!! (fight me on this honestly)
  • she is so fiercely passionate about the things and most importantly, the PEOPLE, she loves
  • she is also very protective of these people!
  • she is such a mystery and I feel like there’s so much about her we don’t even know yet
  • she has such a beautiful love for her family and I love how this show represents that teenagers don’t always need to be fighting their families, and that they can in fact be best friends like aria and ella
  • she is so artistic and creative and musical AND I LOVE THAT SHE WRITES bc that’s one of my favourite things too
  • she is so TINY yet she bosses everyone around and she’s always the dominant one in the relationship
  • she doesn’t take no for an answer hahah
  • she’s a fake vegan = standing up for the great injustices of the world!
  • she loves black and white movies (idk I just love how she’s so alternative)
  • she’s not afraid to be herself…as demonstrated in her highly entertaining wardrobe
  • she’s a complete hopeless romantic and she loves to inspire that in others too
  • did I mention how TINY SHE IS????????
  • she’s very stubborn
  • her friends are her family and nothing will ever come between her love for them 
  • she’s very mature for her age (tho all the girls are really)
  • she wears forks as earrings
  • when she gets mad you better run

Brightyn Brems
Hallelujah (2015/2016)
Choreographer Unknown

I’ve seen hardly anyone talking about the scene in Secret of Life where Riley is being really hard on Lucas in the cafeteria, and Maya tries to lighten the mood and decrease the pressure on Lucas? That’s honestly one of my favourite scenes and it’s so cute and idk maybe it’s ‘cause I’m not really someone people know/talk to in the Lucaya fandom but nobody has talked about it?? LIKE COME ON SHE’S PROTECTING HIM IN HER OWN WAY WITHOUT BETRAYING RILEY.


Hey Swifties, I guess I just wanted to share a sample of my artwork with you all… I love to draw and paint and I often work really hard on pieces when I have some spare time. When I met Taylor, I put the bottom drawing, of Elsa, (off Disney’s Frozen) in a card I made for her… And I’d honestly love nothing more than to hear what she thinks of my art and the card I made… Its amazing being a Swiftie, I see so many creative and wonderful people and I’d like to know what you guys think too? taylorswift Thank you for meeting me and I hope one day you will see this and tell me what you think and who your favourite Disney Princess is? X Thanks to everyone who reads this, From 2008, back to 1989 and to all the endless years of forever and always… Lizzie x P.S @arendelle_art is my Instagram :) haha


so, today, June 8th, is my beautiful melons birthday goopgirl. she’s 18!
I can’t even explain the amount of love that I have for this beautiful creature in a text post on tumblr but I will try without making it too long.
so we met back in the 10th grade when I became friends with one of her friends. we all started hanging out basically cause we didn’t like any of the other people that we hung out with and we became our own little group. Natalie was probably the one person that I connected with the most. something serious and very hard happened in 2013 in December or January (honestly I don’t remember because I tried to block it out) and since then we became inseparable. she was the only person that I could talk to that completely understood and got me. we are basically the same person.
if I had to list my top 10 favourite moments they would definitely all include you and me just sitting in my car talking and chain smoking.
you have helped me and been there for me in hard times and always been there when I need to laugh or vent.
I miss you sooooo much even though you’ve only been in Ireland for about five days. I hope you go to lots of bars and get super drunk 😎
I love you so much my little melon drop 🍈💚
I cannot WAIT to travel and experience the world with you.
(I’m posting this now because it’s already your bday in Ireland)