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If you feel like writing it: "So, it was you." ❤

Good gracious did it take me a long time to come up with a premise for this one! This actually turned out to be a little follow up
to Is That My Shirt? and, to give credit where it’s due, I got the inspiration for this from a comment that @trademarkblue left on that drabble. Anyway, sorry about the delay (have a feeling I’ll be saying that a lot 😬) and I hope you like it! 💕


So, It Was You

Ron had always supposed it was bad luck, or maybe the twins messing with him, or possibly even Lavender during those odd few months of sixth year, but his Muggle clothing had a history of vanishing throughout his six years at Hogwarts. He didn’t have a ton of stuff to begin with - the traditional Weasley Christmas jumper, some old hand-me-downs from Bill, a few Cannons items that he’d scrimped and saved to purchase for himself - so he’d always felt he needed everything he had. Even the garments that were too small, he could stretch those out with magic to a point and make them work, but not if they were gone. Things always turned up in the end, too, which usually had him wondering if he was going a bit mad.

It was even worse after a year on the run; he was amazed he even had a pair of pajamas left (his pajama trousers, too, went missing with alarming frequency). But regardless, he’d crammed everything he owned into his rucksack and followed Hermione halfway around the world, because he’d do anything for her, even if he had to do it in a pair of slacks that he’d owned since he was twelve. And now that they were in Australia, in their very own hotel room, he was really just glad to be here with her at all.

Hermione emerged from the bathroom, face freshly scrubbed, just as Ron was finally figuring out how to work the remote control for the television. She sat on the bed next to him and pecked his cheek, linking her arm through his.

Her maroon wool-clad arm.


“Koalas?” she questioned, pointing to the little animals onscreen.

“Just be glad it’s not the Sydney tourism channel anymore,” replied Ron with a little chuckle. Linking their fingers together, he rubbed his free hand over the fabric on her forearm. “Not that I mind at all, but where’d you find this?” It was the one from sixth year, and as it still fit him relatively well, he’d actually been looking for it.

“Oh - well…” She bit her lower lip and stared down at the paisley pattern on the bedspread. “It was at the bottom of the beaded bag, so I just took it to sleep in, you’ve never noticed before-”

Hermione seemed to recognize her own slip of the tongue and snapped her mouth shut, now looking down at their interlaced hands.

“Wait,” said Ron, watching a blush creep up her cheeks. “What do you mean, before?”

“I - I just like sleeping in your clothes sometimes,” Hermione admitted, “but I always give them back-”

“So it was you,” Ron realized with a dawning clarity. “You’ve been my clothes thief all these years?”

“Yes,” she said meekly, meeting his eyes through thick, dark lashes. She looked so embarrassed at being found out, but this was actually blowing his mind; it amazed him that even years ago, she had been that compelled to feel close to him.

“So then that time at Shell Cottage, that wasn’t the first time you’ve done that?”

“No, it’s been since… third year, I think?”

Ron goggled at her. “You’ve been wearing my clothes since third year?”

“Oh, your clothes are just so much better than mine,” she insisted, “they’re all big and warm and soft and so they’re perfect for sleeping in.”

“Just out of curiosity, how much of my stuff do you have right now?” asked Ron, laughing and giving her hand a little squeeze.

“Er, just this jumper and that one Cannons shirt, but you did say I could have that,” she defended herself, looking defiantly up at Ron.

“You can have whatever you want,” he assured her, and he hoped he knew he wasn’t just talking about pilfering his wardrobe. “I don’t have a ton, but what’s mine is yours.”

He really didn’t need any of it. He had her, after all, and that was more than enough.


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A Diary Detailing Lovers

Request: “What about some Newt x Leta x Gryffindor!Reader, where first it’s Newt x Leta and Bruno Mars - Grenade and after it’s Reader x Newt Bruno Mars - I think I wanna marry you? sorry it’s just I have a wave of Bruno inspiration, I would very much like if you could do something like that 💕

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1798

Warnings: None

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Easy come, easy go, that’s just how you live oh
Take, take, take it all, but you never give
Should have known you was trouble from the first kiss

15th March 1913


I have some wonderful news concerning Leta.

Oh great and wonderful Leta, she’s been so sweet to me lately. And now I’m sure she feels the same way about me. She met me after Potions today at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. We took such a romantic walk, and I even introduced her to the unicorn that lives in the Western depths, the one I named Lucy. Well, Lucy loved Leta, obviously. Who wouldn’t? Leta, with her beautiful brown curls, her perfect smile… oh Merlin I’ve really fallen deeply for this girl!

Then after we stopped to watch the moon, she turned to me. She told me that she cared for me profoundly, and that she knew how hard it was to care for creatures. She showered me in an array of compliments regarding the beasts, she’s always been so supportive of me! She said exactly what I needed to hear, exactly what I wanted. And then, she pulled me by my tie, and she kissed me. She kissed me!

It was the most magical thing I’ve ever felt, I know it sounds ironic. Anyway, I should be off, I’ll be writing a letter to Theseus about this! He will be so glad to hear that I’ve finally bagged a girl. I might even have mind to attach a picture of Leta, just to spite him with her sheer beauty. He will certainly be jealous.

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At any point during filming Ricki & The Flash did Meryl Streep and/or Audra McDonald ever serenade you?

“Well definitely Meryl Streep, ‘cause we got to watch her do her stuff, and I was there for some of the rehearsals. I was personally very much more concerned about Rick Springfield, because I love him and “Jesse’s Girl.” So when they were rehearsing I was fixated on him, hoping that he would, like, break into song. Finally on the last day I think he did. So I was kinda taken aback by him. Audra, she never got into singing but she had amazing stories from all the Broadway years.”

Thank you for 2,000

“T̛ha͟nk̀ y͘óu m̕y̨ lit̴tle͏ r̴aįsins…̶ W̢e ̛ha͠ve ͠reac͏h̕e͝d̷ 2,͟000͜ ͏f҉o͡l̷l̷owe̸r҉s a͜s̸ ͘of t҉o̷da̵y.͜ Yo̕u͠r f͘òl͡l̵ow̧s,͡ ask҉s,͟ ͢stor͢ies ̡a̸nd a̡rt̴ ͘have alwa͘ys ҉b͞ro̧u̶g͢ht ͜a sm͏i͟lę ͡t̢ơ ̸my f͏ace. ̧So͞ ̨tha̸nk̷ yo͝u.͘” Anti spoke animatedly, his lips stretched into a fang-bearing grin. “͠Yo̕u̢ may b̶e͞ aşkin̨g̵, wh̕o̢ a͠r̡e th͠ose ͘thr̷ee s͏t͝a̸ndi͜ng be͢hi͏n͟d m̛e?”͠  Anti pushed his sunglasses up to rest on his forehead as he gestures to the three young women off to the side.“W̶e͘l̀ĺ,̢ t͝h̴ey ͠are m̕y ͘m̕od̡e͠r͟a҉t̛o͠r̸s.” He shrugged, that same grin still spread across his face,“S͘o̸m҉e͟ ̡o͠f҉ ̸you ̶ma͘y h̀a̴ve ͝s̨poken to t͝h͞e͝m in the̛ ̡Discord ̡chat, ̵bu͜t ̸f͢o̴r̷ th̕os̴e of you u̷n̨f̕a̡mi͝l̶ìar wi͝ţh͡ them…́ ͝a̕ĺl̀o͏w̴ ͜m̢e̵ t̛o int̕r̨o̧duće ͡t̴he͡m̛ fo̕r ͞th͝ȩ v̵e̴ry ̵f͘ir̸st ̸t̨i͏m͏e.̨” Anti then pivoted on his heel and snapped his fingers at the girl in the middle.  “͝C̡’̴mon͝.“

The brunette girl strode up to Anti while the other two cheered her on in the back. Anyone could tell that she was a natural born leader by the way she held herself: back straight, smile gentle with stern milky brown eyes. Her soft face complimented her gorgeous hair, and pretty features to match. Anti slid off his sunglasses to place them crookedly on her face. She narrowed her eyes at him and pushed them up onto her forehead, opening her mouth to speak. Anti, however, smirked and interrupted her, smirking.

“Okay. I̛nt̀r҉o͝d͟u̕ce ͏you͝r͟sęlf. Go̧ ́on̴.͘ T͠he͜y͠’r̨e͘ a̢l̡l wa̴i͏t͜ing͢.”̡ He waved a hand at her and flopped down in a bright green bean bag chair, drawing a sigh from the girl standing in the front. She ignored him for the time being with a smile directed at the audience of raisins. “I’m Mod S, or Sparrow; I’m the main author/admin of Anti’s blog. I do the asks, most of the reblogs, and the roleplay on discord. Thanks for all your amazing questions and support! Y’all are chill.” S smiled, giving the little raisins a wave and a sarcastic curtsy. Anti grinned proudly at S as she walked away.

“She̷’s my fa͘v͢ourit͡e,”͡  he whispered with a smirk to the audience.

Sparrow then returned back to her group, shoving the light brown haired girl forwards. She had pretty blonde highlights that shined in the white mod room they were in. Given her goofy grin and her posture, anyone could tell that she had an amazing sense of humour- not to mention extremely beautiful.

The eighteen year old stumbled forwards, quickly regaining her balance and twisting around to glare at Sparrow. “Heck,” she stated, then turned back around to face the little raisins. “Hey friendos so uh… I’m Mod T. I do side messages and some reblogs. I also do tag, editing, and formatting for asks and submissions to the blog. I’m also on discord pretty often as my figment Manic. So uh, yeah. Nice to meet y’all. Your support and love has kept us going. You’re all my amazing babes,” she said, then backed away while waving dorkily to the audience.

“̨Sh͞e̛’́s g̀ot͢ n̢ìce ̀l҉e͞g͜s͏,” Anti stated quietly, winking at the audience.

S then pushed a timid blonde girl forwards the oldest (and smallest) mod of nearly nineteen. “Ohp,” she exclaimed before she recovered from the shove, eyes darting around at everyone. “Hey.” She greeted awkwardly, “I’m Mod C. I’m somewhat new to the blog. I do all the art and occasionally some ask edits, tags, etc. I haven’t been here too long but I appreciate the positive hype and comments you’ve given. This blog is not only kept going by us but by your support. We all appreciate it so much.” C said graciously, cupping her face happily.

“T͡h͠ere you̕ ͝go҉,“ Anti said with a cheeky grin. “Àll t̶h̷e ̵mo̢d҉s̢.͘ ͝You͝’r̢é ̢w̴elc͟ǫm̨e̵.͡ A҉n҉yẃays̢, t͢he͞r͞e̢ ̧w̷as͢ a̛ ͜mai͟n ̧po̷i̡n̨t̶ ͢t̢o ̴ąl҉l ţhi͘s̡. A͡s ̕a ͜pres̢en̸t to̷ r͏e͡a͢c̡hi̕ng͏ o̶ur 2k m̢ile̴stone͢… I w̷il͢l o͢p̵e͢n̵ u̸p̡ t͢h̸e as̡k̷ ͢box for͘ ͝yo͏u̧ a̴ll tǫ ͝as͝k̶ th̨e ̛M͘o̷d̨s̛ an͜y͏ q́u͠e̡s̡t̵i̶ons you̢ ͡might͏ h̕ave.͜ ͢W̢e͝’́r̸e goi̡ng͢ to cal̶l̸ ҉įt́ ͘‘̢aśk ţhe mo̶d̵s̶ w̛ee̕k’.͡ Wha̛t̸ ̷that ent͜ai̡l͝s ìs̶..̶.̀q̀u͞esti҉ons fo̕r ̢j̨u͘st t́h̀e̕m͏. A̢ny q͠u͟e͡st͞iǫns ̨directe҉d t̴o̴ ̕me̢ wil̶l͡ ̡no̡t ̧be ąn̕s͠wér̀e̸d̡ u̢ntil the̢ week ̸is o͡ver.̵ ̕Enjo̴y̷ ͝e̢veryo̷ne,͟ ҉I’̶ll ̨se̡e͟ y̡ou̧ ͜all àg͞a͝i̡n͘ i̕n ̡a͠ ҉we͞ek.”

I’m going to cry bc Simone chose the year she was adopted as her most memorable year. She’s had so many amazing years to choose from and she chose that like what an amazing human being 😭

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Hi! :3 I adore your stories about SS! I would like to ask if you could write something about Sasuke and Sakura go on a date because of their anniversary. Anniversary when Sarada is already at age from Boruto. I can't imagine them on a date XD so it would be nice to read something like that! 💑💘💘 (so sorry for my English - I'm from France.)

no need to be sorry, you did great ♥ and thank you for your sweet words, anon! i can’t imagine them going on a date either, so i hope this works out ;)

“Take this and stop at Ino’s on your way back.”

Sarada took the ryo from his hand, only looking to her father with shimmering onyx eyes and a smile much like Sakura’s. Her lips were parted slightly while Sasuke smiled a gentle smile to his daughter.

“What do I tell her?”

“Just stop by, she’ll take care of the rest.”

“Okay, papa,” Sarada grinned from ear to ear before dashing out the front door, accompanying Boruto and Mitsuki.

Sasuke reached for his cloak and slung it over his shoulders, attaching the buttons with one hand before exiting his house and heading towards the hospital. 

The sky was gorgeous, washed in a baby blue and extending to a deep sapphire. Few clouds spotted the morning sky, and even those that lingered, the rays of sun cut through each water particle that formed them, coating Konoha in a blanket of warmth.

He inhaled the fresh air, the aroma of flowers lingering lightly as the Uchiha made way for his wife. He ran through all the possibilities of what they could’ve done today, but only one option stood out.

“Hello, darling!” She called from the receptionist desk. 

Her emerald green eyes shimmered from the unnatural lighting, cherry blossom hair attached in a knot at the crown of her head. Sasuke noticed the tired look in her eyes, a deep violet coloring the skin below them. 

“Come on,” he greeted her with a soft smile before holding the door open. She only raised a thin eye brow before nodding back to the receptionist and leading the way out of the building.

“Where are we going?” Her tone was high pitched, noting she was confused yet excited.

“Somewhere,” Sasuke teased lightly as they walked through the streets. He grabbed her hand in his, stroking the top of her hand with the padding of his thumb.

“You’re kidding,” Sakura squeals as he lets go of her hand and she runs to the middle of the training ground. “I haven’t been here in forever!”

Sasuke smiled at her enthusiasm before removing his cloak and putting most of his weight on one leg. He had brought her to training ground three, in hopes of a small, friendly match.

“Let’s spar,” he coated his tone with a challenge and Sakura’s cheeks lit up in a shallow red.

“You really think you can beat me?” 

Sasuke scoffed at her attitude, but adored the sassy nature in his wife.

“I know I can,” he walked to her and placed a tender kiss to her cheek, amused by the way she tensed up from his touch.

“You’re in for it,” Sakura scoffed before removing the light jacket from her body. She had grown slightly in the last few years, her body still amazing as ever and toned in muscles. Sasuke could only lavish in knowing that she was his, now and forever.


Sakura bent over, her hands on her knees while sweat dripped from her brow. She was coated in dirt, small bruises painted her body, but no blood had been drawn.

Sasuke was the same, a sweaty, panting mess. The couple called it a draw, but Sakura continued to claim herself the rightful victor.

“Annoying,” Sasuke murmured lightly before swinging his arm over her shoulders and pulling her home. She giggled lightly, leaning her head against his shoulder and walked with Sasuke.

“Thank you, darling.”

Sasuke noticed how tired her voice sounded now as they made their way home. They had been at the training grounds for hours, sparring, taking a small break and remembering the first time they had been here. Recalling how Naruto had been tied up against the stump, the memory made Sakura giggle and Sasuke chuckle.

“Dobe,” he recalls lightly as he kicks the door to their house open. He could smell the lovely scent from the gate of their house, but now that the door was open, the aroma was pleasant.

Sasuke couldn’t help but notice the smile on Sakura’s face and her evergreen eyes wide with happiness.

“What is this?” She looks to him, a smile painted from ear to ear.

Sasuke feels his heart thumping against his chest and a solid lump appears in his throat. He’s never been good at sentimental stuff, but if it’s for Sakura and it makes her happy, he figured this was good enough.

Ino had created a handful of different flowers in makeshift bouquets and beautiful setups, and although she hadn’t worked in the flower shop for years, she did a phenomenal job.. From purples to reds, yellows to blues, each petal had a unique spritz of water lining it and they filled their home with an unforgettable scent.

“Happy Anniversary, Sakura,” Sasuke spoke lightly before pressing a kiss to the side of her head, his fingers playing lightly with the ends of her hair while she continued smiling that adorable smile.


Dedicated to supagirl. Happy Birthday!

We said goodbye to our sweet Mason today. She & I had been together almost 19 amazing years. Life’s just not going to be the same without my cranky old lady, but I’m happy Dad finally gets to hold her in his lap. Love you baby girl. 8/25/98-7/10/17


Smoked Beef Brisket and Pimento Cheese, New England Lobster Roll & Freshly Baked Carrot Cake from the Hops & Barley Booth, available during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

Found: Epilogue

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Pairings: Spencer Reid X Reader

Overview: Spencer’s college crush and friend gets kidnapped while going to pick up her daughter. Now Spencer is determined to find her before she is killed.

Warnings: None

It had been four years. Four amazing years with Spencer and your daughter. You almost couldn’t believe it as you stared in the mirror, your white gown flowing around you. As your mother placed your veil on top of your head, you saw Diana tearing up again. Valea was occupied with getting Lena and her own daughter ready for the walk down the isle.

It had been your idea to have all of the kids be a part of the wedding ceremony. Lena and Cora were going to be the flower girls and stand with your bridesmaids, Henry and Jack, were going to be on Spencer’s side, with Michael being the ring bearer. JJ, Emily, and Penelope were going to be your bridesmaids, and Valea was your Maid of Honor. Will would be walking Michael down the isle, so they would stand with the other groomsmen afterwards. Spencer’s other groomsmen were Aaron and David, with Derrek being the Best Man.

You heard the music start up and pulled your daughter to the side before she could walk out. “Remember what mommy told you?”

She nodded. “Yes, mommy. I won’t tell anyone the secret that you and daddy told me last night.” She whispered back.

“That’s my girl.” You kissed her forehead and watched her walk out the door. The other ladies gradually left as well, and as you heard the wedding march begin, you took a deep breath and happily walked out to become Mrs. Reid.

Spencer had the biggest grin on his face as you walked down the isle towards him. Derek leaned over and whispered something to him, Spencer laughing momentarily before you got close to him. As the ceremony started, you were suddenly nervous. You knew why, but also knew that everyone else would just believe that it was from being in front of a large crowd. Your nerves faded as soon as Michael walked down with the rings, the gold bands shining in the light coming from the windows.

Spencer slipped your ring onto your hand, and you did the same to him, saying the words that would make you husband and wife. “I do.”


The reception was amazing. The entire BAU had come to your wedding, and many of them were dancing around you and Spencer. You had danced with the entirety of his team, all of them making you laugh at one point or another. When you were ready, you and Spencer started to say your goodbyes to everyone. You didn’t want to be late to your honeymoon. You had decided to drive there, instead of taking a plane to a small town just two states over.

You both laughed at what they had done to your car. They had covered the door windows and the back one with “Just Married” sayings and cuteness. They had even stuck white mini hearts on the windshield. You kissed Spencer before you got into the car, slowly driving off while brainstorming ideas of how to tell the team that they were expecting a little Derrek James Reid and Emily Skye Reid in six months.

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First Wife

Well, quite frankly I wasn’t expecting:

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(Sorry, not sorry).

What did I like in 308?

The importance of the kitchen sink - In where there are no heroes, no villians rather shades of life and the impact that one existence has on another.

‘Will ye risk the man I am now for the sake of the man I once was’ - I replied to a thread by @lenny9987 on Jamie’s lying.  There I posited the idea that  a large part of the basis of their relationship being built on ‘secrets not lies’.  We need to see on scree the fact that Jamie has changed and how that might impact on Claire and him going forward.  To me it felt almost paramount that Jamie is seen to be lying to those around him when these are supposed to be his closest people.  How can Claire not appraise her decision and her feelings?  The lying and secrets they undertook in Paris hurt and cost themselves so much. When Jamie first tells Claire there is scope for secrets, it’s within the context of her having had a past that he doesn’t know. It always seemed to me that the intent was ‘you have your past, you don’t need to talk to me about it, but don’t lie to me about it when I ask’.  When Claire returns, she keeps no secrets from Frank and agrees, with her, to lie everyday about Brianna and themselves.  Her relationship with Frank (especially as they’ve portrayed it in the show) was not about secrets so much as lies (to each other, to themselves and to the outside world). This doesn’t and hasn’t sat well with Claire through the 20 years and given the honesty and openess she had with Jamie it must have sent alarm bells ringing when she realises that he’s lied to her.  Not only something that he wouldn’t have done in the past, but something she had to endure for 20 years and was the life of an amazing surgeon, who had no husband that bad enough to begin on the basis of what she had endured before?

Joan and Marsali - The move to having Joan find Claire and Jamie worked really well for me.   It set us up to see Jamie’s tug towards the girls but I thought that it was very interesting how the camera kept on her looking at Claire’s reaction to the news.  The news she obviously didn’t know about.  I’m going to wager that small change will set her up for someone who is wary but not hostile to Claire going forward.  Would have loved a bit of Fergus in this episode to have laid the ground for them.  (Genuinely gutted it’s not so much Mar-sar-lee but rather mas-sally - see accent challenge for my rhyme).  

Jenny - OK, so this isn’t slightly true.  What I loved was Laura Donnelly.  Hands down you could feel Jenny throughout this episode.  She turned in a great performance and should be acknowledged for it.  I really couldn’t stand Jenny’s piety and her attacks on Claire while at the same time I was sympathetic to the idea that Jenny is bewildered, looking for answers for herself and her brother.  I’m in two minds about whether Jenny needed to know about Claire being from the future but telling her about Frank and it being for survival did two things - spoke to a real, deep truth in a way that Jenny would have understood.  I wonder how telling her about Brianna would have gone down at this point in the story and whether we’ll get some nice pay off down the line with Jenny and Brianna. 

I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (Clexa Version- Chapter 1)

(Note- I cannot figure out how to do a Read More on mobile so I’m really sorry for the long post)

The flyers are posted all over the hall.

‘Prom Saturday 4th 7-11:30 PM’.

They were posted weeks ago, and Lexa has had to walk through the hallways a little bit faster ever since. It feels like they’re staring at her, calling her out.

Of course she can’t ignore it; not with the flyers, the posters, the tickets, the gossip about who is going with who that she can’t help but overhear.

There’s only one person whose date Lexa really cares about: Clarke Griffin. Clarke Griffin, straight-A student. Clarke Griffin, captain of the soccer team. Clarke Griffin, beautiful, intelligent, kind, funny-

And dating Finn Collins.

For two years, they’ve been the school’s power couple. The captain of the soccer team, prettiest girl in school, and the star football player, voted “Best Hair” in the yearbook for three consecutive years.

Of course, they would end up together. Of course, they would go to prom together. Of course, they would get married after college and get a dog, two children and a house with a white picket fence. It all seemed excruciatingly inevitable.

And of course, Lexa would end up going to prom alone, if she went at all. Just another inevitability.

Still, even knowing that Clarke doesn’t like her like she likes Clarke, even knowing that Clarke loves somebody else, she can’t help but steal glances at her all through class. They have exactly three periods together- Gym, English, and Calculus, their last class of the day.

When the bell rings, signaling the end of Calculus (and thank god for that), Lexa hurries out the door, hoping to avoid making any further awkward eye contact with Clarke.

Unfortunately, Clarke seems to have other ideas.

Lexa is more than a little bit surprised when the blonde calls out her name from behind her.


She turns around, immediately on guard, heart beating at twice its normal rate, a combination of hope and fear swirling in her stomach.

“Hi” Clarke says, catching up to her.

Lexa smiles uncomfortably.


“So, um,” Clarke bites her lip, apparently nervous about what she has to ask Lexa, “you know, prom is coming up soon, and I’ve seen your dancing- you’re really good, by the way, like crazy good-”

Butterflies revolt in Lexa’s stomach. She doesn’t dare to hope. Could it be? Has Clarke broken up with Finn? Is she actually asking Lexa to prom?

“And, um,” Clarke continues, oblivious to the flurry of emotions Lexa is trying to conceal, “well, I was kind of hoping that you could teach Finn how to dance. He has two left feet” she chuckles, as if she hadn’t just driven a spear into Lexa’s stomach.

The butterflies turn to nausea. She can feel her stomach drop.

“I-” Lexa starts, with no idea how to respond to this request. She opens and closes her mouth, searching for words, but not finding any.

What kind of nightmare is she in?

The hopeful expression Clarke wore a moment ago fades, overcast with worry.

“I-” Lexa tries again. She knows how stupid she must look, eyes wide, unable to get out a sentence, the love child of a deer in headlights and a fish out of water.

“I- should I not have asked you that?” Clarke asks, looking genuinely concerned. “Is something wrong? Are you alright?”

She’s saying so many things, but Lexa can’t hear anything. She feels like her brain is short circuiting.

“I have to go” Lexa says finally, casting a final glance at Clarke before rushing away.

Clarke stands there for a moment, utterly confused, before she hurries after Lexa.

She ascends the flight of stairs she saw the other girl head towards, but has no idea where to look. She decides to check the bathrooms first.

Going into the nearest one, she calls out her name.



When there’s no response, she checks another bathroom. And another. And another.

Finally, she finds her, standing over a sink, splashing water on her face.

“Lexa?” she asks.

Lexa turns to face her.

“Lexa, whatever I did, I’m sorry. What’s wrong?”

Lexa shuts her eyes, sucking in a breath.

“Clarke, I’m not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you.”

“Alright, I’m sorry for asking. But- why are you so upset?”

Lexa almost laughs, but there’s no humor in it.

“Seriously, Lexa. What did I do?” Clarke asks, stepping closer to Lexa, pleading for an answer.

“You asked me to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you.”

Clarke stands there, not understanding.

Lexa says it again, louder, more slowly this time.

“You asked me to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you.”

Realization starts to dawn on Clarke, her features, contorted from confusion, flattening in comprehension, in surprise.

The shadow of anger disappears from Lexa’s face, her expression softening. She’s exposed now, bare, vulnerable.


“Oh” Clarke says in a small voice. Lexa can’t read her.

Before she knows what’s happening, Clarke is stepping forward, into her, and their lips are crashing together. Clarke’s hands are on her waist, holding her, pulling her closer. It takes Lexa a moment to kiss Clarke back.

And then as soon as the kiss began, it ends.

“Lexa, I- I need to talk to Finn.”

Lexa stands there, not responding, still in shock.

Clarke takes her hand.

“Lexa, I like you. I really like you. But I don’t want to be a cheater.”

Lexa nods, incapable of words.

Clarke looks at her, wishing she could just pin her up against the wall and kiss her again.

But that will have to wait.

Clarke makes a decision.

“Wait for me” she asks Lexa. “Please- if you want to- wait for me, and I promise I’ll be back.”

Clarke runs off before she can hear Lexa’s response.

If she hadn’t, she would’ve heard a soft “okay.”


“Clarke” Finn grins as she approaches him. When he sees the determined expression on her face, he looks confused.

“You cheated on me” she states. Not an accusation, just a statement.

“Clarke, I-” he starts.

Clarke shakes her head.

“I’m not done. You cheated on me, and that’s not ok, but I cheated on you too.”

Finn’s eyebrows crease.


“Look, Finn, our relationship is shitty. We both know that. You cheated on me months ago, with some freshman whose name I bet you don’t even remember and I never brought it up. I should’ve. I kissed Lexa Woods, not five minutes ago, and I-”

Clarke stops for a moment, trying to hang on to her anger.

“I shouldn’t have” she says, tone softening despite her efforts. “I shouldn’t have cheated on you, even if you did it first. I should’ve talked to you first. But-” she sighs.

“I’m breaking up with you” she says.

“What? Clarke, you don’t have to- I forgive you!” he tries weakly.

Clarke shakes her head, getting frustrated.

“That’s not what this is about. I like Lexa. If I’m being honest, I’ve liked her since before we even started dating, I just didn’t have the guts to ask her out.” Clarke is confessing it as much to herself as to Finn. She should’ve asked out Lexa years ago. She never should’ve agreed to date Finn; she knew he was trouble even then. She should’ve had two amazing years with Lexa instead of two crappy ones with Finn.

“I’m sorry” she says, only sort of meaning it. “I have to go.”

She rushes back up the stairs, hoping that Lexa is still there. Hoping she waited for her.

When she finds the bathroom they were in, Lexa is still there. She looks up as Clarke walks in the room.

Clarke doesn’t waste any time. She walks right up to Lexa and pins her against the wall like she wanted to before, hands back on her waist, holding her steady as she returns her lips to Lexa’s. Lexa kisses her back immediately this time.

“You broke up with him?” Lexa asks when they come up for air.

Clarke nods.

“It’s not an excuse, but he was an asshole. He cheated on me a while ago.”

Clarke bites her lip.

“And-” she steps farther into Lexa’s space, if that’s possible- “and I should’ve been with you from the start.”

She presses another kiss to Lexa’s lips.

“I’ve liked you since freshman year” she admits. “I should’ve asked you out then.”

Lexa smiles into the next kiss.

“I liked you too.”

Clarke smiles.

“And,” Clarke adds, her face so close to Lexa’s that Lexa can feel her words against her own lips “you’re the only one I ever really wanted to dance with.”

Lexa grins. The swarm of butterflies returns to her stomach as Clarke presses her back against the wall, determined to make up for three lost years.

Always Some Madness in Love (Drarry)

“When did you fall in love with him?” Ginny asked, her face was somber as she waited for a response. 

“Dunno,” Harry admitted. It wasn’t as if he had planned to fall in love with him. People don’t plan to fall in or out of love. It happens of its own accord. It happens and then people are just left do deal with it in the best way they can. 

“Does anyone else know about this?” Ginny asked, face still somber, but she moved closer to Harry on the bench. 

After a lot of contemplation, it seemed like a public spot would be best for this sort of conversation, so Harry asked Ginny to meet him in Hogsmead that morning about a half hour before they were all supposed to meet at The Three Broomsticks. 

They had spent a better part of the half hour catching up. Harry was desperately avoiding the topic, so they bought a few Butterbeers and walked lazily around Honeydukes before Harry gathered up the courage to tell Ginny. 

“No one knows,” Harry answered. He could feel Ginny’s body pressing against his side as she leaned her head down to rest on his shoulder. The tightness in his chest that had been winding itself tighter and tighter still all week, loosened a bit at Ginny’s tenderness. 

Softly, Ginny whispered, “Not even him?” 

Mad at himself and mad at this situation, Harry could feel tears welling up in his eyes and thanks to the harsh January air, they felt frozen almost the instant they fell down his wind-burned cheeks, “No, but why would he?” 

Gently, Ginny placed her hand into one of Harry’s and interlocked their fingers. She stroked her thumb back and forth and then said, “I suppose he wouldn’t. I expect it will be a shock to everyone, yeah?” 

Harry barked out a tired laugh. He was exhausted from Auror training and Quidditch practice. He wanted the best of both worlds once the war ended, so he immediately decided to make a career of hunting down dark wizards with Ron instead of going back to Hogwarts like Hermione, and then he decided to make a hobby of Quidditch. Harry was not letting anything stop him from doing the things he loved. Things that made him feel like himself. 

Therefore, in whatever free time he had, he wanted to be flying in the air chasing the snitch. The recreational league he joined was happy to have him on as seeker and he got along with most of the teammates. But it was this choice which would cause him to become undone within the span of six months. 

“Everything is so upside down, Gin,” Harry admonished. He knew it wasn’t supposed to be this way. He wasn’t supposed to love someone who had been so terrible to him growing up. He should love someone who had been kind to him, even when it wasn’t convenient. He should love someone who hadn’t been a coward, someone who hadn’t let circumstance affect them so completely. 

“That’s sort of how love goes, though, isn’t it?” Ginny said in a perfect impersonation of Luna whenever she brought up Nargles, or some other creature Harry had never heard of until that moment. 

“You are getting too good at that, Gin,” Harry laughed and saw his breath cloud in front of his face like the steam of the Hogwarts Express engine as it steamrolled to it’s destination. 

“Well, that does happen when you live with someone and spend all of your free time with them. You start to learn everything about them,” Ginny said matter-of-factly and then sat upright again. She turned to face Harry and then gave him a sideways smile before she cupped his face in her gloved hands. 

“Gin,” Harry huffed, but the look on Ginny’s face was so sincere and so understanding, that Harry couldn’t help but smile at the amazing, brave woman she had grown into over the last two years. And he had missed it. He missed it because he had to set off and hunt down Horcrux after Horcrux, and then when that was over, Auror training had taken over most of his life. It was only the last six months that Harry had even been able to socialize properly. 

“Harry, you are a wonderful wizard,” Ginny said, dropping her hands and sighing deeply before continuing, “but you are also imperfect, and so is he. Don’t let your pride, or fear of judgement keep you from something you so clearly want.” 

“When did you get so wise, eh?” Harry joked and felt a sudden rush of warmth as Ginny swept him into an awkward sideways hug. He could feel the heat of her breath and smell the sweet floral scent of her shampoo. 

“I’ve always been wise,” Ginny whispered into his ear and then pulled out of the hug. She stood up and straightened her forget-me-not blue peacoat, extending her hand to pull him off the bench. 

Taking her hand, Harry let Ginny pull him off the bench, but only after pretending to be stuck to the spot and making her struggle to get him off the seat. Afterwards, they both laughed heartily and walked arm in arm back towards the warmth of The Three Broomsticks where their friends awaited them.

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” you are everything i ever wanted and more. “ with Julerose?

Alright so I totally didn’t cry while writing this :P I didn’t use the quote as my first sentence, but it’s in there I promise! I really hope you like it anon :)

Juleka and Rose had been dating for the past five years. In fact, today marked their fifth anniversary. Juleka was just expecting a nice dinner. Maybe some flowers or a movie, but nothing more. But of course, Rose never ceased to amaze her. She had really outdone herself this year. The two had gone on a private carriage ride through the streets of Paris. They then had dinner together at Juleka’s favorite restaurant, and even went out dancing together. All of which was arranged by Rose.

Juleka almost felt out of place. Normally, she was the one spoiling Rose anytime she got the chance. However, Rose seemed different today. She had a certain look in her eyes and she wouldn’t stop smiling. Juleka tried not to question it. She was very happy to see her girlfriend smiling. She had to admit, it was quite adorable. However, she couldn’t shake the feeling that Rose was up to something. Something big.

The couple decided they were all danced out and that it was time to head back home for the night. They walked hand in hand along the sidewalk and talked about the many fond memories they had shared together since they first became friends almost 8 years ago. Juleka was still a bit suspicious about Rose’s behavior, but she had just about dropped the thought when Rose suddenly stopped a few steps away from the local park.

“Jules is it okay if we step into the park for a bit? I know you’re probably tired, but I just wanna lie down and look up at the stars for a few minutes.”

Juleka’s suspicions grew, but she quickly nodded and followed her girlfriend through the park’s entrance. After all, She often had trouble saying no to Rose. Especially on their anniversary. Rose lead her a few feet into the park before stopping and looking up at her with her big blue eyes.

“Alright, now I’m gonna need you to close your eyes,” she insisted. Juleka raised an eyebrow at her. “Come on, please? Just trust me.” Juleka felt her heart begin to melt. Honestly, how had she managed to get the cutest girl in all of Paris?

“Okay, okay I’m closing them,” she said with a laugh. Her eyes slid shut and she followed Rose blindly over to a small cluster of trees. Rose stopped walking and then moved to stand directly in front of Juleka.

“Okay now I’m gonna let go, but you can’t open them until I say so okay?” Juleka nodded and she felt Rose’s small hand release her own. She heard the faint sound of Rose taking a few steps back and then a small thud.

“Alright Jules,” Rose encouraged as she shuffled her position one last time. “Now open.”

Juleka’s eyes flew open and immediately widened in shock. She and Rose were surrounded by several of their closest friends and old classmates. Each one was holding a candle and smiling the same dorky smile. The trees were covered in white fairy lights, and small lanterns hung from several branches.

The sight of it all was almost overwhelming. However, nothing about the scene before her surprised Juleka more than the sight of her girlfriend down on one knee in front of her. Juleka gasped and both hands flew to her face as Rose opened her mouth to speak.

“Juleka Couffaine, these past five years have been the happiest years of my life,” she began. Juleka was trying her hardest to not just collapse in a ball of happy tears as she let her girlfriend speak. “On our way here tonight, we talked about the many memories we have shared in our years as a couple. We’ve been through so much together, but it’s not enough.” Several of their friends were already in tears. Rose even felt herself begin to tear up, but even as her vision blurred she continued to speak.

“I want to keep making memories with you for the rest of my life,” she continued as a tear spilled over an trailed its way down her cheek. Juleka finally allowed herself to give in to the tears overflowing onto her own face.

Rose reached a had into her pocket and pulled out a small black box as she approached the question she had been preparing to ask for several months now.

“You are everything I ever wanted and more. Juleka, will you marry me?”

Rose opened the box and held it out in front of her. Juleka nodded her head and mumbled “Of course I will” through tears as their crowd of friends cheered. Rose stood up and happily placed the ring on Juleka’s outstretched finger. She then threw her arms around her new fiance’s neck and the two girls shared a kiss as their friends continued to clap and cheer. Their lips parted and Rose smiled up at her fiance.

“I love you,” the blonde whispered wholeheartedly.

I love you too,” Juleka mumbled in reply before scooping Rose up into a hug and spinning her around. The two giggled in unison as Juleka lowered Rose back down toward the grass. They joined hands and turned to greet the large crowd of emothional friends that had been trying so hard to not just run up and start a group hug. Nino had managed to get the whole thing on video, despite Alya crying in his arms. Marinette and Adrien were both complete messes. Mylene was the first to run up and hug both of the girls while Ivan hung back, trying his hardest to keep it together.

Juleka had never felt happier in her entire life. The day that had started out perfect had finally come to its even better ending. She was going to spend the rest of her life with both her best friend and the love of her life. This truly was the best anniversary ever.

Do you guys ever just think about how Korra was a bending prodigy and how she learned to bend 3 elements when she was just a small child, where most Avatars don’t even learn they’re the Avatar until they’re 16?

Do you ever think about how even though she was an amazing bender, she had gone 17 years of her life without EVER airbending?

And then she got ALL OF HER BENDING taken away. But she unlocked her airbending despite this.


[day 31] that’s all folks! (at least for this year…) a big thank you to everyone who joined in this year! it was amazing seeing everyone’s drawings and enthusiasm! thank you!! happy roinktober! and happy halloween!