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SM!AU prompt2: people don't know who their soul mates are but they can feel it when they meet them. As they grow, the get little details about them, a hint of their individual smell like a whiff of perfume, a peel of laughter lost to the wind and they get small pieces of their features. Betty knows the feel of leather before she ever saw Jughead in his jacket. (I'm not sure how this could work but just an idea)

This is gonna be a little tricky but I’ll give it a go.

Betty sat in the back booth at Pops, her chin propped in her hand as she watched Archie and Veronica whispering to each other and sharing stolen kisses a few booths away, they were perfect together, the very definition of soulmates. Archie brushed a dark strand of hair out of Veronica’s face and Betty couldn’t help the audible sigh that escaped her lips. Of course she was happy for her best friends, they deserved each other but sometimes it stung more than it should.

Betty Cooper was mateless, she was sure of it. It broke her heart to think about it but at 18 years old, time was running out and she still hadn’t had any of the mysterious feelings her friends had talked about. She could remember clearly the day Veronica ran through her bedroom doors going on about a specific shade of orange and how that was the only color she could see, then there was the way Archie kept fiddling with his bare neck and claiming he felt something like pearls resting there. It was beautiful when the pair finally realized they were meant to be.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

Betty glanced up, her eyes softening at the beanie wearing boy as he slid in the space across from her, his hands clutching a plate of fries.

“Definitely not worth a penny Juggie.” Betty smiled sadly, reaching towards his plate and grabbing a fry.

He looked at her with concerned eyes
“What’s the matter? You’ve got that look in your eyes.”

Betty raised a brow
“What look?” She asked incredulously

Jughead scrunched his nose and pouted
“This one” he mimicked something that was similar to a puppy dog face.

“Oh please” she giggled, throwing a straw wrapper at him as he smirked.

“No really Bets, what’s up?”

Her eyes lingered in Archie and Veronica’s direction and Jughead nodded knowingly.

“You want that huh?” He said softly, not an ounce of judgment in his tone.

The blonde nodded slowly, her eyes dropping as she fiddled with her fingers.

“It’s just not fair. I haven’t felt anything! I don’t see anything, I don’t feel anything. When is it my turn?” She moped miserably, her eyes filling with tears.

Jughead moved to her side of the booth and wrapped his arm around her shoulders
“You’ll get it Bets, I know you will. You just have to be patient.”

She rested her head in the crook of his neck and inhaled the familiar smell of smoke and toothpaste mixed with his distinct cologne.
“I don’t know juggie”

He pressed a kiss to the top of her head, running his nose over her silky blonde hair.
“I do.”

They sat like that for an hour, the quiet was comfortable and Jughead felt his eyes get droopy as he listened to her steady breathing.

Finally Betty broke the silence
“I should go. Big river vixens game tonight. Hurray go riverdale.” She monotoned.

Jughead laughed
“You’re becoming very cynical with age my Beautiful blonde friend.”

She laughed, rising from the booth and grabbing her bag as she waved a lazy hand
“See you tommorow?”

He nodded, pulling his laptop out
“You got it.”

He watched her walk out the door and sighed, she was so beautiful and good and kind, whoever her soulmate would be was a very lucky man.

Two hours later and four chapters in, he heard the familiar giggle that always made his heart lighter, he looked up with a lazy smile expecting to see Betty standing over him in her tiny blue and gold cheerleading uniform. But she wasn’t standing there, in fact she wasn’t anywhere in the diner but he could still hear her laughter, he stood up, eyes scanning the entire diner as the laughter faded softly. He scratched the back of his neck as he called for Pops.

“Hey Pops? Is Betty here? Did she head into the bathroom?”

Poptate looked up from cleaning the counter and glanced around

“Jughead it’s 11:00, you’re the only one in here.” The older man rolled his eyes, heading back into the kitchen.

What the hell was that about?

Betty cursed herself as she walked through the dark streets of Riverdale, the game had run later than expected and Betty had to walk home in the dark, and the fact that she had forgotten her jacket was not helping the situation. It was a particularly cold, damp night and her sleeveless uniform top was not providing much protection against the wind.

She should have just taken the ride with Veronica, wrapping her hands around her body she shivered. Her fingers came up to grasp bare skin but something was strange. Instead of feeling the prominent goosebumps playing on her skin she felt rough denim, it was familiar and worn in but when she glanced down there was nothing on her body. She knew the feeling, it was Jugheads denim jacket, the one she had worn at the drive in so many times.

She wasn’t cold anymore, it was almost as if she was wrapped up in Jughead.

What was going on?

Betty slammed her locker shut, the bags under her eyes were visible to all and Kevin noticed immediately.

“Rough night?” He asked soothingly as Joaquin handed the blonde a to go cup of coffee, which she gripped gratefully, pressing a kiss to his cheek causing the long haired teen to blush.

“Something weird is happening. I don’t know what it is but I’ve been up all night trying to figure it out.” She sighed as they walked to their first period

“What do you mean?”

Betty looked around nervously
“Well last night, I was walking home and I remember being freezing and then all of a sudden I wasn’t. It’s like Jughead was next to me, I mean I could feel his jacket!” She threw a hand up dramatically.

Kevin and Joaquin exchanged a glance as a smile appeared on their faces, grinning at something behind Betty.

“Looks like he didn’t sleep too well either” Joaquin nodded towards Jughead who was walking towards them.

“Hey” the flannel wearing boy grumbled, slumping against a locker, his eyes scanning Betty’s tired face.

“You didn’t sleep either?” He questioned knowingly.

Betty nodded standing outside her chemistry classroom
“Nope.” She popped the P.

Jughead looked Betty up and down, eyeing the tiny sleeveless white dress

“It’s freezing in that classroom, here take this, you’ll need it.”
He shrugged off his denim jacket and held it out to her.

Betty stared wide eyed for a moment before clutching the jacket close to her chest and running into the classroom with a squeaky

Jughead looked up at Kevin
“What was that about?”

Kevin smirked and grabbed Joaquin’s hand
“I haven’t the slightest idea” he breezed past Jughead but stopped abruptly

“New cologne? It smells suspiciously like peaches and vanilla? Did you borrow Betty’s perfume.” He grinned wickedly as he strut down the hallway, Joaquin ducking his head and smiling as he followed his own soulmate.

Jughead lifted his collar and sure enough. Peaches and Vanilla.

What the hell?

The rest of the day flew by and eventually both Betty and Jughead plopped down on the couch in the blue and gold office.

“I am so glad that day is over. I’m exhausted.”
The blonde sighed, relieved.

Jughead nodded
“Definitely. Remind me to never come to school after two hours of sleep.”

Sitting up straighter, Betty glanced shyly down to her folded hands in her lap

“Why didn’t you get any sleep?”

Jughead turned his body towards her
“ lot on my mind. What about you?”

She bit her lip

His eyes lingered on the strawberry red lips tucked beneath her perfect white teeth.

“Penny for your thoughts” he whispered, his face inching towards hers.

Betty glanced up, their foreheads almost touching

“Definitely not worth a penny.” She whispered back hoarsely.

His hands came up to cup her neck
“That’s where you’re wrong Betty Cooper, you’re worth everything.” With that he dropped his lips to hers as her hands wound themselves in his hair.

They kissed for what felt like hours, desperate lips and pent up passion. It was everything Betty had been waiting for and more, eventually they pulled away for air and Betty nestled her face in his neck, pulling away quickly

“You smell like vanilla?” She questioned, confused.

He smiled crookedly
“And you smell like smoke.”

Her eyes widened before, realization hit her
“Your jacket..” she trailed off

He nodded, dropping his forehead to hers again
“Your laughter.”

“You found me” She choked out, her voice thick with emotion.

Bringing his lips to hers again he whispered,

“No Betty. You found me.”

Mom doesn’t wish to see you[Part 10] (Bruce Wayne imagine)

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Requested: Yes
Request: Mum doesn’t wish to see you part 10 ????? I luv you honey !
Summary: Not only do you find out that you’ve been cheated on, but so do the boys and the aftermath.
Word count: 715
Warning(s): cheating, divorce, swearing, cliff hanger? 
Tag: @queen-twerks-a-lot @girl-obsessed-with-things @angstytodd @rebecca-x4 @onmiontko @awkward-teenaged-girl  @geeky-girl-394

You just couldn’t shake the feeling of being followed. Every time you went shopping you had the feeling of being followed, not only could you feel eyes on the back of your neck from between the Isles, but also the same car was always parked within 5 parking spots from you, and if possible, right next to you.

When you would have meetings in the coffee shop, the same woman would always follow you in 5 minutes later, sitting away from you, her eyes always on you, even if you walked past her to visit the restroom.

You tried brushing it off, you just thought the woman was a regular at the coffee shop, maybe just recognized you from the press, even though she seemed oddly familiar. But then you started seeing her nearly everywhere, the movies when you went with your friends, outside your workplace, in the mall, everywhere.

You often thought about talking to Bruce about it but opted not to, taking to account the stress he’s already under with WE and the bat business. You had always ensured him that you could fully take care of yourself and this was an occasion that you could differently prove it, only to realize later that the biggest strength is to ask for help, but you realized it far too late.

One day someone had booked a meeting with you in your office, so you were there early, getting your paperwork ready when the front desk informed you that your client was there.

She was quickly shown to your office and when you absentmindedly got up from your seat to shake their hand, and our eyes finally met hers, you couldn’t believe your eyes. Not only was it the woman that you recognize was following you, but now you realize why she looked so familiar all this while. It was the woman that Bruce was all over. “You…” you muttered in shock.

Look here bitch, I’m not here to exchange pleasantries, I’ll give you a week to get away from Bruce, otherwise you’ll really fucking regret it.” she threatens.

It’s not like if I leave him, he’ll run to you, fucking whore.” You spit back. She angrily slaps you across the cheek, you quickly grab the phone, “Security please,” You say, and not more a half a minute later the woman is being removed, a huge red mark on your cheek.

The whole family looked in shock at dinner when they saw the slight swelling on your cheek, but no one asked, guessing that if it was something major, you would have told them. Though the boys had a silent agreement to keep a closer eye on you, just in case something was happening.

A whole week you had to look over your shoulder everywhere you went because of course, you wouldn’t leave Bruce just because some bitch was threatening you. You didn’t even fully know what kind of weight the threat even had, was she serious? Was it just empty blabber?

You felt the eyes on the back of your head a lot more intensely, as the days ticked away and on the last day, the anxiety was through the rough. “I should have talked to Bruce, or Alfred even.” You mumbled to yourself, as you got on your coat and grabbed your purse. 

You worked in the middle of Gotham City, so you had to park your car a couple hundred meters away, because of the lack of parking spots. It was a particularly gloomy night and you thought of asking one of the guards to accompany you to your car, but ended up not doing so.

Walking away from the safety of work, you immediately regretted not taking anyone with you, you felt someone follow you, but Bruce always told you to not look back, but walk as fast as you possibly can. As you entered the alleyway that led to your car, a feminine cough came from behind you.

You turned around to see the same lady yet again. “I warned you, and even gave you a little time, you really thought I wouldn’t go through with it?” 

“What do you want?” You ask, slowly backing away.

To finish what I started.” She grimly said, a manic smile on her face.


With love,

Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter One

Summary: When Lauren, assistant to Tony Stark and the golden darling, southern belle of team Avenger, is called home by her overbearing mother, demanding she take back up with the man who walked out on her and broke her heart, Loki, the once dark God of Mischief, goes with her as her pretend beau. But is it all pretend on Loki’s part? Or is there more to the God of Mischief’s involvement than simply helping Lauren out.

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 6937

Warnings: Swearing

At just shy of five in the morning, the sun was beginning to colour the horizon in brilliant pinks and oranges. Though it was crisp - fresh really - the air smelled clean from the washing of rain the night before instead of the usual smog and grime. There was nothing like the view of New York from Tony’s Iron Man landing pad. The city stretched out, the lights glowed like stars, and it appeared as if one floated above the world.

It had become Lauren’s preferred place to practice yoga.

It wasn’t the safest location, what with it being a few hundred feet in the air and not really that big around, but it fit her mat. It also gave her such a sense of clarity, of being completely present in the moment; her awareness of the world so heightened she felt like one with the universe. Lauren had found it impossible to resist the temptation.

Besides, Tony knew she used it. F.R.I.D.A.Y was nothing if not efficient, and had informed her boss thusly after Lauren’s first tentative foray into the wild blue yonder.

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trying to take what’s lost and broken, make it right

“He stops, watching her intently, and she realizes he’s waiting for her to respond. She’s stuck on his words, everything suddenly making so much sense and no sense all at the same time. He’s in love with her. And she’s ruined them.” 

or Bellamy and Clarke take a while to get back on the same page after being reunited.

words: 6527

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I had a dream about a burning house
you were stuck inside, I couldn’t get you out
laid beside you and pulled you close
and the two of us went up in smoke


The first time it happens, she surprises herself.  

Bellamy is slightly leaning against her shoulder from where he sits on a couch and staring at a map that they’ve drawn, brows furrowed as he taps his finger absentmindedly against the paper. “You said this area has been checked?” he verifies, glancing at her for only a second.

“Yeah. Me and Madi searched it out last week and took anything that was worth taking. It probably won’t be worth hitting again for another few weeks.” Her voice is rough and she clears her throat, shifting a little so that she can see better.

He makes a mark on their makeshift map in the area she’s specified, nodding to himself. “What about here?”

His thumb taps against a spot south of the bunker and she nods. “Not recently, we can check it out.”

A different mark is placed here. Sighing, he sets the map aside and leans his head against the wall behind him, closing his eyes for a moment. She finds herself staring at him— the sharpness of his jaw, the thickness of his eyelashes, the way the crease in his forehead slowly lessens.

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To Love and To Lose

The fae warrior stood surveying the carnage that was the battlefield, a cold expression plastered across her beautiful and cold features. Nobody would ever believe it but she was sick of the blood and screams of terrified males. The wide clearing was littered with the dead and she wondered how any of this was necessary, it wasn’t her war, it was never the war of the soldiers they were mere puppets to the Lords and Kings of this land. Despite her loathing of the battles she had shrouded her life in violence and chaos. She had become so good at wearing the mask of the cruel, heartless bitch that sometimes even she forgot who she was. These actions do not define you. The blood on your hands does not make you the person they think you are. The voice of her sister echoed in her head. Her sister, whom she dearly loved and had become this monster to protect. She had received a letter from her sister the previous day speaking of her happiness and the love shared between her and her male. The warrior was happy that despite everything that had happened to them, her sister could still love so fiercely, and had found someone who loved her too. Stalking through the camp and not looking at the prisoners she and her soldiers had taken in this war, she made her way to the tent that had become her home during this mess. She couldn’t look at captives in case they realised she hated to keep them here. Hated to keep anybody here. She put her mask firmly in place and with her head held high passed the wounded and dying she had been forced to see as her enemy and paid them no attention. She had been young, barely into womanhood, when she was ripped from her life of relative safety and thrown into despair and destruction. Males had used and abused her, she had been starving but she learned to be strong to keep her sister safe. As long as she was always safe. Her thoughts settled on her sister, her kind beautiful sister, her sister who always saw the good in the world, the good in her no matter how many lives she claimed to protect them both. She would torture and destroy anything or anybody that would threaten her sister and there was a small part of her that knew she would take pleasure in doing it. Back in the comfort of her crudely erected tent the warrior dreamt of leaving this place, her position, but knew the consequence for this would be her life and without her who would protect her sister. All she could do for now was dream for this war to end soon and for normality to be restored. She fell asleep and dreamed of green fields and her sister frolicking in flowers. These were her favourite dreams, the ones where she watched her sister’s sweet and elegant face light up at the sight of flowers she knew. Watch her deep brown eyes widen when she found something particularly beautiful to gaze at. The warrior slept soundly that night, dreaming of happier times. A rough hand dragged her from sleep she moved groggily considering cutting it away from its owner.                            
“What do you want?” she snapped at the soldier that disturbed her, always keeping the pretence of fierce killer.                                                                                                  
The male gulped.                                                                                      
“Tongue been cut out?” she asked as she pulled her thick hair from around her face.
“I’m s s s Sorry General. I have news.”                                                  
She stared at him unrelentingly waiting for him to continue.            
“It’s your sister.”                                                                                          
The warrior was on her feet faster than she could blink, a knife in her hand pointed to her soldier’s throat.                                                                                                          
“Spit it out.” She said, her voice sounding dead to her own ears.    
He gulped again, shaking now.                                                              
“She’s…she has been murdered.”  He spluttered out.                        
An icy rage that was more violent than anything she had witnessed on the battlefield spread over her at the moment. She shoved any feeling of despair down letting the storm of anger wash over her.          
“Her lover. It was Jurian. The huma…”                                                  
She didn’t let him finish before the knife slashed across his throat, her numb hands warming in the blood that now cloaked them. In a heartbeat she had lost everything, her reason for living, the one person she had loved, the one person who had loved her. Without thinking of feeling she strapped any weapon in her reach to any available part of her body and stomped out of her tent. One look on the faces of the males outside let her knew that they were all aware, the thought only pissed her off more. A killing calm had taken over her body and in that moment she vouched that she would destroy every person responsible for the war, the High Lords of Prythian, her King and she would relish in every inch of pain she caused them. But first, she had to take care of Jurian.

The Stars Above You


Day Six: Stars

(A/N: The beginning is set before Miroku and Sango join the gang.)

Kagome always had strange books on her. Inuyasha was intrigued by her insistence to read and carry the things, but annoyed at the extra weight that slowed her down. 

He was also fascinated by them, and loved it when she read them out loud to herself, but he would never admit that.

She was after all the nuisance that ruined the jewel and made it so he had to go on this quest in the first place. 

She often read while they stopped for lunch; ‘cramming’ as she called it. 

She mostly read by firelight before her little body could stand to stay up no more. That was when she spoke out the words on the pages, because her eyes and mind were too tired to just quietly take them in.

Her books were full of symbols and letters he had never seen before. It made him wonder just how much she knew. The fact she studied those books was a sign that she was far smarter than he had initially thought. 

He realized very quickly while traveling with her that she was most interested in people and the stories about them in her books. She called it ‘history that was unfolding before her eyes’, he called it ‘getting involved in things that she shouldn’t be sticking her nose into.’

He also called it ‘annoying as hell.’

But still, she carried those books with her. She fought him tooth and nail every time he went to use the book pages as kindle – it was some good kindle– but would relent and let him have a page or two of her choosing.

Shippou was at least open about his interest in the books. Kagome, the girl he slept snuggled to every night, was a deity of sorts in Shippou’s eyes. He wholesomely loved her, and if the amount of treats were any indication, she loved him right back.

She also brought Inuyasha all his favorite ‘ninja food’, but it would be while before Inuyasha wondered if she did that out of love of him as well.

It had been a particularly rough day. The weather had been far from forgiving, and harsher than normal for early spring. The wind had been cold and bit harshly at her delicate skin. She had mild sunburns topped with wind chaffing on her cheeks, Inuyasha noted as they settled down for the night. Kagome had not once complained, however, making him worry that there was a bigger injury she wasn’t vocalizing to him.

They were only another day - maybe two at this rate- from Kaede’s village. Inuyasha would mention to the old woman to check Kagome for injury, and leave it there. Kaede simply would not allow Kagome to go into the well without needed medical attention.

It never dawned on him that he was concerned for her because he cared, and not so much because she hadn’t complained.

The fire he had built his new-found pack was burning bright and wonderfully warm. Inuyasha checked to see if his two companions were bundled up for the night in the cocoon she carried. When he looked down, he saw them swaddled up, sitting upright, with a book in Kagome’s hands that he hadn’t seen her study before.

“Remember what I told you at lunch, Shippou?” Inuyasha racked his brain. He didn’t remember much conversation at lunch.

“That the stars shine the brightest on cold nights?” Inuyasha couldn’t recall that bit of information being shared, and made a note to listen more carefully to their talks, even if it was menial things being discussed.

“Yes,” she shifted the book so that it was lit by the fire a little bit more, “and this is the book I was telling you about. Why don’t we try to see what stars are above us tonight?”

Shippou snuggled closer into her body. “How do we tell?”

“We look in the sky and down in the book. This book as all the different stars that might be in the sky, so we just have to look and see which ones are above us tonight. We can even read the stories people tell about them.” Kagome began to turn pages. “We know we are in early spring, so we start there in the book.”

Inuyasha peered down from his perch. He wasn’t settled for the night; he was engaged in the book too. He listened to Kagome, and tried to take in everything she was teaching Shippou.

He listened to the stories intently, fascinated by the tales of warriors and great beasts, of star-crossed lovers and mighty rulers. He was a silent participant to the bonding time between girl and child, unintentionally forming a deeper bond with both of them in his heart.

The very next night, Kagome and Shippou sought hard to see every little difference between the stars of then and the stars of the night before. Inuyasha did the same, but didn’t speak aloud what his observations.

Once they were at Kaede’s village, Kagome left the book of stars there while she went home. Shippou brought it to Inuyasha as the night fell, and opened the pages riddled with words and pictures that barely made sense to either of them.

And yet, both of them look for the different stars, and tried to read the stories that went with them. They searched for the same stars as before, and were able to read those stories. It was a silent partnership that neither of them spoke of in daylight, but at night, they poured over the books side by side.

When Kagome came back, she taught them how to read the book.

This mysterious book of stars, that made little sense to anyone who didn’t have Kagome as a teacher, went on the travels with them. Miroku was better at reading it than Inuyasha had expected, and Sango voiced the questions he had but wouldn’t say. They grew closer together under the stars above them and with the stars in the book. 

On clear nights, they all would study the stars. Kagome once mentioned that the stars were the same in her time, so if they looked up to them, they could know that she was too if she were home. 

Eventually the book would find a permanent home in Kaede’s hut as the travels became more exhausting and dangerous, and having less to carry was more important to Kagome. 

Once Kagome was gone, Inuyasha and Shippou sought comfort in looking at the stars together, and finding quiet, unspoken peace in knowing Kagome had the same stars above her. They would, side by side like so many moons before, sit and page through Kagome’s book, and read the stories held in the pages.

The first night Kagome came back, Shippou pulled out the book and snuggled into her body, just like he had years before. Kagome shifted the book to be illuminated by the moonlight and together they began to find the stars that were above them.

This time, Inuyasha wasn’t a silent party, watching with a hidden desire to join in his heart.

This time, he was wrapped around Kagome, her in his lap, and Shippou in her’s, paging through the stars with them.

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Do the guys have any father daughter/son traditions or hobbies? I can see Jacin and June collecting some trinket from around the world since they travel so much, Kai takes Ember to get dumplings when he's stressed etc.

Oh, definitely! They’re all wonderful fathers and all good fathers have traditions with their kiddos.


  • When Ari’s young, he and Wolf always collect the eggs together. Wolf carries the bucket while Ari sweet-talks the chickens and collects the eggs from the harder-to-reach places (because there’s always that one stupid chicken who likes to lay underneath the roost rather than in her nest and it’s much easier for Ari to reach those than it is for Wolf).
    • Afterwards, they take the eggs home for Scarlet to fry some of them up for breakfast. When Ari’s a bit older, there may or may not be an unspoken competition over who can eat more of them.
  • Missy’s favorite father/daughter tradition is movie day. Once a month, they’ll trek to Rieux’s single theater—just the two of them—for a father/daughter outing. Missy gets to pick the movie, and Wolf buys the biggest popcorn available for them to share. It’s like being away from Rieux for an afternoon, which is why it makes Missy, our aspiring adventurer so happy.
    • When she’s young and the movie turns out to have more scary moments than anticipated, she just buries her face against Wolf’s side until it’s safe to look again.


  • As mentioned in a previous headcanon, Thorne and Dmitri play Royals together often. Nearly all of their father/son heart-to-hearts have taken place in the cockpit of the Rampion, over a deck of worn-out cards.
  • Thorne and Lil’ Cress like to walk around the docks whenever the Rampion is parked somewhere and “admire” (”That’s the new Firefly, isn’t it? It’s got nice lines.” “But not as nice as the Rampion, right?” “Right.”) all the other ships. 
    • The tradition began because she was a particularly fussy baby and—at least when they were on the ground—Thorne would often walk her around outside to soothe her to sleep on the especially rough nights, cooing whatever popped into his head—often the names of the ships parked around them—in a soft voice to calm her cries.
  • Thorne and Cassiopeia are always a team when the family has game nights. Always. Dmitri and Lil’ Cress are a pretty lethal team and Mama Cress is a major threat all by herself, but Thorne and Cass think so much alike that they can be pretty hard to beat when it comes to certain strategy games.


  • With Rento’s great love of music, one of his and Kai’s favorite father/son traditions is sneaking away from the palace for concerts. Sure, they have a private box at every concert hall and opera house in the city, but sometimes it’s nice to sneak into a coffeehouse performance or catch a musical from the cheap seats without being hounded by reporters.
  • Ember’s favorite tradition, however, dates back from the days when she was tiny and Kai would read her bedtime story after bedtime story. Her favorites were the ones about princesses and queens and their daring adventures (for obvious reasons).


  • Wherever they go, no matter how busy they are, Jacin and June manage to steal away long enough to find the best candy shop in the area. They explore new neighborhoods, hand-in-hand, until they find someplace with chocolates that meet June’s high standards and something apple-flavored to take back to Winter.

Prompt: After 3 years on earth, Bellamy proposes to her in bed, in a tangle of sheets and dark, morning hours. (via rashaka)

It’s not morning, not just yet, but he is awake.

Even though summer is upon them - and what a stifling one it has been thus far - and the nights are far shorter, he finds that he can only sleep until that last dark hour, before night begrudgingly gives way to pale dawn. He thinks maybe it is a holdover from their days of fighting and scrapping for life, the months when every ounce of sunlight had to be wrung out of the day just for survival. He’d had a hard time, then, with the lives of so many tied to his every word, every deed, and sleep had not come easy.

But now, their community is housed and fed and healthy, building new successes on top of old as they create a their own path in the world. He has seen structures rise and forests fall over the past few years, and held more than a few babbling, messy babes - there is something about prosperity that drives the urge to procreate - but none of it can compare to the flourishing feeling of right he felt in her presence.

It had taken him more than a bit to realize what the painful stutter in his heart was when he saw her, or why the exhilarative nature of her touch could set his skin ablaze.

What he hadn’t known then was she’d felt the same.

Of course, it took them a while to finally put one another out of their misery, but when they did, it was three days before anyone could drag them from his cabin.

A year has gone by since then, and he still feels that zip of a shock when she kisses him, and that overwhelming warmth when she tells him she loves him. Love. Before the 100, before the assassination, before her, he didn’t think he was capable of loving anyone with the capacity that he loved Octavia. His heart had been hardened and cracked, with no room left for anyone who wasn’t family.

And then one day he came to the realization (with his sister’s unsolicited aid) that he’d made room for another, a particular blonde menace; after that, it was a confusing, wild ride for them both.

Now, he is laying stretched and sweating beneath the rough cotton sheets, one arm crooked behind his damp curls, the other reaching out to the golden mass of hair beside him. They don’t cuddle as much as one would think, particularly with the amount of sex they have; their nights are spent drinking in one another’s bodies, but he always wakes up with her touch absent.

All save for her strong, delicate fingers.

At the moment, she is lying on her stomach, face turned away but her hand resting on his outstretched arm, pale fingers curled around his tanned skin. Her breathing is slow, easy to time with his own, and though he has seen it a thousand times, the lines of her shoulder and the hypnotic curve of her back fascinate his sight. He could have her body every night for the rest of his life, and he would always find it captivating; he could hear her speak his name till his dying breath, and he would never tire of listening; he could quarrel and argue and get proved wrong for the rest of eternity, if it were her on the other side.

And that is when the urge to say she is his hits him hard.

Sure, others in their community have gotten hitched, taken vows, and proven to some higher authority that they were committed to one another, but he had never really seen Clarke as a woman who needed that. They belong to each other, entirely and without reservation, and he would die in a heartbeat for the frustrating doctor.

He knows she would never hesitate to die for him.

Did they need to get fancied up and have a celebration just to prove something really only the two of them need to know? Five minutes ago he would have said no, but now, he wants the entire damn world to know that they are for only one another; they have been through fire and blood and agony to survive to this day, fuck him for not realizing how incredible it is that they made it at all.

His pounding, rabbit-hole thoughts are reined back as he feels her fingers begin to draw small, erratic designs on his scarred skin. He shivers at the contact, and from under that mane of blonde, he hears her blearily comment on “hearing him think”.

An anxious - why anxious, why the hell is he suddenly nervous? - dry response hums through his lips, and he can’t quite bring himself to carry on with the half-begun conversation. But even in her semi-conscious state, she knows something is up, so she smoothes her fingers over his forearm, prompting him to tell her what’s wrong.

“Marry me.”

The words slip out unbidden but echo with the weight of thunder. His heart stops for a half-beat, then pounds away, causing his breath to hitch. He thinks she might balk, but instead, she shifts under the sheets, turning to face him with a hazy look he can’t quite place.

“I thought we already were.”

She is still sleepy - he can tell from the drowsiness in her voice - but he knows she is alert enough to see the worry on his face. However, before he can formulate anything to satisfy that partial query, she moves to him, slinging a leg over his hips and settling her slight weight on his. Her soft skin, pulled taut over pliant muscle, glides across his sweat-slicked form, and for a moment he can’t decide if this is a diversionary tactic or a platform for a serious discussion (it wouldn’t be the first time they’d deliberated over important issues while naked and in compromising positions).

He doesn’t move, but just as he thinks he is going to be the one to speak up next, she places a hand on chest, and smiles.

“You’re already mine, Bellamy Blake. You have been since the day I gave you my heart. But if you want the jewelry to prove it, I’m sure Raven would be happy to make something in-”

He doesn’t need to hear anymore, and doesn’t give her the chance as he snares her close and kisses her silly, knowing there is the most ridiculous smile on his face but not finding it in himself to care.

They might not have rings, or an official document, but she said he is hers.

And who is he to argue.

Tea and Confessions

“Tea and Confessions”

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,693

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Warnings: Mental Health (talk of self harming, anxiety, and depression)

Summary:  Reader is part of the Avengers. She has only been with them for a few months, and is still getting used to it. She was alone for a long time, and tends to freak out around groups. After a particularly difficult time, she decides go to a cafe. She doesn’t tell anyone where she is going, but Bucky sees her leave. He decides to follow her. He stays and keeps her company/lets her vent. Cuteness ensues.

Author’s Note: This is my interpretation of the characters and the reader is one of my own creation. I leave the names and such open so you can put your own name and features in or you can create your own. I know this may not please everyone, but I’m writing this for myself. I hope people will enjoy this fanfic, but I know that you can’t please everyone.

I also want to take the time and thank @goodnightwife for being my beta reader and helping me edit and bounce ideas off.

If you would like to be tagged in any future pieces, please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!

<3 - 


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    Being accepted into the Avengers was something you never thought possible. Yes you had some special abilities, but it was nothing compared to Wanda, Tony, or a certain metallic super soldier that you’ve developed feelings for. Your entire life consisted of being pushed to the side, or told to stay quiet to not seem like a possible threat. This made you into who you are today: A young woman who is still figuring out her powers, but is also stuck seeing herself as an annoyance. 

    As much as you appreciated everything the group has done and continues to do for you, sometimes it gets too much. You aren’t used to being around so many people all the time, and while you had your own room, that wasn’t enough sometimes. All of the talk about missions and training and whatever they were up to was overwhelming.

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your kiss might kill me

She wonders sometimes, usually in the middle of the night when he’s wrapped around her like a vice, his breath hot and wet on the back of her neck, if she’s a masochist.

It’s not true, of course, because it’s not as if she gets off on the fact that they hate each other. No, it’s more that the hate between them fuels the intensity of this thing they are doing, turns it into a fire that burns so hot it’s bound to end with them both in ashes.

That doesn’t stop them from falling into bed a few times a month, harsh comments turning into frenzied hands and mouths, teeth biting flushed skin in an attempt to forget.

Forget what, though, she’s not exactly sure. Their problems, maybe. The fact that they hate each other, definitely.

None of their mutual friends know about what they do. Raven told her once it’s like they are dancing, bodies moving around each other, a push and pull that will eventually lead to them coming together as one solid unit.

If she only knew.


“I don’t want to go.”

Clarke folds her arms over her chest, forever the petulant child, and Wells rolls his eyes.

“You have to go,” he says, speaking to her like she’s being ridiculous which isn’t entirely untrue. “I already told Raven you’d be there. Don’t make me a liar in front of my new girlfriend, Griffin.”

She rolls her eyes, even though she’s already heading to her closet to find something to wear. “You owe me so big for this. I fucking hate Bellamy, you know that.”

Well snorts from his position on her desk chair. “Oh trust me, Clarke. I know that. Everyone knows that. Hell, even the pope knows that.”

Clarke huffs from inside her closet. “You’re an asshole,” she says without heat as she eyes the clothes hanging up carefully. She never intends to sleep with Bellamy, because she’s not lying when she says that she hates him, but that doesn’t stop her from pulling out the sexiest little black dress she owns.

Wells almost chokes when she holds it up. “Are you trying to kill him?”

She grins as she twirls the hanger around on her fingertip. “Something like that.”

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I’d hate to see you cry

Requested by anon:  Hello’! Could you do a gerard way imagine in which he’s like the punk guy and is dating y/n and she has a particularly rough day at work and he comforts her?

Today had to be the worst by far, the whole day was stressful from start to finish. You had woken up late since you had forgotten to charge your phone the night before, there was no coffee to drink and you didn’t have the money to pick anything up either, then work was a never ending paperwork, irritating, obnoxious colleges, then traffic jams that went on for miles. By the time you arrived at your small apartment block it was all too much. 

You unlocked the door as you held back the tears, just wanting to curl up in bed with your boyfriend Gerard and hide away from the world. You walk in and see Gerard pulling on his leather jacket getting ready to go out and sighed, this got his attention. “Hey babe, the guys wanted me to go to the bar-” He stopped mid sentence when he saw that you were about to break down in the middle of the room. He looked at you sympathetically before opening his arms and walking over to you, wrapping you in his embrace. You broke down there and then, tears rolling down your cheeks in never ending streams followed by sobs. “Shhh, it’s okay, it’s okay.” He whispered as he stroked your back. “Do you wanna talk about it?” He asked quietly as you clutched onto his leather jacket and shook your head. “Okay sweetheart.” He said pulling away to take off his jacket. “I bought some coffee whilst you were out, do you want to go change into your pyjamas and I’ll make you some, then we can cuddle in bed and watch movies. How does that sound?” He asked softly as he wrapped his arms around you again. You sniffled and nodded into his chest and he kissed the top of your head before pulling away. “Go on then.” He said, lightly pushing you towards your bedroom. 

Shortly after you had gotten change Gerard came in with two mugs of coffee and set them down on the bedside table. He sat down on the bed and opened his arms again for you to crawl into and hide from everything, he held you tightly and kissed the top of your head. It was very hard to believe that this soft, loving guy was the same one that got into bar fights almost every other weekend and once knocked a guy out cold with one punch because he squeezed your ass. 

“Gee?” You said in a quiet, cracking voice, he looked down at you with his soft hazel eyes and you almost forgot what you were going to say since you had gotten so mesmerised by them. “Yeah?” He asked softly, bringing you back to the present. “Thank you.” You whispered, using all your energy to muster up a small smile. “For what?” He asked, furrowing his eyebrows together. “For everything, but mostly for staying home with my miserable mess even though you had plans with the guys.” Tears were brimming your eyes once again despite your best efforts to stay calm. “Y/N I would cancel anything if you came home in tears, I hate seeing my girl upset and being upset and alone is a hundred times worse.” Gerard said lovingly and set his forehead against yours. “Your my first priority and you always will be. I will always be here for you when you’re upset” He whispered and kissed your nose sweetly whilst wiping the stray tear from your cheek.

Good enough

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Betty x reader

Request: Could you please do a fic where the reader is dating Betty but they don’t feel good enough for her?

Dating Riverdale’s resident golden girl wasn’t easy.

She had the brains, the beauty, the rag tag group of friends and she had you.

To the outside world Betty seemed to have it all.

You knew Betty wasn’t as perfect as she seemed, no one is perfect, but there were times you still didn’t feel like you were good enough for her.

The two of you were having your usual Friday night date at Pop’s after a particularly rough day and Betty noticed you seemed distant.

“Y/N, is everything okay?” she asked you.

“Yeah, everything’s fine Betty,” you said not being able to look at her knowing you were lying straight to her face.

“No it’s not, it’s okay you can tell me what’s going on.”

You tried to find the words to say but your mind went blank.

Instead you just stood up and walked out of Pop’s.

Betty caught up to you before you made it to your car.

“Y/N, what’s wrong, please talk to me,” she pleaded with you.

“Why do you care about me so much? I’m not good enough for you.”

“Of course you are, why would you ever think that.”

“You get straight A’s, you’re on the cheer team and the school newspaper, you’re beautiful and Riverdale’s girl next door and I’m just… I’m just me, you’re better off without me,” you said with tears in your eyes.

“Y/N look at me,” she cupped your cheeks, “don’t ever think you aren’t good enough for me, you are the only thing keeping me sane in this hellmouth that is Riverdale. I love you Y/N Y/L/N and please don’t ever doubt that.”

“You really mean it Betty?”

“I really do,” she said pulling you in for soft kiss but you felt all of the emotions that came with the words she spoke.

precious and fragile things (rebelcaptain, 2)

Yeah, this is going to be a three parter. I was supposed to do something in this part, but had to move it to the next one and now I’m grumpy because I should make it four parts. My brain just had other ideas. Second part to this request. This chapter focuses a little more on Jyn and Cassian’s…evolving relationship.

Summary: After the unexpected deaths of their mutual best friends, Cassian and Jyn must work together despite their differences to help raise their friends’ two year-old son. Of course, what neither one of them anticipated was how their own relationship would change from a tense friendship to something much more. (A Modern AU based on the movie, “Life as We Know It”.)

precious and fragile things
part two

The good days were some of the best days of Cassian’s life and that was saying something considering that they were smack dab in the middle of the most trying, difficult period in his life as well.

It was beautiful outside and both he and Jyn had the entire day off for once. He’d suggested that they all do something together. As a family, he’d mentally added, but hadn’t said aloud. It sounded like too much. And so they went to the zoo after Jyn mentioned that she had never actually gone herself despite living here for years. It just wasn’t something single people did, according to her. She had not asked why he had gone, although she had given him a strange look after saying it.

Poe absolutely loved it. He spent the entire morning rushing around the house, bumping into things, until it was finally time to go. He babbled the entire ride there, so fast that most of it was impossible to understand, but from Cassian could gather, he was very excited about birds. Poe had an early fascination with anything that was in the air, be it animal or machine. While most kids talked about tigers or monkeys, he was animated about eagles and hawks. Even the pigeons at the park fascinated him, although he was rightly leery of swans and geese.

There was a small smile on Jyn’s face as she read through emails on her phone in the passenger seat. Despite appearing distracted, Cassian could tell that she was listening to Poe’s rants.

They had only just entered the gates of the zoo when an employee somehow managed to corral them in the center of a circle. “How about a picture of the family?”

Jyn appeared startled, eyebrows set defensively, her mouth open to say something, deny everything, but she immediately clamped up when Cassian slid an arm around her shoulders. He didn’t pull her towards him, but she leaned into him anyways as if without thinking. In front of them, Poe kicked his feet wildly in his stroller and beamed cheesily. It was, Cassian thought, the stereotypical family photo that he could never remember taking, although he was certain that he must have with his mother and father before they died.

The employee took their picture, gave them a card, and told them that they could pick the picture up later if they liked. Cassian pulled his hand away to take the card at the same time as Jyn slid out from underneath him. It was a subtle movement with her bending down to speak to Poe as an excuse, but one that he noticed nonetheless. He told himself that it didn’t hurt.

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Megan Series #3 - Sanctuary

A/N~ Hey hey hey I’m back at it again. This will probably be the last installment of this series. I had so many more plans for it but as it turns out, I can’t do it all, who knew? Well, it’s fine, three tries at doing what I don’t trust canon to do is good enough. I hope you enjoy or something, and have enjoyed this series 😊  And OMG, reason 19341973 omelia needs babies; Aunt Megan. 


The little, wanting voice, sticky with a little bit of Nutella, pulled Owen from his thoughts. “Yes, babe?”

His daughter, sitting across the table from him, takes another bite of her sandwich before talking with her mouth full. Despite being distracted by her food, her question is important to her. “Why don’t we see Aunty Megan more offen?”

Owen takes a deep, contemplative breath. He isn’t quite sure how to explain this to his pint-sized little girl. “We’ve talked about this before, Thea,” he starts. “Aunt Megan lives in a special home, and sometimes she can have visitors, and sometimes she can’t. It’s like visiting hours at the hospital, sort of.”

“But she’s not in the hopsicle,” Thea argues. It is true, Owen has to agree, however an assisted living home isn’t much different sometimes.

“It’s not a hospital, you’re right,” Owen tells her. “But it’s sort of like one. Aunt Megan needs help sometimes, and she needs medicine, so the special home is good for her, there will always be someone there to help her.”

“We could help her here?” Thea suggests. “I miss her sometimes.”

Owen nods. “I miss her too, babe. I’m gonna see if we can visit her soon, okay? In the meantime, do you want me to tell you a story about her?”

Thea nods, her interest piqued.

“Well, I remember the first time she met you,” Owen starts…


“Nothing’s calming her down,” Teddy points out, as Megan’s doctor.

“Yeah, I can hear,” Owen nods. Thus far, they’ve been tuning out the sound of his sister’s persistent, intent screams. They can’t be sure why she’s screaming, but hopefully the psych team that was in there now with her could help them figure it out. As far as they could tell, she wasn’t screaming in pain. That was all they could rule out. Owen shakes his head, willing the noise to stop.

Teddy can see he’s stressed, and she is too; but she doesn’t know what to do to fix it. “She’s gotta stop eventually, right?” she tries. “She’ll lose her voice eventually.”
That wasn’t really what Owen wanted to hear, it just stressed him out more.

"What do you do when your daughter screams, how do you get her to quiet down?” Teddy asks.
“This isn’t the same thing,” Owen argues, borderline amused. “I can’t quiet my sister the same way I’d quiet my infant.”
“I mean…” Teddy starts, shrugging.
"What if I put the two of them together?” Owen suggests.
“What?” Teddy asks in response. “You want to bring your sister your baby? I don’t think that’s a good idea, Owen. Thea needs calm, and constructive, and…. Megan just needs a tranquilizer.”
“Megan loved babies,” Owen reasons. “She babysat from when she was a preteen all the way until she left for Iraq. And Thea’s her niece, she would love her, that’s who she is, underneath it all. She’s a lover.”
Teddy nods gently, sliding a hand onto Owen’s back. “We’re hoping she still is,” she agrees. “I agree, she would’ve loved Thea.”
“Teddy, she’s still the same person,” Owen tells her. “It’s been a while. She’s been through hell. But that’s who she is, I don’t think anything could change that.”
“If you’re willing to put your baby in that situation,” Teddy mumbles, “On Megan’s end I will allow it. You just have to hope your wife agrees to it.”


“No way,” Amelia argues, rocking her baby against her chest.
“Amelia, she would never hurt her,” Owen protests.
“She is sick, Owen,” Amelia contests. “She is showing major signs of psychosis and you’re just willing to hand her our child?”
“She’s my sister, Amelia. She is Thea’s aunt,” Owen reminds her, his voice low.
“We are not sure what she is capable of right now,” Amelia responds, her voice even lower. “I am just thinking about what is best for our child. I’m sorry that your sister– who I am very glad will one day have the chance to meet her niece– is not the answer to that.”
Owen huffs. He doesn’t have a response right now. He wishes she were wrong, but quite frankly she isn’t. “Please can we just try?” he argues faintly. “I know, with my whole heart, that she would never hurt our daughter, and I think Thea could really, really help her, it could lead to a breakthrough, or at the very least a little bit of peace. Please, can we just try?”
Amelia seems to soften a little, still rocking her daughter gently. “You’ll stay with them the whole time, right? You’ll make sure she doesn’t even get a chance to try and hurt her?”
Owen smiles. “I will make sure she doesn’t even get a chance,” he promises. He kisses his daughter’s forehead, and then his wife’s. “I would never let anyone hurt our daughter.”

He said that about his sister once too; the first time he did, in fact, she was probably the size that his daughter was now. He was just settling into his new role as big brother, still not much more than a baby himself. But with all his might, all the strength and sureness he had in his tiny little body, he was sure that he was going to protect his baby sister, for now and for always. It hurt him so deeply that he failed her, ten years ago. But he was never going to fail her again.


Teddy smiles, seeing Owen coming down the hall pushing a stroller. “Where’s my niece?” she asks with a grin, reaching to take the baby from the stroller.

Owen smiles, watching his daughter and his best friend; his baby’s namesake. Standing outside Megan’s room, they can hear her again today. She’s not quite screaming like she was yesterday, more whimpering, or something. “You ready?” Teddy asks him. He’s been avoiding going in there, unsure if he could handle the person he’d find, and afraid he wouldn’t feel a connection to them.

He nods simply.

He walks in in front of Teddy, Megan doesn’t see them, she’s staring down at her hands. Owen doesn’t want to startle her, so he gently places his hand on top of hers, in her field of vision. She jumps and screams anyways, startled.

“It’s me,” Owen tells her softly, “It’s just me, and Teddy. We bought you someone.”

With wide eyes and shaky hands, Megan quiets as Teddy places the baby in her arms. “W-who’s this?” she asks, awe-stricken at the infant.

“This is Thea,” Owen tells her. “She’s my daughter.”

Megan gasps lightly, looking from him to the baby. This is the quietest she’s been, the calmest, and to Owen– the most like her old self. The most like the Megan he used to know.

“W-when was she born?” Megan whispers. “She’s so little.”

“In January,” Owen tells her, sitting on the edge of her bed gently, keeping two watchful eyes on his girls. “Her full name is Thea Megan Hunt; after Teddy and after you.”

Megan’s smile spreads across her face so easily with his words; his kind words and this sweet baby in her arms, she feels better than she has in days, like the raging and vengeful fire has ceased inside for now. “Oh you and your wife are so lucky,” she tells him, suddenly just the littlest bit shy. “This… This is what I wanted, with Nathan. A cute little baby, who’s soft, and perfect, and innocent. And she’s got that baby smell to her too, like baby powder and fresh laundry. She doesn’t know what a screwed up world she lives in yet. She doesn’t know what’s out there.”

Owen nods, smiling gracefully. “I wish she could stay that small forever,” he agrees.

Megan smiles and sighs just a little. “She’s perfect,” she settles.

Teddy sits next to Owen on the edge of the bed, the tension in her body loosening a little, seeing how at ease Megan was with the baby. She was still watching her closely, making sure Megan wouldn’t lock herself up in her mind suddenly and lose touch with reality. “I think this was a good idea,” she whispers to Owen.

Owen nods. “I told you it would be,” he answers.

From then forward, whenever Megan was having a particularly rough day, when it felt like nothing could calm the storms that were raging on instead her, when it felt like she was going to drown herself in her own rain, strike herself with her own lightning– Owen and Thea came to the rescue. It could be anytime of night, and with only mild complaining from Amelia, they’d go over and calm her down, without even having to do anything really. It brought Megan peace, it was really the only thing that did. It was her sanctuary.


“I lub dat story,” Thea tells him. “Anofer?”

“Another?” Owen laughs. “I think you’ve heard them all, baby.”

“Jus one more,” Thea pleads. “Wha about when we helped her move to her home? I like that one.”

“Yeah, okay,” Owen agrees. “Alright…”


“Aunty Megan!” the pudgy, bobbling toddler exclaims, pigtails bouncing as she skips into her aunt’s hospital room. “Moobing day?”

Megan nods, moving her hands from the pockets of her track pants to scoop her niece up in a hug. “Moobing day baby girl,” she agrees.

“Hey Meg,” Owen greets her, following his daughter in. He embraces her in a cold hug; they’re always cold, but they’re warming up. Today, his sister moved from the inpatient psych ward at Madigan to an assisted living home for recovering female vets. It was a step in the right direction. “You ready to finally get out of here?”

She shrugs. Everything with her is a fair shade of grey, not necessarily here or there, anything great or terrible… It took Owen a lot to get used to, he wouldn’t lie. He wasn’t used to her walking on eggshells, he was used to her stomping and crashing and parading. But that was then, and this was now. “It’ll be a lot of change,” she says simply. She didn’t like change.

“Good change,” Owen reminds her, a hand on her arm. She’s still cold to his touch, however she isn’t cold to the little girl in her arms; never. Thea may have been the only person on Earth that drew some warmth out of Megan.  

She acted as though she didn’t hear him, instead focusing on her niece. “You’re getting so big!” she remarks.

Thea nods, then wriggles to be let down. “I hab pitchurs fo yo’ new woom,” she tells her.

“Thank you,” Megan smiles.

“Dad,” Thea asks, looking at Owen. “Can me and Aunty Megan hab a sleepober t’nigh, in her new home?”

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, Thea,” Megan’s quick to interrupt. Nighttimes still weren’t very pretty (nor were most lonely daytimes) for her. Just being with her niece usually made things much better, but Megan couldn’t guarantee anything, and the last thing she wanted to do was to scare her niece and make her afraid to be around her.

“Okay,” Thea nods, only a little disappointed, but she moves on quickly, holding onto her aunt’s hand as they walk out to the car. “Will you sit in da back wif me?” she asks.

“Of course,” Megan answers.

As she always does, Thea asks a million questions. “What colour’s your new woom?”

“I don’t know,” Megan answers honestly.

“I hope is gween,” Thea answers. “Gween’s my fabewit colour.”

Megan smiles. When she thought of green, she thought her army greens, and residual, bittersweet pride, with a side of envy. She never used to, she used to think of flowers and trees, tranquility, and frogs that would one day turn into princes before her eyes. “Green used to be my favourite colour too,” she answers simply. “I think it’s blue now, though.” Blue like her niece’s eyes, the Hunt family blue. Blue like calm waters.

“I thought your favourite colour was pink?” Owen asks his daughter, shaking his head but smiling.

Thea shakes her head. “Too girwie,” she argues. She’s a wise crack for a girl almost four years old, it amazes everyone, including Megan.

“What’s wrong with being girly?” she asks softly. “You’re a girl aren’t you? And there’s nothing wrong with that. You can and you should embrace it.”

It’s Owen’s turn to be amazed. Moments like that– that’s his sister. Cheering his daughter on, chatting with her in the backseat of his truck. She’s come so far in the past two years. He can only hope she’ll keep progressing in her new environment, she was right earlier when she said it was going to be a big change.

“You’re going to be okay here tonight?” Owen asks, before him and Thea get ready to leave. They’re sitting in the courtyard, Thea fell asleep, leaning against Megan’s chest. “We can stay.”

Not taking her eyes off her, Megan nods. “I’ll be okay.” She isn’t sure of that at all, she can’t be sure what the darkness holds. What she is sure of, is that everything is okay right now, with this tiny human curled up in her lap. Later, when she lay in her bed and looked at framed picture on the nightstand, and the crayon drawings taped to her wall, hopefully she’d still be okay. Hopefully, her sanctuary continued, even when the tiny human that brought it with her had to leave, for her own good.


Owen knocks on the door lightly, opening it anyways. “Are you up for a little visitor?” he asks, peering in at his sister with a smile on his face.

“Not you,” she jokes. “I want your daughter, though.”

A little body squeezes past her father in the doorway and plops on her aunt’s bed. “Hi Thea,” Megan laughs.

“Hi,” Thea grins. “I missed you.” She doesn’t hug her, she’s been warned to ask before hugging her. She knows how to ask without using her words now too, so her aunt leans in now and hugs her.

“I missed you too,” Megan says. She looks over at Owen, standing with his hands on his pockets over by the door. “Yeah, come here, I missed you too.”

“How have you been?” Owen asks. “Are you sleeping more?”

She shrugs the question off, because the answer is no. “Are you feeling calmer during the daytime, more normal?”

She shakes her head. “Are you improving at all?” Owen asks, he’s getting tired of being ignored. “Megan, hello?”

She covers Thea’s ears with her palms for a minute. “Most things suck, okay? Most times, I’m having a hard time.  But we don’t talk about it, I’m moving past it, so we don’t dwell on it. That’s what I’m told in therapy.”

“And that’s great, but we’re not dwelling, we’re discussing,” Owen tells her gently. “I want to hear how you’re doing, I want to be there for you, and with you.”

“It’s fine,” Megan insists, uncovering Thea’s ears. “I have everything I need here.”

Owen sighs, a little dramatically. He’d have to let it go for now. He’d talk to her caretakers later. He always felt weary leaving Thea and Megan together just them two, though he wasn’t really sure what he was afraid of.

“Did you bring that book we were reading last time?” Megan asks.

“Yup!” Thea answers, pulling a children’s book out of her bag. At five years old, she wasn’t reading exceptionally, but she was pretty good, and she loved to read. Children’s books were fun for Megan too, they weren’t too deep, they weren’t scary, they were light and fun and easy. So, they read together, and it benefited both of them.

“Awesome,” Megan smiles. “Where were we?”

They were reading Magic School Bus, sitting together under Megan’s blanket. Her mom had knit it, Thea had a similar one on her bed. Owen was out in the hall, still within earshot, talking to her support worker about her “attitude”.

“And then, Mrs. Frizzle says, ‘We have to get out and crawl into–” Megan stops reading abruptly.

“Craw inta’ what?” Thea whispers, watching her aunt stare at the book with vacant eyes. “Where are dey going?”

Megan shuts the book. “Somewhere really scary that we don’t need to talk about,” she answers squarely.

“What is it?” Thea asks, her natural curiosity getting a hold of her, now even more so that Megan seemed weary of it. She reaches for the book to read it herself, considering she can do that now, but Megan gets up quickly, knocking the book to the floor in the process.

“No!” she yells sternly. “You shouldn’t be reading about that!”

Thea bites her lip to keep from crying. She’d never heard her Aunty Megan raise her voice or yell at her, she was always so gentle and kind. “I’m sowwy,” she whimpers. She isn’t really crying because she’s sad, she’s more upset and confused as to why her aunt is yelling, and scared too. She knew Aunty Megan was sick, kind of, maybe it was because of that? Either way, she doesn’t like it. She opens the door to leave and find her dad, bumping into him as soon as she does.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” he asks her, seeing she’s crying.

She shakes her head. “Aunty Megan yelled and I gotted scayo’d.”

Owen picks her up and wraps his arms around her. “What was she yelling about?”

“Somefin in our book made her upset I fink,” Thea tells them.

“Okay,” Owen nods. “Do you want to stay out here while I go talk to her, and then we’ll go home?”

Thea nods as her feet land back on the floor. “Stand out here, don’t move,” Owen tells her, opening the door to Megan’s room.

She’s facing away from the door, looking out the window with a sweatered hand up to her face. “I’m really sorry,” she says, as soon as she turns around. “I didn’t mean to snap at her.”

Owen nods. It’s really hard not to be mad at her right now; as much as he loves her and he understands that she has some challenges, he has to protect his daughter. “I know you didn’t,” he tells her, “But Thea doesn’t.”

“I didn’t mean to upset her,” she says quickly.

“I know,” Owen settles. “I know you didn’t. What’s done is done, we can’t take it back. We’ll try again next time, maybe with a different activity.”

“I like reading with her,” Megan reminds him, “I like seeing her, she’s basically the one person right now who I like seeing, she makes me smile, she calms me down…”

“Not this time, Meg. This time it didn’t work,” Owen replies. He’s a little sad, honestly. He’d hoped this wouldn’t happen. He’d hoped his little mini me would always be enough to calm her down.

“Tell her I’m sorry, and it won’t happen again,” Megan stresses. “Please?”

Owen nods, “I will, I don’t want her to be scared. We’ll see you in a few weeks.”


As Owen sat on his bed, telling Amelia what had happened earlier long after he’d put his daughter to bed, Amelia just shook her head.

“Don’t even try to tell me you expected this to happen,” Owen shuts her down.

She shrugs. “I did though,” she admits. “I just expected it to happen years ago, I thought she was getting better.”

“She is getting better,” Owen tells her, “But recovery isn’t a straight line. She has better moments and she has worse moments, and something in the book they were reading together set her off, made that moment a bad one.”

“What could’ve triggered her about a Magic School bus book?” Amelia asks.

“I don’t know what all her triggers are,” Owen shrugs, “I just know she has them. And she’s mostly in control of them, which has taken a lot of effort on her part. She’s improving, but sometimes, she has drawbacks.”

Amelia shakes her head. “I just don’t want Thea to end up upset or disappointed. She loves her.”

“Megan loves her too,” Owen smiles. “She hasn’t been that… connected, to someone, in so long. She won’t connect to me that way, or our mom, or Nathan, ever since she’s come back. She’s so withdrawn, but something about having a relationship with her niece… I think it’s really helping her.”

“If Thea doesn’t want to see her anymore, I don’t want to force her,” Amelia concludes. “I’m willing to give Megan another chance, today was just a bump in the road, it was an accident. But if our daughter isn’t, I think we should respect that.”

Owen nods, as his eyes flicker to a little shadow outside their door. “Hey, sweetie, come in here,” he calls out.

Thea steps in quietly, coming up on the bed between her parents. “We were talking about what happened with Aunt Megan today,” Amelia tells her, stroking her daughter’s hair.

“You know that she didn’t mean to get upset,” Owen tells her.

Thea nods. “It’s cause see’s sick, wight?”

Her parents nod. “You know how we’ve talked about that,” her mom starts, “how Aunt Megan’s body isn’t sick, but her brain is. And part of that is that some things, even though they don’t seem upsetting to you, are really upsetting to her, and they can make her feel really angry, or really sad. And instead of keeping quiet about how she feels… she can’t do that. So if she feels upset, like she did today, she yells, instead of using her indoor voice and talking about why she feels that way like we’re supposed to. Do you understand?”

Thea nods again, biting her thumbnail.

“I know it scared you,” Owen recognizes, “she’s really sorry about that, she didn’t mean to.”

“Is okay,” Thea says quietly. “It just kind of scared me.”

“It can be scary,” Amelia agrees. “If it upsets you, you don’t have to visit anymore.”

“But I wanta visit,” Thea says. “I weally like visiting Aunty Megan and I like weading wif her.”

“Okay,” Amelia settles. “Then we just have to deal with her being sick, the way we always have.”

“We can deal with that another day,” Owen suggests, getting up off the bed and scooping his daughter up. “Why don’t we get you back to bed, huh?”

“Okay,” Thea agrees. “Night Mommy.”

“Night Thea, I love you,” Amelia smiles.


Next time Thea visits her aunt, she enters her room quieter than usual, reserved. Her dad follows behind her, holding her hand. He knocks with his free hand. “Knock knock,” he also says, grabbing Megan’s attention.

“You came back,” Megan smiles. She didn’t know whether or not to expect them back, at least for a while. She screwed up last time, she knew that.

“I wanted ta’ so you my co-sume fo my sool play,” Thea tells her. That’s why she’s in a lion costume, so it would appear. Megan had wondered but not minded, considering she was so cute.

“You’re in the school play? That’s awesome!” Megan exclaims. “Let me guess, you’re a lion, and you’re in Wizard of Oz?”

“How did you know?!” Thea asks, giggling.

“Cause you are the only lion ever that’s even cuter than the real Cowardly Lion,” Megan grins.

“Do you wanna come ta the play? It’s on Fwiday, you can go wif Mommy and Daddy,” Thea asks. Then she slips back into a reserved, quiet mood. “Unless it’ll make you upset,” she adds. “I don’t wanna make you upset.”

“Baby listen to me,” Megan starts, pulling Thea into a backwards hug and resting her chin on her fuzzy lion head. “Nothing you do will ever make me upset, it’s never your fault. I can’t control my feelings sometimes, and that’s my problem to deal with, it’s never yours. Sometimes I just get very scared or sad and I can’t control it, and nothing helps except being alone for a little bit. But, I never want me being sick to get in the way of things like coming to see your school play, or me experiencing anything with you. Okay?”

“Okay,” Thea agrees. “So you’ll come?”

“Yeah I’ll come,” Megan smiles. “Thanks for inviting me, babe.”

From his spot nearby, Owen can’t help but smile. This is why he fights for their time together, why he always has. This relationship means something. It’s a sanctuary.


Every time that Sabrina went in Dylan’s nursery, after that fateful day, brought back terrible memories. A heavy feeling pressed down on her every time that she stepped inside, a lump formed in her throat and her insides just kept tying themselves into bigger and bigger knots the longer that she stayed in there.

 She tried so hard, as Ben had said, to move on, but she was constantly reminded of her encounter with Harry everywhere she looked. And obviously, for her son’s sake, she tried to push her paranoia down whenever she went inside. But some nights, when Sabrina was feeling particularly down or if she’d had a rough day, going into Dylan’s nursery was so daunting that she would tear up, just thinking about it. And Ben, noticing this almost every time before even having to ask her, would just reassure her and tell her not to worry… and would take several extra diaper runs and night-time feeds for her; as long as Sabrina was happy, so was he. And right now, keeping it that way seemed to be working, and the wounds Harry’s actions left on their hearts were starting to heal.

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Companions (& Leaders/Glory) react to Sole starting a business and its going extremely well, caps by the sec. Then Sole gets bored within days and is just "Okay just.." Pulls gas & lighter out burning w/people inside. "Everyone out..I just got bored"

Not gonna lie, this is something that I would do. Enjoy Nonnie <3


Sole got into a bad fight, and ended up injuring their ribs. Curie had told them that they needed to take some time off fighting- not too long, three weeks max- so Sole had taken Cait to Starlight Drive-in. Once they arrived, Sole decided to start a business of selling guns, and Cait decided to help alongside them.

The settlement was a central settlement for all of those under minutemen care; a lot of the caravans that came through stopped off their. Therefore, Sole’s gun shop ended up picking up business pretty soon. Within two weeks, the business had earned more caps than Cait had ever seen in her life. The caps were rolling in by the second.

This morning, Sole had told Cait to have a lie in. They were staying in the inn, sharing a room together, and that night Cait had had a particularly rough night, so Sole had forced her to stay in bed until at least nine in the morning.

Once Cait was awake and dressed, she walked outside to meet Sole in the small building they had been running the business from.

Upon exiting the inn, Cait’s nose was assaulted by the smell of smoke and fire, and when she found the source, she sprinted across the marketplace, worried that Sole might have been trapped inside.

Cait stood outside, watching at the wooden building fell apart, when she spotted Sole next to some settlers. The settlers were shouting at Sole, so Cait quickly stomped over.

‘…Could have killed somebody, or the fire could spread to the other buildings. It is so irresponsible…’ the settler rattled on at Sole, but Sole wasn’t listening. Sole didn’t listen to any of the words spoken by the settlers- or Cait- and Cait found out from an onlooker that Sole had set fire to the building themselves. Cait cracked up laughing, having to wipe tears from the corner of her eyes. Only Sole would set fire to a business to get out of having to run it.


Sole had set up a small hut around the back of Curies medical centre that they used to sell medical supplies to people. Sanctuary had all the businesses that you could think of- food and drink, ammo and guns, clothing- apart from medical supplies, and Curie had suggested that Sole set one up.

Whilst Sole was out travelling, other settlers would take over the running of the business, but when Sole was home they would do it. Sole drove a hard bargain, but their prices was a lot cheaper than the other settlers. And that was the reason that their business was doing so well. Each day Sole was earning 700+ caps, which was a lot just for medical supplies.

Sole had been out travelling, and it was dark when they had returned, so only the settlers that were on watch knew they were back.

Curie woke up to the crackling sounds of fire, with the added smell of different chemicals. It took a moment for her to come to her senses. The chemical smell could only be one thing. Medical supplies.

Curie quickly stood, throwing herself to the door and out of the building. She ran towards her medical center, relieved to find no fire. She ran around the back of the building and found Sole cackling over the burning down medical hut. Curie ran to them, pulling them out of the way of the fire towards safety. She didn’t want them getting hurt by the fire or inhaling any of the chemical smoke. Once far away enough, she turned Sole to face her, about to question them what had happened.

“I got bored”.


Danse loved Fancy Lads cakes. They had just the right amount of sugar, flour and flavouring (and a little radiation added in there too). Sole knew that he liked them and decided to start collecting every single box that they came across.

Danse had agreed with Sole that they should start selling the boxes to the soldiers aboard the Prydwen. Sole kept ten boxes in his room; he liked eating them, but only as an occasional treat. The ten boxes would last him more than a few months.

They started selling the treats on the Prydwen, however had moved down into a spare storage room in the airport at Maxson’s demand (Sole had mentioned to Danse that Maxson was looking a little less defined, and they probably should stop selling to their Elder. Danse scolded Sole for their rude comment, but had silently agreed).

They quickly started making good caps with all they were selling. The soldiers would buy the treats for the children, and the children would spend their pocket money (pocket caps?) on the treats as well. Everyone was happy with the decision to start selling the treats.

One day, however, Sole had woken Danse up and told him that they were bored with selling them now, and wanted to stop. They told him they were going to burn the business to the ground, and he silently chuckled, before going back to sleep. He hadn’t expected them to actually do it.


Deacon’s glasses never left his head, even when he slept. He’d purchased a pair so that the death bunnies matched, and agreed with himself that it were the best 10 caps he’d ever spent in his life.

One day Sole went to him with a proposition. ‘Let’s sell Sunglasses, but make them fucking amazing.’ Sole had told him that the pair that they both owned were probably the best pair in the Commonwealth, but they could probably make good caps selling them.

And they did. Apparently, a lot of the agents wanted to be like Deacon, but didn’t want to just do it. So they waited, and once Deacon started selling the glasses, had instantly brought a pair.

Deacon was loving it. He was pretty sure that he heard Des muttering around HQ about ‘one Deacon and charmer being enough’, but Deacon was having a great time. And the caps weren’t half bad either.

And then the inevitable happened. Sole got bored.

Deacon had always made jokes to Sole that they got bored too easily, and had even joked that the business wouldn’t last long, but Sole had brushed off his joking, telling him that it was going to go great.

But it didn’t. And soon the agents dotted around HQ were helping clean up melted plastic that used to be in the shape of sunglasses.


Hancock knew his chems. He knew them well enough for him to be able to make his own, and he was able to teach Sole how to do it as well.

Sole and Hancock mixed up loads of different chems; they experimented, and then they found the most perfect chem ever.

It gave a perfect high, like a mixture of mentats and psycho. So the pair decided that they would make and sell the chem on the streets of Goodneighbour. They paid a drifter some caps to distribute it on the streets, not wanting to do it themselves. Soon, anyone in Goodneighbour that used chems knew about the new chem, and they had to up their production.

They told the drifter that they were selling each hit for 210 caps, and he could keep 10 caps from each sell. They were earning a lot of caps each night from the distributing of the drug.

One day, after Hancock had woken up and dressed, heading out to the chem station the pair used to make the chems, he found it on fire, Sole standing nearby with a flamethrower in hand.

He was tempted to run over and scream as Sole, but knew that once Sole got bored, they’d do anything to get out of it. In this case, it was set things on fire.


MacCready was always giving Sole ammo. Whenever he had a feeling that shit was going to go down, he’d briefly pull them aside and give them some of their favourite weapons ammo, or the ammo to the weapon they’d chosen to be their backup for the day.

So Sole had suggested that the pair set up a small business selling ammo. MacCready had been hesitant at first, but when he saw how much money they had made within their first week, he was all for the business. He really wanted and needed the caps.

Ammo was something that was in constant demand, and it didn’t take long for the business to get busy. MacCready nearly kicked himself for his stupidity; why did he not think of it sooner?

On the weekends, Sole and MacCready would close up shop and head out together to ‘collect’ more stock. People were apparently reluctant to go out and loot the bodies of the people they killed, but more than happy to buy the loot.

The business had been running for three months, and then Sole had decided they’d had enough. MacCready watched as- with a strange glint in their eye- Sole took a match, and set fire to the small building they had been selling out of.

MacCready had gone mad at Sole; he really needed those caps, and Sole had just gone and made the business burn to the ground. He refused to talk to them for a week, and only started talking to them again when the other companions refused to be their owl.


Sole had suggested to Nick that the pair set up their own joint Detective business, but one that dealt with less serious cases.

Nick reluctantly agreed- he told them that he would however be keeping his own up and running whilst this one was around. Sole agreed, happy to have him on board.

Nick was glad that he kept his own business, because within three days (and the fourteenth ‘my husband has been running away and cheating on me’), Sole had decided that they had had enough.

So they did what any respectable person would do. Fucking set fire to the building that they had used for the business.

For the rest of the week, whenever anyone went over to Sole and asked for their help, all they would do was put their fingers in their ears and walk away.


Sole had invested loads of their caps into transforming an old building around the back of Diamond City into a business for Sole and Piper to sell newspapers and magazines.

They’d found a building full of intact pre-war magazines, and apparently the residents (mainly the children) of  Diamond City loved buying and reading them.

They charged anywhere between 15 and 200 caps per magazine, depending on what the date was on them and how many of each copy they had. (One resident had brought a magazine that was a one-off and had paid 500 caps).

But all over all, Piper could say that the business was going well. She finally had something going successful for once.

That was until one day, whilst Piper was sat at the till talking to a customer. Sole walked in carrying a can full of gas in one hand, lighter in the other. The shop was busy- it had maybe twenty-two customers looking through the magazine racks.

“Out…” Sole called across the noise within the shop. “Everybody just get out. I’m bored of this…” Sole started pouring the gas over all the magazine and onto the floor. Once the can was empty, they chucked it to the ground. “Now…” They finished, lifting the lighter in the air for everyone to see. Everyone that was in the building- including Piper- ran out to evacuate the building, and Sole began to make her way out of the building, throwing the lighter down in their wake.


When Sole had found all the ingredients to make a drink called a woo woo, they had been so happy.

Whilst making it, they had told him that it would be nicer with this thing instead of this, but it would have to do. Once the red coloured drink was complete, they handed him the glass to taste for himself. It was… good.

Sole had suggested that they made the drink and sold it, and Preston had nodded and agreed, happy to do whatever Sole wanted to do.

They’d taken some old emptied bottles and used them to bottle up their impressive little alcoholic cocktail, and people loved it.

Within three weeks, they’d sold sixteen cases of it to Goodneighbour alone, and with each case containing sixteen bottles, and each bottle being sold at 59 caps, they were making good money.

They’d continued making the drink in the Castle, selling it far and wide across the Commonwealth for months.

And then Sole got bored- when that happens, shit goes down.

Preston was sat in the meeting rooms writing up a document that was very important when a young minuteman came running into the room, shouting about Sole setting fire to the juicer that made the drink. Preston quickly stood and followed the young man out the room, walking to where Sole was.

Sole stared in delight at the sight of the business going up in flames.

“That lasted longer than expected General”


The combined knowledge of Sole and X6 meant that together they created some impressive weapons. Each weapon that the pair created and modded was highly powerful and precise, and one of the Institute scientists had suggested that the pair made the weapons to sell to Institute members- the coursers would benefit highly.

So that was what they did. The jointly created weapons that would benefit whom ever used it, and sold it to different people within the Institute. The weapons were of such high quality that they did not get sold for anything under 2000 caps, but people still wanted to buy them.

They worked their way up, and soon Father gave them a room in which they could sell (and mod) from. They had people coming in to put in orders for new weapons.

They were making good money from it, and X6 had silently wondered how long it would take Sole to get bored of it; they always got bored at some point.

Four months was his answer.

Four months after creating the business, Sole had gotten bored. It had started with them just leaving X6 to make the weapons, but it had ended in Sole lighting a match and burning the room down.

Luckily, each room within the Institute facility had individual fire systems, and the sprinklers in the room had come on before the whole facility had to be evacuated. Sole had been ordered by Father to go and see him, and had grumbled as they re-emerged an hour later, not appreciating being ‘told off by their own son’.


Maxson loved to drink Whiskey. Even though the stuff in the Commonwealth was over 200 years old, he still loved to drink it; it still burnt as it made it’s way down his throat.

Maxson had mentioned as a passing comment that he liked one particular expensive brand the best; it tasted the least radiated, no matter the bottle opened.

So Sole proposed that they collected up all the cheap shit, sold it to the Brotherhood soldiers, and kept the more expensive brand for him. Maxson agreed, but told Sole that his name couldn’t be highly associated with the business.

The business ended up being called Maxson’s Whiskey’s.

They were selling from a small room down in Boston Airport, and twice a week, whilst making his round on the airport, Maxson would visit the business to see how it was going.

The caps were coming in thick and fast; Brotherhood soldiers enjoyed drinking, and now that they had been given permission by Maxson to freely do so, they were happy to be seen buying drink.

It was a Thursday afternoon when he had a Initiate running into the command centre, breathless and panting.

“Whiskey… Sole… On fire” Maxson wordlessly beckoned the Initiate to follow him as he made his way to the Vertibird awaiting to take him down to the airport. Once they touched the ground, they were met with havok. People were running around left, right and center, and that was when Maxson noticed Sole on a stretcher.

Three days later- Sole had suffered badly from smoke inhalation- Maxson found out that Sole had gotten bored of the business, and had decided to set the room on fire- stock sat inside the room and all.

Maxson berated Sole, before quietly admitting to them that he was glad that they weren’t injured further.


Sole had talked to Desdemona about starting up a business. Des had told Sole that they were not allowed to, yet Sole went ahead and set it up anyway.

The business was an unusual one. Sole wanted to sell people teddy bears. Sole found the teddies as they were travelling the Commonwealth, and had brought them back to HQ to clean them up. Sole wanted to make the teddies different to the ones already out in the Commonwealth, and had decided to paint on them- Sole added the different symbols onto the belly of each of the teddies.

Desdemona had laughed the first time she saw one of the teddies; it wasn’t going to go anywhere. Why would Railroad agents buy a teddy when they could just use paint and mark down on walls?

But when Sole’s first batch of 50 teddies sold out in a matter of hours, Des did have to admit it was an okay idea.

The agents had sought Des’s approval before buying, so she just decided to join in with each one being sold. Soon, the pair had in excess of 5000 caps from the teddy business; Sole had decided to raise the price to 50 caps per teddy, 200 if six were brought as a set.

Whilst the business was running, Des had wondered how it was going to end. Would Sole just stop picking up the teddies? Nope. Of course not.

Sole would just fucking burn everything in sight and act as if nothing had happened. Des didn’t really know what to say to Sole after they burnt down the area they had been selling from. However, deep inside she knew she wanted to say ‘I told you so’.

Bonus! Glory

One of Glory’s favourite places out of HQ to visit was Ticonderoga. It was busy yet there always seemed to be a place to go if you needed quiet.

Sole had needed quiet when they had came up with the masterplan that they were going to start a business selling modded energy weapons. They’d started it up in the stairwell above reception area, where Railroad agents were able to enter to buy.

The business started up slow, and Sole left Glory- unwillingly- to run the business. However, Railroad agents soon found out that the guns being sold were of top quality, and soon the business started to pick up.

They’d just passed the 30,000 cap mark when Sold decided that they were bored with the business. And when Sole gets bored, they do something outrageous.

Sole admitted to Glory, a few hours after they did it, that it probably wasn’t their best idea in the world. Sole had set fire to everything that was associated with the business. Everything. And in the process nearly burnt down Ticonderoga.

Everyone that was in the upper floors of the skyscraper had to be evacuated- that was a sight that Glory never thought she’d see. All of the agents had wandered down, some staying put and others walking away from the scene. They all tried to make themselves look inconspicuous, not wanting to draw attention to themselves.

Glory knew that when they got back to HQ, Des would give Sole a bollocking. And Sole would deserve it.

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Companions react to: the sole finding a plant in the wild and naming it after them! Bonus for what kind of plant (mushroom, flower, tree, etc) Romanced or not is entirely up to you ^_^

There’s a link to the Wikipedia pages, Google Images, or video of each plant right next to their names :)

Dogmeat: [Dogweed] After a particularly refreshing rain, there always seemed to be a flush of green in the Commonwealth. Sole was taking a break, sitting on a rock in the warm sun. Dogmeat curled up for a nap in a green patch with yellow daisy like flowers. Sole smiled at the serene picture. They picked a flower to catalogue it…they could name it Dogweed.

Codsworth: [Dancing Plant] “Sir/Mum, what a peculiar plant.” What looked like a large oak tree was standing before them. Sole was prone to listening to music while they were wandering during the day, but in a heavier wooded area…this tree looked like it was dancing. The leaves were jolting to the music, picking up the vibrations of the songs. “It’s so cheery, just like you Codsworth! That’s what we could call it! Dancing Codsworth.” Sole smiled and could tell that if he could blush he would be, but instead floated in circles, dancing as well.

Preston: [Shy Plant] Just up the hill from Sanctuary, on the way to Vault 111, Sole had day by dad watching this plant sprout. It’s flowers were fuzzy white tufts. The leaves were very small, and sat next to each other all in a row along the stem. As the plant got bigger, Sole took more interest. They leaned down to touch it and suddenly all of the leaves laid themselves along the stem, almost as if they were shy. Sole reveled in their discovery, immediately running to grab Preston. “I found a plant that reminds me of you.” Sole said. They walked up the hill, and Sole showed Preston their discovery. “Why does that remind you of me,” Preston laughed. “Well you can be so quiet,” Sole muttered. “I wanna name it after you. Garvey Plant.” Preston just smiled to himself, proving the point, and walked back to Sanctuary.

Piper: [White Baneberry] “Hey Piper this berry kind of reminds me of you,” Sole said as they trekked through the brush. The berry was white, and it’s stalks were bright red. “It reminds me of your jacket,” Sole smiled, plucking a berry from its home and smashing it in between their fingers. “Blue! Be careful, those can kill you!” Piper said, smacking them out of Sole’s hand. Sole rolled their eyes and smiled. “Reminds me of another dangerous lady I know,” Piper smirked. “We could call them Wright Berries,” she joked. “That’s not a bad name,” Sole laughed. Piper spend the next few hours insisting she was kidding, but not really putting up a fight.

Nick: [Blue Passionflower] “Hey kid, don’t mean to bother you, but take a look at this.” Nick was reveling in this hanging flower. Bright blue with an explosive pistil and stamen. Nick seemed transfixed on the flower, and Sole had never seen Nick take such an interest in flora. “Amazing that radiation gave us Deathclaws and ghouls but also gives us things like this.” Sole smiled at his curiosity. “We could call it a Blue Valentine, if you’d like.” Nick raised his eyebrows at the idea, then smiled. “I’d like that very much kid, good thinking.”

Hancock: [Witches Butter] A lot of odd things grew in the Commonwealth but some of the weirder things tended to be fungus. Hancock and Sole had a bad habit of tasting things they found along the way… It almost seemed like Sole had a lead belly. They stumbled across a yellow fungus, loopy and smooth. Hancock laughed that the browner patches looked like him a bit. The two ripped off a chunk and took a bite. “It would be good in a soup,” Sole remarked. They held it up to Hancock, laughed and said “Hancock Butter.” Hancock didn’t like being teased like that, but secretly reveled in the idea of a fungus being named after him.

Macready: [Bleeding Tooth Fungus] “Uh Sole…either something happened here or this plant it bleeding.” Sole looked closer at this fungus. It was white and bumpy, drops of red liquid were pooling in the cavities of the plant. “Kind of reminds me of your mouth,” Sole joked. Macready scowled, always just a little self conscious about his rotten teeth. However dentists were few and far between in The Commonwealth. “Provided no ones claimed a name on it yet, we should just call it Bleeding Macready Fungus. How does that sound?” Macready still didn’t look impressed. He turned on his heel and shuffled off, muttering something about how Sole was gonna be bleeding in a minute.  

Cait: [Cape Sundew] After a particularly rough rad storm, Cait and Sole emerged from their hide out of three days- a small run down cabin that was only just good enough. Outside where the sun shone, carcasses of animals who weren’t so lucky we’re being bleached by the sun and picked by the flies. As the two packed up Sole noticed flies becoming stuck to certain plants surrounding the cabin. The leftover rain was glistening on the green stalks, the plants red dots and juices devouring the flies. Sole noted that these must be flytraps, telling Cait that these plants physically ate small bugs unlucky enough to get stuck. She thought that was the most amazing thing, so Sole named this particular one the Cait Sundew. She gave them a playful punch in the arm but was beaming the rest of the day.

Curie: [Aloe] One thing that Post War Commonwealth didn’t have that Sole desperately wishes it did was sunscreen. Long days wandering in the sun meant sunburns. They tried their best, wrapping rags around their head and wearing masks, trying to stay comfortable in full coverage clothes without overheating. But when they weren’t so lucky, and they laid down at night with no covers because they were so sunburnt, they wish they had sunscreen. One particularly rough night while they were lying in their bed groaning in pain, Curie came in holding leaves of what looked like a smooth cactus. The insides of the plant were gooey and soft. She sat on the edge of the bed and told Sole she found something that could help. She started rubbing the stalks juices on their arm and on their face. There was instantly relief as the cooling plant counteracted the burn. “I do not know what zis plant es called,” Curie explained, “But I saw a Radstag rub itself on it so I thought you should try!” Sole joked that they should call the plant Curie, because it was an angel just like she was. She blushed and continued to help Sole but smiled the rest of the night.

Danse: [Lamb’s Ear] “What is that.” Sole was tending their little planter that was given to them on the Prydwen. They liked to collect little samples of plants in the Commonwealth, and try to grow them in the labs. Danse was pointing to a patch of oval shaped leaves that were…fuzzy? “Touch them, they’re very soft.” Sole said. Danse ran his finger over the leaves and asked what they were called. “I haven’t really given them a name yet. I was thinking of Danse’s Ear though.. Because they remind me of a big softy I know, and they’re kind of ear shaped.” Danse furrowed his brow but turned slightly pink. “Sounds like a fine name. Carry on.” He shuffled away while Sole giggled.

Deacon: [Duckweed] “You know, we passed this pond a few days ago and I don’t remember it looking so….” Deacon paused. “Green?” Sole asked. “Like a swamp monster was going to bust out was more what I was thinking.” Deacon finished. “It looks like these plants multiply real fast,” Sole noted. “Soon they’ll take over and be everywhere at once!” Deacon joked. “I was thinking Deaconweed would be a good name for these,” Sole joked back. They started to walk off but turned to see Deacon scoop up a handful and put them in a safe place.

Strong: [Fernleaf Fiddleneck] There wasn’t a lot of life in the Glowing Sea, so imagine Sole’s surprise when they found plant life near the Crater of Atom. It was green, long, thin and curled at the top with small purple blossoms. The Children of Atom just shrugged when Sole asked, insisting that they had always been there. Strong didn’t really care. When Sole said they were going to name this plant after Strong, Strongleaf, he seemed to brush it off until Sole said that it must have taken a particularly powerful plant to grow in a place like this. He beamed the rest of the day!

X6-88: [Oleander] Sole spent a lot of time with the plants in the Institute, liking to watch the mutations that were occurring 200+ years later. They had asked to have to bio department let them know when they created something deadly. Once they were notified they were looking at a bright pink flower. “As a token of my gratitude for all of the help you’ve given me,” Sole declared to X6-88, “I name this plant 88-Bane.” Sole could tell his eyes lit up behind his glasses, but was still attempting to keep a straight face. “This is a very thoughtful gift, thank you.” He grabbed the small planter pot and excused himself to put it in his quarters.

Imagine...Talking To Sam About Having Kids

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Request: I wanted to request a Sam x Reader where they are talking & the topic settling down and family comes up &  the reader doesn’t wanna have children simply because she doesn’t like kids. During a case she can handle them but regarding pregnancy and all that, she’s like “No, thank you.”

Pairing: Sam x reader

“How many more years you think we can keep this up?” said Sam, one night after a particularly rough hunt. You shrugged and gave him that look you’d been giving him the past six months.

“Years?” you said skeptically, Sam’s hand rubbing the back of his head.

“Nothing major happening anymore. Now might be a good time to you know…stop,” he said, glancing over at the college application form that’d been sitting on his desk for a few weeks.

“There’s a cute house for sale about fifteen minutes from here. We wouldn’t be far from Dean or Cas,” you said, trying to keep your excitement down. Sam and you had gotten to this point in the conversation many times before his face soured.

“Want to check it out this weekend?” he said, for once a smile crossing his lips. You raised your eyebrows and he nodded. “Yeah, let’s really do it. Do the whole playing house in the suburbs thing,” he said, taking a seat next to you.

“How much playing house? You know I don’t…” you said, trying to find the best way to phrase it.

“It’s okay that you don’t want kids, Y/N. I just want you,” he said, tucking your hair behind your ear. You furrowed your brow.

“But you always look so giddy when I handle a kid on a case, like you’re proud or imagining something,” you said, searching for any waiver in his eyes. But there wasn’t anything to find.

“I’m always proud, you just don’t notice as much. You and me, we’re a family and that’s all I’m ever going to need,” said Sam. You gave him a smile as he offered a chaste kiss in return.

“Thank you Sam,” you said as you noticed he’d barely pulled away.

“You’re very welcome, Y/N,” he said, bringing his lips to yours again as you knew Sam Winchester alone would always be more than enough for you.

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mischiefandmystics  asked:

XXX. -What’s the raunchiest thing your muse has ever done?

Roka’s not a particularly raunchy person most of the time, namely because she doesn’t mess around with people she doesn’t have feelings for and isn’t in a relationship with. To date, the raunchiest thing was probably some very aggressive and messy sex after a particularly rough night during a short-lived but very dark arc. She and her partner had been quarreling, and they both needed some air. A few bells of barhopping and punching people later, they were both drunk and bloodied and ended up sneaking up to the secluded balcony of the windmill in the Goblet on the way home. Aside from her nearly being tossed over the ledge, him earning a rather nasty gash on his back from her claws (and a tear in his shirt that had to be mended by a friend), and the both of them bruised and sore for a few suns after, it was your average, everyday rough public sex ordeal that bordered on mutual abuse.

They did go home and take a very thorough communal bath though, and took particular care to make sure each other were cleaned up well, before curling in bed together (yes, that was also a time when Roka would sleep in a bed!) with a plate of cookies and hot tea.