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[request prompt: Um hello! I was wondering if you could write a Peter x plus size/chubby reader? The reader always stands up for him against the bullies only to go on to say pretty mean things about herself. Maybe Peter doesn’t mind that she’s bigger than him, maybe he finds her cute and soft? Idk I’m sorry. I’m just having a crummy day where I’m having trouble loving my body 😞]

here’s a very relatable story ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙 we all have our crummy days, but I just hope you all know that we’re all just different types of beautiful ♡

You don’t have to be any other way than what you are to be known as beautiful ♡

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anonymous asked:

Does Priya have any behavioral issues because of her life as a street dog before you got her?

She has some quirks, but it’s tough to say where they come from – hard to know what might be tied to her experiences as a former street dog, vs. what is just stuff that pops up with dogs sometimes. (I lean toward the latter interpretation mostly.) She has some dog-reactive / dog-selective quirks, but that’s not uncommon for dogs in general. She has some resource guarding tendencies, which I can imagine were probably nurtured in her first year of life when she literally scavenged for a living – but resource guarding is an awfully common behavior for dogs who’ve lived in homes their whole lives too. She also countersurfs (surfbort, surfbort) and has crashed multiple holiday dinners, but that’s more about human failure to remove temptation.

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Please tell me more about Harley and Riri in Regency AU ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Also, is she an OC? Or is she actually Riri Williams from the comics? If it is her, oh my, I can only imagine how much Tony will dote on her xD

I was imagining Riri Williams! Perhaps a cousin of Rhodey’s or T’Challa’s or Sam’s (can’t decide). Harley tries to be suave but mostly ends up sticking his foot in it. He takes after Steve that way. Bucky tries to coach him because God damn it his eldest is oblivious to flirting (both giving and receiving) so ONE OF HIS SONS NEEDS TO BE GOOD AT THIS OKAY. Harley manages to take some of his tips but as it turns out Riri is a strong independent omega who doesn’t need an alpha and would rather do science than flirt. Harley mopes in his room for days and only lets Peter in to try and comfort him. Unfortunately he doesn’t have so much to say that would help. Harley appreciates it anyway. Just because they can go for each others’ throats doesn’t mean they don’t care about each other.

Tony eventually taps on Harley’s door and gently asks if he can come in. Harley morosely allows it. “Darling, you’re a perfectly smart boy,” Tony says earnestly. Harley blinks at him. “Thanks, Mama.” “And Riri is a perfectly smart girl!” Harley’s lips thin into a straight line. “Thanks.” “…Well,” Tony says impatiently when he doesn’t continue. “Oh you dolts. I hate alphas. Treat her like a fellow intellectual, not a prize to be won!” “But I don’t think she’s a prize to be won,” Harley insists. “I just–want her to consider me! There are so many other alphas she could choose. She’s so pretty and smart and she’s going to go so far. Why would she choose me?” “WHY ARE ALPHAS SO STUPID. JUST TELL HER THAT THEN. SHE’LL LOVE IT.”

“I think you’re really pretty and smart and I know you’re going to go on to do great things,” Harley blurts out in a rush. “And I know there are so many other alphas you could choose from. But. Um.” He looks back at Tony, who nods encouragingly, then looks back at Riri and continues, “I would be deeply–very deeply–honored if you would also consider me. In those. Um. choices. Choice? Oh my God.” Riri doesn’t laugh but it’s a struggle. Harley looks so nervous and embarrassed. He’d started out so strong and gotten awkward. But she knows if she laughs he’ll misconstrue it as “not on your life” instead of “how adorable” and stop trying, because as much as he likes her he’d also respect her saying “no.” So she says, “I will consider you.” Harley lights up. “Now tell me about this new distilling technique you’d read about.” Harley lights up brighter.

(Steve and Bucky are very proud that their son is courting someone. But as it turns out, Harley is just as oblivious as Tony and Peter when it comes down to it. Once they start talking technological advances, Harley’s unstoppable, and he misses all the cues Riri gives him that he could give her a kiss or cuddle with her because he wants so badly to impress her. Riri thinks it’s hilarious, watching her parents and Harley’s parents flail and groan about it. Tony thinks things are going very well. “How in the hell,” Steve says. “You alphas don’t know anything, do you?” Tony says disdainfully, and then flounces away. “HOW IN THE HELL,” Steve repeats.)

insight; a night at the museum fanfic

Summary: The museum exhibits remember, or in some cases, try to forget. A look into the minds of some of our beloved cast.

A/N: Do tell me if they’re too OOC. Not beta-read.


1. Octavius remembered.

He remembered being a king.

He remembered lies and bribery and clever, cunning plans, all to hold his seat on a throne that now was but dust in the wind.

He remembered his daughter.

“There are two wayward daughters that I have to put up with: the Roman commonwealth, and Julia.”

He remembered the endless wars of conquest, the countries that fell to Rome.

And he remembered the blood. There was so much blood. Blood on his hands, and his sword, and on his skin, and his own that he poured into the commonwealth and made it give back a society, intricate and balanced, like a clockwork doll-

He hadn’t been a good person. A good king, maybe, but not a good person. Too arrogant, too cold, too hungry for the whole world.

Perhaps it was not a punishment that he woke as a figurine in a children’s diorama, as he had initially thought. After all, here he had friends, adventure, entertainment, and a beloved companion.

Jedediah’s eyes were so blue in the moonlight. The memories of the sun, which he saw as he dreamed, paled in comparison.

Maybe, this was Jupiter giving him a second chance.

2. Sacagawea felt…confined.

As a child, she had ran free on the grass under the undying sun - and despite what Teddy said, it had been her. Who cared if her new body had been made in a factory? It was her.

Anyway, she felt trapped. Childhood had been nothing but freedom, and too spend her years in a glass cage with two men who had been reduced to squabbling infants - well, she thought she might just crawl out of her own polyurethane skin and go haunt the museum director’s nightmares for keeping her locked in a place where she couldn’t feel rain on her skin or wind in her hair.

The worst thing about resurrection, though, was that she’d been brought back without her babies.

Touissant, Lizette, Jean-Baptiste. Her darling children, so strong and brave.

She hadn’t gotten to see them grow old. Her babies were gone, gone into the dark, and she was still here. A mother wasn’t supposed to outlive her children.

She couldn’t tell Teddy that, when facing Kahmunrah, and seeing his gate into death, she’d barely been able to stop herself from going through.

First a glass box, now a museum, and one magic doorway keeping her from seeing her babies again.

Was everything in her life trying to lock her away?

3. On the good days, Jedediah is just a cowboy building a railway in the name of Manifest Destiny. Life is filled with adventures and fights with the Romans. He doesn’t need to remember.

On the bad days, Jedediah hides in the corner of his exhibit and tries to not let on that he’s having flashbacks to the gunshot wound that tore his insides open and the water that filled his lungs and dragged him down into death as he struggled like a helpless doll. He remembers what Manifest Destiny is really about. He remembers finding his companions killed for attacking an Indian tribe, he remembers disease, and -

- he remembers the sun.

The first night he remembered who he used to be, and discovered what he’d become, he almost walked out to greet the dawn.

Memories are bad, evil, wicked, and cruel. Being just a cowboy is so much easier. Maybe that means he’s yellow. He doesn’t care. Memories overwhelm him like the water and hurt like the shotgun.

On bad days, he remembers, and drowns.

On good days, he forgets, and stays afloat.

And than Kahmunrah puts him in the hourglass, and he’s drowning all over again.

4. Teddy’s just a doll.

He knows that.

That doesn’t make it easy.

He’s just a doll, meant to entertain and instruct. His life is a false thing, his memories someone else’s. He is not a hero. Teddy Roosevelt is.

And then Larry comes along, and he feels like maybe he can be a hero after all.

5. Larry is a deadbeat.

Can’t hold a job, can’t care for his kid, can’t invent shit - what’s the point? He’s never amounted to much. On some days, it’s easy to remember only that. But then he sees the lights in his son’s eyes when he tells him about the newest cool job he has, and he finds it in him to try again.

And then he meets a gorgeous man named Ahkmenrah, and a museum full of people that he’s a hero to, and the future looks brighter than evet.

6. Ahkmenrah knows he is somewhat of an outsider in the museum.

Oh, make no mistake - he’s well-loved, and never ostracized, but there’s this little space between him and the other exhibits. He is a king, and they are not. They have the memories of ruling, some of them, but he sat on the throne himself. He is the only flesh-and-blood person, and they are not.

The night guards told them to keep him locked away in the crushing dark of his coffin, and they did.

He understands, really. He might have been a threat. Wise to keep all threats where they couldn’t hurt you. If only he had done that with Kahmunrah.

But he cannot forget that they left him in there, and he cannot forgive completely, no matter how much he tries. Always on his mind is the thought that if they wanted to, they could lock him in the coffin again.

However, he feels safe with Larry.

Safe is a foreign feeling. In his father’s court he was not safe, and as king he was not safe. He might be safe now, but he cannot let his guard down. Except with Larry, who freed him after only three days, who battled his wicked brother, who offers him unconditional support, and love.

One day, Larry will go into the Duat to be judged by Ammit and Osiris. But for now…

…Ahkmenrah can let Larry make him feel safe.

through the coldness

Originally posted by mangaetteok

Title:  through the coldness
Pairing: Kim Jongin/Reader
Genre: Dance instructor!Kai/ Journalist!Reader
Summary: Everything goes down the hill the moment she realizes that her life wasn’t how she had planned it. However, maybe she could use her ink to write about her friend Jongin so she could finally reach the success she always wanted. Yet, as she gets to know more about him…she realizes that she can see through his cold stare and find the warmth that he never shows to anyone but her.

Part I//Part II//Part III//Part IV//Part V//Part VI//Part VII: “The drops of our heart.”

Front pages, one never does believe that we could be in front pages and there were too important reasons as to why you would be there, because you’re famous for something or because you’re dead. She never thought she would be in a front page, she was far too unimportant to even be on a magazine, but her words were on the front page of the magazine and inside a few of the pages were written by her, pictures taken by none other than the photographers with the face of the handsome Kim Jongin that seemed to run through her head like a little kid that needed her mother’s attention. It seemed like his kisses were as unforgettable as always, but she couldn’t give herself the benefit of thinking about him in said night. Her legs were extended in front of her, over the table that was in front of her couch and she was at the verge of tears as she read over the words she had written, seeing a picture of Jongin right beside the article, dancing as beautifully as he always did and she wondered if he was even…human, if his bones were connected to one another. She clears her throat and she looks up to see her editor with the biggest smile over his features, his name was Kim Minseok.

Minseok was the most honest person she had met and whilst his words were a little bit harsher than they should be when he revised her articles, his lips were outstretched in a comforting smile and he stood up, instantly rushing towards her as he wrapped his arms around her in a friendly hug. He knew how hard she worked for said article and in the matter of months, a picture of Jongin was in front of the magazine and she had written one of the best articles of her life. Once he pulls away, she takes a moment to trace the outline of Jongin’s body in said picture, wearing clothes that looked both casual and professional and his dark brown hair was sleeked back, making his beautiful features stand out a little bit more than they should. Her editor seems to take notice of that and he takes a seat right beside her, looking at the magazine for a while before speaking up.

“You know, I’d love if a girl looked at me like you look at that picture of him.” Minseok says and she rolls her eyes, placing the magazine over the table before crossing her arms over her chest. It wasn’t possible that she was reliving those moments of an unrequited crush she had with Jongin…for fuck’s sake, he was probably thinking of Aera and her perfect legs right now. She couldn’t compare to her, she was the most casual person she met and whilst she was slightly cute, it was nothing out of the ordinary, at least inside her head. “I correct myself –I wish someone checked me out like you check him out.” A smack lands over Minseok’s bicep and he laughs heartedly, making his cheeks a lot fluffier than they already were. “You know, he’s going to be at your article’s celebration party today, you should go and check the real thing out.”

“I am not going.” She comments as she stands up, but Minseok takes her by the wrist and makes her sit down once again. There was something about her and it was that she pretended that she didn’t care about anything, to her…the things that she wanted in her life was a big car, a lot of money and success, but he knew that deep down she needed that approval that came with having good people around you. “Minseok, I don’t want to go there.”

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Why I Personally Don’t Ship NaLu

(Short little disclaimer, this isn’t meant to bash anyone. This is all just my personal opinion. If you don’t like it well….sucks to be you I guess…I mean..there’s a thing called ‘Black listing’. It’s a real split second download to your computer. So yeah, anyways, lets get right into this.)

Now, every show has it’s dynamic. And sometimes, the subtle part of its dynamic is the ships. While ships aren’t generally the biggest topic in a show or manga series, it can be the biggest topic that can explode in all sorts of ways in a story’s fanbase, mainly negative or positive. With Fairy Tail, One of the biggest ships of the big 4 that has blown up since the beginning is Nalu.

Originally posted by ft-aesthetic

Nalu is a ship between Natsu and Lucy, and while they are generally moderate static characters that are very likable, the ship itself is kinda….eehhhhh.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it. In fact, the ship itself is a nice thought. But there are a few attributes that are kinda holding me back from shipping them and making me a fellow neutral anti of the ship:

1. It’s too cliche

Natsu and Lucy are known as the main protagonists. Which is fine and dandy. But if the two were to get together (which, thankfully they haven’t), it would’ve..quite honestly been the biggest cliche. I mean think about it, the down to earth girl with a passion for what she does, meets an incredibly energetic boy who does what he wants and from then on the two go on quests and deal with a bunch of bullcrap together and all sorts of stuff that you’d see in super hero movies or something like that.

Welp. I’ve seen this happen so many times to the point where it’s just a very big, disappointing cliche to me. It just wouldn’t satisfy me at all. In fact, it would bore me. Just like how it kinda bore me when other couples from different fandoms followed such cliche and it just kinda made me groan in frustration. Mostly because I feel like the authors don’t take their conclusion seriously, or hell, even give up a little halfway through the story for that matter. 

So long story short, two protags getting together is a big cliche and I personally want a satisfying ending in an anime for once where it didn’t involve romance whatsoever through the entire series and had a platonic ending where everyone is all good and the relationships are left open ending. Quite honestly, the ending of Fairy Tail was a bit….lazy. So I was kinda left unsatisfied, but thankful that it’s over.

2. The Couple Itself is Underdeveloped and Repetitive

You might not believe me, but trust me when I say that the couple is underdeveloped and barely worked on.

Why do I say this? Well, because Nalu repeats the same things over and over again to the point where it’s barely developed and it’s become rinse and repeat.

I mean, come on, They go on missions and an arc starts.

So far so good.

Then they start learning about all that’s happening and the conflict begins.

So far so good.

They run into new enemies who are starting the trouble. They try to fight them and they get incredibly injured. Natsu does his thing, and just runs off or just wants to fight everything (which is usually the comedic relief). Of course, Lucy is the main target to getting injured, or captured, or whatever, Natsu gets pissed and he starts beating the living shit out of the enemies, the others come in, Lucy miraculously survives and so does everyone else and the day is saved.

……*eye roll*

I’m sorry, but that’s not developing. That’s repeating the same thing over and over again only using different situations to make it look like it’s not the same thing. Quite honestly, it’s gotten to the point where I feel like Mashima has reduced a morally strong, female character who I could look up to, into a damsel in distress who likes to for some reason wear revealing ass clothes that bring out the giant tumors on her chest during missions.

(There are several more examples but I don’t want this post as long as it already is. Trust me, I wear revealing clothes myself, but never in my life would I wear some of the outfits she would wear in public. Even if it’s for comedic relief, most of the time, it’s completely unnecessary. A girl can wear what she wants, and proudly show off her proportions, but there are boundaries on what’s considered sexy and too much, like level of cleavage. It just kinda disappoints me how Lucy tends to look like some sex symbol of the Fairy Tail series).

So yeah, Nalu is very very underdeveloped and hard to enjoy or notice any development between the two.

3. The Two Are on Completely Different Levels

Natsu is pretty strong because of plot armor, and Lucy is weak without her keys but still lives because plot armor. Enough said.

I know Lucy tried using other magic, but that didn’t work out for her. While yes, she’s gotten strong, she didn’t get to anyone’s level so..yeah..still a little weak but she’s getting there. There’s just more Lucy needs to learn is all.

4.The Compatibility is Seriously Low

I know I’m gonna get so much disagreement for this, but this is seriously all that I see not to mention proved at least a few times.

Natsu has a serious lack of understanding towards Love in general. While it has been implied that he had feelings for Lisanna while they were kids, keep in mind that they were only kids. Kids don’t generally know any better and they don’t understand what it’s like to be in love with someone. Having a crush is a hell of a lot different than being in love with someone. When you have a crush, it goes away over time, when you’re in love with someone, it never goes away and it stays with you. So quite honestly, Natsu being in love with someone would be totally out of character and just wouldn’t feel right. At all. In fact, I’d seriously be like “Who in the hell are you and what have you done to Natsu?” if he were to suddenly develop romantic feelings out of nowhere.

And Lucy is incapable of having a boyfriend. While yes, she does have her moments where she wants to know what it’s like dating someone, she also has a lack of understanding of love, respect (even though most of her use of sarcasm are reality checks) and being in a relationship in general. Not to mention that the two are way too deep in bullshit Fairy Tail likes to get involved in, which leaves them no time to worry about romance.

Having an inexperienced couple is cute n all, but it’s also a big cliche.

5. It’s Not Really All That Appealing

I’m sorry, but I don’t buy the boob groping, constantly coming in Lucy’s house without permission, and slight sexual situations as deemed ‘romantic’. In fact, that sort of stuff is above all a stupid way of perceiving love.

If you really think stuff like that is romantic, then you don’t have a general knowledge of Love. Love doesn’t come from any of that. It comes from respect and understanding which Natsu barely seems to have throughout the series. Keep in mind you guys, Natsu is extremely childish, so it’s kind of understandable.

Not to mention Lucy has her own shit to deal with and seems way to serious to even put up with Natsu and his usual behavior.

And there you go. Those are my reasons. Now uh…I don’t know…watch fairy tail or…reread the manga…I don’t know…don’t really care.

If you think about it, sharpay had every right to get annoyed at Gabriella and Troy; she had gone through high school with the guarantee of the main part in the school musical which seems to be her main strong point then Gabriella comes to the school, takes away the boy she’s had her eyes on for years, takes EVERY part in EVERY school musical that she would’ve gotten otherwise even though Gabriella has so many other strong points.

So since the first season, Emma Swan has:

  1. learned to control and use her magic
  2. fought a giant and won
  3. duelled Captain Hook and won
  4. faced off against Cora and came out on top
  5. saved Storybrooke from destruction together with Regina
  6. accepted her role as Savior
  7. overcome her self-doubt and instinct to run away, to the point where she is now determined to be a real parent to her son and would no longer let anyone try to push her aside or scare her off
  8. gained the confidence to declare herself the leader and take on the responsibility that comes with the territory, as opposed to shying away from every hint of responsibility and needing to be talked into it
  9. fought Peter Pan and won
  10. gone from insisting that she can’t save anyone, to being determined to save everyone she can, and acting accordingly because she knows she can
  11. fought Zelena and won - with the help of people she’s come to trust
  12. killed Cruella De Vil
  13. learned how to properly wield a sword
  14. took on the Dark One’s curse to save Regina and everyone else
  15. resisted embracing the Dark One’s curse, something that takes an enormous amount of mental and emotional fortitude
  16. learned to trust other people to help her, rather than needing to do everything herself, something that also takes a lot of strength and confidence

But she’s less badass now than she was in season 1? Please.

Our Little Fights

“Oi, Shrimp. I wanna go on a mission or somethin’.” Gajeel growled. All day he had been watching Levy read book after book, it was amazing how fast she could read.

“Not now Gajeel, I wanna finish this series first.” She said, not even looking up at him.

“Well how many more book yah got?”


Gajeel looked at her with a blank expression. She had to be joking.

“Yer kidding me right?” he said standing up and stretching, “That means we would have to wait till tomorrow.”.

“Mhm.” she mumbled, her face still glued to her novel.

“You can kiss my ass.” he mumbled back, walking up behind her in her chair.

As he got closer he could see her beautiful face, he could see the way her eyes quickly read the words of the novel, he could see her emotions change to the words. Something exciting must be happening, because her eyes where wide with joy.

“Alrighty Shrimp, lets go!”. The tall man grabbed the book from her grasp and held it in the air.

“Gajeel give it back!” Levy squealed. She reached up toward the book, giving Gajeel an angry expression.

He smirked back at her, she had the cutest angry face.

“Yah gonna make me?” He said smiling down at her.

Levy quickly stood up on the chair and reached for the chair, “Damn it Gimme!” the small woman yelled. Her hand was just in reach of the book, about an inch away. She reached and reached, but it wasnt enough.

“Whats wrong Shorty, dont you want yer book back?” he laughed.

She looked down from the book and into his eyes. Their noses so close the could almost touch. Levy could feel her cheeks turning red, and she watch as Gajeels smirk got more intense. She wouldnt let him win.

The tiny girl jumped down from her chair and stood infront of the tall strong man. She crossed her arms and examined him. Then an idea hit her.

“You have 3 seconds to give it back.” she said sternly.

“Gehe, or what Shrimp?” he laughed in response.

“Fine. 1.” she started tapping her foot.

“What yah gonna do Shorty?”, his laughter countinued.

“2.”, her foot starting tapping faster, her anger rising.

Gajeel was still laughing.

“3.”. Her foot stopped tapping, her arms fell to her sides, anger burned in her eyes.

“Im waiting! What are you-”

He was quickly cut off my her foot attacking his shin with great force.

“Shit!” he yelled, grabbing his now bruising shin.

He thought that hurt.

Before he realised, she was running at him at full speed. He tried to dodge, but her foot was in his chest already. With great power, she kicked the breath right out of him. Gajeel violently flew unto the sofa he had been laying on for hours, landing on his back, still gasping for his breath.

“What the hell Shrimp?!” he yelled at her, but his anger faded quickly. He felt his heart warm up seeing the pride in her eyes.

“Hahaha! I did it! i beat you I beat you I beat you!” She jumped around in circles with a big smile on her face.

“Gehe, I guess you did.” he laughed. She had gotten so strong, and he was so proud of her.

He watched as she danced around with pride and kicked some invisible person…

“So can I read now?” she asked happily.

Gajeel jumped, now realizing he had been staring. Even so, he couldnt say no to such a happy face, and he was secretly to scared to say no because he didnt want the shit beaten out of him again, but she couldnt know that.

“Hmpf, fine, but yah gotta to sit over here.” he pointed to the end of sofa.


“Because I wanna be near yah.”

He watched as her face got a light red and her eyes where wide with surprise, like when she was reading her novel.

“F-Fine.” Levy studdered. She made her way to the oposite side of the sofa where his feet where laying. She pushed his feet towards him and out of the way and sat down.

“Now may I have my book back please?” She asked with her “puppy eyes”.

When she reached out, Gajeel saw his chance. He quickly grabbed her hand and pulled himself down the sofa to her.

“What are you-”

This time Levy was cut off, but by his lips meeting hers. She was surprised at first, but then closed her eyes and deepend the kiss. His hand went to her cheek, pulling her in closer to deepen the kiss even more. It was a passionate kiss, they both had such a strong love for each other. But Levy really wanted to finish that book.

She opened one of her eyes to see her book laying in his lap. She had her hand hovering above it when she pulled her lips away from his, “I love you.”. “Love you too,” he said with a smile, but when he leaned back in for another kiss, his lips meet a hard surface. He opened his eyes to a shiny book cover.

His surprised face was priceless.

“Im gonna read now, kay?” she said with a smirk.

“Gehe, fine fine, you win.” he laughed, giving her one last peck on her check before laying using her lap as a pillow.

“Have fun readin’ Shrimp.” he said as he buried his face in her lap, it was his favorite way to take a nap.

“Have sweet dreams, Iron head.” She laughed as she opened her book, finding the place she left off at.

Welp, That was my first fanfic ever! Im really scared about this so hope yall enjoy!

"It just got stuck", a Hiccstrid one-shot

For this and more, check out my collection of one-shots “That’s for everything else” :)


“The Council is dismissed”

Astrid stopped in the doorway of of Council Room hearing Hiccup’s voice. She watched the men make their way out, some nodding in approval, some muttering under their breaths.

They bowed slightly seeing her and she nodded politely at each of them.

When they were all out she could finally see her boyfriend.

He had his back to the door and was looking intently at the big fireplace.

She wrapped her furs around her body more and approached him silently.

He must had been lost in his thoughts because he jumped a bit when she embraced him from behind.

“Hey” she whispered hiding her face beetween his shoulder blades.

“Hey” he said, but there was no emotion in his voice as he caressed her hands on his chest absentmindedly.

She tried to ignore the strange feeling she had been carrying with her for days.

He was acting in an odd way, he was always lost in his train of thoughts, he barely paid attention to her or even tried to have some alone time with her.

Her rational part told her it was just the stress fro being chief and all, but another part, pushed her to think about much more terrible situations.

Sure it was a tiny part of her mind, but it was the one she was leaning on the most.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Mh mh” was all he answered.

She sighed heavily and stepped back abruptly.

He turned around and looked at her. His green eyes were circled and his face was a little paler than usual.

“What?” he asked.

What?” she hissed.

“Yes what?”

She laughed bitterly “After all these days you still have the nerve to ask me what?!”

He rolled his eyes, as if he would have done anything else but be there with her “Tell me your problem, Astrid”

“Problem?” she yelled “No! You tell me your problem!”

He blinked “I don’t-”

“Oh yes you know what I’m talking about! For the past five days you’ve been avoiding me and when I come to you you just look like the last thing on earth you want to do is being with me!”

“That’s not-”

“And maybe it would be nice to know what’s wrong with you, you know? Since I’m the one person who's always there for you! I get it if you don’t want to be with me anymore, but at least be a man and tell me!”

His eyes were wide “Astrid I don’t-”

“-want to be with me anymore, okay”

She turned on her heels and stormed off.

Just as she was pushing the door open she felt him grab her arm and in a split of second she was trapped in his strong arms.

Damn, when had he gotten so many muscles?!

“It’s not what you think” he pleaded.

“It’s not what you think!” she mocked him “Typical break-up line”

“What- NO!”

She struggled in his arms “Let me go, please. Seriously it’s no big deal, Hiccup!”

“Yes it is!” he almost sounded panicked.

He let her go and when she could breath again he was on his left knee.

“Damn pockets” he muttered pulling a little cloth from his suit.

She gasped loudly when he removed it, showing a bracelet.

“Hic, I-”

“I was preparing a big speech to ask you to become my wife” he explained awkwardly “And I spent every night in the forge to make this, so I’m sorry if I acted weird. I was a bit off because… I thought you would say… no?”

She rolled her eyes and punched his arm “Ow! Why is there always violence when it comes to you?” he whined.

She grimaced “That was for thinking I could ever say no to you”

His smile grew “So that’s a… yes?”

She tried not to laugh at his silly smirk “Are you gonna give me that?” she asked.

“Oh! Yeah yeah sure of course here I’ll-”



“Shut up”


His hands trembled as he put the bracelet on her slender wrist. It was beautiful.

It looked like two chains interwined, but a closer look revealed it was Toothless’ and Stormfly’s silhouttes interwined.

He looked up. His face was red and Astrid smiled at him lovingly.

Then she said “Well, this is the part where you stand up, take me in your arms and kiss me passionately”

He blushed even more “I would like to, milady, believe me. But…”

“But what?” she frowned.

He swallowed under her piercing gaze “It just… got stuck”


“The prosthetic… it got stuck”

He smiled at her, embrassed and she threw her hands in the hair “It never happened! Why would it get stuck NOW?!”


She looked down to see he was kneeling on his fake leg.

“What a dork” she muttered rolling her eyes.

She kneeled in front of him and took his face in her hands gently “But I love you anyway”

He smirked and kissed her.

Just as their lips touched they heard a click! and jumped apart.

“Oh, look!” Hiccup exclaimed “It’s readjusted!”

Newt x reader: I would stand in the dark for you

First fic in a long time so that’s why it’s really short. Requests are open for Fantastic Beasts. In this one reader is suffering through a loss and is barreling depression and Newt doesn’t know what to do other than to be there and support her. I have manic depression and have recently been in this state myself. Sometimes all we need is someone to tell us that they are there for us and hold our hand. Hopefully you’ll enjoy.
Warning: depression. Idk that can be too personal for some people
This was inspired by Natasha Pierre and the great comet of 1812 and the two songs “Sonya alone” and the dialogue from “Pierre and Natasha” ————————————————-

Her body dangled off the bed gently as she buried her (h/c) head into the pillow. Often she has been staring off in the distance and her sentences become shorter and shorter until she made no more sound. (Name)’s chapped hand rested on the pillow in front of her. Newt sat at the edge of the bed and gently took the smaller hand and rubbed the knuckles with his thumb. He didn’t know what to say. He never did usually around (name) but with the recent loss hanging in her head, she has gotten worse and worse. She was so strong and free willed, but he knew that the strongest carry deep secrets.

The clock in the kitchen ticked away seconds marking the third day (name) has not spoken any words or responded to anyone. Newt slowly makes his way to the kitchen as he fills a glass with water. He goes back in the room to see (name) staring out the window with small tears rolling down her cheek. Newt rushes to her side and wraps a blanket around her shivering arms. Newt wiped away her tears.
“It wasn’t your fault. You have to know that”.
(Name) shook her head and looked down at the blanket around her.
“You need to drink” Newt pressed the glass to her lips and tilted it back. He looked down to give her privacy then met his eyes with (name)’s (e/c) ones.
“Why are you doing this?” (Name) chocked out for the first time in days. Newt put down the glass and thought very clear about what he wanted to say.
“I’m not trying to fix you or make you better by force” Newt paused. He made sure he was very careful with what he wanted to say. “I know you are capable of anything. I..I know you just might run away. I know you could throw yourself over. But I won’t let you. And I remember your sisters and I’ll always remember all of your kindness. And if I never sleep again. I’d still always be by your side. I want to help. Or at least make things easier. I would stand in the dark for you or even right out side your door. I will protect your name and your heart. Because I miss my friend. ” Newt paused before continuing.
“And if I were.. If I were not myself, but the smartest, brightest, best man on earth, I would rewrite time it’s self and the universe and re arrange the stars just so I could see you smile again. We would travel the world and write the most fantastic stories and you’d be in every single page. I’d make time stop and freeze us in the most wonderful moment. And I would ask you for your hand… And for your love.”
Newt became confused and flustered. He didn’t speak anymore. (Name) began to weep tears of joy and tears of thanks. She slowly began to smile and wrap her arms around Newt.
He spoke again, “I’m so sorry this all happened. I just wish I could make it better.” Newt began to rub her back and (name) finally was able to get out the last of her crys into his chest before falling asleep for the first time in days.

I’m sorry but did you see the video of perrie crying? That wasn’t fake. That’s the kind of crying that sneaks up on you, and you think you’re okay and that you’re going to be able to hold it together and then suddenly your throat is tight and you can’t breathe and your sobbing when you try to. I’m not surprised people are being rude, but I’m disappointed. Story of my life on tumblr.

I’m just amazed she’s put on a brave face and gotten through as much as she has. She is so strong to go through this during a promo tour, in the public eye all the time. She says she is good, and she probably is, but anyone whose been through a breakup after a really serious relationship knows these moments sneak up on you and they hurt.

Chapter 420 Thoughts

I like that they are showing us with a map where our trio is traveling. It makes things easier to follow. And ha! So Lucy DID train ohoho. ^_~

 I bet she has gotten really strong like she said, and Mashima is totally saving the reveal for a future chapter to show how much she’s improved. Considering how confident she was when Natsu challenged her, I really believe Mashima is implying she could hold her own, even against Natsu to some extent. 

Funny how Natsu lost interest in fighting her though. Poor Lucy. ^^’ And lols about Natsu wanting to destroy the clock tower again. I feel bad, because I’m not sure when he had destroyed it the first time around? 

I also found it interesting that Lucy was saying she really hadn’t tracked everyone down, but also she said that other people did join guilds besides Wendy. I can totally see Erza joining Mermaid Heel, and I saw others mention Mira and Lisanna being in Blue Pegasus because of Jenny and that makes sense to me. Maybe Cana went to “Quadro Puppy Cerberus?” She seemed to get along well with those guys, and the Baccana shipper in me would be pleased hee!

 I don’t think Gray and Juvia would have joined anywhere, though, because the only place that makes sense for them would be Lamia Scale, and they are obviously not there. I much prefer them doing their own thing if they are together.

I don’t know why, but I really enjoyed seeing Lyon again. I guess I really missed him, and didn’t realize it, but he looked really smexy in this chapter hee! I always liked the fact that his ice magic moves on it’s own. Also, eyebrows dude really needs to trim those, because they just keep getting even more ridiculous. 

As for Wendy and Chelia, I read the spoilers, so I was none too surprised by her situation, but I loled at Natsu’s reaction. “The dark side” indeed. 

And as for Carla, I’m a little confused. Can she transform into a humanoid looking cat like Panther Lily does, or a human with cat features? Because she has TWO sets of ears, so I’m thinking the latter, which I don’t understand. She looks adorable, though, and if Happy can learn to do that, too, I’ll be shipping Cappy a lot harder haha. 

Also, we’ve got a set of bad guys stirring up trouble, so hopefully we’ll be able to see Lucy’s new power in the next chapter, but judging from the title, probably not, since it’ll focus on Wendy’s power up instead. Like I said, Mashima is probably saving the reveal on Lucy.

Also, the Gruvia shipper in me wants them to talk to Lyon, so I hope that happens next chapter. Even if he doesn’t know where Gray is, maybe some hint will come up from him, or Lucy who hasn’t divulged all her info on people’s locations just yet. 

All in all, I like seeing what everyone has been up to, and seeing Lucy and Natsu together like old times, and off on an adventure to track everyone down. It’s a nice breather arc thus far after all the intense Tartarus stuff.

embulalia  asked:

*KICKS DOWN YOUR DOOR* Hhere is a second title that could do with some fic-ing: "Hey, the Inside of this Trunk Sure is Dark"

man oh man, that sure is a title that bodes well for all participating characters!  no way this will end badly for anyone involved!

The car sped over a pothole, jolting everything in the vehicle upwards by about two inches. Under usual circumstances, that fact would have been negligible.

Unfortunately for him, two inches counted for… quite a bit when it came to small enclosed spaces. Especially one as small, as enclosed as - say, the trunk of a moving car.

…He wished he was being hypothetical.

The old man took in a quick breath as his right shoulder banged hard onto the inside of the trunk lid, sending a jolt of sudden pain through his body. With the slightest of hesitations, he opened his eyes and squinted into the darkness.

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Honestly I feel like Mashima just cares too much about all of the main characters and that’s why he hasn’t killed any of them yet XD

Besides, they’ve been close to death many times before and yet still managed to come back, I just know that Gajeel will surely come back and him and Levy will get married and make some adorable twin babies

Now let’s all take a moment to forget that Gajeel just essentially died before our eyes, and look at this moment…