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Lolita films/ shows/ manga

Interested in watching some lolita centric films and shows? Here are a few of my favorites~!

Musashino-Sen No Shimai (2012) - also a manga

A tale of two NEET sisters, unemployed but in love with lolita fashion! They live the high life and go shopping often. Ranko became wealthy off of the financial market, but they want to get jobs, eventually landing them a job at a maid cafe! 

I love this movie because its a blend of cute fashion with an even cuter work life! Both of the sisters have very strong personalities and play off of each other very well. I’ve only seen the movie but the manga continues on in the storyline.

Shimotsuma Monogatari / Kamikaze Girls (2004) - also a manga, and original novel.

I don’t think I have to say much about this film. If you haven’t seen it then you should get on it asap. I feel like this film was the gateway into the fashion for a lot of people who are now lolita veterans (hehe)

Deka Wanko (2011) - originally a manga

Such a good drama! Lolita + Actions + Guns = Amazing. The twist? Ichiko is a rookie detective. She has a powerful sense of smell that helps her solve difficult cases! In this you’ll see cameos from Misako and other popular models!

Gokinjo Monogatari (1995) - manga turned anime! 

A story of 2 fashion students going through their everyday lives. It’s a really great love story and it showcases a lot of great fashion styles from the 90s! You can really see where the lolita style influences evolve within this series. Ai Yazawa has always kept her eye on the eccentric styles of tokyo’s streets so its a really great read/ watch in regards to that! 

Paradise Kiss (1999 )- manga turned anime

From the same creator of Gokinjo Monogatari, Ai Yazawa brings us another great fashion adapted love story, but this time coming from a models point of view. One of the main characters, Miwako, is the younger sister of the main character in Gokinjo Monogatari. She is practically the embodiment of lolita style in ‘99! Her personality is so charming and cute! I would give this a watch/ read just for her presence. 

Ai Ore! - Danshikou no Hime to Joshikou no Ouji

I couldn’t really come up with a synopsis without going around in circles so here’s a quote! 

“A Gender Crossed Rock and Roll Love Story

Mizuki is the female prince of her all-girls school and the lead guitarist in an all-girl rock band. Akira is the male princess of his all-boys school and wants to join her band. Love may be on his mind, but romance is difficult when everyone keeps mistaking Mizuki for a boy and Akira for a girl!

When the lead singer of Blaue Rosen announces she is moving overseas, Akira does all he can to convince Mizuki and her bandmates to let him join. But will a resistant Mizuki allow him into her band, much less her heart?”

Wow this movie has a plethora of cameos of models from the lolita industry. It especially showcases our one and only Akira in a dreamy role where she is the frontman of a band. You’ll even see Misako and Midori in a couple of scenes!  Please check it out for yourself~ It’s great! 

Enjoy and happy watching!!

Similarities (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: hey guys! I really liked writing this imagine and it was a very cute idea so props to the anon that requested it 👏
Warnings: none
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: The reader is a genius much like Reid himself who has self-esteem issues because they see everyone around them being much older and more experienced than her, so Reid does his best to help her grow more accustomed to the group and praises her when she helps solve a case
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: the reader has told spencer about her feelings but…
You shyly walked through the glass double doors of your new job, gripping your bag strap that rests across your shoulder.
You were instructed to go to SSA Aaron Hotchner’s office, which was straight through the bullpen and up the stairs, the closest to your left.
You never forget directions, it’s just a gift you were born with.
You were also born with impressive intelligence.
You are so smart, you had to skip 7th and 9th grade because you learn so fast.
As you walked through the large room, you observed your peers.
Everyone looked a good five to ten years older than you, making you feel even more uneasy as you were to begin with.
You proceeded towards the unit chief’s office, and arrived with a quiet knock, receiving a stern “come in.”
You entered with a shy smile, keeping your hands occupied with the strap of your bag again.
“You must be Y/N L/N. Welcome to the team.” He said holding his hand out.
“Oh um… I have a germ thing.” You said, hesitating to hold out your fist as you did with others, but deciding to anyways.
“Fist bumps transfer five times less germs than a handshake.” You said, making the chief smile shallowly as he bumped your fist gently.
“I will introduce you to the team.” He said standing up and leading you out the door.
So far so good.
“Guys, this is our new member of the team Doctor Y/N L/N.” He introduced as you cringed at the title “doctor.”
“Just agent L/N is fine.” You said as heat rose to your cheeks.
“Well, I’m Emily Prentiss. It’s nice to have you on the team.” She said with a smile, holding her hand out as well.
“I have a germ thing.” You said removing your hand from the strap once again as you held out your fist.
She laughed softly and fist bumped your fist, feeling a little more comfortable as no one judged as you bet everyone else.
“Looks like we’ve got another one of those.” An older man named Rossi said tilting his head towards the door as a tall, younger man entered in a rush.
He joined the circle, holding onto the strap of his messenger bag, mirroring your actions.
You immediately let go of your strap as he noticed the similar habit.
“Spence this is Doctor Y/N L/N, the new member of our team.” The blonde, JJ, said, exaggerating the “doctor”, making you cringe again.
“The title isn’t necessary, just agent works for me.” You said again now picking at your nails at the loss of your natural habit.
“Uh hi. I’m Spencer Reid, also doctor. Is it PhD’s that gave you the title?” He asked curiously.
“Yeah, you?”
“Me too. What do you specialize in?”
“Psychology.” You said, feeling a little more confident as you spoke about one of your greatest accomplishments.
“Cool! I specialize in mathematics, chemistry and engineering, i-if you were wondering.” He said nodding his head.
His intelligence made you feel left out and overruled.
A while later, you joined the team at the round table as they filled you in on the latest investigation they were working on.
The team had a lead on a man killing woman randomly, no preference, which makes anyone a victim, until you took a look at two of the most recent victims.
Your eyes scavenged over the faces, seeing something but you couldn’t put a finger on it.
“Do you see something Y/N?” Emily asked, making you quickly turn around.
“Oh um I’m not sure yet.” You said, your voice shaking as you lied.
Your reason sounded stupid and off topic.
Everyone went back to what they were doing and you kept examining the faces.
You felt the presence of someone behind you and out of the corner of your eyes, you saw Spencer’s brown locks as he stood very close behind you as he too observed the pictures.
“Can someone call Garcia to pull up all of the victims pictures please?” He asked looking down at you. “Don’t worry I see it too.”
He was so close to you, you could smell the warm scent of spice from his cologne, sending a shiver down your spine.
All six of the pictures were displayed on the screen mounted on the wall.
Spencer leaned forward a little bit and whispered to you. “Tell me what you see.” He said softly.
“Umm their faces, the symmetry is essentially the same.” You said quietly.
“Alright what kind of spell are you two casting over there?” JJ asked.
“Yeah what do you two geniuses see?” Rossi added.
“Facial symmetry.” You and Spencer said at the same time as you both turned to face the team.
A few faces lit up with surprise at the synchronization of yours and Spencer’s thoughts.
“I don’t think our UnSub is a male, I think it is a woman.” You proposed.
“Yeah yeah that makes since. The markings and gashes amongst the face could be a symbol showing she’s practically ruining their facial impressions. This woman could be mad at society considering the harsh beauty qualifications for woman these days.” Spencer said looking at you.
“Actually models are chosen by the amount of facial symmetry, the more symmetrical their face is to the corresponding sides the more “beautiful” they are.” You explained.
After the team took in the information, they got a hit on the woman and the team took off, leaving Spencer to accompany you since you can’t go on the field yet.
He met you at the coffee pot, leaning against the counter as you poured sugar into your cup.
“Hey you were great today.” He said with a smile. “Not everyone solves a case on their first day.”
“Solved it? I don’t think I would give myself that much credit. You saw it too I didn’t exactly save the day. The same thing would have happened if I wasn’t there to be honest.” You said while sipping your drink.
“Why are you cutting yourself so short. If I didn’t notice you studying the screen, I probably wouldn’t have even thought about it.” He said following you to the table again.
You decided to let him end the conversation; he seems like someone who won’t let you have the last word.
“I uh… noticed earlier that you like to hold the strap of your bag like I do. I guess it’s just another thing we have in common.” He said with a small chuckle.
Why is he so cute?
“Oh yeah, it’s just gives my hands something to do.” You said looking down at your lap.
The rest of the team came through the door, already grabbing their things to leave.
“Well I guess we better get going home.” You said standing up and grabbing your coat and bag.
“Where do you live?” Spencer asked abruptly. “I mean, that sounded weird… I noticed there wasn’t an extra car in the lot today so I figured you took a cab or walked.” He said making you smile at his intelligence.
“I live a short walking distance. The Capital Plaza apartments.” You said heading towards the doors.
“No way! Me too!” He said as you pressed the down button next to the elevator.
“That’s cool! We can walk together.” You suggested as you stepped in the elevator.
About 20 minutes later, you and Spencer arrived at the apartments and he insisted that he walks you to your apartment even though it was a floor above his.
You unlocked your door and tried to keep it as closed as possible, trying not to expose your messy apartment to the cute man standing in front of you.
“Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said breaking the silence.
“Yeah, yeah I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.” He said before turning around and heading back down the staircase.

What if Kat ISN’T Layton’s daughter?

Some people liked this idea so here we go

What if Katrielle isn’t Layton’s child, adopted or biological? 

Imagine Kat is merely a Layton fangirl - one of many. She even went and bought her own little top hat to match her idol’s! 

She dreams of being a detective, just like Layton, but no one will take her seriously. She has quite the “imagination”. Scotland Yard sees her as a harmless nuisance. (”Leave her to deal with the petty pickpockets,” Alfendi scoffs.) 

But then, Layton goes missing. Kat is devastated, along with the rest of London. The city goes into an uproar. Layton - the man who saved the world from the Azran, who stopped the Mobile Fortress - is missing! What hope is there for the rest of them? The citizens needs someone to depend on… even a girl claiming to be Layton’s daughter. Oh, not Flora! This is Katrielle Layton. Layton must have forgotten to mention her, just like his son. 

“What’s this? I thought I was getting the famous Professor Layton! Don’t tell me I’m stuck with you!”     

“You’re still getting the Layton intuition to some extent… just from his daughter! So, I’ll be solving the case in his place.”

Using the Layton name as a starting point for her detective business, Kat creates a humble yet respectable reputation for herself, solving day-to-day small mysteries. (Nothing too grand that would attract unwanted attention.) She may not truly be a Layton, but she embodies their key traits - right down to the famous Layton finger point! - though, she can come off as a bit of an “airhead”. 

Kat is always dismissive when people ask about her mother. (”Who’s the lucky lady who ended up with Professor Layton?”) Her usual excuse is that she was adopted, like her siblings. In actuality, Kat’s mother is alive and well and living in London, though she constantly worries about Kat. She’s never even met Professor Layton! 

A few months into the detective business, Kat receives some unexpected visitors. Alfendi Layton barges into her office, followed by a young man in blue and a lady in an orange dress. Sherl barks at the intruders, but Kat hauls him away, stammering, “Sorry! I’m so sorry…!”

Alfendi laughs. “What’s the matter Katrielle? Don’t you recognise your own ‘family’?” 

“Leave her alone,” Flora interrupts. She studies Kat, wistfully noting that this girl resembles Layton more than she ever did. “Katrielle, we’ve come to request your help.”

“Why bother? I’ll bet she wouldn’t have solved a single case if it weren’t for the Layton name - “

“Do shut up, Al’,” Luke snorts. He smiles kindly at Kat. “Why don’t we discuss this over a cup of tea… and some cookies?”

“There’s nothing to discuss,” Alfendi mutters. “She’s a fraud. Case closed.” 

“If I might intervene…?” Noah enters with a tea tray, much to Kat’s relief. “While her decision to adopt the ‘Lady Layton’ person was… questionable, Miss Kat has proved herself to be worthy of such a title.” Kat smiles gratefully at him. 

“That’s reassuring,” Luke says, accepting a cup of tea, “because, as Flora said, we need your help.”

Kat swallows and finally asks, “W-with what?”

“Finding Professor Layton.” 

simplyshelbs16xoxo  asked:

48, Sherlolly and to make it angsty... post TEH *psst... maybe a AU happy ending?*

Sorry this took so long! I think I finally have it to a place where I am happy with it. It’s a long one! Enjoy!

Sherlock yawned as he let himself into Molly’s flat, quietly navigating his way through the darkened familiar hallway. After several hours of chasing his perp across London, he could not wait to dissolve into the comfortable respite that was Molly’s mattress…

He was grateful that Molly hadn’t decided to redecorate in the two years he had been away. It wouldn’t do to have her find the world’s only consulting detective sprawled on the floor after tripping over a relocated footstool…  

Even if he did trip, she would probably be too concerned that he may have sprained something to let it diminish her view of him—Molly was wonderful that way—still… he wanted her to think well of him. She was one of the few who counted; her opinion, one of the select few he truly cared about. Perhaps the one he cared most about…He hadn’t realized just how much he would think about the lovely pathologist after “the fall.” How much he would miss the sound of her voice, or the way she smiled, or the distinct, warm hue of her eyes on a sunny day… There was no sense in lying to himself that he didn’t care for her. In his darkest hours, thoughts of her provided him a guiding light, his ray of hope…

Toby meowed a greeting as he wound his way around Sherlock’s ankles. They’d come to a certain level of amicable companionship over the years, the feline and the detective. Sherlock shushed him gently and made his way towards Molly’s room.

He stopped short as the sound of unfamiliar snores filtered into the hall from under her bedroom door.

The fiancé… he’d forgotten about the fiancé. Not forgotten exactly. More like hopefully wished away. Of course he would be here…What was his name again? Something dull like Tyler…Teddy… It didn’t matter really what his name was…only that he was in what should be Sherlock’s place on Molly’s bed, right beside her.

But he’d given up his claim to that place when he left to dismantle Moriarty’s network across the globe. He hated to admit just how much he had sacrificed that day on the rooftop of Bart’s. His reputation. John’s trust. A chance for something more with his favorite pathologist…Who knew dying would be the least painful part of this whole mess?

He knew it was foolish to think things wouldn’t change while he was away. His friends had moved on with their lives. She’d moved on. Rightly so. He couldn’t have asked her to wait for him; to put her life on hold for a man that may or may not return and may or may not be able to give her what she needed. No…She deserved to be happy… But telling himself all of this didn’t help the sinking feeling in his chest as he stood outside her door.

“I guess it’s the couch for you and me, Toby,” Sherlock whispered as he willed himself to walk into the living room.

Toby trotted along behind him, curling up on the arm of the couch near Sherlock’s head as he laid down, his feet hanging well over the edge of the other arm. He sighed and focused on sorting his mind palace while the details of the case were still fresh, the low, soothing rumble of Toby’s purr in his ears.

“Why is Sherlock Holmes in your living room?” Tom asked, taking in the sight of the sleeping detective as he got up to make the morning coffee.

“Sherlock is here?” Molly replied casually from the other room. “Huh. Must have let himself in last night. Probably just had a case nearby and needed a place to crash.”

“Does he do that often?” Tom inquired quietly.

“Sure. I mean, he hasn’t since the whole Reichenbach fiasco what with the being ‘dead’ and all, but before that yeah, he’d drop in every so often,” Molly replied with a shrug as she joined him in the hall.

“Just how much was ‘every so often?’” Tom raised an eyebrow almost accusatorily.

“I dunno…couple times a week at most? It just depended on if his case work was closer to my flat than his. It was a long time ago,” Molly answered, brushing him off.

“A couple times a week?” Tom repeated. “Are you serious? You never told me you two were so close.”

“I suppose I didn’t ever think much of it. Sherlock just sort of started coming by more and more and made himself comfortable. You’re lucky he didn’t try to climb in bed with you last night,” Molly joked.

“You’re kidding…”

“Well…” Molly waved her hand back and forth in a “sort of” motion.

Tom blinked down at her, folding his arms across his chest. “He slept in your bed?” He fought to keep his voice quiet.

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Why Lee is Most Likely to be Harley Quinn and how

I was quiet surprised to see that my post on Lee Thompkins being Harley Quinn got more notes than one. It seems you guys are fans of that theory, so today, I am making a post about why Lee should ad could be Harley, and how it may happen.

Our first piece of evidence is that Leslie is a licensed therapist. We found that out back when Barbara murdered her parents, and Leslie attempted to be her counselor. We are also very aware that Harley Quinn was also once a licensed therapist, who worked at Arkham, (Leslie also worked at Arkham for a small amount of time.)

Our next piece of evidence is that Leslie Thompkins has been very involved with Jerome Valeska, the soon to be Joker. She helped Jim Gordon solve the case of who killed Jerome’s mother, (Spoiler: It was Jerome), and after they had arrested Jerome, she even stated that it was scary, yet thrilling. Then, in season three, when Jerome’s story ark starts back up, Leslie is the first to find out that Jerome is far from dead. He attacks her, sexually harasses her, and threatens her multiple times. Valeska obviously has some kind of an interest in Leslie. [Contains Spoilers for Gotham 3x19] If you watched the last episode of Gotham, All Will Be Judged, you know that Leslie Thompkins will become a villain. She has injected herself with the Tetch Virus. I’m not sure why she does this, whether it’s to be like Mario or whether she does it in order to destroy James Gordon without remorse, Leslie is about to become Gotham’s newest problem. Lee obviously has trouble keeping a lover, whether it be because he is in prison or murdered by a previously significant other. She may be desperate for love, and will take anything she can get. Of course, now that she is a villain, it seems that the best decision is to find someone who has the same lust for blood that she now has, and out of all the people she has met, who is that criminal most likely to be? None other than Jerome Valeska. Now, how will Lee become out beloved Harley Quinn? Considering she has just quit her position as Medical Examiner at the GCPD due to a fight with James Gordon, it is possible that she will try and get her job at Arkham Asylum back. This is where her plan starts. I believe she will become Jerome Valeska’s therapist. She will get close to him, slowly falling in love. Of course Jerome can see right through her, and uses her to get out of Arkham. She doesn’t plan on leaving him at all, so she stays, becoming Harley Quinn. Now this last thing is a stretch but I thought it was kind of funny. Leslie Thompkins Les-LEY Thomp-KINS Har-LEY Qu-INN :)

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Perfect Inside Out

Bughead fic – – – – – – – – – –

She was used to it.

Being the one that was turned down for her rich, gorgeous best friend. She was used to being known as “the nice girl next door” that got good grades and could easily be described as the perfect student, daughter, and friend. If she was so perfect, why did no one want her, love her? Betty had come to accept the fact that maybe she just wasn’t good enough. Maybe she wasn’t pretty enough, rich enough, sexy enough for anyone to like her, love her. Maybe she didn’t have the nicest clothes, or the fanciest jewelry. The past few days had only confirmed her greatest fears.

Over the course of less than 78 hours, 2 guys had asked Veronica to attend the school dance with them. She of course declined, claiming she had someone else in mind. That someone being none other than Archie Andrews. Betty almost didn’t care about Veronica’s interest in her next door neighbor anymore.


But it still hurt every time the raven haired girl would loop her arms around his neck and he would paint kisses along her jawline. And the tears would still burn in her eyes as she watched him smile stupidly while the heiress cuddled into his side. It still hurt as she looked out her bedroom window and saw them together in his room doing things she wished she could wipe her memory of.

As soon as the blonde saw her friend rush down the hallway towards her and begin to gush over “Archikins” asking her to the dance and their “hot” makeout session afterwards, Betty knew any chance with Archie was over.

She was done.

She was tired of trying to be better than Veronica. She was over trying to out do Veronica when she knew in reality she really could never be the pretty, rich girl he needed. What was the point in trying? Archie would never think of her romantically anyways, nothing more than a friendship. She had given up trying to win his heart because she knew she never could.

Betty trudged through the rest of the day, her mind clouded, feeling both relieved and downcast about not having to pine after that stupid redhead anymore. Finally after the last bell rang, she reluctantly gathered her bag from her locker and headed to the Blue and Gold. It was a place she enjoyed, a place she could be herself. Her parents being newspaper reporters might have added to her interest in the school’s paper, but Jughead’s company along side her was also a big reason of why she loved it so much.

Finding the door unlocked, Betty assumed Jughead must have already arrived. When she walked in, she spotted Jughead typing away at his computer. Too busy to look up, he let out a quick ‘hey’ as she set her stuff down. “Last night, I came upon some interesting information that I think we could use to help solve this murder case.” Betty explained while she grabbed her notepad and pencil from her backpack.

“We need everything we can get.” The boy paused for a second and looked over at her before continuing his typing craze. She stood up and slid into one of the unoccupied computer chairs.

“I’m just hoping I can finish writing up my article before the dance next week.” She let out a deep sigh of exhaustion before turning on the computer in front of her. Betty picked up her perfectly sharpened pencil and began to write some of the details she had read the night before. The never-ending sound of typing suddenly came to a halt. Jughead shifted in his seat before letting out a shaky breath. It’s now or never, Jughead thought. Closing his computer, he left his seat and sat directly to the blonde girl’s right. He looked away before gathering all of his strength and turning to face her.

“Aha,.. hey, uh speaking of the dance, would you like to uh, go with me?” Jughead flashed her a small, nervous smile. Betty didn’t look his way and continued to scribble intensely about her new lead.

“Why would you want to go with the likes of me? Why not good for nothing Ronnie?” The blonde muttered, continuing on with her messy draft. Confused, Jughead was left with a look of pure shock etched into his features. He hadn’t expected her to act like that.

“What in the world makes you think I’d want to go with Veronica?” He questioned defensively.

"I don’t know. Seems like every other boy out there wants to!” Betty set her pencil down and met Jughead’s intense gaze. Realizing what she had done, she mentally kicked herself and turned away. She didn’t mean to let her anger out towards him. Jughead was the last person who deserved to be burdened with her dumb emotions. It was her problems and she needed to get over it already.

Closing her eyes, she tried to get ahold of herself. Jughead’s body slowly scooted closer towards her. He reached out his hand and held her face, turning it to meet his.

"I guess I’m not like every other boy out there.” He said softly. As Betty’s eyes blinked open, a few tears rolled down her reddened eyes. Jughead quickly wiped them away and took a moment to take in her pale complexion decorated with those perfect eyes, full eyelashes, slightly parted lips. He noticed she was staring back at him and awkwardly cleared his throat.

"So.. will you go with me?” He asked again, worried she’d reject him a second time.

"Of course I will Juggie.” She whispered, leaning forward into him. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her close as she snuggled into his warmth. Was she really over Archie? Could it really be true?

Breaking her out of her thoughts, Jughead unfolded his arms around her and stared at her hesitantly. He then leaned forward until their lips met and he brought his hands to her bright red cheeks.

Yes, she now knew for sure. She was no longer in love with that redhead.

Instead, she now had someone who really did genuinely care for her. Someone who loved her for not what she owned or wore, but who she was on the inside.

Jealousy in the Office

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x OC
Characters: Luke Alvez, Penelope Garcia, OC

This one is in response to an Anonymous request. I also tried something a bit different in this piece. It’s from Luke’s POV and features Garcia. I just really love the idea of Penelope helping Luke with his romantic problems. Let me know what you think!

Luke eyes narrowed as he intently observed the sight in front of him. Y/N was sat at her desk, but she wasn’t alone.

A counterterrorism agent was perched beside her, grinning happily as he handed her over a file. But, he wasn’t just simply another agent. He was her former boyfriend.


“I think we could use a second opinion from counterterrorism. Their experience and information could be vital to solving the case.” Prentiss told the team as she carefully flicked through the crime scene photographs.

“I can get in touch with Agent Sharpe? He leads one of their main divisions and should be willing to offer advice.” Y/N kindly offered as she leant back into her chair.

The name Sharpe made Luke’s head snap up from the file he’d been intently reading. Sharpe? Agent Sharpe from counterterrorism? Wasn’t that Y/N’s ex? He frowned in confusion as he risked a glance at his girlfriend.

It shouldn’t have bothered him. But, it did. He hadn’t even known she was still on talking terms with her former boyfriend.

The way she’d casually mentioned his name made him wonder if they had still retained a friendship.

Unpleasant thoughts clouded his mind as he anxiously twisted his pen around in his hands. Y/N caught his attention as she smiled at him brightly. She apparently had no idea about his current inner turmoil.

“That would be brilliant Y/L/N. Let him know that we’d be extremely grateful for his help. The rest of you start working on victimology, I want us to have a working profile as soon as possible.” Prentiss smiled at them, before gathering her files together and heading towards her office.

The rest of the team stood up as a low murmur of chatter swirled around the room. Luke, however, reminded frozen in his seat.

“Are you okay?”

He turned to face Y/N, glancing quickly to check the rest of the team were too preoccupied to notice their personal conversation.

“Sharpe? You still talk to him?” Luke mentally cursed himself for the accusation. He knew he had no right to interrogate Y/N. His concern had overridden his logic, the words unconsciously spilling from his mouth.

Y/N frowned at him as she began to collect her files. “In a professional capacity? Yes.” Her reply was curt and her voice slightly cold.

Luke grimaced, instantly regretting his question. “I-”

“I’ll see you later Luke.” She replied tersely, before briskly exiting the briefing room.

Luke sighed exasperatedly as he ran a hand through his short curls. Why had he opened his mouth?

He felt a pair of eyes staring intently at him. Luke slowly turned to face Garcia’s inquisitive gaze. He forced a tight smile onto his face, before abruptly grabbing his file and making his escape.

-End of flashback-

Luke felt his jaw subconsciously tighten and his shoulders tense as Y/N’s ex leaned closer to her, whispering in her ear.

His hands clenched into fists as he witnessed the counterterrorism agent pull Y/N into a warm embrace. Luke glared, enraged as Sharpe’s hands drifted dangerously close to the small of her back.

It was infuriating to see him hold her in his arms - especially knowing that Sharpe had been with her before. He had held her in his arms, caressed her face and kissed her lips before Luke had. The mere thought sent irrational fury shooting through Luke’s body, the jealousy that was consuming him.

Luke was rarely possessive. He completely trusted Y/N. Yet, he couldn’t help but scowl angrily as Sharpe ran his hand down her arm.

He had no right, he knew that. They’d only been dating for a few months and their relationship was still a secret. The BAU was not an easy place for a romance to flourish, they wanted to take it slowly and respect their professionalism.

But, maybe that was making the situation worse. Luke thought bitterly to himself as he sighed heavily. If they were open about their relationship, perhaps her former boyfriend wouldn’t have his hand lingering on her waist.

“What’s wrong with you Newbie? You look particularly awful today.”

Luke jumped in surprise at the cheerful voice of Penelope Garcia. He shook his head, waving his hand dismissively at her.

“Nothing Garcia.”

He tried to ignore her curious gaze as he reluctantly returned to his computer. He closed his eyes as he sank back into the soft leather chair.

“I think you’re lying to me Newbie.”

Luke tried not to grimace at the teasing tone in her voice. It was almost as if she knew exactly what he was thinking. Garcia could be an extremely skilled profiler at times.

“Are you lying to me Newbie?”

Luke forced a strain chuckle as he shrugged his shoulders. “I’m just worried about the case Garcia.” He reluctantly met her inquisitive gaze. Her bright blue, bedazzled glasses only magnifying the curiously in her eyes.

“The case huh?” She smirked smugly as her gaze travelled towards Y/N and the counterterrorism agent. “Are you sure it’s not the proximity of Y/N and Agent Hottie that’s got you flustered Newbie?”

Luke scowled at her, grumpily swatting her hands off his desk. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Garcia.” He muttered darkly, fixating his gaze onto his computer screen.

A loud cackle echoed around the room, drawing the attention of surrounding staff. Luke glared at Garcia in disbelief.

“I’m sorry Newbie, it’s just I think this is precious.” She told him, wiping away the tears of laughter that had fallen down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry?” Luke asked, raising his eyebrows in surprise. What was she talking about?

“I think it’s sweet that you care about her. Don’t even try to deny it-” She wagged her finger at him, halting his protests before he’d even had the chance to open his mouth. “I had my suspicions and your look of horror when Y/N said she’d contact her hunky ex only confirmed them.” She grinned widely as she leaned closer to him. “You like her.”

“Garcia I-”

“I knew it!” Garcia squealed excitedly, clapping her hands together with glee. “I absolutely knew something was going on between the two of you.”

“Congratulations. You may be wrong about us though.” Luke frowned as he looked dejectedly at Y/N.

Garcia smiled softly at him, before patting him gently on his arm. “You have nothing to worry about, trust me. She only got in contact with him to help solve the case.”


Garcia scoffed as she smacked Luke on his hand playfully. “Listen Luke, I’ve seen the way Y/N looks at you. You’re the one for her.”

Luke bit his lip in an attempt to conceal the growing smile on his face. “Really?”

“Really. I’m absolute certain of it. She’s my friend and I know her. ” Garcia stated firmly. “Of course, she hasn’t told me about you two yet-” She rolled her eyes playfully as she gestured with her hands. “But, I knew there was someone special in her life…I’m not even too upset that it’s you Newbie. You make her happy.” Luke chuckled softly as Garcia smiled at him brightly. It meant a lot that she approved.

“Thanks Penelope.” He flicked teasingly at her pink fluffy cardigan. “I knew I’d win you over one day.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself Newbie. I still think Agent Hottie has the edge for me.”

The playful grin on her face let him know the truth.

milky-red  asked:

I know that AU thing with Opal was probably just a one-off doodle, personally, but I would LOVE to see more!

Haha that’s cool, but really idk what AU to make from it. Like an Opal AU Bestie-swap spinoff? Or something like that, no clue, but fun to think about lol

#042 Mysterious Ways

PREMISE: Could God create a crime so perfect, not even He could solve it?

CHARACTERS: God is the omnipotent omniscient creator of the universe, but in His spare time He solves crimes in the greater Miami area. Even though He’s just an amateur detective, God proves to be adept at cracking cases, because He sees all and knows all. But will God be able to balance His sleuthing with overseeing every facet of existence as we know it? Yes, because He can do anything. God was played by James Garner.
          Commissioner Bernice Esparza is Miami’s chief of police. Initially Esparza gives God the cold shoulder because she doesn’t like a civilian getting mixed up in police work. But after God appears to Esparza as a burning bush and commands her to let Him help solve cases, she grudgingly learns to respect God’s methods and accept His help.

NOTABLE EPISODE: When a crew of insane home invaders terrorizes the Miami suburbs, God is on the case. Because He can do anything, God wills for the perpetrators to appear tied up in front of the Miami courthouse, and it is so. The prosecutors almost fail to secure a conviction until God takes the stand. His testimony, “I know everything. They did it. I’m God,” enables the jury to return a verdict after just 15 minutes of deliberation. (“Eternal Affairs” – S04.E12)

CATCHPHRASE: “Thou shalt have no other detectives before me.”

TRIVIA/MISCELLANY: Actors who were considered for the role of God include Scott Bakula, Philip Michael Thomas, and Richard Dean Anderson.


Requested by anon: Hi!!! So I was wondering if you could do a fic about a girl in high school who is told that her parents died while she was in class, and she has no relatives, so she lives on her own for a while. But then Dean shows up and tells her that the deaths were supernatural, so she helps him solve the case. However, Dean notices that she never has grieved the lost of her parents, so he becomes concerned for her and helps her in the grieving process. -xoxox

Word Count: 5214

Warnings: Mention of suicide

A/N: An actual one part DeanxReader! It didn’t turn into a series, though it is very long… This oneshot takes place just after Sam left for college. The ending isn’t very… Dean-ish. But it’s called fan fiction for a reason, right? ;)

Version en Español: Amargo

The day they died felt just like any other day. You’d snoozed your alarm about seven times and rushed to get ready for school. Throwing on your favorite band’s t-shirt and some jeans while running a brush through your hair and trying to throw on a little mascara was pretty normal for you. Then you were down the stairs, grabbing a pop tart and yelling to your parents to have a good day on your way out the door.

You wished you had taken the extra minute to hug them and tell them how much you missed them because a few hours later they were dead.

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I bet Maggie’s dad is a policeman, and he’s coming back to ask for her help on a case that lead him to NC. She’s super pissed that he just comes back for the case and not for her, but then she realizes that she became a cop because she wanted to do the right thing, and she realizes that he did the exact same thing, so she helps him solve the case and they bond, and then he makes some stupid remark about how they miss her in Nebraska and she gets angry at him because they sent her away, and she has this long, deep talk with Alex about how all her life she didn’t want to know how her family was, and she never ever considered that they were still thinking about her. #IfIWroteSupergirl

EDIT: I legitimately saw this before the spoiler came that he is a cop in the canon NAILED IT

Nothing but the Truth

Characters: Teen!Reader, Dean, Sam, mention of parents (both Sam and Dean are current season Sam and Dean)

Pairings: None

Warnings: Angst, mild violence, mention loss of parents

Word Count: 2,200

Things to know: Request - why-date-when-theres-cake said: Hi!!! So I was wondering if you could do a fic about a girl in high school who is told that her parents died while she was in class, and she has no relatives, so she lives on her own for a while. But then Dean shows up and tells her that the deaths were supernatural, so she helps him solve the case. However, Dean notices that she never has grieved the loss of her parents, so he becomes concerned for her and helps her in the grieving process. -xoxox

I really hope this meets your expectations. This was pretty out of my element. The reader is usually hooking up with Dean or in love with him. Never written Dean more like a brother. Hope I didn’t do this terribly!

I do not own the images.

You sat in the school library staring at the computer screen. Two weeks ago, the principal had walked in, looking for you, causing your world to crumble around you. Your parents had been in a car accident, at least that is what you were told, and they had both been killed. 

You didn’t hear much after she said that both of your parents died. You had felt like your head had been dunked in water. The principal’s words had sounded far off as if your ears had been stuffed with cotton. You saw her lips moving, but you only heard tones not words.

You had become obsessed with figuring out what really happened to your mom and dad. You spent all of your spare time in the library at school. When you weren’t at the school library, you were at the university library. Sure, it was time consuming, but you were determined to find out the truth. You hadn’t seen the car or your parents’ bodies. That raised your suspicion right off, not to mention the way your parents had been acting the last few weeks before their death.

You looked up from your computer and glanced out the window. There was a black 1967 Impala that had just parked on the curb. You were sure that you had seen the same car at the university library several times over the past week or so. You knit your eyebrows together, staring intently at the car. 

Two tall, extremely attractive men, got out of the car. The tallest looked to be younger, he had long brown hair and was all arms and legs. The other had short, neatly trimmed hair and broad shoulders. Both were wearing plaid. As you watched them walk toward the park across the street, you noticed the shorter of the two had bow legs. You smiled to yourself. Your dad walked similarly, and seeing this man made you miss your dad. You shook your head, trying to get rid of the image. You didn’t have time for memories or reminiscing. You needed to focus.

You stared at your computer screen, at a loss for what you were looking for. Frustrated, you slammed the computer closed and stood, throwing your stuff into your bag. You needed fresh air, and school had dismissed an hour ago anyway. 

You stepped out of the library and without much thought, walked toward the park across the street. Your phone rang and you glanced down at it expecting it to be your mother asking where you were. Old habits die hard, you thought to yourself as you looked down only to be disappointed. You didn’t recognize the number, so you decided to reject it. You glanced up, and the two guys from the Impala were approaching your from across the park.

You watched as they reached into their pockets and pulled out what appeared to be their wallets. “Y/N?” the shorter one asked with an intense look on his face. He held up what you realized was an FBI badge and a fake one at that. 

“Who is asking?” you replied, frowning at the two. “You’re clearly not FBI, those badges are fake, and you wouldn’t be driving such a bad ass car,” you said as you nodded toward the impala. 

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AU/Crossover in which Lix and Millie meet abroad and immediately warm to each other drinking and smoking in seedy bars - and end up in bed together (sharing accommodation is so much more convenient). Lix’s nose for news finds trouble eventually (to no one’s surprise) and she enlists her lover’s help to solve a case the police is treating with shocking disregard. They succeed and the criminal is brought to justice - but they argue and part ways soon after, the memory of Susan still too fresh on Millie’s mind to commit fully to another. Each is miserable in her own loneliness without the other but too proud to admit it, and there are no postcards from Millie for Lix, though she waits in one place, at one address for a while before moving on herself after a while.

Years later they run into each other - a déjà vu of smoke and alcohol, only the seedy bar is in London this time, rather than some exotic and remote location. They have both made peace with the ghosts of their pasts, and their bodies still remember the other’s touch - so familiar, and yet new and changed. They dance, they drink, they smoke until the barkeep throws them out, and inevitably they spend the night together - for old time’s sake… or is it a new beginning for the two?


Holly Stewart Appreciation Week - Day 1: Favorite Episode

Episode 4x9 - What I Lost

“It’s not going to kill you to try something new.”

Best Buds Part 4

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 2950

Warnings: Smut, Unprotected sex (Sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener), almost getting caught, ignoring canon deaths because I fucking do what I want, drinking

Note: Again, I had so much fun writing this part. I really hope you guys like it and if you will, give me some good feedback. Not sure how many more parts I am going to write. I’ve been getting asked that question. I’m pretty much writing until I run out of ideas or until the story calls for it. Thanks again for reading! I love y’all! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged :)

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Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven

Originally posted by acklesjensen

You were pressed between the back seat of Baby and Dean’s firm body. It had been about two weeks since you and Dean started this little arrangement and you were elated. Consistent sex after hunts without worrying about where the random guy had been or wondering how drunk you were made “reducing stress” all the more easy. Dean parked behind the house where you’d just finished a quick salt and burn hunt. You were both pumped full of adrenaline from digging the grave, when he threw you over his shoulder and tossed you into the back seat. Now the glass of the Impala was fogged and you were seconds from reaching your impending bliss. Sammy left to go talk to the family of the previously haunted house to explain that everything was going to be fine, so you thought you had at least an hour or so before he came back. That is until Sammy’s voice called through the empty street, looking for Dean.

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A comiXologist Recommends

Goldie Vance #4 @boomstudios

by Hope Larson @hopelarson, Brittney Williams @anotherbrittneywilliams and Sarah Stern @worstwizard

In the last issue of the first Goldie Vance story, our intrepid heroine dodges Russians spies, the cops, and the whims of gravity to save a missing hotel guest from certain doom! Will she survive her undercover mission to a rival hotel? Will her cute friend Diane want to be more than just a friend? Tune in to find out!

By day, Goldie is a valet at the chic Crossed Palms Resort in sunny Florida, USA. Also by day, she helps the hotel detective to solve even the most mundane case. When a guest’s necklace goes missing, it’s up to Goldie and her not-boss to solve the mystery. But neither of them could have guessed that the solution was part of a bigger problem…

I’ve loved everything about the Goldie Vance books, from the animated art style to the fact that Goldie’s mom works as a live mermaid in a downtown club. It’s a book that you’ll enjoy if you’re into retro settings, sleuthing, Grease-esque drag racing, mild Cold War era political overtures, or all of the above. I’m so excited that this series is now ongoing and we get to read more adventures soon, and now’s the perfect time to get caught up on this charming story!

Kara Szamborski supervises the production coordinator team at comiXology and co-hosts the weekly comiXologist podcast to help you find the perfect comic for you. She is currently resisting the urge to write Spidevil fanfic.

slycookiemonster  asked:

OK so S.S. LOVES playing video games and A.A. and Spencer dealing with a case around video games or something like that and while Spencer and A.A. are talking to S.S while she's playing and she unintentionally says something that helps Spencer and A.A. solve the case

ohhh that would be so cool