she's had an amazing year

Do you guys ever just think about how Korra was a bending prodigy and how she learned to bend 3 elements when she was just a small child, where most Avatars don’t even learn they’re the Avatar until they’re 16?

Do you ever think about how even though she was an amazing bender, she had gone 17 years of her life without EVER airbending?

And then she got ALL OF HER BENDING taken away. But she unlocked her airbending despite this.


Dramione - first time seeing you

It was the first year on Hogwarts for Hermione. She had met amazing friends and school was fun and thoughtful as always.
Though she kept hearing stories of a Slytherin boy called, Draco Malfoy. Odd name. But Hermione couldn’t help but feeling slightly interested in the boy. She had asked Harry and Ron about him but they waved the question away.
‘So you’ve met this Draco boy then?’ She asked.
‘We might have.’ Ron said.
They were sitting in the Gryffindor room. Harry and Ron were sitting on the sofa and Hermione was sitting on a chair next to it.
‘Why do you care?’ Harry asked. 
‘Why haven’t I noticed him before?’ Hermione asked. More to herself than to the boys.
Ron shrugged. ‘You shouldn’t believe all those stories, Hermione. He lookes like a snake with very white hair.’
‘You shouldn’t judge someone based on their haircolor, Ronald.’ Hermione said. ‘You don’t like it when they jude you because of your red hair.’
Ron’s cheeks got red and he looked away.
‘Look, Hermione,’ Harry started. ‘The boy’s not that special. He just makes up stories and exciting stuff so girls will be impressed with him.’
‘So what? A girl can dream.’ Hermione shrugged.
Ron pouted. ‘Aren’t we special enough for your girly heart?’
Hermione threw her seat cushion to him and laughed. ‘My dream boys.’

A week later Harry’s quidditch team was about to train for their match against Slytherin, but the field wasn’t available.
Ron and Hermione were sitting outside. Hermione was reading a book and Ron was playing with Scabbers. Hermione noticed the commotion between the Gryffindor and Slytherin first and she hit Ron on his arm. 
‘Ow! What?’
Hermione pointed at Harry. ‘Maybe we should check it out.’
‘Maybe we shouldn’t.’
Hermione sighed and grabbed Ron’s arm.
Hermione and Ron reached the two teams when they heard, ‘Well we have a new Seeker.’
‘And who’s that?’ Oliver Wood asked.
‘Me.’ A boy said and he stepped forward.
‘Mafloy.’ Harry scowled.
Hermione gasped and looked at Draco. That was the famous Draco Malfoy, and he was standing right infront of her. She stared at him and he noticed her staring.

Draco smirked. ‘Like what you see?’
For a few seconds Hermione couldn’t speak. He was talking to her! She then picked herself up and smiled. ‘I might be.’

‘My sight isn’t that bad either.’ 
Ron looked at Draco and Hermione. ‘Are you- are you flirting?’ He stammered. ‘Right now?! Can’t you see it’s his fault that Harry’s team can’t train?’
‘Stay out of it, Weasly!’ Draco snapped. He then focused on Hermione again. ‘How about we see each other - just the two of us - after my training session is over?’
Hermione blushed. ‘That sounds lovely.’
‘Great! Now if you don’t mind….’ Draco looked at Harry. ‘Step aside, Potter. I have a training session to complete.’
Harry was too blown away to back fire at him so he just stepped aside.
‘I thought he was just as special as the stories.’ Hermione said.
‘You’re mental.’ Ron said and he shook his head.


I am now a professional freelance storyboard/concept artist for an actual video production company.

I owe it all to unbadgr for believing in me.

I never doubted that she would be ­successful. I felt we could compete because her being is substantial. Even her [first promotional] package was impressive – now, it’s not hard to put together an attractive-looking promo package, but there were enough interesting things that it was raising its hand to me. And when I met her, I was just smitten. She was a fascinating person, even at 14 years old. She had such an amazing desire for people to like her and get to know her, and she has found a way to engage anybody whom she wants to, whether it’s the immediate fan or the ­biggest stars in the world.
—  Scott Borchetta about Taylor
BuzzFeed: At any point during filming Ricki & The Flash did Meryl Streep and/or Audra McDonald ever serenade you?

Sebastian: Well definitely Meryl Streep, ‘cause we got to watch her do her stuff, and I was there for some of the rehearsals. I was personally very much more concerned about Rick Springfield, because I love him and “Jesse’s Girl.” So when they were rehearsing I was fixated on him, hoping that he would, like, break into song. Finally on the last day I think he did. So I was kinda taken aback by him. Audra, she never got into singing but she had amazing stories from all the Broadway years.

DAY 2 OF RTX!! Got to give Intern Joe a man-bun and has now been nicknamed “Joesus.” James yelled at me atleast 3 times since I was pretty much only playing smash bros there. Aleks told me to date a russian from a russian dating site so I can learn more Russian. Taught Stef the 21 Pilots handshake which was a sort of success! Everybody else was superrr nice! Also s/o to the girl who gave me the autograph ticket bc she couldnt go. But I had a freakin amazing time at RTX this year and next year will probably be better!! (at RTX 2015)

I feel like Tay singing Long Live was her way of telling all of us who are sad about the tour ending that it’s going to be okay. That it’s the end of the tour but something new is beginning, and that she had an amazing year with us and wants to look forward to the amazing years to come with all of us. I feel like she is singing it because we asked her to and she knows it will make us happy and that’s the most amazing thing. How many artists would sing a song on their final day of the tour that they haven’t preformed in a while, and that wasn’t even a single, just because their fans asked them to. Everyday I love our relationship with her more and more.